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									                          Some of the Best Places to Eat in Boston MA

Boston is one of the most popular and largest cities in Massachusetts and it is also one of the
oldest cities in America. It is one of the beautiful tourist destinations which is scattered with
some of the amazing places to go visit for amusement and a complete holiday trip. Boston is
regarded as one of the top cities in the America. There are several hotels beautiful and best hotels
in Boston, Massachusetts. Places to Eat in Boston MA is many, from café to star hotels. Pizzeria
Regina and Santarpio's are one of the most popular pizza centers in East Boston. Both have the
crispy-chewy crust, tangy sauce and fresh toppings. These two restaurants have been into the
business for more than 75 years and serve the best pizzas in the city. Both have thick-accented
staffers and a lot of local color. Another most popular place to eat juicy and crispy beef is the
Bartley's Burger Cottage. Apart from this if the tourist love ice creams then there are many ice-
cream parlors are available in the city however there are two most popular ice cream parlors such
as the Christina's and Toscanini’s. Christina's is popular for cajeta, carrot cake, kaffir lime and wide
variety of ice creams where as the Toscanini’s, home to the world’s best burnt caramel ice cream and the
wonderful micro-sundae that fits in a small Dixie cup.

Stella is the perfect spot for yummy and delicious food. It is one of the popular and stylish
restaurants in the south end of the Boston. Here the customers cold get thin crust pizzas, burgars,
pasta, cold drinks and many delicious and tasty eateries. Apart from these places the customers
or tourists could even visit the Sunset Grill & Tap, which is known for best beers in the city.
They have 380 microbrews, 100 beers on tap and staff that really knows their beer. Those who
love wine they could visit the Bin 26 Enoteca’s, which is famous for various types of wines with
selection from zinfandels to aglianicos. There are more than 70 different wines by the glass and
200 wines by the bottle. In fact this is an Italian cuisine and wine friendly restaurant.

Places to Eat in Boston MA is many however it is important that the tourists or customer do
some research and check how close the place is. Sometimes it is always worth travelling to eat
delicious food which might not be available in that particular region.There are many places are
available in Boston particularly for dinning or eating. It is important to use the internet for
finding the best hotel or restaurant.

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