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					             To Get PayPal Account Click On Following Image ……

You Need Verified PayPal Account To Receive Payments Online.

Image Guide Also Available – Move Cursor Down To See Image Guide

Process for PayPal Account Creation And Verification :-
a) Click On Image Given Above.
b) Click On Sign Up Now Button.
c) Click On Personal And Create Personal Account. No Need to Provide Credit Card
d) Go To “My Account” Section. Click On “Profile”. Click On “Add/Edit Bank
e) Fill-Up Bank Details. You Need To Verify Your Bank Account To Receive
   Payments Directly In Your Bank Account. Please Provide Genuine Information.
   Trust Us, You Are Safe With PayPal. Bank Account Will Be Verified Immediately.
   You need to fill-up IFSC code. You Can Get IFSC code Of Your Bank by
   Searching It on Google search by bank name with Branch name/address. Your Bank
   Account will be verified. They Will Deposit Small Amount In Your Bank Account
   Ti Verify It. You Have To Provide Figure Of That Amount To PayPal. After
   providing that exact Figure Your Account Will Be Verified.
f) No Need To Provide Scans Of PAN and Address Proof. Now Click On “My
   Account” Section. Wait For Verification Status Changes “Unverified” to
   “Verified”. It Might Take 4 Days. Now Move To Next Step.

     Verification Of PayPal Account Takes 4 Days After Submitting PAN/ Tax ID
                            And Bank Account Information.

                        PayPal Image Guide For More Help

                       Select Individual (Personal) Account
               PayPal Bank Verification Form

                 PayPal Resolution Center

We Hope That, This Guide For PayPal Verification Helped You.

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