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									Wilmington NC Chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Richardet And Dr. Jason Graf, Help
With Thyroid Dysfunction

Wilmington, NC, 29-JAN-2013 - Dr. Aaron Richardet, DC and Dr. Jason Graf,
DC help individuals who experience Thyroid Dysfunction and other
conditions. The Wilmington chiropractor offers chiropractic care,
alternative therapies and education designed to improve an individual's
quality of life and enhance the body's ability to heal and regenerate

When interviewed recently the doctors shared their philosophy regarding
providing the highest quality of care to patients. "We encourage people
to visit our office before they begin to experience symptoms and pain
from conditions or injuries. However, we know that sometimes a person may
not know about the natural alternatives that can help them to achieve
greater health and wellness. When we meet with individuals we address
both the root cause of the pain or issues and the long-term solutions
that will allow a person to enjoy a greater quality of life. We feel that
by giving people high quality care, support and education that they can
more effectively become active participants in maintaining long-term good

During the initial consultation the doctor will ask the patient about the
history of their Thyroid Dysfunction and medical history. Patients are
asked about their diet and exercise regimen as well as activities that
they previously enjoyed. An examination is performed, including x-rays,
to identify any anomalies that may be contributing to the condition such
as misalignment, pinched nerves, herniated or compressed discs. In
addition, the doctor performs tests to determine the flexibility and
mobility of the individual and the impact that the condition is having on
the extremities.

After evaluating the information the doctor provides the patient with a
wellness plan that addressed the immediate condition and provides the
long-term solutions that will enhance the body's ability to heal more
quickly. Since Thyroid Dysfunction causes a vast number of symptoms and
affects the entire body, the plan will include both spinal adjustment to
restore proper circulation through the spine and other therapies such as
nutritional therapy to increase the vitamins and nutrients required by
the body to maintain the metabolism and increase the body's ability to

The doctor provides   exercises designed to strengthen the body, increase
overall circulation   and reduce stress and tension. In addition the
patient is provided   with important information about the steps they can
take in their daily   life to improve their health.

To get more information about how the Wilmington chiropractor team of Dr.
Aaron Richardet, DC and Dr. Jason Graf, DC address thyroid dysfunction
naturally and effectively visit http://www.SpinalCareOfWilmington.com
today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details
about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Aaron Richardet, DC and Dr. Jason Graf, DC
Spinal Care of Wilmington

265 Racine Dr., Suite 100

Wilmington, NC 28403

Telephone: 910.798.5560

Website: http://www.SpinalCareOfWilmington.com

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