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W HEN we sent J<'Imes Street out to             Shirley Temple in "Young People " .......... .   2                                                           S INCE the first d"ys of r"dio. people
                                                  Fu ll - page Portrait 01 America's Darling
   Hollywood a few weeks b..,d to               Edward G. Robinson as "Brother Orchid"           3                                                                with ide"s h"ve been meeting with
do " series on Hollywood for you, we              Little Caesar Become, a Monk                                                                               the onswers "no" and "it con't be done."
had no idea of the effect the movie             A Hollywl')od Cruy Quiz ......... , .. . . .     4                                                           This wee~ we present" slory telling how
clIpiltil would have upon the quiet               A Question -a1ld-A1Iswcr Game lor Everyone                                                                 scores of ide" men "nd women h"ve
                                                The Maki ng of an Unforgetable Moment ..... .    6
young man from Connecticut .         It ' wos     Zorin.a in " 1 W tu a n Adventuress"                                                                       proved it jusl doesn't work to s"y "no"
only recent!)' thot we hoppened onto            Two Happy Peop le ........... By James Street 8                                                              in rlldio. One of them is Be" W~in,
the letters he wrote home. lind because           Tile Clark Gable-Carole Lombard Marriage                                                                   songstress of the "Hit P"r"de." You'lI
they lire such grond human documents            This Week In Hollywl')od .... ,........ ....... 10                                                           get II b"ng out of her experience end
 ,                  ebout the most                Lates' News from the Film Capital
                                                "Turnabout": Picture of the Week ........... 12                                                              D"n Golenp"ul's
                    "mating pltlee in             Starring Carole Landis and John Hubbard                                                                    Md Dovid S"rnoff's.
                      Americo!l, we've de~      This Week on the Screen         . .. . .... .   14                                                           Reod "A ThousMd
                      cided to PIISS them         Revi.ewing the New Pictures                                                                                Times No!" (p. 42).
                      on to you via these                                                    Radio                                                           In this week's issue
                      poges.     Commenc-       Coming Radio Events ..... ,                         17                                                       III~SO   you'lI find
                      ing next week, we         Bob Hope's Ship Comes In                            18                                                       oodles of quiz
                      give you these in-        The March of Music ..... By Leona rd Lieb ling 20
                                                Th is Week', Programs .        . ............... 22.38                                                       g"mes. There's "
                      tensely humen lind        On Short Waves ...... By Ch.rles A . Morr iso n 39                                                           story of -'50 You
                      intimate    reections     Men Behind the Di.1 ..................... By                                                                 Think You Know
    Oorl')' hy        under the title. "A            Carlton E. Morse u told to Kate Holliday 40                                                             Music" (p. 50). with
    l amour                                     First Families of Radio ..................... 41
                      Connecticut Yonkee          P resenling Ihe Gooks                                                                                      questions missed by
                      in Moviell1nd."           A Thouund Times '· No! ".. By Leslie Lieber 42                                                               f"mous musicians.
ASide from this reve"ling letter, next            But Don't TTJI Saying If in Radio                                                                          Try your skill lIt the qvestions thev
_e1o::"s issue is one crammed with good         This Week Along the Alrlal tos ... By Willon                                                                 missed. There's 0 "Hollywood Cr~zy
                                                     Brown. Evans Plummer .nd Don Moore 44
retlding. Btlby Quintanilitl, who st<!lrted     A Gay Nineties Glamour Girl .......                 47                                                       Quiz" {po 4) too. which will surprise and
" new infllnt·fed with her performllnce           Beatrice Kay of the "Gay Ninelies Revue"                                                                   IImuse you no end. Then, if you wish to
in " Forty little Mothers," is delightfully     On the Bandwagon                    By Mel Adams 48                                                          try your skill professionally. look on the
profiled. There's ~ grMd story by                 Mitchell Ayres: Balld of the Week                                                                          opposite p~ge for 0 "lillilln Russell Con·
                                                This Is Dick Jurgens ...... By Howard Meyerl 49
FrMcis Ch~se, Jr., of the rise of Jo~n          The Show They Couldn't KIII .. By Victor ROlen 50                                                            test"-"nd remember our liniM Russet!
Font~ine to her port in "Rebecc~ . "              What Jl.Iakes "So You Thblk You Know                                                                       story in Illst week's issue will help you.
                 ,                                M1Uic" Tick?
                                                Words·Withl n ·Worda Co ntest                       52
          Is Divorce an Evil?                   The Voice of the Listener                           53                                                               The Girl on the Cover
                                                Mr. Fairfax Repliea; Bull s .nd Bonera              54
   Is divorce M evil? Should teen.~ge           25 Brain·Busters .............                      55                                                           Plluietie Godd~rd w~s known for ~
                                                Crossword Puzzle; Birthdays                         56
children pet or ned? Is the fomily the          You Aaked for Them . . .. .       . ... Facing Page 56                                                       long time lIS the protegee of Ch"rles
lost bulwork oqoinst the disintegrotion           Nancy Martin and EvelJlII LJlnne                                                                           Ch"plin Md, perhops. his wife. In"
of civiliza-tiant Whot's wrong with                                                                                                                          series of dYMmic screen portroyols,
nlQdern wives? When should young
                                                                                        Programs                                                             more recently. P"uletie h~s demon ·
                                                Saturday. May 18 .....                                                                                  22
m.rried couples have their first child?         Sunday, May 19 ...                                                                                      24   str"ted th"t she is lIn actress of re~ 1
These ~re oU.importMt problems to               Monday, May 20                                                                                          26   promise Md one who is bound for the
IT!.odern Americon fomilies-inc!ud ing          Tueaday. May 21 ....                                                                                    29   top rung of f"me's I~dder. At the
fn'e Borbours of "One Mon's Family."            Wednesday. May 22                                                                                       31
                                                                                                                                                             SlIme time. it has been reve~led that
                                                Thursday. May 23 . .                                                                                    34
                      who. in the opinion       Friday. May 24 ....                                                                                     36   M is s Godd"rd is
                      of mllny listeners.                                                                                                                    re~lIy Mrs. Ch~rles
                      have solved m 0 s t                                CUltis Mitchell. Editor                                                             Chllplin.     At the
                      of them quite bellu,                          Vol. 9. No. 32. M.y 18·24, 1940                                                          IIIge of fourteen
                      tifully. Next week                           731 Plymouth Court, Chicago. III .                                                        Paulette was reo
                      Hollywood writer          ASSOCIAT E EDITOR,Martin Lewis; MAN",(; J N(; EDITOR,                                                        sponsible for pro·
                      Klly Proctor seeks        Ru th Bizzell; DEPARTMENT..... EDITORS: Gordon                                                               viding a living for
                      the Mswer to their        Swarthout, Movies; Wilson Brown, New York;                                                                   herself lind her
                                                Evans Plummer. Hollywood; Don Moore, Midwest;
                      achievement in II         Leonard Liebling. Music: Richaz'd K unstman, Pro-                                                            mother. At eight.
                      story c~lIed "Fllther     grams; James Hanlon. Education; Charles A. Mor-                                                              een, she w"s knock-
    J. Anthony        Bllrbour's Code for       rison. Short Waves; Mel Adams, Bands and Or-                                                                 ing ~f Hollywood's          Paulette
      Smythe          living." In mMy           chestras; EDITORI ... L ASS ISTANTS: Jo Brooks, John                                                         gotes.        It w"s       Goddard
                      wily s Fllther B.!lr·     Carlson, Francis Chase. J r" Raymond Hanlon, Viva
                                                Liebling. Charles Locigno. Az·th ur Miller, Clarence                                                         while working on
bour is .!l stuffy old goot Md on opin·         Reuter, Melvin SpiegeL                                                                                       "The Kid From Sp~in," with Eddie C,,"·
iOMted old coot besides . Th.!lt C.!lrl·        Tho foll""ln. Ih' ,h ......... or "Ifl"'" ""hll.""" In ,loll I" ." I· ••• J.                                 lor, th"t she met Ch"plin. Ch~pli n h"s
Ion E. Morse, ~uthor of the seri~1.              ~I_ t;1I"~t; I· ... 4· t:d I;".h"-; I· ... ~
                                                World: f· ... If W." I). . l •. Jocit "1~ln;                   1'.,.
                                                                                                             Willi .... ; 1"80 t
                                                 ".1I0j'; I' .... 14· ·11. 01 ~IJ: I' ... I ~ - l"lnc r.I"" ••• ; I· ... I _ I I . "
                                                                                                                II .J_ "!bin. II,!,,,,,                      done much to further her c~reer lind
relldily ~dmits, but he insists th~t there      U.,I" I·... If--lliln t:n.lhh. W'II11"h, .;.1 .... ""Inln. Jo...., .. fbln; I'u,                             she will "ppe"r opposite him in "The
                                                 it--SI'l- Iloll,.........t ~'"dl .. : I'",. U 1< ..... 11. "." I· ... H - J .... _'lloIn;
would be c lot more h~ppiness lind ~            !'••• i$ - ".,,- Ih~'...-l, )J.U...... : 1'... U _ I _ I'hoeo !It,...,... ll,.. f._                          Gre~t Dictlltor."    From on import""t
                                                 1'. !It._; I'",. H            U,~: I'",. U - UU ..... II'. Gola; I·.... $1
lot less hellrt·bre~k if more fllmilies fol.    \l Gol. : r ... ln. I· ... u · lot •• ,I'" !It,.... "
                                                                                                                                 0 ..',,,
                                                                                                                                                             plIrt in "The Women." she went to "The
lowed the 'code which Kay Proctor tells                                  0,"00:                      I'.,,,,,...!
                                                                                                             v. S, 1',( 011\«1. ,."'"_                       C~t lind the Ccn"ry." with Bob Hope.
you ~bout ned week. Her story will                      "'._lI<r
                                                llo<l. " 'D IU,,"O
                                                                                  IT".. II.rtt
                                                                  n_ w .." or )1 •• I~·H, .... _ Publl,,,",, _ l r br u..
                                                '·...11. l· UI I'I1_UI (·... n_ Cl>f .... ro. 11ft ..... . .                :.,.<0<1 .. _.!         8ec"use of her success in this hysterio-
give interesting side·lights on the Bor·
bours themselves. But it will do more
                                                ".__ .. _-.f......,. . '..
                                                .1 _ _ let .1 III<         I '~o(   HII\«. ('h1 ....O. WI ... I •.    t·.., .....,
                                                1110 ot\ or )J.rd> J. lIa . . . . ,_""'" br Pool Ofllt<t 1I0I>0'1_,. 01 .....
                                                                                        '.I.II!. l I n. br' tbo 4·...11. c _ .
                                                .. 11 ,.,III • .-ned. )[ L.~, 1·... 1_'; Amol<1 K ...... _'or;
                                                <-.. d t:t ..., • •_ ..1 lof......" ..... toll, ('1...,.1.41.. )1 ......,. C_ld,"",
                                                                                                                                      II, lUI. u_,
                                                                                                                                                             comic p~rt, she w~s "g"in c~st with
                                                                                                                                                             Hope in Paramount ' s "The Ghosl
thon thot. It will offer perple~ed fathers      ..........1.... _1<1 boo _ _ led br .....-, .. 11·. _ _ ...... 1000 I..                                      Breokers." the next Goddord film to be
                                                !'OW"'. T . . . . . . . . . . _ , 10 tbo 1'.110<1 II..,... ""...... I"U........ In
and mothers a pion for living which mlly        U>t U, B. _ _ ._1........ _""I .. or IN 1·..                            ·_'_kuI
                                                                                                                        1_ " 1'",..1.                        rele"sed. She is now working in Cecil
50lve many of the problems which beset          ••• _no.
                                                ,,. _ . U.H; ......... , U.II. K<-o.I. ""
                                                - . - . . - .. _
                                                                2,)1; _
                                                                                  "", 14.11.
                                                                                       '0 ...

                                                                          .so. or II .. ,·, •• " . II •• ,,,
                                                                                                                      ..,•• I. r...._ .•_
                                                                                                                     _,ot -.- I'" _",.1•..
                                                                                                                                      "U" .....
                                                                                                                                     ~" - '.1.
                                                                                                                                                             8. De Mille's "North West Mounted
a porent of the twentieth century.               ""I., ..... ....-,....... .1·"                                               ~.,~uo         , ..   u   ••   Police."
   ~./                    He,",. you, chance to win One            1 Li/Hon RusseJ/ was called"Tbe Most
                                                                    BeoutHu/ Woman in America. "
Thousand DoJ/ars-or ony 01 132 other big cash
                                                                                       True 0 False 0
prizes! It's easy! It's lun! The glamorous, foscinating
                                                                2 "Diamond Jim" Brody was Lillian
beauty, whose lile and loves soon will be seen in                Russell s ardent admirer and show-
the spectocu/ar 20th Century-Fox picture, "Lillian              ered her with costly jewels.
RusseJJ, " inspired lhis Contest! All you have to                                  True 0 False 0
do is check as True or False the statements in             3 Lillian Russell was given a kingdom
                                                             by the Maharajah 01 Rahndigoor.
the column at the right. Then write a letter 01
                                                                                True 0 False 0
not more than SO words on the subject:
                                                        4 Lil/ian Russe" s exciting lile and
 "WHY LILLIAN RUSSELL IS                                 loves will be seen in a molion pic-
                                                        ture mode by Dorryl F. Zanuck.
  FAMOUS AS AMERICA ' S                                                    True 0 False 0
  NO . 1 GLAMOR GIRL. "                         5 Lillian Russell was discovered by
Be sure to send in your True or Folse            the lamous showman, Tony Pastor,
List with your letter to, 20th Century-          when he heard her sing.
                                                                  True 0 False 0
FOJl-and you can be one of the many
                                             6 The pavement outside Lillian
winners! Read carefully the Contest
                                              Russells home was studded with
Rules below, and start immediately.!         diamonds and rubies.
                                                     .        True 0 False 0
EASY TO WIN!                              7 Lillian Russell was the daughter 01
                                           a President 01 the United States.
                                                             True 0 False 0                                                EASY RULES!
                                      8 Celebrated New York men-about-
                                                                                                     1      CJ.tocl. Ih. T..... or  '.Iaeot.t>o_ .. ,- ... Ih. opeoo p • .,.
                                                                                                          • ricIed PrI .. lor wnw ~i"", JOU ' u _ .... .dd. _ _
                                       town returned to the theatre week                                    .h. coupo" • ..,t .H •.cI••1 h ••1? 10 U o.;cp ... l \eno. 01
                                                                                                            _ ..... tt. ... 50 .. O<dt 011. I.... ouhjecI WHT UWAIf
                                      after week to see and applaud                                         RUSSELL IS 'AMOUS AS AMIJIlCA'S NO I GLAMOft
                                     Lillian Russell.  True 0 False 0                                       GIRL

                                 9 Alice Faye will portray Lillian
                                                                                                     2      M_il ,0... T.... or ••1. JOU' 1etIoo. 01. _ _
                                                                                                          · Ih •• 50 10 1M Lu/.u .. R......II     eo.'eo'   Cd.,o-,
                                  Russell in a motion picture soon to                                       2011> C."''''J', 'o~ 'fl.. Co."......, ....., .f.f4 W• • ,56I.1.1
                                                                                                            5'., N ... y .....t. T_ e .....h." . . . . . , IetIoon eo ,.,..
                                 be released by 20th Century - Fox.                                         .. ....1, p.cmd.d ...,11 .. .., 10, . . .pe •••
                                                   True 0 False 0                                           T... or ••1. prj"led Joo..

                            10 Lillian Russell wore a wondrous                                       3      1Io.idea.. 01. ..... U.,,,",, 51.-. H..... or 11M Doai..-
                                                                                                          • 01 c............, ...... ,..... • ocwpt • •, * , , - 01 20111
                              evening gown woven entirely 01 rare                                           c...." ...... lb.• .d_.-..;. _....., .... rt..t. I•       ...u..
                             butterfly wings.   True 0 False 0                                              c-_ I. _bi-d 10 F........ Stet. . ad 1ac.1 ...,.1.0.
                                                                                                            __ c-_ c'-- I.... IS. 1940 All ....... - . . . .
                                                                                                            _   - - ' " of 2OIl>         ,
                                                                                                                                    0.-,,-. . ,iJ. Coopoo.'_
                        YOUR NAME                                                                    4      E.. I .... wW ... j..tq.od by ,1M Iug~ . . .be. 01 ........"
                                                                                                          • ......... 10 ,1M T._ or ...... Loll ...., .. ,.......-, 01. •
                                                                                                            boo. by '1M _", .... onq .... btr 01 ,1M left •• 01 _ _

                                                                                                                                             _.ed ..........""""" . . .
                                                                                                            110... 50 ........ TN ~ 01' .... ,. . . . . . .11 ... baal
                                                                                                            No .,,,,, I d..,....u be
                    ATTACH THIS TO YOUR LETTER ON
                                                                                                            ChM:l •     ...u be ...... to '1M ......... w,'IL• •
                                                                                                            01 ..... c~ 01 .....  c-_       A._ .                     _,h
                                                                                                                                                         ooIu"'1 • 000..",,"",
                                                                                                            boot 01 ..i . . . . . . ..,.",.".. . ._ by wnb"'l lOth c......" ,
                  AS AMERICA'S NO. 1 GLAMOR GIRL"                                                  ."",'-"'1 .....ped, _It...od.-.t ....eIope

     America's darling in
     an ado/escenl role . • .
DAY last month, Shirley leaves no doubt
that she is growing up in "Young People,"
a 20th Century-Foll picture which has her
as the foster daughter and team member
 of the vaudeville-playing Jack Oalie and
 Char\ott~ G:reenwood. This is Shirley's
 ftr~t mu~~ca.l l~, two years Md, wearing the
  SUit of    telils. ",bove, a complete minia-
  !,uf.e of the re~,l end big. thing. she does a
    Fifth Avenue. number In the Astaire style
 _the most difficult dance she has done

   Litlle Caesar becomes
         a monk . ..
G. Robinson as Brother Orchid in the
W MoaT Bros. film of the same name shows
him as the gangster who sought refuge
behind doistered woHs. where he eve'n-
tuaHy found regeneration.      Actually n9
 orchid is seen in tne picture. Although
 ranuncu\us. delphinium and calendula
 were in bloom at the time, d'irecto Lloyd
  Bacon elected to use artificiZl\ ,innias to
  avoid having his adOT!. stumble over the
  unpronounc8!!ble names of re..,,\ flowers
  which bloom in the Hollywood spring


                A question-and-answer game
                about Hollywood everyone
                can play. Test your knowledge I
                            By Pauline Gale
          were on a studio set in Hol-
      If you                                     What are the stars who are
I  I)owood and were told to "kill \hat      13   known as "personalities" rather
baby"-"strike the gobo"---or "bring         than movie stan! by their studio?
the bee bunter"-would you imagine
70U were expected to do a little fancy
murder and torturiDg?                          Who is                   star of the
                                            14 tropical the favorite

2 If     70U saw caviar, chocolate ice
                                            15  What colors are most diftlcu1t to
      cream, a bowl of cracked ice aDd
a bottle of champagne on a table in a           photograph in TecbnicoJor-and
banquet set, what would they redl.,         what shades defy the regular 6lm?
be'                                                                                    Oh         You Can't Eat Shaving ..Creom l
                                            16   Why do the actors rush to pick            , y'es, YOll could, if you wanted t                     •
                                                                                       ~sed In the movie scene <'Ibov b le<'Jst the kind th<'lt W<'JS
3  What famous director answers the              up the pieces when there is a
                                            scene of a man being pushed through        (In the chair} and Mischa A e. Y ~b Bu~n5, Spencer Charte
   telephone at his bome in Japanese
                                            a glass window or door?                                                   uer In univers<'Ils "AI'e, 'he 0 eacon~
                                                                                                                                             las            "
double talk?

   What stars would you apect. to
                                            17   Although champagne on a movie
4  find playing a quartet consisting 01
                                                 set is usually colored fizz- water,
                                            who is the one star in Hollywood
piano, cello, violin and harp?              who asks for-and gets-5weet cider
                                            in ber champagne-drinkina: scenes?
5 If you pve Dolores Del Rio a rose,        18   What does every star in Holly-
   a prdenia and a violet, what
would she do with them?                          wood fear more than old age-
                                            income taxes or a broken contract?

6     Who said : "'I won't eat anything
      tbat I can pat!"
                                            19   If you crushed peanut shells close
                                                 to a   studio microphone, what
                                            sound would you get?
7     When you see fog, spiderwebs,
                                            20    Why does yOW" local thea ter man
      dusty clothes or snow in a picture,
      what are they made of?             the sound volume of h :s
                                            pictures in winter, aDd decrease it in
                                            the summer?
8 If. at,udio wanted a rain scene and
  it wu simply pouring outside--
where would they take the shot?
                                            21   What insect causes thousands of
                                                 dollars in damage to picture stu-
                                            dios each year? (And don't answer
                                            '"The love bug"!)
9   If you saw a lot of actors being
    shaved for a barber-shop scene,
aDd. saw them licking the ~­                22  What star owns two ocelots
.ereaa   off
          afterwards, what would you            named Lancelot and Lancelotta
tbiDk it wa?                                -and what is an ocelot, anyway?

10      What _ _-DOW a ....                 23   What -       deeps ",""""Uy on
                                                    the set and while she sleeps the
    over heI'e---aid: "There are DO
                                            :let ill closed aDd a "QUIET" card put
mea III Boll7wood to compare to the         on the door?
men in m,y own country!"

II     What ..... _ _. . ond
       danprous IIlamow' aid used 1»,-
                                            24 c:ret ofiseye make-up?
                                               What       Marlene Dietrich's     ..-

the .tars?
                                            25    Wby couldn't you offer Ray                            WarniRCJ-Oa llger l
                                                  Bolger (the Scarecrow) a ciC-         Baby Sandy is          f                 •
12   What kiDd of adon do !be .....         arette on the Wizard of Oz set?
                                                                                        bt'hshe's d<'lnge~:~s.o :~ie~~:esth kfds o~ the screen,
     hate most to work with because                                                     o    e stars who cppe .         ' e S POISon to m<'Jny
they steal ner:Y' seene'!                        (A1U1be'rs oa opposite Pllge)                                   ar In scenes with her. Why?
                                                                                  DON 'T LOOK NOW-HERE ARE AN-
                                                                                  SWERS TO "CRAZY QUIZ" QUESTIONS

                                                                                             Perfect score: 25 out of 2~
                                                                                             and if your score is perfect
                                                                                             our guess •IS-YOU cheated!

                                                                              I  Of course Dot You'd just turn out        Don·t caU them cartoons or you'll in-
                                                                                 a light, remove a black screen and       sult WalL
                                                                             bring in a smoke-pot.

                                                                             2 The   caviar would be blackberry
                                                                                                                           14   Tarum leads the field. His ex-
                                                                                                                                ploits are sure tire with the Da-
                                                                                jam, the chocolate ice cream a            tives of hot countries. And it doesn't
                                                                             molded chocolate pudding. (Ice cream         matter whether the film is silent or
                                                                             melts too fast. ) The bowl of cracked        running backward. Just as good.
                                                                             icc would be cellophane and the
                                                                             champagne, ginger ale or lemon soda.
                                                                             Nice banquet- huh?
                                                                                                                           15   Black and white answers both
                                                                                                                                Questions. Black is too dense for
                                                                                                                          Technicolo r a nd absorbs 100 much
                                                                             3  Josef von Sternber,. Likes to pre-        light tor ordinary film. White picks
                                                                                tend he's the Japanese buUer. You         up too many other colors In Techni-
                                                                             can't cet a word in edgewise, so you         color. They get around this by USing
                                                                             hang up. Swell. Mr. von Sternberg            pale blue for white and dark blue or
                                                                             doesn' t like telephone callers.             red for black in uncolored films . AIe
                                                                                                                          you getting d izzy?
                                                                             4    You'd see Eddie Robinson at the
                                                                                  piano, Paul Muni playing the vio-        16  To eat them. Movie glass is made
                                                                             lin, Anita Louise at the harp (or Harpo           of sheet candy, because if it
                        •       Likes Flowers. Why?                          Marx) a nd Mischa Auer tuning the            breaks the edges don't cut. It tastes
    Dolores Del       RIO
                                          d   ·•• od
                                     • g ar enl
                                                       lIo   v;olet . what
                                                            . ht             cello. An expensive but talented mu-         fmc, too.
             Dolores Del Rlo e rose.        her dress? She mig ,             sical quartet.
If yOlJ gh"ve ., Smell them? Pin the m on' d get e real surprise!
     'd                              d                                                                                          Greta Garbo. She hates gincer
wou s e do .       she wouldn' t~ n you                                      5  The beautiful MeJl:ican star would        17
but ch" nces are                                                                                                                ale and soda pop.
                                                                                thank you and eCit Ih~ Flowers
                                                                             form a definite part of the Del Rio diet.
                                                                             She likes garcilenias best!
                                                                                                                          18    Television. The newest medium
                                                                                                                                ot entertainment has the
                                                                                                                          gues.sin,. Guessing how they' ll make
                                                                             6   George Arliss. He's a total vele-        out when it's here to s tay. It's the topic
                                                                                  tarian, though he eats an occas ional   of every bchind- the-scenes conversa-
                                                                             fish. Says you can't pat any fish. How       tion.
                                                                             about a rhinoceros, Mr. Arliss?

                                                                             7   Fog is fin:!ly sprayed mineral all.
                                                                                                                          19    You'd hear the noise of a wooden
                                                                                                                                building being crushed or a tree
                                                                                 Spiderwebs are spun glue. Dust is        eraCkil\( and crashin,. That's what
                                                                             colored fuller's earth. Snow is un-          sound-t!!chnicians use for these noises
                                                                             toasted cornflakes. Simple, isn't it?        in a picture-lowly ~anuts. Add a
                                                                                                                          bucket of nuts and bolts and glass
                                                                             8  Indoors, of course, on the sound-         b its-kick it over-and you get a flne
                                                                                                                          plane crash. No fooling!
                                                                                stage. Real rain makes too blurry
                                                                             a picture. On the set the rain falls
                                                                             only in f ron t o f the camera. Reason :     20    Heav ier clothes worn by audi-
                                                                             Better lighting of the raindrops that              ences in winter absorb more
                                                                             way.                                         sound, hence sound is increased. The
                                                                                                                          r everse is true in summer.
                                                                             9  Try some yourself. It's WhipPed
                                                                                  cream!Shaving lather dries too          21    Crickets. One ericket on a studio
                                                                             quickly under the hot lights.                      sound-stage causes e xpens ive de-
                                                                                                                          lays in shooting while they hunt him.
                                                                             I0   Sonja Heme. She meant iL Has            You see, his chirping records far
                                                                                                                          too weU on the sound-track. When
                                                                                  a boy friend in Norway is the
                                                                             reason.                                      they want a cricket tor a scene, how-
                                                                                                                          ever, they pay ten dollars a day for a
                                                                             II    Metallic powder for hair. Gives
                                                                                                                          trained one! Yeah.
                                                                                   gold gleams under the lights-
                                                                             costs a Iot-and if any bit of it works       22   Sigrid Gurie. And an ocelot is a
                                                                             into th~ ear or eye it cuts. Yet thev             South American wildcaL Make
                                                                             we it even though a former star lost         cute ~ts-so Sigrid says.
                                                                             her hearing because some metal pow-
                                                                             der got in her Nl".                          23     Baby Sandy. She's far too valu-
                                                                                                                                 able to disturb. So stars tiptoe
                                                                             12   Animals Bnd children. Do you            oft' the set when she drowses.
                                                                                  notice Myrna Loy when Asia is
                                                                             in a scene? Or Bing Crosby when
                                                                             Baby Sandy is on his lap? Or Tarzan
                                                                                                                          24   She paints a white line inside the
                                                                                                                               lower lid next the eye. Gives
                                                                             when there's a chimp with him? Well          that dewy look. But don't V01i try it.
                                 ? No Thank You!                             - that's your answer.                        Looks awful off-screen.
                Ciqorette              t.  d f n... " Ray Bolger
                                f "Th WIZlH 0 v£.            Th
        During the moting   0     k e nd he didn't w",nt to.            '1    3
                                                                             1 The      Disney studios call Donald        25 Because his costume was highly
        "",esn' t onowed to smho 0-0" thing, or did you knoW
                                   . ,t                                             Duck, Mickey Mouse and the rest          inflammable and there was NO
        reason for 't was t e 51 18
                      I                                                      of   the merry crew " personalities."        SMOKING in M-C-M.


                                                                                     THE SWANLIKE G RACE of                 EPITOME OF POISE. Zorina
                                                                                     Z o ri na. inte rn a ti o na lly ac-   was speechless when some U.
                                                                                     claimed danseuse. is displayed         C. L A students who helped
                                                                                     he re in a ballet conceived a nd       her push her mired car from
                                                                                     directed by her hu sband.              a lJIuddy side road re marked:
                                                                                     G e org e Balanchine. note d           "lady. you're nice to look at
                                                                                     Russi,," dire ctor of t he ballet      but you sure are a clumsy one!"

                                               The Making of                                                                an
                                                 Twelve minutes of swanlike grace and                                        an Adventuress" represent a lifetime
                                                 perfect pOise • a scene from "I Was
                                                               In                                                            of study for the incomparable Zorina

                                                                                                                             M OVIE-GOERS who see "I Was             of dancing you will witness on the
                                                                                                                                  an Adventuress," 20th Century-     screen (this is the longest ballet
                                                                                                                             Fox film starring the lovely ballet-    sequence ever to be included in a
                                                                                                                             dancer Zorina, will find it a thrill-   motion picture) lie hours of pains-
                                                                                                                             ing and a sparkling tale of the old,    taking labor and the closest atten-
                                                                                                                             brightly lighted Paris of pre-war       tion to every minor detail. Holly-
                                                                                                                             days when blackouts were unheard        wood found Zorina the hardest-
                                                                                                                             of and the distant rumbling of          working actress to descend upon it
                                                                                                                             heavy guns was something that           in many a month. Up at five each
                                                                                                                             happened in the dim, forgotten past.    morning, she took an hour's lim-
                                                                                                                             But for all its sparkling story, the    bering-up exercises, reported to the
                                                                                                                             film's breath-taking moments are        studio at seven for make-up and
                                                                                                                             those in which the lovely Zorina        often worked until midnight on the
                                                                                                                             and a beautifully trained group of      set. Born Brigitta Hartwig in Ber-
                                                                                                                             dancers move with a sheer delicacy      lin, of Norwegian parents, Zorina
                                                                                                                             and grace through the famous bal-       studied ballet under Nicholas Legat,
                                                                                                                             let "The Lake of Swans." Beauti-        teacher of Pavlowa and Nijinsky,
                                                                                                                             fully screened through a foglike        and at seventeen was signed by the
                                                                                                                             mist and with a new technique for       Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Fol-
                                                                                                                             slow motion that brings every mo-       lowed a tour of the U. S., a role in
                                                                                                                             tion of Zorina clearly and sharply      "On Your Toes," and a sensational
                                                                                                                             to the eye, the modernized. version     success in "I Married an Angel" on
                                                                                                                             of the ballet was conceived and         Broadway. In "I Was an Adventur-
    DESPITE BALANCHINE'S d,mi-             IN LONG REHEARSALS which pre-                                                     staged by George Balanchine, noted      ess" she has her first straight dra-   VICTORY OF PRINCE SIEGFRIED. played by
                                                                                GEORGE BAlANCHINE in-                                                                                                       Lew Christensen. of the American Ballet Cete-
    cal training, his ballets are smart-   ceded filming, 500 pairs of doves'   structs Zorina, his wife, in a diffi-        ballet director and Zorina's hus-       matic role and she is determined
    Jy modern and delightful to watch      wings. 200 of slippers were used                                                  band. Behind the twelve minutes         to make the most of it.                van, is shown above in the ballet's denouement
                                                                                cult routine before cameras turn
                                                                       Clark Gable and Carole Lombard take mar-
                                                                       riage seriously-that's why theirs is a success!
                                                                                               By James Street

  In previous issues, James Street has      cratic, are leading happy, normailives      women I've ever met. She is no child-       that these people will be on the screen
      his impressions of Carole Lom-
giV€'I1                                     and are proving that it can happen          bride, and now that she has what she        as long as the public wants them.
bard and Clark GabJ.e, has described        here.                                       wants she seems detennined to keep it.      Energetic, ambitious folks like the
their home and the manner in which            The wise boys who are connected           If her husband wants to do something        Gables simply do not work and fight to
they live. In this, the final installment   with the propaganda agencies of             --say, playa game that she doesn't          get to the top and then retire grace-
of "Two Happy People," he exp!ains          Graustark will lay odds -on against         know-she will learn the game. She is        fully and go to their little blue heaven
why their marTiage is a solid one, re-      the happy marriage of two stars. One        not taking any chances on anybody           where the vines twine around the door
veats the intimate little things each has   of the stars must take a back seat,         else hunting and riding with her hus-       and, hand in hand, walk down the
brought to what may be considered one       they insist, or else their professional     band.                                       twilight trail together. It's very ro-
oj the most glamorous, and sensibly         jealousies will clash.                         And Gable loves it that way. They        mantic, but it seldom happens.
happy, unions in HoUywood.~EditO"T.           The Gables are old enough, smart          really have fun together. Some folks           In public, Mrs. Gable talks about her
                                            enough and experienced enough in            say that all the capers they cut to-        husband; not boastfully, but naturally.
                                                                                        gether are acts, publicity baits thrown
C    LARK GABLE'S favorite topic of
      conversation is Carole Lombard
      and her favorite topic is Gable.
And that's why we feel justified in
                                            marital adventures to know that pro-
                                            fessional jealousy is the biggest barrier
                                            to their happiness.
                                              Without doubt, Miss Lombard is de-
                                                                                        out for the suckers. That is absurd.
                                                                                        Of course, they act even when they are
                                                                                        not before the camera. It is only nat-
                                                                                                                                    She'll often say, "The old man thinks
                                                                                                                                    so and so." Or "Mr. G. had a lot of
                                                                                                                                    fun yesterday buHding some thingama-
                                                                                                                                    jig in his wor~hop ."
calling this man and his wife two           termined to keep pace with her hus-         ural. It is impossible for natural actors      Mr. Gable never fails to mention his
happy people.                               band in stardom. Miss Lombard ap-           to stop acting the minute the whistle       wife during a conversation. He will
  lf th~y are not happy, then they are      parently has no intention of leaving        blows. Does a banker cease being a          say, "Mrs. G. sold six dozen eggs yes-
better performers at home than on the       the screen and settling down with a         bariker at 3:00 p.m.? Does a writer         terday." Or "Carole is doing pretty
screen. In Hollywood, where gossip-         dis.h-cloth in one hand and a diaper-       cease being a writer when his story is      well with her golf lessons."
ing is (I profession and scandal-mon-       pin in the other. However, she is trying,   finished? Acting is a profession with
gering is a craft, the Gables have been     and apparently successfully , to make       the Gables and they live their work all     H E NEVER fails to rise when she en-
spared the darts that usually are           her life-that is, her personal liIe-fit     of the time. That's whY""it's impossible         tcrs the room, and he oftcn compli-
hurled at the folks who live in the         into the Gable pattern .                    for Miss Lombard to retire and devote       ments her on her clothes and the way
goldfish bowls of Graustark.                  Clark Gable is very much the master       all of her time to wifing. You might        she does. her hair. He's a smart hus-
  Before their marriage? Well, that's       of the manor, and Carole Lombard is         as well ask Jim Farley to quit politics.    band. If they are in a crowd, he always
another story, and let the dead past        the wife who sees to his needs, bosses         She is proud of her success and her      manages to toss a modest little compli-
bury its dead. The important thing is       him just a bit without letting him          ability. Gable says he's going to quit      ment her way. Carole Lombard may
that the crown prince and the court         know that he is being bossed, and is        when he is assured of ten thousand a        be glamour from her lightning tongue
jester of the fantastic realm, where the    his sidekick at play.                       year for life. Perhaps she will retire      to her beautiful feet, but shc's all wo-
caste system makes India seem demo-           Mrs. Gable is one of the smartest         when hc does. But I have the feeUng         man, and women glow when their

husbands compliment them.                    Gable-wise woma n -never interrupts.
   Don't get the idea that Mrs. Gable         It is rather difficult for her to be quiet
plays second fiddle to her bus band.         and still very long, but when the old
She is an individualist and their mar-        man is telling a tale she listens as
riage is a partnership.                      though she has never heard it before.
  They are not social lights in Holly-           Mrs. Gable is a good story-teller,
wood, where society is a scrambled           too, but she doesn't weave her stories;
institution and so clannish that it          she pieces them together. And she acts
makes New York's Four Hundred (or            them out. She gesticulates, walks the
is that four thousand?) look like a          floor. Most of her slories are about
gang of clam-diggers. Neither are the         persons-persons she admires and per-
Gables the most popular couple in            sons she does not admire. And her
Hollywood. Nor the best dressed. They        tongue can be caustic.
are not the "best" or "most" anything,          They both are practical jokers and
and art" content to sit at their farm,        play jokes on each other.
whert" Iile unfolds itself interestingly,        You should never think, because
and watch the parade and brass bands         Gable is a big outdoorsman now, that
go by.                                       he has always been one. He worked
                                             on a farm while he was a boy, but is
GABLE        usually wears work-clothes      just now learning to app reciate the
                                             land. And those jobs in the oil fie lds,
      around his place, fatigue tro users
 a nd boots. His wife wears slacks. HIS      timber camps, etc., simply were flil-ins
 idea of dressing up is to put on gray       between show jobs.
slacks, white linen shirt, tweed coat           Mr. Gable is a gentleman farmer.
 and a tie, a lways 01 a solid color. He     He farms because he enjoys it. As
likes solid-colored socks, too, and he       much as I admire the man, I doubt if
 wears supporters, for he hates to see       he could make a living farming, and 1
socks flopping around a man's ankles.        also believe that Mrs. Gable would not
 He always wears one ring-a ruby that        do so well as a real farmer's wife.
 his wile gave him. He dislikes dresswg      There's a great deal of difference in
 lor dinner but usually does to please       telling a person how to cook beans
his wile.                                    and in cooking them.
    When he comes in tram the fields,           Studio publicity may insist that
dirty tram plOWing; Mrs.. Gable often        Clark Gable is a farmer by heritage.
meets him on their back porch.               It Mr. Gable had to earn hiS bread
    "Don't lorget to wipe your feet,"        and meat running an Ohio larm, I do
she'll say.                                  not believe he would eat as well as he
    "AU right, all right."                   does now. And so far as being an
    She will rollow him into the house,      outdoorsman is concerned, Mr. Gable
and it he starts for the table she will      learned to shoot-that is, shoot well-
tap him gently on the shoulder and           comparatively recently. I do not mean
point toward the bathroom. Mr. Gable         that as a criticism, but it simply is a
always grins, but he goes and washes         statement 01 fact.
and slips on some clean clothes.                Hollywood, which despite all of its
    They both are healthy eaters. Mrs.       smartness is still a bit naive and a            CARO LE LOMBAR D-Be.,uti ful, t"lented .,nd cour" geous, she
Gable plans the meals and they bal-          country town dressed in its Sunday
                                             best, has made a great deal over the
                                                                                             is intelligent enoug h to be her husb.,nd's pal, to listen to his
ance perlecUy. She is a bit partial to                                                       stories, new or old, to boss him II little-but not too muc h!
fowl and he likes steaks.                    fact that the Gables are supposed to
    They usually have coRee in their         call each other Ma and Pa. Some folks
living-room, and then t hey settle           think that "Ma" and "Pa" sound demo-
back for a quiet evening at home. They       cratic. Perhaps Mr. Gable calls Mrs.            CLAR K G ABLE- His h.,bit of p.,ying C lirole little compliments,
will talk over the day's work, thIngs        Gable "Ma" and she calls him "Pa"               not icing ., new dress. or II h.,t, lire some of the w.,ys he shows
they did and people they saw. Then           ror the benefit of publicity. But I             he r she's .,ppreci.,ted. Th.,t m.,kes - lind keeps - her h.,ppy
they'll play backgammon or each will         never heard it. They might call each
grab a book. They both are avid news-        other Ma and Pa in kidding, but the
paper readers, and they really read          Ma-and-Pa legend really is just that
newspapers. They both pore over the          and nothing more.
foreign news and domestic political             One story goes that MnI. Gable re-
news. Then they will discuss what            cenUy telephoned her husband and a
they have read and will not always           servant answered. The servant is re-
agree. That's a healthy sign, too. Each      ported to have shouted to the master
stimulates the other's brain. Mr. Gable      of the manor, "Hey, Pa, Ma is on the
also likes the sport pages, and Mrs.         wire."
Gable often tears out of the paper a            I don't believe iL The Gables would
recipe or somethiq. Sometimes she            not allow their servants to be so
tears a page that her husband wants          familiar. Most persons in Hollywood,
to read, and then the same thing hap-        even strangers, call Mr. Gable, Clark,
pens in their family that happens lD         and Mrs. Gable, Carole. Seldom do
you rs and mine.                             they call her Mrs. Gable.
    They have few really close friends.         Mr. Gable is very proud 01 his wiIe,
These include Andy Devine, the Tufty         his success, his home, his dogs, guns,
Goffs (Abner of "Lum and Abner"),            land and horses. And his mule, Judy.
the Walter Langs, and the Charles
Walterses. Please note that, with the
exception 01 Devine, non e of their
                                             HEPUT his hand on Judy's head and
                                                   t he old m ule blinked at h im, not the
close friends is an actor. GaR is in ra-     least bit impressed that he was being
dio. Walters is a lawyer. Lang is a          fondled by the crown prince of
director, whose wife, Fieldsie, once         Graustark. " I sn 't he a swell fellow?"
was Miss Lombard's secretary.                Mr. Gable asked, and patted old Judy.
    Reports persist that the Gables are         Yes, sir-ee, he is, and so are you,
going to have a baby. Mr. Gable did          Mr. Gable.
not d iscuss iL However, iI a baby              Mrs. Gable is very proud 01 her
were expected at their house, Gable          husband and her other possessions, in-
probably would say so. He is the kind        cluding her chickens. She insists upon
of fellow who would give out cigars          owning New Hampshire Reds because
and buy drinks if his wile bore him a        she likes brown eggs. She reached
child. Mrs. Gable said simply that iI        into a nest and lifted an egg. It looked
she were going to have a baby she            ju...t like any other egg to me, but
would be very proud and would an-            to her it was ditlerent because her
nounce it instead of hiding it. One          chicken had laid iL We're all that
gathers the impression that they would       way about our own things. It was quite
like to have a baby.                         a thrill to see beauteous Miss Lombard,
    Gable ill a great story-teller. He       the frosty blonde, the fire-cracker girl,
likes to hold a highball in his lett hand,   bolding a common, every-day egg.
a cigarette in his right, and weave             "Isn't it MAR-vel-ow?" she asked.
himself a yam, embroidering it just             Yes, it was a good egg, Miss Lom-
enough to keep it interesting. Mrs.          bard, and so are you.
                                                                                                                                      FIRST PHOTOS of Alice F"ye and
                                                                                                                                      r"dio executive S"ndy Cumminqs
                                                                                                                                      out together (which they hGve
                                                                                                                                      been " lot) were sn"pped "s they
                                                                                                                                      d"nced tit Ciro's "Her the preview
                                                                                                                                      of "The Doctor T"kes " Wife"

                                           talk with her. I know her." The "secre-     dance. There were five separate parties    name Joe L. Penner. Result: He at-
                                           tary" rang off hastily. The gift arrived,   held tor her, among them the studio        tributes his being cast In "The Boys
                                           but Linda, thoroughly suspicious, re-       party for children of the press; a set     From Syracuse" to this name swap.
                                           fused to sign for it. Back in Hollywood     party on ''The Young People" stage; a
                                           she called Elsa. Said Miss Maxwell,         dinner for a few little friends at home,      BEnE DAVIS fans needn't get too
                                           "You're a smart girl. I have an im-         and the dancing-party at the country       excited about the fact that Bob Tap-
                                           personator. She's pulled the same trick     club. Loot: A string of 186 matched        linger, Warner publicity head, went to
                                           on several of my friends." The racket:      pearls from the Netherland East            Honolulu on the S. S. Monterey with
                                           The gifts come C. O. D.                     Indies; a 250-pound box 01 1,500 choc-     her. This very eligible man-about-the-
                                                                                       olate bars (these were sent by truck to    studios bas been seen about with Fay
                                             ANDREA LEEDS gave a surprise              fourteen or:phanages); a sewing-basket     Wray, June Duprey, Mary Healy, Jinx
                                           birthday party for her husband, Bob         from her mother; a book, '''I1le Ameri-    Falkenberg, Margaret Lindsay, Rose-
                                           Howard, on a Sunday night. The next         can Horse," by Phil Stong. Favorite        mary Lane, Judy Ford, Suzanne Brew-
                                           morning she came downstairs, paused         present: A miniature pin-ball game,        ster (now Mrs. Steve Hanagan) and
                                           before stepping into a waiting car,         price 25 cents.                            Carole Landis. Of interest: Bob Tap-
                                           said quietly, "I am going to st. Vin-                                                  linger's romantic record has been so
                                           cent's Hospital for an operation. I           TYRONE POWER and ANNA-                   varied that Hollywood wags have for
                                           didn't want you to know it before be-       BELLA observed their first wedding         some time dubbed him One-Date Bob.
                                           cause I didn't want to spoil the party      anniversary on Monday, April 22, with
                                           last night." Game little Andrea had an      two small parties for friends. Ty's gift
                                           infected gland removed from her             to Annabella was a print 01 "Suex,"
                                           thigh. Two days later she was taken         the picture on which they were work-
  THE GIRL Bob Preston's teelly go-        borne in an ambulance. The operation        ing when they tell in love.
  ing to m<'lrry {lind mlly hllve done     delayed 20th Century-Fox's May 6
  so before this reGches printl is K<'Iy   production schedule on "The Return            BOB HOPE pulled the best gag of
                                           ot Frank James," in which Andrea is         his career, and without the aid ot bis
  Feltus, dGncing with him Gbove. A                                                    writers. He put his name, alone and
  stock Gdress Gt 20th Century-Fox,        to appear wiUi Henry Fonda. Said
                                           Andrea over the hospital phone the          unass.isted, on the dotted line of a new
  she resembles Dorothy LGmour                                                         Paramount contract for two yean,
                                           day following the operation: "I hope
                                           the studio will be able to shoot around     three pictures a year with options tor
                                           me. I am anxious to do the part."           more. The studio tore up the present
                                                                                       agreement, which had five more years
   DEANNA DURBIN will have the                                                         to go. Bob gets his salary doubled..
first costume role in her career in           ROBERT PRESTON settled the "Is           Suggestion for a studio slogan: BOB,
Universal's "Spring Parade," in which      it Dorothy Lamour or Kay Feltus?"           the white HOPE, of Paramount.
she'll play the role of a Hungarian        Question this week when he told a re-
peasant girl in the old Vienna atmos-      porter that he and Kay have been go-          JOE PENNER has the strangest rea-
phere period of 1895. She'll wear a        ing together for over three years, and,     son ot any star for his change from
peasant-girl coiffure, with braids         although no dates have been set, there      the RKO lot and run-of-the-mill pic-
twisted coronet-fashion around her         is an "understanding." Best answer to       tures to a better break at Univer-
head. Hollywood's query: Can Deanna        rumors that Bob is still carrying a         sal. Joe says it's all because Anne
repeat her past successes-in costume?      torch for Doroth.y Lamour is th.e laugh_    Schreiber, palmist and student of the
                                           ing jibe he made to a smart crack ot        Cabala, told him that his bad luck
  On LINDA DARNELL'S recent New            Paulette Goddard's; "Look, you're           came from his middle name, "Alexan-
York trip a woman called her hotel.        talking to a guy who's been running         der." The ""," she hinted, meaQt sick_
said she was Miss Elsa Maxwell's sec-      around in sarongs!"                         ness, bad pictures, in fact, everything
retary, and was sending over a gift.                                                   dire. Miss Schreiber suggested that
Would the actress please sign for it         SHIRLEY TEMPLE celebrated her             "Loughlan" would be a happier middle
when it arrived? "Put Miss Maxwell         eleventh. birthday April 23 by wearing      name tor Joe. So now he signs all
on the wire," said Linda, "I'd like to     her first long dress to a country club      checks and official papers with the

  LOREnA YOUNG, with rlldio's
  Tom lewis (producer of "Screen
  Guild Theater"), denced &t Ciro's
  efter the preview of "The Doctor
  To.'Ikes 0 Wife," in which she
  sterred. Rumor hos it this is love!

  PRISCILLA LANE interrupted her         have things my own way." Interesting:      versa!'s "The Boys From Syracuse."
Yucca Lorna vacation to do a Red         Girl friend Norma Shearer has plenty       The dressing-room walls are canvas
Cross short subjed for Warners. She      of stock in M-G-M, an amount sup-          and the shadows of the roses can be
has been off salary for more than six    posed to be a controlling interest!        seen from the adjoining dressing-room.
weeks, and was still without a picture                                              It belongs to Martha Raye, Buddy's
at this writine:. Intimates say: "When     STYLE OF THE WEEK: Paulette              ex-wile!
Priscilla does return to the lot, she    Goddard playing in the British War
won't renew her oft-screen romance       Relief Fund tennis matches at the            CHARLES LAUGHTON, who
with assistant director Oren Hage-       Hotel Ambassador in a white tennis         brought Maureen O'Hara to this coun-
lund."                                   costume of a fabric reminiscent of old-    try from England. to play opposite him
                                         fashioned poplin. Over classic aborts      in "The Hunchback 01 Notre Dame," is
  GEORGE RAFT has the local news-        and blouse, Miss Goddard wore a short      turning over her contract to RKO. Said
hounds a-dither with the statement he    full skirt, edged with dark red rickrack   Maureen wben queried if Laughton
made casually on the set 01 Warners'     braid, and belted with the same braid.     would atlll influence ber career: ''He
"They Drive at Night." Said George:      Exciting note: A baby lamb full-length     will always be my guiding hand.."
"Oh well, perhaps one 01 these days      coat cut exacUy like a tailored top-
I'll have a studio of my own. At least   coat, with silver buttons and a gaud,-        IDA LUPINO draws the dramatic
that's what they tell me. Then I can     red-aOO-green flowered lining. Silk        role of the murderess in Warners'
                                         ankle socks in white to matcb plain        ''1bey Drive at Night." with Ann Sher-
                                         canvas sneakers completed the outftt       idan coming in for a very light part as
                                                                                    Cassie, the wisecracking waitress.
                                           GINGER ROGERS is going over-             Sighed Ann: "The studio won't let me
                                         board on this natural business. In the     be a murderess, and I wanted to be one       SCOOP PHOTO of Connie Ben-
                                         days before pigtails, black bair and       so badly." Family record: The Lupine
                                         "The Primrose Path," the actress was       family is the busiest in its theatrical
                                                                                                                                 nett with Richard Ainley, actor
                                         so sensitive about her still portraits     history. Sister Rita is dancing in New       with whom she recently toured lind
                                         that even the proofs had to be re-         York in the Mitchel Leisen show.             with whom she allegedly is in love.
                                         touched before she was allowed. to see     Mother Connie is directing a local           Talk is, Connie plans divorcing her
                                         them. Ginger has a mole on her cheek       litue-theater play, "Come to My              marquis, intends to marry Ainley
                                         and she's always been self-conscious       House." Papa Stanley Lupino is play-
                                         about it. Now she blithely looks at the    ing on the London stage in hSunny
                                         rawest proofs, and demands that they       Side Up." And just to complete the
                                         be retouched as litue as possible. Com-    record, son-in-law Louis Hayward gets      is that he will do a co.m..ic smp about
                                         ment: Can love, which makes some           a role in the new carole Lombard pic-      Hollywood folk. Local citizens, who are
                                         people blind, have opened Ginger's         ture, "Have It Your Own Way."              be&innfna: to feel a bit satiated with
                                         eyes to the beauty 01 &enuineness?                                                    the constant stream of publicity about
                                                                                      GREGORY RATOn called. a balt in          this overfed and underworked. young
                                           ROSEMARY LANE'S daily red roses          the production of "Public Deb Number       man, are suuestina: that a fUm be
                                         from Buddy Westmore are placed in          One" at 2Oth-Folt, rushed. to the tele-    made about him and his efforts to gain
                                         her dressing-room on the set of Uni-       phone and rang Louis B. Mayer's omc:e      a foothold in the city of his contempt
                                                                                    at M-G-M. The cast, ~pecting some-         A wag's tiUe suggestion: "All's Well
                                                                                    thing vertI important was in the wind,     That Ends Welles."
                                                                                    sat on the edge of their chairs unW
                                         + ANNA     NEAGLE (left) was es-           the director returned.. "All right," he      BOB BURNS, having been tried in
                                                                                    said when he came back, "we'll go to       musicals, comedies, seoti.mental hu-
                                           corted to a ~rty given in her
                                                                                    work again. That horse I was going to      man-interests, hillbillies and political
                                           honor following the premiere of          bet at Tanforan has been scratched!"       yarns, winds up his thJ"ee-year con-
                                           her newest starrer, "Irene," by                                                     tract with Paramount in a sm.all-
                                           Herbert Wilcox, the British di-            ORSON WELLES still continues to          budget flicker, "Comin' Round the
                                           rector. with whom she's often seen       cultivate speculation. The latest rumol:          (Continued on 16)

                                                                                                                                                                    11 _ __
                                                       Movie and .
                                          RADIO GUIDE

                     Picture of the Week

"IF I   WERE only the man in this family- " What wife
     hasn't said that at least once, and what husband hasn't
echoed his wife's desire? Now HaJ Roach, remembered for his
"Topper" series, presents the story of what would happen If
these not really intended wishes came true when a young                                                                                                                                                                                   MR. RAM Wo!IS the little man who was there when
executive and his wife give voice to such desires in front of 9;                                                                                                                                                                          he shouldn't hove been. This strange deity who
strange deity who has the power to grant their wishes. With
Carole Landis John Hubbard, William Gargan, Verree Teas-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          occupied the Hubb~rd's mantelpiece had the
dale and Adol~he Menjou in the cast, here is a ludicrous tale                                                                                                                                                                             unique gift of making mutual wishes come true.
of husband and wife who find their relationships reversed.                                                                                                                                                                                When he heard his host lind hostess wish that they
Right: Husband and wife John Hubbard and Carole Landis.                                                                                                                                                                                   could exchange bodies, he obliged. Result: Comedy

                                                                                        BELOW: To add to the hilarity, a petshop from which          BELOW; The family trouble, shIrting with the bear, came
                                                                                        Hubbard ordered a Pekingese delivers a baby bear by mis-     to a head when Dopey, a Great Dane and Hubbard's pet
                                                                                        take. The bear makes merry, tears up the house until the     -but unfortunately his wife's ban&-took to sleel'ing in
                                                                                        butler, comic Donald Meek, subdues him in a one-man safari   Hubbard's bed. This was the absolute lind fina str!lw

     THE STAR-STUDDED cast is hand-picked for comedy. Franklin Pangborn (left!
     os a contonkerous client of the advertising agency, turns out to be hard to han.                                                                                                                          SHARING THE BLAME for Hubbard's marital troubles with Dopey wos his
     die, is plocated by agency excutives William Gargan (center), Adolphe Menjou                                                                                                                              secretary, Verree Teasdale (with him, center). Secretaries to his p~rtners ~re
                                                                                                                                                                                                               (I.) Margoret Roach, with William Gargan: (r.) Polly Ann Young, With Menlou
                                                                                                                     "THE DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE"-Rlly Milla nd . l oretto Younq                                    "THOSE WERE THE DA YS" -Here is life in 1M peg-top                     ~nts
                                                                                                                     end Reqinllid Gerdiner          II.
                                                                                                                                              to r.) ore three of the reasons why                                "nd IMndolin oro of AmeriClln college days, with (I. to r.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ezrlll Stone. Judith Borrett. W illiam Holden end Bonita Granville
                                                                                                                     this screamingly funny "reo is /I " must" on everybody's list

                                                                                                        THIS WEEK on th e SCREEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         " TWO GI RLS ON BROADW AY"--JoM Blondell.
"'TIL WE MEET AGAIN"-Merle Oberon. os the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                right, gets e new-type, serious role, end llIne Turner
girl given" month to live beuuse of heart trouble.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       wins her first ster billing in this story of two
end George Brent. f"dng death in the electric
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         sisters in love with one hoofer (George Murph y)
cheir. make this " picture to be remembered

                                        Loretta Young. Ray Milland score in "The Doctor Takes                                                                                                                                                          "Old Siwash" lives again in film. "Those Were the Days";
                                        a Wife"; "'Til We Meet Again" is heart-warming story                                                                                                                                                           Lana Turner wins top honors in "Two Girls on Broadway"
                                                             Eric B10re and Pat O'Brien---b carefully selected.                                                                                                             "Those Were the Days"                                  tence and ends up by reail,y faJlln& for Bonita (who
          " 'Til We Meet Again"                                                                                                              "The Doctor              Ta~es      a Wife"                                                                                           has come a long way in pulchritude from the days
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "Two Girls on Broadway"
                                                               The uuise ship made ita voya,e from Hongkong
   Cut: M,ute ONrOll, CO_.. BrCftt, I",t O'B"'n, COcral4iM   to San Francisco without leaving the Warner lot                             Cut: lontn.. VOUII" 11;,,. llillall4, Retlilll.14 C"r.hMr,                 CuI: William Hol'.n, Bonill. Crlll,ill •• .Ezra. 510,..,       of her litUe- brat characterizations) . Ezra Stone,                       Cui: La"," TurMr, IN,, BlondeW, G"r.. Mur"',., Kent
   Fa.r,l4, Bln,,11 Barn.s. Fr,nk M(Huth. .Eric BIeR,        It was built in ei&htem sets, and the extras who                            C"il Patrkk. Edmvnd G•• nn, f'rult Sull,.. Gar'on Jona,                    Ju'illl 8.,rln, VIUfhall CiIK', Willillll f'rl.W\cy. LUclvI    radio's "Henry Aldrich," does nicely with his role                        T.,.lor, Akbar4 laM, WaliJ.(. For', Ol~ Hl.hll. U.,.d
   .t ,I. A WlrMr Bm. plttl., •• PrMU(" ., Hal e. Wallis;                                                                                Gto..,.. Meta"" tt .1, A CoIvllllli. pictu,., pnHIu,,' II,                 Littldllkl, KIlt, ClI:nMnt, tt al. A Para .... ount pltturl.   of the stodgy roommate, but real actina: honors go                        Corrigan, Doll WillOlI, It 1.1. An M-C·M ,kt~rr, produc"
                                                             played passengers for the cruise were assured of                                                                                                       prodllctd In~ 4irIKtd by T" Atd. who 1110 dirt""                                                                                         ~,. Jaclt Cummi"ll; dlrt<tH ~, S. S,IYl.n 51 ...... , ....
   4inchd .,. .E4mulld Gouldln., wha ,1M 41rKIed "Oa.n                                                                                   Willialll hrl"r,; 'Ir«tn II,. AiuI.I"U HI.".                                                                                              to Vaughan Glaser as a sympathetic and bedeviled
                                                             seven weeks' work when they started. It would have                                                                                                     "Whit A Lit."; ~1Sotd Oil Ill. "5iwut!.. l!Grits ~,. C",..                                                                               ,Iso .ir«1N "S".ln, M.l.neu."
                                                             been impossible to change passen,ers in mldocean.                                                                                                      Fitcll.                                                        father of a collegian at the turn of the century.
111m- WE MEET AGAIN" ill • new version of the                The Bax 01 All Nations in HODCkonL where the                            IN a season which has Men man,. fine la1J&h-pro-
                                                                                                                                        vokina: films come out of the studiOl, here is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A contest in connection with this picture recently                  HERE is the story of a backstage Cinderella, with
      popular «One Way Passa,e," an emotional                lovens met, is reputed to be the lonsest bar in the                                                                                                 pOSE toeTe the days, and there's no doubt about                   run in Movu AND RADIO GUID.£ will select the AlJ -                         a theme 01 listerly sacrifice thrown in, which is
romantic drama which starred William Powell and              world. The art director for this did his best to                        comedy which promises to top them all and estab-                              it if collese life was ~ like what it'. pic-                    American Collese Queen at the fUm's premiere in                       really another modernized version 01' an old favorite,
Kay Francia. The new venion baa Georse Brent                 make this sequence e1fective and accurate. He                           lish Loretta Y ounc and Ra:r Milland as a comedy                            tured in ''Those Were the Days," the Paramount                    Galesburg, Dl (where Knox is loca ted), on May                        the oria:inal "Broadway Melody," pioneer of early
and Merle Oberon cast in the parts of the cUI about          bullt the loneest bar in Hollywood.                                     team comparable with ear,- Grant and Irene Dunne                            comedy of life at Knox College (Siwash) in the                    21. The winner, &elected from hundreds of college                     sound-film days, Neatly bandled and well cast, it
to die of heart trouble and Geer,e Brent as the                                                                                      or Carole Lombard and Fredric March. With hi-                               peg-top pants and mandolin era of 1904.                           campuses, will ,et a crack at a screen career.                        gives Lana Turner her first top billin, and third
                                                                WHAT TH.EV THOUGHT OF IT: 1M An,.les Tlmu: " ••• Th.                 larious situations, sparklin, lines and a mJle-a-min_
man retumln, to pay for an old crime in the elec-            iIIOltll&Jll I~ry of two 1ioonM4 peopll II ,.U ..4 ••• willi                                                                                 Good for a laugh a minute, with the "good old                     8euIrK tlIis plclvr.....I t ,r,.iewtd ~,. Movl. an4 Ra.1o CUIde'I   consecutive dancin, part; Joan Blondell a new type
tric chair at San Quentin. The stor;r of their bope-         .,puf •••   M     HoI,,...o.I R.pOtler: ..... 5un41 oul as , trYl,.     ute pace, "The Doctor Takes a Wife" ill crand                               day" ,ently chided rather than ddicu1ed, this sin-                rtvlcwe" 1Nf0rw ollltr rniew$ ...,,. III ,rlnt, tIM " WHAT THEV       of sincere, straight role, and Georse Murphy a
less love, blosaornin& on the ship brtn.cin, them            fiM ","uttion . . . Vulll)':"••• R,nlu as ucqotloMI .n!er·
                                                                                                                                     comedy.                                                                 f   cere little comedy, handled by a capable cast of                  THOUGHT OF IT" fulu,. is o",lItled.                                   worthy successor to his highly satisfactory perform-
back to the U. S. from China, is as beautifully done         UIIUI,.Bt •• ."                                                            Loretta Youna is a career cUI who has just writ-                         youngsters, paints a realistic picture of colle,e life                                                                                  ance in "Broadway Melody of 1940,"
film drama as you are likeI,' to see for some time.                                                                                  ten a best-sellin, novel praWna: spinsterhood. Then,                        that will be attractive to both the oldsters who                                                                                          In the first tUrn, Beu1e Love, Charl~ Kine and
   The story (told in detail in MoVlll AND RADIO                                                                                     at a wedding party, she meets              Ra,.
                                                                                                                                                                             MU1and, a re-                       attended school in those days and the youneatel'll                                                                                      Anita Page formed the triangle which Joan Blondell,
GUIDS for April 20-26 under the title "Liars In The                                                                                  .earch medico, and the,. have a loveb" Urne spittinJ:                       of collejle age today as a basis for comparison.                                                                                        Geor,e Murphy and Lana Turner re-enact here.
                                                                                                                                     sarcasms at each other until, next mornln" they                                                                                                             Good Entertainment
Name Of Love") is a touchma story 01' deep and                                        Exception.1                                    dod that the newspaper has erroneously reported
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The story revolves about the etrorts of a per_                                                                                        Sweethearts Joan and George crash Broadway and
hopeless love and of two brave people wbo refused                                                                                                                                                                sonality- plus collegian (yes, they had them even                             Vigil in the Night: It All Came                           bring sister Lana alonl for the trip, only to discover
to admit their plight one to the other. Nor is it as                         Gone Wit+. the Wind: Or.                                them man and wIfe. Denials don't count, and in                              then), played by William Holden, who attempts to                              True; The Dark Command: Bud.                              that Lana and George have fallen in love with each
hopeless and depressin, as it seems in bare relation,                        Ehrlich's MegK:. Bullet: It's                           order to prote<::t their careers they decide to mas-                        keep a profel3Or who has never been late to class                             Benny Rides Again: Irene; Sid..                           other. Follows much unhappiness, which ends hap-
for the fUm ends on the strong note that they will                           • Date; Young Tom Edison:                               querade as man and wife unW it all smooths over.                            from getting there to give an exam his roommate,                              walks of london; Swiu Fo1mily                             pily. however, when Joan leaves the dancing-act
meet again . . . and that thein: is the sort of love                         &-"Pft of Wr"th: North-                                 From there on, IlD1'thins can and does happen.                              Ezra Stone, is certain to tl.unk. Ori&inal idea was                           Robinson: My Son, My Son:                                 and returns to her small home town so that Lana
that survives even death.                                                    west Pass"ge; Pinoc:chio:                                                                                                           to set the clock back an hour, but one complication                           Virginia City: Aorian: Forty                              and George can have each other.
                                                                             Bro"dw"y Melody: R..                                      WHAT THO' THOOGHT OF IT: Vl.rMly: ", •• [ltth,.. . .Is,.,                 led to another until Holden flnds himself facinl: a                           Uttle Mothers: And One We5
   Completely adequate in their parts are Geer,e
Brent and Merle Oberon, who play deeply emo-                                 becca; Th. Biscuit' Eater                               hll.,ioul  'UI:.,
                                                                                                                                                     'ullt for tile _., oHn-s,. .ntlrttil!"",nt
                                                                                                                                     .• ," H.nywoooll R.,.rur: ", •• Un4iluftd hlll.rity r.\tns . , ."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 judge with no stomach for collea:e pranks after he'd                          Beeutiful: A Bill of Divorcement                             WHAT THEV THOUGHT Of' IT: ,Ittvr. A'IION: ", • , 5mlnl,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         tvrn.' avt, $mooth' I'UH, _11.,ra'". ,." Variety: " •.• BrCUJ'
tional roles with doe restraint and sure touch. The                                                                                  Los An,.,1ts Tinm: " ••• A" I.lry trttll: • , • 1110,. lIIan 1o((I,t,       stolen a street-car, Holden makes love to the judge's                                                                                   an. IlItilll ••• " HoIl)'WWd AtllOrtlf': " •• • Crl.,,4 ,.rfornMlK~
supporting cast - Binnie Barnes, Frank McH1J&h,                                                                                      ,.11 . ,   .M                                                               daughter (Bonita Granville) to stave otr a stU! sen-                                                                                    .,. tvif}' iliaD'" 0'   Its ust . . ."

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        15
                                                 BRITISH WAR RELIEF FUND was added to in Hollywood on April
                                                 21 when stars staged a "tennis benefit," an event whic.h produc.ed
                                                 some good tennis and plenty of laughs. left: Judy Ga~and in ac-
                                                 tion. Center (I. to r.): lester Stoeffen, Mickey Rooney, Rudy Vallee
                                                 and Bill Tilden, who provided the most interesting match. Right:
                                                 Paulette Goddard. (For details, see ·'Event of the Week," this p"'ge)

                                           owns the team, the Ritz Brolhen,           name. He uses the bike, a fancy            Laue a s we ll liS li1'ne. Asked to com-
This W eek         In   Hollywood          Susan Hayward, Jane Wyman and              chromium streamlined affair, to go         ment 011 this ne w tu r n in his cinematic
      (Continued from PClge 1 J)           Ronald Reagan, Maxie Rosenbloom,           from one set to another. Parked next       Ute, he :sa id . '·Il"s a funny thing. Al-
                                           Bing and Dixie Lee Crosby--Gene was        to it on the lot is an old jalopy ot a     though my wife and I have never been
Mountain." Paramount officials, having     still the sensation. Admired: His          bicycle belonging to his personal friend   in the same picture, our separate films
used bawoka- blower Burns in nine          modesty.                                   and stand-in, Slim Talbot. Slim, not       have always played double bills at the
types of films, are throwing in the                                                   content with merely his name, goes         local theaters." Question: Will movie-
sponge and cajUn, uncl~nd not                CLARK GABLE, supposed to be hit          Gary one better by having a hand-          goer.! mind husband and wife playing
Bob's Uncle Slug. The difficulty lies in   on the side of his neck in a scene in      lettered cardboard sign on his reading     ",",sband and wife?
the necessity to give him leading roles,   "Boom Town," incautiously moved at         "Slim Talbot-PRIVATE." Assurance:
because of his excessive salary and his    the wrong time and caught Ute blow-        The Talbot vehicle, judging from its         KAY ALDRIDGE, former John
inability to carry a picture on his own.   which was light.-in his face, resulting    appearance, is safe !rom theft!            Powers model and present 20th Cen-
Similarity: Martha Kaye'. career was       in a split upper lip. SlighUy painful,                                                tury-Fox contract player, is rumored
down to low ebb tor Ule same reason-       only real harm was closing down of            DEANNA DURBIN went to the pre-          eloping with the veddy social John
being given leads when she's better in     the company for two days until the         view of Universal's "U I Had My Way"       Swope. Kay remarked: "I want a
a sm.allu part. Now working in "The        Gable mouUt lost its swelling.             escorted as usual by Vaughn Paul.          woodsy, clean-scrubbed husband who
Boys From Syracuse," where she has a                                                  What was unusual was that none of          wiD be crazy about me but smart
suitable role, she is again on the way       SPRING BYINGTON, featured ac-            the tans crowding the Glendale Thea-       enough not to let me know it. I
up. Will Bob likewise be given a sec-      tress in "The Jones Family" series, told   tel lobby recognized grown-up glam-        haven't found him yet. Marriage is a
ond chance?                                Kratt Music Hall listener.! about her      our girl Durbin. Deanna was sleek in       question of geography. If I stay in
                                           new invention recenUy. Invention Is a      black silk jersey with a turban to         Hollywood I'll eventually get married
  EVENT OF THE WEEK : The En-              white glove to be worn on the lelt         match, and a silver-fox coat. Indica-      here. But I am thinking of returning
gUsh cream of Hollywood society            hand by auto drivers at night. The         tion : Miss Durbin is unknown in Hol-      east. Hollywood i..!I not good .busband-
gathered in the HotC!! Ambassador on       glove has a line of miniature red glass    lywood as a definite adult persona)jty.    hunting territory."
Sunday afternoon, April 21, to watch       beads on its finger seams to serve as
the screwiest tennis matches staged in     reflectors, making hand signals for leit     ARTURO GODOY, who went the                 STUNT-MAN Buster WeyJes praised
this town for a long time. And all for     turns visible to Ute car behind. Warn-     route with boxing champion Joe Louis,      Errol Flynn for personally making
the benefit of the British War Relief      ing: The beads are not visIble, bow-       and his wife are losing a chance to        three thirty-nyc-foot high jumps from
Fund. Alan Mowbray, president of the       ever, it the lady forgets td stick out     pick up some easy money in motion          deck to deck of two ships in Ute War-
British United Services Club, instigated   her paw.                                   pictures. They made one picture for        ner sound-stage pond for "The Sea
the event and carried through to an                                                   Republic, with such good results that      Hawk," and insisting that checks Cor
amusing as well a s financially remu-         JOHNNY WEISSMULLER, going               they were offered more film jobs as a      stunts be sent to out-of-work stunters.
nerative triumph. In addition to           Into a new Tarzan picture, laughs when     team. They had to turn them down,          Weyies, working on the same picture,
matches with Judy Garland, Paulette        he tells about the caller h e had last     however. Reason: Mrs. Godoy is             modesUy said : "I don't do much on
Goddard, Reginald Owen and Paul            week. A mothcr, in all seriousness,        awaiting the stork.                        this picture. Yesterday I was hanged
Lukas was the big match with Bill          called on him and asked him to please                                                 and had a mast fall on me. This morn-
Tilden and Mickey Rooney playing           teach her two boys how to climb trees        BRENDA JOYCE, heroine ot 20th            ing all I did was tumble backward
Rudy Vallee and Lester Sloeffen. Im-       like he does before they break their       Century-Fox's "Pub)jc Deb Number           down a flight of stairs."
pettably attired Doug Fairbanks, Jr.,      necks. Also requested: A book on how       One," had a day off, supposedly to
and crusty Britisher C. Aubrey Smith       to give the Tarzan cry to conserve         rest. What she did: Took a rumba             CHARLOTTE GREENW<X>D sent a
were scorekeepers. Spectators: The         youngsters' vocal chords during their      lesson with Ralph Bellamy, who can't       copy of MOVIE AND RADIO GUIDE to her
Ronald Colmans, Char)je Chap)jn with       false attempts.                            do "ordinary ballroom dancing," ac-        housekeeper in Flushing, Long Island.
his older son, Charles Chaplin, Jr.,                                                  cording to Brenda; followed with a         Charlotte said: "My housekeeper, a
Anita Louise with fiance Buddy Adler.         CECILIA. PARKER, tollowing the          boxing-lesson with Fidel La Barba,         former theatrical chum who is more ot
Locker-room chatter:' Judy Garland         trend of many Hollywoodltes, cele-         tormer flyweight champ. The boxing-        a friend than a servant, will leave my
hadn't played tennis in three years        brated her birthday by taking out her      lessons are in preparation for a scene     company without a word to listen to
and was scared to death. Mickey            final naturalization papers. A Cana-       in which she takes a sock at Maxie         her favorite radio programs. She's a
Rooney, who got hoorays even from          dian, she bas been here tor some years.    Rosenbloom. Said Brenda, "One of us        rabid ether fan. I'm sending her
the stolid British, was thrilled to be                                                is going to be a knockout in this pic-     Movu: o\ND RADIo GUIDE so she can
playing with Bill Tilden. Seven years        CLAUDETTE COLBERT and HEDY               ture."                                     plan her week and, incidentally, get
ago he retrieved balls for the champ       LAMARR, meeting tor the first time                                                    some work done about the bouse, too."
on the Los Angeles tennis courts.          on the set of "Boom Town," where              ALLAN JONES AND IRENE HER-
                                           they share feminine top-billin&, spon-     VEY have been married four years, but         SPENCER TRACY is still laughing
  GENE AUTRY, decked out in a              taneously embraced when they were          no one thought ot putting them in a        over Jimmy Stewart's description of a
white-felt cowboy outftt (almost as        introduced. Long admirers of each          picture toiether until Eddie Suther-       flight to Palm Spri.ngs. Jimmy ftew to
startlini as his canary-yellow suit),      other, the two were "genuinely             land cast them for "The Boys From          the Springs for an afternoon of tennis.
was the .fUm .tar who attracted the        thrilled" over working together. Irony:    Syracuse." Allan, first to discover that   On the way back he had to fight a
most attention and. autograph-collec-      They spend more time between scenes        he and Irene were to play man and          strong headwind, so he flew very low,
tors at the Hollywood stan ball       together than in front of cameras, as      wife on the screen, rushed bome to         fol\owing the road most of the way.
the other eve. Amid a galaxy ot ftrst-     they appear only three times in the        tell her. Said Irene, "Oh, bow awful."     "What kind of time did you make?"
raters that included Barbara Stanwyck      same scene.                                Both were jittery the first day of the     asked Spencer. "Not so good," Jimmy
and Robert Taylor, George Ratt                                                        picture, which began with a scene          drawled, "not so good. I spent most of
 (minus Nonna Shearer, for once), Gail       GARY COOPER l1as a new bicycle           showing them together. Allan plays a       the time leaning out of the cockpit
Patrick and husband Bob Cobb who           with a fancy lettered sian bearini his     dual role, making love to Rosemary         watching the Fords go by!"

                                                                    COMING RADIO EVENTS
                                                                                                       For the Week of May 18-24

                                                   Dorothy Lamour and Herbie Kay on "Holland Tulip Festival"
                                                   Saturday; Jessica Dragonette returns via the "Ford Summer
                                                   Hour" Sunday; Helen Hayes stars on "Cavalcade" Tuesday

                       Saturday. May 18                               pitted against each other m a world-                                JESSICA DRAGONETTE. who has                                            HELEN HA YES, radio's number two
                                                                      shaking test, will be manned in ver-                              held the hearts of her many admirers                                  actress according to the Star of Stars
     HARRY CAREY, who in his thlrty-                                  bal struggle on "People's Platform."                              fo,' these many months she has been                                   Poll. although she is not a regular cast
odd years of movie-making hall por-                                   when authorities discuss "Sea Power                               absent from regular broadcasting.                                     member of any program. returns in
trayed every type of role from that 01                                vs. Air Power" Saturday. CBS.                                     mak~ her triumphal re-entry to the                                    one ot her brilliant roles this week
                                                                          ........ "'.
horse-opera he-man to Vice President
of the United States in "Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington:' will be the ~tar­
                                                                      '-'''~ ."".~'
                                                                      ...... ~5' ........
                                                                                                                       ....... ,
                                                                                                                     .00 ....
                                                                                                                     l .......
                                                                                                                                        radio scene this week when the "Ford
                                                                                                                                        SUmmel' Hour" is inaugurated with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                              in the "Cavalcade of America's" dram-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              atizatio" o( the life of Jane Addams .
                                                                                                                                        belo\'ed soprano as ttl; regular star.                                coincident with the celeb"ation of the
ring guest of "Lincoln Highway" in
another story of adventure on Amer-
ica's greatest              cast-wc~1              auto artery.
                                                                        "SKY BLAZERS" will dramatile the
                                                                      story of Jim Holcomb and Nick Ben-
                                                                      ton, two flyers who cra~hed lind lost
                                                                                                                                        CBS. (See story on Page 21.)
                                                                                                                                          ..... .,........
                                                                                                                                                      ~                                        ',0<1 •. M~
                                                                                                                                                                                               -~    ...      ilfticth anniversary of Hull House. fa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              mous social settlement which Jane
                                                                                                                                                                                                ''''C•        Addams founded. NBC.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ,'" ...
                                                                                                                                             ...... P"'                                        S'OO •. ",.
NBC.                                                                  their nerve but later regained it in an                                                                                                                                    .""0"

                                                                                                                     ·-.. •
 u" ..,00 .....
      •• ~ D"".~'                                                     amazing flight. CBS.                                                 "COLUMBIA WORKSHOP," now a                                          ......"".........
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ .... '"   D""oM        c ...•,." •. '"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        c .... " ...........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .,0<1 ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • ... M •

                                                                          ...... .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   '.00 . . .                                        .,00 •. ~
       .,00 '.m
 • • • " ' , " ••• <>d&nI
                                                                       ....... ·""0'"
                                                                          7." •."                                    ...... p ...
                                                                                                                                 ,.,~   Sunday night attractio n , will present                                                             '-.00 p.'"

     LUlSE RAINER,                      Vienna-born             ac-
                                                                      ....... s, ........
                                                                           '                                          ........
                                                                                                                       .&<.~            thi~ week "The Fish Story." a musical
                                                                                                                                        comedy by Joseph Gottlieb ilnd Irvin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                BOB HOPE, on his way cast with
                                                                                                                                                                                                              most of his cast to appear at the
tress, twice winner of the movies'                                                       Sund~y, M~y            19                      Graham, the team which adapted                                        National Whplesale Drug Association
Academy A ..... ard. who became a nat-
uralized American last year, will talk
about the privileges and re~ponsibilitie~
of the American way of lire on the new
                                                                         "AMERiCA and thc Peace Monjtf'rs"
                                                                      is the timely and candid subject to be
                                                                      discussed on this week's "University
                                                                                                                                        Shake~pcare's "Taming of lhe Shrew"

                                                                                                                                         ...... .... ..
                                                                                                                                        to musicomedy format. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                " " ,
                                                                                                                                            ' .,IG .... .
                                                                                                                                         ....... s..-..
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ._- .
                                                                                                                                                                                                              convention in White Sulphur Springs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              W. Va .• will stop off tor a stage appear.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ance and a broadcast from Chicago thi~
                                                                                                                                                                                                              week. NBC. (See picture-story on
                                                                      of Chicago Round Table" progrnm                                        •. :00 . . .

                                                                                                                                                                                               5:00 ....
series, "I'm an Amcrkan. NBC.                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 18.)
 .......   ~

       3 ......... .
                     "~~'   c ......... y..... ,
                            co.",> ... __
                               '00 .... .
                                                                      Two of the participants will be Robt'rt
                                                                      Kintner. Washington correspondent
                                                                      and co-author of the bombshell book.
                                                                                                                                           DAGWOOD BUMSTEAD, goaded to

                                                                                                                                        daring dctermination by the twitting of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  . w._.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               . ..........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  10 ..... 0"·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               eo .... " ••• ' ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .00 . . . .

                                                                      "The American White Paper:' and
   DOROTHY LAMOl'R and b,.nd-                                         Walter La\·es. A~sociate Profe~'«lr of                            wife Blondie about his growing soft,                                                  Wednesd~y, M~y                    22

leader Herbie Kay. whose romance                                      Sociology at the Unh'ersity of Chi-                               plunge!> into the manly art of seU-                                     SABU. Hollywood's genuine Indian
blos.o;omed, bloomed ;md then faded in                                cago. NBC.
                                                                                                                          ....          defense-and he may literally plunge
a divorce not !;() old .IS to be forgotten.
will furnish a Dutch t,'eat by appearing
on the I'am,· broadcast as fenture
                                                                                             .....r;:.':..~ .....
                                                                                                12 , • . ",
                                                                                                                     ' . JoO ....
                                                                                                                                        a little too hilrd when he meet.s a none-
                                                                                                                                        too-gentle sparrmg partner in the
                                                                                                                                        "Blondie" sketch. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                                               _.. ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                              elephant boy who has rapidly oriented
                                                                                                                                                                                                              himself to American customs and has
                                                                                                                                                                                                              in turn contributed inspiration for
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hollywood millinery styles with his
attructions. along with Tommy Riggl>
and his Betty Loll. of the Holland
                                                                         GENE AUTRY. returning to Holly·
                                                                      wood this week from his castern
                                                                                                                                         .....,w .~."'~'
                                                                                                                                             7," .. ...
                                                                                                                                             ":00 .. ..
                                                                                                                                                          c ... , •• , ..... ,.... '
                                                                                                                                                              0.:00 .. ..
                                                                                                                                                               c ..."., ... _
                                                                                                                                                                                     ',:00 .. ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                ....... ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                              oriental turban, will be guest of "Tex-

                                                                                                                                                                                                               ...... ...        .. C....
                                                                                                                                                                                                              aco Star Theater" Wednesday. CBS

(Mich.) Tulip Festival. This is the                                   rodeos, will present the radio dl'ama-                                                                                                        " " ,
twelfth annual Fe~lival in the quaint
Dutch town. wht:'rc in 1927 they
                                                                      tization of "Rancho Grandc." his cur-
                                                                      rent mO\'ie production, with the sup-
                                                                                                                                          JAMES MELTON will sing the be·
                                                                                                                                        loved "I'U Take You Home Again,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               C._." .........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .,00 .. ... c •• ,....""."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •. 00 .....

planted 100.000 tulip bulbs imported                                  port of June Storey. his movie partner                            Kathleen." Francia White will sing the
from the land of windmills, and where                                 CBS                                                               "Laughing Song," and Don Voorhees'                                                          Thursd~y, M~y              23
thcy meticulously ~crub the str('(!t~
with water before the tulip-lime cele-                                    .' ....
                                                                      ........ 0 •• ' ••••
                                                                      ....... ~s,.......
                                                                          .,30 •. ~
                                                                                                                     ,,)0 •. ~
                                                                                                                     • '0 •. ~
                                                                                                                                        orchestra will play Debussy's "Claire
                                                                                                                                        de Lune" as highlights of the Monday
                                                                                                                                        night "Telephone Hour." NBC.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                DOROTHY LAMOUR. whose sa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              rong-swathed person has made movie-

                                 .. ......... ...... .....
bration. CBS
                                                                                                                                                                                                 . ......
                                                                                                                                         ....... D." .••,                                                     going men long to be cast adrirt on a
 ~   ..... ".'.".h!.
     ....." ........
                c •• , •• , ••• , •• M     "                            GENE KRUPA. demon of the drum~                                                                                         _"....ft
    '.00 . . .
       I ...... ...
                            "",., >,, 0 0 _
                    100 .. ..
                                                . ...       ~ ~
                                                       5.00 .....
                                                                      and leader of one of the most pulse-                               c.......p ... .
                                                                                                                                            . ' .... _
                                                                                                                                             ,.00 .. ..
                                                                                                                                                                                               "'0<1 ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                              desert island. will be cast Ilslmre herself
                                                                                                                                                                                                              by the wi ld airwaves with Rudy Vallee
                                                                      quickening dance orchestrllS. will \'isit
                                                                      "Fitch Bandwagon." NBC.                                                                                                                 and his man Rosenbloom this Thurs~
   THE "BULL SF:SSION," where live-
ly qU('!;tions get the works by college
studcnb, present!; thl~ Saturday a free-
                                                                          7' ....... .
                                                                       h . . . . . ., _ .
                                                                          a,IG .. ..
                                                                                                                     ·.......... ....

                                                                                                                     .' ...       '"
                                                                                                                                                            Tuesd~y, M~y
                                                                                                                                          CHRISTOPHER MORLEY, man of
                                                                                                                                        letters and author of the current best-
                                                                                                                                                                                          21                  day. Rudy's program will do a bur·
                                                                                                                                                                                                              lesque of "Robinson Crusoe," and
                                                                                                                                                                                                              though authOl' Defoe completely ig.
swingmg baiting around of the subject.                                                                                                                                                                        nored the fair sex in his classic story,
                                                                        JEANETTE MA<:DONALD. soon to                                    scller, "Kitty Foyle," has the sup·

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     _.. .
"Why Did I Go to College'" Partici-                                                                                                                                                                           Rudy will find a way to sneak Dotty
                                                                      be seen romancing with idol Nelson                                port of another erudite Morley. his
pants will be students ot the Univen;ity                                                                                                                                                                      into the plot "in the public interest."
                                                                      Eddy in the new musical fllm, "New                                brother Felix Morley, president~elect
of Colorado. the Colorado School of                                                                                                                                                                           NBC.
                                                                      Moon." will this Sunday be heard try-                             of Haverford College, in tackling as a

                                                                                                                                                                                                _                                                                    ......
Agriculture. thc University of Wyo-
                                                                      ing to avoid romancing with idle                                  tcam the questions of "Infonnation,                                                                                          f:OO .. ..
ming, Colorado College. Colorado State                                                                                                  Please," along with regulars Adams
                                                                      Charlie McCarthy on the "Chase and                                                                                                                                                             a'H . . .

                                                                          .........                                  ---                                                                        ._k....
Collcgc of Educlltion and the Univer-                                                                                                   and Kieran. NBC.
                                                                      Sanborn Program." NBC.
 ....,.,.....,.... '
sity of Denver. CBS.
 .............. _.           ...... .
                            c •• ,....""."
                                                                      _ _ • D •• , ••• ,
                                                                      u.... ~s_ •                                     .......
                                                                                                                     a,oo ....
                                                                                                                                                               c •• ,,,,, • .,.' .... '
                                                                                                                                                                    ',:00 •. M
                                                                                                                                                               c ..." . , _•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                EDNA BEST, actress and ex·Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Herbert Marshall. and Elisabeth Reth·
       .,00., ...           Co.".'''_
                                • 00.'
                                                                          • ,00 . . .,                               •. 000· •                                     •. :00 .... ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              berg, Metropolitan Opera star. will
                                                                                                                                                                                                              appear as feature guests of "Kratt

  SHIPS AND PLANES. objects of                                                                                                                                                                                Music Hall." NBC,
the bigge.!it theoretical controversy in
modern warfare and right now being
                                                                            Statians on which you may hear these programs are listed
                                                                            on our program pages on the day and at the hour indicated
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   . 0' .........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   • ,00 . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        co ..... , . ......,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        c."'...._. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ......   ",

" • u                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             17
                And this is what happens when a radio comedian reaches the top!

 FAMOUS FOR HIS AD·LlB WIT, Bob Hope is in demand constantly to                  L I ONIZED as a leading U. S. comic, Bob gets around. He visited t h e
 emcee at banquets. Above: Former National Commander Quinn offers kiss           New York World's Fair last year, went to a Broadway show and exchanged
 In appreciation of Bob's services at Legion eonvention banquet last fall        wise-cracks with MaYllr LaGuardia, among other New York celebrities

                                                           OB HOPE is the hottest thing in radio.
                                                       B    Two years ago he rated ninth in MOVIE
                                                            AND RADIO GUIDE'S Star of Stars "best
                                                       comedian" polL one year ago he leaped to
                                                       third place and in the 1940 poll he's sur·
                                                       passed only by Jack Benny himself. Ex·
                                                       planations pop up on every side. With a
                                                       cast which includes Judy Garland, Jerry
                                                       Colonna, Brenda and Cobina, say some,
                                                       how can a comedian go wrong? Others
                                                       point wisely to Mr. Hope's stardom in
                                                       "ZiegfeJd's Follies," "Red, Hot and Blue"
                                                       and other Broadway hits before his radio·
                                                       film debut. Bul chief among the proffered
                                                       elrplanations is the Hope facility for meeting
                                                       people with a manner which immediately
                                                       puts them under his lun·making spell, As
                                                       this facility has become more and more
                                                       evident on his Tuesday night (NBC) show,
                                                       requests from all quarters have powed in
                                                       for Bob's emcee services at banquets, can·
                                                       ventions, fairs. His ship has come in-and
                                                       pushing on to its decks are lionizing throngs
                                                       of admirel's who follow him everywhere.
                                                       Now, on tbis tremendous wave 01 popu·
                                                       larity, 'Bob Hope has been persuaded to
                                                       launch a nation·wide personal·appearance
                                                       lour, and very appropriately tbe tour will
                                                       take him to Chicago where he made his
                                                       first important hid for vaudeville fame some
                                                       years ago. Redio listeners--al the Chicago
                                                       Theater for a week beginning Friday, May
                                                       17, and all over America-are having the
                                                       opportunity 10 meel their inimitable Mr.
 BOB DOES PRESENTATIONS at fairs and con-              Hope (and rus troupe, Jerry Colonna, Brenda      NOT TO PLAY FAVORITES, Mr. Hope rushed to
 ventions nicely. On another trip east he presented    and Cobina) in person. PictUIes on this page     the San FranclS()o fair last summer also to be In.
 a loving-cup to "Miss New York World's Fair"          offer an inkling of what's in store for fans.    stalled as Mayor of Treasure [sland for a day

PLAYING CHARITY 90lf matches              AT THE PRESIDENT'S "March of",
18 fun for Bob, one of Hollywood'8        Dimes" Bob wanted to shave off T
best golfers. Above at Lakeside Coun .    Orson Welles' (I.) whiskers with the
try Club (left to right): Bing Crosby,    aid of George Burns. The Hope touch
Ruby Keeler, Paulette Goddard, Bob        livens up many a benefit broadcast

        Moyie and Radio Guide'$ Star at Stars results In "Besf Call1edion''
     d/"fision for 1940 place Bob Hope second. In 1939 "e WO"$ t"lrd; In
     193B "e was nlnt". Po/ntl Indicate percentage of 10tO"I "fote pol/ed.
      Standlng$             BEST COMEDIAN 119401                     Points
    Jack Benny ..... .                                                 lO.1
  VBob Hope •.•...                                                     2l.0
    EdgO"r Bergen                                                      16.3
    Fibber McGee                                                       12.2
    Fred Allen ............•..•.                                        7.5

                                                                                  EVEN THE STARS calion Mr. Hope, made him emcee
                                                                                  of their 1940 Academy Award Banquet. There, surrounded
                                                                                  by "Oscars," to be presented that evening, he made the fa·
                                                                                  mous crack: "I feel as if I were in Bette Davis' living·rooml"

NIGHT·CLUB MANAGERS are happy when Bob Hope arrives for an                       GOOD FILM COMEDY ROLES have boosted Bob's popularity impressively.
evening with his pretty wife, the former Dolores Reade, because they know        Above he appear. with his pal Bing Crosby on the set of "Road to Sin-
he'll delight patrons and keep the house laughing through the evening            gapore," current hit which exhibit. Hope humor at Its most hilarious

                                                                                                                              Henrietta Schumann, pianist; Jacques                         O'ibutlon to Ule music of our country.
                                                                                                                              Gasselin, violinist. Sarabande, Andante                       ........n.....m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 2:00 •.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ".0'          C •• ".I DaytiO"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2'00 •. m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . ..,....
                                                                                                                              and Bourree (Bach-Bachrach), the Or-                          ....... n ..........         C.", •• ' .........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1:00 •. m.             11,00 .. m.

           The March of Music
                                                                                                                                                                                                  2 :00 •. ",.
                                                                                                                              chestra; "Where E'er You Walk" from
                                                                                                                              "Semele" (Handel), Jan Peerce; Pre-                          FORO SUMMER HOUR, CBS. Symphony
                                                                                                                              lude [0 "The Deluge" (Saint-Saens),                          Orchestra, Leith Stevens, conductor.
                                                                                                                              Jacques Gasselin; Moods of a Moon-                           James Newell, tenor; Jessica Drago-
                                 Edited by LEONARD LI EBLI NG                                                                 ,hiner; (a) At a Still, (b) On the Cliff,                    nelte, soprano. AU the Things You Are
                                                                                                                               (c) A Moonshiner Laughs (String-                            (Kern), Maids of Cadiz (Delibes),
                           " .. . An o!Impler Ether, " diviner Air . . . "-Word~worth                                                                                                      CaTTtl Me Back to Old Virginny, I 'll
                                                                                                                              field), the Orchestra: Tell Me, Oh Blue

                      StatiO"' on which you may hear the&e proQrams are listed
                                                                                                                              Sky (Giannini). Ja.rmine Door (Elijah
                                                                                                                              Scott), Jan Peerce; Two Pierrot Pieces
                                                                                                                               (Cyril Scott), the Orchestra.
                                                                                                                                   Much of this music was performed
                                                                                                                                                                                           See You Again, and Zigeuner from
                                                                                                                                                                                           "Bittersweet., (Noel Coward).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ,"-."., D"",;.",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            a,oo •. "".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .,00 •. ".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .:00 ..... .
                      on our program pages on the day and at the hour indicated                                               last spring and summer at the Music
                                                                                                                              Hall broadcasts; but as it is good, repe-                                              Monday, May 20
                                                                                                                              tition does no harm.                                         THE TELEPHONE HoUII, NBC. Symphony
                FORECAST                                                  sprightly duet of the romantic Pam ina
                                                                          and Papageno; the High Priest's (5a-
                                                                          rastro) Invocation to Isis, goddess ot
                                                                                                                                   Bach is perennially welcome; and so
                                                                                                                              is Handel. particularly in his dramatic
                                                                                                                                                                                           Orchestra, Don Voorhees, conductor.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Francia White, soprano; James Melton,
                                                                                                                              works. "Semele," by some called an                           tenor. Farandole (Bizet), the Orches-
MUSICAL HIGH LIGHTS OF TH E W eEK                                         Wisdom (asking aid for the previously               oratorio, by others an opera, had most
                                                                          mentioned young pair); the impressive               performances in the latter guise, dur-                       tra; I 'll Take You Home Again, Kath-

      OZART Opera Series, SatUl'day.                                      chorus of priests, "0 Isis and Osiris";                                                                          leen (Westendorf), James Melton;
                                                                                                                              ing the second half of the eighteenth
       Columbia Symphony Orchestra,                                       Sarastro's immortal air, "Within These              century. It was composed to a story                          Clair de LUne (Debussy), the Orches-
        Sunday. Jessica Dragonctte's                                      Sacred Halls," and Pamina's beautiful               taken trom an opera-book by Congreve,                        tra; Laughinp Song from "The Bat"
return to radio, Sunday.                                                  and touching lament, "Ah! I Knew It!"               celebrated English dramatist.                                (Strauss), Fr!lncia Whitc; F'WtiJ Gently,
                                                                          in which she declares her love call be                   Regrettably, we do not hear any of
                                                                          ended only by death.                                                                                             Sweet Afton (Spilman), Chorus and
                    Saturday, May 18                                                                                          the numerous Handel operas these
                                                                            "The Magic Flute" has survived be-                                                                             Orchestra; Miserere from "Trovatore"
CINCINNATI                 CONSERVATORY                OF     MUSIC,                                                          days, as a matter of study, but at least                     (Verdi), Francia White, James Melton,
                                                                          cause of its incomparable music, and
CBS. Conservatory Symphony Orches-
tra, Alexander von Kreisler, conductor;
Severin Eisenberger, pianist. Egmont
                                                                          not through its strangely scrambled
                                                                          plot, mystical, poetical, comic, sacred.
                                                                          Beethoven insisted that it was Mozart's
                                                                                                                              something or their style may be learned
                                                                                                                              from the overtures and vocal solos
                                                                                                                              occasionally performed.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Chorus and Orchestra.
                                                                                                                                                                                            ........ .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                a:oo      o.~II.'"
                                                                                                                                                                                                    S .. n<lo ••
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         '"-. . . . , D •• ",,",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ?:OO p m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5:"" p.m.
                                                                                                                                   The most familiar o[ those excerpts                      o    , •• "
                                                                                                                                                                                                 "00 p .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Con"" .,."" •••
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .:00 ......               . ,00 •. m.
                                                                                                                              is the "Lal'go," generally done as an
                                                                                                                              instrumental piece but originally it                         THE VOICE OF FmESTONE, NBC. Alfred
                                                                                                                              was a tenor aria in Handel's opera,                          Wallenstein. con d u c tor; Richard
                                                                                                                              "Xerxes" ("Serse").                                          Crooks, tenor. Overture to "Martha"
                                                                                                                                                       Cent ... , 0.,. ......
                                                                                                                                I •• , •• " D ... "O.'
                                                                                                                                    .2""'_                " '00 ".m.
                                                                                                                                                                              .,00. m •     (Flotow), the Orchestra; I'll Take You.
                                                                                                                                . ." .. n ........     Cont"" S'a ......d    ~-;~.
                                                                                                                                     ' . :00 '.m.        '0'00 '.m.           e,oo . ...   Home Again, Kathleen (Westendorf),
                                                                                                                                                                                           Richard Crooks; Narcissus (Nevin),
                                                                                                                              SALUTE OF THE AMERlCAS FROM Co-                              the Orchestra; Serenade (Toselli), Una
                                                                                                                              LOMBIA, MBS, CBS, NBC. National                              Furtiva Lagrima (Donizetti), Richard
                                                                                                                              Symphony Orchestra, Guillermo Espi-                          Crooks; Gold and Silver Waltz (Le-
                                                                                                                              nosa; Conjunto Tipico, Alejandro Wills,                      har), the Orchestra; The Lord's Prayer
                                                                                                                              conductor. Typical Suite (Hilguin),                          (MaloUe), Richard Crooks.
                                                                                                                              Symphony Orchestra; Typical Colom-                            ~.'''''n "'~".'"                                          _un", •
                                                                                                                              bian Music by Pino and Wills, Conjunto
                                                                                                                                                                                                • ,30 ......
                                                                                                                                                                                            h " ••• S .. nd ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                ?'30 p ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     S,lO p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4'30 p.m.
                                                                                                                               .....," D""" ••, Ceo".' D.y,"_'"
                                                                                                                               ~   ................
                                                                                                                                   2,00 •. m.
                                                                                                                                   1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   "00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                  '2,00      _n
                                                                                                                                                COn'," 5t.n. . . .
                                                                                                                                                                   ..:00 •. m.
                                                                                                                                                                      ~ '".   ..
                                                                                                                                                                   ,0,00 ......
                                                                                                                                                                                           COLUM81A CONCERT ORCHESTRA, CBS .
                                                                                                                                                                                           Bernard Hen'mann, conductor.
                                                                                                                                                                                            •..,.,. ""h"",  ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         C.~".I D ••     "o",         Mo.n'.'n
                                                                                                                              So You THINK You KNOW MUSIC, CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                                               '0:30 ... .
                                                                                                                                                                                            ~,,,.,n       .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                 D:30 .... .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              9,30 ......
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         COn',,' ~I'"d.'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7,30 .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       P ...".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ",30 .....                .,30 •. ",.
                                                                                                                              Music Quiz, Ted Cott, master of cere-
                                                                                                                              monies; Leonard Liebling, judge. Gio-                                               Wednesday, May 22
                                                                                                                              vanni Mal'tinelli, guest contestant.                         COLUMBIA CONCERT ORCHESTRA, CBS.
                                                                                                                                             C.n"_' D"",,"",     ,,"oun'.'n
                                                                                                                                                                .1 :30 a."'.               Howard Barlow, conductor.
                                                                                                                                                1:30 •. "',
                                                                                                                                             "0.' ... S!O"d •••
                                                                                                                                                »,30 p .....
                                                                                                                                                                  P•• ,"<
                                                                                                                                                                '0,'0 '.m.                  ...,.,n D'''i~h!
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ., .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                 .O:~Op ... .
                                                                                                                                                                                                              C,n"., O"'''Oh,
                                                                                                                                                                                           . . . . ,," 5 •• " .... 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         C...... ' .,........ ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .:30 •• ",.
                                                                                                                              THE COLUMBIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA,
                                                                                                                              CBS.     Howard Barlow, conductor.                           HENRY WEBER'S PAGEANT OF MELODY,
   Deserving Howard Barlow received the American Composers and Conductors                                                     Overture to "The Barber of Seville"                          MBS. Soloists, con c e r t orchestra.
   Award to the American conductor who has done most thj, year for music                                                      (Rossini), Symphony No.2 (Schubert),                         Henry Weber, conductor.
   of native compol-en. BarlOW conducts the "Columbia Symphony" Sunday                                                        Overture on Negro Themes (Gilbert),
                                                                                                                              The Sea (Frank Bridge), Prelude to
                                                                                                                              Kovanchina (Moussorgsky), Polavet-
                                                                                                                                                                                            .... - . . O'~h.h!
                                                                                                                                                                                                .0,)0 .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                 -.~       ...........
                                                                                                                                                                                                 .,;lD ......
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ..ot••. ,••••
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Not" •• ; ......

                                                                                                                              zian Dallces (Borodln).                                                               Thursday, May 23
Overture (Beethoven), Piano Concerto                                      greatest work. And yet, while it was
                                                                                                                                The National Association for Ameri_                        MUSICAL AMERICANA, NBC. Symphony

NO.2 (Brahms).                                                            enjoying its first overwhelming success
 E&oto.~   ..... ,; ....                                                  in Vienna (1791), the composer lay on               can Composers and Conductors gave an                         Orchestra, Raymond Paige, conductor.
                             C.n ..... 0""" •••
   .1:00 .... .                  • 0:00 .....
                                                                          his deathbed, up to the last moment                 award of merit the other day in New                          Deems Taylor, master of ceremonies.
 Eu-.. • . . -
   • 0:00 ......
                             c .....
                                 .'00 .....

                                                                          writing his "Requiem"-and then be-
                                                                          ing carried to a pauper's unmarked
                                                                                                                              York to deserving Howard Barlow as
                                                                                                                              the American-born conductor wbo has
                                                                                                                              done most during the past year for the
                                                                                                                                                                                           Guests. American music.
                                                                                                                                                                                            ....... n D •• h . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                 B ,OO ..... .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      _ ,.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     a'.~~       ....
NBC. The Matinee Musical Club of                                           ..... , , , .. O .... 'g ...           ~"'
                                                                                                        <;< ..... , D .....   music of his creative compatriots.                                 7,OOp ... .                                         '::00 .....
Cincinnati, Etelka Evans, director.                                                                          a,,,,, p.M.         Barlow is just returning with his
                                                                                                        ~'''''.' S._....
                                                                                 .,"" p ... .
Suite, Opw 6, ImpTomptu for two vio-                                             8 ,;>0 p.m.                 7,,,,, p.",.     annual summer symphonic series for
rins, harp (Goossens), Lass With the                                      FRANK BLACK PRESENTS, NBC. Carleton                 CBS (using the vacated Philharmonic
Delicate Air (Arne), Reverie (Debus-                                                                                          Sunday spot) and he certainly again
                                                                          Cooley, violist.     String Orchestra.              will feature plenty of our native works.
sy), Gitanerios, Andaluzia, MalaguenQ                                     Concertina: (a) Introduction, (b) Air,                 The one he programs today is not
(Lecuona), Trio in G, Opus I, No.2                                        (c) Finale (Cooley); Song and Dance                 new (dating from 1911), but sounds
(Beethoven).                                                              (Cooley) .                                          fresh enough to have been written this
 ........ D·y"o'"            c•••"., D ..... ' ... '         "'un""n        A medal ought to go to Frank Black                week.
    • 2:00 _ .
 ....... S . . . "",,,
    11:00 •. ",.
                             '"-."., .'.n....
                                 ':00 ..... .
                                ,0,00 •. m.
                                                            .:OO •. m .
                                                            .,00 •. m.    for remembering that many radio lis-
                                                                          teners have no objection to hearing
                                                                                                                                 Henry Franklin Belknap Gilbert
                                                                                                                              (1868-1928), a pupil of MacDowell,
OHIO STATE UNIVERSI'I"'{ CONCERT, CBS.                                    fewer vocalists once in a while, and                found an indigenous, individual note
Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic                                          more instrumental artists. He intends               lor most of his scores, much more so
                                                                          now, in his new series, to bring some               than his American contemporaries and
Choir. Appalachia (Delius).                                                                                                   successors, most of whom drew their
                             ,"-", •• , D.yll ....
                                                                          of the latter to the microphone with
                                                                          the best examples [rom their reper-                 inspirations and methods from respec-
                                ••• , •. ",.
                             c."2,00S.. .. ,.
                                                                          toires.                                             tively the earlier German and modern
                                                                             Arresting is the first of the visitors,          French schools. (Some of them still
MOZART OPERA SERIES, MBS. "The                                            Carleton Cooley, coming with his viola              do so.)
Magic Flute," Acts II and Ill. Gene-                                      (which he O'l"dinarily plays at the same               Gilbert's interest in the folk-tunes of
vieve Rowe, George Rasely, Vivian                                         desk with the renowned William Prim-                America and the songs of our colored
della Chiesa, Chester Watson, Crane                                       rose in the Toscanini NBC Orchestra)                race was intense and practical. for he
Calder, Raoul Nadeau, Helen Marshall,                                     and two compositions from his own                   made appealing employment of the
                                                                          pen.                                                material in his compositions. He was
Hardesty Johnson, Lydia Summers,                                           Euwnt    ....
                                                                                   D '.b'       ........ , D •• ,;. . .       also the first to transplant "ragtime"
                                                                              .,,",, •. m.          a,;lD ..... _
Virginia Williams. Alfred Wallenstein,                                     Eu... ~ StondoN      ,"".".,~                      artistically into symphonic writing.
                                                                              • ,30 p .....         7 ,lO .....
conductor.                                                                                                                    Best of all, Gilbert frequently put
   Last week Wallenstein gave us the                                                         Sunday, May 19                   merriment to musical use in his pages,
flfst act of Mozart's famous opera; now                                                                                       and even gave lectures at Harvard and
we have the second and third acts.                                        RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL OF THE AlR,                   Columbia on "Humor in Music." Al-                                 Soprano Francia White Is
   If they are not abbreviated because                                    NBC. Sinfonietta Program. Maurice                   together, a precious, likable and highly                          with James Melton on the "Tele-
of time limitation, we ought to hear the                                  Baron, conductor; Jan Peerce, tenor;                gifted man who made important con-                                phone Hour," heard Mon. on NBC

Musica l Artists Go 'Rou nd                  and she turned to louring the country
                                             successfully as a concert singer . . .
        and Around                           Now, alter nearly three years in thai
            By Leonard Liebling              field, she is back again on the air, and
                                             under quite glamorous sponsorship and               Musician of the Week
        UCH like the somewhat nolori-
         ous song whose title is the cap·    emolument. Somehow her adventure
         tion of this article, certain       and the related adventures of Lawrence
musical artists have burst into quick        Tibbett, James Melton, Nino Martini.                                          Jessica Dragonette
glory on the air only to make an al-         Grace Moore, Gladys Swarthout, Paul
most equally rapid disappearance into        Whiteman, Nelson Eddy, at aI., do
obscurity.                                   nol Beem to spell sense of the kind you
   However, while the song probably          and I could easily understand.                    III MMEDIATE joy" is the phrase that         meeting the audiences who used to
never will come back, some 01 the               Either those artists are brilliant ,md                sums up Jessica Dragonette's ar-      listen 10 her over the air.
artists in question occasionally do.         desirable or they are nol. Not one of                    tistic philosophy. A song should         "I was so buried in radio that I never
When that happens, they resemble the         them loses ability overnight and then             mean that. more than anything else, to       realized that there were people who
I!ong less and the famous Mr. Finnegan       renews iI alter a lapse. Radio listeners, '       the listener. Bul it is also an idea that    wanted to see and hear me off the air."
more. We all are famiHar with his            having once received certain artists into         guides her whole way 01 lile. She            she says. " I was so surprised when I'd
legendary series of ins and outs.        4
                                             their affections, do not lire of them from        never forgets a friend's birthday. II        arrive in a town and everyone would
   The ways of radio sponsors and their      one day to another. In fact, when one             someone is sick, hers are the first flow·    know who I was."
advertising agents are so mysterious         of those periodic disappearances oc-              ers to arrive. Exquisitely punctilious          Besides gelling close to her audio
that I cannot follow them with any de-       curs, the protesting lan-mail ohen                ill everything she does, she epitomizes      ences, Jessica had an opportunity 01
gree of intelligent satisfaction. And yet    reaches mountainous proporlions.                  that hard-worked, much·abused word-          studying their tastes, of investigating
the subject fascinates me conatantly.           II there is any logical explanation of
                                                                                               lady.                                        the tremendous growth of musical in-
   For instance. a concert or opera artist   the phenomenon, 1 cannot think of it                 This writer first remembers her as a      terest in this country. a growth with
of high repulation is engaged as the         at this moment. Should I be able to               tiny wide-eyed girl, fresh from Geor·        which she herself had had much to do.
major attraction on a sponsored pro·         guess the answer, I shall be glad to              gian Court Convent in New Jersey,            Since her first air appearance, when
gram. Then ensues the familiar build·        relay it to you.                                  with a gentle voice and gentle ways,         she was acclaimed at once as radio's
up (often ecstatic, not to say hysterical}
ellected through announcements ovel             New Books and Records
the air and press publication by the
radio editors and columnists. The glori-              Reviewed
fied one makes a debut. the same bally·      CHOP IN'S MAZURKAS ..... olym. II. PI~yt<l by
hoo sowces report the "triumph," the          Arthy, RtibiMtein. pilnist V,ctor Album 656.
dialers write bales of praiseful letters
to the stalion, and everything appears          Many people claim that Chopin was
to be set for a new fixed star 01 the        never more characteristicaUy Polish nor
mic.rophone       . Lo and behold, the       more completely himself than in the
usual thirteen weeks or somelimea            Mazurkas. Victor has done a service in
twenty-six weeks of the program go           recording all of them in two volumes,
by ---and so does the "triumphal" artist!    of which this is tbe second. Arthur
He (or she) quietly fades Irom the air,      Rubinstein, a Pole himself, plays the
and thataeems to be that ... Suddenly.       Mazurkas with atmospheric under·
sometimes after a long period, anothel       standing and feeling. However, the fuU
sponsor secures the same artist, the         poetry and delicacy with which Pad·
same drum-beating and other methods          erewah and De Pachmann imbued
of presentation materialize, and the         Ihem are somewhat lacking. The re-
same wind-up results.          Again the     cording is a good one and the set is
abrupt vanishment, once more so com          well worth owning.
plete that it would tax the best ellorts     UNDER THE SPREADING CHESTNUT TREE
of a Philo Vance or Ellery Queen to           Ueme and Hriations by Juomir W.inbtrger.
discover where the exile wenl.                Th london Philharmonic OrchtstrJ. ConSllont
   All this comes to mind afresh with         lamb"'l. condUctor.                                Jessica Dra gonette was the charming style-setter for many of radio's present
the return to radio 01 Jessica Drag.                                                             musical trends. This week she returns to the air. after ,everat years of con·
                                                Both Columbia and Victor have                    cert work, aI loprano lolo;st of the " F ord Summer H our" (CBS, Sunday)
onelle, the former universally adored        brought out this jolly, heart.warming
darling of the dialers. Her case, though.    piece by Weinberger, premiered. here
is diHerent from some 01 the others,         last fall by the New York Philharmonic.
for she was on the air for eleven con·       There is lillie cboice between the two            sell-effaCing and inconapicuous. At the      perfect voice, she has set records for
secutive years without a break-a             recordings. Both are good, but neither            famous Christmas parties given by her        the number of radio firsts in which she
world's record for any musical artist        conductor gives as robust a perform·              teacher. Estelle Liebling, she sat timidly   participated. She was the first to per·
in radio. Even so, and drawing a pro-        ance of it as John Barbirolli. However,           in corners, smiling uncertainly and in       form Shakespeare on the air, the firat
digious salary, Jessica, too, met the day    the piece is fun and should be an                 some surprise if anyone noticed her.         radio singer to do acting on radio.
when her voice was stilled on radio.         added attraction if not quite a star in           Only occasionally was the spotlight          She sang on the first international
                                             any collector's library.                          thrown on her, when she was begged           broadcast, sang the first straight con-
                                                                                               to do some of her uncannily clever           cert program on radio, and appeared
                                             PtONEERS IN MUSIC lIn, of Ihe me~ who             imitations of popular musical favorites.     on the firsl General Motors broadcast.
                                               wtrt forsl 10 GC"nlop the chid musiul form •.   Then, with the help 01 a scarf or flower,    which had so much to do in influencing
                                               by OJv;d Ewen. Thom" V. Crowtll & Company.
                                                                                               she would transform herself into any         radio's discovery of good music.
                                                Here is a fascinating theme treated            number 01 famous prima donnas.                  None of those things were hapha~rd.
                                             by a writer of wide experience in the                After making one of the mosl phe-         For under all the tulle and chiffon and
                                             musical field who has already authored            nomenal careers known to radio and           the golden curls is a keenly intelligent,
                                             ten previous volumes dedicated to the             after several years of concertizing, Jes-    tirelessly active woman, who knows
                                             lonal subject.                                    sica hasn't changed noticeably. When         radio from the ground up, whose musi-
                                                Ewen picks out the pioneers who                she floats onto a concert platform in a      cianship has earned the respect of great
                                             Invented novel torms or else made old             cloud of pastel chiffon or tulle, she        conductors, and who never stops study.
                                             ones into newer contours and expres-              looks more than ever like a child's con-     ing, learning and perfecting herself.
                                             sions. He shows the beginnings of the             ception of the fairy queen. The gentle.      She has great respect for her audiences
                                             symphony; tor instance, with Stamitz              almost prim ladylike quality is still        and never sings down to them.
                                             as its musical Columbus. Opera in its             there. She sits straight up in her chair        Above all, she works unceasingly to
                                             modern sense stems from Montiverdi                when she talks, like a good little girl      improve her voice so that it shall be an
                                             and a group of early oratorio compos-             trying to keep her best dress Itom           instrument completely under her con·
                                             ers. The sonata, as Ewen points out,              creasing. And her eyea still gaze into       trol. 10 be used at will. She believes
                                             ior example, had its real start when              her listener's with heartfelt earnestness.   Ihat "the singer must bring something
                                             Corelli developed it lor the violin and           But ad~ed to these things, a new aware-      of flight to song- never be pedestrian.
                                             Kuhnau for the piano.                             ness of liIe, a deeper, more meditative      To song must be brought something
                                                You will lind a wealth of information,         philosophy, a greater maturity of            of the perfume of flowers. some crys-
    Henry Weber, one of Mutuat'l mu-         much of it unfamiliar, in Ewen'a                  thought. During tLe last few years           talline purity; joy, hate, indifference;
    Ilea l ImpresariOI, directs the "Pag-    brightly written book, a potent help to           since she left radio, she haa traveled       poetry; beauty; love and devotion."
    eant of Melody" Wednesday night.         sincere music-lovers.                             all over the country, giving recitals and                         -Viva LIebling.
,   '/ ~1
                                                 THIS                                   WEEK'S                                              PROGRAMS
Page 2Z                           9/32-E                                                                                                                                                                    \ I'ILL·Markeh
                                                                              Log of Stations Listed in Edition E-Midwestern                                                                                \ I'IND·lndiana New. Bulletin

    SATURDAY                                       Cail           Kilo·      Power                                   Net·         C.II           Kilo'    Power
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I I'ISN·German Hour
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Het. I '1JSc.Treasure Chst
                                                 ltlttr$         eyel~       Watts               L~ation             ... erk     Lttter'$       cycles    Watts               LocaUon               work I I'KBH.St<>l'k Market: Farm Ser·

             May 18

         MORNING                WBAA
  1II:$far IT! pragram /lsflngs WBOW
                                                 KOA (8 pm an)

                                                                              " ..
                                                                                          St. louis. Missouri
                                                                                           Oenver, Colorado
                                                                                          St. louis, Missouri
                                                                                          SI. louis, Missouri HBC·B '" MBS
                                                                                          West Lafayette, Indian'
                                                                                           Chicago. Illinois
                                                                                          Terre Haute, Indiana

                                                                                                                                                1130 10.000
                                                                                                                                                 750 SO,OOO
                                                                                                                                                             Indilnapolis. lnd. NBC·R &: MBS
                                                                                                                                                             Milwaukee, Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                                             BloomIngton, Illinois
                                                                                                                                                             Chicago. Illinois
                                                                                                                                                             Detroit, Michigan
                                                                                                                                                             East Dubuque, Iowa
                                                                                                                                                             La Crosse, Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I VI.S·Pc\e', 10100<')' 80JI
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I \'LW·Heart "I Julia Blake
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I VMT·Phnlino: Time
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I I'OC·:'>I"n'5 Glee Club
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I l'nOK Ki,l<lie< Club
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I I'DII'Q·,\mbrO!!e & M.ry Lou
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Indiana. Michigan New~:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Report· Farm F1a.he!
)"d/"at. s " e wl braadc:ad. WC fl                                 8"
                                                                                          Minnupolis·St. Paul. Minn. CBS
                                                                                           Chicago, Illinois            NBC
                                                                                                                                W' W
                                                                                                                                                 870 SO,OOO
                                                                                                                                                 700 50,000
                                                                                                                                                             Chicago. lIIinoi.
                                                                                                                                                             Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                                                                                                                   HBC '" MBS
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I VSUIBooks in         lIev~
  7 :00 CST               8 :00 CDT              WDZ              1020        1,000       Tuscola, Illinois            loeal    WMAQ             670 50,000  Chicago. Illinois          NB C·R              * WTA!)-N~w"            All     felr     'he
CBS·Golden Gate QUirtel: WFAM                    WENR              810       50,000        Chicage. Illinois          NBC·B     WMBD            1440  5,000  Peoria, Illinois              CBS              Ladies
IVTAG (5",·21.57)                                WFAM             1200          100        Seuth Bend, Indiana          CBS     WMT              ODD  5,000  Cedar Rapids and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            11:15 CST                  12:15 CDT
 NB C·Breakfnt      Club:      WCFL
                                                 Wf BM            1210        5,000        Indianapolis, lndlani        COS                                    Waterloo. Iowa      CBS &; MBS
WKBn WOWO (.",·21.5)
                                                 WGN               720       50,000       Chicago.lI1inoi.              MBS      woe            1370    150  Davenport, Iowa               COS              NS(·C.'l1n9 All Stamp CollKlors:
                                                                                                                                                                                                            KSD (.w·15.33)
     _ 01<.", •• 0" In.; •••""k oo ... r.        w"'               94D        5,000
                                                                                           Madilon.          Loca!    WOWO
                                                                                                                                                             Fert Wayne, i ndiana
                                                                                                                                                             Rockford, illInOis
                                                                                                                                                                                           MBS              Cas-Highways 10 Hnlth: woe
                                                 WHASi'            820                     l euisyille, Kentucky        CBS
Musical Clock, WJBC WKBII                        WHBF             1240        1.000        Rock Island. lI1inoi.        MBS     WSBT            1360     sao South Bend. Indiana           COS              I VBB~l WSBT (.w.11.83)
                                                 WHIP             1480        5,000        Hammond. Indiana            lOCl1
                                                                                                                                WSUI             880  5,000  Iowa City, IOWa              l ocal                  Dr. Anllwny Un""'",, presl·
                                                                                                                                                                                                               de,,' 01 the Nalle".1 Gaot",,,,,-
  7 :15 CST          8 ; 15 COT                                                                                                 WTAD             .00  1,000  Quincy,lIIinoi,              Loul
CBS.Rlchard Mi~well, tnr .. phi.                 WHO              1000       50,000        Des Moin~s, l owa          NBC·R     WTAM-r          1070 50,000  CI"veland, Ohio            NBC·R                  !~,"".I'~I~C;\~,:ro':'!nl~:rtb~y,lll 1.1 ~
losopher: IVFAM IVl'AQ WHHM                      WIBA             1280        5,000       Madison. Wlscon$i~            NBC     WTAQ              mo  ;,000  Gr~n Bay, WisconsIn           CBS              I "BAA·Carolyn Wood,           ."p.
NBC·Watch Your SIep. safely
prgm.: KSD
                                                                                           Gary, Indiana
                                                                                                                                WTMJ               6" ;,000  Milwaukee. Wisconsin       NBC·R
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I VI.\!.IM To bI' announced
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     V. Stock.
N~", WHO Wts                                                     frequencies of        Stations Carrying Rebro~dusts , KS l , 1130; KNX. 1050; KPO. 680; KOA. 830: KPRC. 920;                               WCFL-Prep Sports
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CBS·Nat'l Hillbilly Ch~mpions:                                                                                                                                                                              I VFB.lj·Drama 01 Food
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                                                                                                                                                                                                            I \·MT·M.~ic KHch~n
CBS·String Time, with Wilberg                                                                                                                                                                               I VOC·lleligious News Reporte,
Bro"." Strings: WfAM WTAQ                                                                                                                                                                                   I VSUJ.Qpera Aria.
WFBM woe                                                                                                                                                                                                    WT,\lJ Romantic Balladi....
NB C-R.kov·s Orchestr.: WOWD                     N BC·Chariot~ ..·.:    WTMJ WKBB KWK·Top of Ih~ Mor\\ing                      WOZ·Kitchen B3rn Dan«                   WKBH·Hostess Hour                    11 :30 CST          12:30 COT
WKBB (.",·21.5)                                  (sw·21.51                          WBBM.Norman Ron R~yue                      * WGN·News: Mornin~ Mclodie,            WLW.Busine •• &, Pro/. \I'"mcn'.     CBS·Time to Take It Easy: woe
NBC·lIntoln Hlgh ..."y, drAma .                  * KSO·Ne"'s: Blu~ BarroQ'. Or· wCeO·Julia Blake                               WBBf.Mystery Melody                     Club.                                WSBT WBBM WKIlIl KMOX
WMAQ WTMJ WIIO WIRE WLW                                            WCFL·(jnde Harry                           WILL·Oan Hazen, piani,t                 * WMAQ·Morning Jubilee: Ne",.        NBC·luncheon at the Waldorf:
KSD                                              WCCO·Offer Index                   IVGN.Waltf. Flandorf, or,anit!             WIND·Melodies forgotten                 WSUI. Yesterday'. Favorite.          KWI, WOWO WMAQ WLW (Sl\'-
     ~~, ....ll _ "' .... Ll."~l ... "'", ....                                      * IVHBF.News: His Maje",y. the             WSINRhythm & Romance                    W'rAD·Spe.ker
                                                 WCFL.For Women Onl~                                                                                                                                        15.33)
* :>Iewo: WKBH WIIBF                             WGN.June Baker. talk               B.",                                       W.IBC·')",1 Aboul TIme                  WTMJ-~'arm Roundup
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CBS·String Time: WISN WMBO                       WJIIP·Berl Hirgch Presenb          WHO-Field. & Hall                          WKBH·llicn"rd Himber                    CB S·Let's Pretend: WFAM woe
                                                 WHO·Mu,tcal Portrail.              WllL-Helpfuil Hin!. On lIullb              * Wl S·Market., New.                                                          KMOX,Country Journal
NBC· Rakov's Or~htstfl: WOWO                                                                                                   WTMJ .Hoy Seouts                        WIND WKBH WCCO WFBM
                                                 WINO·Bob & Bonnie Atcher           W I ND·Mornin~ Melodi~                                                                                                  * KSO·Ncw~: Okk Leibert. Or
KWK (sIV·21.5)                                                                                                                                                         WMT
                                                 WIRE·Old 'ashioned Hymn,           WlRE·Sale. Meeting of the Air                                                                                           i""i,t
 B:30 CST                   9 :30 COT                                               WJBC.Prhe Packa,.                          10 :00 CST                11:00 COT     NBC,Call to Youth: KSO WOWO
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WMAQ WlW WTMJ K50                                WlS·Chore Boy.                                                                KSO WBOW                                     ~lr._  WUlJont c. l:Iammer.
                                                 WLW·Synagogue                      Grams                                           Today'~ pro!;rRm to.ture. tb.        ~ner"t n,""n" •• of tb. PhUo·
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WCCO·Minn. Tuxpay.r.
CBS·Rhy thm Serenilde: WFBM
WllllM WMnO WTAQ (!w·21.57)                      WMAQ-High S~hool Studio Party WlS·5pcllin" Be.                                  YAtI.,. ~lu~lc4te Clob ot Cln·          ole!plll" Grand O~rIl Co.. ..ttl   wen·Call to Voulh
                                                 WOWO-Modern Honle forum            Wl W·My Health                               oh",.tl.                                ape.k on "St. CecellR."            WOZ·Myers 1I0bou
                                                                                    WOe·Variations on Syncopatien                  .... t< ..... it 0" _ 20.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WFBM·Hoosier farm Cirde
MBS·Th. first Offender: KWK                      WROK-Just About Time                                                                                                  NBC· Nat'l Grange Prgm.: KWK
                                                                                    WOWO-Old Sot\~smith                        MBS·Henry Cincone's Orchestra:          WKBB WIBA WBOW WMAQ                  WGN· ... larhu, Waltu Flandorl
NBC·A! & lte Reinr. pianists:                    WTAD.Hih & Enc"r.s                                                            KWK
                                                                                    WSUI-Mu"i~al      Chatl'   Prgm.                                                                                        organist
WOWO WIBA WKBB (,w.21.5)                                                                                                                                               * New", WHIP WISN
Morning Devotions: WJBC WROK                       9 :00 CST             10 :00 CDT Calendar: \\'ealh~r                        HBC·Amer;Cin Education forum:           WBBM-Looking Up                      WI1Bf-Ju"enil~ Theater
                                                                                    WTAO.libr~rian                             Or~ani'l:   WOWO WKBB (ow.                                                   WIUP·A Tune at Noon
WBf)W·R.dio Gospel                               NBC· l rving M il!.r·~ Orch.: WTMJ                                                                                    * WCFl·New.: Deep Forest             * WHO·Ne",s, View. Aboul Re
                                                                                     9 :15 CST          10 :15 COT             15.33)                                  WOl·Jungle Jim
WCCO·Florence Lehmann                            WKBB                               NBC·lrving Miller'$ Orehestra:                 Gray..,,, N. K.tan.e,. d._"                                              li,l(ion
WCfL·Tun.·;n Ti",~                                                                                                               or Ih. School of £ducatlon.           WGN.comm~nd P.. formanc~
                                                 * CBS· News: Cincinnati Caruer· WBOW                                                                                                                       WILl.·Dorl' foote. contralto
WDZ.Marhts, Kit c hen Barn                                                                                                                                             WHBF·Adventures in Vi.ion
                                                 votory of Mu.i~, IVFB.\I WfAM
                                                                                    MBS·Benny Krueger'! Orehestra:               ~:'::I~o:~t ~t: f':~f:anF'Co~':e~i    WHO·Home T31~nt Folks                WIND· Bob AIcher, son~.
WFAM-The 5pellin~ Bee
                                                 \\'TAQ WI5N WMBO
                                                      ~.i< 0" _  20.        WGI\' WUBF WIRE                              or   E~nc.lIo", *"d Jo~u W.
                                                                                                                                 Stud~ba,"r, U. II. Comm; •• lone.
                                                                                                                                                                       WIRE-Childten'. Hour                 WISN·Let" Pretend
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WJBC·Ad"enlure. in Vision
WC:>IK ... p fit to                        * News: WMT IVROK                  NBC-Sml(in' Ed McConnell, $Ongs:             ot f'.dD~.t!on. 1I'lIJ dloo:" ••      WJBC·Girl S~out Prgm.
                                                                                                                                                                       WJJO·Oebater's f<>rum                WK8B·Beverly Sncll, songs
WHB.·Publie Servic~ Prgrn                        * KMOX·Ne"'s: Rhap60dv in WHO W~IAQ KSD WLW                                     "T,..."d. tn Edueation to. De-                                             * \\'LS·Marhu; Weath~r
                                                                                                                                 moer·~1· "                            WLS·U. S. Gov't Reports
 8 :45 CST             9 :45 COT                 Rh~·thm                            * Ne".: WKBB woe                                                                                                        WMBD·Oanny Gunn
N8C·Bright Idu Clijb: WBOW                       KSO-Shep Field', Oroh.                                                        CBS·Country J au ' n a!: woe            WLW.Hotnemaker's Revi ....
                                                                                    WCCO-Open House                                                                    IVROK-Your Heallh                    WMT·To be announced
                                                                                    * WHA-News &, Vie,,'S                      WfAM WFBM WBBM WISN                                                          WROK.Helen Benson. song.
                                                                                    WILL-inside the Books                      WCCO (5w·21.57)                         WSUI·The Book Shell                  WSUI·H. S. News Exchange
                                                                                                                                    Farme... wl,o are Rttendln~        WTAD·Gu ... It
                                                                                    WINO·U. S. Wealher Bureau                    fit" annual Colton carntval \n        WTMJ-What'. New                      WTAO Police New.
                                                                                    WJBC·Homc Counulor                           l l"mpht., Tennessee. w!ll dt.·                                            11 :45 CST          12:45 COT
                                                                                           W~IT.Accordi~na                       eu" Ihelr problems_                   10:45 CST            11 :45 COT
                                                                                                                                                                       NBC·Plaender & Miles, ~iano          NBC·Matintt in Rhythm, WIBA
                                                                                           WROK-Town Crier                     * Ne",s: WHO WHBF WTAD
                                                                                           WTAD-Hannibal New!                  WMBD                                    duo: (lw.1533)                       K~D·I;l"ck Rogerl, .kelch
                                                                                                                               KMOX·Magic Kitchen                      MBS·Zeke Mannrrs' Gang: WHBf         WeeO·Markets
                                                                                            9 :30 CST          10 :30 CDT                                                                                   W(fL·Gcner~! Speaks
                                                                                           NB C·Out Barn: WOWO KWK             WCFl·General Speaks                     WROK
                                                                                                                               * WOl· We Heard                                                         WOZ·Band Musie: Chickie Sin~!
                                                                                           WKBB (,w.15.33)                                                             To to.. annou!\ced, WlS WOWO         WGN.neview;'tg Stand
                                                                                                                               WGN·Walier fla"dorf, organist           KMOX·Spkr. Record.
                                                                                           CBS·Symphony Orchestr.: woe         WHA·Studio Mu.ical~                                                          WHA·T.lI'ation io Wisconsin
                                                                                           WFAM                                                                        KSD·M.tropolita~    Cburch hd.       WHIP.Wildlife Talk
                                                                                                                               WI!IP·Name' '" Thdr Storie.             P'"m.
                                                                                           MBS· Benny Krueger's Orchntra:      WILl·School Organai.atio"                                                    WHO·Rainbow Rhythm.
                                                                                                                                                                       WBBM-What Can I Oof                  * WILL·New. 01 !!l;noi.
                                                                                           WnOK WMT                            WIND· Bob Atcher. song!                 WCFl·Turf Ne"'.
                                                                                                                               WlIlE·To be announced                                                        WIND.Hyde Patku
                                                                                           N BC·Josep~  G~lllcchlo'l  Orch.,                                           WOl-Pal, of the Peairi.              WIRE·fann Hour
                                                                                           WBOW \\';\IAQ WIRE                  IV,me·TIteat.r Time                     WHIP-Melodic Mood.
                                                                                                                               WJJD.Happy Humonies                                                          WJOCllhylhm Revu.
                                                                                           WDl-Mar~ & Kathryn                                                          Will-Salon Mosic                     WJJO·Farm Advisor
                                                                                                                               WKBIl·Home Econimic.                    WISN·Hits & Eneor ...
                                                                                           WHBF ·Song. & Patter                WLS·Fe3ture Foods                                                            WKBB-Vari3lions on Syncopation
                                                                                           WHA-Music for Children                                                      WJBC·Melody & Redpe T'm~             WLS·Marht,
                                                                                           WHBF-Belly Kay, Penonal Shop·       WMAQ.Elizabeth Hart Pr.""nb
                                                                                                                               WMBO·Juvenil~ Theater               .
                                                                                                                                                                  11;00 CST             12:00 COT           WMBO·Town Ctler' Fum Mu·

                                                                                           WHO·Drama of ;'00<1,
                                                                                                                               IHIT·Kiddie, Revuo
                                                                                                                               WROK-Woman'. Forum
                                                                                                                               WSUI.Homemakers' Forum
                                                                                                                                                                  CBS·Blue SIreak Rhythm Ensem·
                                                                                                                                                                  ble; WBBM wrs;'.! (.w·l1.83)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WMT.Hilo Serenade.. : HO(Indal
                                                                                           * WIND.NeI01                                                           HB C·Ben Bernie's Orch.: WHO              * WTMJ·H,ine '" Grenadi~ ..
                                                                                                                               WTMJ·Wi<e<>n<in Women', Clubs      KSO WTMJ (ow.1533)
                                                                                           WISN.Parade 01 Sta..                                                                                             New.
                                                                                           *WJBe-N~"'s. Marht,. Wealher        10 :15 CST         11 :15 COT MBS·Ed FitzgenJd', On:ht'Slrl:                 WROK.Round the Tow"
                                                                                           * IVKBH·Ne",., Window Shopper       MBS· Henry Cincone's Orch ... tr~: WHBF                                      WSUIFa.m Flashe.
                                                                                           WLS-lloward Peterson, orgllnist     WHBF                                                                         \\,TAD-S"in~ Alonl( TIm.
                                                                                           WlW·Mail Bag                                                           * New.: WMBO wcn
                                                                                                                               * New", WIND WGN                   KMOX·Talen\ Courl
                                                                                           WSUlMusical Chats: lVeUher          KWK·Heahh D~parlmenl Talk          WBAA·Ju.t Kid.
                                                                                           WTAOWTAO Junio ..
                                                                                           WTMJ·H.I~n RY.U(ln
                                                                                                                               wcn.Youth Round Ihe World WBOW·P.resentation                                        AFTERNOON
                                                                                                                               WDZ·The Story of Wool              WCCO·Or. O'Brien
                                                                                             9 :45 CST        10 :4S COT
                                                                                           HB C·Joseph Gallicchlo', Oreh.:
                                                                                                                               WIIBF·Advtnlures in Vision
                                                                                                                               WHIP·Th Fre.hmen
                                                                                                                                                                  WOZ.Marketl! At Your SorvlI:.
                                                                                                                                                                  WGN·Radio'. Voic~
                                                                                                                                                                                                            12 :00 CST               1 :00         cor
                                                                                           KSD WHO                                                                                                          CBS·Ho!l,nd        Tuhp      f esti val:
                                                                                                                               WHO·Cr~.cent Hour of Musi.         WIiA.University Conv<>ution               WOC WMBD WKBN WSBT
                                                                                           MBS·Thi.    Wonderful    Werld:     WI RE·Dul' Byrd                    WIIBF ..\lis.i.sippi Vallev ~~,,­         K"OX W!X:O WHBM (s",·1\.83)
                                                                                           \VG:>I WROK W;\IT                   WJBC-Mu,ic in the Ail              WHIP·Monitor Mood,                            ~ ........ " _  ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               G LI."~; ... nuido.
NBCI'm lin Amtr.un;                         """I<                                                                                                                                                                                                               £-9 32
   ..... ..-..... ,. .'·1 .... ·
   ."'....    It...
                      I... ,,..
                                              " ••.
                                  ., . • • ft<!
                                                  •• Ik
                                                                      SATURDAY GOOD LISTENING GUIDE                                                                                                                                                               SATURDAY
   ·1'"    .Ibllill•• Dr '10< ,j. ",," ,,"                                                                 Ch.d the prog.onll yoe wo'" to heor todoy
    ... ' "r I,r.
NBC·R"y Klnnly"s Orcll.: KWh                                        MORNING                             ,~,
                                                                                                                .~I IH "'l and many
                                                                                                       .h «Itbrili•• ..-ill parliri
                                                                                                                                                   6:30 CST (7;]0 COT) Rldio 7;]0 CST (1;)0 COTI Fr.nk
                                                                                                                                                      Gllild: Or~m~. NBC,                             BlICk Prtsents_ NBC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           May 18
( .,,15,33)                                          8:00 CST (9:00 COT) LIncoln                        pal~ '" Ihl> p''''''m.                                                                        NSC S)'hlphon~ f).-,h .., ..
• ,~". II'TAD WKIlII WDZ                        NBC.
                                                         11,." ('".~ •. nl mo"i~ 5:00 CST (6:00 COT) Pt<lple'l                                6:30 CST p,]O COT) Wlyne                           and i"'I,,,,,,,,,,,1 ."lni.I,                         1\ IIBO O"""n th, \I,
II RA.\ Ibrktl R'1lOrl.                                                                                                                               K'n9'S Orthnlra. C8 S.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        . . . . '" _ _ ., " ' "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    . . . .~ . . . 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          20_ ... ... 2
II('tL !'>.'I~'da~ ,>";,,.                               arlM, "iIl- .ta. in lad.,.'.                  PI~trorm. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            II liT HI 1 T"lk 1111'
II HI" Outk II".", 'limey B~x                           draml,                                          ~uhj.~t      "A;rpla"" ,.•. B3t                                                            7;45 CST 18:45 COT) Suu.                                 woe ~uf>ll" '/i",. Slri"\(,,
we, CO"t,,1 Or~1I                                  11:30 CS T (12:30 COT) Lunch.                        11•• hip.," • .. ion of            "'a
                                                                                                                                                   7:00 CST (8:00 COTI HII
                                                                                                                                                      Poradt. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      d.y Nighl CBS.                               IVOI~O 0" .b~1I ~ro .. '
1\'11 \ 'l:oon \1u'inlf                                 eon II Ihe W~tdorl. NBC.                        J"met _(ain't "It p"w~r                                                                       \I.,." La,"".n. 'op.~"o: BIl!                          \\'IIOK ".IIth""" 1'1"
II IIUf Co.,k,t " lIil Gan!                                                                                                                           Bar" W(K~I .....10" •. Bu                       I'trr)'. Itnor, Gu. It."                              11'<;n Ilu~ital M.,oo.
                                                         Ilk. ('h~,t. '" {', Fr."k 5;]0 CST IIUO COT, Sky                                                                                                                                                   1\11[) Ihol WP"""" ,
II IIU' \f'",mwan.                                  Luth~,. 1."0•. Paul B~",n·.                                                                  lV.i", ",x4Ii'l; .Ibrk War·                     ,<h.n'. •• tra
1\ 110 Curn fkh Farm Hou,                               o.~ht Ira.        GII.. I \1aru.~1
                                                                                                       a tUtt,. CBS                                   no"', or~h"'lra. T" rk                                                                             S :45 CST                       6 ;45 COT
11'ltl. S.""'Iim. ".I"d;".                               a",kt. ph"tO!l'raph.. ,                       TOl'ich"- dl1nua tonCOflll                     tr. h •• 0.,11..1.... nd B.            '. 8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Bob                                      .NBC H v K,II.lIborn, ne_,
1'"1"1> Lupi lIalian 110",                                                                             Ji'" 1I"l(o,nll and "'ick B.n.                 Baktt, vo.. h.t                                 C.osbY·1 orchostra, NBC_                              WHOW \\ \1.11.1
II I~' 8\Kk RO!I'n,                                             .... FTERNOON                           Ion. I"CO fILIQh who lost                                                                     Ihld'.... 8~il., Vh .Io.t
                                                                                                       th ... ""n ,rIft" . . .a.h_                                                                                                                          MBS-ln~ideolSPO'Il: IIG' KII'K
IIJIW Pt,bbt 0pi,,1oa                              12:00 CST (1:00 COT) Holland                                                                    1:00 CST (8:00 COT) Alkl' 8;30 CST (9:30 COT) GI,                                                                T""i"h' . • t ... , " " , ~"J' '''" ••
WJAD ""Jeiav Ruundup: ~lIsic                            Tuh, FHt'ul. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                      Seltur H.lionll Blrn O"nU                       Nlnelt., RUllf_ CBS                                       t "",.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I,,,,,                 ... o.u,~lf .... ' ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ",,- ...,II,..lIt.. "".1
WK8H H,,,,,. rOlks rrnti~
                                                        A dfl.<""u"" cof Iht Klivillt.                                                                NBC.                                           J .... H"".rd, \I I',                    !:l.",                              ~~,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                , ........... ,-, If"'" .... _
II'LSPouh.y ~rviee n .....
                                                        01 Iho 1....1I1h annuli 1101, 6:00 CST (1;00 COT) G~n9                                        Eddie Pubodj. H It. HOI     .......             K.). ~om.,h~n"t_ C.",vitu                                 nlhl.
                                                        t:..... T"hp r .. tival. frolll                BUllt": Oraml, CBS.                            Sholo. Untk Eua. JOOI Par-                      Ro"., .""r3"0; .'bU' Club                             HBC·Joe RtlC~m.n'l Orch"t ••
III.I\' fa'lunu WI,hed A"",                              llcoll.nd, 'hehiun_ Dorolhy                   I'ar( I 01 "\I)'OI"y Ca.tle,                   SOn>. louise Fob.. ty and                       ,.",,; Bilh \I G.... n., cnrn~                        II'OWO
WIIT-'I~lody Malonl                                      umour. Herbie K.y and hi.                     Iht hlmt of Ih. hom~ of a                      lilt W'strrn01" lI tnry Burr,                  di,,,; Ra, Uloch', OrCh .. I . . .                     * S,"', 11110 IHll~'
110110 Marktt Str"iet
WSUIDoII Dod(f:"
                                               Tommy Ri"".                         nOlco.;ou' (In( of criminals,                  otllt...                                        • 6'<O";:"~~'::' ...:~ .... ..                        ~pn'I' \l'lll II'lB"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jr''''     I'I~"
12 :15 CST                    1 : 15 COT                                             R.f.r to od/otent c:olumns to. stolion. b.oodeostlng til ... p.ogrorn.
HB C·G~rdntr           Btntdi,t's Orch.:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     K50-SlorklOn " ";schen
\I\lAQ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       IllIBf Our Nfi.hl><>"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             WIRE-II"""le. !>po'l !-hol'
CBS·Holllnd             Tulip      Fesh.,l:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 WJBC <:hild •• n's 8lrthday.
IIHQ                                        KSDAduil EduUlio" P., ...                         K\\'K-~porll T ...             n,,.                WDZ lIome rol., 110'"                              NBC,K"lttnm"e"s Kind ..,.,I.n.                          WLS-Prairie Ratnblor" Pal"
NBC·R.y Kinney', Or.II.: WOWO II-BAA Radio SI"'I'                                             II'HA.I I!onil'" I'i ..",. 'he New.                IVJJD V.riation.                                   K!'D WBOW IV:IIAQ WTAM RM roley
                                            WH.\4 II Oul> lIu.ic Prim.                        WDlBulOll F'an,ily                                 II"LIV"~n·. Gltt Club                                                                                      WMBO,You.,. P""'I ..·• CIloIr
*"""          WLS WSUI WKB8
II RAA WOlllln Sbopper
                                            WIlIP 'h.,) M ...                                 . \IIIOr"e,,"                                         4 :00 CST
                                                                                                                                                                                     5 ;00 CDT NB C·MuSl,' of Isrul; WENR WilT ~porU: fl. b.n Scar"
                                            WlIO·8"f:b~U T'III'                               IIJBCB • ..w!l. l. S. N U. " ". * CBS·Nt",;                                   IIIN'1        Warnt •• \\'KBO                                                   WROK.Half ',,' 11,1£
\11ft !-po-.,I .. hl Pr~m                   WII L ~(J~' B,ttinlt.. eontr-alto IHKalb
WDlPflli~nlial YoU
                                                                                                                                                 o:otnlQ,       WFA~I          WTAQ WfB~1                    R.bbl .....1001 01 Ibe Rodtt' * WSlTI·D.ily 1O\Oln of Ih • .-,,,
                                            WISDSporl1                                        Woe-llill Ie Encore.                                                                                                                                          II'T\I) \br ....lI. Ch ....
III;' Joh"n) Dull) '. II,,,...
1I'1I1lF" Ibn On (hf Slrul
                                            WISN IInn.nd Tulip Time                           lI'AO,Ii.nk               ~ftd
                                                                                                                                                 Woe II \IT WISN WCCO WKBH
                                                                                                                               'he Dude *H BC.Cecii Golly', Orch.: Hews                                                                 ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                        !~tlIO::Jk !:"'P:~i rl~It:.:.~.'.~~
                                            II' Jl:K !.I1I' >,i" ,                        lIan~h~r.                                                                                             CBS'People's Plnlorm; WTAQ
WillI' \lUino:e 'oIlniature
II Il.L .'r;onk 1I01l,y, 1».,
                                            WKBII Kiddi" K"i.
                                            \\' _liT Q""I,u" 110"
                                                                                                 2 :)0 CST                     ) : )0 COT WE\'R WOWO WKBB
                                                                                              MBS·Wilhers H,ndlUp: WIiBF MBS·Hugo Monlto', Orcheslra: woe
                                                                                                                                                                                                    WIS.\' IYfA\1 WIIA<; WCCO                                               NIGHT
WIRE Muktl " Wtath.r                                                                                                                                                                                        .......... , _ _ Lt ......... Ovl •• _
                                            WSI"I W""'tn '" lh~ ~."'                          11'1I01i.                                          WHBF" IVGN WltOK Thi. IIhythmi. A~t                    WTMJ IIulll' Oan(e O.(h. C 8 S·Bull~lo Prtton!" WMOO *N BC· £ I Chlto. Sp"n,sh Revue; * S.",,_ IITrL WOl W\lBD                                                                                                   Wiler. til.,.. Is no IIstln 9
\\'1\1I1I'1In on lhe Stred &.                  1 :15 CST                      2 ;15 COT WKBII wrlHI WTAQ WCCO Ne"'", WMAQ WIlO KSI) WI.IV K!IIOX PianQ IItfiul                                                                                               fo. G stGtlon Ih p •• c.dl. o
t.unrhP(l" Mu,i.                            CBS·Ohlo Stlte U. Conurl: WOC IVOC IHAII II'\lT (,w.11.8~)                                           WIlJA isw9_53)                                     IVUB\I Spo.h R~vit"                                      program ,. on til. 01.
\I'LIV E~."body' ••'arm                                                                                                                                                                             II'T,ID-On Pandt
* 11 ItT \'Dir! of Io,",a_ 1'1 .... ,       NB C·Golden Mol'dies: KSO                         NBC ,", 8 0y" A Gi,I" "' B"nd: * Ne". II'cn IlBOW                                                                                                                6 ;00 CST                       7 :00 CDT
                                                                                                                                                                                                    IYHJ"Sptt1lwa) Trial.
* 11 !lOK·Column Ld" lie"',                 K:lIOX T .a'~I,ocu.                               W'IoIQ \\'110 WLS K!'D (0 ..... IVBB~I llu!! S ..,ion                                                 II'G;o, CunruI Orell                                    HB C· by Can,. W,ith l Pal·
IITIDM.n "n Ihe SI~t                        WDl Var,e'y P'I'"· o.,n Poulton 953)                                                                 WOllbpp~. Oanjo: Scortb<>.. d
                                                                                                                                                 WIIA '1"dnn !lloodl in "'                      I\"IIIP-Germ.n Ameriun Hour                             m.n: \\"OWO
                                            II II I Situbtn \1",;" 1'•• ",                    B~,.I ... II (;"n.            I\"OX KWK 11'1111' Th, Duche..                                          WIIOAu.lin &. ","AU                                             COUI<'_"' •• 1'.1 ..... ,,' r~.
12 :)0 CST                    1 :)0 COT WIIIP A~tlf 11<....                                                                                                                                                                                                     .. _Ill I.I~ on .. )"""" .... t1
                                                                                              II"TAII                                                                                               \\, 1 ~D·C.rma. II"".
MBS·Ted FIO· Ril,·, Orcll.: II ROK 1\ 110 B_wU TiIll4l                                                                                           WI.\"DSportl
                                                                                              WOAA Iloth ....• Oa~ P'lm.                         WJ8f SIIi",n"n SUI.,.                              WJBt S"HI " S..u..                                      CBS·G,n, Busttrl: K\IOX \\'JIl
HBC-Howud Ro". bu.: \\'011'0 II ILL ""~, F..,..",                                             1I'0l O"lhd~) Pltly                                                                                   WJJD T .. ilitht \1u"; .. I,                            ll)oIBO WfB\1 111"\ WC('11
CBSB'Ulh Crftk rolhl1: W!-8T
1I1l1I" 11\180 (1 .... ,11.83)
                                            WKSII IIh}th,,, lI.. u.
                                            WLS·Mtr,y.(;" II<.u"d                             II'HA·"u,1C "I Iht
                                                                                              WI'I) Ibn R.. ufh
                                                                                                                                  ".'1'"         InIBDP .... i.·, Chu ..'
                                                                                                                                                 wnlJ Ilar'lut". t'",vtrtit)                        WKOII-Kidd",. Hour                                      II"RB\I 1111.15
                                            W\lTO"p',rIP' 'I) lloo •• n Iloto                                                                       4 ;15 CST                        5 : 15 CDT 1I·\IT·Parade tA Featur..                                   NBC· Orlmllic ,.otr~m; W\1AQ
N BCM~lic S lyled lor Vou; di..                                                                  2 :45 CST                     3 :45 COT CBS, Nln Wynn. IOn,,, WOC * \\'O\\'O·BOO Wi ...." n."",                                                            WTA\t 1i.~1) 111/0
I\(FL IHIAQ                                                                                   C B S· B ull~lo          Prtsents: \\iFAM II'AQ II' INI)                                              l\flOK To be annOllncf<!
                                            W~Ul lla"d 01 thr II'f,k                                                                                                           \'fFBII IY!IIT II·SU I·C... nUit
\1." Oil Ih, Slr•• t WOOW \\,TAD Ol"ft To, ".                                                 «"-1I,83)                                          WMflO IH ... N WKII II                                                                                     MBS.Juk Otnny'$ Orell. W'IT
                                                                                                                                                                                                    IITMJ-l'oolaIO<Id'Ii ••                                 Sports' WOC IIKBB
II KOII                                        1 ;)0 CST                      2 :30 COT WBlI" T."th 1"""'1                                       II'BOW·C"n(trt il< Mini~IU"
* ;0;,.""       II'F61t1 WCCO WHOI' HB C· Bud F'ttm~n's Orcn.: KII K                             ) :00 CST                     4 :00 CDT WCCO O,u" M.I'Klle,                                           5:15 CST                           6 : 15 COT KII'K wno }Un~ •• , d'~ln'
11'110 WGN KWK WSIl I                                                                                                                                            1.,:,,,,,,,                                                                                WBOW.] Ihnt a Chlnt<
                                            II'K lm 11'(111'(, \1111"                         NB C· O"ntr Orch.; 11'110 II' I.IV IVCfL                                  L,'htl I,neue               MB S· l'or !h~ Chil~"n: KWK                             * \\"CFL-\e,,"
K.lIOX s,.fot), Hri.gldt                    NBC·81t1l Foili,,"1. WillE K~D WillA II'BOII' II'''AQ                                                WDZS~ &. C".ly
II 1.\ ,I \ \lo:el Iho 8~od                                                                                                                                                                         Sporl,                   WGS I'IROK 11'07 S~. B•• lon
                                            IIUOII' IHIAQ WLW hw953) MBS·B'II McCunt's Orell.; 1III0h II'F,I_III'I~),hUI' hi th~ An                                                                 WLW                                                     WF,I .\I·An.ori."" h"n]' fI"b",.""
II BHMFt:.nlfl:.lnI.                                !'I'U''''' to, I"" ," ,a,                                                                    WGS-Ahtrno<,n Mu.i(al
\\(I'L ! St~led fo, You                   11.,-1.       "'.'I+t,                        H8C ·G", Sltek's Orth.: IVTMJ \\'H I PS1~'rI"'"                                                       * 'i .... , WII Rf' II'BBIt lI'Ti\1)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    KItOX-Vafitly Prim
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WG~ Charhe Baum', Orrh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WltBFSporh Trail
II DZ-Chflltr GIY Boh Milk.. pi. CBS·Ohlo Stalt Uni". Conct.\: Wl\lIO WE'ili C." 15_33953)                                                       II'JBf .-",.. t P .. ct O•• ,n.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    II(TL O.d', ~''''il~                                    WIIIP Twillthl Ilcl,,,I ....
." .. t                                     W..811 \II\BIl IICCO IIIIBD CBS·Eddy Oll,hi"', Ouh.: wrSM WJJD,Slay on Ihr Ri,lht !>«ic                                                                 II'Ol Se.... Sail nut,
IIIIA rlrlll Prll",                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WISD·\I.I" 01 IInllu" ••
                                            WTAQ \I"BT WOC IV'IT h .... • I\KUII II'T\Q WB8" 1I'F.,1I1 \\'"t;IMdod} Tilllt                                                                          IlfBII Quart,1 TlInt                                    WIRE Publi. Wolll"
II ItII· R"".in 'n Rh) Ih.                  11.&31                                            WOC \\I!'>~ II'IT (.w-ll&3)                        II'nu Holt. lin H....d
II· IL!. fIIi".~. F".'!n flour                                                                                                                                                                      WIIOBlue R,btonn \I.Ind, ..                             I\'JHC Roiol><> 110''''
                                                                                                                                                    4 :]0 CST                        5 : )0 CDT
WI\I' !'.Ion Ordl
                                            MB S·50n, 01 I~' P"r,l,
                                            IIIIOK II 1I0t
                                                                                              II' UAA ('dUll"" I .... fti..
                                                                                              \\'C("O K"~Il(' K .. ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                    W'IBD \ltlnd.
                                                                                                                                                 CB S-WhICh WI, 10 Lastln, I\'\IT Hatr) lIorhrk p, .,,10                         """"U'•.           Spor'. WJJO·P,I. of Ih. Gold.n II",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            II'KBH Spotl Fl._h
\I'!HI.lltpo.'o.                                                                                                                                 PUff'            11'1\0 \lIS\ 11''0160 1I'01l'0,Oion., Conetrt
111"'\ 11 ... ir,1 Heu lI'owe               K~IOX Ope" h,rum                                  IITn. 'hke ~l,,"" 0., , .. I~"d                                                                                                                               WI.,. "".... T.I."I B•• n D.n ..
                                                                                              IVOZ Mlrch 01 1I"llh                               W(("O IIBR\I WFU\I I\"fAII . WT"J-SGn. Oo<tnr St'"                                                         \I'Lli' B""ne Counh Jambo •• ,
. 11.18(; S,","" Sp:>rt<. 11 •• b"          WBAAh",t ..... hl"U                                                                                  II'MT I\KHlI 11'(')(' 10.. ,11.&3)
IIJJI) '1u.i. Pltue                         WOZ Zeh Manne..                                   IIG\ ~"'n. /I                                                                                                                                                 \\'SUI Di"ne. 1I"'IIr "r~m
11'1 .... 110n.e Taltnl Prllm.              WILL n't D,~t"t                                   * 1I 119r 1I,.,lIi".. 01 'hI D.,                   NB C·R.ntre .... 01 lht Mounltd:                      5:)0 CST                           6 :30 CDT WT.IO,Sfl'''I< I'io". " R."",,,
II UOK Man on Ihe Sirut; ~hr' WINO·II..-r Ilt'uh~                                             WIlII'·S.""phon)' 11111                            \1E:\'fI IVOII'O 11'l{liB                          CBS·Sky BlllUI. dram,; I'IBa~1 1\'T\IJ·GYP'j· F"ur
IITIDIIa"k              and    Ihe
                                            * II' I!>S :'it"'
                                      Dud, IIJar-God. l1~tr IIQur
                                                                                              WI I.I. ~I"'i. M Ih " .. tt...
                                                                                                                                                 NB C·Relieion              ,n
                                                                                                                                                 W\1AQ KSIl 11'110 1110" (, .....
                                                                                                                                                                                   lilt    Hewt: WFA\I ... , ,11 _ _ (I .... , CST)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (.1.0 .1 10 p.m, . .               _.;d.,  ' :15 CST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            HBC·W.II Osborn,'s O rC~e\lrl1:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1 :15 CDT
                                            lI'-;n·T.."d. ill F.,h",,,                        WIllE H.... I»II GIOIe                             9.53)                                              NB C· O ~n" 0 ,,11.: WOOW                               11m.,; II'KISB 11'011'0
                                                                                              I\'JJI"J l.Ia<rblli <:;rQrebnard
12:45 CST                      1 :45 CDT Wl'.11I Girl 'i,,,,,,,.                              * II'\IRO 1I'".lti Nt"" Ptt Cor- * 't'"                          W1'AD WJJO WJ8(                      HB C·JOOI Reiehman', Orchesl,.; * N~". WOI \\'IIOh IWl(
                                            II"TIIJ IIlu. II""",                                                                                                                                    II-K6B (.,,9,53)
N8C M"",., Minor " Mui.n:                                                                                                                        KMOX Fr,met LaUK Hi Lat.                                                                                   waoll' _11~kol) Time
I\(I\\ 0                                       1 ;45 CST                                      "c'
                                                                              2 :45 COT 1I'0WO .... tu,t 10 th CoU""t                            1\ BOIl ~o'th) Oreh.                               * \' .... , II'LS wGs II'IBA                            IICH (,,, ,10' ~ I,· "',et.
CB58.u,h C,uk Folf,"; WT.\Q CBS·OhlO SUtt Unlv. Conurt;                                          ) :15 CST                     4 :15 CDT WCF'L-Tn TIm. St-rtn.d.                                    K\lOX Bm rlftd', Or.h                                   II'F,\\I [)';,"'n lb. r." ... ,,
II Hnl II'OC                                                                                  CB S·[d~J            Ouch'n', Orchlllrl; 1I'0l-Su"..... n Jubil..                                     ,,"'0 O~n .. "u.",                                      * WHBr ' ...... ~adr
MBS T.d F,.· Rito·$ Orcll.: WHBf 1\"0-.\1,.                      ri h"t,..llIon 01 "u 1I'\ln 1\ IIBD                                             II'G \ ~flt ...""" 'hl'.uir                        KWKSporll' S .....                                      11'1'0 E .. ",,,~ D~nct
                                            ,,,. (lulls                                                                                          WHA ~ial Prob'thl~ !'~r~",                         WC'CDLadif'O F"int                                       \1'J8(" p,,,,,,",,,Io,, l'r~
hll K                                                                                         MBS·Tomm,                                Orch.: WI1UI' ('01..... peuy
                                            IIBAA·~~(urd .. 11""ul Ru,,'"                                                                                                                           wCrLRart 11.,.,111                                      WJJO·'oI~,"            Pl .....
                                                                                              I\'IIR~' II'G"                                     WIilP Sudollt'Sl 1I("r
1t \ ..... WOOW IIKBH                       WDlMarch of IItilth                                                                                                                                     IH"U\III ,h.11 .... 0.11; ~)neo WtiBH·Oi''',er '
... \I(IX \lu.ic Bo"                        WI"" D",,,uI 0.""".                               W86" lft .... O'lllniS!                      11'1\'0 II ••• Rf'uh.                              p;ltn"                                                  WTAD Buo \too". ore.".. t
1t K~D "i ..."        ~.nh ..d lA"ito .. '. 1I'~111 Bavl»lI; \licll'~.n                       WOl Dill) ".Don.1d Kttlty In II'II!E Oiok Rred                                                        II'HISF·U."" '1'1 \" Lin"                               WTAO Ith"l,,, ~ lr"",.!.,,
norh                                        ,.• _ 1,,"a                                       stil"l.                                            WI.\I· Dancr OHh,                                  WIIOOr~.n Mood.                                            6:)0 CST                        1 ;]0 COT
1\'11,1_1 'l' ,mf Tin't                     II-r I ll 1"_."" n""f'                            II'FBII ~I' .... I"'~' 'f.-i.l.                    \\'11110 Jill.r,lh.,,; 11~IOtty "'ini. WIR EDi(k flHd                                                      HBC ·Radio GUild O•• ma: \I' ll! I
II IUI\1 ()u~o"t D u~                          2:00 CST                       ) :00 COT WI LL III;"oi. Indiana                                   alu,.                                              1V1'i\ Sh"", Willdu"                                    IITMJ I\I~K II BOil
\lTtO Melody MR"'~'                                                                                                                              II·ROK~ .. i.1 Stc-Utoty
II( FJ. Tulh'" SFM,.llil<.
                                            MB S·SOnliS
                                            ~m.: II IWh. K II K
                                                                     noll     S.... uthu. I' G.m!
                                                                                              II'JJII hod llo<~. "'~>I''''I
                                                                                                                                                                                                    II"JRr Ju .. ~le Jim
                                                                                                                                                 \1,,1'1"""'''' I" .. , .. I Ih_ \I.·"k WJJDFrttr u..~k. Of lin                                 i.,         NBC· Bobby BI,ne 'l Orchstra:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            II\I.IQ (.'" 9.5 )
1I' 0 i' J olly Irlohman
                                            NB C·Club Mltlntt; IIiRI IIT\1J                      ) ;]0 CST                     4 :)0 CDT II' T IIJ "~Idh,,' ",ilh • r. .. ilar                      * II'JIl S ..... Cu,nt 10 Lift
Ilf;\ I.ndvll Mdn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           MBS· Hobody·s Chlldftn WII UF
                                                                                                                                                    4 :45 CST                       5 :45 CDT WK811 T"n.. i" Rtv;t ..
11 110 ("'"nty PiO"Hrs
II I'll Ilau R.. u!"
                                                                                              CBS Til.                               •. dra·
                                                    - ...._ .... I".,.. _. __ ,na WOC Human AdunlurWI\BII HBC,H.ten B.."OI " Gen tlemen II'LlI' B,-: T""", dra",~
                                            WI/WO II F SIl III\RI.I II'UOII'
                                                                                                                 11'8011 WFIJ'oI

WIIIl Ilitk llPed                           CBS· Buli SIISlOft: InB)! I"IT II'TAG II(TO IIF.\\I II'\IBD oll1l1)lh                                                    \\'1.\011 WTItJ WIRE II'\IAQ )Iu,",al Enlr.                                                   iConlmlltd on Hul ,.,11
II"JU(' I"orr;o", P~v .....·~               IlhOIl 1"lIm Ilno W~BT WIlT h..- 11.81)                                                              \ ... 9.53)
                                            WTAQ I'" 11.83)                                          Too •.• ·•• " ••"" ,         n,"""'.rIo1
\I I\UIS IJuku, Pal (o'n"                                                                          .f ..... I:,or",' _I. "h~ H•• MBS,Sl1l1hlIUer Comments: KWK
                                                                                                                         r' ,,......
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Be aRADIO Technician
                                                    .'II-c1.~ .. "r 11,. ll, 01 Colo-
II lIT 8",,,t ..."',,,,.                        ..,to_ fOh .... ~, ... _ o[ ""rl- ...... W,-."., ,., ,100> ~l' I,,,,,f.~ WG\ \lIIBf WROK
                                                                                                  -'''-1' ....
                                                                                                                                 1'~I .......It.
II 1l0K lh .... t rolr., 11 .....               ,·.u ..... I ..r II , ..",I.. C. C.Io
II "'l'! lI'altl Tlnj,                          ..d>.> ~'u. \".n ••• or ,."'_, ....               "f (;r... ,lu'lrlO. ooorr Itol'_"" CBS·The World Today: WKBH
                                                l·ot,,...,111 (",.t",~., ... \ \". or u ... -     II ....."., ,,' II... l' "llI:d....            IIT(O WTIQ 1\ \180 Wf8'o1
'\TlIJ Phit'."1'h, "~I Livin~                   ~ . . . . III <11 .. -...     II'b Diet I NB C· Rhylhml" Rlurdo; WI8A I\'BII" \\01 IHAII 1\ \IT W1S!'f                                                                Le arn at Home -                     Make Good Money
   1 ;00 CST                   2 :00 CDT
                                                no I .. ( ... u... ~ ...                      II'O\\'O II'K"8 1.,,953-1533)                      I ... 11 &3)                                                         Il<l r...10 ." "t ~ _w Iii .. In fI..tlo -.1 II_
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .-t.,     lJo TtI.,I.,,",_ lI ..d _        I , ... Ia .... "' _        r,
CBS, Ohlo St.le Unl~. Conu.t: KIIOX lIedd. ""I~c" 1I011y"ood NB C·Sonny J"m,,' Oreh.: W!.\\, I\\!OX Or.. " II.kld'H                                                                                                   I....... onol T~.'I.' ... , ""11<1,... I 1...11...1 h., ••,"'" 11.,11
Iln~M          W~IlT      1111110 WT\(; WOMI-(4kland lIill Glu Club                           WMAQ InlOW 11' 11 0                                " ... n J .. >l''', Ibr A..·n                                        ~ ... Of 1I .. lr....., lI.d", bu,I ....... _ ~h,"" .. h Uf. '1_
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      , . , I ...... _ ..."" .,u""". "',.. ,;;; ... u ...... e'\»
111'1'0 f,w 1183)                           * lI'l)l Nf"'; Arli,,, Burt"u                                                                        * 1I'1'A D Newo
      .......... " . . _ 2 0                WIt,\· ...!>Vrt SIU'" Ti,,, •                     MBS·TommJ Re,noldl' Orth. ; WeFt lin r,m".                                                                              ~., tll::~:' ~'~~fl'';' I':-..~~. tJ:·r:'.I,~ "lJr,I,~ ';;\'::i-:
NB C·Coldlf' Melodies: lVooW IVIIBF,Go'l>fl T.",ple S.. ~irN                                  WlI lIF II'IIOK wes                                11'1111' Gt.".~~ !lvur                                                 ....................................... .                                 '
lilliE WMAQ II'LII' h ....·953) 11'1111' \·II~o·SI" 1I',ur                                    IVOl·Tht Art 01 Li"in,(                            1I'1108.. tl»lI Seo...                                               : ,. t:. t:mITII . 1',.,I<Ito><, u..>I.ont
                                            WI L L.Ba'i~ Hu",all Stt...                       WESR 110'" Do You Kno,,1                           WIND,SuMet M •• nad,                                                 : :'<011000&1 IUdlo 1""Ug(o. \\.• ...... , 0_ C.                      •
HB C·Lts Brown's Orch.: KWK                                                                                                                                                                                           • _ _ _ . . . ._ . _                        .·RIX. (l·IN • • ,t,- •
                                            IV I ~ I)'<;I""I'                                 WIIA Relit:ion on Iht C.lllpU.                     WJJD Arl T.tulo.
IIOII'() WKB8 (,.•. 1513)                                                                                                                                                                                             : ..... b-.)
                                            WIRE lI ,.h 'x1,,,,,1 Ho".                        1I'1I1P Wuod., I'u, II., hlrr.                     WLW·Trul) Ahluiun                                                                                                              MI.. . . . .. :
M8 S Ben",
IllIflf WROK
                      Krut9tr's             WI ... ", O.vh .. 11 Galli.
                                            WJ8\ U"r~1 ..... 11<01.
                                                                                              WII\:DII.(e lI .. ulh
                                                                                              II'nlJ "',,,,11, e 8 ...
                                                                                                                                                 II''''''Q~~'' 104 ......1                                            :   "'................ .... ....................... :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ,    ,
U...I lI, Sol" n. Yank • .,.: WG~ IVOC-Kiddit Qui<
* Soon: WLS WT AD
                                            I\TAIl (,.
                                               2:15 CST                       '"""
                                                                                                 ):45 CST
                                                                                              HBC ·50nny Jlmts' Orc h.: KSD
                                                                              ) :15 CDT NBC ·A C"pptlll Clloir: WIBA MBS·For lhe Clllldrm: WROK
                                                                                                                                                 WROKSot-i~1 !-t:turilr Talk
                                                                                                                               4 :4S COT \\'~l'l Ono~Q 11.1odJn
                                                                                                                                                    5 :00 CST                       ' :00 COT                          .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      : ADO_" •••••• ,., ... . . ... . " . , . , • •• •• • • • •• :

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      : cr1'l'. .. ................. .,...,.. •••••••••• :

* KI!OX Let'. Discu .. tht !'lew KIIO:\ (..
                                                                                  ". "        IIO\H\ WI\BIS 1.",95315_33) hl\h wlHn
Page 24                        9/32-E     W,IBC·Si,,~o                               7;30 CST                 8:30 CDT KMOXThe World Today                  WlS·N.tional B.", Dance                WI1oiO·Emil Flindl's Var!ily Cm,
                                          WJJD.Tcxa. Jim Lewi,                     MBS-Moz"t Op.ri SeriK: WROK WCFl.\hk. Bolie"c Danceland                  WLW-Boone COunTy Jamboree              *WISN-New": for D.ncin~
   SATURDAY                               WOC Richard Him~r', Orch.
                                          IVIIOKDinner Ensemble
                                          WT,Ii) Dinoer ~Iu,k
                                                                                        ,,",Ie do"" g" ~ ... 20.
                                                                                   NBC·Frank           BliCk
                                                                                                                          WHAS·Richard Himher's Orcb.
                                                                                                                           WI).lO,To be ano"unc~d
                                                                                                                 Prnents: *WOC_IIall DaMe: N.""
                                                                                                                                                            WMAQ.C.,lo. ~foIinn'. arch.
                                                                                                                                                            WTAM·Pau! Burton's Orch.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   WLS·Nat'l Barn Dance
                                                                                                                                                                                                   WMAQBud Fr~~m.n's arch.
                                                                                                                                                             9:15 CST             10:15 CDT 10;15 CST                    11:15 CDT
                                                                                   I\TA\I KSD W'IAQ KOA WHO WROK.To b. ,'lnouneed
           May 18                     7,00 CST
                                    NBC·Talk by Rep. Harold O.
                                                                      8;00 CDT \VIBA (.,,9.53)
                                                                                        M.O;C ..... " Gn _:00
                                                                                                                           WSUI Travel Radio S.rvi.~
                                                                                                                                                            NBC-Don Bestor's arch.: WTAM
                                                                                                                                                            MBS-Old Dominion Barn D.nce:
                                                                                                                                                                                               CBS-Harry James' arch.: WFB'1
                                                                                                                                                                                               WKBH WCCO WISN WMT
                                                                                                                            8;30 CST            9,30 CDT
                                    C'K,I... K~D KOA WTAM WHO *"ew.: II'Jet: II'G."                                       NBC-nlk by Sen. Robert Tdt:       WHBF                               NBC-Jimmy Dorsey's Orch.: WHO
       (6:30 p,m. Continued)        II'HQ \\D1J                                    WBOW_Old Trails Pi"n~ers               WKB8 WTeN                         NBC·johnny McGu'§ Orchestra:       WHOW
                                          H'·I',,·.~,,'otln          C""t~,     01
*CBS·W~yne Kin~'s Orthtstra;           :':urtl. l·nr"I\". wilt till. 00 II tTL· Labor ~l~'h ••                            .CBS-News: Gay N,netles Rnue:     IVKBB                               "'BC·Jan Savitt's Orch.; KWK
;.:~\\"   K'IOX 1V~1J<D 1\11.\5        ..,. .... llarbrl •• Ullt ...               WIXO OU<:Oo """re'. Orch.              weco WHAS K.\IOX WSBT             WCFL·Don Arti.te                   MBS-Frankle Mutels' Orchestr~'
WFS'I WISS WB8,\1 weco NBC-Alk~-Sdtzer Nat,on;ol Bun WIRE-~lor:letn MoiodiO!ll                                                     WI~n W\1T 47,
                                                                                                                          W\IBD o.eru ... "" _  \\'ISS      II"HO-SPI'rl,                      I\'HBF
1,,,·)1.83)                         Don.e· WLS \\lW KWK (sw· WKIIB,SIudio Party                                                                             WIRE, Dick Rotd: \lusic.l Inler-   *K\IOX H. W. Flannery View'
"SO·Cherl ~Icl\ay & CGmp~ny         9.531 101", .' 10 Dill.)                                                              NBC-Btrnie Cummins' Orchestr.:    Iud.
WCfL.\\'h~r~ In Cn-What 10 Do
                                             r., 'v'I~" .".;/ ". __ ,
                                          •• " •• M . . . . I ... I.;' . ."'_
                                                                                   W~J·Oance Orch.
                                                                                     7;45 C5T                 8:45 CPT KSD
                                                                                                                          WT\lJ WMAQ WIB.I WHOW             WJBC·!t's Dance Tune
                                                                                                                                                                                               the N.w,
                                                                                                                                                                                               WIIASWal,h Look! 'Em Ov~r
WOl-St~r!in( Srt"'ents                                                                                                                                      WMAQCarl", .\Io>li~a', Oreh.       WLW-Gordofr Benedict's [)reh.
*WF,\M'lu,i<: 01 Ih~ 11&"lros:      CBS·Your Hit Paride: WBB.\! CBS-SHurd~y Night                                                                 W~IBO_Sport.; Mdody Miniature
                                    11"11115       WCCO \IJR                 KMOX WIlliS WBR)! K\IOX WMBD *MBS·New~: Del CnuMnty's Or-                                                         \\·OC·Sport,
WGX ·Grilf Willi;unl' Orch_         WSBT WIS~ WKBH WTAQ IU'B\I \\"JII WOC                                                 chostra: WROK KWK                    9:30 CST            10;30 CPT WROK Si~ht Club
                                    WFBM Woe WMaD WMT (sw-                               8m Perry w!1l 01011 An.el III KOAGrand or Opry                      NBC-Ben Cutler's Orch_: WIBA      WTMJ·Dance Oreh,
WHIP-RhYlhln'~ Intrrlude                                                              Dj.~"be      ond nome On tbe WBaMTh. Heart of Julia Blake
                                    )1.83) (also KNX KSl .t 10                                                                                              WHO WTAM                           10 :30 CST          11:30 CDT
WHO·H. V, K.ltenborn                                                                  Ran~~ . .\11'0 E&llhI." will lIn.
WI~O·Plin~r & Earlo                 p,m. CST)                                         E.lrpIl1U. Toe •• ",nndul pr<!o WFB~l·A Littlc Night Musie            CBS·K~y Kyser's Orch.: WJR NBC-Dante Orth.: WKBB
WIRE-Carillon Mu,ic                 MBS-Hawai) Cills: WHBF WGN                        sent I Wnlk Wh~ ll".lr. The WGN·Kenny"n·' Orch.                W:;BT WIi:BH WISN WTAQ CBS-TtG Fic·Rlto's arch.: WSBT
*WJBC-Sports. Newl, Markell. *11'BOW·New~
                                                                                      Or<'~UI"    wm pl.,. Wllolh'~h' WIRE·i\lelody in the Nite             IVFB"     WOC weco WMBO WIIAS WMT WBB" WMBD
WUlher                              WCFL·ConCetl Hour
                                                                                      ~~.Ev~~;'~l~~~.; t" r't~~n::"VOY WlS·Front Por~b P~rty
                                                                                                                          WlW,Renlro Valley
                                                                                                                                                            W\1T                               woe WISN WKBH KMOX
WJJD-Chapel Singo.,                 WIND·ln tho :dusk Room                         CBS-Truth or Ccnsequencn, quiz WSUI-Album of Arti,ts                     MBS·Wlll OSborne's Orchestra; NBC-Gray Gordon's arch,: 11'110
WKSS-IValt. Time                    WlnE·Gnvetnm~nt Reports                        prgm,' (~w·I1.83)                      WTAMDance Or~h,                   WROK WHBF                          KOA WBOW KSO WMAQ WIBA
WKBH,Fecd·.-Gram,                   W,IBC·Atmiv~r .. ry Pany                                                                                                 "'BC-Sleep, ... lI"s Orch.; KWK MBS-Grllf Williams' arch.: KWK
WLS·Barn Dance [>arty
                                                                                   KSD.lnterview wilh N.lson Cun-           8;45 CST            9:45 COT
                                    WJ,JD·Supp~rtimo Frolic                        til/                                   CBS-G,y Nlneti!s R.vue, WKBH      WKBB (.w-9.53)                     WIlIlF lYRa" WIRE
WLW-Renfro VQlloy                   W"BIHIl Ih Gln~minJt:                          WCCO-Ri.h.,d Bimbo,'s Oreh.
WOC_W.111 Time                                                                                                            WIND (,w-9.65)                    KMOX-Jimmy Conzelman Reml. *WCCO·RoHie Johnson, Spo,u &
                                    WROK Fir.'ide Bible Chat.                      WCFL-Donald Novi., lon~s               MBS-Del Courtney's Orchest,a:     nisce.                             New,
WOWO·Home Folk Frolic               WSUI·Land of the Slory Book                    *WGN·News: MeLean's WHBl'
WaOK-Sportl                                                                                                                                                 *KSD.New", Allen Roth's Orch. WCn.·Rocll1:o &r Rhylhm
                                    WTAD·Tune! of the Day                          Onh.                                                                     *WBBM·News
WTAD-WPA Prgm.                                                                                                            *WBBM.Howard Neumiller, pian.                                        WFB,\I Ba.eb.lI Round Up
WTAM_Sig Town, drama                  7:15 CST                       8:15 CDT WISN.Dance Time
                                                                                   W,IBC·College Swil\~                   ist: News
                                                                                                                                                            WCFI.·Mu,ic I.overs' Prgm.         WLW·BJlddy R"'Iers' Orch.
  6;45 CST            7;45 CDT NBC-Con,ert Orcll.; WTAM KSD WJR-Melody Marvel.                                            JltWBOW·New,                      WGN Ted W.... m.' Oreh.            WTAM·Clevdand. nadia Club
NBC·Bobby Byrne's arch.: WHO KOA WIRE WTAM WMAQ WHO WKBH-F.ankie Masters' Orch.                                                                             WIND·Oeacon M"",e's Orch_          WTMJ·Sporh
                                                                                                                          *WFBM-Si~!!in! Cops; Newg
                                                                                                                                                            WIRE.B.sebali Roundup              10:45 CST           11:45 CDT
WIRE                                WTMJ                                           WMT-Band Wagon                         WSUl·Daily Iowan 01 Ih. Air       *WJBC-New$: Sport!: Wulher CBS·Ted Fio-Rlto's arch.: WFBM
*New", WKBH WIND WHIP WBOW,Human Inler"'l Dnma                                     WSBT-Richud Himber's arch,               9:00 CST           10 :00 CDT   WLW·Jack Teagarden's Orch.
WlrnB                               WINO·~faxim Oldsky', Orch_                       8;00 CST                 9:00 CPT NBC·Johnny McGee's Orcb.:                                               WCCO
                                                                                                                                                            WMAQ·lou Bre.,e', Orch.            NBC-Gr~y Go,don's Orch.: IVT\lJ
*KSD-N_, Rotln.. BOUrdOD'1 \VJBC·Moral R~_ArmalIlent Prgm. NBC-Concut Orehestn: WCFL WTCN KWK                                                                 9:45 CST            10 :45 CDT
Orch.                               WJR-Wayne Kinl{'s Orch.                        WKBB <Sw·9.53)                         *CBS-News: Bob Chester'. 0,-      NBC·Ben Cutler's Orch.: KSD K~IOX.Old .athloned Barn
                                                                                   NBC-Bob Cr"sby's Orch.; KSD chestra: WSBT WBaM WTAQ                                                         O.nee
                                                                                                                                                            i\.\lOX·Public Allai,., Discy,"ion K"O XI~;fr Cusat'. Orcb.
                                                                                   WTMI W!BA WLW KOA WIRE (.,,9.65)                                         *WBB\I ~Iusi" 01 the hllnds: *KWK New,
                Saturday Micaht                                                    WTMJ WMAQ WBOW
                                                                                   MBS·MoZlirt Oper~ Series: KWK WHO
                                                                                                                          NBC-Don Bl!5tor's Orch.: KSD      New.
                                                                                                                                                            WJBC-CoJlege SWing
                                                                                                                                                                                               WCFL·llc"~r~"r's Ord>_
                                                                                                                                                                                               WTMI.Harry Jlmes' Orch_
                                                                                                                          NBC-AlkI-Sdtze, Birn Dance;       IVLW·Sportll                       11 :00 CST          12:00 CDT
    NATIONAL BARN DANCE          wlI~
                                                                                   WCCO·\Iu.ical PrglD.
                                                                                   WGS-Concut Or~h.
                                                                                   WHO-Iowa Barn Dance froll.
                                                                                                                          KOA wnu WGOF WBOW (also
                                                                                                                          1ft 8 p.m. CST)
                                                                                                                          CBS-Sky Blners: WFBM KMOX
                                                                                                                                                            WTAM-Oanoe Orth_
                                                                                                                                                            10:00 CST
                                                                                                                                                                                               CBS-Pliner &
                                                                                                                                                                                  11 :00 CDT WHAS WMT WBBM WFS\t
                                                                                                                                                            NBC-Jan Savill's arch.: WKBB WISN WKBH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 E;!rl's Orch.:

                                                                                   WIND-Emil Flindr's Vanily Crew woe WMT WCCO WISN (ili,o                  NBC·Jimmy Dorsey's Orch.: KOA NBC-Bfrnie Cummins' Orchestra;
                     EDDIE PEABODY                                                 WKBH-Rapid Ad                          at 5:30 p.m. CST)                 WlBA WTAM WTRE                     WENR WKBB KWK
                            ."./.. w/..."J                                         WLS-Barynyard Jamboru                  MBS-Old Dominion BilTn Dance;     CBS-Harry James' arch.: WIS~ NBC-Ten Disciples 01 Rhythm;
     Joe Parsons _ Hoo,ler Hot 5110h - Hellry 8111T                                WROK·Nino Rinaldo'. Oreh.              WROK                              WSBT WTl'.G WBO~1 WJR WIIO WTMJ WBOW WMAQ
     lOllile to4aney Gnd tile Welterners _ Uncle bra                               WSBT·Voiee of Indu.try                                                   WMBD <sw-IS.J2)
                                                                                   WSUI.Viclor Herbert's Musie            * :<ews: WlSA WMBD WHBF                                              MBS-Chulle Baum's Orchestra;
                  WLS         KWK                WLW                                 8,15 CST                 9:15 CDT WGN·Art Ka •• el". arch.             * N',w", WROK WOOli' weco WHBF WROK WGN WIRE
                                                                                   CBS-Public Affairs: WIND WMT WHAS·Kentucky Play Party                    IVLIV WHO IVFB~I WGN WBBF
         7:00 P.M., CST - 8:00 P.M .. CDST                                                                                                                  WTMJ woe WKBH WHAS KOA-Sport.
                                                                                   WFBM WKBII WBBM WSBT WIND·Haw.ii Calls                                                                      *KSD-News
    WTMJ WG8F W80W - 9:00 P.M., CST                                                WCCO WMBD                              WIRE.To bQ announced              WMT
                                                                                                                                                            KMOX-Franee I.allx, spOrt.         IVCCO·Dick Shelton
                                                                                        Sll<'a~~t: JOleph C. O'MAMnu      WJBC·"he Band 01 the Week                                            IVLW·Dance Orcb,
                 Sponsored by AI.K;A·SHTZER                                           o! Wy()mln~.                        *WJR,Jaek Kin~. ne..,;            KSD-Cotnmunity Forum
                                                                                   MBS-M~l'Irt Operi Series: WHBF WI, Btl-Dance Orch.                       KWK-One M.n's Opinion                  End 01 Saturday p ,cgrams

                                                                                                                                                            CBS_Salt l ake City Tibtrnade
                                          CBS·March 01 GamK: WFAM
                                          WMBO WKBH WruM hw-
                                                                                       SUNDAY,                      May 19, 1940                            Choir" Organ: WTAQ WFBM
                                                                                                                                                            weco WKBH woe
                                                                                                                                                                                                   NBC-Vass FamIly, songs: IVOIVO
                                                                                                                                                                                                   W£NIl WKBB (sw·15.33)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   MBS_Benny Krueger's Orchtstra:
  *Star III progrom IIstlllgs             KMOX-Pi~no Recital                                                                                                MBS-Salety Club: WHBF WROK             WGN WIlBF
Indicates IIOWS broadccut.                WBBM·Th. Peopl .... Platform                                                                                      KMOX-Pde " Goldie                      WBBM·SundlY SUDshiM
                                          WBOW-Radio!                    9:15 CST             10;1S CDT KWK·Unit.d Chariti" Reporter         Paro>de
                                                                                                                    WBB~I·SYnday    Sunshine                                                       WCFL·TIme fOl" Mo.;c
 8:00 CST                9:00 CDT         WCCO-Uncle Ray               NBC-l utheran-Layman, slngert:                                                       WCFL-Rev. John loller         Param.
                                          WDl·Country Church                                                        WCFL.Modem Melodies
                                                                       WOIVO (sw.15.33)                             WDl·Four Martin!                        WDl·Zeke Manne"                        WTAO.The Junioretlfl
NBC-Highlightl 01 the Bible:              WHBF·OrJan RKital                                                                                                 WIND·Melhodist Prgm.
WMAQ WSOW                                 WIIO-Commu~ity Bible
                                                                       MBS-R eyill"ing Stind; WIRE                  WIIO-Stamp$ Quartet
   Dr. !'tellerlc. SIII",m'o 0<1-                                      KWK WHBF WGN                                 WJBC·Amtrican L£gion Band               WIRE-Cryslal Melody Hour
                                          WIRE·Easlside Church                                                                                              IVISN-Sund.y Morning Revue             11:30 CST            12:30 CDT
 dre .. I. lit!I'd "SIll! S« Tbe                                                                                    WJJO-Happy to luoky Time
 Leadlnl<. ,. The ModI<>
 Ie..... m 01"11 Tate )17 Lite
                                CIIo",-   WISN·Spirilu.1 Fenow.hip
                                          WJBCehur.h of th~ Air
                                                                       WCFL-)!.gie Momentl
                                                                       \VOZ-Plaw Jockeys                            WLS-This W«k iD WasbiDglon              WLS·Reading of Funni!!: Wuth·          NB C-Sllnr Strings; WLW WISA
                                                                                                                    WLW-Govtrnmwt Reports                   er: Liv .... to.k Eslimal""            WMAQ
 and Lei 11 n~, ol>d W""derlut            WJJD-SuDday Moening Frolic   WHO·Seventh Day Adventist                                                            WMAQ-Prevue of New R~ords
 Word. at Ute.                                                         WIND-Mortial Tiro; New.
                                          WMT-Seandilluian F.U ..... hip                                            WMBD_U.ed Car Paradt                                                           MBS-Amer/un Wildlil.: \VHBF
                                                                                                                    WTAD ..... t's W.ltl                    W~lT·Chick Chats
CBS-Church 01 the AI,; WCCO               lIour                        *WLS·News
KMOX WBOM            WFBM (.w_            WROK-A.,embly of God Church  WL\V.lnuilalion 10 Listen                                                     10:45 CST           11 :45 CDT NBC-AI & lee Rtiser's Orch.;
17.83)                                    WTAD·Speaker                 W"'IAQ.R.dio Pand.                           10;00 CST              11:00 CDT CBS-Salt Lake Cit)' Choir" Or. KWK WENR WKBB (.w-15_31)
     Spo.ket: Jo~" U. Gro ..              WTMJ,Comie Caravan           WMT·Modern Melodll!5                         NBC -RadiO CIty MusIc Hill 01         ,an, WFAM                                CBS-Dtmocruy in A't!on: woe
  l:IIelbodlo1\. p",.'d~"t of Simp-                                    woe·So~~. of Ih bbnds                                                              MBS-March of Health: WHBf                IYMIlD WCCO WfBM KMOX
  OOn cone~ .._ Indianola. 10....                                                                                   lh Air: String Orch_: KIVK
                                                                       WROK,Mu,ic Maestro PIe...                    WCFl WOWO WlW WKOB                                                             WBBM (sw·11.83)
NBC-Melodic M 0     ~   d s:   WOWO
                                           8;45 CST           9:45 CDT WTAD·Drama of F""d                                                                 * KMOX-Headli~e Highlights                   TOO.T·' ~ploode .bo.... llIe .~
                                                                                                                    ( ..r.15.33)                          WBB,\I .lluoicai PrRm.
WKBB (sw-21.S)                            NBC-Ross Trio, WMAQ WLW      WTMJ.Muler. 01 Rhythm                                          ....,.20.
                                                                                                                        .... Je •• " " ...
                                                                                                                                                          WDZ·Maltoon Church S... viu
                                                                                                                                                                                                     nCIUU ot b.. lhllo~ reOlrl ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tlo". "nd KOnloc "'1("laUo ...
KWK-Religion, on Ihe Ail                  K"'IOX·OrJan Melodies                                                     NBC-Th. Story 01 All of Us, chil- IVJBC-Melhodi.t Church
                                                                                                                                                                                                   WrFL·Me~t the Folk,
WCFl·Grand Jambor.e                       WTAD-Pop Concerts             9:30 CST          10:30 CDT                 dren's pr~m.· WBOW WBO                WKBHChurch Setvi,es                      WGN-Old Tunts in Swlng TIm.
WOZ·Son. of Pioneers                                                                                                MBS-Walter Eisenberg, Yiolini5t, W;ltT-Mar.h 01 He.lth                         WrREChurch Servic..
*II'FAM·New., Old·Time GOI~1               9;00 CST          10:00 CDT ~~~~o be announced: WIRE                     Mar t h a Thompson, pianist: WROK·Mis.ion Tawruacle                            WISN.~rm.n Hour
T.lwrn.cle                                                                                                          WIIBF WROK                            WTAD·Le.t We Forgot                      WJJD·DuJlce Or.h.
WGN·Morning Symphonic Hour                *CBS·Ne"5 & Rhythm: KMOX           NBC-Music & American Vouth:                 Ftlnl".ln Quul Un. Sonata.                                                WO\\'O'Miuionary Hou,
                                          WBBM WFBM                          WMAQ                                     .n orl~lnkl compo8it\QD by 11;00 CST                       12:00 CDT
*WHBF·Ncwl                                                                                                            Rnymond Grnm 8wlog, MBS                                                      WTAD·Mu,ie for Sundaj
Wt!lP·G.rm"u Hour                         *NBC-Newo; StrIngs Thit Sing:          'J'od&y'.    tealU«lt       no", •• nalyel, wHi be p,eoeRl<.'d. NBC-Pilgrimage 01 Pottry; KWK
                                                                               moole 01 Ihe .ov~"ty_n.(!-volce                                                                                     WTMJ:Parade of Bands
WIIO-Bible Broadcul...                    WMAQ                                 cboir 01 tho Stnte T""cher~ col.     WBBM.Piano Parade                     WENR WOWO WTMJ WKBB
WIND-llalian Hour                         *CBS-News; Mattlnala;    (sw_        le~e of T",utOll, Sew Janoey.        * WDZ·Ntw,cad; Suoin~ •• Week (5w-15.33)                                       11:45 CST            12:45 CDT
WIRE.Christian Sc:icnte                   17.83)                             CBS-Major Bnwe$' Family: WIND          * WFAM.Week'. New.                         'J'oda,j"a to~r to Ibroujlb (be
WISN-SI. Boniface Church                                                     WFAM WCCO KMOX WISN                    WGN_Univ. of (hiear" Chapel             nome ot EmUy Dk_Inoo" In               MBS-Tommy       Reynolds '   Orch.;
WJBC-Mu,ic of Sunday                      .NBC.News: Allee Remsen In                                                                                        Amherst. llu •• cbu"ett.,              WliSF WGN
                                          the Land "f Mak~ Believe,          WKBH       WKBB      woe WMT           WHIP-ht Church of the Nanrene
WJJD·Sunday Morning Frolic                                                   (5w_17.83)                                                                   NBC -Music f~, Moderns: WIBA             WDl-Or~ana
WLS.Liule Bro ..·o Chur~h                 WOWO (sw.15.33)                        ~........" _ 0_ .'''en'" 0.'....   *W1 ND-Jewish New. " Views
                                                                                                                    * WIRE-News                           WBOW              IVJJD·Olnce Orcb.
WlW·Churoh Forum                          *MBS-News, Harold Til r n e" NBC·Happy Jim Parsons: WLS                   WISN-Bavarian Hour                                      WKOH·Sundly S.r.nlde
                                                                                                                                                          CBS -Church of the Air; WCCO
WMBDWeathet RtpOrt: OTlan                                                    WIBA (5w.15.33)
                                 WIRE WGN                                                         WJBC-St. Mary's Chureh Service woe KMOX WFBM (.. w-1L83)
Melodie.                                  * Ncws: WTMJ WIND WLW * ~e,..s: KWK WJBC WBBM                             WJJD_People'. Churcb                       S(>Ulr:er: Renreod C1ellll A.
W~IT·~fu,i. for Sund.y
                                          WMT WHBF WROK                      wen                                    WLS-Sunday Morning Mel~                 .\IUler (calboll~l. dUD of lilt
                                                                                                                                                            lIl!AlIUIom Otvt Tbolll.ll, CtD-
II'TAD·W.h Up & Li ...                    KWK-Pop Wise Reads the FDmuts WBOW-W. T. C. U. Pr,m.                      WMAQ·Sing An Old Song                   eioull, Oble.     IOIOX·I01N1      WI1I&-1_
WTMJ ·Church Servi(n                                                         WOZ·Paul Grov..                                                                                  KOA-S80          W18S·11211
                                          WBOW.Sunsbine Hour                                                        WMBDCe!rtul Cbril;tlan Orurc:h * News: WCFL WMBD          K8\1·SOO         WJBC_12Otl
                                          WCCO·Ladies Fint                   WFB\I·Chri.tlan Men Builders           WTAD-Conctrl Masler                                       KWK·13li(I
                                                                                                                                                          WHBM_Man aD th~ St",et               WJJD·I180
 8;15 CST                9:15 eDT                                            WGN-Mornin, Matinee                                                                              WlI,\,I.-8D(l    WJR_1{>O
                                          WCFL-Hit Revue                                                                                                  \VFAM·Hun~ari3n Hour\\·1IIU!·17O     WKBB_lrotI
NBC-St,ing Moods: WIRE                    WDl_Vi!il With Mr. Hull            WHO·Community     Bibl.   Andi.        10:15 C5T              11:15 CDT WGN-Magic Melody
                                                                             tor;um                                                                                           IVBOW-I200       WKlIJ:t_Ill8P
* New", WMBD WIBA                         * WFAM.Pre" News; Sumb:l'                                                                                                           WC(.'O·8Ul
                                                                                                                                                          WHBF·Swan & Ole, ,!cit               WL8-!70
                                          Serenade                           WJJD.Dlck Baker. IiOlII'I              NBC·Oy~nguffn, gullarist: WHOW
                                                                                                                                                          Wmp.Budapest Hou,   wcrlrtl10        WLW_700
II'Dl-Thi. W«k'. Fnont"                                                      WKBB-Organ Revori ..                   WMAQ WHO WIRE                                             \1'D7.·IO:.'O    Wll.AQ_6141
WHBF-Highway I" Heavf:ll                  WHIP·Lithuanian Hour                                                                                            WHO-Convegational         C b. II' Cb.
                                                                                                                                                                              WDNlt-818        WMBV-1441l
                                          WIIO-Christian Selenee Prgl!l_     WMBD-Mornin' Revu.                     WBBM-Sundav Sunshine                                      WJ1',U.I_l2OIl   W.IoIT-OOQ
WOlVO·SeieMf Reader                                                          WTAO-WPA Prim.                                                               Service
                                          WISN-Break/ad Club                                                        WOl-College Broadust                  WIND·German Hour    WFB}f.l~n        WOC-IInO
 8,30 CST                9;30 CDT         WJBC-Family Album                                                         WFAM-Fint P .... byteriall ChUTch WlW-Cadle Ta~maole ChoirWGN_120          Wowo_    uoo
                                                                                                                                                                              WH,I.·{HO        WKOK_Hl.
                                          \VJJO·Dr. Copel~nd Smith            9:45 CST         10:45 CDT            WTAO·Juniorettn                       WMAQ-Happy Jim PalSoM. IOIIp
                                                                                                                                                                              Wn,\l~-820       WIniT_UI6O
NBC -SoulhernlfrTO. qu.ttet: KWK          WKBO-U~ited Church ServiCe!                                                                                                         WnJ.!tr-12,j(l   WSUI _B80
                                                                                                                    10;30 CST                             WMT-Church P"Ilm.
WKBB \VISA WLS WOWO                       WKBH·Momin~ Melodie.
                                                                             NBC-Four Belles: WOWO WKBB                           U:30 CDT                                    WlIll'·lf88      WT.&O-IIOG
(sw-21.5)                                                                    (sw-15.33)                                                                                       wno-looo         WT.&JrI_1010
                                          WLS·Gu.e Wilson. contr.                                            NBC -Un You, Job: WBOW WHO 11:15 CST                12;15 CPT    WII1,\_I280      WTAQ-133O
NBC-Robt . Stewart, hr,; WMAQ             WMBD-S,mshillers                   NBC-Music .. Amerlun Youth;         "T.... ~lln~ Sa'"""ao"' Ie I~e NBC·Mulie lor Mcdtrns: WMAQ   W1U~~89          trnfJ_
WLW                                       * woe·!'I<'Ws: flom •• on the Land WBOW                             title ot lOda7'. dramlitlUTloo, KWK                             WIND _~(IIl
WMAQ·A Heap t>I livia'
W\lT~ion of S.fth
WDU SI. Ch.rI.                  Un) " IIn"'t                          SUNDAY GOOD LISTENING GUIDE                                                                                                                                                        SUNDAY
                                                                                                               Ch.c:k th . progrom s                             w ont    to     h. ar todo y

                                                                                                                                                       '1' 011

                                                                 MORNING                                  PI"...' ; Walt., l.u .. of Ih
                                                                                                          U. o( Chic ~o and olh" •.
                                                                                                                                                                 Quiz P''''Ium, with G.rry
                                                                                                                                                                 \Iooft, \I C.; Ttt.! Woem.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                          7:00 CST 18:00 coT) Ford
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Summtr Hour. CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            May 19
12 :0 0 C S T           1:00 COT                     ':30 CST (10:30 COT) Mi~r                                                                                   "'eh,<ln.                                  ~"ni".

                                                       Bowa ' Fim ,ly, CBS.                            1:00 CST (2;00 con Colum·                                                                                            an.... mu.i",1
HBC ,SlI IUlt 01 Ihl AllllflC":                                                                                                                                                                             PC--OO:'~Pl ...ith Jto .. ca D'~­      4 :45 CST                   5 :45 COT

1IIInt 11110 _ _ 20                                    GUHI: Juk Drnny. or·                              bill BrOidc UI,ng Symphony.                        5:00 CST (6:00 COT) hc.
    .. .... _ . ' "\lIQ                                                                                  CBS.                                                 Btnny, Comedian. NBC .                        ""tttt. ooprano; J I ," ••           WDl ~u"da)           '''Iont.
                                                       ~h"'IU·luJ ....
                                                                                                               '".,. _., ........                ...                                                        ";owtll baritone; Ltilh Stt.         w/UP .11.""1 '", .1<),tJ Lt ....
                                                                                                                           .. o"durlor_
                                                                                                         II"".,,! Ila,ln"_ _ fta_

                                                                                                                                                                                                             ...."'_., ........
CBS·S.lut. 01 th Amtricu:                                                                                       _    H,                                       'bry Li"i"",IOfI" R""h.,.I ...      , «lnduclor            l.inlo.   II' I<:S T.... lh Inn
II(:CO IIF'\~I WIIOD KMOX                           10:00 CST (11:00 COT) R~d ia                                                                              AntJ)- Drvint. Doo W"-<>n.
                                                       City Music Hi ll. NBC .                                                                                                                              I\'tUo. « _                 WJJD Riol(. RUhne",

II 1'\0 .,,,'. .I' 1.83) 20_                                                                                                                                  D,nnt. Dll, Phil Harri,' <lr·
    .. _ ...        __                                                                                                                                                                                                                           W\l8D T..·,hthl .....r< ,d.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      _       20_ . . ,_~ 4
                                                       Strine- ,)",ph"ny orchnlTl,                    3:00 CST 14 :00 con Choose                              ch.. tr~.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 WTIO 1 1I1t Show
HBC·T ruwrt Tra,ls 01 Son,:                            'huric-r 8 ..on, .onduclo';                        Up Sidt', CBS.

                                                         ..........., ....... ..                                                                                                                          7:00 CST (8:00 COTI Wilt..
                                                       Jan P~trCf. t ...o" h~Cju",                                    quo., .. "h Ca ...·.n                 5;3(1 CST (6:)() COT) F,tth                                                                                        6 :00 COT
KWK WE\R \\'0\\'0 \\ IRE
,." 15_33,                                             GI'",lin.,
                                                                                                          Adant'_      .''''Ihu, 'hnn .IId                    Bllldw'90n. NBC .                             Wlnchtll. Column tst. NBC.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    5:00 CST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  " NBC·Nt"l Ir.", [ .. roCH'             ,
                                                                _          ......... ft a.                olhu,        G~...-..   \1 Cohia                    Gue-", Grnr Krupa and hi.                                                          11'011'0 weFl II"K88 1\'18.1
*\""      WOl 1I110F IVTAD

                                                                                                          "i11      IK .nt' I lonilht'l                       o'rh"lra, IItn,)· " ~ttl.,.,                ';3(1 CST (8:30 COT) AIMrl·            MBS-Tropttll StreuGt: \I'IIIH
II FO\!                                                                                                                                                       \I e.                                         cln Alb .. m of Familillr Mu·
                                                               .... FTERNOON                             (ut.,·                                                                                                                                  II'ROK
II'UUM U~n" (II Ih \\'t.k                                                                                                                                                                                   sic. NBC .
WOOW \1",;0 for Ynu                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NBC ·Jack Btl\n~ & M"y Liv,n,
                                                    12:00 CST (1:00 CDTI S~lult                       3;00 CST {4:00 CDTI Mu.iul                            5:3(1 EST (6:3(I CDT) nt                         Frank 11,mn, 10"0"; J ean           'I''''f' W\lAQ K~O WT"lJ WIB"
weFi.    "poll~hl          P.~m.
                                                       01 Ihe Amrritu, NBC. CBS .                       Slttlmaktrs. MBS_                                     Ad.tnlures 01 Elltry O~ttn .                  DiekfMon. .opr'''O: Eli,-             1...··9.53) hllO al 9:30 p.'"
WCS Kra~y Quill                                                                                         The Ok! Tiontr. D",ol h,' Anll                        CBS .
IIIIIP·t!i.tnti.' I' ..lto"tf                          Tod.y', t>rno:ram Ori(i"2IU                                                                                                                          btth L~nnoz .onlralto;               esT )
                                                       In Col"n,hi3. ~'h Amuica.
                                                                                                        (ro,-e. H\("3li'l: SIMI, S;,-                         '"Th, \dnnlurt of fl onty·                     Ihtn.ehn'. «lnerrl OI"(hl'"S-
1I'15S·H,,,,,, o...ner~ PrOlU"
II'JB('.P.tile \lu.,clle                     !<onl Il ,_ Edn.roTo San.                    I.".orch.ln olher._                                 moon Il oUH.'· GUltlt: Anna
                                                                                                                                                              NUlIl., aClrt ...... d Arlhur
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  * CBS· Ntwl 01 Ih World: WOI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 WBlI\! KIIOX WIIr\~ II'CCO
II'JJOSlntaeJlI                                        101. 'I'/!'aku. a"d nalional                                                                                                                                                              WK8H WFlI'l WISS /ow 1l.83 ,
                                                       mu,ir will bf, htud,                           4:00 CST (5:00 COT ) Fu" In                             ""nn . • porl·wril ..                       8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Cnod
II'KBB Famou, H,,,nu                                                                                     Print. CBS .                                                                                       Will Hour, NBC.                      Wl)Z,LHt W. fOnt:f\
WlW·Mu.i~ nf Ih. " ..llrs
                                                         " .'"
                                                               __. " . . . .,..... ,~ . . . . 0"
                                                                . . .,
                                                                       ao ... . . 3.~
                                                                                                                                                                             NIGHT                                                               WE~R Btrnit Cummi",' Orch
\\"MTC..,d, \lelocl,.,                                                                                   Liltr.r)· 'lUI! p'""r~'n ....i,h                                                                   John J, Anlh""y. tond"UOf.
                                                    12:3(1 CST (1;30 COT) So Vou                         Si~','u"d ~I'".'b. "Tune D•.                                                                                                            WGN-Jack M(l.tan·, Orch
WOC·Roy J)lorh', ~"in, Fourlun                                                                           t.ctive:' \1. C                                    6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Ch.s.                     8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Tlkt 1\            WlllPPopot" Danee
WntJ·~untJ~~ l'oncen                                   Think Vou Know Musit,                                                                                  alld Sln~orn Pr~n.m , NBC.                                                         WHO·Ark~nla. Pi nt T,oub.dour,
                                                       CBS,                                                                                                                                                 Or luwt It . CBS.
                                                                                                      4:3(1 CST (5:30 COT) Show                               ("ha,li, McCarthy Ind Edur                    Qui. pr0ll"am. ...ilb Bob            WI\"O·!'oJi.h r,~m.
                                                       'In"c~1 qniz. ",i,h Ttd Co\!,
12 :15 CST               1 :15 COT                     .'1, C.; Ll!t)n.rd Litblin ••                    of Ihe Wttk. MBS.                                     Rtrqtn. (Olnodianl: Donald                    lI awk. II. C.; Duid Ro»t •          II'IR"-Allan Pr_oll
. .....w. WOOW WIRE WKBB                                jutJ(t, Gutm I... l:I ri ... llo.                Hat>PY Jim Par",",. M. C.                            O"klO"."mf' Ho~ ..1                     .nnounctr. and RIY Olor:h' •         II .IS(' T,,"i,h, Sinller.
WKBt! IIROK                                            ~lDlini.1. an,l Giovanni ~Ia,_                   Cu.,t oroht'l"a.                                      Arn,h,u,ur·.       o'chHtra.                  ",~h   •• tr •.                      * WMBO'l ..... '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 W\!T·Ch .. ,ch P'(m,
IIIlB" Of ",,' " B'>()~.                               lint1li.     ""0'.
                                                       ...--,. ..........,"" _ _ so                   4 :30 CST 15 :30 COT) Ctne
                                                                                                                                                              GU"'I J"n'''t \I;>eo.",ald.
                                                                                                                                                                 .ol,·a"._                                                                       \\''''l:IT l:I u~""ll !'r"'~'
WCFL·So y,,,,"e G"in. 10 Cof~                                                                                                                                                                             8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Hour
WOZ Pal. 01 Prail"lf                                                                                    Autry 'l MtlCHIy Rlnch. CBS.                                                                        01 Chrm. NBC.                        WT.\O G•• n,ht ll.rmnniH
\\TB\I E.I-It< .. JI~ For '1'"                      12 :30 CST (l:30 COT) UII I·                        T.ut Ha"l'''"' Wfl\ Ni1t!t,                         6 :30 CST (1:30 COT) Johnny                                                             5:15 CST                   6 :1S COT
                                                        wtrlily 01 ChiCigO Round                        Ton,\:hl', is lahn                               PreHnts Swint·Go. CBS.                       Pltil S"'lalny". All Gifl ...
IIIIBFPI~nlint Timt
                                                                                                                                                                                                            .hltl.a; ~"."ts.                     *CBS· Newlol Iht World: \\<'11"1
                                                        T~~ lt, NBC .                                    from (;tn,'. cu'renl piclu",                          "...-int Fou,tHn, vor:ali,I ••
W I~:-I \Iu i.,1 \I~li"t.

                                                                                                                                                                 -_ ............. __
                                                        SUbjKI ··A ..... ,'c~ and tho                                                                         Joonny G..... n', orrh~.tra,                                                       .. 'Ii .... ,: 11'110 WIRE WJJD
\lJJD-Sundn Mtlocfin                                                                                     "!hucho G,andt:' Gu..l:
                                                        PuC't '1""O{fu: S,.uk~u:                         June ~lor.,., movit ltar.                                                                        8:30 CST (';30 COT) Col .. m.          11'1\ BB (}kJ ".Iraln'
woe WH'''n -.~."r' "'~ ,nilt                            R~rt Kinlnft". W ... hin(IOn                                                                        6:30 CST (7;3(1 COT) On.                        bia Wo,kshop, CBS.                   II \1110 ~tlo." \1 .. " "!fr: ~p<"
I\"TAD·~h"iul              V"~ly

12:30 CS T             1 :30 COT
                                                        (o""'(lOndonl .nd co aUlho.
                                                        of 'The _, .. ,t.iun Whu"
                                                                                                      4:3(1 CST (5:30 COT) lei'
                                                                                                        lhe Bind, NBC .
                                                                                                                                                                 Ma.n'l. Family,....... _.
                                                                                                                                                                 A  _    _     ,
                                                                                                                                                                                             .. ,.,'        "The f"i.h Stot)', ' In oricinal
                                                                                                                                                                                                            nw.iul .omtdy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 \\ TAD \.t'Iion 01 Saltly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   5 :10 CST           6 : 10 COT
NBC·U . 01 Ch,u", RouII~ TI~t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CBS·Advtntures 01 Elluy 0..... 1'1
DiKUnioll KSO WIBA WMAQ                                                                                                                                                                                                                          II FfI\1 W"BT ( .... _11.83)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      , .. ",f.'Y            ...., _.,
II"T\IJ 11'110 WIRI:::
     p_ . . _ , -      -
MBS·,.., Hltlory: 11'1181'
                                .,tI_..... ;.._                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ,~,."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ............. 1 ... III. "110
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    CBS Wttk·[nd POlnou ... : WO(
WROK                                            WIRE Piflt. of th. To...                         MBS·E I PUtO Trou~~d.url :                               II JlH \100'.        To .. ",h'p     Hi,h       WDl·O,.un.lltt                            InlBD 11'15" WBBM

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -.... -- ... ....'"
* CBS ·50 You Think You Kn-ow 1I"1~~ Romance o. Cem,                                             "lieF                                                    ","h,.,1                                        WI/,\ Uni"'''il), Sf',inl          \lu,;" NBC· Filth Bl~G ..a90n; Gllut 0 ,
M".i,' .... r .. - WKBH WBBII WJlIC 1111 II",,,.                                                 NBC ·Will Osbarnt's Orchtstra ;                          II III);' lIa.!'" ('hotu'             '-il                                 (htllra, IVUO II BOW W'o1All
II'FA'I ..
        _ II'KRII _.o
            _~     ... (." 11,83)
       ....,......,.... _~o
                                                1I'l.11' \'"ur Eo.) Choir
                                                W\IT F.",il~· Part}'
                                                                                                 110011 11110 K~D W\lA(,z (I'"
                                                                                                 8.,rl>al1 ~,,~ n, ~~n"n," \\,(i~
                                                                                                                                                          IITII) Il i'foric lIIinoil
                                                                                                                                                          IlTIIJ \1u.,~ Eve""". I\no .. ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          II'J:-IC-IJ"b e, ..,by·. Orch.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          \\"J.JO·F,td Btck. or~ln"\
                                                                                                                                                                                                          W~IJT "fnt.1 \luntJtri"~1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    II'II1E WT\1J K~I)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "         ~,     ~,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    NBC · Ma9nolili Blas.oms: II' ES It
N BC·S~fon         Srlhoutll,,; 11'0\\0 * "OI\'O~f"J Rf,;tW                                                                                                 1 : 15 CST                 4 : 15 COT
                                                                                                 WRll\1 II'JJD w('rl.                                     NBC ·Thr« Chtrrs: WTA:Il KOA                    1I'T,ID·th.mht. 01 Commertf               KWK WOII'O 11'1\88
KWK \\IC'''R (, ... 1533)                       WT,\I) n~I,,"'u, !'r.,,,                         * IHIZ I..... L)""h, \'rw.                               W~t.~Q I,,, 953)                                  4 :30 CST                 S :3 0 COT * MBS·S , ~ "d SehulU. n,ws Ina,
* Ne"" II'J81' W("I"O II'OC                       1 :15 CST                     2:15 COT         WIllp-South .." 'l,'I",li~.
KMOX-Su"d.1V ~"                                                                                                                                      HBC .Vittnll Comt:. guilarist:                  MBS ·Tht Sho ... 01 I~' Week : fy'l II'ROK
                                                NBC, Fort,gn Poh~y An'n Prom
\ I>y L. 1', Kinudt KWK IVnR 11"011"0 WKBB
                                                                                                 Wi'" .. ll .>.~bJI1: Ind'.""jJ(oli. VI,                  11"111.1    Kill<     11'011'0 III:::S11        WIIIJF \'\IT KWI{ WG)j WHOK " S,,,, W1l0r IIHlP
                                                                                                 'I,h'd"lrct                                              II'lItE WKBS (," 15.331                         NBC·Bul Iht B.nd. quiz show: I{MOX 1'",,,lt'. 1'1 ~lf'.... n
\1'fFI..(".n,1'<l Thuru
                                                                                                                                                                                                          \l'1.1~ WMAQ WHO K:::t D WIBA II ceo H\",d Sot:,t1~
                                                 " .. 15.33)                                     II'Jl:It-A"',"'(a" I.t~,on Auz,hu~
WDZ.lllootrn H"mt ttJUI                                                                          II'LII ('"",h't'<! ""tori..                              li.ll0X Tr.,d,,'ut
wrB.ll "ut"rr~'!~                               CBS·Columbil O ro~duslln9 Sym·
                                                                                                 11'011'0 \.u,tnt Sfrvitt                                 *11 nOlI       x.,,·                            ,.",-9,53)                                II'('FL Thi. lI'N'k '" I.II>or
WG" ·Corr~f Prn"u"riu;on: Coo.
                                                phony: WIISD
                                                                                                 Inn ~",,,I        ••
                                                                                                                  (;tt r'""ethtr                            3 :30 CST                                     CBS-Ctnt Autry's MtlCHIy Rinth: WGN Urrb't K'1'1
                                                                                                                                                                                       4 :1 0 CDT
.ort Ord,                                       WO·l. Ou •• .>1.1 :-Io,·i•. wnu                                                                                                                           "'10.'( WFB'I _ u_' ...._. IIJl:I( O,.on 11K"'!
                                                                                                                                                                                                               r ......... ' _ IIIIB.\I weco
II l."I) ·\I'~! ..n II, ""'I'                   11'01 B~r""r ~h(>p QU3rlti                       wnOK .....         '"h"",,.,.
                                                                                                                          """f                            NBCVo,ct 01 H.wai, : l\l'liR                                                              II'JJO ~anll~II»', Orch
                                                                                                 WT,\O /ltli~i"u. !>po~kff                                KII" 11'011"0 \I KBII (0",.15_33)               Io'BC·C ..... lc~ .. t 0) H,,, IH)WO 1\1\011 !'rol,blhc floor
WT~." ·PoH.h "~rr)'lIubrs                       WIIOAI"ha La"d                                   IIT\lJ II~rrh"," fhruup W,s
WJJD FrtoT I:4t<"k. '""A"i"                     I\I~\ Du"~,, O"",u                                                                                        CBS Joh~ KI'~y's Ort h.: WFA\I                  WT\lJ IIKBB WCFL ( ... 955) I\lll' Pro'_' Qui>
                                                                                                 ....' .. 'n                                              K"OX W~II\I II" I:-ID 1'0,("(,0                                                           IHIT Tun •• '" Tupi"
W"BBOI,I Tirn~ Thn<l                              1 :30 CST                     2: ]0 COT          2 : 15 CST          3 :15 COT                                                                          WHO\\" (-"'Han of Sonl                    IITID QUiH) Colltet Proo
WLW·I·;I~ lI~r            t. Tht..                                                                                                                        111\811 I\\IT IIOC " .. 11,83,                  IID/·Fr"hl 1"11' D.. ml
                                                NBC ·T~pestry           MU KII K         I\'ISD D.nn 11111
WMBD Orl~n iloT~ '''flO                         \\"011'0 II'ESR \l'1R1::: II'KBB                 II"J8C The G~uchoo                                       MBS ,Henduvolls : WIIHF \\"1I0K                 WillI' W.h. Tlon.                            5 : ~5 CST             6 :45 COT
\IMT-!'u"day ~,                                 ( ... 15.33,                                                                                              NBC · From        HOIII""Ci04      TCHI~y:      WI\0-DePau1 Round TaW.                    MBS · Herblt K, )", O(ch.: WHOK
II'TAD-liltlt fn, ,.tl                                                                             2 :30 CST           3:30 COT                                                                           1I'1U1:::-Drpa ... Band
                                                .. NBC · Nrws from Europe: II'IBA                                                                         W\HQ WHO WillE (sw·9_53)                                                                  Sport., II "Oil "\IT
                                                                                                 NBC · Bu,n St. Chl"'~ r MuSIC                                                                            II'JBC \lw,~,,', Club.
12 :45 CST                     1:45 COT K~I) Inl\Q WOOW t ... 9.53)                              ~w,.,~    KWI\ IVE:-IR WOIIO                             \\8011 ~I        .'IIth, ,)'. [loop,,"1
                                                                                                                                                                                                          II Kl:IlI C.lbol;, lI.,.,r                II'CCO IIn.p't~I D~) p'....
.. :-I ... " \Ill" W'IT                         MBS ·To lie Innounctcl: WltllF                   WI\SB I .... 15.33)                                      P,(m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          1\ "O D-W llta- lIiH, .... r.             W(,FL O",nt.    e.."r...,

WOO\\' )1.looy n",t                                                                                                                                       II Ill!' \",,,In B,_,,!> SttWllft                                                         WlIIlF Spoo-.. Ttai
                                                II lilill n       'r,' .....                     C8S· To bt Innounud- WOC
                                                                                                                                                          II I"" n"bIo ..u .. Timt
                                                                                                                                                                                                          11'0(. \1u·" o. Ih¥ \bnVo.
w(("or..-r(.r G<                                WrFllI,.J..t- n \I~hrd, ...                      Il(fO IIF.I" ""OX I'oFUIl                                                                                " W~8T 1\ ... " Uni~trM 01 \It!·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "IItP TYo, ".IocI'H
WDZ-Oil ("nmm~"·.lor                                                                                                                                      *\l JHf" S ....                                                                           1\J8(1)un "'Ii... bar.
                                                WDll;uhl'~. I:::nc. 1r.1                         II'\1BD IVK8/1 \I\IT 1... 11.83)
WISO·H.w:.u ( .. Ik                                                                                                                                       11'1.\1 W"rltf I, \'''un                        \\T.\DPi~no Clullu
                                                I\'GS R.di" ("a"a";"                             MBS · HUt n 01 Ht'SI; 111181'                            1\,\180p_iII \I""i('plt Band
WJ6C"·'·hI. II" " W.. hin,ton 1I1111'p"l .. h \J"~I1"
WHO· Dick B.,h• •0 •• , .                                                                        II 1101\                                                 liT 10 Gu"'l Plltm,
                                                " 11110 ..; .....                                                                                           3:45 CST                   4:4 5 COT
IIMBD KI.", P                                   \\JlIl A .. n ,.f ("omnlt...                     NBC·Tht Wo rld II Vou". Stnilll·
woe C.1.0. hlk                                  IIJJDTo bf, .n'l"u",td                           oonian In"ilulion 0,"",,: WROW                           118lJ\1 T,·nth Im'int
wTAD-R1.n '. d V'·'cr.                                                                           WIBi\. 11'110 I'o\l.\Q IVTlIJ                            * WIIIP ..;'"
  1 :00 CST
                                                W'-W lIilbf,r'c.r" ti",v.
                               2 :00 COT 1\ MT GI·"". S'r \'f~k.·s Or~b.
                                                                                                 ("" 9.53,                                                WbS n., •• I>.Jl; Ind,                                                   TDnight- GUlf Presents
                                                                                                        ~.IoJ'·"I,       With ..... A. ,In •• ,I·         lI,hu"kf~
CBS ·Columb," B."dculJn, Sym.                   II'ROI\ Fia Sollt                                   ... ~      11'110 lli ...... ' ..1 0 t·... ,,·        II'JJlC Jutl ntla~                                                         The Ad.entures of
               wceo WFB'I II'FAM lI'TAOK..."i", Up with tbt                                         n~~t.
KMOX II'K811 WTAQ W\IBD !oo.h,,,,I,                                                              "~D     XII'iff ('uut". Oreh                               4 :00 CST            5 :00 COT

woe 11'1'0 h .. n.83)
MBS ·To IK In~oun(fd: WROK
                                                II TllJ Q"~'l'." B~
                                                  1 :45 CST
                                                *NBC·H V. KIIt.nbarn. news:
                                                                                2 :45 COT
                                                                                                 WD/ 'o(r, ... S"lI Club
                                                                                                 WIIA·fili>r,,·hip D,y
                                                                                                 * 11'1111' .. ~ .. ,                 11... 9.53)
                                                                                                                                                          WBOW WIllA
                                                                                                                                                                            Hour      IYMAQ
                                                                                                                                                                             WillE 1'.'110
                                                                                                                                                                                              ,,,,It •.

                                                K~O IIl1l1 \\BOW 11110 WLW                                                                  IltY.,~"d II" ....."    W.
KWK II'IIBF                                                                                      Will" IIh)lhm Rnut
                                                                                                                                        t""r,·._ "f ".n"" 1... al Our
NBC,Svlthiod S'"g,n. Choru.: (ow 9.S3)                                                           IVJlI('·'·aJ. K •• I"'I>n              1.. <11 of lb. I•• u ",.""1,,,,'7.
WICNfI WI\IlB (.w 15,33)                        II 1I1l.11 lJu~WI Dope                           WI.IV .~J.-!rirh ~'~n>llv              {"I,·,.I."ol. 0101" . . . Ill O ft
                                                                                                 WTAD·"'e""                             '· I,,,.lth. ,...... Churoh ond
NBC·1 Wlnl • O, Iktlt n : \l'CFL·TQI!(n'l Spoo-t!iltt                                                                 3:45 COT
                                                                                                                                        ;ot"'~' .,
IIMAQ Wl'\IJ I\~f) hw9.53) WGS 1.02,1 Off IbQ                                                      2 :45 CST
                                                Willi. \Iuli .. , ""'pol Temple                  "K ~D·Nt"$
                                                                                                                                     CBS-Fun In Pr lll l : KMOX WIIIT
hI.., .1 10JO I"" hT)
        Tool •.,'.
    t>.oN"'~' wh"D •
                    oj....... .h,,~"     .. a.1 \\'JSC-Tht rou, ... ","
                             J ... IoIg, wit. II \I r \, ", 1I•• hh
                                                                                                 *II DZ ~hi"d th. IIt ... lIldtt
                                                                                                 II' fltp Th~ D",·h~.
                                                                                                                                     WrlJl1 WBlnl
                                                                                                                                     NBC ·C .. y Cordon'S WCFt
   Jump' 10 ,.10. ""W I".'..... ""al II' /lOK ~<."din.,.i.n lIuur                                WI\D Drama "f Food                  II'K8B \\"OWO

   M' b".b.,' ,I. · ....1.. '                                                                    \lTID DO"JJd 8 ..... h
                                                  2: 00 CST                     3 :00 COT                                            MBS-Bob Crosby's Orch.: WROK
NBC -To bt InnOUllttcl: WBOW NBC .Nn,onal Vts ptrs, \\'F\II                                        3:00 C S T              4 :00 COT II UHF
118811 Th· t:h .......".                        KII" WillE WKB8 h .. 1533)                       NBC·Y wt II t_ son,,, 11'8011' "WK 1',."" 1t ....;I.I
WerL-Ilu." ,I s. ... w~                               \l, r" •. t .... ,""'''''' •• "",~         WII IQ (1,,953)                     Wn:O'I".,rll Pnt:m,
II'Il7 p"""I'r II,,,'                               "O:""'n~ HI.. ", \., .1It
                                                   T'~'·. III r.··
                                                                             lh~ ""'I~ qUat·     CBS-ChDOit Up Sldlt. s[lOrts * 11 liZ S",.,
WC\ \It ·             \1 It.
                                  ""H              1~1 '" III .Ino ro' lb~ n.. ••,. . ,          n 'Or     \n1BI I\',n\ \\F'\~I      In:"11 ~,och'l "m.\fur Hour
IIl1lpp"h                         hU~r.            It     tor'lo. _"" I 1I'""ld lk               II \lHD woc WTlQ w("co WG" ~"'''I II
11110 Pi~n, ("0< rl                               T,,, '.•   r n. w'"" -r ... t ),It             IIKIJIl_1\'1'11 _ . , _. . .11.83) II IIIP 1I"•• I.nd B.lhallY CIt .. rcb
                                                                                                       , _  lao' _ II_liT I'"                   o~_

                                                                                                                                     \\1'li0 ~rl .."y Sprc..'                                                                     Are you CJ born dete ctive?
                                                                                                 HBC·Ttn O'!-I;,pl",ol Rhythm: II"JBf Thr lIilh"l>,wn
                                                                                                 11(lIl"D IH\"R II'SOI\" W"BB \IJJD,B .... baH !>..,rtbGud                                                                         Tune in CJnd Find out •••
                                                                                                 CO" 15_33)

                                                                                                        ,... ,."It;,
                                                                                                                          ~   '_11
                                                                                                 F.llof' lloarln E_ Cou,h"", II' II U
                                                                                                 K.\lOX G, ..."litld VJlolCt ("hlptl
                                                                                                                                     ..   -
                                                                                                                                     II Ii. BII lIi......,oin Alu,,,ni
                                                                                                 r,tIBS-M~SIC.I Sl ... tm~ktrs: WLW Inll' ChulTh by Iht !>idt 01 tlt.
                                                                                                                                          H'   ._',       R"."
                                                                                                                                                          1\'(1(' 1I~1I ",.. ""a
                                                                                                                                                              20Ih ((IIlu.), Sotrtal<H
                                                                                                                                                          IHAD Iht" TriO
                                                                                                                                                          \\T\IJ \I .. ·,ui ~PtlJdO"D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5030 C.S.T.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  6,30 C.D.T.
                                                                                                 WOZ-Co<n(rol> 1I0f'(1".."                                 4: 1 5 CST         5:15 COT
                                                                                                 II'IIRF·lulhu.n 1I0ur                                    NBC ·CrIY Cordon's Ouh.: KWK
                                                                                                 WlllF !'und.), CO"C«I                                    (," 9.55)
Pagt 26                            9/32-[ NBC-C 0 n (It r        t   M U~lc:  wao\\' N8C·Am.rican Album of Fimllin                       H8C .Talk by Cor d t II Hull: WIl8\[ Rhlhrn Oil Ih Retord                       10,15 CST           11;15 COT
                                              1\\\'1\ WIDA                             \h"ir: 11'110 II'IAQ K!'D KOA                     WHOW KSD WTA\I WMAQ WCFt,Roc.o·' Rhl'lhm                                        MBS·JlCk O~ nny's Orch.: WCN
                                                                                                                                         11"110 (.,,953)                          .WGN-Ne"'1: Ted Wum" Orch.
        SUNDAY                                *CBS·Johnny PrtStMI ·'Sw,n~. I\!TIE \IT"1 \1' 18A IITMJ
                                              Go" N~w" WJR 4<" 11,83) ill              WISA ,"w9.53)
                                                                                             ~' .. nt ll"n~ ,,-1\1 .Iu lIu ••
                                                                                                                                               "",."' .... ot !l1.1~ .11011 _Ill W110 Sporl S
                                                                                                                                            '11"_ ". -.·."..hln Tro"._"           \\JH( -It· li m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         NBC ·8ud FrHIII''''s Orchntr.:
                                              so al 9 p.m. CST)                           }II lIOlb • • ' f ' a r b l li e               "_IIOX T"ili~hl Trail                                                           C8S·Ray Noblt· . Orch.: WJR
                                              .K\lOX Word. in .ho Nt'"                                                                                                            \\'1I0K-S,,~i'h Soh'll1on Army
            May 19                            *WFIJ\I <;JlHd,,~y Ne"" M,, ·
                                                                                          ,Ura •• t) • • ,,,' ,,'I'h lll .. m .. t·
                                                                                          P"oon ",d Ih • • 10110101, llodl-
                                                                                                                                         KOA ~'fn.d~ in \'er'f
                                                                                                                                         IVCFL I)anct \l u'jc
                                                                                                                                                                                    9:l0 CST               10:10 CDT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         W"BIl WI SN KMOX
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         H8C ·P"kor Family. drama: KOA
                                              ~ iul Album    Stws                         10Uo" ."'''' ll ...."t('. '·Tb.l, "            WIRE Ri.hard Bimbor'. Or.h.
                                                                                                                                                                                  NBC ,M.lh         MalntCk'.   Orch.:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         hls.o ..., 7:15 p,m, CST)
                                              WG)\,' Mu,ical Slnhllaktr,                  lll.' l)lekM""" will .In 8-0                                                            II'KBB WESR
                                                                                          I~", ,"'''' "O'lprla:· \/1 LIUo_               \\'JBC-~I u"c.t ROI/IOd-up
                                              \\IIIPRh)lhmic Inlerludt                    lll •• I ... " .... ~ ..-1\1 ,jn~ III 1...1·                                            H8C ·Ln Brawn's Orch ,: WTMJ           KSO CUholic Hou r
                                                                                                                                         \IK811 lI omf SWtt~ 1I0mt
            NIGHT                             \111>0 "uim Oltl,k), Orch
                                              \\'ISN-~Iu'ic Apprecialion
                                                                                          dip . .",1 "'lIh ll._ llllnn. l-m
                                                                                          n,p.,"lnK ." I                   II·puM.f,,1   II'LW-This Amnin~ Ameri.. n              CBS·K"y K ~str's Orch.; WKBII
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         IICCO-J"", Sanders' Orcb,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         II' HA SKel"ooard " Co~soll
                                                                                 Oloo,I"'rln. TI,. ~" ... "'.            \\TMJ Riohard !limbor's Orch             11'1" \Q \\'01· II' I~" WSBT WIIA::.   WHO·Au.lin &- Scali
                                              \\'J8C-Concut M.,t.r
   Will. "     tlt.r.   Is   110   list/III   WJJO-Church Serviu
                                                                                          blp will Ilu ~""ID,,".lhDf. Tb.
                                                                                          ",,·"".trl pi... lb.ltul Orr.·
                                                                                                                                           8:45 CST                9 :45 COT WCCO WBB\! WFBM WMT                         WIRE-Governor Town .. nd
'or (I d.d'oft Its preud/II"                                                              I" ..... \".'Io~r"·,..,nl', ."d Ull mo.,       N8C· Bobb y 8y rnt's Or.hcslf.: NBC ·JoICk Bonny: "fl KO,I                      WKUB-~looJl M.,i.
                                              WKBB- Chu rch School 01 Ihe Air                                                            WTMJ WOOl'.' WTAM WMAQ KWK \\"60W WinE WHO
p,ogrom ,. 011 ' " . 01,..                    WK8!1 \',                            ~·IU.                                                                                                                          11'1.11' Buddv ROIt'.,,· Orch,
                                                                                       W80\\' W P_ 10_ I" ~m_                            1\'110 WIRE KSD                          I\'IBA (al<o .H 5 p.m. CST)            I\,\IT Eletlri. Park Band
 6:00 eST          7:00 COT                   *WMBD I'Hlria School I',(m:
                                              ~tWs                                     *WG N NtwS                                        1\.110.'1: H'ch a"r IhtnlM'r' , Or.h.    K\lOX J"nm), Conulman Rtmi-            wOC·S"",,,
MBS-American Forum 01 the Air:                *" ,\IT-8and \\'a~un, '1;,,,-,
IIIISF \I'ROK                                 WOC-Sur. Ovtr ~la~h.t1.n
                                                                                       II J/K: ~..... \Iolher &. Dad
                                                                                                                                         WKBIl Clyd. K."dall
                                                                                                                                           9:00 CST                             n"."
                                                                                                                                                                  10:00 COT WCFtl/."bor"!{tr·. Orcb,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WTAM Music You 1V0nl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         10:10 CST              11:10 COT
HB(·Ch;lIe &        Sanborn         Prgm.;    II'OWO Sunda" Evtnin( Con cuI IV IIOK P~I\' Corn..                                         *CBS·Hud lines & 8yl;"t,: WGN·Jack McLean'. Orch.                               M8S·Arl Kustl', Orch,: WGN
"'d~~r B.r~en &. Chari;. ' It                 *WSBT-Sun'tl Ser.nadt: NtwI                                                                II'SST WTAQ                              WINO-Emil Flindl', Orch                WH8F WROK
earthy: WMAQ II ItO WT\U                      WTAO Edilh Raj .                           7:4S CST                        8:45 COT
                                                                                                                                         .H8C·Ntw.: John ny M..,ntr·s * WJBC-N~". '" Sporls                              C8S·0rrin Tucker's Orch,: WJR
,.w.953) II                                     6:45 CST              7:4S COT NBC·Sporll Ntwsrttl of Iht Air;                           O.. h. KWK                               II'JII IIprmil < CIV~                  WM80 wOC WISS WKBII
                                                                                       Bill Stt,n II'ENJI. KWK I\LIV
   .........   _ _ L .... "I ... .. ", ....   * ~tw.: WillI' 1'11'1;0 WKBB
                                                                                       hlJo KGO II 10:30 p.m. CSTI                       N8C ·T.ddv PowtW, O"h. : \\110 \\'tW,/ack Tea~ardtn'l Orch.                     WMT WIIAS W88M KMOX
                                              WJJO-Pacific Paradi ...                                                                                                             \1 MAQ Lou 8ru...·, Orch.              (1",-6.12)
(85·K. of C. PrlOytr lor PUCt:                                                               OuUt_ g"rl I!ron"~. u-Jo<'hl.               KOA WTMJ
                                              WTAOEch.,... of Ih Slale "                                                                                                          WMBO ~Iuo,jtll M.rrv-Go-RouRd          HBC-F rand, C",o', Orchntrl:
lUll WSBT \\8B~1 KMOX                                                                  I\'60WH~rl lI ir""h', Orch,                       *CBS,Plu t Sullinn Rtv iews Iht \\'11\\"0 auk 1I0me 1I0ur
WTAQ \\' rB~1 W'IBD weco                      Sere.n                                                                                                                                                                     W,\lAQ Wn1J WmA
                                                                                                                                         Ne .. " (",9.65 )                        \1'TAM.Oa"c~ Orch.
WMT WKlIl! (5'..1 1.83)                         7:00 CST              8:00 COT *WGN-G.brirl HUll ... comm                                                                                                                N8C ·C~arli-t        S~iylt.   OT<~tltra'
            pro' •• ,U .. 10 """....,.                                                 II'KBB 1I0rnt< On Ih~ Land                        C8S·JohMv Prestnll Swing·Go: 9:45 CST                             10:45 COT
     Thl.                                     MBS·Old      Fash iontd      Rtv lnl: WROK Lnl II'e FO'll:tl                                                                                                               II'LII' WOWO KWK WK8B
  dO~     _hb Ibt .,lea or Pope               WHBF                                                                                       WlIAS WFBII WMT '''lOX C8S·Kay KYStr', Orch,: KMOX
  1'1". XII tor lIotll I .. O ~l*lo ..                                                                                                   (also _ 630 p.m. CST)                                                           WCCO.N. IV. Umpire's A,,'n
  "'..rla un•. .ldd-. II, r ...... ~bo        C8S·Fan! Summtr Hour: WKBII 8:00 CST                                       9:00 COT                                                 H8C ·LtI 8rawn', Orch.: KSD            WESf! \Iu"c You lI'.nl
  I'. ld.lthe .... 01 Omab., Be .... •        wmm WSST WHBM WJR NBC ·Good Will HDUr : WENR                                               M8S ·ThI Answtr Man: WGN                 M8S ·WIII Osbornt·, Orchtstra:         \\'F8.ll B.-tha ll Rou~d-Up
  alello .. b, "rchbl.bop rnlld.              woe WIIAS KMOX WISN KW K \\011'0                                                           M8S ·Griff Williams' Ouh.: WROK II'HBF WROK                                     1'1110 NOrih Short Chu .. h
  J. I\Ptllrnall ODd mult III
  r. II.~. II'lau" ... •• 11071' To...        WTAQ weco WBBM WMT (ow. *MBS.Ntws, Symphonic Hour:                                         *~ t'"         KSO WllBF WaBM *II'CFL-Ne"s                                      10:45 CST             11:45 COT
  A Clppella ebool r.                         11.83)                                   WGN II'IIBF                                       WKBB WlaA W~IBO WMT                      WfNO·Walkathoh                         NBC ·1 Wanl a Divorce. draml:
NBC·M\I~jul Comedy RuuI:                           :::'::;'i~-..::rL~.':.ft; .. 0.1... CBS·Take It or Le"Vt It : IVFBM                   \IBOII' Hr, "d, •• , ""'" I" anon WJBC·Pottic Mu.icale                          'OA
WOWO "WK WBKW (lw.9.5S )                                                                                                                 H~lIroom                                 10:00 CST                11:00 COT     CBS ,Orrin Tucker', Orch.: Wf1I\I
                                              NBC·Mlnhlltln Merry·Go·Round: weco WBB~I K~IOX WJR (11,0
Old Fashioned Rev;'! lIour: WLS               WTAM KSO WMAQ WIIO WIRE KNX II 10:30 p.m. CST)                                             WCCO·Mu sic.1 P'lm.                      NBC·Shtp Flt!d's O"h.; WOWO            WCCO
WIIAS                                         WIBA WTm KOA (.w,9.53)                                                                     WCFL-Ship 01 Drumt                       KWK WENR                               N8C ·Frlnels Ctal g's Orch.: WHO
Sports: WKBH woe WKBB                                                                  N8C ·Hour 01 Ch~rrn: Phil Spi·                    \I'E ~·R-Clrlo. Mol'..a'. Orch.
                                              *NBC·Waltu WInchell: WESR 1~lny's Orch.: WTA~I KOA WHO                                                                              CBS.R"y Nob l~'s Orcll: WBBM           WTAM
I'vCFJ...lri,h ll our                                                                                                                    WINO·J Ot lI art's Orch.
                                              wtw KWK (alto al 10 p.m. WIRE II'TMJ WLW WMAQ                                              11·IIlE·lnformatio" ptt.."
                                                                                                                                                                                  WJlI8D KMOX <.w-6.12)                  KSO Nuhani.1 Shilkrol', Orch.
II'GN.{;apital Comment.                       CST)                                     (5w.953)                                                                                                                          *K WK,Ntwl
Wml'·Eventide Ethou                                                                                                                      II'I~N-Wo,ld Dantn                       *HBC·Wlller Winchell. tommtn·
WI~O-Enlil Flindl's Orth                      * WBO\V·N~ws                             CBS·Song Stylt, : WKBH                            \l'JBC-l.ttion of Sllely                 tnor: KOA II'SM KPRC WBAP              11:00 C5T            12:00 COT
11'IS:-I_Oo,," by lIuman's                    IVCFL·Amateur 1I0ur                                                                        WJR Gr~u Borman, plan i.t                 (.Iso He 7 p,m. CST)                  MBS·Georgt Sltarney', Drthnlra;
                                                                                       WBOW-To hi ."nounced                                                                                                              WMT WIIBF WROK
WJBC-An Mari. lIou r                          * WG~ ·Si(rid Schull .. n"1'I u·                                                  Orch.                         HBC ·Bud Frt('m.,,·, Orch .. tr.:
                                                                                       II'CFL·Lithuanian P~m .
WJJIlCbicago Mattrni ty Motbt... '            an.I)'I I: Concerl Orch,                 WIIAS-Rtlltcdon,                                  WLW Thi. I.."d of OlIn                   WIBA WItO WMAQ                         C8S·Plin" & Earl 's Orch.: WOf
0"                                            WINO·Walkathon                           WIND Old Fa.hio"od Rtvival                        I\·MAQ Richord H,mM", Orch               MBS·Jack Otnny', Orchnlr.:             WB8" WMBO WISN K\lOX
*WTAO·5,....1. I< Ntw.                        WJBC·lIl·mnie Hour                       WISN ,Ch"",. up Sidn                              WOCUniv.rst of Melody                    WHBF WROK                              WCCO WFBM
                                              WJJD·Supptrtimt Frolic                   WJBC· lbrmony lIall                               \\'011'0 Hill SI .. n, ~pOrlt            * Nf"'S woe WIR~: WJR WHO              C8S·0el Courtney's Orchcslr.;
  6:15 CST           7:15 COT                 WKaS·BIUt Bt('llt                        WKBB,Slnll,hon), /lall                            II'TAM·Lt. Gordon I'r ....,,11           WBOW WGN WLW WMT                       WIIAS WJR (no-6,12)
. KWK-5porto: N.....                          WMBD·I'~ri. School. Pri m,               WMBD-Kni&hts of NOlt                                9;15 CST               10:15 COT \\'I.:CO-Cedrit Adams                        H8C ·Ten Oi,c, 'Its 01 Rh~lhm:
WGN ,Charlie Blum', Orth.                     WROK.A"t Maria Hour                      I\'OC-Dawn the Mini •• ipp;                       H8C·ITtn. Rich. draml: WBAP WCFL.AII N.tional. P""t"COtlll                      IVKBB WMAQ KWK
WKBB.JohD Ditl .. accordion                      7:15 CST             8:15 COT WROK·Evl".. lic.1 Frtt Churcb                             WSM KFI KOA (lIto ,tt 7:30 Church
.Woe·New.                                      N8C·Tht Puku Family: WENR                                                                                                          WFB~llItrmil"         ClYt             NBC ·Carlos Motin,·. Orchtllr"
                                                                                                                                         p,m. CST )                                                                      KOA WENR WTMJ 11'110
WTAO-Wiloon Amel, or,an;'1                    WLW KWK (1],0 II 10:15 P,ID. 8:15 CST                                      9:15 COT
                                              esT)                                     WJBC-Ennlldt Ech.,..                              M8S·Llly         RhlJlsody:      WIIBF * II'HAS·Paul Sullivln Revi ....,        * KSO-Ntws
  6:l0 CST           7:l0 COT                                                                                                            KWK                                      Iht N.....
                                              W80W.W, P. A. Pr.m.                                                                                                                 WIND.Chur.h 01 Ib, Otli"... lnu        WGSKenny Ltighlo,,', Orch
HBC-One Man', Flmil~. ,kelch:                                                            8:l0 C5T                        9:l0 COT        NBC·Johnny Mtuntr', Orchestra: *WISN, Mu .io for Dantin,                   WIHEMusic You

     _.o..y-_ . ..
*CBS·To be announced: News:
                                              WINOS".da), E" eniot: Club
                                                 7:l0 CST
                                                                                       CBS·Columbia Worksh~p. drama:
                                                                      8:10 COT WSIIT WMBD WFBM WCCO
                                               NBC·lrtnt Rich. d"m.: WESR \I' BB~I WOC WJR WMT WIIAS
                                              WLW KWK (also II 9:15 p.m. II'ISN (5w.9.65)
                                                                                                                                         WMAQ WOWO WKBB                           WKBB,Amu. Family RoblnJOn
                                                                                                                                         CBS· Olnce Orch. : WJR KMOX *WKBH 1I;(hli~hl. 01 W",k',
                                                                                                                                         WISN "BST WMBD WTAQ S .....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WKBIiBobby Peltr s' Orth.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         \\' I II' Oa"~. Or.h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WTAM·Charlie Barr"II'1 Orcll.
WMBD weco WTAQ                                esT)                                          ... .... u _ 0 - Li... ~I ... IIgI.. ,       WCCO hw9_65)                            'WnlJ Orth,                             End 01 S~naay Pro9rams

                                      * 'ItWI: II'OZ \l'IIIE WKBB                                                                                                               C8S·Shart Short SlGry. skttch:           N8C·Against tht Storm. skelch:
        MORNING                       *KMOX·Headlint lIi~hlightl
                                      \IB BM·Let·. B. Lazy
                                                                                                    MONDAY,                              May 20, 1940                           \VISN WB8M weco WFBM
                                                                                                                                                                                K,\I OX WMSO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WIIO WMAQ WTMJ WIRE
                                      .WSOW ,Se>'ol: \lorni"l Mail                                                                                                                    JUDe WI Iter. am Joh""o"           KWK·Sunbonnf\ Socill
                                                                                                                                                                                  Ind Joh" 11<:1"1,,,, III ")I ....
    *Sfar 'III pragram list/JIg. WCeO·Musiul Chim"                                                                                                                                Jordou·. Tfo"b,".'·                    WCFL-Radio Wnbllrs
Indlcat••••        w. broadc:a5t. WGNGood Morn;ne Prim.
                                      WHBFMu,iul Clock
                                                                                           WCFL.vari.ty p."m.
                                                                                           WOZ-Cl .." '" Johnny
                                                                                                                                                     Dev otio nl: WJBe
                                                                                                                                                                                * :-l"ews: WJJO WMT WROK                 WOZ·Mary & Kathryn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WFAM '[ ulth Talk; Tune TilDe
  7:00 CST             8:00 COT IVHO-B"~ka"",,,                                            WFAM·Your En~qemtnl Book                      *KSO-Ne,,", MinUI. Saver               KWK -Painltd Dr.. m,                     WGNBathtlor's Chi!drtn. s1r:~lth
                                      II'lS0-Mc·n'n~ Variely                               WHA B.nd W.~on                                WBOW.Radio Cosp."                      WCFL-t·or W......" Only                  WHA.Mu.ieal Var;eti.
CBS·Mtlody Ram~linllS: WTAQ WillE Buonoloi)'                                               WIIIP.Morning Concerl                         WDZ-Openin~ Markets; Kitchlll          *WFAM-Ne,": COnCtrt Min;,·               WIIBi'·l'trtonal Shopper
II'FAM (5w.11.83)                     * \I'JBC-S~ws                                        IVltLrood &: B8cltriolOl[Y                    Barn Oa nu                             lures                                    \\'ILL·Orlan Moods
                                      WIJOViclor H. Lindlahr                               WIND·Misses Got. to Markot                    II'FA,II ~lu.ital Conlrutl             WGN·Tom. Dick & Hlrry                    W1'1;D·Rhylhm ~ill
N8C·Bru.kflll Club:            \\'OWO WKBH·Timely Tun ••                                   WJBC-Organ Airts                                                                     *W!lBF·N • ...,; lIis ~httlly, ~b"
KWK wcn WK8B /!",,21.S)•• WtS-Blut Ribbon M.lodies
     _ .1"'._ "" 1
                 ...                                                                       WJJO-TOKtma.ltr
                                                                                                                                         \1 HSFI'ublic ~r"ict                                                            \1'ISN·Rhylhm & Romln«
                     'oIe ....... _                                                                                                      *WIIIP-'I;t...                         Baby                                     *WJBCNews
                                                                                           WLSMt('t Mi •• Juli.                                                                 WIIIP.Lilhua"ian Hour
Mu!ical Cl""k WBBM WJBC WLWGM!H'I Si"~ ..                                                  \\'MBO-\le,senger: Wtllhtr:
                                                                                                                                         WINO-Wo,r,en', R..Jio O"UI                                                      WJJD.Co.y Corner
II'KBB WKBH WROK                      • WilIAQ Col!t(' lime: News                                                                        WJJD·March or Htallh                   WILL ·Hnmem~ke ..                        .11'KB II .Nt~: Windo .. Shopt)fr
                                      WMBO·JaY·1 Wom.n of Today                            Thrift Me..age                                WOC,CISO Lorna Show                    . WIND-News; Judee Giron Gor·            IVLS-Norm ln Ron
!(MOX·To be .nnoun~td                                                                      *WOWO·News: Markttf
WBOW\lornin~ Mail
                                      WMT·Pri .. Pack ale                                                                                WOWO,Concordi. Chap'1                  man'. Traffic Co"rt                      WMT·Li.lene.. Forum
                                      *W ROK .N~"s &: Mu~k                                 II'SUI·Morni,,( Ch'p"l                        . W::iU IDaily l o" .. n of lhe Air    IVJ8C-Pri •• Pa<ka(. Pr,lD.              WOWO.Linda·, Fint Lon
WCOO·Ai, Almanac                                                                           II'TAD·Rl ... 'n' Shint
WOZ ·DoI. Kay. LtUy                   WTAD·Tht Cloek W.lchtr                                                                             WTAOMi"i.ltri al              WKBH ·Tunt Tim"                          WROK.Add·Em·Up
WFAMMinules 01 Melody                 .WTMJ·Nt".: Top o· the Moro.                                                                                                              WtS Elm CrHk Folk,                       II'AO·Edith RI)'t. ton,s
wra~1 Early Bi.d.                     in,: N. .... lIi~hli!hh                               8:15 CST                   9:15 COT           8:45 CST               9:45 COT       IVI.W Lindas t"i .. t Love. ,ktlch
                                                                                                                                                                                WSUI.Mu.i~al ChUt
*WGS.Ncwl                                                                                                                                                                                                                 9;45 CST                  10:45 CDT
                                        7:45 CST              8:45 COT                     N8C·HoU Hboll H.nnah. ,klld:    N8C·Womtn In Whitt. sketch:                          WTAD·LeI'1 Go Shoppin.l
WIIBF·American Homt P'IIn                                                                  11'110                          \\'MAQ WillE KSD WTMJ WIIO
II'lIIp·Poli.h Amoriean Hour                                                                                                                                                                                             N8C·AII.irs 01 Anlhony. sketch'
                                      C8S·8uhelor·s Chlldun. skttc~:                       H8C·Midstream. sketch: WIRE                                       9:15 CST         10:15 COT                                  WKB8 (s ...·15.33)
WIIO·Fruil Reporter                                                                                                        H BC·P t P per Young's Flmily.
WILL·Conctrl Ain                      KMOX weco                                            KSD WLW IVMAQ                   ,hlth: WLS                      H8C·Cluk O,"ni,. tnr.: WOWO                                   C8S·Aunl     Jcn",·,    StorltJ
WIRE·Dawn Patrol : Hil Tuot CBS·ContlntnUI,: (sw.17.83)                                    C8S·Myrt & Mlrgt. ,ketch:                                                                                                     KMOX WMBO WFBM WaBM
Today                                 N8C·BruHa" Club: WK BB                               KMOX WBBM wcco WISH             C8S·Slepmolhtr. sktleh; WBaM KWK (s",·15,33)                                                  woe WCCO
WISNE.. ly Ri~ .. Oub                                                                      Wf'BM WMBO WMT                  WCCO KMOX WFBM                  N8C·The Road 01 lif •. skllch:
                                      Mu.iul ClDtk: II"JBC W~IT                                                                                            \\'"AQ WIRE KSD WTMJ WLW                                      H8C·Tht Culdln, light, 'kltcn
WJJ O·Mu<iul MOIOri1l                 * Nt",,: WIRE \\I'I;D \\FaM                          H8C·Vic & S"de. sketch: WLS     H8C·Vltnn~e En lt mblc; WSOIV                                                                 WMAQ WTMJ WLW WIRE KSD
WLS·S'nginl M,lkman                                                                                                                                        1'1110
                                      \\'BBM·Meel Ihe Mi.,u.                               NBC·Vagabonds : KIVK WKBB       (sw·21.5)                                                                                     WHO
II'LW-Tirne 10 Shint                  \\OZ·Ellinlham S and                                                                                                 CBS·Lift 8tglns. sktlch: WISN
                                                                                           (sw·21.S)                       Mu.ical CI<><:k: WMT woe                                                                      KWK· L jf~ of M.ry 50thrn
WMAQYour Nti, hbor                    II·FAM·Morni,,~ o.volionl                                                                                            K\IOX IVBBM weco WFBM
WMBONew.                                                                                   *WBOW.Ntwl                      KWK·Go,pel SinlU                IVMB D                                                        W80W No~elty Orch.
                                      WGN-I'roblem Lady                                                                                                                                                                  WCFLGeneral Spukl
*WMT·~ .... s
                                      W!lBF·Shoppl'''· Spe(:ill                            WCFL Mlkt Be~~ve Oanteland      WCFL-Novtleltes
*lI'oe·New.                           WIIO-Colft(' Pot Inn                                 WOZ-~Ionuca Var;.lin            WGN.June Baker. homt min. * .... t .." woe WKBS                                               WOl·Kitcb,,, Barn O.nee
*WTAD·Ne...,                                                                               *WG N-New", M)'rnl Ot(' StrJ[tnlI,urnenl                        WBOW·Th" Rhythmic A"                                          WGN·Linda·, Firsl Love, $hlcb
                                      WILL·Student ehurchts                                                                IV I/BF.llou .. of Mu si.       WCFL.Magit Momtn"                                             WHBF,M)·.tery Melody
WnfJTop o' tht Mornin.                                                                     II'HA-~Iornin~ Melodies
                                      II'KBB Mu';~ Granh.                                                                                                  II'FAM·Console M.lodi"                                        WISN .Woman of Courall:e
                                      WKBIl-BrukIaSI ~hloditl                              WHBF·Mtrry Melodifs             WHIP·Berl P"nnu
  7:15 CST              1:15 COT WLS.(:a r«r or Aliot Blair                                IV INOWanltd M.n & Jabs         WILL·MarktJs                    WGN Blue HoriwDI
                                                                                           WKBII-Mornin~ Serenad.          WINO· Bob &. Bonnie .lIth"      *WII ANe,,'! '" Vi~
                                      WLWl'orlia Blake Facts Lile                                                                                          WHBF.Many !lappy RtturDi
CBS·Rkhard MvtwllI. Inr,·Jlhll· WMAQA Slep Ahud                                            1\·OC·M.lody lime               WISN·Early Ri .... Club
osopher: \1' fAM (o",·11.83 )                                                              WOWO-Harry 1I0rlltk', Orch.     WJJO·Mul;"'(                    WILL,Musital Gtm.                                               IUIO)( ·l000           IY!H&-I .... ,
                                      WOC·ColI~t Pol Inn                                                                                                   WJBC·llofflt CounseUor                                          KOA·830                II'It'N·II:1u
*Newo: WLS Wlto                       WTAO·ChattN Corner Ntw.                              WROK·llarmony Islt              IVKBH-Mor~i!\Jr Devotion!
                                                                                                                                                           WHO·Oick Baker. soon                                            K~O-600
KMOX·Ozark VariNi"                                                                         WSU I-St.inl Quartet            WLW.Kiu)' Kt('nt. ,ktl(h                                                                        K\\"K · l~             WUO·Il<Ml
                                                                                                                           IIMBD·Friendly NeiRhbors        WLS ·Red Foley &< S.ddl" Pals                                   waAA.a80               wm ·7Z4/
.WeCO·Firu Ntws                         8:00 CST              9 :00 COT                                                                                    WMT For Womon Only                                                                     WKaB ·I~!II
WDZ·lllinoi, Co." Huskt"                                                                     8:l0 CST           9:l0 COT WOWO, M od~rn lIomt Fo,um                                                                         "",,"}I·7l0
WGNRtd River Oa"t                     HBC ·The M." I Married . skelch:                                                     IVROK·Le'mard Condon: JUII WROK_T.... n Criotr                                                  WBOW·12011
                                                                                                                                                           WTAO.Hannibal N","
. WLW-)lich .~1 !linn. De""           W!lQ WLII' KSD WMAQ WIRE                             MBS·Keep fit 10 MusIc: WGN Aboul Time: H... lIh Chul                                                                            WCFL-1I70              WLW ·100
WMBD·Su(lilf '" Cu. Band",a",.. WTMJ                                                                                       WSW·Melodies: Se.viet RtpOru                                                                    WDZ·10:lJO             IVllAQ-G1 ...
                                                                                           NBC·Elltn R"ndolph . s k etc h: WTAO.Your Family D<><:lor         9 :30 CST         10:l0 COT                                   W£Nll-8'fO             W1IUI)·IH,'
WMT. Blu~ Ribbon Melodie.             C8S·Pretty Kilty Ktlly: WBBM                         WMAQ WIRE WHO WTilfJ \\"tw                                                                                                      WFA")I·C!OO            WlIT-OOG
Woe ·Whlt·, NewT                      WISN WFBM WCCO KMOX                                                                                                                                                                  WrJUI.·)23G            WOOI 8111
                                                                                           CBS·Hilllop House. sktlch: WISN 9:00 CST              10:00 COT CBS·BI~ Slsltr, sktteh; weco                                    \\"ON·720
WTAD·Community Ntw.                   woe WMT                                                                                                                                                                                                     \\'011'0·1100
                                                                                           KMOX WFBM 1'1"80 WBBM                                           WBSM WMBD KMOX Wf'BM                                            \vIlA ·IMO             WIIOK·HJO
  7:l0 CST              8:30 COT H8C·Josh Hlnln, 01 FinchvUlt.                             weco WMT                        N8C ·Oavid H.rum, Skt lch: KSO woe                                                              WIIAS-l!2O             WSBT·1300
                                      philosoph.. and 50"1': KWK                                                                                                                                                           WIUII'·124t1           WSUI·1,8()
                                                                                           HBC·Th SloT)' of M,T)' M"rlln. WIllE II'MAQ WO\\'O WTMJ H8C·Wayne Vln Dynt. Inr,:
C8S·M.loely W t a
                        v.,s: WFAM WKBB (lw·21.5)
                                      M8S·Arlhur Godfrty: WGN
                                                                                           . ketch: WLS WIBA               11'110                          \VOOW WIBA WKBB
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  W'l'AQ-l 33Q
                                                                                           HBC·Viennese Ensemblt: KWK NBC·I Lon lind. Oalt, skelch: H8C·Jack 8 ITch Sonq Club: (ow                                         wn.L-3RO               WTNJ ,ref)
NBC-EsCg,ts & 8 tlly, WH O            *'1e"" 11'1I8t" WKBH                                 \I'KBB hw21.5)                  1\ BOW WKBB                     15.33)                                                          " ·1:>1)·:.... '
                                                                                                                              CBS·POtliC Stri"fs: (ow·, 1.83) II JIIPSo<ial S.~unl)· Tallr                          E-9/32                         P"te 17
WJBC J".t Aboul nm.                  W1.W Edi""" Dail.htn, .bleh                                                                                                          WII.L \'or.tion~1 Eduuhau
WlJD·Bu.uu of .lilli!>l Pu·          II'MBO-Judy & Jail.
                                     WMT B •• "'lorm~r
                                                                                         AFTERNOON                            II BAA Prine;!'I,. of Sociolop-
                                                                                                                              lI'aO\\ 1'1>,' '1o.'lb                      IVI"DSporI. t:c!ihon
~"                                                                                                                            *WeFI.·N,,,,,                               WJHr p, T A [ountil
II'KBHO!;ve II •• ,,,                WOWONo .... " 80b                                                                                                                    WMT lou"~ Or. "'~Ion.
*WLS Markets, N.....                 WTAO-Arnold Grimm'. D.u~hter 12 ;00 CST                                   1;00 COT II'HA·)hliUint Rack
                                                                                                                                                                          W()("·Oav~nl"''' I'uhlic Schools
I\MT.Mod~rn M,lodi ..
\\'OWO-SI." Ove. II<>Uywood
                                     11 :00 CST
                                                                 12:00 COT CBS·YOlln, Or. Mltlonl, s~'lch: 1\'1l1P .1t."Otf ",,,ialuTt
                                                       Goldb •• ,s,     sketch:  KMOX WFO\l Wb~ IVM8D Will. ehf",i,l- II Work                                             II'KOK-Lmda eart~r, ...
                                                                                                                                                                          WT.\O-Con ",ilf lit .. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                    n"                       May 20
II'SUI-Rnumt' W,OI11er Reporl 118BM K'IOX                                        woe WClO W80'1                               WI SO ~rh Edilio:n
WTAO.Gatd.', Club 01 th' Air                                                     H8C·Llght af the Worl', Ik,tch; WI~S £¥tll U You .nd                                       2 :15 CST                 ):15 COT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WCCO,To be annoull""
10 :00 CST               11 :00 COT HBC·Jlno BUtll's Orch.: ( .... KSD W)lAQ WLW 11'110                                       II"JB( I(i_.,io Club                        CBS·Aft,rnoon Str.nlde: WTAQ Will-An of Livi
*C8S·lUt. S"ulh SptlU .. MBS·To b•• nnollnnd: WROK                                                                            II'JJD,f'nk Btck                            WSBT IIKHI! Wb" wru\! \VENR-Inne Wic:ktr. 1i0nU
                                                                                 MBS·1s Anybody Hom.?: WIIK WK8B 1"".,.1 W",k.hop; Do InIT (.w-II,83)
N.... : WMBO weco K~IOX                                                                                                                                                                                             WIIA f'arenl Tueh ... ' forum
I\I\BM         wro... WISN woe WTAO : WCFL WJJO W"'!BD II'OWO (.",.15.33) R ell din ,: WKBH ". ap.,kins, skcHh
                                     *N .....                                    NBC·Adnnturu in                              \"ou W."t Jobt                              HBC·SteUlt DaUlts, Ikltch: WIRE WIUP·Amtr. ".mily lIobinson
\VMT (1...-·11.83)                                                                        "lilt r .. n~l. 11I,,,,a" wUl be                                                WLW WTMJ WIBA WMAQ WHO WIND-Race Re.ult.
                                     KSD-Judy " Jant
NBC·Fireslde Slng.n: WBOW *118AA-IOtb C.nlul1 H;lIol"]':                              Ih .U~J."I ot !O/I.I, .• 1I<o(r... W~laD,NellOn Ibrmouiur.                          *HBC·Club           M.lln«:        N...s: WIKE-Baillb.all Ganoo
                                                                                                                              II"),T-Qu"hon MlP                                                                     *W JBC,N~.
( ...... IS)])                       Nt ...,                                     KWKLtt', lIelp YO\! Keep Houill WOC-)leIO<ly Matin~e                                     II'ENR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    II'!\:BHTo be ."n.-nced
MBS·To M Jnnounu·d: WROK             WDZ M.,hu; AI Your !ie...ic:. WB,u,·Acri~ultu ..l Forum                                  *WROK 'hrbh: Home Falb' MBS·To h .nnoulled: WROK                                      WLlV·!dHt 'Ii.. Juh ....... dch
*s.... , WilD >'\-'TAD               WOOl\' Prflenll                             WCFt..Mln on tht Strttt                       Hour                                       * I"roo': WIIB.· WHiP
                                                                                 *IVDZU'Htodr. Mark",; N...-s WSOT-oo...u Ibe Miu.i..ippl                                                                           WMAQ·ThrH Qu.rt., Tun,
KSD·Auin" 1M ~tor ..                 WCCO-Adopted D.u,htt.                                                                                                                *KMOX Ltl'. 0; ..11'" tb. News IHIBO IIi,
 KWK.MHI :\Iill lldia, skricb        II FBAI lIi\l " B'tt                         WGN·YIr Concttl Dreb.                       *IVTAO-N ......                              KSD·Valiant Lad,
                                                                                  IllIANoon Music",                                                                                                                 WROK-Ma P"klnl
\\'CfL·p.,dun in III. Plfttry        WGN-liadlo', Voiu                                                                           1:15 CST                2 :15 COT KWK,F;uhion. in Re~iew                           WSUI·Fed. 01 Women', Clui>s
                                     II ILl Ch,pl.r • D.y                         11'1I8f·SiIl~in' Sam                                                                     WCCO- I'aintfll D.ums
* WOZNtWI; 1'0', !lurd                                                            WIIII'Littl. Bu,;n.., ~hll                   CBS·1t HIPPlntd in HolI~wood:                                                          ) :45 CST               4 :45 COT
 II't'''~·Sbop"" ..' GuidI           WIIBf·Toby " Su.l.                                                                        WBBM KMOX WFB)I WCCO                        WDl·BUlhon hmily
                                      WIIlP8ibl. Quiu                             WILL·Or,all R~cita]                                                                      WJBC·BuUdin 80ard                        CBS-SuU.,.ood hlnH, slretch:
 WGN-Editor, D.w~"ltr, thtda                                                                                                   WISN
 WIIA HomHl\ak.n                      I\'IIO-Judy " Jail•.•,Iell                  WINDLupi Italian llour                                                                   WMBD ...... Perkin ...... ttcb           WFBM weco WBBM
                                                                                  WJBCPublic ()pi:nion                         HBC ....1 'trklns. sltttth: WIRE WTAD·H,D\< " DIode R.Mhul HBC·Blld B, r 10 n. child"n's
 *WHBF-N~: Chlpd S..vifltl: WILL 111>101")" 01 19tb ClI1IllIff
                                     WIRESuI&in' Sam                              WJJDU",...lock Markell                       ,hub WMAQ WIIO KSO WLW
 Mftt lb. Mi ,Ul, .bldl                                                           WK80Ilo,,,~ Folk, Frolic                     II'ntJ                                        2 :30 CST                 ) :30 CDT ,Iorits: WOWO (lw.1533.9,53)
 111IIP·Morn'''l DUlce               WISN·Dcnm by IIt.m.n'.                                                                                                       Jones, ,k,lch: WIlO HBC,The O'Nrills, ske lth : K"O
                                                                                  ",\IT·TolII ~a$' C..... bo\                  HBC-Am.ndl 01 Hane,m...,n Hitt. WIRE WMAQ WTMJ WIBA
 WILL·&oDornic Bot...,                IIHK Trtuu" Chfot                                                                                                                                                              WIRE wnu WUO W~IAQ
 WIS-D·AU Aboard                      WK811 Siock ~hrkttl: Prl"'. WIIOK,Round the Town                                         .ktteh: KWK WLS WOWO (aw·
                                      l iI,bli~hts                                WSBT Thi. Rhythmic A~.                       9.53)                                       CBS·Swing        Unlimited: wnQ NBC ·CII..ln Sun, Inr.: WOOli'
 WIRE-Lind.'J Finl Lan                                                            WSUI·llh)lhm lIambl ••                                                                   WKBH WfAM WOC WFB",I                     WKBB
 \\JBC-ThutH n ....                   WLS,lfomemak.,,' PrCIII.                                                                 wa·L-M ..... S~ieve Ballroom
 WJJO-J~ Aluaod..                     W1W-C1ua & i\bnll                           *WTAO.New.                                   WDl·SttfhnJ; Brewtrin; Doll MBS·EI PlI$CO Troubadol"$ : WROK WDZ·Ho",~ Follu Hout
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WENR·Alhln of AnlhOfty
 WKBB.llomtmlkeni Hi"lS: Old WMT·Toby's Comtu...1 N.....                          12:15 CST                     1 :15 COT Poulloa                                          KJdOX·Vic It SacM                         WIIA,Wulber
 R.fnin.                              WOI'·O·p u • d . ' ,,&"cullu.a1 CBS·Joyn Jordan, Girl Intltnl, WGN·Afltr_ Musinl                                                     KSD·lIyllUl. of All Churcb.
                                      Prrm.                                       .... eleh       woe WI::;" K'IOX WHA \Iuuc Album                                                                                   *WHIP.Ntw.
 II'KBII·lIornt Ec~nonMI                                                                                                                                                   KWK,Ricb Hly"' S~ Club                    WJBC·LiIlIt Red Schoolhouw
 WLS Futu •• Food.                    *W h8TLuncbltOll Club; News                 WBD\! II·CCO WMBO WSBT WIIBF.14th 0;"1. III. Womtn', WOAA.Food.-Facl.·FJlIciu
 WLWRi~ht IQ Ihppin"'" potth WSUISymphony Oreh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WKBH Mtladi.. Old " New
                                                                                   HBC ·A.nold Grimm ', Daughter, Oub Choru,                                               WCCO-Ma Perkins, "tlch                    WLW .. Lill\, Whit, flOUM
 WMAQ·Kilty K~nt. .kttcb              WTIU·Cornluuel N... n                       ,kotch. WMAQ WLW                             *WIIIPNlWI                                  WOZBirlhelly Puty                         WMBO.Todly in Radio
 WOWO·EIl~n R.nd<>lph .• lretch       11 : 15 CST                  12 :15 COT * NIWI' IlLS WF8\! WROK WIL1-'1tlody lIan                                                    11'1111 Music of the MII!t1'
 WflOK.Wom ...·• Forum                 HBC·Bltwnn             the     Bookends: WK88                                            WJJD·lofu.ic Pleaw: Minus G..... WI/SF·LtIJUl of Worn .... Vot .... W\lT·W.ltrloo P.·T A. Pr~m_
                                                                                                                                ta Manu",: OIll:OUI IIIIenie ....                                                    Woe·Rhythm " Rornmce
 \\'"Uf-The WHk in \!;\jIuiQU          WKBH (lw-I533)                              KWKTo be .... n.... nud                                                                 WI!IP Club Melody                         WflOK·I1'. Dantt Time
 WT\U·H]11IQI of All Chu .. h"                                                                                                  WKBBSocial PJ(t' o. ..iCIt'II WILLRtcilat HIli
                                       CBS·Llle C,n Be Bllulllul, WB,u, Spotts Rev~                                            Column                                                                                  4 :00 CST               5;00 COT
 10:15 CST                11:15 COT .kllch, WSBM Klol0X weco wCFL-Eddie & F.nnlt                                                                                           II'ISD-Rau Rnalls
  HBC·Kidoo4le f$: \VlBA WK88 WM8D                                                                                              WKBlfRhylhm Rtvul                          II'ISN·l1ilt .. Encores                   CBS·ChlugOIIIS: WKBH WMBO
                                                                                   WDZ Plow Joclctyl                            W\lBD·Et!ito.', D~u,]II'r. ikelcb *W~BC·New.                                         WBB~I
                                       MBS·Stlm S(hulier, conlt.: I\WK IVGN-llarold Tutn", pianill                              W)lT F~vorile Tunes; Tn.. u.. WLW·l"'ele. G•• nt Spe.k!n.                            NBC·Hum.n Mlddlem.n', Olth .:
  CBS·Whe" I. Girl Murils, skeW,: WMT                                              WI1B~·M.n on Ih, SlrHt
                                                                                                                               Chnt                                                                                  WKBB WENR
  IIISN WBB\{ weco Wfa'.                                                           1111I1',ZOlh C~nlury Serenad,                WOC·To bt announced
                                                                                                                                                                            WMBD·Ptttlcoat Plradl
                                       HBC ·Btn 8ernl.'. Orell.: WltlAQ 1'o'1I0·Sonlf~11owo                                                                                WMT-\!Ht M. Onnm                          MBS·Hu.o MonICO·S Orchlltr"
  WOC WiS~                                                                                                                      II·TAD·Danu nru
  HBC·lb, O'NtlllI, ,kelth : WMAQ KSOI/url o! Jlliia Blake                         1I"11L-\l .. kelo                              1 :)0 CST               2 :30 COT           2:45 CST                  3 :45 COT WIIBf WROK WMT
  WLW                                  WOZ Red Btkh ...                            IIIIIE·Marbl & W~llhu Rt(IOfh                                                            HBC·Yount Wid., f Bml, * Sews: WBOW WCfL WCCO
                                       WGS .... hat Do 'iOIl TbinltT               II"J8~ T.oubadon
                                                                                                                                HBC'P'pper         Voung'.     Fl./llily,                                            woe
  CBS·O~er thl H,IIs " Far Awl.)': WItBt"-MISi. Valley Ne ...                      WJJD Boord of EduQIIo.                       Il<etcb: WMAQ W"fMJ WLW "'lido: WHO WTMJ WMAQ KSD-Gi.1 A\aD.
                                                                                                                                                                            WIRE KSD WIBA
   low 11.83)                          II'IIIP-SOIIthl ..... n              11'h.811-\I~n         on    Ibe SlrH!:       WIRF. \1'''0 KSO                                                                     W8AA.Jln, Glual, SOp.
  NBC·DIMlnt          SIsIlf$:  wen. WIIO Kitty KHne, ....eleh                     "uncbeon Muoic                               *CBS·HufS:          MUSic      Without CBS·Galdltl Gilt Ouultt: WOC WDl·H,ppy Bllljo; Scoreboard
  WBOW                                 WIND Noonlimt Mtlod;H                       *W~lT Voice of 10"'; N,w.                    Word.: WS8T woe WFB~I WKOll WFAM \VfOM WMT *WFAM·N..... ; MeLody Mon .. ""
                                                                                                                                                                            (0 .... 11.83)
  KSO-Silllin' S.m                     WIRE-II'oman of Courale                     WOWOllou., of Pot.. MuG.,,· WKBII IVTAQ ( ..... 11.83)                                                                            * Wf8M·N ...." Pop ConCfrt
  KWKTh;" Woman'. World                 II"JBC-Parad. of Bn,dl                                                                  HBC·John's Othtr Wlfl, ,k.tch: MIS·M~" " Mud" WROK WGN·Swi ... II
  WOZ·Judy "                      WJJD Danu Orch,                               "
                                                                                   WTAD ~Itn 00 lh, SlrHI                       WLS KWK 11'011'0 (lw,953(                   WIlBF                                    WItA·W. P. A. Ore'"
  *WGN·Np,                              WKBHFarm HOII.                             1Z :30 CST                    1 :30 COT
                                        II·LWE .. nybady'1 F... : U ... CBS·Flltch.. Wilt~, tllk: K:\IOX MIS·Travel                               America: WII8f K~10X-Dopt Ir_ Ih. DaCOUI                            WHIP·The Ducbeas
  WIIlP·W P A \lutiN:'
                                                                                                                                II'ROK                                      KWK-To be anaO\lDced                     WI/O-."'rlloLd GriJnm'. D~Ulbl'"
  w 1I0-An~1 of "~m, hId.              stocks                                       WBB\! WfB)1 WISN                                                                        WBM·PiaDbl                                WILL·Act1!ll1 0/1 Hnltll
  WlRE-Editor'. O,u&ilt"                * WOWOBob Wiltoa, 1'1"",                                                                K:.!OXWpda'. fint Lo ...                    wecOGosptl Sinl"                         WlND.M!lody Speci..

   IIJBC·Mu.ic in Ihe A,.               WROKYour Homt Tod.y on NBC ·V,lianl udy, .htch: WLIV WBB~I·F1a"actlms
   WUO·Dorolhy D~uI oa Holly· WSUI,Bomem~kn'l Clul
   IIK811,II",t_ Hour
   W\!BD-Llnd1" Flnl Lon
                                        II-TAD-AU for Ib,
                                        WT~J Romalllic B.Jl.di..
                                        11 :)0 CST
                                                                   12:)0 COT *s....-,
                                                                                                      Band: WIBA (aw· WCCO·Judy " Jan.

                                                                                                   weco WIiO WIRE
                                                                                                                                 WHOI' I",! SUit Tuell .... P"m. IVlSN.Ducoul Dota,.
                                                                                                                                WOZ-lIollywood l.tor Band
                                                                                                                                                                            WILL·The Or<ndcUltr.
                                                                                                                                                                            WJBC-Oraan Trellllrn
                                                                                                                                                                            WLW.Kitly KHne, .klltb
                                                                                                                                                                            111"ADBII.baU G:uD.I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WIRE-B'Mb.1I Gamt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WJBC-Willeyan !lour
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WJJD-B...b.aU Sco.tbo.ard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WLW·Afltrnoon Follla
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WMAQ.II ...... boat Hmnu •• kltell
  WMT·Rid\t to IhpPinen                                                                                                          WItAOrwan .1~loclits                          ) :00 CST                4:00 COT WOWO·Th. Old San....,i"
                                        NBC·Jor~an C'l\sunlOry Choir: WOC IIIIBF KWK                                             \l'HIP·Ah~~ OlHOII
   WOWO·Edito", D.<lcbl ...             KWK II KBO II'IS"- WIRE W8AA ~IHI tho 8.nd                                                                                           NBC-GI.I AID ... , sketch: WIRE II'TMJ·Ri~hl to lIappine"
  W~UI·VUI"dly'. Fnoriln                                                            WHOI\' M~n on the Slftd                      WILLTbe O~I                                WMAQ wnu WIIO                               4:15 CST                5 :15 COT
                                        (1 ... 1533)                                                                             WIND Rue Ruullt
   WTAD·M. Perkins, .Itch                                                           WCFLWhJt'. in a Naml                                                                     NBC·Sannt J,mes' Drth.: WIBA CBS·Hedd. Hoppt. 's HoU,woo4 :
   WTMJ·Arnoki Grimm'. Da<W!t •• CBS·The Ri,ht 10 H.pplnHs, WO~ Mark~ls Clost; Bob MUls, WISN·!IhrY Ann P",tlltS : Nt'" WKBB                                                                                          WFOM II'MBD WTAQ WilD"
   10:30 CST               11:30 COT Iktteh: WCCO WBBM KMOX l,ilM                                                                II'J8C-Cnd', Halt 1Iou.                                                              WCCO
    CBS·Roman" 01 Htltn Tr.nt. 11'10100                                                                                          WJJD·Miu ... Got, 10 Markfl                CBS·By Kathleen Horris, sk,"h:
                                                                          "u SaIa'n. . . Drpll WI' au Cluotll Ste.,.                                     WfB:.! Weco                               .HBC.Uncle Mltl 's Storin: Hew,:
   .hleb: WBB\( K:\IOX                  * KSD s ...... : T.leIUntl: Musical 1111,\ farm PrJm.                                                                                                                         WIRA WMAQ WBOW (,w9.53)
                                                                                                                                 11'IBOWoman 01 Courn,
    HBC.The RIH" of Llfl: hw· Inl..lude                                             ",IIIP Goinl Forw.. cI                       W\!T ~oYllty Parade: \lu.iullo. KMOX,8~ Game
                                                                                                                                                                             *N ..... o: WIIBF Wl!T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      H BC·HOfMml1l OUltkt: WOWO
    (533)                               WOOW The V.11ey II000r                      WILL ILlinui. Farm Hout
                                        wcn ,,_ Ibe Folk.                           11'1~'O,lk,..d of Eduulioon
                                                                                                                                 1.,llId.: V.nily Prcm.                      1'11'1' BaMball; /'1'_ Vorlr Gilnll MBS·Jern U"IIItS1H"                   Dre~ .
    NBC·NI.t1 Fir", .. HO/III HOIIr: WDZButtorkrust H~.                                                                          WTAO C.... boy SIe.. e                      .... BOliN                               WIIBF WGN
    KIIK WMAQ WlDA WKBB                                                             * IIJB/' \t"" Sporll
                                         \I'.·B'I lI0Q0i~r Fum C"dl                  IIJJO \lidday Roundup                          1 :45 CST              2 :45 COT WB.u Little Red Scboolho_                        KSO·RulS MOfCllI', Orch.
    MBS·Two K.yllolfd5: WROK WGN 'I.rIc.u: ~hdday S.... lc. \\"I\BIJ· on \h. Streel                                         CBS·Mull, Wit h 0 U I WordS: W80W-lnd. Stale Tuch... Prc .. WBAA·WiId Uf.
    W101T                                II If A Gem, (or Or,'11                                                                 \\'I~N WCCO                                 WOl.Women JUII Womu
                                                                                     IVLS \'oiet 01 I'" FMdlol                                                                                                        WCFL-ABC Saf.l, P'~"'.
    * N.... : \VCfL II IlIP WISN         WIIOFHymns 01 All Chur.lln                  II'_IIBO "pt',,~liD.It " liuv.. 1           NBC·Vlc .., shuh: 11'110 WESR·R.lho N'rI&;bborI                                 II'DZ·SpeecI " Curly
    KSD·Portb Slake                      II HIPA 1\Int al 1'10011                    WOI'o () Blackb.wk VaUty Boy.                     _-.. _ _ WIRE KSD WFAM·Melocly Lalli
                                                                                                                                 InuQ IVntJ W1W.1.                                                                    *W£,... R·lntr .... _ : 1'1 .....
    WOOW·Wall& Tillie                    WItOAdopled D.ulhter, slreld!               \\'ROK~bn 0>1 Ib, SlrHI Silll·                                                          WILL·MuoK 01 lb. MlI.ten                 WlllP·Sportrall.
                                         WISO Ihll 8illy Snnll                                                                   NBC~yst Platn B,lI_ 'kll'~: WL5 WIND·SporI& Ed,tion
    WecO-BlCbd",,·, Ch,ld"n                                                          in' s..m Fuor;l, Son,l                                                                                                           WIIO·VaJl.ant Lady, ik.lcb
    WDZ·ln-L...."                        WI~N .\lu,iul HUI Wa ...                    W::;BT 1Iil Rr";'ew                         KWK WOWO                                    WlSN·SasebaU Game                        WlLL-Sci~I\C' on the Air
    WfAM-lIarlm 1I",.a
    IlfB\I-SoII' ~bop
                                         IIJ8(" Sinpn· <;am
                                         WJJDLoop Noon D,y Se... l«
                                                                                     II::;U   ::if",,,,   Rrpl>ru
                                                                                     WTAOilank " Duele Rlnche ..
                                                                                                                                 MBS·TO h ,nnounced: WROK
                                                                                                                                                                             II'JBC 1I00]) .. ood 8revitiu
                                                                                                                                                                             WKBII-Jobn GruNT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WJJD,SlIy 011 Ih, Richl SId,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WKOO,Uni". 01 DllbuQut
    WGN,Painled Druml                    II KBB F.'III Pfllm.                                                                                                                WLW Painled Ore~'u                       WKBH.Witb I'" Cla ..itt
                                                                                     12:45 CST                    1 :45 COT KMOX Edito,'. DiU~ILltr
    III/BF·Arnold Gn",I1I', Dlucble. * WLS M bu, We.lhtr: Ntw. NBCHym~, 01 All Chllrcbn: *WBIIA \lonilor Vie..-, Ih. Ntw. *W~IBO·N,wl Ptl Corou
                                                     ..                                                                                                                                                                1I'1W-To W 'nnounced
    WIIO-Porli. BI.k,. tkdch
    II ISO.)lu.kal ~nd T.1'd:
                                         II \IAQ Th~ Hrat! 01 Juli. Blake
                                         W~IT·Mqie Kitch.n                           W'IAQ 11'110 IVLW                            IIBB\I,OU( .... Ia-                        Woe·Mail BlI:
                                                                                                                                                                             WOWO·KttpiII, You Potud
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WOC·Pi_ Modulation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WTMJ-Bulk1;a Soard
                                                                                                                                 WDZBo>b Mill •. iccordioD
    IIIRE-Kilch." of Ih. Air             \VOWO-ConIOI .. r..                         CaS·Mr Son It I, Ikuc~: woe WGS Lead 011 Man                                            WROKWomen of Ihe Hour                       4 :)0 CST              5:30 COT
     IIJBC-DoUu One                      WROK-Saf. al Hom                            111'0\1 1I1~\I weco WMBD WIUf' Rb, Ihm \bb,                                             IhLT,'e1 ..... lu .... iA StOl'J' Land CBS·Nonchor~ Nn.lties: WTAQ
    WJJO,Safel)' Colin                   WsUIMdody Tim.                              II KH\I ""lOX                                WHO Du~oul Inltrview,                         3 :15 CST                4 :15 COT WKBII weco WOC
     IIKBH·Mu.i~ In, Yau                 WTAD-Pohn S ....                            MBS·Y'" Contu! Oreh.: II·G" II'KIIB·"el,.I)' \lu .. nu                                   NBC.KIII~ Keene, .ktlch: WilD
                                         WT\lJ ·lIome,""e..                                                                                                                                                     HBC-Gor~on Glffo.d, bar.: WBOII'
    WLS-Porti, BLtkt                                                                 1~IIBf                                       II'M61)lIoyal      Jokl      Contnt: WTMJ W/tiAQ                                     (lw.9.53)
     II'LW·The GoIdN'(" ,ketc h          11 :45 CST                 12 :45 COT                                                                                                CBS·hplorin, MUSic (Hot b,,,d·
                                                                                     *1\ :.0 ~e"',: R" Bo."don'. N~nlf·lhe·Tun~
     WMBD·M~u ;\Ii.. Juli;a, sketch      CBS·ThI Roid 01 Llle. skltch: 0",                                                        W_IIT Jucl) '" Jane                         rul ,n this loc:a1ily but lillY be HBC·Whlsperint Rhylhm: WI\Bll
     WMT·Mornin~ Mek>d.les               \\'00'1 WCtO                                WBA'\Markel R_I&                             WT"O Huhh Authority                         heard fro .. WABe. N. Y~ 860 WE:NR 1'0"01'0'0 (1IW·9.55)
     WOC·Lhlen While YIN Work            MBS·To lit ltnnounnd: WHSF * IIOOW ~ ....                                                  2 :00 CST              ) :00 COT Oft you. dial)                                    *CB5.P'~1 SII!1lV," Review!. the
     WOWO·1'be Oboe..."                   IIROK                                      wcn "1'<>lh,hl Pralll-                       * NBC·Club        MlI,nH:       NItW$: CBS·ClIroli ... ·s        Golden St.... : N..." W8BM
    WSUI·Tht 600k "h"1I                   HBC ·Mltu rtCf SP;UI,,\·. Orch,: 11"01 Jolly I';.bman                                   11'80\1' WOI'.O IIKBO (." 9.53- I\"FB" weco                                          MBS'FiYt MIn 01 faIt: WGN
     WTAO-KiUy K~"f .• kekh               KIIK II'IB.\ (,,,,ISJ )                    WISOR~et Rttulll                             1533) .'<....... _ ,...;.. _k _ . HBC·LII. Can 8e Buutllul: WROK
     WTMJ-Wh.f. '-;fW                                                                WmE Oi<k RMd
                                          K~IOXKill~' K.vot                                                                                                                                                            1'''0 Kill) KHn,
     10:45 CST              11:45 COT WfFL-Genfrll Spt.k,                             II'JOC Pr.m. I'r~vi~","                     CBS·L«lurt Hill: WT,IQ W~BT 11'111£ WLW                                              II'BAA·P'I Ktiser, PlaniSi
     CBS·Ou. Gal SYnlby, sket,h: WDZ·8and \lu.ic; Chicki, Sinp IVJJI) Oll(out Inle.. i~'"                                         WKBII WISS II'F6~1 (.wl1.83) WFUI Kil"'r Oill, ..                                    WCFL-C.mco TIt..l..
     II BB\! K\lOX                                                                    IIKIlO Ib."'I" P~I COrti"                         "o.urd 1'1.,,-. D..I. will WHBF-Lllttll. Ladi ....
                                          N~                                                                                                                                                                           II"DZ-Sundown Jubi!Q
     MBS·Th. C1ntr' of Elm StrClt, 11'IIIPK,olltlh
     ,blth       WGN \'iHBF II'ROl\ ~",ur
                                                                  W~1l1    Gospel      *"   h.HII ~roos
                                                                                      *WL" ..... rbl.: S ... ,
                                                                                                                                     ,el. DB . .,....... m.Ii.... UoM't· WJOC \lali,,~ ~Itlodln
                                                                                                                                     .Ioa_ "                                  WKOI/·~laliDM MUlic.1e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       II F AM -IV alt. TUnI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       IIFBM.Joyn Jordan, iktlch
     *KSD-Cora 'fIIII,1 S~                \\ lIO lI .. kllI: W,uhrr                   WMr     "'0"  ,dl)-    \I,"ditl; Joe II \lAQ 1'o'T\1J W,'e,
                                                                                                                                  NBC·Bukstate                  skt!(h; 11·'1BD-Window Shopptr
                                                                                                                                                        IIIRE WIBA WMT)ly Son " I, .htell                              WHA-lIlu.ic All"" ...
     WBOW·Chri.tian S<ieH<e Pr,..         WILL-"..,.,. 01 l11ino;.                    Duah.                                       wLW 11110                                                                            WIiOf-Ch«rful Charlie n ..ltr
                                          .. WISD \I .. ~et.; 1'1 .....               WOIIO Friendly NWchbo<·                                                                 WOWOfauy Talu
     \\"CCO Woman of C.... rll;.                                                                                         ; S". n. Sen.IOrl: WGN WSUI-SIO"~o Oul of 10...·• 1'~51 II'IHP BU'!'IM"I Hour .ktl~b
     WCFL-TII.f 1h....                    IIIRE Farm 1I0u.                            WT\1J ~id~ ... alk R(porttr                                                                                                      WIlO'leel Mi.. Jlllia,
     WOl-Pall of the Prairie              \\"JBC Fa-orit. M.lodin                        1 :00 CST                2 :00 COT II'JJO II'UIHI wcn                                  3 :30 CST                4 :30 COT WILL Mu.ic
                                          W1S Dinn ... NU Prim                        C8~ . So(l.t' Gltl, ,kelen       W~HiI'I Kilh          K""f, ,kll~h: WCCO NBC·M!dUfIl"" • tteb: WHO WlRE.l/o... TIt,t Livto                      Edition
     WFA)I·Laur~ Wqnu, verH
                                          *W\ltlQ S..,.,.· Oony Dan                   KMOX weco WBB'"                             11'\1110                                    wnIJ
     WtB",Kiuy K"nl                                                                                                                                                                                                    *WJ8C·S""
     WHA·Mu»tal                  W'IBOCiko T.... " en..: Malttt. HBC·Tb. SIOrJ' 01 M1f, Mlrlln. K~IOX \I. P.. klll.                                                  CBS·[Jtplorlllt      MUSic : Wf'B\1 WLI't".To be .a_need I("b, "-
     WlliP-M ... h! BtnRClkt              W\lT [)CO" Rolb', Orch             liar· .hld!: WMAQ WTaU WHO KSDA.II'*' Grilli"', D.Hhl.. WOC W\!T                                                                          While
      WIIO-Lil. CIoa Be B.oauliful        many BoY'                                                                                KWK I>'"". Mu.ic
                                                                                      WIRE WLW KSD                                 WB,u, <;Ial. 51ffty P'r]:",                HBC·I.Mn. Wick"', ehll~r.n', WMAQ·W·1 A"" ..... ktlclt
     1III,]..SalO>l Muaic                 WOII"O!lb,ktl S.nic:e                                                                                                               prpo. WBOW 11'011'0 WlOA WMBD-HapPy Btrthd.y
                                                                                      MBS·Mlnillg. LlCinw RomlncH : *WDZ ·St... · A"hl. aU'elu
     WISN·Ann LaU.-. Scnpbook             W!>BT ... lln 01\ the St'HI                                                                                                         WKBS                                     W~T.cbferlul Cllarl;" Fh" ....
                                                                                      WlIll~ II'GN                                 WENR-"hhu of a OrUllltt
      IIJOC·MelodJ: ReeiJ>t 'rim.         WSU I Flrn, rla. btl                                                                                                                                                          WT!IIJ·MHt Mill Juli.
                                                                                       HaC·Orphl'" 01 OIVO.t •• skllch: WIlALt_t W. FO'!ft                                    WBAA·Scientlfic Ne"'l
      WLS-B.anaen " Cltn.tin.: Ga.· WTAD·S ..·int 04.1011. Tim.                                                                    * WIIDF F01.·;~n Nroo,                      WBBM-Ttnlh Inn;nc                            ICantlnuH on Nut Pa,eI
     d~n C.lflldar of the Air              II T\U lloini.·, Grenadi ....               I\II'K I\I.S 11'011'0
 WJBC·Ju.t Aoout    nm~                WLW·Editor's Daughter, sk .. tch                                                   CBS·Paelie Siring.: (.w.ll.83)                     WIIIP·Sodal Security Talk               E-9/32                     Page 27
 WJJO,Bun.u of       ~Iiniul    Per·   WMBD·Judy & Jane
                                       WMT·Bun,tormers                               AFTERNOON                            WSAA,Prinr.ipt,.. of Sociology                     WILL.Vocationa! Educauun
WKBHOUve Hngen
*WLS·Mnrhb: Ne_
                                       WOWO·Norm & Bob
                                       WTAD·Arnold Grimm's Daughter             1 2,00 C ST         1;0 0 C OT
                                                                                                                          \I'SOWP"nn Mood,
                                                                                                                                                                             WIND,SpOrt, Edition
                                                                                                                                                                             WJBC-P. T. A. Council
                                                                                                                                                                             WMT'Y"un~ Dr. Molone
                                                                                                                          WHA·Moguine Untk
\1'MT·Modern Mell><li~.                11 ,0 0 C ST        12 :00 CO T          CBS·Yeung Or, Malone, ,ketch:             II J(]P-)!"till •• 'li"iatur.                      WOC.O.v .. nlJOrt Pub{ic Scbools
WOWO.Stars Over Hollywood              CBS·Th.     Go{dbeT9s,    sketch:        KMOX WFB~t WI~N WMIlO                     \\"ILL·Ch~m!Sl~ al Work                            WROK-Linda Cuter, sonp                            May 20
\1'SUI·Resume: WUlhcr Reporl           WBDM KMOX                                woe WCCO WBBM                             WINOSporb Edition                                  WTAO·Communily New.
II'TAD·Garden Club of Ihe Air                                                   NBC·lIght 01 the World, skettl\:          WISN·Even as You and                                 2:15 C ST              3; 1 5 C OT
10:00 CST             11 :00 COT       NBC·Jeno Bir~l's Or'h.; ( ..,.                                                                                                                                                WCCO,To be announc..d
                                       15.33)                                   KSO WMAQ WLW WHO                          WJlK Kiw""i. nub                                   CBS·Afternoon; WTAQ
*CBS·Kate Smith Spnks "                                                                                                   II'JJD-Fr .. k Beck                                WSBT WKBH Ins~ WFB'o1                   WDl.-Art 01 Living
NEWS: WMBD weco KMOX                   MBS·To be announced: WROK                MBS·ls Anybody Home?: WHK                                                                                                            WENfl.lr2Jlt Wi.ker, .tori~
                                                                                                                          II'KBS·l{u,ic3{ Work'hop: Do                       W~IT ( ..... 11.83)
II'BBM WFB\! WISN woe                  *Ncwl: WCFL WJJD W~lSD                   NBC·Adnntuf!5 in R 0 i din g;             You Want a Jobr                                                                            WUh·Parenl Tea.hero' Forum
WMT (, .... 11.83)                     WTAD                                     11"01'10 (sw·J5.33)                                                                          NBC,Sle{{a O.lIas, .ketch; WIRE         II'IIIP·AlIler. Family Robill"'n
                                                                                                                          WKBH· ... I. Perkin., .ketch                       WLlI' WTMJ WlBA WMAQ WHO
                                       KSO·Judy '" Jane                              "Sir   F"'D~I~   n.""n" ..m bIl                                                                                                 WIND·Race Rf5ults
NBC·Fireside Singers; WBOW                                                         the .ubje~1 of tad.y'. pro""m          W~18D·NcJson Harmonizers
(sw·1533)                              *WBAA.IOth Century Hi!tory:                                                        W"'!T.Que,tion Man                                 *NBC·Club         Matin",,:    News:    WIRE-SaHbaU Game
                                       Now.                                     KWK·let'. lIelp You Keep House            WOC·MoJody Matinee                                 WENR                                    *WJaC·~ew.
MBS·To be innOllntrd: WROK             WOZ·Markets; At Your Service             WBAA·Agricultural Forum                                                                                                              WKBB-1'o be annoullced
                                                                                                                         *WROK·Market., Home Folks'                          MBS·To be .nnount..d: IYROK
*Ne".: WHO WTAD                        WBOW,P~senll                             WCFL-Man on the Str",,1                                                                                                              WLW-Mcel Mi .. J"I!~, ,kelch
                                                                                                                          Hour                                               *Nell"s: WflBF WHIP
KSO·Al(lIin.t Ibe Star ...             WCCO·Adopted Daughter                    *WOl · Li~nlock Market.; New.                                                                                                        WMAQ·Tbr"" Quarter T;m",
                                                                                                                          WSBT·Down tbe MiJsi..;ppi                          *KMOX·'s .. the New.
K\I'K·Me..1 Mi,. Julia, ,k.tcb          \IFIlM·Hil5 " Bits                      WGN·Yar Conc.rt Orch,                    *WTAD·N'ew.                                                                                 WMBO·Hi. Majuty
II'CFL·Peek,.,.s in lhe Pantry          WGN·Radio'. Voice                       WHA.Noon Mu.ical.                                                                            KSD·Valiant Lady
                                                                                                                                                                             KWK·F •• hion. in Review                WROK.Ma Perkin.
*WDl.News; We Hurd                      WllA Chapl"r a Day                      WHBF·Singin' Sam                            1 : 15 CST              2:15 CD T                                                        WSUI.Fed. of Wam .. n'. Club!-
1\'FA M·Shopl>tra' Gllide               WIIBF.Toby " Su~i.                      WflIP·Little Busine., Men                 CBS·It Happened in Hollywood:                      WCCO·Painted Dreams
WGN·Edilor'~ D~u£hter, sketch           wlHP·Bible Quiz~                        W1LL·Org~" Recital                        WBBM KMOX WFB ... I WCCO                           WDl·Barthon f.mily                        ]:45 C5T           4 ;45 COT
WHA·Homemakers                          WIIO·Judy & Jane, .ketch                WINO·Lupi Ha{ian Hour                     WISN                                               WJBC·B .. Uetin Board                   CBS,SClttergood Baines, sketch;
*WHBF·Newo: Chol>tl Services:           Wll.LUi.tory of 19th Century            IVJBC·Public Opiniun                                                                         WMBD.Ma Perkins. skelch                 WFBM WCCO WBBM
                                                                                                                          NBC·Ma Perkin., Sketch: WIRE
Meet Ihe Mi,su!, ikdcb                  WIlIE·Si"gin' Sam                       WJJD· Liv""'tock Market.                 8ketc h: WMAQ WHO KSD WLW                           W1'AD·Hank & Dude Ranch.n               NBC·Bud B. r to n, children's
II'HLP·Morninl( Dancft                  WIS:O/ ·Down by Hetman's                WK8B·Ho'n~ Folks Frolic                   W'I'MJ                                               2:3 0 CST              3 :30 CDT      storio" WOWO (.w·15,33·9.53)
WILL·Economic BOllny                    w,mc Trn,ure Ches!                      WMT·Tom Ow~n.' Co,,'bOI'                  NBC·Amanda ot Honeymoon Hilt,                      NBC·Lorenzo Jones, sketch: WHO          NBC·ne O'NeiJ1s, sketch; KSD
WIND·AlI Aoonrrl                        WKBII·Stocll Markets: Prg ....          IVROJ{·Roumllhe Town                     5ketch: KWK WLS WOWO (.w·                           WIRE II'MAQ WTMJ WIBA                   WinE wnu WHO W~IAQ
WIRE·Linda', Fiul Love                  Uighlighls                              IVSBl'·Thi. Rhythmic Age                 9.53)                                               CBS·Swing        Unlimited:    WTAQ
                                                                                WSUI ·llhythm 110mb]".                                                                                                               NBC·Chirle, Sun:, tnr.: WBOIY
\\'J8C·Thcatcr "Iime                    IIILS·IJom"",,,' Prgm.                                                        WCFL·Make Believe B.llroom                         \vKBH WFAM woe WFBM                     IVKDIJ
WJJD-Joe AI ...under                   WI,W·Clom '" Maggie                      *\I'TAD·N ews                            WDZ·Stcrling Breweries; 0011                                                                WOZ·Home Folks Hour
W!{BB·Homemakcr. HinlS: Old             WMT.Toby', Corntus.e{ News                                                                                                          MSS·EI Paseo Troubadors; WROK
                                                                                12 :1 5 CS T          1 :1 5 CDT         Poulton                                                                                     IVENR ·Affain of Anthony
J'tdra;ns                               WOWO·p u r due Agricultural             CBS·Joyce hrdin, Girl Inlerne,            WGN·AII£rtloon Mu.ical                             KMOX.Vic '" Sade                        WIlA·Weather
WKBIl·Home ECOllomic.                  Prgm.                                    sketch: woe        WISN     K~IOX Album                                   KSD·Hymn. of All Churchco
                                                                                                                                                                             KWK·Rich Hayes' Swing Club              *WHlP·News
WLS·Fealure Foo;:b                     *WSBT·L""chon Club; New,                 WaB!\] WCCO WMBD WSB1'                   WHBF.Hth Di.t. III. Women's                                                                 WJBC·LiUle R~d SchoolhOUse
WL\I'·Ri~ht tQ Hopplne!5. sketch       WSUi-Symphony Orch,                                                                                                                   WBAA.Foods·Facb·FaIlCi.,
                                                                                NBC·Arnold Grimm's Daughter,              Club Chorus                                                                                WKBIl·MelodiCI Old'" New
WMAQ·Kitly K""ne. <ketch                WT~jJ CornlU .. el N",.,n                                                                                                            WCCO·Ma Perkin., sketch
                                                                                OkelOh: WMAQ WLIV                        *WHIP.New.                                          WDZ·Birthday Party                      WLW·Little While House
WOWO-Ellen Randolpb, .htch             11 :15 CST               1 2:1 5 CDT                                               WILL·Meh,dy Hall                                                                           W,\IBD.Today in Radio
WROK·Womell'. Forum                                                             *News: IVLS WF8M WROK                                                                        WHA.Music of the Malter,
                                        NBC·Betw""n       the       BOOkends:   WKBB                                      WUD·Music Plea.e: Missu. Go.,                                                              WMT,WIt.!rloo P.·T. A. Prjl;m.
WSUI-The Week in ;\hg..ine,             WKBB (sw·15.33)                                                                   to Market, DUlout Illterview!                      WHBF·League of Women VOlers             Woe·Rbythm & Ro ... anc.
WTMJ.llymns of All Ch"rch~.                                                     KWK· To ~ announc..d                                                                         WfIIP·Club Mdody
                                        CBS·lIle C~n        a~      auutliU{,   WBAA·SpOrh Rni ....                      WliBB·Social Page: Ctas.ified                       WILL·Recilal Hall                       WROK·II'I Dance TIm~
1 0:15 CST            11 :15 CDT                                                                                         Column
                                       .htch, WBB]',I KMOX WCCO                 WCFL·Eddie & Fannie                                                                          WINO·Race Results                        4; 00 CST           5 :00 COT
NBC·Kideedl,rs; WIBA WKBB              WMBD                                                                               WKIlH·Rhythn, Revue
 (ow·15.m                                                                       WDl·Plow Jaekeys                                                                             WISN·Hib '" Encor..                     CBS,Chlcago,,",: II'KSH WMBD
                                                                                                                         W~1BD·EditM's Daught.r, skelch
                                       MBS·S.lm Schuller, cllntr.: KWK          \1'GN·Harold Turner, piani.1                                                                 lItWJBC·New,                            WBBM
CBS·When a Girl Muries, sk.elch:                                                                                         WMTF~vorite Tunes; Treasure
                                       WMT                                      WIIBF·Man on lhe Str""t                                                                      WLW·Peter GrUlI Spe.kin~                NBC'Herm,n Mlddlttnill'l Orth.:
WISN WSBM weco WFB~I                                                            WHlP·lOth Century Serenide               Chest                                               WMBD·Petticoat Parade                   WKBB WENR
woe WISN                                NBC·Ben B.rnle's arch.: WMAQ
                                                                                WHO·SongfeUows                           Woe·To ~ announced                                  WMT·)I",,! Ma Brown                     MBS·Hugo's Orchestr",'
HBC·Tlle O'Neills. sketch: WMAQ         KSDHnrl 01 Jllila Blah                  WILL·Market.                             WTAD·Oancft TIm.
                                       WOZ·R..d BoJ~her                                                                     1:30 CST                2 :30 CDr                  2 ;4 5 CST             3 :4S CDT      WHBF WROK WMT
IVLW                                                                            WIRE·Market '" Weather Report.
                                       WGN.Whal 00 You Think?                   WJBS·Troubadors                           NBC·Pepper         Young',     Family,             NBC·Young Wid d. r Brown,               *New. : \VBOW IVcrL WCCO
CBS·Ovfr the Hills" Fir AW<lY:
 (s .. ·I1.83 )                        I\'JJ IW·M~•. Valley News                WJJD· Board of Educalion                 ,ketch: W10IAQ WTMJ WLW                             sketch' WHO WTMJ WMAQ                   woe
                                        WHlp·Southlo ... n ChlUch                                                        WIRE WIiO KSD                                       WIRE KSD WlBA                 KSD·GirL Alone
NBC·Dinning     SIsters;   wcn                                                  II'KBII·Mall    On   Ihe    Strut:
                                        WIlD Kitty K~ene, skdch                 Lunclleon Music                          *CBS·News:           Mus;c     Without              CBS'Golden Gale Quartet: woe  WBAA·llne G<lUnt, sop.
WBOW                                   WIND Noontime Melodi..,                                                                                                                                             WOZ·HIPPY Banjo; Scoreboard
KSD·Singin' S~m                                                                 * WMT·Voire Qf Iowa; New.                 Words: WSUT woe WFBM                               W"BH WFAM WFBM WMT
                                                                                                                                                                                                           *WFAM.New.; Melody Moment.
                                       WIRE·Woman of Courage                    WOWO-House 01 P.ter MacGret'             WK8H W'I'AQ (sw·ll,83)                              (.w·11.83)
KWK·ThiJ Woman', World                  \\"JBC.Parad. of B."ds                                                                                                                                             *WrB~·Ncwl! Pop Concert
                                                                                                                                                                             MBS·Muse &: Mllslc: WROK
WDZ·Judy & Jane
                                        WJJD·Oanc. Or~b.                        "WTAD.Men on lite Sir..,
                                                                                                                          NBC·John'! Other Wife, sketch;
                                                                                                                          WLS KWK WOWO (.w·953(                              WHBF                          WGN·Swing It
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WHA·W. P. A. Drch,
                                        WKBH·Farlll HOllr
WIlIP·W P A Musicaj~                    WLW·E .... ryoody's Farm' Live           12 :30 CST                1 :30 CDT     MBS·Tru.!          America:     WHBF                KMOX·Dope Irom Ihe Dugout     WHIP·The Duch.1S
WHO·Angel ef Mercy, .ketc h            St!l(kl                                   CBS·F{etcher WHey, ulk: I,MOX           WllOK                                               KWK·To be announced           WHO.Arnold Grimm's D.ugh",
WIRE·Editer. Daughter                   * IVOWO ·Bob Wilson, News                WBBM WFBM W1SN                                                                              WBAA·Pianist                  WILL·Accent on Healtb
                                                                                                                         KMOX·Liu"a's First Love                             weco·Go'pel Singer
II'JBC·Mu.ic in the Air                WHOK·Your Home, Today on                   NBC,vallanl l~dy •• kelcll: WLW        1V8BM.Flnnagraml                                                                  WIND.Melody Spec;al
WJJD·Dorothy Deer. all Holly'          WSUI . llomem~ker'. Chat                  WMAQ                                                                                        WILL.The Broadcasterl         WIRE·Bntebul1 Game
                                                                                                                         WIlOW·IIld. Slat£ Teachers Prgln.                   IVISN,Dugout Doing!
wood                                   WTAD·AII for the Lad;e.                                                                                                                                             \\'JBC·We~leY3n Bour
                                                                                  NBC·Navy Band: WISA hw.                WCCO·Ju,ly & J."e                                   WJBC·Oro:an Treasure,
WKBH·Bostes. Hour                      W'rMJ·Uomantic BaJladi.r                  1533)                                   WDZ·Hollywood Lell:. Band                                                         WJJO. BascbaU Scoreboard
I'HlBD·Lind.'s Firat Love                                                                                                                                                    WLW·Kilty Keene, 5ketcb       WLW·Aflernoon Folliea
                                       11 :30 CST              12:30 CDT         *New.: WCCO WHO WIRE                     *WGN NelV.                                         WTAD·B.seb.U Gam~
WMT·R;ght to Happi"e.,                                                                                                   WHA·Organ Melodios                                                                WMAQ·J]olluboat H2nnah. sk .. tch
WOWO·EditOrl D3ugbttr                  NBC·Jordin Conseryatllry Chllir:          WOC WHBF KWK                                                                                  3 :00 CST              4 :00 CDT
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WOWO·The Old Sonllmitb
                                       KWK        WKBB WIBA WIRE                 WBAA·Meet th~ Band                      WH{P·AJj.~ Olo.oo
WSUi·Ye.terd~y's    F~"orile,                                                                                                                                                NBC·Glrl Alone, Sketch: WIRE  WTMJ.RiRht to H3ppine ••
                                        (!w·)5.33)                               WBOW-Man On the Strt.'                  WILL-The DigeS!
WTAD·Ma Perkin .. ,kttch                                                                                                 WIND,Roee Re.ulls                                   WMAQ WTMJ WHO                   4 :1S CST            5 :15 CDT
WHlJ·Arnold Grilllm's D~~hler          CBS'The Right to H"'ppint5$,              WcrL·What's in a Nam.                                                                                                     CBS·Hedda Hopper's HoUywood:
                                                                                 \~OZ.Mukrt. Clo.e; Bob Mill.,           IVISN·M.ry Ann Preoen!" N.. 'n                      NBC·Sonny J.mes' Orell,: WIBA
10:30 CST         11 :30 CDT           sketch: WCCO WBBM !{MOX                                                           WJBC·God', naif Hour                                WKBB                          WFBM WMBD WTAQ WBO)I
CBS·Romann of Helen Trent,             IIIMBO                                   p,ono                                                                                                                      WCCO
                                                                                WGN·LawTence So.IorllO '" Orpn           IYJJD.Mis!u. Goes 10 ~arke!                        CBS·By Kathleen N~rris, sketth,
.ketcb: WBBM K)lOX                     * KSD Ne ... s: Tolet .. nos: MusiuJ                                              WKIlII,Chaoul Steps                                WFBM WCCO                      .. NBC·Unc{e M,,{'s Storin, News:
                                       Illteriude                                WHA·F.nn PrJm.
 NBC·The RIddle of l ift: ( n ·                                                  WHIP GoinJ Forwa,d                      II'MBD· Worna" 01 Cauu«                            lItNews: WHBF WMT              WlBA IVMAQ WBOII' (sw.9.S3)
lS33)                                  WOOWThe Vaney Hour                                                                IVMT,Sovell)' Parade: Musical In.
  NBC·N<lt'J FIrm Ie Homl HOIIC:       WrFL    M"",   tbe Folk<
                                                                                 WILL-minai. Farm Hour
                                                                                WISD·Board of Edut81ion                  te1"lude: Vanily Prgm.
                                                                                                                                                                             KMOX·BaotbaU Gam.
                                                                                                                                                                            KWK·Baseball: New York
                                                                                                                                                                                                           NBC·Nornmen Quartet: \VOlVO
                                                                                                                                                                                                           MBS·Jtrr~     Uvlngston'J arch .;
                                       WDZ.Butterkruat Hobon                                                             WTADC""boy Steve
 "WK WMAQ WISA WKSB                    Wt·Il~I·H"""ior Farm Circle
                                                                                 *WJBr ~~"" Sport.                                                                          v •• Bo.ton                    WIIBF WGN
 MSS·Two       Keybouds;       WROK                                              WJJD·Midd.y Roundllp                       1 :4 5 CST              2:45 CDr                WBAA·Liltle Red Seboolhouse
                                       WGN·Marbn: Midday Service                                                         CBS'Music WIt II 0 u I WordS:                                                     KSO.Rus. Morp,,', Drch.
                                                                                W"BS ..lta" on th~ Stred                                                                    WBOW·lnd. State Tucl\"". Prl""

 WItIT                                 WIJA·Gems for Organ                                                                                                                                                 WBAA.Wild Lile
                                                                                 WLS·Voice of the Feedlot                II'ISS WCCO                                        WDZ-Wom"ll Ju.t Wo ...u
 * News, WerL II HIP WIS.~             WIIBF·Hymn, of All Cburches                                                       NBC·Vlc &: S~de, sbt<:h: WHO                                                      WeFL.ABC Salely Prim.
                                                                                 W~IBO·"pringtillle '" Ihnen                                                                WENR·Radio Ntii/lbou
 KSD'PortiQ Blake
 II'BOW·Waha Time
                                       Wlllp·A Tune at Noon
                                       WUO·Adopted Daughter, skddi    "k I'alley BoY'
                                                                                 WROK·Man on the StrHt: Sin,·
                                                                                                                             --... ...
                                                                                                                         I\'MAQ Wl'MJ WI.W WIRE KSD                         WI'AM·Melody Lane
                                                                                                                                                                            WILL·Mu.ic of the M.,lln
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WDZ·Speed '" Cllrly
                                                                                                                                                                                                           *WENR·lnlermtuO: Nun
 WeCO-B.chelor's Children              1\'IND·Hill BiHy Songtl                                                           NBC.JuU P{lm Bitt. sketch; WLS                                                    WHIP,SpOTl.. it.
 WDl.ln·Laws                           WISN·Mu.inl HUI Wan                       ill' S;om: Favorite Son"                                                                   WIND·Sports Editioll
                                                                                WSBT ·Hil Review                         I{WK WOWO                                          WISN·BaubaU Game               WHO·Valiant L.dy. sk~tcb
 Wt·A!tI·llarloll UO!J;~II             WJOC·Singin' Sam                                                                                                                                                    WILL·Seience on the Air
 1\'FSM·Son~ Sbop                      WJJD·Loop Noon Day Sorvic.               WSUI·Senice Repor15                      MBS·To be ~nnounceli; WROK                         WJBC·Hollywood Brevities
                                                                                WTAD·Hank " Dude Ranchen                 WIIBF                                              WKBH.John Gruber               WJJO·Stay on u"e Right Sid.
 WGN· Dr~a,"s                  II'KBU·Farm Pegm.                                                                                                                                                  WKBB,Un;y. of Dubuque
 WHSF·Arnold Grimm', Daugbtu           *WlS·M.rket., We~ther:               1 2: 45 CST              1 :4 5 CDT     KMOXEdilor'. Daughter                              WLW.Painled Dre3m.
                                                                                                                                                                            *WMBD.News: Pet Corner        WKBH·Witb the Classics
 WHO·Portl. BlAke, !ketch              WMAQ.The Heart of Julia Blake             NBC·Hymns 01 All Churcbes;              * WBAA.Mon;tor Views tile Now.                                                    WLW·To ~ annoUlloed
 WIND·Mu.ical Sound Track              WMT·Magic Kitchen                         WMAQ WHO II'LW                          WBBM·Dugoul DOlI/!                                 Woe·Mail B~g                  Woe·Piano Modulation.
 WIRE· Kitchell of lbc Air             WOWO,ColI.o{.ir ...                                                               \VDl.·llob MiJl., accordion                        \VOWO·Keeping You Posted      WTM,).Bullctin Board
                                                                                CBS·My Son & I, sketch: woe                                                                 WROK·\Vom"" of the HaUl
 \\'JBC·Dollar 0".£                    WnOK·S~f,' dt Ito"' .                    WFBM WtSN weco WMI:lD                    WGN.Le;od Off Man                                                                   4 :30 CST           5 ,30 CDT
 \\'JJD·Safety Cour!                   WSUI·Melody Tim"                                                                  WllIP Rhnh", M"hr                                  WSUl·Adventures in Story L."d
                                                                                WB8M KMOX                                                                                                                 CBS·NoVichord Noyelties: WTAQ
 WKBI-!·Music lor You                                                                                                    WJJD Dugout Interview.                               3 :15 C5T              4 :15 CDT
                                       WTAO·Pa{ice New!                         MBS.y., Coneort Orch.: WGN                                                                                                WKBH WCCO woe
 WLS·Portia Blakt                      WTMJ·llmne Harmoni"!"                    IV B                                     WKIIB·Melod}'!~'                             NBC.Kitty Keene, sketch: WHO
 WLW·The Golrl~.q!. skuch              11 :45 C5T             12:45 CDT             U F                                  \vMBO.floy.{      Joke    Conte.t'                 WTMJ WMAQ                     NBC·Gordon GIlford, bar.: WBOIV
 WMBD· Moet Mis. ,'ulia, sketch        CBS·The Raid of life. sketch;            *KSD·Ne,,", lIosarin Bourdon's           Nome.ll,e·Tunt                                     CBS·Exp{oring MUSic (Not brold·hw·9.53)
 WMT·Mornin~ Melodic.                  II'BBII WCCO                             Orch.                                    W~lT.J"dy '" Jane                                                                NBC·Whlspering Rhythm: \I'KBO
                                                                                                                                                                            tast in this locality but may be
 WQC·Listen While Yo", Work                                                     WBAA-Mark .. t Reports                   WTAD.He"l!h Authority                              heard Irolll WABC, N. Y., 860 WENR WOWO (sw·9.55)
                                       MBS·To     be   announ,ed:    WHBF       *I\'BOW.News                               2 :00 C S T          3:00 COT
 WOWO·The Obi~rver                                                                                                                                                          on your dial)                 *CBS·P,ul SU{{]Yl" RevIews the
 WSUI·The Book :;h.11                  WllO{{                                   WCFL,SlJOtlight Prgm,                    *NBC·C{ub       Milin",,;   News:                                                News: WBBM
                                       NBC·M~~rice    Spihlny's arch.;          WDZ·JQl!1' lrishm.n                                                                         CBS·Caroline's       Golden     Starl:
 WTAD·Kitty K""ne, ,ketch                                                                                                WBOW WOIVO WKIlB (.w-9.53.                         WFBM weco                     MBS·Flve Men 01 Fale~ WGN
 \1'TMJ·Wh3l" Ntw                      KII'K WlijA (,w.1533)                    \1'IND·Race Re,u{t.                      !5,33)
                                       K~lDX·Kiuy    Keene                      \1'IRE·Oi~k Rero                             _   plo,.", . . . .   I~.I   .............,.   NBC·lile C<ln Be Buut1Iu{,    WROK
 10:45 CST              11 :4 5 CDT
                                       WCJ'L-Gtn ..a{ Speaks                    WJBC·Prgm_ Previ.,,-.                    CBS·Lectu .. H~{{: WTAQ WSBT                       WIRE II'LII'                  KSDKiuy Keen.
 CBS·Our G.I SundiY. ,ketch:                                                                                                                                                                              WBAA,PII Keinr,
 IIBBM IOiOX                           WDZ·Il.nd Mu.ic; Chickie Sin,s           WJJD-Du(out Illtervi .... s              IIKBIJ II'I~~ WFB)! hw-I1.83)                      WFA.M.KiUe< Dil1~r.
                                       Ne...                                    W"BB-Markets: Pet Corner                       n"wor<t I'I.r"" Dnt. will                    IVHBF.Li.ten, LadiH  The"ler
MBS·The Cir!ers 01 E{m Strut,          WIIlP.Kennoth     Well,  Gospe{          *1I'J\Bll.:'i"o....                         I.!k an '"rtlft Amerten iJo!N·                                                IVDZ·Sundown Jubilee
 <ketch: WGN WHBF WROK                                                                                                      .to"."'                                         II'JBC· ...lalinee Melodiu
                                       S;n~u                                    *WLS·M.rketo; Ne,,'.                                                                        WKBI{·Matineo Mu.iule         II'FAM·Walt~ Ti ... e
*KSD·Corll Tu4,"1 N...,                11'1l0-\brket" We.ther                   WMT·Noonday           M.lodi~.;   JO<!   N8C·Bukslagt        Wife,   sketch:                W~IBD·Windo .. Shopper        WFBM·Jo)'ce Jardin. skettb
 WBOW·CbriSli.n Scitnce I"'r~m         II'llL·;\'e,.,s of Illinoi.              Doakes                                   WMAQ WTMJ WIRE WIBA                                                              WHA.Music Album
                                                                                                                         II'LW WHO                                          WMT.My Son '" I, sketcb
 WCCO Womall 01 COUTII'                *WIND ·MnkelS; N~w,                      WOI\·O·Fr;""dl}' Neichoo..                                                                  WOWO·Fairy T.].,              WHBF·Cbeerlul Ch.rlie F1qler
WCFL·Turl New.                         WIIIE,Farm Hour                          WT.\jJ-:;id ..... lk ReJKH'ter           B..",bl{{; Sox '-5. Senators: WGN                                                Wmp·Bud~lK'st Hour
                                                                                                                                                                            WSUI·Stori ... Out of 10.... '. PUI
WDl·Pal, of the Pr3iri.                IVJBChvorite Mplodi...                      1 :00 C ST             2 :00 CD T     I\'JJD WBB~t WcrL                                    3 :30 CST                   WIIO·Meet Mi .. Juli ••• ketcb
                                                                                                                                                                                                     4: 3 0 CDT
WrAM·Laura Wquor, VerN                 IVLS-Dinnerbe!1 Prlffi.                  CBS·SocHlty Girl, SkelclI WHIM           Kilty K"en., .keteh: WCCO                          NBC·Midstreim. s etch: WHO    WILL·Muolc Tho! Lives
WFBM·Kitly KMn~                        *WMAQ -Nt"" Dog~)' Dan                   KMOX weco WBBM                           II')IBD                                            WTMJ                          WIRE·Home Editiao
WHA·Musiul Notebook                    WMBD Cileo To .. n Crier: ~bkt •.        NBC·Tht Story 01 Mary Mulln ,            KMOXM. Perkins                                                                   *WJBC·New,
WHIP·Mertt BentWc'                     W'ITDon RMh·. Orch.: Hu·                                                          KSD·Arnold Grimm', D.u.bter                        CBS·Exp{oring Musk: WFBM      WLII'·To be allnounc..d: Kirby &:
WHO·Life Call Be Buutiful              n,o"y BoY'
                                                                                .ketcb, WMAQ WTMJ WHO
                                                                                                                         KWK.Oance Mu!ic              .                     woe W~IT                      White
WILL-Salon Mu.ic                       WOII'O·Morktt SerYic~                    WIRE WLW KSD                                                                                NBC·ir""ne Wicker. cllHdren'S II'MAQ·Li'1 AUilfr.•kelch
                                                                                                                         WBAA ·State Salety Prgm.
WISN·Ann l.etli.'. S.rapbook           WSBT·Man all tht Stre~t                  MBS·M.r, litenn Romance.:            *WDZ ·r.:ell"~' Artiob Bureau                      prgm.: WBOW WOWO II'1BA WMBD.H.ppy Birthd.y
1\'JBC· M"'ody: Recipo Timl            WSU I.Farm Flashes                       WHSF wGN                                 WENR·Son~. of a Drumu                              WKBS                          WMl',Cheerlu! Charlie Flagler
\Vl.S-Ran,us '" (brilline: Gar·        WTAD ·S",inl( Along Time                 NBC·Orphans of Oivorce, ,ketch;          WHA·LeI We Forge'                                  WBAA·Scientilic New.          IYThIJ·M",,1 Miss lu{i,
rlen eat~ndBt 01 the Air               WTMJ Heinie', G'eudie ..                 KWK WLS \\'0\1'0                         *1V]{BF.forei ~n          New~                     WBBM·Tenth loning                  (Cont{nueli on Hext Page)
                                    9/32- [                                                                                                                                                                                          WI W D.~tf Orth_

         MONDAY                                                  MONDAY COOD LISTEN INC CUIDE                                                                                                                                        WllHD \I".~.I 11"'1 Go Rou~d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     II'OWO G...... 1I ..,nd. duml
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     II'T'\IJ Faoy M ••
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       9 :45 CST            to :45 COT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     NBC·Lou Brtese's Ofth.: WIRF
                   May 20                                        NIGHT                            To,,)' \lorl; 1."0', Andre
                                                                                                  K",ltbntl,' orrh"Ir'.
                                                                                                                                         7:00 CST 18:00 COT)
                                                                                                                                           Rld,o Thnt.. , CBS,
                                                                                                                                                                            L"         8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Gu~
                                                                                                                                                                                         Lomblfdo', Orellalfl, Nac                   CBS-Frlnkit Mauus' OfChulri
                                                    6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Th.                                                                Dram., "ilh rt<cd 0                                                                       Whllll
       4 :45 CST           5:45 COT                   Teltphone Hour, NBC.                      6:30 CST 17:30 COT) Th.                    \I,n,. dltf'<lo.                            8:30 CST (9:30 COT) Stnu-                     MBS·Mr;Jn Rollln;'s Trio:           "G"
                                                                                _                                           _
                                                                                                  VOke 01 firUlone, NBC,

                                                                                                                                                                                         \1on Jnd S",i",. NBC,                       IIROK
     NBC-Rock,      Gordon     .kelth:                J.""., Ileltol'. ttnor; Fr.ntia

                                                       ..... __ .. ...... -." ........
                                                                                                  Rich~td Crook', tenOI; ~m              7:00 CST 18:00 COT) Doc lOr
                                                                                                                                                                                         Som"'), Kaye-.,                    K~O S....-.d Hu-on.ble Doubl
                                                                                                                                  ... .""n• ..
    ""AQ                                              IVhile. ,,,,,; K,n CI"Ulit              phony .... <h •• It._ AlI,N W.I·         I. 0., NBC.
                                                                                                                                                                                        '·a..  Famdy; youl;,,,
    ' ..... m, WlW
                      Thamll     ~

     NBC-Bu~ BJrton, tllil~t'n slO,
                                                      ..... nd Chonl.; Don VoorhtU
                                                              . ...                _e
                                                      and hi, ..... ,ph ..",...... cht.....
                                                                                                  I,~,(~,,_ «>I,ductor.
                                                                                                         _    20 . . . .    4
                                                                                                                                           Qu,.          ilh Lt.. Val·
                                                                                                                                                                                       1:30 CST f9:3tl COT)         Blon~It,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *wall\! .... " ... Ln. "'·1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ""!If loot Eb.pj'f
                                                              _ " ........ e 4                                                        1:30 CST (8:30 COT)                   Altt        CBS.                                        11'110 K.y "ul &. II" Cauhu·
    ".~       W£!'R WK88                                                                        6:30 CST (7;)0 COT) Trwl                   T.mpleton Tlmr. NBC,                                                                     WJOI POOl, \lu,"c.1t
                                                    6:00 CST 17:00 COT) Ptay                      or FJIM. NBC,                                                                         Co",td)· ,ktl(~. ,ulb Arlhllr
    MBS·UI\J. Orphan "nn~, shltll:                                                                                                         ral 0'1!.11t), le~or·«Imt·                   Lak, ""d r,nn.. !';n IClOII_                WLW Spom
                                                      BrOol.duSl, MBS,                            Qllil pr..   ..,1 h D.. II               d.n; .I""~ orch~'lu; cbo-
    WG"                                                                                           .y lIu.....                                                                                                                       II'TIIJ W,u .. , '" Dr,,· "
     .CBS,Tlle WCN'ld Tod~y: WF8)!                    OeMi. Wood. \1_ C: S,II                                                               ~I ~OIIp,  Gut ...                                                                      1 0:00 CST            11 :00 COT
                                                                                                                                                                                       9:00 CST (10:00 COT) ft"
    1\·88\1 weco WMSO WTAQ                            An'On. on,peno"atCN': H..oId              6:30 CST IUO COT) '1"                    8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Cln                         W.rint ,n Plusuft Tilne,                   CBS,Andy Kirk', Orth.; 111"0
    \\,FAII WK811 W~IT WOC                            SloIo:e" ..... hHI ..                       Smoking Tim" CBS,              '~ Howt, NBC,                                                                        WSOl 1\'00\1 .... ·6.12)
     KSOlYa.hi.r>rtoo Ulliy &duel·                                                                Tom 1I0"ard d,t! Go"".                   01,.1 (" .... ," Ih. Lull~by                                                             NBC·Mmhell Ayrcs' OtthH!"
    I,onll                                    6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Tun,·                     Shthon, ......,di.",. Elan               Lod); Conli"~"tal, Qu.rtel                  9:15 CST (10:15 COT)                         1\ \lo\Q WIBA \V,MI
    \1-BAA·Slory Book HQtlr                           Up Time. CBS.                               Boy" Ray Oloth·. orcht.lra               • nce.' or(h. "~                              Ron, $Gn9s, CBS.                           NBC·Jlmm, Ooney's O'~hHIU
    WSOW.Mtlody Timt                                                                                                                                                                                                                "WIi: WOWO \\II\E WKSD
    WCFL-JiCk KIIIY'I Oreh,                                                    Ref, r '0 ad la u n' co lu mll l for . tol loll l broad c o l t ing th ll. progrom.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *'It''"- WT\lJ \\0011 WfS\!
    WIiA-Conl.noionol Foru",                                                                                                                                                                                                        WGS WIIUF 11'1110<; WIIO WJR
    WIlBr·CoUlln, PtU)'
    1\'IIO-Saoeb.1I T,me                                                                                                                                                                                                            WIi:OIl i'llII' WOC WROIi:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ii:\lOX·funcr LInn, .port.
    WIND-.\Iode.n M.lod~                        CBS·Oeslgn lor O.ntlng, WINO              MBS,l.n. Dllmond', OrC~tllfI'             II'JJO-Sul>ptrtime Frolic                           MBS·Romln" ,n Rhythm: WGN                   KWKOne \Ian', Opin.on
    WIRE,To INo .nnounetd                       \\CCO WKD\I IIIMBD WOOM                   1\\lT WROK                                II'Kllll '''tnlt. i" lIulth                         I\'IIB} wnOIi: 1i:11'1i:                    WC('OCf'dri. Man ..
    WIS" Ttnth Innln.                           WOC                                       Sport. 11"01' llli:DO                     \\'.\1"[ Lt,                Band           N BC·S,nulians & Swing; hmmy                WE"R·C.rJG.t; Mn\inl·S Oreh
    WJ8CSwect & Swinl
    WJ J D-8tft Klnler, lIilnlll                NBC·Korn Kobble,,' Orch.: KWK             KWK·Lone RanKer, dum.                     \\0( A"ylhin. G, ...
                                                                                                                                   IISOT I'oli.h lI"ur
                                                                                                                                                                                        li:a)·I·~ Oreh.: K~O 11'110 WinE            *IVI<;S      "'""I.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mu.i~ fo, O.ncone
    * WOWOOob lVillOn, neWI                     \lKOO                                     WOOW·II"""itr S"tnJ'ltrl                                                                     W\I.\Q 1i:0A WT\lJ WLW WIBA                  W'IBO"iebtfall
                                                K\tOX·80b Dunh.m Commenlt                 *WO"L-!o!><'c •• 1 \·f,..                II'!'-oU (hil<!rfn'l !l"u,                           IITA)I                                      WIlT I)~"n Or.h
    WROK-Ed f'il;lln~tr, IOnl'                                                                                                      WTAI.l Tu"t, of Ihe I).y
                                                Ii:~D P.I, of the I·,.i';t                WOl98 ~I'... n                                                                                NBC·Danu MUSIC: WK8S                        10 :15 CST            11 : 15 COT
    WTMJ-The Stud"'l Spelkl                     *KWK-Sporl.: 'It...                       \\'FA~I50ulh !Hnd .1 \l'ork                  7 :15 CST                       1:15 COT
                                                                                                                                                                                       WBOWOrran M~lodi"                            CBS·Andy Kork's Otth.: IIJIl
     5:00 CST                    6 :00 COT      II'('FI. R,ce Ile.ull.                    IlIlBF ~I''''h Trail                      II IIIlII \1,000;1. ,n 'Io....e                                                                 WKOII WI::;''l W\IT
                                                11'.-01..\1 G.lbros· Mu~,1 X-Ray          W!UP T"ililhl \I.ladi..                   II'£"H 1I......i. ('u"",,;,.' Ortb_                11'1"0 PI.y Shop
    NBC,Jahnn~            MeGee', Orehtilr.:                                                                                                                                           *In~s The World Todll                        NaC-M'ltlltll Ayres' OrchtUra.
                                                WFS'It Baoeball Snirtl: S),1Ito·          IVI"O Rtcr"'ion of o.n Gamt WG" Oob C.... b)'. Orch,                                                                                      1\0011
                                                pat",.                                    WJaC-H ..nbo fle,·ut                     II 1,,1) G.....ood \·ID, Ortb.                       *WJOC"""
    CBS-RdlrcliG-nl:         WISN      WOC                                                                                          WJOC For Ih. Dn,-. " Gorl.                         II'JR Richard lI,mber'. Orth                 MaS·B;11 MeCu",·s O"h.; WI!RF
                                                *WG" ~""I                                 WJJO K.. pe. " .. It..
                                                                                                                                                                                       11'011'0 True or F.IM
    11 ... \1.83)                               WII8F-ln Ih. Cri",.I",ht                  II'KBII "pori FI"h                       II KOII R.,pod Ad                                                                                IIG"
                                                                                                                                                                                       W~l"I Ubum of ...
    * MBS·fullon Uwil, Jr~ nt"WI                WIIOOl'J(,n ~I""".                        WL'i \"ounl 0, ,0 Sin~.                     7 :10 CST                        1 :)0 COT                                                    *"'ltOX II Y na,,,,~ry Vie ..,
                                                                                          W)tOO·II .. m",,~                        MBSDlntt Otth.: IIIlBF Ii:llli:                         B: 45 CST                    ' :45 COT t ... S .....
                WIIS.- KWK
               weco     WMOO
                                                WIRE-O .. k HH<I
                                                WI~,,!)h_ Window                          WSl'I-Oi' "to II " Pre-.                  IlflOK                                              * "WK     "e...                                1i:0A R,~hl.d H,,"INo"1 Ort~
    KMX F.anc. Lo"" IIi lIlH                    WJO( \1..-" Carpet Club                   II'TAO-", ,.tt. \.           &. Rt"e ...  NBC,AI«                Templtton        Tim e:     \\'E"R·Con~erl \J,niaIUrt                       1\'{·COArmchail Club
                                                                                                                                                                                       W!~., Linlt Coaurl                               \lIU!' Wal.h 1.oo-ol!, -En! 0-. ••
                                                WJJOFrtd 8c<:k, "",ni.t                     6 : 15 CST                 7 :15 COT WIIl.- I\\I\Q In,," "IB'
    * K::;O·N~: Fealll" Spotl'lllI
    IIBBII Sporll R.. _                         II'LII Don W,', ...... of the NIYJ
                                                *WMAQ " ...... Sporn: Mul.ic.le
                                                                                              *" ...,  11'01 IIOC IIRQI\
                                                                                          11801\ -S, 4 Eul
                                                                                                                                    \\1111 KO~ IILI\' ""0 II'TlIJ
                                                                                                                                             , .. /...-0 ..... 4"." _ . _.•
                                                                                                                                                                                        l\'Jot: IV ,P.A Pt'fDI.
                                                                                                                                                                                        II'JR 'I!.Jod, !tI .. rvel.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WilD Oil! ",,,,t ... piani.1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        \\1"11 Thi. Rhythn..,. Au
    WBOW \lerry-Go R.... M Pn:;",
                                                WIIDO ~1,locfr Min;,turt Sporl.           IIC.-L Evt",nt Connrl                             _ .........., .. "10_                       *"·'n 0.,1, I'''''n 01 t~t Alt * 1\1.11' \I'm. II. 1I~ .... ler
    11'0"1. 1I<>d~'n .\hlodiH
    * WDlllur. of Iht N",",                     WItT 1111' &. £ntGrH                      WFA'\! 'IIU~if X R~,.            by pjul V. McNutt                             ' :DO CST                   10 ;00 COT Wor~pnr ..
    WF"'R !klllt Bu,i,,,.. 811rtlll             wnWOBn.ball ScOr"                         *WlllH··" ..... ~ .. ,,~d,                11'1(011 1\f..'11 11011'(1 .... 953'                HBC·WJny SIOtlltr', Drch"tr" WROK ""ht Club of Ih. Air
    * \\ FA\I Ihll ~H: N""t                     "'ROK Girl 5couu                          WJIK Iht of Ih. O,~                                .I"q"~'.lt.,or )h').;"'1      0'
                                                                                                                                         r .. '~r", 110-<-,,<11-1 _IJ~n~J' .111
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ihe    "-SOW                                           WT.\I'l".i< \'gu lI".nt
    * WFBM S e....           Thr .. ·Qulrtfr    II'!;UI .\Iu.i.11 'It...,."               WJJD· Pl ......                          UI~       on "11000 IJolld o~ ,b~                                                              WT\lJ O'n~. Oreb
                                                WTAI) Hhyth", &                    II'KBB Conurl 1"'1\                                                                          CBS Amos n Andy: WSS'o! WJR 10 :10 CST                                      11 :10 COT
    T_                                                                                                                                    ....
                                                                                                                                        1 'Dle·                                         WFBII w("CO WIIAS KMOX
    WGN.Enni", Melo(""                            5 :45 CST             6 :45 COT         1I'1i:1I11 Dm .. er 'Iu ....              II BO" b, L. P Ki ... adt                                                                      CBS-R.y Htrbtck'J Orth.: II'JR
    II'IIlP·German Ame"'"n Hour                                                           WI.~ II .. """ "n Ih, La",J               I\,(,FL Laoo. FI~.h ..                              NBC·f ," Wuint ,n Pleuur. \VII IS W~IIT WRB\! 11'1101)
                                                MBS·The Instde 01 Sports: WLW             1018D I)"n Ped.o·, Or~"                                                                      11mf- 1i:0A WIIO W\lAQ WLW Wh" II'KOII woe WIlT I."
    II'ILL·Contt.1 Band                         WG'l K\\'K                                                                          11'{;'l Sf"""
    WIND (;um.n IIour                                                                     II'T.\O 1I").on ,Imo" o.u~;'t             11'1"1) Elliol H""'nell, Amer;ca                    IVT\lJ WIRE KSI) WTAM                          6,12)
    II'RE·OHn Byrd                              NBC,Ru M.lup,n', Orch.; WSO                 6 :30 CST                  7 :)0 COT 1.(O<,h Ahud                                           tI: '~'"          IIJlBF II'MBO WS81 MBS·Bob Crosby's Ot<h.: WG'l
    WJB{-,Snrmal 110<11
    WJJD,T .. ililhl MU5iuIe
                                                NBC-JOlt BtlhtnCOIlr!'S Bud:
                                                                                          "' CBS·P,PI Smok,nG rom': N,ws: *"JIJI'
                                                                                          IIDB,II II'JR (0110 Ii:~X Ii:Sl. ,I II'KIlII D.r" D." ••
                                                                                                                                                      "e.. '                           II'\JT WKOH 11'1010
                                                                                                                                                                                       1\1\ K Ba"el floll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WIIOP WROIi: WIRE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NBC,Llft}' Klnl', Ot(h.: WOWO
    II'KOO-Ollck RO/I:tr., .kelth               * , .... IIH:l\1 11110 WIIOO              9_30 p.m. CST)                           W~tT h i } Actl                                     ", IIESH Ten O'clock ~>'nal; Ne .... WK8H
    Wli:811Kidd,ft liour                        IOIOX 8tn Fi~ld', Or.h_                    NBC·Trllt or Faist: KII'K WLS 1\'\11 \1",.I'I;m ..                                          WGS lfw I)iamond'i Or<h
    WLII'Rich.rd IlimlNor', Or~h                                                                                                                                       1 ;45 COT       II'I"'D Ib...ii (",II.                           NBC·Oon Bcslor', Orch.: 1'1110
                                                I\~U ~'oxklon & E.chn                     (also Ii:GO "' 9:30 p.m, CST)               7 :4 5 CST                                                                                       1I"18A
    W.\IAQ Orl.n Mood,                          WDOMl(hylbbl Off lb. Rtcord                                                                                                            11'1~'lSt)lu '" flbYlh",
                                                                                          MBS·Mystery Johll, II !lIH III I L ,I •• k Ktll)'" Oreh                               IIJO(' s("" ~f W""I                             KMOX \lo,-",liRhl Str~IIade
    WIITSin(;n~ Sam                             11'00\\· !-.porl'                                                                   WGS YI, ConCtrt Oreh
    II'ROK,N, Y. A_ P"",_                       \\'CfL 11n\t for Mulie                    NBC·Th. VOlt. 01 flt"lon':                                                                   1I'1i:01l AII~n D,na                             KOII \'nll \lakt Antrriu
    II'T\U ·G<-Olltl 'S",.,.,.                                                            II'MAQ 11'110 I\~O WLW WIRE 111"011" Ruu. "JDI' \'orn,al Ih~h ~~hool                         * "OW080b W, ....n, N.",.                        * KWK 'ltW~
                                                \\'OJ.~..."" Hnitw
                                                \\'fA'\I-~h Se ....
                                                                                          IIT~lt ' ...... 'I _I'" 9.531
                                                                                                . . . WTltJ _          ~O
                                                                                                                                   WIlT \k KMh Trau1' of                               WROIi:·Pln""ldal. Folk,                         wcra Rolli .. J"hnlon
      5 :15 CST         6 : 15 COT
                                                \llIlIFLilllt Orpb~n Anni.                K.ltOX \leJJ~" Tim,                      I·........'.,                                           9 :15 CST                   10 :15 COT "tTL Oa~~e Or~h
    * NBC·N,.., at [uropt: WMAQ                 I\'IRE-Eny Ac..                           WOOl\' :-i,.~", ~ .....                  I··'L·I ""''''              '11I'ie.1r              NBC·Wally Slatll,,·, OtthnuI: 1I'£\R ..\Iuo;. \'ou Wan(
    11'110 " ... -9.53)                         WISN Sport. Pande                                                                     8: 00 CST                        ':00 COT        \\1t.\Q                                         W~·O" B",~ball Rou"d tIp
    NBC·Youlh In 11K Toll" WE/IOR               II'JlI(Ch;ldt~n'. Di"hd.YI
                                                                                          WCCO Quiz of T .. in (iu"
                                                                                          WCFL·I)OII,ld '>0" ... ""np              CBS·Guy Lomblrdo', Ofthnl,,:                                                                         * 11 1,,0
                                                                                                                                                                                       CBS·unny Ro$S, In',: WBOM WLII' Juanita·, Rhumba Olnd
        ToaIKb(·' ""'.......      _to   ~I~     WJJO·8tn li:anlPr, pian;~1
                                                                                          WOZ·St .. Ii,," B.......''"              WJH WSOII WfB'It WHAS                               WFB~'             WIIAS WCCO Ii:MOX WTMJ Sporll
      II>t <la_It... A. wlo«lI"'r 11Nd.1        WMT Spoo-U : 0 .......11 ~                                                          K~OX \\'CCO W\IT
      .......101 ... prot~t ,ootl•• ' ..... 1                                             W"A~I Th. T\t.H '>"'H                                                                        WJR                                             10:45 CST                   11 :45 COT
      riUt.        G_t ,,,,,,,"e.. , Dr.        WROK Little Orphan Ann~                   * II'FtHI .0Nli~ht Pn.dt N",,~ NBC·Gallanl American Women,
                                                * WSUI Dail) I..... n of Ihe Air                                                                                                       NBC,Ben CUII..'s Ofth.: WOWO NBC·Oon BHlor's Otth.: WTlIJ
      J"b. Willt 0' lb. D, 0' 1I1~101.                                                    II"G"-/Ane fllneer                       <Jun,a           WE"R KIIK WOWO                     IIKOB
      ...... Itd   J)r.    WIUtl . . ._ MlhLt   II'TAD-Marctlla Om                                                                                                                                                                     II"TAM KOA
       01 lb. O. at 1''''''"JI.oII•.                                                      *WIU~ BlII...-r... B. t y iii., III\HB
                                                WT\lJ-Sporl Fla."                         Sev.,                                                                                        CBS Eddy Dutll,n! Otth.: WI:;N CBS·Ray H.tlN:tk's Orch.: IVfS"
    * CBS·Paul Sulhun Rnilws Iht                                                                                                   NBC,Conltnltd Hou.: Orthcstrl,                      1\"1.'1) WTAQ W!-.OT (.w9651
                                                                                          II IUP flh)'lh ..", !nl.rludt             I\~J) 11110 II'l;\Q 1\001. WIRE                                                                     NBC·uny Kent's Drth,: KWK
    " .... ' WbS WC('O W\lT KMOX                                                          II'I"D.Oool< HfYU,                       IIIB.\ WTAII WT\lJ WLI\'                            MBS·Tllk by W,lght "Imln: K\lOX !'Iln ~OU;I " Orth
    MBS.T" rlO·Rllo', Orch,: KWK                           NIGHT                          \\"I~S-Thio ;, ""~I<                      .... 9.53)                                         W\tT "1I8F WflOK                                1\'t'CO o;~k Sh~)toa
    WROK                                                                                                                                                                                         lt~p ......... I."~~ I'. ' . . . . II
    *.\ .... WBO.\! WJJO WIISF                    Wllere tIt, r, " . 0 I/ltl.'iJ
                                                                                          *II'JDC Spa". \ f ..·•
                                                                                          II'JJO Chut~h 0', Ih, H,II00de                ' ... 11.", t.ldJ'
                                                                                                                                       1)0"", lI"
                                                                                                                                            1'.,1.'." ",a.".1 '........." Tb.-
                                                                                                                                                                          "'U r.,.
                                                                                                                                                                I'o'bmhlt. .........
                                                                                                                                                                                             re .....111 ......, •• 'TIo« 11_. * \I("FL~ .....
                                                                                                                                                                                            • .... of lIoDQpoiJ"·                      1I')"Ol)ontt \tuo",
    IITAO                                                                                 WKBH·Fted-.G •• m.                                                                                                                           \I'Lli' \I~I <;n).,j,,'. Or~h
    K"I)-The In Lo ....
                                                for 0 Ifatlo. It. preucll. ,
                                                progrom Is 011 th e a ir ,                WIIBO·Goo.!        't.•hOO.
                                                                                                                                        ,.. ~t.ol bl t~ ......."'hl •. "Itl
                                                                                                                                        .,,,'" hUI I.. ru_. T_~ aUr·
                                                                                                                                                                                       KSO-Cher; MtKay .. Compan)
                                                                                                                                                                                       I\'(TL Dun Atti.le                              11 :00 C S T                1 2 :00 COT
    W(".-L·OIRne' ("""U'I                                                                 *WMT Flllto" L~"" ... J ... «Imm
    WDi'Ser.... Ball Cilib                                                                * WOC-In (he G!".mi,,~, Nt ..,                ~'i! "~~,;.!:r. Y.t!:rtnJ:::·"~e":.            "' WGN .'l ..... Vir Conml MBS-Euttl!', DrCh.:
                                                  6 :00 CST       7 :00 COT                                                             '·0"""" I· •. To ~ol.; "edt.                   11'1I0-Sportl                                   11f,,, 11'IiRf WROK
    II'FAlt Oinn.. lIou. Mliliult
    IIF1l1t O;~ Fr<'<l,J" \lilltr               NBC·The Tel,phone Hour: KSD
                                                                                          WOWO O'lan Re ... ,i"
                                                                                          WflOK Sports
                                                                                                                                         r ..,,\I,I()!_ . • u.1 CI (··~.t
                                                                                                                                       T',,' ... "~ ..,,. will 1,111 O."bn.
                                                                                                                                                                            1'.'"      WIRl·Di~k
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Rtfd -'l1I,i(l1 In CBS·Juk Colf.~'s Orch,: WOO\!
    I\"GSSj ...." IIni ....                     Wl\O WMAQ WTUt WTMJ                       WTAO·D'"ner Itu5ic                                                                                                                           II"IT WI'" \ICC WFB\! WJR
                                                III.W WIRE                                                                              :~l!~!~~:. f~t~"'-'Hli;n.e- Old                IVI!,,, Do~Ct Timt                              WKIlIl K.ltOX WIIAS h .. 6_12)
    11'IIIEUi(h School Workabop
    1\'1,00 I."r., ColI.. t
                                                   .~",""H     ..   _~O
                                                                                            6 :4 5 CST                 7 :4S COT
                                                                                          * "ew" WI"!) 11'1\1I11 WIHl' *MBS·R.ymond Grim S",ln"
                                                                                                                                                                                       II'JOC 1\'. I)~"ce T"ne
                                                                                                                                                                                       II'KBlI Richard lfim .... r'l Ord.              NBC,Buddy ROtJtrs' Orth,: 11'['>11
                                   CBS,Tun, Up Time: Oreh. &
    IHW ~"" ...
    W~180·M.lody Minl.lur., Sport,
                                   Ton)' MI.lin, In • . , WJR WBBM                        IIKlIO                                   ""'f "n,lyot \\'G'l WIIBF                           I\'LII' This h I~~ rl ..                        II'KOD
                                   WIIAS K\lOX WISN WCCO                                  WOOW-Tel~ Tunt 11mt                      II BOW bv r.ul Wtlb                            wmmSport., \ltlooy Minialure NBC,F'tddlt                                E!trn,n    Orth.;
    IIOCHi" & rnfOrtl              WFDM 11.. 11.831 hi", KSX                              II'("FL·I/u",an ""fi',H'                 II( FI. Sport.                                      WTA\ID.nce Orthttlra                            11'110 II'\lAQ II'T\IJ \l'IBA
    1I'0\\'O,£b & Zeb, Ihuh        Ii:<;L II 10 p_m, CST)                                 * WFAM To I>t announc.d· N, ... , II'ISS Biondil                                             1\'T\IJ Kilowal! 1I0u,                           Ii:OIl <;potl Nt ....
    II'T"JSon. DOrlo. Sf'"                                                                II'ISI\: I'hi! Grau                      IIJoe Try & Slump M.
                                   NBC· U tlle 01· Hollywood: 11'011'0                    IIJO(,~i,,~o                                                                                    9 :10 CST                    10:30 COT "' KSI) Neol.
                                                                                                                                   II ,IIBD Stu,Jeb.k" Ch.mpi"",
     5: ]0 CST           6 :]0 COT MBSPlu Broldun, III" tho ..                            WJJI) 8Iu. G.a.. HI)                     II'R('K \ina lIin~I,JO'1 Otch.                      MBS·To bt anno~nted: WGS KWK AI '>'l Orch
                                                                                                                                                                                       IIROIi:                                         WI"I) Silt Watch
    NB C·On. 01 thl fl n"l; WL!>   WGN                                                    * 1\.ltTOvl"'rlUn,I), \tu,"ul la \\'~l'l ('0"' ..... 1.0" al Eto:hl                                                                          WlflE \lu'"t You Wanl
    ------------------.i1i1i1i1i1r:1i:;i1i1i1i1i1i1i1i111~rlude:                          II'ROIi:·D"'n~r F.n ... mblo
                                                                                                                                      8 :15 CST
                                                                                                                                   * MBS-YJr Conurl Or(~.: Nr..-rs:
                                                                                                                                                                       ' :15 COT       NBC· Lou 8rttM" Ofth,: 110011 WJ.II' Oudd) Roc~'" Orch
                                                                                                                                                                                       II'TA:\I                                        \l"TA.11 ~d''''''~ Walkin.' Orth,
                                                                                          WTAD Your Amttitan Mo.ic                 WlIlIf                                              CBS·fflnkit Mntrr,' Orehlllr.:                         End 01 Mondl~ I'rOtJram.
                                                                                            7 :00 CST                  1 :00 COT                                                       111'.-0 II'TAQ W~BT
                                                                                          NBC·Ooclor I. 0 .. qu" pr,m,:                                                                NBC·Nal'l Radio fOtllm: \VMAQ                                      ,.aEQUEJIClEl
                                                                                          1\\1.\\;1 WIIO K~!) I\TA\I \\lIn: II SOW -Conce'l OreM.t"                                    II'I1IA WIi:DB
                                                                                          lllfU \1'111' Ii:OA WT\tJ                                                                                                                           1111"" 11'"
                                                                                                                                   WCFL Belin. Ihncorlah"                                                                            I\!I.I·"'"
                                                                                                                                   "'WI"I)·~....-.                                     CBS·P'pe Smok'n9 Tlmt: 1i..\IOX
                                                                                          NBC·Grten Horntt: WK811                                                                      \l'IIA~ WFS~I \\'("("0 IHIT (abo
                                                                                                                                   II liDO \lu.inl Ibn                                                                                     KWI'> 1.'\110
                                                                                            BS Lux RUle TlIt.ltI IIDtsll IIROK·Ii:,,,,·, IItn o."ruo                                   _ 6:30 p,m. CST)                                    \\"IUA·_

,                                                                                         1\15N KMOX wceo WFBM
                                                                                          l\'o\OD \\ IIA!=- WJfI ' .... 11.831        1:]0 CST
                                                                                                                                   CBS Bklndtt.
                                                                                                                                   woe "ISN "KSH \\TSM
                                                                                                                                                                       9: )0 COT
                                                                                                                                                                                       1i:0.\ R'''e'''o Scren.dt
                                                                                                                                                                                       tl:,KSD'lr..-rI: Rautio Boo.ttdoa'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           II'< ,Ukl8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I\...... J.·IITI,

                                                                                                                                                                                       KWIi: To INo Innounett!                             \1111. 100.!lI
                                                                                                                                   \\·TAQ WSBT W06M weco                                                                                   wt:" 1l-~7"
                                                                                                                                   W!lAS \\'.\100 IVMT                                 * \\BBII-Tod "uDlt•. ntw.                           1\·.·.11oI·~
                                                                                                                                                                                       IITFL-\ 1.o~,.,." P•• m,                       w.-n),l 1:llII
                                                                                                                                   CBS·Contert Ofth. (Nol ~r"'d                        WIiSf 'ltutiny .... Ih. lI~h Stu                    ,n;s·no
                                             l . .eo
                                            with u.I. . " Iolw C_ dlo.
                              II'OHSOIfD 11 AurA-SElUn O'MALLEY                                                                    Ult in Ihi, Iflnhl) bul ."'Y INo                    WHORicbl,d HimlNor'. Ord.                           W1I4·i-fII
                                                                                                                                   hurd from WADe N, Y. 860                            WIREB .... ball Roundup                             WIIlI'-IUl,
    W"''''9               WIRE      WHO          wnu           WIB ...        WLW                                                  <on your di.l)
                                                                                                                                             rQ.I~~I·'         p........, 'Brlnd~.
                                                                                                                                                                                       WIS'l Refl«l,oa.
                                                                                                                                                                                       * 1~'J8C "e".; 'Spo.t>
                                                                                                                                       1~'('.. I0 .... J O•• r~u'.        'nlod~ll.                                                        \\'IlIA 121;1
            7:30 P.... " CST -                   8:30 P..... , CDST                                                                       ,',!It .. ~"Il~ 111' ... '1, ud loa'
                                                                                                                                       lI.nau ,,,"...
                                                                                                                                                                                       I\'JR Pu~tful Vdllf'}
                                                                                                                                                                                       II"KOH Rapid Ad
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           \\" I SU.'181
                                          ..,SS·Kttp FII 10 M~"c WGN              WFA'I-Tun, Tim.                    WJ&: 110"" Ec<>nom;.. Tllk               WSlJllI~lod~ Tim,                         [ -9,32
         MORNING                          "'BC·V1ennllH £nHmblt: wefL             WGN Baehllo.·, Chlld •• n. ,k~ch   WJ IO·Saltly C"url Broldu.1              WTAOPol; •• N.... ,
                                          KWK WKBO (s",21.5)                      WHA :.I1I,inl VIr;"I;H             WK8111)0 )'0\1 Rfmlmber?
                                                                                                                     WLSPortia OI,Ir.t FltQ Lit.
                                                                                                                                                              WT\tJ -1I<"n1 Ihnno"i ...,
                                                                                                                                                              11 :45 CST              12:4 5 COT               TUESDAY
hl d /caf..
  7:00 CST
    _St Cl'r J" p ro,."", IIstilt,'
                          broGdco d.
                          ':00 CDT
                                          NBC-Thl Slary 01 hb.., MlIrlin.
                                          shteh WLS WIBA
                                          CBS-HIJllop !tDUIl. ,ktteb; WIS:.!
                                          wet:o WHr.'1 WfB~ KMOX
                                                                                  WIIBF-i'e'lOnll Sboppr.
                                                                                  WILL,.\lomtnla .\I~";ul.
                                                                                  WIND-Rhythm Spocial
                                                                                  WISSRh)lhm &: Ro,."ou
                                                                                                                     II'lll' ,Th. GoIdlxl"\:" .~'Ith
                                                                                                                     W\lBO ~ICft \Ii" Julia. ull.h
                                                                                                                     WIIT-Quonton 1'1•• )', In._
                                                                                                                                                              CBS· 01 l lll .Shlch: weco

                                                                                                                                                              MBS-Winttr &: Allunder. pllno                         May 21
                                                                                  *WJBC-NlWo; \luklu, Wuthl.         WOC-For Womtn Only                       &: OtUn: WROK WUDF

     -_....... ..... _. -.
CBS-Cuol MuSil. pLlnln; WTAQ              WMBO \'IMT                              WJJDenzy Co,ntr                    WOWO-ObIIrvtr
(1\0·17.83)                               *KSO-~tw,      lIouwhold Skllch         WKBB·Allm Prncott                  WSl"I·n.. Book Shill                     KMOX-Kllty Ktenl              WI:>IO-B"~rd of EIIu, .'ioa
HBC-Bn,ltIu(     Club:           WO'L     WBOWRadio Gosprl                        * ""KBHN.",", Wi~dow Shopper       WTAO,Kllly KftM. skllch                  WCFL-G.neral "PIal<.          .WJBC ~".. "p              M"hl"
\\1\88 KWI\ (_ .. 21.S,                   WoZ()pel>in, \I~rhll: Kitch.D           WLS-Emblrrl.. i'~ Mo .. eDtl:      WT\lJ·Wh.I' .......                      WOZBlnd Mu,i.; CbN:kil            Si",.
                                                                                                                                                                                            WKBB \I.n on thr Slrftl
                                          Bnn olDct                               R.n~ ... ,                          10:45 CST            11 :45 COT         Stw,                          WJJo-Middl, RouII</up
*Ne'<'l:      WTAO      WG~     WMBD      WfAM Tin,. Out .. ilh Alleo "'H'        WOII'OLiaob'1 Fint Lou             ... BC·To III announttd: ( .... 15.33)   WIUPIU_ \lodiul Soci",        WLS800kinp " .. his
WltT     woe                              roU                                     WROKEdd-Em-Up                      CBS·Du, Gal Sunday.           SUtel,
                                                                                                                                                              WIIOII''*ell: Wlub.,          W_\100 S".illlllmf '" lI'rvffl
,\I.,<it..1   Cloc~   WDBM     WJBC WIIIIFPublie St.vice P'(JII                                                                                               *WINOS,,,"; Livnlock          1I"01l"0~. Rob... t II T .11
  7:15 CST
              WKBII   WROK            .WIIlP NlWs
                         ':15 COT WIND-Priscilla &: II.. PiIDO
                                                                                  WTAD-Side by Sid.
                                                                                   9:45 CST          10:45 CDT
                                                                                                                     KMOX WBBM
                                                                                  HBl·TIII lOuldlnt Ugllt, .... Ub. MBS-Cartlrs 01WCN              $tr..l:
                                                                                                                                                              WIRE.F~rm Hour
                                                                                                                                                              WJBC-Rhylh", RtVUI
                                                                                                                                                                                            WROK                 ".n
                                                                                                                                                                                                         On thl ::;1....1 ~"~
                                                                                                                                                                                            in' Sam lI"mf F"lk,' lI,ou.
CBS·RI,h~td Miltwell, Inr.-pllllo$. WJDC M.... ni ... o.~o.ions
                                                                                                                    WIIBF WROK                                \YLS·Oin~trbtll "'~.
                                      WJJD-S,ntllll,', Orch.
                                                                                  WHO WMAQ     wnu    WLW WIRE
                                                                                                                                                              *W'1AQ-~ ...·,       n,..     WSOTStnltor EM,.rt A Tift
                                                                                                                                                                                     10 Get W~U1Sttvi.1 1111"''''
",Iller: 1")'.01 <-w-17.83)                                                       KSD                 *KSO-Com TuOMI S ....
*N,,,,,      WL\!,' WilD WKBB WKOII·\lorn;n, SUlnodr
                                      woe MUSIcal Oock         CBS· Aunl J lnny', Slarllt: weco WCCO-Wom,n 01 e""r'll
                                                                                                                                                              WIIBD-Town Critt: Markttl
                                                                                                                                                                                            \\'TAD Ibn~ " Dudr hH<he ..
WLS                                                            KMOX WFlUI WBBY \VMBo WCFL·Turf Nlws                                                           II\lT,Don Rotb', Or.h, Nooa·
                                                                                                                                                                                            12 :4S CST             1 :45 COT
  7:30 CST               8;)0 CDT WOWO-Coneordi.Dnotion,
                                                               woe                                    WOZ·Pal. of tho Pnirlt
                                                                                                                                                              d.y Rhythm.                   CB~-M, Scln '" I. Sklltn ..... UI..
C8S·Dl.ndne Tllrough til. Yens: .WSUID.i!)' Iowan 01 tho Air
                                                                                                      WFA\lRhylhm Timl
                                                               N8C-Affairs 01 A~lhany, skltch; WfSMKitly K",ot                                                WOWO-Market Strvie.
                                                                                                                                                                                            weco WFDM WMBD wasil
\\'FA~I                                                                                                                                                                                     WI~N K1>10X
                                      WTAD DtvOlionl1 Hou.     IIKBO (.,,-15.33)                      WIfA·Musicll NOloboolr                                  WSBT-~lao on Iht Stl.,.1
NBC·Br.,k/ul Club: WOWO                                        KWK·LiII 01 Mary Solher.               I\'IIJP Mllodi~ Mood,                                   WSUI-farm Fl .. h..           NBC·Hynm, ot All Church":
                                         1 :45 CST                9:45 COT
                                                               I\'BOW-Ind_ SOIl. T..chu. P'lm. WIIOlifl Can Be Duutilul                                                                     WLW WIlO II"MAQ
CBS'Adell/de H,wlty: (1 ... 17.8.1) NBC·Womlln m Whitt. skueh:                                                                                                WTADSwin( Alont Tim.
                                      WMAQ WillE WTMJ WHO KSD  WCFLGener.l 5prakl                     WILL-Salon MUlic                                        *WTMJ Hcin~ &: G,.nadl... , MBS-H.rold Turn .. , p II n II I :
*K;\IOXlludhnt lIighll&htl                                     Wol Kilch'n Oa.n Olnu                                                                          ~·~w,                         WIIBF I(ln, WG~
WBIl.II-Ltt's Be Luy                                                                                  WISS-Ann L.. lie·, Scrapbook
                                      CBS,SI,pmather. skUch: K~IOX
                                                               WG:>I-Lindo'l fI«t Lovl. Ikrllh        WJDCMelod)' ReciPl Timl                                                               * Sewl I\'OOW WKBH
*WIIOW Ih,,'", Mornift, Mlil          weco WOBM WFBM           WI1AFMYSI.ry M~lody                    WKBIf Unde Bob                                                                        *KSil-So..,; Rourio Bourdon'l
WCCO-~lw .. c.1 Chim«
                                                               WISS-\I'''mln of C"ural.
                                      HBC·Vltnnlll [nstmblt: WBOW                                     WLII' Editor', I)~u~hltr. ,hl.h                              AFTERNOON                            O..h
WGN·Mornin, Muli •• l                 (lw215)                  WJSC.JU'I About T,me                   WMBO Judy &: Jlne                                                                                 WBAAM .. ktl Reparll
                                                               WJJO-Buruu 0/ Itt ....;nl PtrSOnl WMT Darn~torm ...
                                                         Voun,'s       FlImlly.                                                                               12;00 CST                 1 :00 COT WC'-L.Spalli<rht           Pr~m
WII8F·Ovor th, Collee Clip                                     WKSH B.b)           Bullnin.     OIivt Woe·L;tlpn Whil .. You Work
WIlO-BuchrOOI                         .ktlch WLS                                                                                                              CBS·Young Dr. Malone. sketch;      Wol JolI)' Iri.hmln
                                                               Ha~eR                                  WOIYORi_hard T.ojan                                                                        WI SO Ran R•• ults
lItWILL :-; .....                     KWKGolJM'1 Sinlll        WMT ~I<>dtrn M~I<>oJ~.                                                                         KIIOX WBBM WCCO WFBM
\\I~O Uob Alchu •. IOnp               WFA~I-Mu.ioll Coo,I,,..,11
                                                                                                      I\TAo Arnold Grimm', Dauchttr                           WMBD WISN woe                      WIRE-Dirk Rttd
                                                               11011'051• ., (her Hol1) .. ood        11 :00 CST                 12 :00 COT                                                      WJDC-Pr~m             Pre.itw,           Rad ...
\IIRE-SawnolorY                       WGS Jun. (hkr •. horne man·
                                                               WSU 1'T000tlm ealfntS.r Wuthtr CBS·ThI Goldlllrl$. ski t c h:                                  HBC·li,ht of thl World. sketCh:
. \\J8CNtw.                           qlmllli                                                                                                                 WHO WLW KSO WMAQ                   Guid. Prtm
WJJD·Adult Edueillon Council WIlBF,II .... oe "I J,llIsic
*WMAQ(;offu Tim.: N.....
\IUlSI", Ribbon Mtlodits
                                      \IHlPBtrl Ihuoh P.twnlt
                                                               WTAO Behind Ibl Cam~ ••
                                                               10 :00 CST
                                                                                                      I\OB\I I\\lOX
                                                                                       11 :00 CDT "'BC,Ben Btrnit'S Orch.: (SW'
                                                                * CB5·Kall Smith Spuks &: 15.33)
                                                                                                                                                              NBC·Struml;n, Jou,nal: hw
                                                                                                                                                                                                 II'KBO'lnht. 1'..1 eo, ...r
                                                                                                                                                                                                 *WLS ~Iarktl' ",~
                                                                                                                                                                                                 WS7 Noondl)
                                      WILL \hrktts             .\ .... , WCCO K\lOX \\'h'i woe
WLWTht Gooptl Since.                  WINO Bob &: Bonnie Aicher                                                                                               MBS·Ginsbur,h's Conc.. 1 Orth,: Oo.>ktl
                                                               WBB\! WFBII II'MBO WMT MBS.Tht Happy lOan,: WROK                                               II'GS KII'K                        WOII'OF.itnd!)' Nlichbors
W\lBD\\'cmcn of Today
"'IT-Prize Pa.k.,e
                                      1\'I~NEarly Ri ... rs Club
                                      WlJO TUlsday', Tunn Before                                      *\twl: 1\ \IBO WCFl WJJO                                KWK·Lot·, 1I.lp You Ktep lIouli WSBT               ,".hI...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ka on tho Air
• I\'ROKS~"I '" '111.i(               T..                      NBC·lndlana Ind190: WIBA (,.• WTAO                                                             II'SAARu .. GrMlnia. pi.nill       11'1'\lJ ",.--...Ik 1111)0"..-1••
  7:45 CST               1:45 CDT WKBJI-.\lotni"R DtvolioPl    15.33)                                 K"O-Judl &: Jlnt                                        lI'efl-Man on Ihe Strtel               1 :00 CST                    2:00 COT
                                                                                                      111\AA Th, OrnlUI SI,.
NBC-Brnklul          CIII~:    wefL WLI\' -Killy Kun •.• kll.h *:" .... " WHO WT'\[I                  WCCO,Adopl..! I).ughltr                                 • WDZ-LivHlock Ma.koto; Now. NBC-Thl Sta" I< Ma'f MUlln •
KWK                                   I\.\IBO Frilndl) .\ ..
                                                               K'iD Auinst Ih, Siorm                  WOZ \I •• kell; AI \' ..... St,.. icl                   WIU-:"oon Mu.iule                  .htch           W.Y,AQ WT10IJ WIIO
CBS·DUIClng Thru the Vurs: I\'~IT \lu,"ek1 Clock               KIIK \1"" \Ii .. Julil. ,klldl                                                                 WIIBF-Sin~in' S~tD                 WIRE WLW KSO
                                                                                                      1\...8" II,,, " Bits
1... -17.83)                                                   W8011 "~fl L... T~)'lor
                                      I'I'OWO-Mooun 110.... forum                                     WGS Radio', V.... I                                     \\ IIIP lotti. Businh' Me.         CBS·Soc .. I, Girl .•hlC~ KMOX
                                      WROKLmnlrd Condon; Just  WCK,·Ptookr., in 1M Panlry                                                                     "ILL-Violin '1ini.turn             v.-BBM We(;O WFR..,
C B S·Bachtlor·~ Childrtn: KMOX                                                                       II"IIA \h,plfr I 0.)                                    WISD·Lupi luliln Hour
                                      About TIm.               * 11"01. N,ws: WI IItard                                                                                                          CBS·l n.itatlon to Ih. WIIU;
* \,"" "''-0'1 "1"0                   II'Sl'l .\Itlodiu_ s.-"'iu R.ports
                                                               I\'FA" Shopprn- Guide                  \\ IIBFTob}' "                                    v.JDC,Pubiic ()pjnlOn
                                                                                                      \\,!HP .lIonlior I'.w,                                                                     (O .. 11.83)
WBO.\I )1«1 th '1i.. uI               WTADllito '" Eneor..     WGN -Ed,.o". Doulhtu •• tr.rtch                                                                WJJD-Livr'lock Marktt.
WDZElfin(bam Bind                                                                                     wlm Judy &: Jinl, skttch                                                                    N B( O'on,n, 01 O,.orc, .kltcft
                                          9:00 CST             II IlA H"",.n.ah"
                                                               10 :00 COT                             WILL Plrlnl Tu.h.r Forum                                WKBBII"m. Folk, Frolic
V,FA)' Morninl th~"lionl                                       • WllBF.'it"" Ch.!W1 Slrvlc., * \\'INO-l"tSian. I'tw,
                                      NBC· I love lInda 0,1 •. sklleh:                                                                                        WLSOinne.b<oll Prim .              II"OWO KWK WLS .... 953
\\HIlF-ShOJlllHs' Sprdll              waow WKBB                MMI Ih. ~hD\". •kllch                  WIRE SIn(in'                                       W\lT Soonday nh)!bm'          H,lo lSHI
\\,1I0Coll« Pot Ina                                            WIIIP Mornin( Dan..                                                                            Seren.den                          MBS-Mllchlll AY'H' Drthlstra:
                                      NBC, Harum. skllch: Ki>D                                  WIS~ Down by lierman',
WILL-Slud~n1 Churehu                                           IV1LL~lodHn PhilolOph)                                                                         WOWO·MUlt. Sinll..                 WlmF
* WIIIEN~,,"       1f~lplul   II.,...,.
                                      W.\lAQ WIlO WillE WOIVO
                                                               11'INI)·AI1 Bboatd
                                                                                                      II'JBC Trfuure {'hut
                                                                                                      * \\,KOII-:>I.w~, Siock Mltklt,:
                                                                                                                                                              WROKRound tht Tow~                 WIIAA To" .. (riu
WJB(; Ilu.iul (I~k                                             WIRE, Lind,', Finl Lou                                                                         WSSTTin 1'", AU.,
 WJJD .1.11'>011 WHkl' Oren,                                                                          PfPlr.m Hidlli~h\t                                                                         WBOW PIal'" llood,
                                      CBS·MHy ltl Taylor: K,\IOX
                                                               I\'J IK "hNter Tim~                    II'lS !tnme",.kUI' Prem,                                IVSUI-Rhylh'n 1I""bl..             . \\'('FL·N.",
1\'KDDRoo,tfr '\1~lod) Time           II'fUM 11'80\1 WMBO woe  WJJD Hapo)",                   WLW!turt              al Julil Blakt,                   * WTAO Newl                        W(;N·Concerl Orch
WKBII-BrukfUI M~lodiel                                         WKBB·Old Rof.ains
                                      CBS' POItry Strlnlls: (sw-21.57)                                                                                        12 :15 CST             1 :15 CDT 111111 \la;:a'Jnt IlItk
WLS,earetr of Alin Ililir                                                                             .kc.(h
                                                               WKBlIllon,. Economi~,                  II ,wr Tob)", Cllrnlu,,,1 N.w.                          M8S- J Ohnn, Dully', MUll" ",t.._' 11'1111' Aliff fort)'. Wh ..
WlW-l'ortia BI.k~ rac~1 UII           * Nt"" 1\'JJo \\'_IIT WROK
                                                               WLS-Ft.IUfl Foods                                                                              K\I'K                              I\' 11.1. ~1~lod) 11011
W'\IAQ-A Step A"ud                    KWK-I'alntod Ortam~      \\' I.W nl~ht to lI_pllinl", .ktt(h \\'011"0 C<Hlsoloi.u                                       (BS· Jo, .. Jorun, Cirl Interne 111:>11) S"".t. E~'lion
InlT Mu.iell ("look                   I\'(':CO-Juli. Blakl. ,ht.h                                     * W"OT-I.un.h..,,, Club; NfW'
                                                               W.\IAQ K'ltv Kun, ,krtoh               IYSl'l 'hdri~al Sin«tn                                  WISS wan" weco K\lOX WI<;'\ Evtn .. You .nd I
11'0<: Cortee 1'01 Inn                WeFL-For Wom.n Only      \\'OWO£II,n R.ndol"h . •ketch
                                      * WFAM NI'n' ('"".trl Mini.·                                    IITIIJ ('ornlu .... 1 "' ... ,                          woe WMBD WSBT                      \\'Jilt \,,,u,,~ \I~,,-' n"b
WTAD-Chalt •• Cor"u NIWI                                       WROK-II'omln'S Forum
                                      IU'H                     "SUI-The WHk in Governmlnl             11 :15 CST                 12:15 COT                    ... BC·Arnold Grimm', D.u,ntl' WJJt1 T.. o 01 I Kind
  1 :00 CST               9:00 COT WGS-Lon Silva. orlanisl                                            NBC·Stl ..... n thl Book Ends:                          .ktt~h: W"AQ WLW                   W"II11 Hit. & lIit. Do You
                                                               I\T\lJ H)'mnl of All Church ...
 NBC-Josh Hlnin. 01 F,nch.lllt, * WIIBF News IIi, \bj ..I)', ....                                                                                                                                II .nl ~ J"b'
                                                                                                      \\KBB (.",15.33)                                        * \~,,~     I\I.S WFBlj WROII.
l,jlllu'«I"hy I"d IOtlll: KWK 8 • .,                           10:15 CST               11 :1S COT                                                                                                WKBII Ib P~rk"" ,ktlch
WKDB (s" 215)                         II lUI' Lolhuani.n Hou.  ",BC·Th. D·Ntllls. 'ketch: WMAQ "'BC·[lono.                   Roostnlt.   talk:                IIKDB
                                                                                                                                                                                                 11-\1110 ~.I",,' It. I "'"
                                                               Ill\\'                                 1\,,0 """AQ WL\\                                        WBAA Noon M~~>dl"                  1\'\lT Qo, .... "'" \I,n
"'SC·ThI Man I M,rried, skueh: \\'ILL En,U.h POIli.,                                                                                                          II CfL-Eddit &: Fllln"
IIIRE WlI\ 11'110 W\lAQ KSI) WISI) I\'nlh.. : Gary Munic,pal                                          CBS·l,lt Can
                                                               *NBC-Gllnn D' .... ,n. bar.; H..... s; ,k.ICh                   Bt    Brautdul.                                                   wOt \I.In<I. \hlintt
                                      COU.I                                                                         K'iOX WBB\! weco                          WflBf-Man "" Ih. Slrte\             1It 1\-T\O S~ ...
 v.T ..U                                                       WKDB "DOW (0",15.33)                                                                           II Blp.n.. Forum
                                                                                                      \1\100                                                                                         1 :15 CST                    2:15 COT
 _BS P"u, Kltl, Kill" skltO: WI~:" \I(1rni", "4u"-,.I" 1I01lY' (BS·Wllln • 10m MUflft, iUUh                                                                   WHO-(.....,n RobiIOD', Bu,b,oo.
wc(o K.\IOX W88M WIS!>/ hold 1Ii"1,                             "MOX V. BBM weco v.-FBIol MBS·HlIPPY lOan,: KWK WMT                                           \\                      "'BC-Oxydors Own M~ P.rklftl.
IIFB\I woe "" .. IT                   II' J Be- I'ti.. rICk >u Pn:m
                                                               I\'-J<"    woe                         \\O~" s.m tlami!ton. pllllit\                           WIRE·'olarkrl .. Wrath" Rq>o'lI _krtch II .. tAQ KSII IHIO WL\\
                                      \\,KBII TunH in Rtvi ... : Win-                                 W01R.d Bflth..                                          IIJBC-Thi. Rh)'lhmir Au            \\lR~ I\T\tJ
* \N. W!uH' IIKBII                                             NBC·Oinnln, S"un: WCl'l
WCFL Frank OUHmln, Illk            d"..       ShoP\lO'                                                1\(fL \1 .. , Ih. hlk.                                  W1JD Board of Edueuioll             "B( .mf~U 01 tiD~""'oo" ti,,,
                                      \\'LS !:JIll t,.,tk "olh CBS·Ktyboard CallCr,: hw.17B31 WGN What Do \'ou n""k!                                          \\"KBII "an On        Iht SI,"' _htch 111~'i KWK \\'01'0'0 I ...
II'DI nara " Johnnq                   II'lll' L".d;" Fir.. 1.0\1. sJ,;.t_h
WFA.\I \'our En~IC.menl Book II ~l!l- \lusicil Chili           KSO-S;",;n' S.a ...                    ftWIU,W \I .... \11l(y "'tw,                            luncheon \lu.i_                    9.531533)
WGSTh. Olacon                                                  KWK Thi, Woman'. Wntld                 II'IIIPSo\Ithlo .. n Church                             . W"T V..... 01 Iowa "I ....       CBS·1t Hu ... n~ In HOllywood:
                                      I\'TAO Lot'l Go Sh\>vPint"
                                                               WDZ Ju~y '" Jlnl                       11110 Killl K.." •. sktltb                              WOII"O BOIl ....I PII .. \b<Gr~. ,,\I(lX WFB\I I\'TtO I'ob'"
W/IA B.."d WlCon
 WJIIP \I"r"inl COnClft                   ' :15 CST            10:15 COT
                                                               *WGS·NOWl\                             11'1:"1)-,\ ... "."" .. ",Iodi",                        \\"TAD-\I, .. on Iht S"",          II BA .... ~.1 ... flul ... h, ....
WilL :"ur Enl Ih'tor,                                          1\ IIII' ~hHI Ihl PrO/lIl
                                      NBC-Tht Rod 01 WIt. thlch:                                      WIRE-W"man of Coura"                                    12 :30 CST             1:30 COT 1\'111)1\ "",t".1 '-, ..... tv
WI.\O '\I;'~, G"... 10 M.rket                                  1\'110 A"cpl of \ltrn .kltch
                                      "~O W\lIQ WIRl:: WT.\IJ II'LW                                   \\'JlIC P,r.d. nl BI"d.                                 NBC·\lall.nI Lady, ikllch: IIL\\ II'('FL D.~~ B....... ISlII""'1II
WJBeO.un Air"                         11'110                   WIRE-Edilor·. O.u,h'n                  WJJO illbtl Orth_
                                                               WJIIC II"",ed '" Ih. ' ...1            11'''011 Far,.. """r
                                                                                                                                                              II\lAQ                             11'1>1 ",ulon. 8""";,,                    0....
WJJO Oc""""lh Bro.delll
WKBB ('hallCll SI'p.
WLSMul Mi,. Julil, PII(h
                                      HBC-Cla.k Dlnnll, tnr.: WOWO
                                      KII'K liiw 15.33)        WJJO Dorolhy
                                      CBS·llfl Bilins. sktlth: WfBM
                                                               WKBII-lIo,!,," Hour
                                                                                  ...,           0.,,"
                                                                                          00 Holly· .IIO\\,O Bob 1'0'11100, New.
                                                                                                      II'!:.I'I lIomfn>lk.,·. Ch,l
                                                                                                      II'TAI) All Int Ih, Latht.
                                                                                                                                                              CBS-Flttch •• WillY. talk: KIIOX I'""h'
                                                                                                                                                              WDS.\I IVflHI WI~N
                                                                                                                                                              . S~ .. ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 1... ~·II\1 (Io'''"~n
                                                                                                                                                                          IIIISF WCCO WUH WG\ "ark Lon & I.,n ~~Iv~
\\'.\100 \It<WIlCtr      W t II h t., WCCO 11'1":,,        K.\IOX WBB"                                                                                                                           II-UI .\t""t \I~um
Thrift M~'~"Ktr                                                II'MDD-l.ioda', Fiul Love              WT\IJ IInmlnli. IIllbdi.,                               "WI{ 11110 \\'OC
                                      W\lOO                    WMT Ri~ht '0 11opI,i,,0"               11 :30 CST                 12 :30 CDT                   WBAA Mftt tho S~nd                 IIIIBF I' T A Pt.,O
* WOWONew.: Markoll                                                                                                                                                                              .1\ 1111' , ... ,
\\'SUlMornio_ Chaprl                  MBS·Harold Turn ... pi I n i Ii t :
                                                               WOWO-Edito,', OauKhur                  CBS·Th RlgM 10 H,ppintss.                               l\'JlOW 'bn on Ih. SI".'
                                      WGN                      11'''1'1 Y~~lerda)'1 r.~u"t~,          ,kNeh: KMOX IHtBO WBB\!                                 IVCfl·What'. in I :'hn,.           II'JJ I) \ I'l...e \I".u, Gun
WTAI) niw 'n' Sh,n.
                                                               WTAO-MI plfkin •• Iketeh                                                                       WDZ·.\hrktt. Cia.. Plow Jock 10 '\h'ht
  1 :15 CST               9:15 COT *So"s: Woe WKBB                                                    W{"CO
NSC·Ho\l"bo,t H,nnllh, slr.tlch: II'HOW-T", I'a" AUtv
\\'HO                                 II'CFL,M.~ic M","~ntJ
                                                               I\'T\\J-Arnold Grimm', Olu~hlfr NBC Mallriet Spllllny's Orch.:
                                                               10:30 CST               11 :30 COT 11'011'0 WIRA \\'mE WKDB
                                                                                                                                                              WG", Yar ConClft Or(h
                                                                                                                                                                                                 \\"I\BII", ... ,.I P.~f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     el ...;/i..!

                                                                                                                                                              IIIM-hrm Pfllm                     lI'''IlIiIliI),h", IIfvue
CBS-M),rt and M",., • kttch: WfAMCnn.oll Mtlod".               CBS·Romanct 01 Hilin Trlnl: 1\1\1{ c." 15.33)                                                  WHII'-Rookino Hhvth ..             .nuII) E<li,or. D.u.h.,r.•ktltn
K\lOX 1\ BO\I 111S~ Weco * II'I\A "'h, " \"i~w.                KMOX IIBB\I                            MBS·CharIH Atntw, or,an~t:                              ~llll-lllinoi. F.rm Bou.                  tCDnllnued Dn Nul Patll
WfB'1 11\1B0 W\lT                     WIIDF-\lany Harpy Rlluro.... BC·Horth"n Baptist Connn II nOK
                                      WJBC-II me COIIn~lIor
NSC-Va.J,lIand,: KWK WKBB WJJD Dick Bakl., tonll               ...m t '" 15.33)                       • K,,[) N.... : T.ltlunfS Mu.iul
,.",215)                                                               1111'~r  I'u "Irt .. III ••••
                                      WLS Rod folt) &: IIi, S.ddl. I.p .t~hll~b .. M I~ • ....,n •• " In.trlud.
HBC-Mldstrum. Ikltch: WMAQ Pal.                                    lion.                              * "'BA,\ lIomom.k", N.,,"
v.1RE KSO WLW                                                                                         I\' W:III Th. I' .ltt~ Haul
                                      I"'''T \lplod) MI.'      ... BC·Nat·1 Fum" Hom. Hour: II'OZ Bulltrkru.t Il,obota
HBC VI( '" ~de. skl"h: WLS WROK Town en ••                     I\BOW WIDA W\UQ \\ KSB
                                                                                                      WfB\I/I".",,, F.rrn Clrcl~
. WBOW."'",I                          \\TAOlbnnlbll S .....    KII'K
                                                                                                      IIG\ \I~rkttJ. \jidd.)· Strvicl
W(fL·~b~. Bdlow. B,II,oolll              9:30 CST              10 :]0 COT
                                                               MBS-Hlltn          Wyant,    or,.nisl; 11'11.10 Mood. '" "lllodin
1I'0l-\l"" .... \· .... tin           ... BC·Richarci          II'ROK
                                                          I<.tnt.    truelin,                         WIIBF IIf",nl 01 All Church ...
* WGS S....-. ~)t"a Oft Str11'" coole, WO'L WISA WBOW (,w·     * \N' Wh, WOL                          v. HIP 0011) Jlrmaio'
WH_\ \torn" .. \l11od.."              15331                    KSo'Purti' Blake                       \\'110 Ad"pled o.u~hl.r. Ikttck
IHIBF Mtt"ry Mllodi ...                                        weco Bl<htlo.·. (hiklr.n
                                      ... BC·A"lnsl thl Slarm, sUlth:                                 \lILl Sone. nl' I.iy.
1\I"'Ollow I. \o"r 1I~.llh                                     WOZ In La,..,
                                      WIRE WMAQ wnlJ 1'0'110 WLIY                                     WI"'O O",,'iln ScitnCl Pr, ...
WKOII 810d                                              WFA\I-Harlan II", ... P"'Iah
                                      CBS-Slsl... s k t t t h: WFBM                                   WbN \Iu.ieal IInl Wn,
WOC\l.lody Tim.                       WCCO WDB.\I W"BO KMOX    II'FB\I Bi~ F.odd;t l"I1~.             I\JBC~in(in' Salll
WOWO !larry U",il.k'. Oreh                                     WGN -Plint..! Dreams•• hteo            I'o'JJOloop N_ O.y StrYlce
WROKllar""'n), ble                 woe                         WIIBfArnnid Grimm', o'UIIIII, * WLS·.\I.,hls Wollh.. H....
W"l"I Civic Orrh,                  MBS· Bucktyt Four: KWK W'dT 1'0'1111'-111, Fod, of Womln', Clubs WLW,E~~rybody'o .·Irm                 Li~.
  I :JO CST             9 :30 COT KWK,Sunb(II>nol Social       11'110 P~rhl Blak ••• huh              Stockl
"'BC-Ellt n    Ranciolph, skelth ",CFL-T'Uvfbnl Cook           WI:"OMu,ic:al Souod Track              W\lAQ Word. &: \IUlic
.\\1.1.'.) WIRE WIlD v.n-u \I'll\' WDI. ~h., I. Kllhr)'n       1\'IIlE-l\it.h.n of tt.. Air           II \IT \I, K>< K,'ch ...
Page 30                                  9/32-E                                                                                                                                                                   NBC ·The Aldrich Family. sket~h:

                                                                     TUESDAY COOD LlSTENINC CUIDE                                                                                                                 Wl.S WOIVO KIVI\ (.t.o KCO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  al 9:30 1',10. CST)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sport~: woe WKBB
                                                                                                       Ch eck th e progranu ynu wont to hear today                                                                waO\\'ai~ FtttJdie Miller
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *WCFL·Spcci.1 New.
           May 21                                                    NIGHT                           ing hcls behind many of 7:00 CST (8:00 COT) Caval·                       Ennis' orth""tra. Gue.lI:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WOZ ·Bu. Barton

     (1 :15 p.m. Conlinutil)
                                                         6:00 CST (7:00 COT) BI,
                                                           Town; orUlla, CBS.
                                                                                                     America's unclaimed .esl.tu,
                                                                                                   6:30 CST (1:30 COT) Infor·
                                                                                                                                         tade 01 America. NBe.
                                                                                                                                          Helen lIayes
                                                                                                                                                                              Escorts and Betty.
                                                                                                                                                                              A _ ... "'.~ . . I.u"" an .... n.

                                                                                                                                                                          8:00 CST (9:oo COT) Glenn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wt'AM· of the Ma.ten
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WHllFSports Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WllIP·Twilight Melodie.
                                                                                                     m~tion.   Please. Qulr Pro·
WMT·Fnnk Voe\ku, orlanist
Woe·T" be announced
                                                           Edw.,d G. Robinson
                                                           On~ Mlln.on,                 '"'          gram, NBC.
                                                                                                     Clifton Fadiman. John Kie· 7:30 CST (8:30 COT) Pro·
                                                                                                                                                                              Miller'! Orchestr., CBS.
                                                                                                                                                                              Rat Eberle and ~Iarion Hut·
                                                                                                                                                                              ton, vocalist •.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WIND·Rureation 01 Game
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WJBC·Rainbo Revue
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WJJD·Ka,per Si.ters
IVROK·Rlinbow Trio                                       6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Johnny                  ran, F. p, AdamI. GUe1IS:           fonor Quiz, CBS.
                                                           Presents. NBC.                            ChriSlopher Morley, anthor.         With Bob Trout.                                                          WKall,SpOrt F1uh
WSBT·Take it Easy                                                                                                                                                         8:30 CST (9:30 COT) Uncle               W~IT ·Oinner Diince ~hl'ie
IVTAD·Dance Time                                           Ru.h Huehe. and hi.                       and hil brother Feli" Mor.                                               W~lter's Dog Hou5e, NBC.
                                                           "Hugh~sr..,I;'; G~nevieve                 ley.""t·eleet of Haver. 7:* CST (8:30 COT) fibbor                                                     WSUI.Dinner Hour Prgm.
  1 :30 CST           2:30 CDT                                                                                                                                                Tom WaHae. (Und. Wal·               WTAD,SJ""'u New, &, Heviews
NBC·John's Other Wife, skele":                             Rowe, ,o prano; Jobnny                    ford College.                       McGee and Molly, NBC.                ter); Dog Ifo ... e ChQru,;
                                                           Gr..,D', orchrstra; others.                                                   Marian and Jim Jordan,                                                     6:15 CST                           7 :15 COT
WOIVO IVLS KIVK ( ..... 1533·                                                                                                                                                 Virginia     Verrill, vocalin;
953)                                                                                               6:30 CST (1:30 COT) PDt 0'            Harold Pear)", King's ~Ion.          Cbrlie Lyon, ~nnouncer;             *No"'s: WOI. WOC WROK
                                                         6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Th.                     Gold, NBC.                          Bil! n"mp,o". Billy Mill.'           Bob Slr"ng'. orehe,t",              WOOW·Si &. E,U
*CBS·News: On Ihe VIII~ge                                  AldriCh family, NBC,                      Horace Hei<1t and Hi, Mu·                                                                                    WCFL·£\-enin~ Coutert
Gt~n:    WfBM WSBT WTAQ                                    Comtdy ,keIth. with Em                    sical Knights.                                                       9:00 CST (10:00 COT) fred               WFAM.Shtthed from Life
WKBH woe (sw·l1 ,83)                                       Stone.                                                                                                             Waring i~ Pleasure Time,            *WHllF·Newl: Serenade
MBS·Henry Cincone's Orcheslrl:                                                                     7:00 CST (8:00 COT) We, 8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Bob                            NBC.                                WJIJC Hil of the D.y
WROK WHBF                                                6:JO CST (7:30 COT) Tne                     the P.ople, CBS.                    Hope Variety Show, NBe.                                                  WJJO·Mu.ic Please
NBC·Pepper     YounQ's    Family,                          Court of Mi$sing Heirs, CBS,              Gabriel!er, M. C.; Mark        Judy Garlaud, J~rry Colom,a. 9:15 CST (10:15 COT) \..;Inny               WKBB·Un"'e.." 01 M.lod~
shieh: WMAQ WHO WLW KSD                                    Dram.lll.tions of interest.              Warnow'. octhesru; gue,t •.           Brenda and Cobin •• Ski"".y         ROI5. TenOr, CBS.                   WKBIt·Di"ner Music
WTMJ WIRE                                                                                                                                                                                                         *II'MT FullQn Lewi., Jr., comm.
                                                                                 Refer to odiae,,"t eo lumns for Itatiolt, broadeasting these progroms                                                            \vTAO·Bob Moore. or~Ani.t
KMOX.Limla'. Firsl Love                                                                                                                                                                                             6 :30 CST                          7 :30 COT
IVBAA·Mu,ic or Ihe Artisl
WBBM·t·ln"agrams                                                                                                                                                                                                  MBS·Call 'n' Jammers: WHBF
WBOW.Yotal Stj'lin~                                                                                                                                                                                               *CBS,Court of Missing Heirs,
wCCO·Judy & Jane                                    2 :30 CST               3 :30 CDT CBS·NQrthern Ba~ti~t Cooven· 4:30 CST                                  5 :3 0 CDT NBC·Mr. Keen. Tracer of lost dramu: New.: WBll~1 WFBM
WDZ Farm Bureau Briefl; AI                        CBS·Mu5ic of the S\rin9$; WTAQ lio,,: WISN woe WCCO WMT NBC·Jo'e Btlhentour\'s Band: Persons. drama: WENR (also wHAS KMOX weco IYJR IYM'f
Aile", Farm Newl                                  WKBIl WfAM WISN WfS:\! WlJAA·Glenn Puton, orllanist                                waow W£Nlt WOWO WKBB KGO at 8:45p.m, CST)                                    NBC ·Polo' Gold; HorlCt Heidl's
* WCN·New.                                        woe                                          WBBM.Tenth lnni,,~                    (.w·9.53)                              MBS·Talk by Victor LusiMhl: Mu.ical Knight: WIRE WMAQ
WHA·Organ Melodies                                NBC·Lorenzo Jon,.;, sketCh; WHO WOZ·Art of Livin~                                  *CBS·Troub.don: WIND WTAQ KWK WHOK                                           KSO WIIO WTAM WLW WTMJ
WHIP·Alice Ol.son                                 WIRE WTMJ WMAQ WIBA                          WE~R · tr"ene Wicker, .torie'         Woe WKBII (!w·il.83)                   CBS,Troubadors: (s",.II.83)           NBC·lnfo'malien, Please: KWK
WILL·The Digest                                                                                WFBM . I"d. Centra] M~le Chorus *CBS·Paul Sullivan Reviews the
                                                  KMOX·Vic '" Sade                             WHIP·George E. Sokolsky                                                      *N"w" II'T,\O Wf]Ilf \\'JJD           WLS (abo KGO at 9 O.m. CST)
WINO·Race Result.                                 KSD·Hl'mns of All Churcheo                                                         News: WaRM                                                                          • ....... 11 ... GOO<I ~I" •• ' •• auld ••
WISN ·Mary Ann Presenta: Newl                                                                  WIND · Race R..                                                        KSD·The !n Law.
                                                  KWK.Hich Ibyos' Swing Club                                                         KSD. Kilt)' Keene                      " WBB.\! Todd lluntu, now,            WBOW ·Singin' S~m
WJBC ·G od', fbI! Honr                                                                         \VIRE· lndi~na""lis To:>day                                                                                        WCFL-King's Jeste ..
                                                  I't'BAA.Parent Forum                         * WJBCNe\\.                           WCCO · ~lu,i •• 1                      WCFL·D~d'. Family
II'KBB.(:bancel Steps                             WCCO·:\Ia Perkin., 'ketch                                                                                                                                       WOl ·SterlioK Breweriu
II'MBO·Woman of Couu,e                                                                         WKBH ·To be announced                 WC.' L,Cameo TI'eitet                  WDZ·Sue", BaU Club
                                                  WDZ·Birthda)' Parly                                                                WOZ · D~t, K~y, Lelly                  II'F,\\t·Dinner Hour Muska!"          WFAM·Th'ee Not ...
II'TAD·Cowboy Ste"e                                                                            WLW · ~leet MilO Julia. skelth
                                                  WHA·Muoit 01 the Masten                                                            WFAM·20th Century Serenade             WFB~t ·Qu3r rer Time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WGN ·Charlie B8um',
  1 :45 CST           2 :45 COT                                                                WMAQ·Thtee Quarter Tim"                                                                                            WillI'· Rhythmic Intorlude
                                                  WHBF·St. Mary'. High School                  WMBD Hi. Majesly, the Ihby \\'FB~I·Jo)'ce Jordan, .ketch                     WGN·Sports Review
CBS·Golden Gate Quartel: WSBT                     Wlilp·Club ,"tlody                                                                 WGN ·Edna O'Otl! &, lIarold IVILLFirst Regimental Band                       WINO·Pliner &, Earle
WTAQ II'KBII wCCO WISN                            WINO · RQc~ RhUltl
                                                                                               WROK·M. P.rkin.                                                                                                    *WI SN·Lot's Waltz: New.:
                                                                                               WSUI.lowa Union Hadio Hour            Turner                                 \\'IRE·Zingo
woe (sw·1 1.83)                                   *WJBC News                                                                         II'HBF·Ch.... rful Ch.rli. Flagler     WKBB·Lora. College                    *WJBC·Sporls: Ne"'~: M'rkel.:
 NBC·Vic &. Sade, sketch: WIRE                    WLW ·Peler Grant Speaking                      3 :45 CST              4 :45 COT WHIP Bud.I'~.. t Hour                     WLW,Sl'o,t~
 11'110 WMAQ WTMJ KSD WLW                         WMBD.P~l.icoa\ Parade                        HBC·Bud        Barton's     ChHdren'i 1V1l0·Mut Miss Jnlia, skelch                                                 WJJDChurch Service
                                                                                               Slori".: WOWO (~w·9.53 15,33)                                                WMBO·Melody .\liniatute: Sports WKBH··.· Gram
    5<0 ......   Oft . . . . . . . . .            WMT·Mett M. Browo                                                                  WILL· Historic l11inai.                WOC·Hit, &, Encores
MBS·S'hool 01 Ihe Air: WHIU"                      WOII'O ·Old Time Religion                    CBS·Scatter900d Baines, sktlCh: WIlIE·llnme Edilion                          WOWO·Eb &, Zeb •• ketch               W:.1BDTreasnre Che,t of Son~.
WROK                                                2;45 CST                3:45 COT WFBM WCCO                                       WfSNHi~h Sehool Drama                  WVIJ·Son~ Doclor: New,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WOC·Su",Ct Serenade
NBC·Just Plain Bill, sketch:                      MBS·TD be announc.d: WHOK                    NBC·The O'Neills, .kttch: WIRE " WJBC.~ew,                                      5:30 CST                 6 :30 COT WTAO·Barney ThoDlpson. soDgS
KWK WLS WOWO (0,,·9.53·                                                                                                              WI-W . Kirhy '" White
\5.33)                                            OII'N BC·CluG Ml1lnee: News: ~WK. WHO KSD wnu WMAQ                                 \\I~IAQ·J.i'l Abn~r, <ketch
                                                                                                                                                                            HBC,Washington Calling: WKBB            6 :45 CST                          7:45 cor
                                                                                                                               bar,: WMllD·Sweethear! Time                   ($,.·9.55)
1,~IOXl'ho Editor'. Dau~hter
                                                  CBS·Console Overtones: WFBM NBC·Johnny                         Johnston.                                                                                        * News: WKB!! WflIP WBOW
                                                  WfA~1 II'I\lH! IVI:;:" woe (sw· KWK WOOW WKRB                                      WMT·Cheerful CI,.rhe FI •.~ler         CBS'Second         Husband, dramJ: WIND WKBB
* WllAA·Monllor Vi~w. tI,e Newl                                                                                                                                             Helen Menken: wBaM WHAS weFL· Human
WIHI~l·Du~u"t Dop"
                                                  11.83)                                       WDZ.Ho"'e Folks Hour                  W'r..UMe~t Mh~ Julia
                                                                                                                                                                            WCCO WJR                              *IVFAM·Quimone.: New.
WBOW·CI.,.;c ~Iu.icale                            NBC·V 0 un g Widder Brown, II'EJ'R·Aflai". of Anthcny                                4:45 CST              5 :45 CDT                                            w,II.lC ·S;',~o
wCFt.·Totten', Sportlilcs                         !ketch: IVTMJ WHO WM.~Q WIIA·G.rm~n Del,t.: Wuthn                                                                         *X ew<: WIBA WGN WLS
                                                                                                                                     NBC·Bud Barton, thildren's slor· KMOX·Bob Dunham Comments WJJD·B1ue Grasa R""
WDZ·Bob Mills. ~co;Orlli~n                        WIRE KSO WIBA                                * WIlIP .Ncw.
                                                                                               \\'ISN·Ac<:ordiana                    ic.: W£NR WKBB                          "SO· Oa"ee Mu.ic                     WMllO·Rcstylcd Rhythm,
WFflM ·Chri,tia" Scic"re l'rgm.                   KMOX. Oope from !he Dugout                   1V.IIK.Tin ran Aile.                  *CBS·The World Today: WBRM * I(WK·Sport., N"w,
II'HH' lime                                                                                                                                                                                                  WC:rri ·City Ca",era Clubs
                                                  KWK.To be announced                          WKRH.Littlc R<'<J Sthoolhoun WCCO WMBD WFB~j WKBH WCfL · R"". Results                                              W!10K·Dinncr Music
WILL lIlinois Edilnri,,1 ftc"ie"                  wilAA·Tr.a~ure Chest                         IVLIVGlad & Woody Stnllh              WTAQ IVFflM Woe WMT
WJJD·Dugoul Inlc,,·i.w~                                                                                                                                                     WF'\~I · UAW.·C.I.O. Prgm             WTAO,Dinncr ~h,psic
                                                  wCCO'G"spel Sinller                          IHIBD .Tod,y in Rollio                * NBC·Lowell Thomas, neWi com· WFB~I lJo.eball Scorel; Sl'"'O'                 7 :00 CST                          8:00 cor
IVKBB. ~IdO/ly Mu'i,,~.
                                                  WILL·Cla,"caJ Miniatures                     1I'~IT.Si~"a                          mentator: WlW (.w.9.53)                patoT>                                NBC ·Biltie of the Se~es: KSD
WMBD ,R"yal     Joke     Contest:                 II'JBC·Organ Treasures                       WDC.,loeo .. lian.
,'1am.·the·Tune                                   IVLW·Kitty Keene, sketch                     WROK.It's O~nce Time                  NBC· Rocky        Gordon,     sketch: WHBF·C. vaicn.le of Drama              WHO wlHE WLW WTAM WTMJ
WMT·.lmk & ,lone                                                                                                                                                            WHO·OcS"." MO<ld.                     WMAQ KOA (,110 at 10:30 p.m.
                                                  WMT·Tom Owen', C"wboys                          4:00 CST              5:00 CDT 1V130W WMAQ                                WIRE ·Dick Rced                       CST)
WTAD·~ocial Securily
                                                  II'T,\O·lh,~hall Game                        NBC.Li'1 Abner, sk",h: low. MBS·Littie Orphin Annie, skttch: WISN ·Show WindQw                                             A team .. I underll',Kllnot""
  2:00 CST           3 :00 CDT                      3 :00 CST               4:00 CDT 9.53)                                           WGN                                    WJBC ·M"~ic Carpet Club                   rrom Kno~ Collp~,. Oale.bur~.
                                                                                                                                                                            WJJD·Su pp~r Serenade
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HilMI.,          n.        fonr       "c:olle:e
*NB C·Club M a lin I e: News:                     NBC.Wili Osborne's Oreh,: WISA CBS.Aeolian Enstmble: WBBM KSD·Maoter Singers                                                                                       'tuc~n."         cl'O .... Q I",Ul UtlO"t:
\\"KllB WOII"O II'E~R WHOW                        WKBB                                         WISN WMBO 11'1\1311                   lI'aAA,Slory BO<lk Hour                WKBfl·Tunu of the Day                     lorty-elllbt .tatp. IIOPolarltl .::on·
(,,,"~3.·,~~?}/O" ,."do .... _0,.                 NBC ·Girl Alone, sketch: WMAQ MBS.T~d fio.Rito 's Orch.: KWK WCFL·Ja~k Kelly's Orch.
                                                                                                                                     IVDZ,Sulldowo Jubil ....
                                                                                                                                                                            WLW·D"n Wi~.low of the N~"y               ttll wlon ....
                                                                                                                                                                             * WMAQ.New,: SpOrh: Mu.icale NBC·Cau;ludt of America, dra
NBC·Bathtage            Wife. sketch:             WHO WIRE WTMJ                                I\' UBF                               WUA ·Con~r" .. ional Forum              W~laD·Pekin Around the Corner ma, KWK \YOWO WIaA WEN'R
WIRE \\'\1\(,1 WnlJ WIBA                          CBS·Kal~leen        Norris:      IVFBM NBC.Johnny McGee's OrcheSlrl: WIIBF·Cou<in Pex.!ZY                                  W\fT. m", '" Eneo.",,: Interlude WBOW
\HIO \l'lW                                        WCCO                                         WE:"H WIRE WKBB                       WHO·I)~,;eb;.ll Time                    WOC·Lest We Forget                          ......... " _ _ LI... nlng "uld ••
CBS·Buon         Elliott's Mtlodies:              KMOX · B3 •• baU G3me                        * News: WOOli' WCfL WCCO WIND·~le)odies '" Baseball Scores WOIVO·Basebali Scor",                                   CBS·W. I~e                    PtGDlt:       WHA::o
WKBH \\'SBT II"TAQ IVISN                          KIVK · Ba'eball: lIro,,"n. vs. Yank. woe                                           WIR£·To be annoullctd                   WROI\·Boy ScO.. tl                   WaB!>'! WCCO KMOX WFBM
II'FB\I WOC 1,1\' 11.83)                          WBAA·Lel We Forget                           KSD·Girl Atolle                       WJBC·S\\eet &, Swing                    W5UI.~fu<ical Moods: Bulletinl       IVIC~ IVJfI woe WMBD W~BT
H.'cb,lI; Whil~ So~ ,.,. ::.eo',                  WBO\\'·lnd. State Teachers Prgm. WOZ·l!apj'y'. R.njo: S<:areboard WJJD ·B"" Kanter, pianiSI                                \\'T.~D·Rhylhm &, Rom.nce            W~!T (sw·l1.83) (also KNX KSL
to,,' WG:" \\'('FL \\"JJD WBB~I                   WDZ ·Women Just Wom~"                        * WFAM·New5; Melody MomeRts           * WOWO·80b Wi)",n, news                    5 :45 CST               6 :45 COT ot 10 p.m. CST)
K.\IOX ~fa Perkin.                                WENR · R,<lio Neighbors                      WFB~I·I'lea,antd.l~ Folks             WROK.B~tty Ro~u •• sonp                 NBC·Wuhington Calling: \VOWO MBS·Men the Stirs: WROK
K"D·,lmoM Grim",'s O~,,~hter                      IVFAM·WPA Prgm.                              \1'G)\·Swi". It                       WTMJ ·Around Ihe Town                  MBS·lnside of Sport.: WGN WLIV IYHBF ••" ; I _ 000<1 Li ....,,,,, Ou, ....
KWK·D,nce \I" 'k                                  *WlIBFHeadline, of the Day                   WHA .Ameriu1l Foreign Trade              5 :00 CST             &:00 CDT * New<o WFB,\! 11'110                             h,
WBIIA ·Aft.",oo" ~lu<i~                           IVINil·Spor!. Edition                        WJlIl'·TI,e Duche.,                   NBC·Easy Ates. Skttch: WENR KMOX·Ben Field's Orch.                           \\"CFLlllghli~ht.
\\'eco K;lI)" K•• "c. ,kct<h                      \\'I"N ·Lillle Show                          WHO ·Arnold Gri",,,,', O.u~hte,       (also KGO at 8:30 p.m. CST)                                                  WGN· ¥ar Contert Orch.
*\\ OZ .Nc"': Irti <1' Burcau                     WJBC·llo11y\\ood Bre"ities                   WILL·Art on Exhibit                                                           KSD·Stockton '" Eschen               WIND·Scalter~ood Baine.
WIlII .ShQrt ~t"ry Ti"'e                          WKBH.John Gruber                             WIND,SllOrt. E<1ilion                 CBS·Lynn Col., songs: WOC II'BOW Sports
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WJllC· Birthday &, Anniv, Party
\\'fjI:lF·Go'I",1 Temple :;                WLlV·P"inted Dreams, sketoh                  IVJBC·We.lop" !iour                   \I'ISN (,w·11.83)                       WCFL.Time for ~lusit                 wJJD·Suppertime Frolic
WHIP Toa Time ,\1elodie.                          * WMBO·N.",s: Pet Corne<                     WJJO·B"'eb.1I Sooreboard              *MBS·Fulton Lowis. Jr .. news WDI. ·Sports R",·iew                           \VI(llB. Diuc Beclle
\\"II.L W~'l~r" ~I"v Cidli.. ton                  *IVMT·New.                                   WLW ·Cotton Queen                     analy.t: WHBF WROK KWK                  WFAM ,SpOr15 New!                    WKBH·Music for You
1I'1:"I) ·Sp"rts E,iitio"                         WOCMail llag                                 \\'MAQ·l!ousbc",t HUllnah. sketcb *:".",,: weco WOZ IV~IBD                    WIIBF·littie Ocphan Annie            WStJl·{,hil<lren's /lOll'
\\',IIlCl1on,c Uure~u                             \l'OWO·Ke~ping You Posted                    W~1T·Pla"ti,,~ Tim"                                                           WIRE·II"",ier Spnrt Shots            WTIIO·TUI'n 01 the Day
                                                                                                                                     KMOX · f,"n~e L~ux Hi·Lile.
WlII!:lD·I(itty I\~e"c. ,ket~h                    WIlOK · \I'on1"" of the Hour                 WOWO·The Old Songsmith                                                        W1SN,SpOrh Par.d.
                                                                                                                                     *KSDNcw" feature Spotlight II'JflC·r!oildren', Bidh,ian                        7 : 15 CST                         8:15 cor
1\'~IT·\,o""o: Dr. M:do".                            ]:15 C5r               4 :15 CDT          WROK. John Agnew. organi,t            WIlIlM ,S I,orts Rcvie,.                                                     WCFt·Juck Kdly', Orch.
WIlQK·B,·rnice \\' httchureh. sengi                                                            WSUl·St.te Medical 5<J.riety                                                  WJJD·Off the Book!helf
                                                  NBC·Kitty KlOne, sketCh: WHO                                                       1'1 BOW .,\torry·Go·Round               WLS·S<:hool lor Boy.                 WGN·f",.ign Affairs
\1 TAf) ·("",,,,,,,,ity ~ew.                      \I',\]AQ wnu                                 Wn.1J·Ri~ht to flappi"ell             WC"t ,\lo,l.r" ~T"lo"ies                                                     WIND Maxim Olel!ky', O.. h.
                                                                                                  4:15 CST              5:15 CDT * WFAM·B:,11 Scoces: News                   W~IT·Sport$
  2 :15 CST                 3:15 CDT              NBC ·Wil l Osborne's Orch,: KWK CBS·Nan Wynn, sonqs: WINO                                                                                                       \\,,)1.1(.1. S. N. U. Orch.
                                                                                                                                                                             WOC,Supper Time String.
NBC·Stelia Dallas, sketch: WIlO                                                                                                      *WFB~I Sl'ee,lway News: noree·
WillE wnr"             II'IBA W~IAQ
                                                  (,\\9.5315.33)                               WTIIQ WFAM W~IBO WBBM Q\I~rtec Timc                                          *WSUI·Oaily IQw.n "r the Air WKBII · Rupid Ad
                                                                                                                                                                             WTAD·Marcell, Cheek                    7 :30 CST                          8:]0 COT
1\'1.\\                                           CBS·Caroline 's      Golden       Store: WOC WISN WCCO WKBH                        WGN Concert Oreh.                                                            NBC · fun with Ihe Revu.,s:
                                                                                                                                                                             \\'T'1"J·Spor15 F1a~h
CBS·Df Men & Books: WT,\Q                         WFB.\1. WCC,O         •      • ..... ,... 1. *NBC·Uncle Mal's Stories; News: WIUI'·Ger""n American Hour                                                         WBOW wENR
II'FB.\I WK81!       \\'~BT   WOC                 NBC·L,ft         an     e       u"~          WIBA WBOW WMAQ (,w·9.53) *WILL· New. Behind the New.
II'\IT t",·11.83)
     "~I"h' I" l\u,,""'Y." by 1.0'''.
                                                  ,ketd" WIRE WLW
                                                  IVBAA·Rosalind M.Clanahan
                                                                                               MBS·To be announted: KWK WIND·German HOllr
                                                                                               WHBF WRO);                            WIllE ·O",," llyrd
                                                                                                                                                                                              NIGHT                                 FREQUENOIE8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      n.ltOX·l000                 WItlE·!4t111
  1~,:~:~.I!~'I'li,y 'g~,,,~~~~"I::;h"~~t         WBOW .Orient.1 Oreh.                                                               WJI.lC·Normal I/our
                                                                                                NBC·Johnny McGoe's Orchestra: WJJO·Twilight Musicale                                                                  KOA-&sO                     \\,IS~·U:lO
   \l'!!t t... 1\". t,",k. r~~I~w~.               II'FA~I·Kille. Dille<s                                                                                                          Where tltere I, 110 lidlng          KSD·1l6(I                   WJBC·I200
                                                                                               wO\\'O (.w·9.55)                      WKBB.J"n~le Jim. sketch                                                          KWK·13~                     WJJD·1I3\.I
MBS·To b. announud: WROK                          WHBF·ti.len. Ladie.                                                                                                        for 0 dation jts precedjn9               WlIAA·S9\l                  WJR·l;.o
                                                  \\'ISS·l!ende.vou, I\'ilh Romance KSD·JUn libbey, fashion ~Omm. WKBII. Kiddie< I/our                                       arogrorn j, on tlte air.                 IYI:IBloI·11t1              WKlID·l.'.Ol!
K\lOXlle,lrl, Ilhppor's Hollf'                    \\"JaC.~lali"e. Mdo:>dies                    WCCO·Expooent of Ihe Air              WLW ·T" he ",,,,o.. nooo                                                         W1l0\V·l~'OII               WKBH·138l1
"0,,<1                                            WKllH ~btillee Musicale                      WCFL.ARC Safety Legion                WMAQ Or~o" Moods                           6;00 CST                7 :00 CDT     \\'CCQ·SlO                  \\"1.8-870
K:,;D·\'aliant Lad,                                                                            \VDZ·Speed '" Curly                   WMT·Sin~ing Sam                                                                  II'C .... lr1l70            WLW·100
KII'I\·F3~hionl         in
                                                  \\'\1 flD Window Shopper
                                                  WMT.~ly Soli '" I, sketcb                    *WENR·lntennezzQ: News                WOWO·O'on Ren,i ..
                                                                                                                                                                             MBS·Ned Jordan, secrot Agent:
                                                                                                                                                                             \\·G,. WROK
WCCO Painted Drum.                                WOWO·Fairy Taln                              WFB~I·Ho· Po·Ne pr~"'.                WROKStori~ fro,n Lil~                                                            \\·J'All·l200               W~!'r-{lOO
                                                                                                                                                                             HBC·Johnny Pro'ents: \vTMJ
WOZ H"ton Family                                    3:30 CST                4:30 CDT WG:" · Ev.ning Serenade                         WTIU.Go'I",1 Singer                     II'HO WTAM WLW WIRE W~lAQ
*\\'IIBf ~.".                                     NBC ·Midstrum, Sketch: WTMJ WHIP·Sportraits                                           5 :15 CST             &;15 COT K50 (al.o at 9:30 p.m. CST)                    WUA·94(1                    wnOK·HIO
* WIW··:"ew. Hr\>"k.. t                                                                        WIIO·\,.li3nt LallI. _kelch                                                                                            \1'ilAB.s2t1                WIlB'l'·1860
WISN Hit. & I::ntore.                             WHO                                          WltLtillian Poll, .op.                *CBS·Paul SulliVan Revitws the CBS.Big Town, with Edward G.                      1I'1!ljJ'·t:!~o             WSUI·880
W.TBCBulletin Bo",d                               NBC ·lreene Wicker, Children'S WJJO·Stay on the Ri~ht Side                         New5: WCCO wlSN KMOX Robinson'" Ona Mun.on: WJR                                  WIlIP·U8(l                  11'.,..\0·901)
lI'~lBO·Ma Perkin5                                Prgon.: WBOIV WOWO WKRlJ W1\.BB·U"iv. of Oubuque                                   WMT (II..., at 10:15 p.m. CST) WHAS WBBM WMBD WBBM                               \1'00·1000                  WT,ut·107Ct
                                                  II'IOA (sw.9.53·15J3)                                                                                                                                               WHtA·121lO                  WTAQ·l&'JI9
WOWO·Mu.i ••1 Ma. ,", Mindl                                                                    WMT·A"",,,hly Room                    *NBC· Hews 01 Europe: WMAQ KMOX WCCO WISN (al'o KNX                              WII,L-~1lO                  II'T)IJ.I320
WTAD·H,nk & Dude R.ncht ..                        MBS ·Zeke Manners' Gang: KWI( WTMJ·Bullctln aoard                                  11'110 10..·9.53)                     . al 9:30 p.m. CST)                        WI~D·~OO
NBC·f ibbe. McGu "           MolI~: II'GS (i,;/I W,llia",,' Oroh           11.\180 \lu.iell ~ I art                lIT-1M Edd) lIu" •• d                     * \.", 11'11011 IHlnl WGS             [-9 32
\\IHE K~D WIIO WLII IITA\I "JO(: R.d C.O«. I'r~m                           * W'i l 'I·llaily lowah (>f Ih. Air     WT'lJ Thi, Amllin~ America                \\HA~ WIlIl F WIIO WJ R WLW
9.531                               WHOK Sino R,naldo', Oreh
                                                                             9 :00 CST             10:00 COT
                                                                           M8 S·Jack Mcl fln', Orch.: WGN
                                                                                                                      9 :30 CST               10 :30 COT
                                                                                                                   CBS·Lorry ClilltOn'S Oreh.: wOC
                                                                                                                                                             WOC W IIOK WnlJ
                                                                                                                                                             K~IO.\ Jimm~' tonulman                         TUESDAY
CBS'PIlIIHHr Quiz: WBB\I WJR WSST-Slory of Wool                            II'ROK                                  1-1 KBIl WHAS WI5N WTAQ                   niKos
WFO\l WMT IYltA5 KMOX W~UI I rOtlnd Ihf :'111.                             NBC. Bunil        Cvmmint               WISO W~BT                                 KOA·On Wilh the Danel
\\'CCO (II", K~L KSX II 1(1:30 1 : 15 CST                  9 :15 COT       waow                                    MBS·Ted W«m,' Orch.: WGN
                                                                                                                                                             KWK·One M,n', Opinion                             May 21
P,rI! CST)                          CBS.Public "'lIlln: 1'.-1'18'1 WOC                                                                                       II'CCO-Cfdri. Adam.
                                                                           CBS· ... mos 'n' "'ndy. shtch:          IIROK                                     WISO "ickey !'I~', Ordl
CBS·To be Innounced: WTAQ           "S8T "\100 WI~S "KOH                   WOS:'II WFS~I WCCO KMOX                 HBC·Johnny            Presents: WIOA                                            WESR \lu.;( YOlO lVant
II \lBO                             wcro W'IIT                             WIIA~ WJR                               KO.\ KFI fal ... _ 6 p,m_ CST)
                                                                                                                                                             * WISN ·S"",: \lu.i. for D'lle.n,
                                                                                                                                                             11\100 \',(hlbl1                      WFB\I 1I •• ~h~n Round Up
MBS·Louqh 'n' SWInt Clu': * MBS· NcW1: Ol~ Heidllberg 0.·                  HBC·fred Warln, 'n PlcJlu ..            HBC·Tommy DOf$ty's OrchHt,":              10:15 C5T             11 :15 COT      WIRE-Oul""_ looltin. In IInd-
WROK WIIBF KWK                      Ch,<H. wnOK                            TIme: KOA WHO 1\'1.IAQ WLW
                                                                           K~O WTAII wnu
                                                                                                                   1100\\                                    HBC· Bobby Byrne', OrchHIfI:          Ii""  &- lIililh
wcn ubor Fi.,b"                     KMOX Th, WIH"Id TodlY
                                                                                                                   HBC·lou B.ltSe·s W\lAQ             WOOII                                 WLW G.rdner IHn .. hCI·, Oreh
* WGX S.",                          w("n. \bk. O.lint Oa"c,I,"(1           * X~...     IHIT II'KB8 WIlB~           IIKBB                                     MBS· Bili McCune's Orch.: WGS         W1"1J 1...1 Word in ~ ...... II
"ISD ~bc [Mllald Rora) HleII· WFB:'II William Wi".. PrU61ls                IBIBO WI8 ...                                                                     WIIBF                                 10 :45 CST         11 :45 COT
land...                             WC.\ 1I,iddbH. CO"«., Orch             KWK Th. Oarrtl Roll                     KMOX Stc:olld lIuoband                                                          NBC-WIII O,bGrnt's Orch.; IITA\I
WI"S Reflfflioon.                   WIIA:' I An, IYhu I Alii                                                       * K~OS .... " ltau) 1l0,lick', Or         CBS· Lo.. i~ Proma', Orth.: WISS
                                                                           IICFL _llu.ic: Lo~u,' P •• ",                                                     \\JR WFB:'II                          WT\lJ
* I\JOC X.....                      II UHf ]1'. lb. Law                    * 1YJ::SRT.n O'doc:k final; iip'I       Che'l,.
II'KOO·n."" Collft'ct               * "IXIl S"", WalkalhOll                IVIXO·S~ish P.(m                        KIIK·E.>}         "'u,. shlth             * IOIOX H. W. Flun • ., Vi",s         NBC·Chuill
lIIi.OIl.G'~lIn \liUff'. Ord••      \I'I!)S IItI... Mt"kt~. drallli        WbS SI)ln in Rhythm                     * 1180.'11 S~.                            th. :\.w,
                                    WJR'lu.iell Prpo                                                               WC("()-Ri~h .. d Ilimber', Or.h           KOA 0_, Ca"d!o~ghl                    CBS·Tommy Tucker', O.ehlS\ •• ;
\\ \lBO-Don Pfdro'. Orcb.                                                  \\, Flmi'" Rnh'n'on
WOC-Gay Sineu" R~"ue                WSt'1 Album of Arli'h                  WKBH ~u.;o from Ibt ()pIonUI,           11'(1'1.·lh,.i. I."n,,· Pn;m.             KWK E,·",I\ 1I0alland'. Or.h          W"S~
WOWORiehard Ihmborr·. 0 •• '                                               WOCTriCil) Connrl O.cll                 WF8\1 Stcond lIupohand                    WCCO-S;x "on'" A Girl                 KMOX Publi~ Alhi ... Oi"u ...""
                                      8 :10 CST             9 :10 COT
W~BT,CUfll;n C., ..
W~l'I SpoI"ulime
                                    NBC·Bunt House. d.lmll: WBOW           * WOWO Bob Wilson,
                                                                           W~BT Dan., O•• h.
                                                                                                    N,,"           1I I1Ilf 11'1'1 Oreh,
                                                                                                                   WIlOT"ililht Trail1
                                                                                                                                                             WeFt R""oo " Rhylbm
                                                                                                                                                             WHAS·Walsh Look, 'Em 0."
                                                                                                                                                                                                   W('CO DIck Sh~lton
                                                                                                                                                                                                   * \ITFlll~"betortr',      ON-h
                                    WKBO WOIVO                                                                     WI/IF. lIaOfball Roulldup                 \\'110 Bill AUSlin. pianiu
                                                                                                                                                                               WINn Oantt \Ius,.
  7 :45 CST             1 :45 COT HB C,Unc!e ..n!tt.·~ OO!JhOUM              9:15 CST           10 :15 COT         * \\. J 13(· \·t .. s Spa'hUII            WLII' "el Sn)·d.r', Or.b.
II'(FI. lnooranc~ Talk              I~MAQ WIRE WTMJ KSO KOA                CBS·[ ddy Ouch;n', O"h.; W~Bl           I'o'JIl Th, VI,abond~                                       11 :00 CST           12:00 COT
                                                                                                                                                             WOC-Spa.u         CBS' OJYt OCnnll' Orch.: \I'JH
wGS Arl Kuse]', Oreb.               II 110 WLW WTAM /0 .. 9.531            (.",·9_65)                              WlW·('omnlllnily Chtst                    WROK Sighl Club 01 Ihe AI.
111Sn-~I1.hy hlty', Or.b.                                                                                          W.\I13D ~Iufl<al .lIerr)CoRound                             WHBf 1,,,6.12)
                                    MBs·nlk by F'"nk Ganntll:              HB C,Cldl Golly's WOII'O                                                   WTA~I· You Wlnl
IIJOC·J M C. A. Jambore.            II'IIBF WIlOK                          IV I8A WK88                             WTA~I L .... Allell',               W1'.\/J,DanCf Or.hMBS·Phil H.rrl,· O" n.; Wll Bf
WOWO Voict of Ihwail                                                                                                                                                           II'ROK
W~l! 1 E"~n;nl Ilu.; •• lt          * KMOX Sporto Nt ....                  C!!'S·L.nAy Ron. Inr.: K.\IOX              9 :45 CST               10:45 COT      10 :]0 CST            11 :10 COT
                                                                           II'IIAS WFSM WCCO 11'00\1               CBS·Lorry Clinlon's Orch,S\."                               C B S·Ptf~tr and [arl's Orcheslrll
                                    KWK E"ndl 1I01~1."d'l Oreh                                                                                               HB C·Chult-s Bunll's Orchestra:
  1 :00 C5T             9 :00 COT II'ENR Conetrt MillillOrf                \I'JR                                   11'138\1                                  WKSB              W8811 WKBII IV ISN \VilAS
NB C· Bob Hope Vlrlily ShOW; I"Fe\1 A Lilll~ Nighl Mus;.                                                                                                                       W\lT WOC
                                                                           MBS·Juk MCLnn's Orchesl.l:              MB5·Te~ Wlems' WIRE                MBS·.... I Kissel's Orch.: WGN
Jod\ G.. land; J~rry Colonn.; WGN Th~ Norlhtrn, ...                                                                                                                            NBC·Shlp Fields' Orch.: WENM
~kinna)'    Enni' Or.h_       WIRE \I'ISO II .... " Call.                  "HBF                                    * KSO Sew>                                WHO~ WROK
Ii.~D WLI\' 11'110 KOA WMAQ * WJ8CS.w,                                     * KOA Nt...                             K\\'K \1._ K"n                            CBS·Tommy Tucker'S Onhesl,,:
WTlIJ WTAII WIOA (IW 953) \IJR S«ond lIus!),nd                             KSO·Cberi M.Ka) " Compan)               II'C('O 51)1.1 for 'Itn                                     NBC'Ten 01$",," 01 Rhyth",
                                                                                                                                                             II'JR II'SST WOllll-l WHAS WMT
                                                                                                                                                                               11110 W\lAQ IIU/J
                                                                                                                                                             W"OD IVKBII WIS.~ WOC (sw
     -'~"-'"                          1 :45 CST             9 :45 COT
                                                                           WIIO·Spa'lI 01 Ibt DIY
                                                                                                                   WIIO K.) Xul "Cu.loe..
                                                                                                                   WJ8{'I'~uo Mu,"ult         6.11)                            1\0.\ ~pOrl.
*MBS· R.ymond Grllm Swint:
WHOF                                * CBS·tour
                                    W08\! II0f WTAQ
                                                     Clubmln:     Hlws:
                                                                  WSBT     WIRE o;o~ Rft<!
                                                                                                Mu>,u' IQ          "'1.11    "1"""
                                                                                                                   wnlJ WUVtr 01 Orfa,ns
                                                                                                                                              NBC.Will Osbonrnl', Orth.: WIIO * K5DN""
                                                                                                                                              II \I\Q 11'18.1.                 KWK Sone Feol
CBS·Gllnn Milltr'~ Orth.: WOC WISX WKBII WI SO WFB~I
 KMOX WFO\l "KBII WHB\I W~IT 11", 9.65)                                    WISX Oll-llU Tun,                       10 :00 CST                 11 :00 COT                       WCFLO."ot Oren
InlHD IHIA!) WCCO WI5X                                                     WJOC-It·, Dane. tim,                                               HBC· Baltie 01 Ihe SeXI1: KOA
                                                                                                                   NBC.O,n" Orch.: \\E\II. "-KSB                               WCS G.ill IYHU.",,' o.-oh.
                                    * s .... " KWK WCCO                    WI.W Thi. " Ih, Fair                                               * S",,~, KWK II'ISO              WINI) Silt WII(b
IITAQ I\'JK W~IT                                                           W)lAQ PrnlOll 8.adI,y. 1.11,     CBS·Louis Priml'~ Orth,; 11'138\1 K"OX ~Ioonli!lhl ~ttnadol
                                    WDiR·CI'101 1<1"I;nl" Or(b,                                                                                                                IIIRE \ You W.~I
NBC·Roy Sh,eld', Re~ul: WESH * WfB'II ~inlrin~ Cop: 101,...',              \1 ~180SpOr,": \1,1"(1\ ~hmalurl ""OT II KSII Itw 6 12)            * wCCO Rollo, Jobn50n. Sport. .. WLW OUlk!> RI'I!I,.· Orcll.
KII K 110011 WKBB
                                    IVIIA~,R.(hani llimber, Orell
                                    WJBC·E>'.nlidt [(hoe.
                                                                           "'IT BlI<tball: Wlu·,100 ~"'S\11 HBC·Bobb,·s Orcheslra:
                                                                           Ottalu,                          \\\lAQ II'TA\I WIRE II'IS'"
                                                                                                                                                   ~         "'t..
                                                                                                                                              WCFLRQN:o', Rh)lhm
                                                                                                                                                                               WT... " I'aul SU,lon', Or.h
                                                                                                                                                                                    [n~ 01 TUcHlIY PrO!JrJII\~

                                    WTADTht Dook Wat.b~ ..
                                                                               WEDNESDAY,                               May 22, 1940
                                                                                                                                                                9;4S CST              10 :45 COT   WIRE·lII,da', Fi .. !    1.0",
       MORNING                      * WT\lJ- ..... ws: Top o· Ih. \lo.n
                                    ".~ N... .
                                                                                                                                                             CBS ·... unl Jlnny's Sto.les; II'OC
                                                                                                                                                             WCCO KMOX II'FBM W8B'II
                                                                                                                                                                                                   WJOf Thuu, TIn",
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Y,JJD Xo,·,].u ..
                                      7 :45 CST                8;4S COT                                                                                      W"50                                  \\'KUIlII""'thlak~ .. · IllnlS Old
     _Stat ." pro"er", IIltll, ' CBS· Blchtlor·t Child"n. skelth'                                                                                            NBC oAII'in 01 "'nthony. sketc":      l!ofrlln,
Indlcat•• neWI broll'dea. ' . K'IOX                                           8 ;]0 CST            9 :10 COT       * WF... M Nr-.        Conoe" Min;.-                                             WKSllllome leeon ..... ie.
                                                                                                                   10rt,                                     WK08 (0".1533)
                                    CBS·Thl         Contlnln lalt:    (sw· MB S·Ketp Fit 10 Muslt: WCN                                                                                             WLSFu!ure ~'oodl
  7:00 CST                1 :00 COT 17.83)                                                                         IIGS Tom. Oi.k " lIarry                   HBC ·ne GuidIng l ltht. sketc" :
                                                                            He C·Viennul [nMmble: KWK                                                        KSD WL\I I\'TMJ WMAQ WlIIE            II"I.W RI~hl 10 Ih",,'n .. ~. ,k.,,·~
CBS· Melod, RlImblinl': WTAQ NB C· Breakful Club: WKOB                      WKRB (,,,,21.5)                        WIU 1I'0.!1I I',ho •• ml                                                        W\HQ "iuy K""Of •• kftrh
(~,,17.83)                                                                                                         * \\'IlBF-N~W5' II i. M.j.. , y, Iht      WUO
                                                                                                                                                                                                   \1'0\10 FUel! R~nd"l~h, ,kfleh
                                    Coff" POI Inll 11'110 WOC               CBS· HiIiIOp H 0 U'I. sketch:          O.b)
NBC· Bruklnl C I u II: wcn \!u,it,1 Clod, WJfK W~IT                         WSlnt WISN KIIOX WFa\l                 11'1111' Lithulnlall Il"",
                                                                                                                                                             MBS· Buckeye f our: WROK              II'IIOK W"OlI." ••·".um
III\OB KWK (." 21.5)                                                                                                                                                                               11''>1'1 nit WHk in III. Thut.,
    - ., .........    ... _. _ ..
                     '~.I           * W.·8\1 WIND WIRE
                                    W8 8 \1·~I~1       Ihl M ... u.
                                                                            IICCO \1\1130 InlT                     II'ILI. ll om.mlkt"
                                                                                                                                                             KWKTh. l ife of Mary Salhe,..
                                                                                                                                                             W501l"-llld. Slate Tea.he.. I'.~",    WTMJ !f)mnt of ",1I Church ••
Ilu'ical Onck WOO\l IYKIlIi WOl·EIfiI\,h~m 8~nd                             NBC·The Slory of M"y M"lIn,            WINO Vtl.ran . of foniln WIr,             II·CF LG~ne .. 1 Sjl\'ako
                                                                            skeleh: II'LS WI8,\                    II'JR(' t'r;l~ Paeh•• P .... m.                                                 10:15 CST                  11 :15 COT
IlfWK                               WFAM "o.oil\( l)evolioJU                                                                                                 WDZ·Kil(hm 8arn Dance                 NB C~Thf O' Nelllt .• k'tch; WM\\,j
* X.".        WMSIl I\\IT woe wGNProbl.... Lady                             NB C· [ lIon RlIndolph, l k e t t h.   \1'K8 11 'lu.ical.                        WGX linda', Finl love. sketch         WLII
I\TAD                                                                       II'.\IAQ IIIRE 11 110        IIITMJ    11'1.S Elm Cruk Folk,                     WIISF \I).t~ry M~Iod~
                                    WIIIJF-Sh"l'~rs' ~l"'c ..1              WLW                                    \1'1.\1' /'i"rl~', Fi"l lo"e. "'"Ic~                                            CBS·Whtn I G"I Mimes. tkUch
KMOX To t.. ."""unM                 IIILL-Sludotnl Cburcbes                                                                                                  II'I$S·I\"olnao 01 Cou ••,.           K\tOX W(TO 1\'FO\l 11'80'1
II 80" \I(>",,,,~ _II."                                                                                            WSl!I \I",ifll ChuJ                       WJOC-JO.I Aboul Time
                                    WKOII 8'Ukb,1 Mtlodin                   * KSO·~ ...", MinUle Saver                                                                                             WI~S I"OC
WCCO·Ai. Alnl.".e                                                                                                  IITAO uf· Co "howin_                      WJJD Burn" of M;ssin, 1',, __
                                    II'LSTh. Hanltn                         II OOW Radio Gooptl
W(FL B.... kf •• 1 Clob                                                                                              9 :1S CST              10:15 CDT        WKBH OIi," Hilgto                     He C nt SoulhlrnllrK: WROII
                                    \I'Ll'.' Porlil Sllkt FICti U ft        1I0l~";"         \I~th'"    Kittbu
I\-OZ-Ilol. Kay, Le!!)'                                                                                            NB C·( luk Dennis. tnr.: KWK              * \\'I..s-~I~rkelS: "'""
                                                                                                                                                                                                   IIhllS (."IS,33)
                                    \1.\lAQA SlOP                     8 .." O.n ••                           11011'0 (.,,15.33)
\\'r""1 M;"ult. 01 liolad,          WT.\O·Cllattor Cor ..... N.....         WFAII "'u"••1 Conlr.h                                                            II 'IT \1<..:1"0 .\I~ltl              CBS·Con~GII Me!ooIiK: Ilwll.83)
IIFS\I Early Oird.                                                                                                 CBS LIII BltlnS, ,ketch: WBBM             WOW051l .. Ov~. 11011) ..._
                                      1 :00 CST                9 :00 COT IIIISF Public ~r~iet P •••.               K\/O.\ IICCO \\FII\I IVM8D
                                                                                                                                                                                                   KSO -';"'tll) ~am
WCS You. """ni". Pf'lIII,           NB C·Thl Min I MlI",q, sltetc h : * WII IP \""                                                                           1\,.,l'l f'nI:m. Cllenda. Wnth ..     KII'K lh,· 11,,,".n', \11H"1d
WIIOF·Amt:roun Hom_ Pcc ....                                                                                       1'0'1\\                                   wn.O Womtn', Club                     I\O'L \'~r"'l} r"m,
\\'I1IP Polo.b Amtroull Hour        IIHO WL\\' \lIRE K~O W)\AQ \\'JJD-~n ..elJa·, O.,b
                                    wnlJ                                    WJBC \lorni". De"oloons                HBC·Thl ROld 01 Lift. skeUl.:             10:00 CST                11 :00 COT   WDI' ,J".." " hnt
1\'110 F.yil R,po.l"                MBS· ... rthur Godfrey: I~GN            WJJO A"'~r_ ~II 1I0u~d Table           K"O W'IAQ WIRE WT\lJ Wl W                 HB C·Mett the "'rbsl: 1\-SOIl         * WG" \no<
Will. (-annrl Ai,.                                                          WOC-CIU Lama Sho..                     111\0                                     \IIBA (.,,-IS33)                      \\ IIII' "11_ . . . b. 1'llIfil.
II IRE Du," Palllll: TIl Tunt N 8C·J~h H,,,,nl of Finch~illc. WOI'''O·Coocordill Chapel                            * \ .... ; \IOC \\'KRB                                                          II llU .\.", .. ' ·)1 \IN'' .kelch
Taoby                               philoo,,,ph)     '" ..... C"    WK8B                                                                                     * ClIS Kltl Spub "
                                    KWK (.,,21.S)                           II'ROK )lo.nin~ DevollOn,              WOO\\' TIl,. Rh\',hln,e Au                                                      WIRf. Ed"o" D.,,(hl..-
III~X wly It.,... Club                                                      * W:il'1 Daily lo.. a" 0( I~ A't       WCFL Variely Pa....                       ,; ... " ",MBD WSSII K\lOX            l\Jot \I",,,. I Ih~ lit
I\' J 8{- I'~ Puk.u I'r."           CBS· Pre1ty Kilty Kllly, sketch: WTAO-\!i",.I.ri.l Al1i~"(t                                                              \IOC WFB'l WCCO \\I!:i.~ WMT
                                                                                                                   WFA\I ro"ot>! .. \ldo,lil1                                                               D<>ro'' '
"JJD·"u,.eal Moton,1
IILS-Sinl"" \I.Jl.mln
                                    \\SS\I II FOIl WOC K\lOX
                                    WCCO WI~\ I"IT
                                                                              8 :45 CST            ';: 45 COT
                                                                            NBC·ViennUt Enstmble: WBOW
                                                                                                                   WGS Blut H...izou
                                                                                                                   \\ 118F 'lan)- IbIlP~ RtlUrol
                                                                                                                                                             ('W 11.83)
                                                                                                                                                             * ........ , WT ... O WIIO
                                                                                                                                                                                                   \lJJD                 O"r. Oil HolI,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   \\'hOIl1l .... 1. . . It .... ,
I\LII'Tip" 10 ~hi",                 * N",", WIIRF WKSH                      wCFL ( .... 21.5)                      WILL \lu';ul                         K!,O·A~aiD'1 Iht Slorm                \\'\lSO I.'Mda·, FIf,I 1.0 ....hull
WMAQ \'ou. "'ei~hba,                \l'CJ'L-\' ... OIv l'rlm.                                                      Wl"D \lornin( Rhl'lhm        \Vea         KWK_'II ....1 Mi~~ Jul;l, .kllcb      II \11 It,.h, 10 II."I''''''&' .hull
11'011'0 Radio B,bll D • .,                                                 HBC·Pfppc.       Youn,'S     nmlly.
                                    WDZ·Cla.1 " Joboo~                                                             Ihr                                       I\CFL-P .... kfr. in lhe Put..,       \1'0\\ 0 F..dilor·' O'Ulhltr
\\ nlJ T"fI o· Iht M"."in~          11'!fA Ralld Wa,"n                      ok"eh WLS                              WJOC lh,m. Co,,,, ... lIo,                * WOZ·S.w,; W. llto.d                 I\Sl"I I .... reb)', f~.·",,, ....
  7 : 15 CST              8 :15 COT WFAII Your Enc.~emtol Oook
( BS·Rich •• d Muwell, In r.,·Phil· 111II1'·\I"'IOin( Lao ••• n
                                                                            NBC·Wom.n In WhIle. sketch:
                                                                            W.IIAQ KSD WIIO WIRE \\,TMJ
                                                                                                                   II'JJO Di.k Blk . . . .   on"             \I FAM-Shoppt'.' Gu"k
                                                                                                                                                             WGN-Edilor'~ D.u~hl". Ihleh
                                                                                                                                                                                                   WTAD "h I'".. ,bl.h
                                                                                                                   II'L'i R... "ol~y '" Saddle PII,                                                1\'1'\/J .\.,,',,!II (;ri",,,,, U.u.h'"
  "CIph .. l\tAM (s ... I783)       Will ••• ~ '" Ihclo-riolocy             CBS·Stepmother, tkuth: WOO\l           W~IT Fn. Ilomt" 0,,"                      WIIA-lIom.mlktn                       10:30 CST                      11 :10 COT
* S .... " 11'110 WI.S II'llV       WISD ~Ii,," Coe~ 10 Marhl               KMOX WCCO WFBII                        WHOK To,," C.iot,                         lII WIIOF·S",·" Clla!",1 ~.y;o"       MBS-Rlvtrboal ;;huffle,,: WRO),;
h\IOXo.ark Va.itli..                \l'JDC Or.ln Alru                       Mu,io.1 Cloc:k W\IT WOC                WTAO lI~nnibal "' .....                   MUI III. Miss ... , . •hleh
                                    \\'JJO·Boaworlh BroaduS!                                                                                                 1\·Wp·... mt",e.n Slovak futu"        CBS·Romann 01 He!en Trenl
* II"CCO Fint Now.                                                          KII'K Gosl"'l S'nl"                      9 :10 CST           10 :30 COT                                                I~flch     K\10>; II' Hlnl
II'Di' lI1iMi. Co.n lIu.klfl        \l' 1. ~ Mett Mi .. Julia, .ktltb                                              CBS·Big Sin.. , tkUth: wasil              WILL-EconomIC BOlall,
                                    11'101130 M.. '~nu.       W t a I b, r: WF... \I \lu.ieal Conl",I.             w("CO 1V\180 KMOX WfOll-l                 WJJD·p.ul Car.on                           f Continued on Nut PaqtJ
WG~'·Li5Iell 10 Ih Sind
                                    Thrift M.. u,~
                                                                            WG~·Jun. Oaker. born. ",an             woe                                       ,-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
1'<\180 S & S, H.nd"a~on
II liT Sh'e Rlb-b/'n \ltlod'n
wOC IVba!'. N.w'
II'TAO-Cflm",unily N,,,,.
                                    * wowor; ..... ., M•• kel,
                                    WSUI "lH"nin~ Chaptl
                                    WTAD Rise 'n' ~bine

                                                                            II'HOF Hou ... of Ilu'i~
                                                                            WIflP·8~'1 Hinch P .....""
                                                                                                                   WT\IJ tl
                                                                                                                   HBC· ... W\IAQIhl Sto.m. shtth :
                                                                                                                                       WIIO \vIRE WLW
                                                                                                                   NBC,WlI"nl VlIn Oyne. tnr.·
                                                                                                                                                             AUT 51: PE        I                   I
   7 :]0 CST              . :10 CDT   1 :15 CST                9 :15 CDT WISO·Bob " Bnnn~ Altht-r
( BSG.ft'nliol~      VIII,i' Chojt: HB C·HousebOllI Hlnnllh. sketch: I\'ISS Earl)' Rl.e .. Club                    1\0011 WIBA                                  MAKES MOTORING SAFER
                                    WII O                                   WJJO WfdnHd.y ~rlnad.                  HBC·Ju. B'rth Son, Clu b:
IIFA'I                                                                                                             h .. 1S33)
CBS·Wemln·t Plte of thl Air ; NB C·Mldslrlllm. lkllth: WIKE WKBIl·\llH"ninl OevollolI'                             KWK Sunbnno.t ~i.1
 t, .. 17_831                       WLW KSO W.\IAQ                          IVLII' Kin)' K~., •• ,k'l<h
                                                                                                                   11'('.·l R.dio Warblf"
 "BC· e nak lnl Club: WOW O         NBC·Vic " Sadl. sketcll: Wl5 WIIBD F,iendly Sti(hb.-,,,                        \1'01' Mary " Kllb.yo
                                    CBS·Myrl •           Mute. 'kltch:      WO\\'O-'Ioo~.n IloIout Forum
* """         WilL W07 WIBC II'OB~I weco \\"I~" KMOX WROK Leonard COodo"                                    JUII   WFA" S,ttly Poinl ... ; Tuo.
\\K08                                                                       Abaul T,m, Hulth Oal                   Timf
* K\lOX lI.,d"", Ih~bh(hls          WFBM W\lSO W'IT                                                                WC\ B•• htlot·. ('bildren.. ,k~l.h
                                                                            W~UI IItlodic'     ~n'n RtpOfU
W8()\I' \I"",i"e "oil                HB C·Vapl/Ondt: KWK WKB B                                                     WIIA \lu';(al \'Imlip
                                    10.. 21.5)                              WTIO "'10 " En~rt.                     \\,IIB~"" ...-", .. .,hoppor
WC(O .~I".i~.l Chim ..                                                        9 ;00 CST           10:00 COT
 Wr.S.GO<>d \I."l'IIhl P.,..        * 11'80111-.\"..                        CBS·ShOtl. Short Story. ,keteh         WILL Onran Mnt>d,
WIIBF \lUliea' (hock                WlFt. 'II.b Btlien B~IJ,_               K\lOX WISS WFa'll WSB:I-t              WJJO ('or) ('orn.r
"·1I0·01J.k ...... ~                WD': \lonHU Vlmtoos                     II.\IBD WCCO                           1Y1~" Rhylhm " RomallCl
In~o Bob "'I(b". 101\1'             * WCS :-ttwl: Myrna Off Strlut                                                 * "'JDC,S"" " •• bu· W~uh ..
\\-IRE 8a."""I",,,                  WIIA \lornine ""Iodies                  HBC · Ollvld Hlfum, sketch: II,HO      WJJO Pn.bitJn Lady
WJJDVidot II Lio",.b .               WlfaF \/ttry Mtlodies                  WIRE IIIo!AQ WD\J \\"OWO               " WKBII S"'"          Win""" SIoopper
\\'I.S Blut Ribbon IIvodlti         IV ISO Pbn ..."lda'* Folk>              KSO                                    II'LS Sormln ROil
v.-Lv.- Go.pel "inc"                WKB II MO'II;"I Serenad.                 HBC·I l ou Llnda 0 .... 'krtth:       WlI-IT ",...... h<>kl Iholl; wI ..., ..
. ..... "AQColfH tlml' N""           IYOC\l~lody TIm.                       WIlOW WKBS                             Forum
WMBDWo",," 01 Tod.y                 WOWO IhlTy lIo.~ok·. Ordt.              New,: WJJO WAlT WROK                   ",011'0 Linda', firat IAn
WMT Prizt Paokln                     WROK lI armall7 Iole                   KWK· Painlfd D... ",.                  WROK-Add F.mUp
.. "'ROKS ....·• " !tI ...1t        WSU I ")'mphonv Oreb                    WCft·Fo. Wom .... Onl)                 WTAD Si~. by Sid.
Pigt 32                           ,/32-£        HBC·MI~riu    Spiulny·. O"h.:                                                                                                           II'MBD Kilt, K«nt •• ke'th                 WIIIPAmt<;un Famify Rob;o_
                                                WKSH \IIDA (.wl1.83)                                           Star Sparkles •••                                                        1\ \IT YOIIIIJ Dr, Ma!on.                  III"O·R.u Rblll,.
WEDNESDAY                                       CBS-The R'thl 10 Hl,pinen,
                                                .ketch: II'CCO WOMI K!tIOX
                                                IHIOO                                            • CHARLES "GABE" WARD. one ot the
                                                                                                                                                                                        11'0(" Public Sch ... ,1 "'1m,
                                                                                                                                                                                        WflOK-Marurd £klof ••
                                                                                                                                                                                        IITAO.conom"nill ' t..,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WIIlE· lndi.n.poll. Tool)'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WKBH To lit ."noun(td
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wl\\' .\INt Min Joli ••• ktlcb
                                                MBS-The VOlin Th'ee! II flOK                     Hoosier Hot Shots. recently reBUzed one of his                                           2 :15 CST                   ]:15 COT     W\lAQTh.« Qu.rler                r.....
             M.y 22                             . I\~n 'ip". Tt""~n'   .1I11.iul                 life-IonA' ambitions. He purchased a smaU                                              CBS·AI Bernl.d M,n!;lrtll: WT.IQ           II"HO IIi, "'.'i~\Iy, thlf Baby
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   IlflOK·~b          l>tr~Ih'
                                                In't"~dt                                         restaurant on the Northwest Side of Chicago.                                           W"HII II'~OT IIIIT WfUII (."
      ,10:30 I.m. COnl'n~t41      K"'·K J)~Mt I!u.k                                              Now "Gabe" caD eat aU the chicken ole b..                                              11.831                                        ]:4S CST                4 :45 COT
                                  118011 Th. I' .tlt) II<~"                                      wants_                                                                                 HBC·Stell. D.lln. Ikelch: 11'110           NBC-The O'Ne,lls. skelch: KSD
HBC·I'hn Fum &r Home Hoy., 110" Outtt,ktu'l 'i00i__                                                                                                                                     WTIIJ 1\ IRI:: II"IBo\. 1\ IIAQ            \llf1E WHO IIT\IJ II'IIAQ
IIIS.I IHI.IQ \\'8011 \\'1\08 IH'U" II,~ ..... Flm, C,,<le                                       • JOAN BLAmE. star nf "Valiant Lady," is                                               WLII                                       CBS-Suttertoo' 81,ntS.                U.""
HBC·T'i" F,ndu: 4." IS33)
                                  IHi'i \I •• kth: "odda) ~n .. iu
                                  1111\ r. ...... for Ortn
                                                                                                 grooming three New York dramatic students                                              *HBC·Club MIIi~te; 101 t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          w"       1180\1 IIfB\I WCCO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   HBC-To be Jnnounctl/: WHOI\
                                  II lIoF II)mhl of All ClIllrcb"                                (or roles in (orthcominJl nelwork shows
. Soew:oo' \\'llII' \\'CfL WI<"'i                                                                                                                                                       MBS·To be ."nOUncH: WROK                   II'KfiB 4'109.5315.33)
                                  IIIUPA Tu ... II N_                                                                                                                                                                              HBC-To be innOllntfll: WOWO
P""i. Ollk~' \\'110 WL'i K"I)     \\'110 A",."td O.ufht ...... ktlrh                             • CAROLINE ELLIS. authnr-star of "Care-                                                . 'i~". II IIBF II IIII'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         "'tw.                                   II"".
InTO O~<hpl""-. rh.Jru;
\IOZ Inu."
WG'i Plint'"        0.,......                   ,.
                                  lll'iO Ik>b AI."",       Hill BiU,

                                                II'I~' """ul If .. , Wnt
                                                                                                 Ime's Golden Store:' names all characters she
                                                                                                 creates after a Similar oorson she has met iD
                                                                                                                                                                                        . 1\.110.\ I.. ,. Il.ICu .. Ibt
                                                                                                                                                                                        K"I) \ .. h• .,1 t..,ly
                                                                                                                                                                                        KWK r.,~j ...,. ill Rni_
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1111/11 ..... Fot1.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   IH, 'i R Itl .. " .. of Anlhony
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In;'i ~"'''( It
WFA\! lIul~n II..-.n                                                                             real lite                                                                                                                         II II I "'·""U :-. ..... : \1'Ulbtr
IlnBl_( :'hop                                   IIJIK' "'ncin' "~m                                                                                                                      II U_I'\ JUn, FI~lr. ,.i.n;"
                                                WJJO It>op N...... 01, StTvirt                                                                                                          W, TO·PlUltt<i Drums                       II IIIIF L"',n. L~di"
IHIOf .\.nold Gri .. m·1 Olulbtt.               • WLS Ih.kth: lI'u,h" ......                     • CBS newscaster BOB TROUT ha~ behind                                                  WO" H.rh>n flmilv                          . 11 fill' ., ....
WI'iD·.ll""o.1 ~"d Trltk                        WIIAQ Th., "u.t .. f Ju1i~ Dbk.                  him quite an adventure.some life. He was a                                             II'b'i l.,o,I ..... 1,,~iJi'l» "I Jp""b    II I\BII T""i.· Tllnt<
WIRE KiUb", nl Ih Air                           II\IT \I",,,, K,'ehen                            Wall Street runner. cab-dl·j\'er. debl-collector,                                                                                 111.W·l.m~ II'h"e 1I~,,,t
\\'JIK D,ollar 0 ......                                                                                                                                                                 liar I"t'N.".; Ihl_ & E"co •• ,
WlJDSoIt,y Court Oroldout
                                                WLIC·Cnn .. ,])i ....                            fllling·station attendant. a~MSlant in an ana-                                         WJ8(' 8ulf~hn Hoard                        In180 T,.b, ill R, '0
                                                WOII'O-Co.. ",I.i,,",                            lytical laboratory. sailor and a globe-salling                                         1\'.I1Il0 \,. I'.r~" ... ,ktl.h            II \IT ~".,,"
IIKOII W~hn. of th World                        I\'..,UI·M.looIy Timt                                                                                                                                                              l\'l)(" flh,lh", " Ro",~nct
111.11' Th. G~ldMr,j                                                                             seaman.                                                                                IITIIl Ih"k &; DIIM R~n<htn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WflOK l!' DaM. Ti,"t
                                                IITAOI'oli~ .. P....                                                                                                                      2 :)0 C5T                   ]:]0 COT
WM80 MM'I II;'j Jllli~ •• kneh                  II'T\IJ If"",. Ih"""n'le"                   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                                                                         4 :00 CST                5 :00 COT
WIlT Mu,;ul Str.n,d.                                                                                                                                                                    HBC-lortn.o Jontli. sknch: 11'110
WOCU.ltn ",h,lf YOII Work                       11 :45 CST               12 :45 COT                                                                                                     1111l1:: II\lAQ IIT\I,' II IH,I            MBS-Hu9a Monuo', Orchut,,:
WOIVO-Th. Oboe"'e'                              MBS·Wlnter " A'tunder, plln·                                                                                                                                                       II 1t01\ 111f8F
                                                                                                                                                                                        CBS-Mtlody M~llnH: 111\1111
11'5U1-The Book Sbeli                           ", II UUK                                   * 'ie..1 II-ceo WIRE WIIOF                  11'111. I' .. ritly Pr,n .. , D<>n I'oullan     1I1,\Q IIFA'I II I", WfU\1                 NBC·Lo"        "'antr. skllcll: (ow
WTAO Kilty Keo-n •• <bl.h                       CBS-Tht Ro.d 01 lilt. sketch:
                                                II'RII\! II({-O
                                                                                            KIIK \\,I"I( 11110                          Wr.:-.    1..",.,,(,   S.l~rno " I'ia"o         MBS·[,          Po S a      rraubldours:   953)
\\'T\IJ WI",r, Nf'W                                                                         II a".1 "H' lhe Balld                       IIIIIJF I' T. A I'r~'"                          II flOK 11110.'                            NBC ·Sonny JI"'U' Orch.: WE"'1t
10 :45 CST                    11 :4 5 COT       I\\IOX Kil1y Kef'"                          \I'UOII' 'I." Oil ,h. !:olrHI               .11 IUP '''~''t                                                                            lilliE IIKII6
CBS· Our CII SlIndly. lkfleh:                   II(TLGtnlfr.1 !iol'ufo..                    wcn.- What'. on • N'mt                      II Il.L "~Iod,· 11.11                           KIIOX 1>< " ,,"dt
                                                                                                                                                                                        K"O lkl1,· f'<II"h.                        CBS-Ta .... r Ta,.n Ttmpos: 11"0011
1100101 K\IOX                                   \VDZ Bond \; Chieki. Sintt            1I'0J..\I,,,h't 00>4'; P'lnl: T.            I\'JlIf P""ili< p"...a,.                                                                   WOe: \II\UII II)lHD
                                                                                            be .n" ..... '.oord                         WJJll '11,1". PI~~ .... \lr.. ~. GOt"5          I\IIK fli<h 'h)~' "win~ CI;,,;e
 NBC·To 1M nllOUncN: ( ...                      Ne .. ,                                                                                                                                 WOA\ Thp Book,,,"n
                                                                                            II'G" To be Innollncord                     10 'bthl                                                                                   *'i f'"       11001\ II{TO WCfL
  15.33)                                        WIIBF\I~.'tty ",IOOy
                                                \\HO\hrke": Wu,hn                           1\'Il\Fum ....... 111                       WKRO ...... ,~1 Pa~.-           n .... r,..,[   11'((·0 \13 P.rki", .• ktlCb
                                                                                                                                                                                        I\lU Hirlhday PIt!)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I\"1l G"I Alon.
MBS,Clrletl 01 £1", Slf ..l:                    Willi' K,,,ntlb        wen..    c.-J        WIIIP Goin( f.....,lrd                      Col"",n                                                                                    II'S,\A ~'''I» of Wool
 \1 "SF WGN WROK                                !oot"tt.                                    II III III",,,,,    FUhl llou.              II KHII Rh ... h,,, R.vue                       \\11.\ \1,,'i~ 0' ,h. lI .. t ....
                                                                                                                                                                                        IVIIlP Club _llel ...,y
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   II'OZ U'!'I'J B.nla, "","eboa«l
*KSD,Corn TII>;pl N..-                                                                      WI'iD-80Md of Edlluhon                      11\180 Edi'''r', D.."h,t\', ~kn.h                                                          *W~-A\I 'i,.... : \I~lodv \'.""enll
                                                IIILI. 'i ... , 01 Illinois
weco W......" 01 f"o~r."                        * "I'iO(urenl "ewl                          * I\JHC \!..,ktlt: 'it"~ . "'-II            \I'IIT F•• ("il, Tun'             TA""re        Will Rt'til.1 lloU                         .lI"f H_II 'i,,,.; S..!of, Itu.",a,,"
\IO'L,Turf ~_,                                                                              \\JJD _'''.toby Rou"dup                     (h ...,                                         1I'1'i1) R...... R.... ult.                IIG'i I ... lI.p,,,,"i,,. on Chit.,,;o
                                                \l'1R.: Wire h"" &. ,,",me Hour                                                                                                         . IIJR( 'i""
II'DZ PI" of lb.             Pr."..             \\J8f F~ .. orile IId<ML",                  WKOU II"" On Iht Slreel                     wur '-'I .... "    Pr
                                                                                                                                                                                        WI.II p"" Gra." l-ptlkint
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   \\IU \lu·'<'lI1 I'."",.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   111111'Th~         Du.btu
\1 fA\! PTA P'I"I_                              WL'i Oinn ... bo-II P'rm.                   II'L"-\,o .. ~ of Ihe f"tnllol              l\'To\.D W" I ... " n Ihe~ir
IH'O)! K,tly K..... I                                                                       II\1S1)SI'''''.'''''' &r IInn·1                                                             ,,"lIDO Pmi ..... ' P.r.odt: DKlor         II 110 1""oId Cn",,,,'1 D,"ch'~.
                                                *\\'M,IQ'i"",: Doott) Dan                                                                  1 :)0 CST               2 :] 0 COT           K... _
1111,\ .o\.rl Son(t                             II\1SDT"wn Crier: Farm MklS                 11'011"0 HI.ckbll"k 1'.1,,") 80)1                                                                                                      II III. A>C(ftII Iln If..J'b
                                                                                                                                        NBC·Peppe.         Youn, s       Fa,ml,.        II lIT II.·.. , '11 Of<
II HlP " ..I. Oen.uicl                          W\lT Don Rolh', Orth.: Har·                 II"ROK \I." on lhe SlrHI           ",''C,   .kp',h       II'TMJ \\\I_IQ 11110               11'01' T.. h" .• ,,_n~td
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   II I'iD ~r_tt [d,'ion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WHO n.otball ,,",o.. bo.rd
11110 Lift Cln ~ OuuliM                         mony Ollli                                  ,n° ~~'" f~~ori .. Son.·                    1I111~ IILW K~D
                                                                                            W"UT II" R.,'ue                                                                             1I'01l'00t"j Ti··,,· Rth" .... ft          WI.W AI'ernllOn f"Ui ....
IIILL-"~"'" \I"ok                               1'.'011 0 Ih.hl Stni~
11'1,,)0/ Ann t...lit', Scr .. I>bot,k          WSHT·\lln on Ihe SI.ed                      W "l'l "'~n " .•. fl.",,",                  * CBSHtws:          J I Ck     lnnitd.            2 :45 CST               ):45 COT         11'11.IQ 1I,,,,,,bo,, lIl"".h .• ktl~b
 IIJIK 11,'1ud) lIf<"ijJC" Tun                                                              liT'!) II k &. Du~ R., (hu~                 .,.".,     IIFO.II \Io''''ST I~TAQ              MBSWo.4 Onmu: \\ROK                        W,ITC'_ t:oIleet Pmn
                                                II'Sl'I f.,m fI:..h ....
WKOII I., ..... F.",il\ R"I~, ",n               II 'rAO !>.. in. Alon. TIme                 12:45 CST                      1 :4S COT    WKHII 11'(,)(" 10,,·11.831                      CBS·Nann..",: \\'F,\\1 IIFBII              II'()WO Thl Old Sonlt'lftlilh
II'tS·fI~, ... ~,., &. fh''''i",: Gar·          * WT\U lI~ini         "    Gre,,~die .. :   NBC·Belty C,ocktr. ~Ik: 11110               NBC·Jcmn, Other Wilt: II'L~                     WI\BII wOC WilT ( ..... 11,83)             WTI\.I fli .. hl '" II ",,"t<.
.Itn (".1 ...        of the A"                  'i.                                         lillI' In'AQ                                IlOIlO KII K /0 ... 9_53 15331                  NBC·You~,         W, d d., B'_II.            4 :15 CST                 5 : 15 COT
WLII' Ediht" IlJ":h'~ •. ,buh                                                               CBS·My Son &r I. $ktlcll: woe               MBS,M'IChell Arrts' Orthnt,,:                   ,krlch      II\HQ WfRI:: IlflO             *NBC -UnCIe Mil'S Slo"n: HI .. "
 IIIHID J,,,!y &r J.".                                                                      In'S\1 h II(lX 1\ OOM 11'((0                IInOK 1\ 118~                                   WHlJ \\,ISI K"O                            11111,1 11'0011 IOI.lQ (ow9.53)
 In'T 8.n,,''''"'''·                                 AFTERNOON                              IIbX II_IIHO                                KIlO' 1.""jJ', Fir_I love                       K.\lOX Ovpt Itorn I"" OUlo1I1              CBl>·tUau Hoppe. ~ 110LlywOOI
 WOII'O ~"'III " 8"b                                                                        HBC·Fuorole W~I~eJ' KWK                     1\'I1AII Our W""dcr World                       1\-0,1,1 If}mn EchOft                      1I'1l1l.1! WFOII I\.\IOX IYlIiUI
 II'T,IO·A .. ,.. I,I G,i,,,n,', Ollll~ht ..                                                                                                                                                                                       11"1'\0 weco
11 :00 CST                    12 :0 0 COT       n :oo    CST           1:00 COT             MBS·Yu Conce'l Orcb.: II"G~                 II HtI\1 "'.II.~t~J.l'
                                                                                                                                        IIUOW I'Qul "")Un~
                                                                                                                                                                                        II'n.:o G.... !~I "i,,(er
                                                                                                                                                                                        II'IISFRJdio "~h Cta,.                     NBC -Sonny J,mtTo' Orchestrl:
                                                CBS.Yo~~9 D•.      Milone. skelch:          II flU"                                                                                                                                IIOWO
1\_110:\ 1I1l8\1
                   Coldbtrgs,        skll(l,:
                                                II 'IIlD I\'I,,~   K\lOX lIfO"              .:>0"' \\'1\811 1180W                       \\'rro J"d) & Ja,,~                             II ILl.· Tht Sro.odu"e ••
                                                                                                                                        WD/Il~.1th "[ .. Ik                             Wh'i 0\1;"01 DQioR'                        K~J) 11,11 (I,'. Orch.
                                                IITtO IIIlSII woe                           *K ~ll 'iov          If".~"" HOlled",,'.
 NBC ' Pliino RfCltal: (.10 1533)                                                           n,,-h                                       * "'ti'i 'i ....                                WJB{· 1l"IIY""'KI O""i"r'                  11' IIAA C'amt>us Inttrvl~ .....
* /'i"",.       WCFL I\.IJD 1\';\I8D
                                                NBC-MusIC hr YOllng Llsltntrs:
                                                I\lJOW (. .. ,15,33)                        I\'B.\.\ .lIar~t1 RePO'U                    IIIIAOrl." lleJodi ....                         IIllI'-Kill" KrN'f •• ht<h                 lIe F1. IHC .,.,.Iy Luion
WTAO                                                                                                                                    II ILL Th~ 1)'1(0'.1                            WTAfHI·,rb.U (;,m.                         \\'111 "1>< ...1 & C"rty
                                                     R('O",,~01   pr(l~"",.                 IInl.-"""'lh~h' Pr(m
 h"lI Juoh & J ....                                                                         Will. Jolly Irj,hmJn                        11'1\1) flart flt.ults                            ):00 CST                4 :00 COT        * "F~R h'I"'nou" N~,,"
                                                NBC-Lith! 0' Iht Warl4. sUlth:                                                          * \\il!>~ II a r y Ann PrtSlfnlt:               NBC·Gi.1 Alont. sketth: W"AQ               II'F,1I1 Di"n", Dilltf
 . W8"" flit             Ea,.     Ptobltm"      WLW \"'AQ KSD \\'HO                         1I1SD Ihtt fI"uh.
 'itwl                                                                                      IIlfll::·Oi.k Reed                          'ie...                                          11110 wnlJ II'flE                          II lIIP·~!>Orl"'U
II'CCO A",,''' .... OO      Il;ht.,             KIIKL.. I'.lIelp y"" Kttp lIo"se            IIJII(;-!'roc,.", l'tH.t ...                IIJI\C(;ooj. 1I~11 Hour                                                                    1\ 110 \' .Iialll l~d,. oktlch
                                                11'IHA.h.m fKII                                                                                                                         CBS·K.lhtun          Norri$:      WFOII    1111.1_ \'",i( Th~1 Livel
WDZ "."h.o: \, rour So",...                                                                 IIK80 _11~rkch_ P., Corntr                  InlB!) WOlllan 01 (011'0(.                      II'CCO
In'llll Hi,. &. 8i"                             II'ttL\la" or, lhe .,lrHI                                                               II liT 'ionh) P.r.d~             Ile,..; •• 1                                              II'JJIl ~tl}l On Iht Ri(hl Siclt
                                                * 1\'01 1.,,,,",101". 'h.k~lI; N~ ...       *WLS·Gr.i" ~h.h .. "~""                     In,vri, '. I -ill l'r ,                         HBC·Gus SItek', Orth.: IYIB>'              II'K811l""i .. tr "I Dubuqut
 WGS !ladi",,' V"iu                                                                         II \,T 'i ..()"d~,       lIel..<liti; Jot
 IUU ('h~I"p, ~ I)>>                            I\,C'i ConCtrl Or.h_                                                                       1 :45 CST               2 :45 COT            II'KOO                                     l\hOIl(;"'$I<1 I,plod;,..
111ISt-'Tob) " .,,, ....                        II II ~ S,"''' Mu,,..~I.                                                                CBS·Coldtn C.le QUlfIU: lliOC                   H."fh II Gam,: I\.1I0X KII'K               ILIIT Ji",",y "'"lIh', O.c.h.
                                                                                            1I0\\'OYO", f".ndly Nv.hbol't
 WHIP \l,,,"lur 'i ...,                         WllOf·5"'I,n· '-<la,                        wnu "1If<-,..1~ RfI_Ifr                     Ih'H WTAQ IIK811 IICCO                          WI,,'i                                     1I0( ""'''0 ~I""ubliunt
 II'1I0J"oIy '" JaM •• kelth                    Inllp L,I1'- 8u,,,,,,. \I~o                                                             1I'1,,'i (0 ... 118],                           WO,l.\ "'~I\e ~o.alo,                      II Till 8un.         H, rd
                                                                                               1 :00 CST                   2 :00 COT
 Will fl' EI" P • ...wm..                       1\'I1,I.Cnivt"", Trill
                                                                                            NBC· The SIO,), 01 MI,), Mu4ln.             HBC .... uu PIJln Bllf,sktlch: IllS             I\'IWW-1J\d. SUI. Tpa.·h~n P.em.             4 :]0 CST                 5 : 30 COT
* 1I'1'i0 lndion. 'i_I B.. U'h~                 WI'iill."pi ltli'~n H<>IIt                                                              KIIK wOII'n 1.,,95315331                        WDZ·Worn .... Ju" \\'omu                   CBS·P,ul s"n'Un Revlewli the
                                                                                            '~PI~h, W _IIIIQ 11'110 WLII' KSD
                                                IIJIK I'ubli< Opinion                                                                                                                   WE'iRRadill 'i.i(hbon                      'i .... ' IIHO\l
WillE ~""i,,' "lin
WI~'i 0""" b) UCrlun',
'nJH( T'.""r~ l-b~'l
* IIKBII'ip .... ""... k Ih.kell:
                                                II·JJIl li'-t"otk 1'3th"
                                                WKIIO III"". folh Fruli.
                                                WI,"; Dill,,~.~11 p ..",.
                                                WI' r T, .... 0..."",' (,,"00)1
                                                                                            1\ IIlI:: 1\'T\lJ
                                                                                            CBS·SOC'tly Cirl. likettb: "'-CCO
                                                                                            IH'OIl K\lOX WSB.\I
                                                                                                                                             _-... ...         _.,
                                                                                                                                        NBC Vic &r Sode. sketth: WIRE
                                                                                                                                        1\110 W\lAQ IITIIJ I\~O IILW

                                                                                                                                        K\I(lX Eo"I01'" D.~~httr
                                                                                                                                                                                        II fIll 11.'(0) unt
                                                                                                                                                                                        WIIBF IIndlin" of th, 01,
                                                                                                                                                                                        II ILL""'''· •• [ .ht 11 ..1e..
                                                                                                                                                                                        WI'iD-"po.h E<liliott
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   wn:o In)(

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   NBC·Jou Btlhfneou.!"Ii Orch.:

 I·r""r.m lI",hh(h ..                                                                       CBS-M.y'J,r ( .... 11.83)                                                                                                       \\0\10 IIE'ifl II'BOII WKBS
 II'l" 1I .. ,,,,n,aI; .,..' 1''''m.            II'OWO \I~'I~r ~"'~ ...                                                                 *"·IJ.IA \1 .. ,,,10. Vit»_ Ihl N..... '        II'JRf B~'~hll1: Wt<lt,'ln ....
                                                                                            MBS·Muriagl LIClnse Rom.ncn:                1\ UIlII J)II~OUI IX,I'<"                                                                  ..,,-9,53)
11'1.11 ('~'" " 11..;0;.... ,b'fb               II'ROK R"""d Ihe To .. n                                                                                                                Hr~,lIey
 II"\lT T.. ,,) -, r".n' ..... 1 'i".,          II ~UT Th" Rhlhmio: A~t
                                                Ibl'l Ilh)"hm Ramble.
                                                                                            WIIOF II'G'"
                                                                                            NBC-Orphilnli 01 Divo.u. liktlch:
                                                                                                                                        IIIJ(lW ('h,..j~ 1I11,i,·"I.
                                                                                                                                        wCCO \I~'t..r \I .... ,. Iht 1I,·,u,
                                                                                                                                                                                        II·KSII J .. hn Crul/f'.                   ""I)     1\"1, K.... ,t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1I'0.\,IPurd ... Rou"d Tlbl.
 \\'0\1'0 r 0 " n I , A("c"Ii" ••1                                                                                                                                                      11·1.11 Painlt<i Or~.m •• ,ketch
                                                *WTAO 'i,'w,                                IIL~      WOI\O KII'K h ... -9.53·          W(~·I.·T,," .. ,·. ~j>O<lJiIt.                                                             IInt.·fan,..., Th •• ltr
 Pr.m                                                                                                                                                                                   *11 1181) '..- ••" P~, Corotr
                                                12 :15 CST                1 :15 CDT         11.83)                                      Will 1Ju" llill .. Jt<ordi.,n                   * 11 _liT 'i,,,.                           11'1l1 ~lIn,I" .. n JubiLee
WflOh Tt, be '''''''''aced                                                                                                              II FU\I Wh ... l~r IIi, ...",
 . WSOT Lund,,..,,. n"b; New,                   CBS·Jolte Jordan , Cirl Inttrnl.            IIUAA-Re"~,out Ntw.                                                                         II'{)( \lail U.c                           "",IIII'~,,~ti,,". om ~)"top.',un
                                                                                            IlaOW P;~no Mood •                          WGS Lud Ofl lIan                                WOWO K"",i"_ Yoo Po.,td                    .\t'Il\! J01~~ Jord ..... httb
 WSUI·("ollo,,, 0,,,,,1                         •kelch      IYfS~' WMSO WSST
                                                woe II'b'i           KIIO:\    IYS8~I       .wffL·N..... ,                              WIIlI'-II',,,. 1in'~                            II'ROK WQfI,ell of 'h, 110"'               II't;' 11 ...,,1.1 Tu,nt., l,jalli'l
 WT\IJ r,·""". I 'i,''''                                                                                                                II'JJO Du~,,", l"l.r"i~'"
11 :15 CST                     12 :15 COT       II'cro                                      II ILI·\I,(a>,"t I\I(k
                                                                                                                                        WKHII \I~I,... I_'· \!"""~I
                                                                                                                                                                                          1:15 CST                4 :15 COT        II Hm' (hfnlul Charlie ""Iler
 NBC.Ben Bernl.'s Ort~.: \I\I.~Q                HBC·A.nold Crimm's O~ughttr.                II 1I1f'·\Iat;nee \I;n;lIlure                                                               CBS·Cuo"ne'li         Calde"    SIOft.     II lilt' ll"d~I"'" II"",
 CBS·llle          Cln      Bt     BUUli'ul,    ,h'eh WMAQ IYLW                             IIILL·llil-oll H,.}. y,oJ;II,sl             Willi!) Q"~'li"n 8,,~: ~3mt·'ht·
                                                                                                                                        Tune                                            'hid, WFI\II WCCO                          WIIO ~, .... ,     \I",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Julia •• hlth
                                                                                            II'INDSport. Edilion                                                                                                                   Will. P.i"hnl In RflltOll 10 Ltlt
   h',h        11111111 K~IO.I W(CO             HBC'Qu,lting B« : II'HOW (5""                                                           WII r Ju.h '" .lant                             NBC,CIlIi SltC~'s Orch.: (I...             1Vl.'>;1l Ihre 11,.,,11.
                                                                                            II'I~'-Even u          'lou .nd I
1I'\IUD                                         15.m                                        IIJlll Ill-./,,-.1 ~OCiflr                    2 :00 CST                ) :00 CDT            9.5315,33)                                 11'1U1:: II,,,,,, ~;'htion
 NBC·Bttw«n               Iht     Baaktnds:     . 'ie .. , IIROK WFBI' WKBB                 WJJD-frord Beck, <>r,~n1s1                  .NB C·C'ub Mlt,net: 101 t Ws :                  HBC·K,tty         K ten e.     Jkelch:     111\811 To be allngwnud
 II'KH8 (01015_13)                              Ill..;                                      I\I\HB \luw.1 Work,hOp: Do                  11"011'0 WOO\\' \\'1\00 (sw·                    IITIIJ WHO WIIAQ                            I\I.W To boo I'HlOUII«d, Kirby"
                                                hll K llo .. i<31 PTllm,                    )'(HI Wallt a JobT                          9.5315.33)                                      NBC·Lile Cln           Be Belllllllll,     Whil,
 K~/) l1un .. I Jul." 81,..
 I\WK "u>loal Prem,                             II'RIII~""U fltv;'w                         . WKBH'Ia !'erki".. Wltloll
                                                                                                                                             - .'«.'" ... ,... '... _. _ •.             ,keIth WIRE 1'0'1.11'                      \I II.\Q I.I"! II,,~ . • k.lell
                                                1I0"l Eold" " f~llnie                       WliaO .'id",,, Hatmolliuro                  CBS·Lecture Hili: IITAQ II'SHT                                                             1Y~IOOHa,.1>Y Oirthday
 \ICFL \1«1 'h, ~· .. Iko                                                                                                               IIKHII \\,I~~ \\'fO" (0 ... 11.83)              \\81)11 ' .. ,-cll)· Orch
1107 Rt<! Bcl<hr                                11'1)1 PI ..... Jorkey.                     II lIT Qu.,lioh llan                                                                        WFA'I Kilter Oi!ft..                       1\ IIT-t:hN','ul <.;hl"" U~~lfr
 WG'i Wb~1 0 .. \' .. u n,,,,k                  \\'G'i Johlln~ Duffy' •             WOC''''IOOy \I;,iM,                         NBC·B"kJtlgt        Wift. sketch:               WIIOf t.;,un. ud;~'
*WII8F II ..... I~JltY !IOe",                   IIIfBf .11." or, Ihe Sifftl
                                                111111' 20th Ce~'u.., StAllad.
                                                                                            WflOK \larkell
                                                                                                                       110m. Fol".'     11'110 WLII' \1 II.\Q Wn'J WI8A
                                                                                                                                                                                        II hUB 1I.,"er    "",..,rt                                Fa£QVXHOlXI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "llll_' " •• ,     WItH;,lj'.'
 IIlIlp·:-o."h'"wlI Chu'ch                                                                                                                                                              II'KBII l"lin ... Ilu,iule                   lil1.1 ",II             WISX_I ..... 1
 \\'IIO·Kill~ Ken •.• hllil                     II'ltO """d.ilO\q                           WSBTI>O .... Ihe IIj •• i .. iPPl           U•• tloall. Wh"e Sol ... _ Alh-                 II "fill \\,ndu .. Showr'                    Ii .. IJ·-··AI          1I·)Ul'·I;:W
 1I-I'iD·'i,,,,,,'in,. Ilrludlft                II'ILI Ibrloth
                                                \I'IH~: Ib.hl " W"lher RtJIOM.I
                                                                                            . WTID 'i~,"                                Itll<      \\iUS\I     II'G:>  wcn              II liT \h So" &. I. urltll                   "\I',, ."k"~'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             II"JJ/I·II .....
 WIRE·Woman of c.,,,.~.                                                                        1 :15 CST                   2 :15 COT    II'JJO                                          1I0WOF .. n T~Ln                                                     ... ~I.·i:~1
  IIJHr P~r"'l~ ,II 8.nd.                       II'J8( Troub.>dDr"l
                                                II'JJIJ Bo.rd of Educalion
                                                                                            CBS·II Hlppentd In Hollywood:               1\\10.\ \14 1'..fUn,                              ) :)0 CST               4:)0 COT           WLl"}! ;;"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "'''"IJ I.....,
 IIJJODaMt Or(h.                                                                            IIU81, ".\IOX 1...·8\1 \\'CCO               K~D A.""ld G"m .. ·• Oallfht ...                HBC-Mldstrum. s~tteh: WItO                   w(-nl-~l"               'rl.~·~ill
 I\'I\BH Form II.""                             IIKBIt   'Ia"       on   lh. Slr~'          WIS,"                                       I\II'K Oanu \I~.~                                                                            In·i·l..1,TU            \\"1.\\ -;\lU
 II I II' [,.... )  .oct,.     Farm     Liu     I."nch ...... III1.if
                                                *"'\IT ""itt of 1"","; ... ""
                                                                                            HBC·MJ Perk,ns. skelch: 1I.\lAQ             I\·OAA !.allltn,. ()f Ch,u
                                                                                                                                                                                        CBS·Dlnn Orch.: II'FO" woe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ... nllll'.",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     II· t;,> II ';11
"'o("h                                                                                      WHO "'>0 ilL\\' II IRE II"T)IJ              \II (OK,,,} KtIfM. 'ke'th                       IITCO W"T                                    II- .... \)I-I~•• '     '1")J1 "I)U
1\ lIT \ ...·""f..,na                           11'0\\0 ""0" of P'It< )!lICGn,j                                                         *\\'0" Se... , A'I,.,. Bllr~11I                                                              "rim· I:"'..,.'         II"II"_IU ..
                                                                                            CBS·Ta be annaunud: II'.,OT                                                                 NBC·lr~nt         Wicker, cnlldren',
.\\'(JI\'O J:!.ob W,' ...... n"",               H
                                                                                            HBC·Amlndl 01 Honeymoon H1I4.               W['iR 5<>",. "I • Or. ..                                                                     11",;'> i~'             W(lW.I_II,.
\\'ROK T.oI .. <>u II ROK                       IITID II·   011 Iht Slreo-I                                                             Will Lnl W••-.,                            pm". II'E'iR \I'(IWO WOOlY                   WU.I·~""                WI1""·III',
                                                12:)0 CST            1 :]0 CDT              .hleh: WLS               KIIK       wOWO                                                    \\18.1 \\'KBO (_" 95315,33)                  1\'1/ ,\~ "'."          "III1TT.. ;a
W"l:I·II"""""k,,'. ("11 ..1                                                                 l,wI5.339.53)                               . K"O .\t... O,,~ !..t,be,l, Or                                                              "tLllt·,lt.. ,          "-SIT"-..,
II T,\O·AI fu. m. ud ..                         CBS-FI,teher W".y. talk: \\08.\1                                                        \I IllP-T'4 nmt MtlOO'n                         II OAA Elher Edilo'                          IIIIU'-Il'"             ,!"fAO III.tO
II"TIIJ·Ro" ,",i. OI!h,lo..                     KMOX WFB\I WISS                             MBS·To be ilnnollneed: WROK                 II'ILL." ...... io"~1 Ed"u,ioo                  WHa~I T~ .. lb Ihn'nt                        1\ 1111,1"'_'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ,I 111_1 .1;:><01
11 : ]0 CST               12 :]0 CDT                                                                                                    \\'1~D Spn,ls Edilion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ". "_IQ·IJt:~1
                                      ,nt udy. sktlch: WLW                IIHAA Med,laUonl                                                                            WDZ·Arl 01 L'~'nc                            WIU~.~,                 "··nli,~~"
NBC·Song Folks; WIRE                            W~IAQ                                       WCFl·_Ihk~         O,I,~u B~U,_             II,m( ,\I 'he Lil-.ratJ                         II"ILI llolooiel f..,. T.. "                 1I1,>(I.lA,
WROK·W. P. A. Orch.                                                                                                                                                                                           £-9/32                          Page 33
WSUI-Speech Clinic or the Air
WT".\IJ·Meet Miss Juli~
 4 :45 CST             5:45 COT
                                                 WEDNESDAY GOOD LISTENING GUIDE                                                                                                                                WEDNESDAY
r-IBC·Bud Bar ton, ~hlhfren's
                                                                                       Cheek the program. you wallt to hear today
slories: WENR WKBn
'1SC·Rocky    Gordon
                                                  AFTERNOON                       6:00 CST (7:llO COT) Holly·
                                                                                    wood Play~ouse, NBC.
                                                                                                                             Toni<:ht'. drama conCern. a
                                                                                                                             rough.neek boy .nd his love
                                                                                                                                                                     nOlJne~r; Mighty Allen Art
                                                                                                                                                                     Players; Peter Van Steeden·,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          May 22
                                          5":00 CST (6:00 COT) fred                 Drama. with Cbarle. Boyer                lor a boru.                             orchestra. Gu.. t •.
.CBS·The World Today: WF'B~I                Waring In Plea,ure Time.                and ~Ue$t •.                                                                                                              WOC WROK WTMJ WBOW
IV~IT  waOM WMBD weco                                                                                                     7:00 CST (8:00 COT) Texaco               8:00 CST (9:00 COT) NBC                    KMOX·Frante Lau", spOrt.
K,mx WTAQ WFA.\l woe                         NBC.                                 6:30 CST (7:30 COT) Plan·                                                          Symphony Orchestra, NBC.
                                                                                                                            Star Theater, CBS.                                                                KWK·One Man'. Opiniol>
IIKBII                                                                              tation Party, NBC.                      Ken ~Iurray. M. C.; Kenny                Frank Black, cnnductor.
                                          5:30 CST (6:30 COT) Burns                 loui.. :'Itass.:y and the W~t·                                                                                            WCCO·Cedric Adam.
MBS·Littl. Orphan Annie, skttch:                                                                                            Baker, tenor; Francl'! Lang-                                                      *WISN·News: Musk lor Oancin~
                                            and Allen, CBS.                         etners; Tom,         Dick and           ford, vocalist; Irene Nohlette         8:00 CST (9:00 COT) KIY
                                                                                    Harry; Whitey Ford, M. C.;                                                       Kyser's Program, NBC.                    WKBB·Amer. Family Robinson
                                            George Burns and Gracie.                                                        Ryan, eomedienne; Jimmy                                                           *WMAQ·Bud Freeman's Orch.
*NBC·Lowell Thomas. news com·               A!!en: Fr.ok Parker. tenor;             Michael St ..... rt. baritone;                                                   Mu<ical quiz. Virginia Smms.
mentaro.: IVlII'                                                                                                            Wallington, announc","; Da·                                                       WMBD·NigbtfaH
                                            Ray Noble'. orche$tra.                  Dorin!!: Si.leTS.                      yid Broekman's orebestra.                 Sully Mason, Harry Babbitt.
KSD-Harry Horlick's Orch.                                                                                                   Guesl: Ethel Barrymore, ac-                                                        10:15 CST               11 ;15 CDT
WBAA-Story Book Haur
                                                                                  6:30 CST (7 :30 COT) What                                                                                                   CBS·Andy Kirk's Oreh.: WFBM
                                                                                    Would You HiVe Dont?                     Ires~.                                8:00 CST (9:00 COT) Glenn
WeFL-Jack Kelly'. arch                                     NIGHT                                                                                                     Miller's Orchestra, CBS.                 WJR WKBH WISN (51'1·6.17)
\\,HA-Con~te.sjon.l Forum                                                                                                         7:00 CST (8:00 COT) The            Ray Eberle and Marion Hut·               NBC·Charlle          Barnet's     Orch.:
                                           6:00 CST (7:00 COT) Ben                  Quiz program, with B~o
WHBF·Cousin Peggy                                                                                                                    Fred Allen ShOW, NBC.           ton. yocali.t..                          W80IV
\VIIQ-Ba •• ball Time                         Bernie's Or<hestra, CBS.              Grauer. M. C.
                                                                                                                                     Portland Holfa, comedienne;                                              MBS·frankle          Ma~ters·     Oreh.:
WILL-Twilight Reveri ••                       Lew lebr. comedian; Bailey 6:30 CST (7:30 COT)                                         Merry Mats; Wynn Murray, 9:15 CST (10:15 COT)                            WHBF WGN WIRE
*WIND-Modern Melody: Ne",                     Si.teu.                                   Christian. CBS.                              vocali,e: Harry vOn ZeU. an·        Ross. Tenor, CBS.
WIRE·To b• • nouncO<!                                                                                                                                                                                         *KMOX.H. W. Flannery VIews
WISN.Tenth Inning                                                      Refer to adjacent col"mftl for dations broadcasting these programs                                                                     the New.
WJJO-Bcn Kanter.       pianist                                                                                                                                                                                KWI\·Evuelt Hoagland', Oreh
* WOWO·8ob Wil,on, new.                                                                                                                                                                                       WCCO·Armchair Adv~nture.
WSUI-Tca Time Melodics                                                                                                                                                                                        WHAS·Walsh looks 'Em Over
IVTMJ-Thc Student Speaks         b   KSD·Stoekton & Eschen                        IIIROK·Sport. Revi .....                         8:15 CST
                                                                                                                                                                                                              WHO·BilI Auslin, piani.t
                                                                                                                                                            9;15 COT W,\IT·B ..ebaJl; C«Iar Rapids YO. WIND·Emil Flindt'. Orch
 5:00 CST              6:00 C T      WBOW·Sports                                  WTAJ) & Zaek                              CBS·P y b II c Affairs: WBBM Molin~
NBC -Easy Ace •. sketch: \VENR                                                                                                                                                                                WKBB·Symphony 01 Melody
                                     WCFl.Time for Music                            6:45 CST                     7:45 COT WHAS WKBI-l weco KMOX WTMJ·Kilowatt Hour                                            WlW.Pubfic Affair, Weekly
(.Iso KLO at 8:30 p.m. CST)          WDZ·Sp.oru Revie ..                          *Ncws: WKBB WHIP WIND WJR \vISN W~IT                                                   9;30 CST               10;10 CDT WOC·Sport!
NBC·Fred Waring In Plusure           IVFAM·Sports New.                            WKBH                                                SeMlor Style- Hrld!l'eo 01 CBS·Bob Chester's Orth.: WTAQ WROK·Night Club 01 Ille Air
Time, WMAQ \I'Lli'                   WHBF·little Orphan Annie                     *KMOX-80b             Dunham          Com·        Se," Hamll.hl... ..m talll on WSBT WINO WKBH
                                                                                                                                    ··The    I'otlilcol Outlook .fM                                           WTAM.Music You Want
CBS-Bluegrass Brevities: WISN        WIRE·Easy Ace.                               menb; New!                                        IlHO."
WOC (sw.l1.83)                       WISN·Sports Parade                           WBOW.Tele Tune "lime
                                                                                                                                                                        NBC·Planta.ticn       Party:    KOA WTMJ·Plea.ure Time
                                     WJJO-Chicago's Open Door                                                                    *MBS·News;           Waverly    R~Dt, (also .. e- 6:30 p.m.)                  10 :30 CST               11:10 COT
*MBS·Fulton Lewis, Jr" ne~                                                        WCFl·Human Engineer                                                                   NBC·Tommy        Oor~ey's
                                     WlS Graee Wilson, conu.                                                                     De"" analy.t: WHBF WROK                                              Ore~.: CBS.Ray Herbeck's Orch.: WJR
'~3Iyst; WIISF KWK                                                                *WFA~I-SpOrts Rey;ew; Ne ...
                                     WMBD·Dinner Melodil'!                                                                       WCFl.Mnke Believe Daneeland            WIBA WKBB                              WHAS WIi.BH WSBT WBBM
                                                                                  WISN·Phll Grau
* 1'1,,,0: WCCO WMBD                 W~IT·Sporto: Baseball Star..                 WJBC-Singo                                     WFBM,Wiliiam \Virgos Preseot&          CBS·Or. Chri~tian, skelth: WHAS WMT WISN WM[lD woe (ow.
KMOX·France lau" Hi·litell           WROK-Little Orphan Annie                                                                    WGN.Pagean! 01 Melody                  KMOX WCCO WFBM (also S<!e 6.17)
* KSO·New", Feature SpOtligllt                                                    WJJO·Blue Gra'l' Roy
                                     *WSUI·O.ily Iowan 01 Ihe Air *WMT-:\li'acle 01 Fram: Mu~ical * WIND·New.                                                           6~ p.m.)                               NBC·O a n C e        Orc~.:     WOWO
WBB)I·SpOrt. Revie ..
WBOW ·Merry.Go-Round
                                     WTAO·llareella Cheek                         Interlude: News                                WMBD·Musical Mart                      NB C-SIPepy HI1I'5 Oreh.: WBOW WBOW WMAQ
                                     WTMJ-SpOrt Flash                             WROK-DinneT En.. mble                          WOC·Richard Himber's Orch.             WHO                                    NBC·Win Osborne', Orch.: WHO
WCFl·Modern Melodiu                                                               WTAD·Soutb American Way                                                                                                      WIRE WIBA
* IVDZ·lle.. t 01 tile Nt'"                                                                                                        8:30 CST                 9:30 COT MBS·Ted Weems' Oreh.: WGN MBS·Chuck Fosttr'5 0"he5U.:
                                                                                     7:00 CST                    8:00 COT CBS·Concert Orch.: WTAQ WIND                  WROK
* WFAM.Hall Scores: N..... '
WFB"·Sp•• dway Newl: TllrH·                       NIGHT                           NBC·Green Hornet, dram .. : KWK woc WCCO WKBH KMOX * KSD.Ne-..o: Nathaniel SlIilkre1's Ii.MOX·M<>anligllt Serenade
                                                                                                                                                                                                               WHaF WROK
Quarter Tilne                                                                     wlBA WCF"l W[lOW WKBB                          WFIHt (ow·9.6S)                        Oreb.                                  * WCCO-Rollie Johnson. SpgrU &
WGN-Concert On:b.                         Where there ;s no listing NBC·Fred Allen Show: W"lAM NBC·R~dio Magic: WOWO wKBB KWK·Easy Aces                                                                        Newl
WHIP·German 1I0ur                    for a station Its precedillg KSD WMAQ WIRE WlW WHO \vENR                                                                           * WBB,\I-Todd Humor. n....             WCFL·Rocco's Rhythm
* WIll.News Ut:llind the Ne'"        program Is on the air.                       wnlJ (.,...9.53) (al.., at 10 M8S·Pageant of Melody: WROK WCFL·Music Lovers P'1l"rn.                                         WENR.Music You Wanl
WIND-Gerlnan liour                                                                p.m. CST)                                      WHBF                                   WHBF·Mulioy on th~ Hirb Stll WFBM·B~.eball RoundUo
WIRE·Des.. Byrd                         6:00 CST                   7:00 COT CBS·Texaco Star Theder: WJR K\\'l{ ·Ev~ret! Hoagland's Oreh.                                WIRE·Ba.ebali Roundup                  WGN·Charlie Baum's Orch.
WJIJC.Normal !lour                   CBS·Ben Bernie & All tn~ UtdS: WHAS WISN WB[lM WCCO WBB~l·Carl ffohengarlep's Orcb. IVISN·Rell.ction$                                                                     * W1NU-News
WJJO·Twili~ht Musical.               KMOX WF[lM WBB~1 WFA.\l WFBM IH1f.1D KMOX WSBT WHAS·lynn Cole                                                                      * WJBC.News: Sports: Weatber           WlW.Ju3nit.', Rhumba Bank
II'KBB·Buck Rogers, sketch           WMT WCCO wm WHAS WISN IVOC (sw-11.83)                                                                                              WJR·Advenlure. in Music                WTMJ·Sl"lrt.
                                                                                                                                 * WISN.The World T""ay                 WlW·D.nce Orch.
\\'KBH-Kiddie. Hour                   (also KNX at 10 p.m. CST)                         Fo' ...." .......... LI."~I"" Oul ••. W~TBD.Romance of a Century                                                       10:45 CST                11:45 CDT
W~1T·Sing;lI~ Sam                                                                                                                                                       WMAQ·lou Breese's Or~h.
                                     NB C·Hollywcod Playhouse; WlW MBS-Carl Ravazza's Orch.; WMT 01 Medici""                                                            WMBD-MugicaJ Merry.GG.RGuod CBS·Ray Herbeck·s Oreh.: WFBM       Orth.:
WOWO.(lrgan Reverie.                 WMAQ WIRE KSD WHO WTAM                       WROK WIIBF                                     WMT·Bohcmian F"rolle                                                          NBC.W!l1 Osborne's               WTAM
WROK·Stori.s Irolll life                                                                                                                                                WOC·Carnival
                                     WTMJ (also at 7 ;30 p.m. CST) * \IB0W-N~w.                                                  IVSUI,AI~um 01 Arti.t.
                                                                                                                                                                        WOWO·Green Hornet dram.                KMOX-Stan Norri.' Or(h
WnIJ·Go,pcl Sin~er                                                                WCFl·The Gr~n 1I0rn!!                                                                                                        * KWK.N ....
  5:15 CST             6:15 COT      MBS ·Sheep & GOalS Clyb: WHOh WENll.-Collccrt Minatu ...                                      8:45 CST                 9:45 CDT WTAM·Dance Orch.
                                                                                                                                 NBC·Dante Orchestr~: WOWO WTMJ.Easy Ace.                                      WCCO.J)ick Shellon
NBC-MI Keen. Tru.r 01 Lost           NBC·Prairie Folks: KWK WOWO * WGN.Billy, "e\\"1                                                                                                                    wCFL·Bcsgbcrger·s Orcb.
Persons. drama: WENn (also           wes                                          WIND·Scattergood Baines                        WENR                                     9:45 CST              10:45 CDT WIND·D.nce M,,~ic
KlO .t 8:45 p.m. SCT)                Sports: Wac WKBB                              WJBC·Ann;versary Pr~m.                        * KWK·Now.                             NBC·Tommy Do rseY'$ OrChestra: IVKB[I·PI"as"nldale folks
CBS·Paul Sullivan Reviews t~e        W601ll·Hoo,iet Sw",~ste'"                     IVJJO·SuPll"rtirne Frolic                     WB[lM·Rhythm Off the Record WIRE                                              IVlW Ch~rlie Spiv.k'~ Oreh
New~: WISi'I WMT WCCO KMOX           *W CFl·NOlW.                                 WKBH·Jule. Lande                               WIlAS·Deep R;v~r Echon                 KSO·Fred Waring's Oreh.                WT.\l.I·O.nce Oteh
                                     IVOZ.98 String.                              WSUI·Children'. Hour                           WISi'I-liUle Concert                   KWK·Mr. Keene                          11:00 CST                 12:00 COT
*NBC·News 01 Europe: WMAQ            I-I-F"M1American Family Robin. WTAJ).Tunes of the Day                                       W.JR·Melody Marvels
WHO (sw.9.53)                                                                                                                                                           * WBBM·Oaye ol1!lnist: MBS.Phil Harris' Orch.: WROI(
                                     0011                               •            1:15 CST                    8:15 CDT WSUI-D~ily Iowan 01 the Air                   News                                   WIlBF
MBS·Adrian Rollin;'s Trio: WROK       \VGN·Cili2en~ of Tomorro ..                  *MBS·This War: WHllF" WROK                      ':00 CST                10:00 CDT WHBF·lose Empire                          CBS·Pliner 8< Earl's Oren. Will
* News: WH[lF WJJO WTAD               WIlEF·Sporl.                           WMT                                           N BC·W~l1y         Stoelfer·~   Orch.: WHO-Plusure "lime                      WI:;;.,' WKBH WBBM WHAS
K"SD·The In laws                     WHlP.Twilight Melodies                        WBOW -Organ Melodies                          WBOW WlW (.w-9.53)                     WJSC·Poetic Mugiul.                    K,\tOX \\JJ! WMT
KIVK·Mu,ic.1 Pr~m.                   WI:-:D-Re",eation 01 Game                     IVEi'lR·Oon For.ndos Drell.                   CBS·Amos 'n' Andy, sketch: \\IlW-SpOru                                        * CBS·P~ul         Sulliv"n.    ~ e .. ~:
* WB[lMTodd Hunt ... neWI             WJBC-R.inoo Revue                            WGN.Bob', Oreb.                        WB[lM WHnl \VIlAS KMOX WTIIJ.Weaver 01 Dream.                                 KMOX
WCFl·Dinner Concert                   WJJD-Traflic Court                           WINO-Max;m Oielsky'l Oreb                     WCCO WJR                               10:00 CST               11;00 COT CBS·Red Nlthol5' Orch.: WJH
WDZ-Screw [I.1l Club                  WKBII·SpOri Flash                            WJBC·Variety Pr,,"m.                                                                 NBC ·The Club: KWK WF[I\t (1w·6_17)
                                                                                                                                 MBS·Th~ Answ.r M,,~' IVG~
WF"AM-Dioner Hour MUllt11t            WMBD·lIlinoi, Valky Fro[ic                   IVKBH-Rapid Ad                                                                       \\'OWO WIBA WENR                        NBC.Ten DISClptes 01 Rhythm
WFB'!-Big Fr.ddie Mi!"r               IVStJI·Dinner Hour Prgm.                                                                   * News: WIIBF WKBB WMBD
                                                                                     7:30 CST                    8 :30 COT                                              CBS·Andy Kirk's Oreh.: WIND II"TMJ W~tAQ WHOW WKRB
WGN·Sports Royiew                     WTAO·SpOrts Vi~ws '" Reviewl NBC-Ray Shield·. Revije: WENR KSD wJR WMT WOIVO WSBT \\ISBT WBB" KMOX WISN NBC·Oance Oreh.: WENR
WIll·",.tr«l ~!u'i~                     6;15 CST                   7:15 CDT wOWO WKBB WIBA                                       \\"IBA
                                                                                                                                                                        (sw-6.17J                               KOA ~I",rl ~ew'
WIRE-Bihle Ques!ions                  * S ...·s: WDZ WOC WROK                      "ilL "''''')'''000 PI~J""u'" KOII Ilichard Himber', Orch.: WIRE NBC·The New fred Alitn Show: *KSO·Ncws
WI\BB-lora$ Cone~e                    \\"BOW-Si '" Ezra                            KFJ (also see 6 p.m.)                         WTAM                                                                          I(WK·Son~ Fest
WlW·SpOrl.                            IVCF"l-Evenin~ Conee"
                                                                                                                                  KOA-Who', in Denver Tonit;htl KOA KFI (al.., .H 7 n.m. \\"CFl.Danc. Orch.
WMBD.~t~I""y Minialure: SpOrts                                                     M8S·Serenade for Strin9~: WHBF KIVK.B.rrel Roll                                      CST)
                                      WF"A:\I·Gilbros' Musical X·Ray               WROK                                                                                                                        we,," Art l\as",I'. Oreh
Woe·Hils &. Ellcoro.                  * WIIBF-N.",s: Seren.d~                                                                    * IVENR·Ten Oclock final; Ne-..-. MBS·Frankie            M~ste .. ·   Orch.: WUO.Vel.ran·s forum
WOWO·Eb &: lebo sketth                WJBC·llit of th Day                          * News: WGN wJaC                               WIlO·S<.>nKlellows                    WIRE                                   WJND.Th~ Niu lVatrh
WSUI.Dramalic ~lillialures            IVK[lII.Oinner Music                         WBOW.MO<>d~ In .ViU"f                          WINO Swedish Pr~m.                    NBC·Ch.rlie Barnet's Ore h.: WTRE·M\I~i< Vou Wanl
* WTMJ·So"~ DO~lor: Ne",.                                                          WCFl.l,oor FI.. hes                            WISN-St)·les in Rbythm                WTA~t                                  Wl\ Ro~prs· Orch.
                                      IV"fAD·80b Moo,""
  5;30 CST             6:30 COT         6:10 CST                   1:30 COT WISD·Elliot Roo.evelt, America \\I.ISC·March of Health                                      * N...... WK[lH WF"BM WHSF" WTAMSammy watkins' Orch
 NBC·Easy D<>es II: WKBB (t .. ·                                                   Looks Ahead                                    WK[ll!Albin Bin.                                                                En .. u; ..... ~neso.v P,o;rall'
                                      NBC·Whlt Would Vou Han WJR-Mu,;caJ l'.-gm.                                                                                        IVGN WHO WHAS WlW WJR
 9.55)                                DOlle. Qui~ prgm .. WLS KWK WKBH-Wed"e;o;day Varieties                                      \\IMAQPr •• ton [lradley, talk
 CBS·Burn5 & Allen:         IVHAS      (also KGO at 9:30 p.m. CST) WMTEasy Ac ...                                                 WOC·SI. Ambros. Co!lego of tbe
 W[lB~!      WJR WCCO KMOX                                                                                                        Air
                                       NBC ·Plantation Party; WMAQ WSU!·Sport"(inl~                                               WROK· Room
 (.\\".11_83) (allo al 8:30 p.m.      WHO W·I·MJ \v1.W KSD WTAM
 CST)                                                                                 7:45 CST                    8:45 COT WTiIlJ·P.1S.porl to Paradi..,
                                      WlHE (alilO at 9:30 p.m. CST) W[lQIV.Hichard Hlmber's Orch.
 *N ~IY", WGN IVlS WmA                                                                                                              9:15 CST               10:15 COT
                                      *CBS·Dr. Christia~, sketth; IVCFl·Chiu~o Te.ehers' Unioa                                    CBS·f~a~       Outhin·s Ord,.Slr.:
 KSO·I'aI, ~t lhe 1'1·.;r;.           Ne".. : WB6~1 WJR (.w·I\.83) IVGN Kenny lti~lI1on's Orch.
 * KWK·SlK'rlS: News                                                                                                              IVSBT WTAQ (sw.9.65)
                                       (al'o al 9:30 p.m_)                         WINO·En,;! Fliodt', Oreh.
 IVCFl-R.ce R~.u!t"
 Wf·BM·B.",b.1I Scoru: Sync,,"                         ,,,
                                           ~ •• •• 1&11 ... """" ~"'.~I"~ oy; ••.
                                                                                   WJBC·I.S.S.C.S. Pr~m
                                                                          From : WJR-,\Ielody M~rvel.
                                                                                                                                  NBC ·Pub!!, Allairs: W80W KSO
                                                                                                                                  IVTAM WOWO wIRE WWA
 WIIBF·ln the Cri",eli~bt
                                      WIlBF                    ""
                                      KMOXRichard Hi",I>cr'. Orcb
                                                                                   WMT-~Ir. K..,n, Tracer 01 lo",
                                                                                                                                       II ~1.rll."lo" "r '''~ tltIe<lIn
                                                                                                                                     ond .1~1It. /tOMlnteed 10 tIM
                                                                                                                                     ADlerlcao !>Mill' 1>7 ten ameod·
 WHO-Or,.n Mood.                                                                                                                     "'~nr. to th~ Cono,ituliop.
                                      lllUOW·Jielre.hmeol Time                      WSUI-E,·eni"~ Musicale
 WIRE·Dick R~td
 WlSN·Show Window                     WCCO·Musical                                    8:00 CST                    9:00 COT MBS·Grlll Will!"m5' Orch.: WGN
 WJBC·Ma~c Carpet Club
                                      \\"CF"l.DonaJd Navis . ..,ng'!                l6~·(,leM Mill.r·, Oren.          "'1111.'11 WII[lF
 WJJO frw Seck. orun;.t               WDZ·Sler1in~ Breweries                        i\MOX WKBH WTAQ WMBD CBS L~on, Ross. tn •. : WBRM
 WK811·Swed or Hot!                   WFAM·Studebake. Champions                     WISN Wff"f            WfB\1 WHA~ K~tOX                    WJR       WHAS WCCO
 WlW.Oon Win,lo" <>t lilt Nlvy        WFBM·To be announced                         \VOC WJR WMT                                   WFB~I
 * WMAQ·N ....·o: Sports; Mu.ical,    WGN_Lone Ran~er                               NBC ·K"y Kyser·s Prgm.; V!rg!n!1 NB C·Johnny Messner', Orch.:
 WMBO·D .... othy June                *W HAS-Marshall Robert.: N.... Simm.. Harry Babbit & Sully
                                      II'HIP·Rhythmic Inlulud.                                                                    WKBB
 WMT·Hils & Encor..                                                                 Ma..,n, vocalists, WTMJ WM,\Q
 IVoe.SuppI!Ttime Slrin,.             WINO·Pliner &- Earle                          WHO KSD KOA WlW WTA~I * KOA-Ne,"
                                      WISN·This is 1>bgic                           WIRE WBOW (s,.. 953)                          KSD·Ch>eri McKay .r. CGmpaM                      INTERSTATE MUTUAL IENEFIT ASS'N.
 WOWO·Basebali Scorfl                                                                                                             WCFl-Don Arti,te                                 Dept, R           DOYER, OfLA WARE
 WROK.Lel'. Relax                      *WJBC·New.· Marken: Spor ..
                                                                                    N8C·Symphony Orch.: wOWO WHO·Sporu
 WSUI-Mus;'al Mood,                    WUlher
                                                                                    KWK WENR WISA wKB8                                                                                Plo_ . - _ .mll d""'tll .".,.,.,..,lnl rout a-uau-
                                      WJJOChurch on the Hill.KIt                                                                  WinE-Dick Reed: Mu oiw 111·                      <I.. Poll",.
 WTAD·Rhvtbm &. Romann
                                      WKBB-Conc.rt Hall                             .. MBS Raymono           .. '.It ~o , ..      lerludt
  5:45 CST              6:45 COT      \lKBH·FH(!                            comm_' WMBF WGN                               WISN-Danct 1im~                                  IIIAKE ••• ••••••••• _ ....... _ ........ _ •••••••••••
 NlBS· lnside 01 Sports: WLW           WMBO·Dorothy Jun.                            WCFl·Sports                                   WJBC·It's Dance "lime
 KWK WGS                              * WMT-Fulton lewis, ~mm.                      WJBC·Mid·wm Jambor"                           WKBH.legion of Salety                            ADDltEH ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• _ ... _._.
 NBC·Bm Johnson·s Dlnntr Ollt :        *WOC·Sta r Over Manhathn : WROK.Nino RinBIdo·~ Orch.                                       WlW·Thi, I, the Fair
 WOWO                                  News                                         WSBT-Searcb for Taint                         WMAQ·Ri~hltd Himbl!r'1 Orc\t.                    CITy ....................... , .•. 8TAT:Ii: •••• , •••••
                                       WOwO·Views of the Editor                     WSUl·Orama Hour                               WMBD.Sportl: Melody Mini.fUr.
                                      9/32-E          \\·Ol·Oppni"~      Market.; Kitchen                                                                                           WUA Mood, &, ~1"lp<l'b
                                                      !JUri, Dante                                         Next Week's Cover                                                        WHDF Ilymn, of All CJ""ch~.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       W.\!JJD ~I"i,,~t;'ll~ ,i, U"rv .. 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WOIVO fl1aekh''''·k V"lIr~· BOY$
     THURSDAY                                         1\·FiI~j."u.ical      Co"tr",ts
                                                       WIIIJF.I'"LJi< s.-rvi.e Premo
                                                       * WIIII'·]\"e ....                            The cover 01 next week's MOVIE AND RADIO
                                                                                                                                                                                    WHIP Dotty Jar/llain~
                                                                                                                                                                                    WHO Aduptrd D~U!i"htet. <ketch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WIlOIC\to" "11 Ih ""e.' ~il'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       in' ,,'u,,· lIom~ F"lks· 110m
                                                                                                     GUIDE will carry a picture ot G loria J ean,                                   WINO· Hill Billv Son\\"s           WSBT.Mish, .. aka on Ih~ Ai,
                                                       WILL Mnket.                                                                                                                  II' ISN·Musical Itral Way.         WSUI·S~,,'i •• RepOrt,
               May 23                                 II'I,\U Pri",ill>. piani.t                     pretty, young movie actress co- starring with                                  II'JBC·Singin· Sam                 II"TAO·i{a"k &. Our!. Raneh ...
                                                      WJIK"·\lornin~ Oevotions                       Bing Crosby in the new Universal picture, "u                                   WJJD·Loop Noon Day Suvic~          12:45 CST                 1 :45 CDT
                                                      WJJDLI'st We Forget                            I Had My Way." Get this issue now On sale                                      * II'LS·Markets: Wnth~r N~w.
                                                      II KHII·,\lot"in~ s..rcnade                    at all newsstands today                                                       WLW·E,·cr)·bodY·5 Farm· Liv.        NBt '1Im~. DI 'I' tnu fcn ...
          MORNING                                     lVOC-Music.1 CIlK'k
                                                      \\lOwO·Concordia Chapel
                                                                                                                                                                                    W~f,\Q Words &:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WMA(j WLII' WHO KSO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CBS·My Son &- 1. IkeICh: WOC
                                                      11"1101\ Morning Devotions                                                                                                   lI'~lTMag;e Kitthen                 WFR\l weco WISN W\tRI'
       *Star ill prog r am fis tln gs                 * II"SU[ Oail)· Iowan of lh. Air                                                                                             * WSBT·Lulleh.",n Club; NeW!        I(\lnx ",flBM
 ;ndicr:rtes lI e ws bror:r dco st.                   WTilDMinisterial Alliance                  eBS·Aqnl Jtnn)'. 510r lll; KMOX W~tBD Meet Mi .. Julia. skelch                     WSUI ~Iclod)· Tim.                 MBS·To be announred: WIlBF
                                                        8 :45 CST                9 :45 COT        WMBD WFB" WBB\! woce II"MT·Quento" Ulr~y. tnr.                                   WTAD·Polk.                     KII"K
  7 :00 CST                     8 :00 COT             ~B:..Stepmotller, sketcn ,'BIHl             woe                                                                              WT)tJ·Ho/lle Harmoni,.rs
 CBS·RhylhmalrltJ :            WTAQ (5",.             ,,\lOX IVCCO WFBM                                                                   Woe For I\'om~" Only                                                         *K~D N....       lIu'ario Bourdo,,'~
                                                                                                  NBC, The Goiding Llghl .kelch : WOIVO·0h5~rvtr                                   11 :45 CST            12:45 CDT     Orch.
                                                       NBC·Yionnese Ensemble: WBOW                WLW WM AQ WTMJ WIRE I(SD WSUIThe U60k Shelf                                      CBS·The Road of life. sketCh:       WBAAMarket R~porb
 NBC·Br~Jkfast Club: WeFL                             (.w.21.5)                                                                                                                    WCCO WBBM
                                                                                                  WHO                                     WTAO·Kilty K.... n•.• ketch                                                  *WIIOII··N~w.
 WKBB KWK (sw.21.5)                                                                                                                       wnl.) What', New
       ..... pl"'" ... o on Inol ... bao .........     NBC·PepPff         Young's                I(WK·Lif. 01 Mary Sothern                                                         MBS·Thursday Serenade: WHBF         WCFL·Spot!i~ht      Pr~m
   7 : 15 CST                     8 :15 COT           sketch; WLS                                WBOIV·lnd. State Teachers Prgm. 10 :45 C5T                       11 :45 CDT       KMOX.Kitty Keene                    WDZ·Jolly Iri.hman
 CBS·Good M 0 r n I n g: WTAQ                         NBC,Woman In White, Ikel,h:                WCFl.·General Speak,                     CBS·Our· G~I Sunday. ,kelch:             WCFL·General Speak.                  WGN·llarold Turnet. piani't
 WFBM                                                 WMAQ WHO KSD WIRE WTMJ                     IVOZ·Kitchen Barn Dane.                  II'I;HIM KMOX                            WOZ·Band Music; Chickie Sin,.        IVIND·Reee Result,
                                                                                                 WGN·Linda·, First l.o'·e, ~kol<h         MB5·The Carters of Elm Street,           New,                                WIRE·Diek Reed
 CBS·Richud Maxwell, tenor·phll·                      KIVK·Gospel Singer                                                                  .keloh: WGN WHBF WROK                                                        WJIlC·rro~ram Preview..-R.dio
 osopher: WKBH WTAQ WFAM                              WGN·Jun~ Baker. home man·                  WHBF·Mystery Melody                                                               \\'HIP·Ill. Medical Sodety
                                                                                                 WISN·Woman of Courage                    * KSD·Corn Tus.el New,                   WHO·Markets: Weather                Glli,l.
 (.w·17.83)                                           agement                                                                                                                                                          WKBB·Mnrke": Pet Cor~e.
   7 :30 CST                      8 :30 CDT           WIlBF·House of Music                       WJBC·S~n~. of Memol·y                    W60W·Chrisli,,, Sei~oce Prgm.            WILL·New, of Iliinoi.
                                                                                                 WJJO· of Mi~sing Person! WCCO·Womon 01 Courage                              * WIND·News; Live,tnck              * WKIlH.New.
 NBC·Breakfast Club: WOIVO                            WILL.Military Day                                                                                                                                                *WLS·~brkets: News
                                                      WIND·Bob & Bonnie AIcher                   WKBB·Ethers M.ludy Mu!in~1               WCFL·']"urf New.                         WIRE·!'""e Farm HOllr
 CBS·Four              Clubmen:          WFAM                                                    WI\BH·B"by Bull~tin", 0 I i y e WDl·Pal, of lhe Prairie                           WJBC·Rhythm Revu'                   WMT Noonday       Melodies;   ~oe
 WBBM                                                IVISN Early His... Club                                                                                                                                           Donku
                                                      WJJD·Thinkin· of Thu .. tlay               Ho.~en                                   Wfh~l·llhythtn Tiln.                     WLS·Oinnerbell Premo
 CBS·Women·s Pa~e 01 the Air:                                                                    * WLS·Marke(s: New;                      WHI~I IGuy Keen~                         * WMAQ·Ne"" Three to Get            WOWOFriend!l' Nei<;-hbors
                                                      IVKBIl.Mornin" Dpl'otions                                                                                                                                        IVTMJ·Sidewulk I/ell<>rtet
 (",.17.83)                                           IVLW·Kitly Koene. ,ketch                  WOIVO·Stars Over Hollywood                W11"·Mu,ie.1 Notebook                    Ready
 NBC·lsabel Manning                                   IVMBD·Frient.IJy N";~hhors                 WSUI Program Cul.llliar                  WHO!.i!e Ca" Be Beautiful                IVMBO-Town Crier: Farm M·kt.           1:00 C5T           2:00 CDT
 KSD                                                 WMTMu~iu! Clock                             WTAD·Behi"d the Camer~                   IV1SNA"n Ll'slie', Scrapbook             WMT·Don Roth's Orch.· Noonday       CBS·Sa".t, Girl. sku,n, IYFB.'"
                                                     WOIVO·Modern Hon,. Forum                                                             IVJHC Melody: Recipe TUlle               Rhythm,                             WCCO KMOX WBBM
* News: \\'KB6 WJBC WDZ                                                                         10 :00 CST               11 :00 CDT WK6H lJ"cle Bob                                WOWO·Markot Servke
 WILL                                                 IVROK Lt'Onard Condon: Just                NBC· Conle1. Inr.: WlBA \I'L~·Ool:lIrik Sisters: Markets:                                                       NB C·The StOI)l of Mar) Mulln .
                                                      About Time                                                                                                                   II'SBT·Man on the Streel            .ketth, WMAQ WTMJ WHO KSD
    7 :45 CST          8 :45 COT                                                                 (s,..· 15.33)                            Sews                                     WSUI.Farm Flashe.
 NBC· BrUkIJS! Club: WBO",                           W~U1·Meladi,,": Service RepOrts                                                                                                                                   IVIRE WLW
                                                     WTAO·!tit. &: E".o .... s                   .- CBS·Kale Smith Speak, " WLW·Editor·, Daught.r. skelch                          WTAO·Swing Alon~ Time
CBS·Bachelor·" Children, sketch:                                                                                                                                                                                       MOS·Glnsburgh·5 COnCfft Orch.:
                                                                                                 Ne"'s:      woe      WFBM WBBM IVMBO Judy &: Jail.                                * WTMJ·Hcinie '" Grenadi... :       WGN
 KMOX                                                   9:00 CST               10 ;00 CDT       W1SN WMAf"l WCCO KMOX WMT·Bar"'lorm.,,                                             New.
                                                      CBS· M,,) Lee h ylor. WIHIM               WMT (sw·17.83)                            WOC·I.i,t~" Whil. You Work                                                   '1BC·Orphanl of Dl"ort., sk elc h '
CBS·On Ihe Village Gr«n: (sw·
 11.83)                                               WFBM KMOX IVMBD WOC
                                                                                                KSD.A'l"in't lh. Storm                    1V0WO·llichard Trojan                                                        KWK IVLS WOWO (s",·9.53-
 WBB.II·Meel th~ Mi!.!us                              NBC·I Lon lind~ Dale. sketch:             KWKMI'i't :.'Ii.. J~lia •• k~t.h          II'TAO·Arnold Grimm·, Dau~hler                AFTERNOON                        ;331
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CBS·Merr1makers: hw·ll.83)
WDZ Effingham Band                                   WBOW WKBB                                  WBO\\··~I",,· Lee Taylor                  11 :00 CST              12 :00 COT
WFAM·Morning Dnolions                                HBC·David Ha.ym, sketch: KSO               WeFL·Peeker! in Ihe Pantry                CBS·Thf Go I d b erg s. skelch:                                              WBAA·Mary John.ton
                                                                                                                                          KMOX WBBM                                 12:00 CST             1 :00 COT    WBOW!'iano Mood,
* 11'FBM.News                                        WIRE WMAQ \\'OWO WTMJ                      WFAM·Oinner Hour Musie~le                                                           NBC.llght ot the WoriQ. sketth:
II·HBF·Shoppers' Special                             WHO                                        * WDZ· We Heard                      NBC·Ben Bornie's Drch.:                                                      * IW'fL·News
                                                                                                                                                                                    WHO WLW KSO WMAQ                   W''''·IJ"iYU!lity Band
WHO·Coffee Pot 1110                                  KWK·Pain!..d Dr~"m.                        WFAM·Shoppers· Guidt                      15.33)
WILL·S!udellt Churehe.                                                                          WGN·Editor', Daughter. sketch                                                       CBS·Young Dr. Malone, stt"h:       WHIIF·Hi~h School Now.
                                                     WCCO·Julia Blake. sket~h                                                             MB S· Happy Gang: IVROK                   WF8:11   WISN     WMBD       woe   WHII'.Mu<ical Ech"".
* W1NO·News                                          WeFL.For WO/llen Onlv                      WHA·llpm.mak ....
* WIRE·News: Helpful Harry                                                                      * WHBF·:>Iew.: Mee! th ~!i's". KSO·Judy '" Jan.                                    WCCO KMOX                           WILt·Loi, Sprin~er. sop.
                                                     * WFAM·N ...... "      Coneert \linia·                                               WBAA.P .. T. A. !'rgm.                    MBS·Concert Orch.: WGN KWK         W[NO·Sport! Edition
WJBC·Musical Clock                                   tures                                      WHlP·Sa/llaritan !lour
WJJD·An.on We.ks' Orch                                                                                                                    WBOII'·f're'~nt.                                                             IVISN·Evtn as You and I
                                                     WGN Len Sah·o. organi.t                    * WI10·New.                                                                         NBC·How Do You Know?: (!w.
                                                                                                WILL·~lo<lern Actor.
                                                                                                                                          WCCOAtlopted Daughter                                                        W.mCl/otary Club Pr~m.
   8 :00 C5T           9:00 COT                      * lYliBF.N~ws: ~Ii, Majesty. the                                                     * WO·t Now.                               15.33)
                                                                                                \\,I:\'n ,\Ii BIl<wr<l                                                                                                 WJJ O·Two of a Kind
... aC.Josh Higgins at flncnville.                   Baby                                                                                 WOZ.Marke"; At You r Service             KWK·'. Help You Keep House      WKBII ~lo Perki" •.• ketch
)JhUo'ophy '" song" WBOW                             1Y1IIP·Lilhu~ni"" Huur
                                                                                                WIRE·Linda·$ First LoYO
                                                                                                WJBC Theater Time                         WFBJ\ltlib '" Bib                         WB""·Mu.;c Without 1V0rd.          1V~11l0·N~I.o" H"""~nizer.
WKBB KWK (21.5)                                      IYI:-1D.Jud~e        Gibson Gorman'.                                                 IVGN·R~<lio's Yoie.                      WeFL·M." on lbe Slree!
                                                                                                WJJD·Happv IJarmoniel                                                                                                  WKBB·IIi(, '" Sils'        Do     You
 CBS· Prell) Kill, ,,-,U1. sketth :                  Traffic COllrt: \Veatl'~r Bureau                                                     WIlA Chapter • O.~                       * WOZ·L\vntock Markeu; N.w,         1V.llt • Job?
                                                     IYISN·Mornine Mu.ic,le: Hou •• ·           WKAlj·Old ·Relrai".
 WQ("     WFB!'" WIlBM KMOX                                                                                                               WJlIJF.Toby &: Su,ie                     WHA·Noo" ~l usioale                 WMT·Que,tiQu Man
                                                     hQld Hinls                                 WKBII·Ho"," Economic.                                                              WHBF·Sin~in' Sam
WCCO WISN WMT                                                                                   WLS·Feature Foods                         WlIl!'·Monitor NolO'S                                                        WOCMdody Matinee
                                                     WJUC·l'rite Paeka~e Prgm,                                                                                                     WHIP·Lillie Busineos Men
 NB C· The Man I Ma rried. sk etch :                 * IV,I.lI)·NewI                            WLIV·Hi~hl to llal)pi"eu. ske!ch WItO·Judy '" Jane. ,ketc h                                                            WROK·Murkets
 WHO WIR E KSO WMAQ WLW                                                                                                                   W!LL March 01 110"l1h                    WII.L·Le Roy !lamp, tnr.            IVSI3TT;,k. Il Ea.y
                                                     IVIW1I9 O·dock Show                        W~lAQ·Kitty I'crlle. ~