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					                                                                                                                                                          Spring 1996
                                                                                                                                                              Issue VI

                                                                                                                               Tips On Easing Cultural

                                                                                                                         Whenever you study abroad, you
                                                                                                                         experience some cultural adjustment.
                                                                                                                         However, when you are participating
                                                                                                                         in a language immersion program, this
                                                                                                                         cultural adjustment is normally greater
                                                                                                                         because you are living with a family of
                                                                                                                         strangers who don’t speak your native
                                                                                                                         language. By immersing yourself in
                                                                                                                         the culture, you will learn much more
                                                                                                                         than vocabulary and verbs, you will
                                                                                                                         learn how to communicate.
                                                                                                                            The four golden rules of an immer-
                                                                                                                         sion program are as follows:
Puerta Principal of Fort Sta. Bárbara in Trujillo, Honduras.
                                                                                                                         1. Standards of living vary: Most of
                                                                                                                            you are coming from a country with
                           College Credit: Easier Than Ever                                                                 a higher standard of living where
                                                                                                                            modern day conveniences are
Over the last few years, AmeriSpan                       Aires (Argentina); Mérida (Venezu-                                 taken for granted.
has been working with the University                     ela) and Quito (Ecuador). For more
of Southern Mississippi (USM) to                         information about academic credit                               2. Keep your expectations realistic:
make it easier for our students to earn                  through USM contact:                                               The number one reason for unsatis-
college credit for our Spanish pro-                                                                                         factory experiences is unrealistic
grams. USM’s international and                                 Dr. Rafael Sanchez                                           expectations. If you are unsure of
foreign language programs are nation-                          Department of Foreign Languages                              something or have a special
ally recognized for their excellence.                          Box 5038                                                     request, check with us. We’ll give
USM is a fully-accredited, comprehen-                          University of Southern Mississippi                           you a straight yes or no answer.
sive state university and credit re-                           Hattiesburg, MS 39406
ceived from USM is transferable to                              Tel: (601) 266-4964                                                                   continued on page 6
most universities.                                              Fax: (601) 266-4853
  Generally, students must complete a
minimum of 40 hours of study (not
including activities) for each three
                                                           v       v    v     v      v              In This Issue                             v   v   v    v   v

hours of academic credit granted.                        Letter from the Editor ................................................................................. 2
Students attending USM-approved                          Country Close-Up: Argentina ..................................................................... 3
                                                         Yucatán Summer Spanish Institute ........................................................... 3
AmeriSpan schools must register for
                                                         Size Makes a Difference ............................................................................. 4
this credit prior to starting the
                                                         Conference for FL Teachers in Costa Rica ............................................... 6
program. USM has approved a total                        Program Profile – Copán, La Ceiba and Trujillo, Honduras ..................... 7
of 11 AmeriSpan programs for aca-                        AmeriSpan: Off The Wire ............................................................................ 8
demic credit. These AmeriSpan
partner schools are located in
Buenavista, Cuernavaca, Mazatlán
and Oaxaca (México); Alajuela and
San José (Costa Rica); Antigua and
Quetzaltenango (Guatemala); Buenos                                                           AmeriSpan Unlimited
                                                                                             T H E B R I D G E B E T W E E N C U LT U R E S
   v v           v     v        v   v      v     v     v      v      v       v         v             v          v   v    v      v     v     v     v      v     v

                                                                                                                              AmeriSpan Web Site Update
  Letter From The Editor:                                                                                               In June, AmeriSpan activated its World
                                                                                                                        Wide Web site on the Internet. This
                                                                                                                        was a mammoth project and includes
                                                                                                                        our complete program catalog, back
                                                                                                                        issues of our newsletter and a large
                                                                                                                        amount of other information. In
              Hello Friend                                                                                              January, we began a major update
                           s,                                         THE BRID
                                                                               GE BETW
                                                                                      Unlimited                         aimed at simplifying the navigation,
                                                                                       EEN   C U LT U R E
                                                                                                                        increasing the information offered
            Welcome to
                           issue VI of T                                                                                and speeding everything up. Come
           ter published                  he Translator.
                            periodically fo                The Translator                                               take a look, our web address is
           Span. Each                       r                                is a newslet-
                         issue is full of the customers and friend                                            
          Whether you                     news, tips an                     s of Ameri-
                           are a seasoned                d hard-to-fin
          language trav                      language trav               d informatio                                          Help Us With Our Web Site
                          el concept, T                      eler, or new to           n.
            This fall we                  he Translator                         the                                     We are looking for someone who is a top-
                            took a hard                   is required re                                                notch web-surfer and a talented HTML
         school netw                       look at oursel                ading.
                       ork. Quite fr                        ves and our                                                 editor to help us expand our online Travel
        staff, our serv                 ankly, we ar                       partner
                         ice and our p                 e proud of A                                                     Resource Center. Everyday we find more
        language trav                    artners. If yo                meriSpan, o
                        el                                 u talk to any              ur                                information that is relevant to our
        America and specialists, you’ll realize                             of our                                      customers. We want to index it and make
                        our program                        that we kno
                                        s better than                     wL
       identified th
                      e following go                     anyone. How atin                                               it easy to retrieve. The pay? Lousy! But, oh
       1. Addition                      als to improv                     ever, we                                      the satisfaction and the glory! Of course,
                      al programs                        e
           obtained.                 where academ our overall service:                                                  we’ll put your name in lights so all our
                                                       ic credit can                                                    visitors will know you are the best around.
      2. Addition                                                       easily be
                     al “exotic” p
          the mountain               rogram locati
                           s)                         ons (near bea                                                               Volunteer at AmeriSpan
     3. Addition                                                       ches or in
                    al locations                                                                                                       Guatemala S.A.
     4. Upgradin                    for Executiv
                    g particular                   e Intensive P                                                        To meet the summer crunch, we are
        was lacking.                programs wh                     rograms.                                            looking for 2 volunteers to work in the
                                                    ere we felt th
                                                                     e program                                          AmeriSpan Travel Resource Center in
      I am happy to                                                                                                     Antigua, Guatemala. We are looking for
    Throughout          say that we h                                                                                   individuals with a strong background in
                   this newslet          ave been succ
                                  ter, we expla            essful in all ar                                             Spanish willing to commit for at least 2-
   to accomplish                                  in just what              eas.
                     these goals.                                  has been don                                         3 months. AmeriSpan will pay round-
   schools in H                      In addition,                                   e
                  onduras, feat                      w
                                  ure Argentin e profile our partner
                                                                                                                        trip airfare, travel insurance and a
  Close-Up sect                                    a in our regu                                                        monthly stipend for housing and meals.
                   ion, help yo                                    lar Country
  associated w                    u cope with                                                                           Volunteers will work in the AmeriSpan
                 ith living ab                   the “cultura
      We hope yo                 road and mu                     l adjustment”                                          office, primarily supporting the many
                     u enjoy this               ch more
                                     issue and Has .                                                                    needs of AmeriSpan students.
                                                      ta Pronto.
Sincerely,                                                                                                                Program Catalog-Always Current
John Slocum                                                                                                               AmeriSpan has decided to keep the
President                                                                                                               same program catalog cover but we
                                                                                                                        update the content about every 4
                                                                                                                        months to keep it current.

                                                                                                                               Local Sales Reps Wanted
                                                                                                                           AmeriSpan is seeking individuals or
                                                                                                                        organizations that are knowledgeable and
                                                                                                                        enthusiastic about travel to Latin America,
                                                                                                                        study abroad programs and intercultural
                                                                                                                        experiences. If you possess these attributes
                                                                                                                        and have access to or contact with a large
                                                                                                                        number of people trying to learn Spanish,
                                                                                                                        we may be interested in having you
                                                                            John Slocum relaxing in a                   represent AmeriSpan’s programs. For
                                                                            hide-away in                                more information request a Local Sales
                                                                            Montezuma, Costa Rica
                                                                                                                        Rep package.

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                                                                                                    Yucatán Summer Spanish
Country Close-up: Argentina
Public Safety: safe.                           The Economy:
Pickpocketing and robberies,                   US$1=1 Peso (official cash), 0.98                 Are you an advanced or superior level
attributed to the large number of              (official TCs). Inflation 0.3%/mo =               Spanish speaker? Are you looking for
                                               3.6%/yr. Unemployment 18.6%.                      more than the traditional Spanish
unemployed are the most common
forms of crime. At night, in the               Minimum wage $313/mo. Cost of                     program? Our partner in Mérida,
peripheral neighborhoods of Buenos             living index $958/mo. Although                    México offers the Yucatán Summer
Aires, Córdoba, and Rosario as well            unemployment remains Argentina’s                  Spanish Institute, a special program,
as the central buenos Aires districts          most serious problem, the first signs of          every summer. The 1996 program is
                                               economic recovery may be in sight.                from July 1st - July 26th, costs $1,199
of San Telmo, La Boca, El Abasto
and the train stations are best                Consumer credit is up by 40% over                 and includes the following:
                                                                                                 • 18-25 hours/week of sessions on
avoided. The downtown core of the              last year, there was a 14% increase in
capital is quite safe, day and night,          the stock market share price index in               Mayan History and Latin American
and the countryside (including                 the last 2 weeks of November, and                   literature
                                                                                                 • Meetings with contemporary
beaches) remains very safe. Do not             higher international grain and beef
take unofficial (pirate) taxis when            prices are encouraging for the impor-               authors and related professionals
                                                                                                 • Private room and board with a
arriving at Ezeiza international               tant argo-export sector. The budget
airport                                        deficit of US$2.4 billion (instead of a             Mexican family
                                                                                                 • Option to take Spanish language
Health Risk: very low.                         surplus) and the 2.5% decrease in
                                               GDP for 1995 are of major concern,                  classes
No recent developments
                                                                                                 • Exploring Ruins (Dzibilchaltún,
Travel Costs:                                  however, the government is planning
Daily travel budget: luxury $446, 1st          a second economic reform package.                   Uxmal and Chichén Itzá)
                                                                                                 • Excursion to Progreso Beach
class $199, economy $67, basic $26.            The anticipated austerity measures
                                                                                                 • Visit to the colonial town of
Hotels: luxury $164, 1st class $58,            include eliminating certain public
economy $29, basic $9.                         services, increasing the sales tax from             Valladolid
                                                                                                 • Visit to the agricultural village of
Restaurants: luxury $50, 1st class             18% to 21%, and improved tax
$31, economy $14, basic $6.                    collection. Provincial and municipal                Yaxcaba
                                                                                                 • Airport pick-up
Airfare $0.10/km, $0.16/mi. Bus                administrations have been especially
                                                                                                 • AmeriSpan Services
$0.049/km, $0.079/mi. Train $0.035/            hard hit by budget shortfalls. These
km, $0.057/mi. Taxi $0.89/km,                  were either forced to cut services or             Special Offer: Register before May 1st
$1.43/mi. City bus fare $0.50.                                                                   and you will be guaranteed a homestay
Gasoline $0.61/liter, $2.32/gal.                                       continued on page 5       with air-conditioning at no extra charge.

                                                                                                      Beach Options
                                                                                      We receive many calls requesting
                                                                                      programs near beaches. The programs
                                                                                      in Mazatlán, Mérida (Mex.),
                                                                                      Montevideo, La Ceiba, Manuel Anto-
                                                                                      nio, Trujillo and Panama City are
                                                                                      either at the beach or within 30 min-
                                                                                      utes. Destinations within 2-3 hours of
                                                                                      beaches include Buenos Aires,
                                                                                      Santiago, Caracas, and all programs in
                                                                                      Costa Rica. In addition, our partner in
                                                                                      Heredia offers the option of classes at
                                                                                      Jacó Beach one week per month.

Northern Caribbean Coast of Honduras

                                                                                  THE TRANSLATOR        •   AMERISPAN UNLIMITED   •   PAGE 3
   v v           v    v    v      v      v     v   v    v    v    v     v    v    v      v     v    v    v    v     v    v    v

   Size Makes A Difference

As one of the largest language                 improvements are guaranteed only to           one half of last year’s maximum class
travel agents registering students for         AmeriSpan students.                           size (now 4 students/class is the
programs in Latin America, Ameri-                                                            maximum). At least two days/week,
Span has a considerable amount of              San Salvador, El Salvador                     the school will organize “out-of-class”
influence with our partner schools.            A group of teachers from our old              activities during the afternoon.
Unlike other language travel                   school (Salvador Miranda Spanish
companies, we choose to work with              School) has formed a new school.              Huancayo, Peru
our partner schools to improve                 The overall program is superior to            The language program has increased
programs and services rather than              our former partner offering 4 hours/          the amount of instruction to 4 hours/
extracting higher commissions.                 day (20 hours/week) of private                day (20 hours/week) of private
During this past fall, we have all             instruction, 2-3 activities/week,             instruction.
worked hard. The following is a                private room and only one foreigner
quick summary of the many                      per family. In addition the staff has         Caracas, Venezuela
changes:                                       recruited a number of families within         The overall program has been
                                               walking distance of the school (many          improved in two ways. The
San José-Forester, Costa Rica                  with private bathrooms).                      homestay has been upgraded to a
The overall program has been                                                                 private room and the activity
improved in two ways. Class sizes              Buenos Aires, Argentina                       program has been expanded to 3
will never exceed 8 students (average          The overall program has been im-              afternoons/week.
size is 3-6) and the homestays will            proved in two ways. Families will be
only host one foreigner. These                 providing 2 meals each day and the
improvements are guaranteed only to            language program has increased to 4
AmeriSpan students.                            hours/day (20 hours/week). Last year,
                                               no meals were included. Airport pick-
Oaxaca, México                                 ups are now available, though at an
The overall program has been                   extra charge.
improved in two ways. From a
maximum of 10 students/class and               Santiago, Chile
only breakfast at the homestay,                The overall program has been im-
families will now provide 3 meals/             proved with the addition of an
day and class size will be limited to          activity program and a reduction to
a maximum of 6 students. These

 Country Close-up: Argentina
                       continued from page 3

 were unable to pay public servants’           cial and municipal elections were             Country Close-Up is provided by:
 salaries, which led to violent protests       considered a warning to the govern-            Latin American Travel Consultants
 in several parts of the country.              ment. President Menem was also                 Box 17-17-908
                                               embarrassed by a message from Pope             Quito, Ecuador
 Political Situation: very stable.             John Paul II to Argentine bishops in           Fax: 593-2-562-566
 Constitutional democracy. President           which he expressed concern over the            E-mail:,
 Carlos S. Menem (term 7/95 to 7/              country’s growing socioeconomic crisis.        WWW:
 99). Victories by the opposition              Unpaid provincial employees and other
 Union Civica Radical (UCR) and the            labor unions have staged rallies to
 center-left frente para un Pais Solidario     protest against high unemployment and
 (FREPASO) in September provin-                the government’s economic policies.

   v v           v    v    v      v      v      v     v    v     v    v    v    v     v      v     v     v    v      v     v     v     v

    Tips On Easing Cultural                         Latin America versus the United                 used to it, and if you are a light sleeper
                                                    States and Canada:                              bring earplugs.
                        continued from page 1       • Never say “I don’t Know”                   • Reality Check: Things Don’t
                                                      mentality: In general people in              Always Work: Telephones are still
3. Respect Your Hosts: If you are                     Latin America try to be as helpful           a rarity in much of Latin America
   going to miss a meal, inform your                  as possible. They don’t like to say          and reliable telephones are practi-
   Señora before she has cooked the                   they don’t know. The most                    cally unheard of. Don’t throw
   meal. If you will be out late, tell                common example is when you are               toilet paper in the toilet because it
   your family so that they don’t worry.              asking for directions and get                will get clogged. Be patient because,
4. Take the differences in stride: If                 pointed in the wrong one. This is            “hey”, you are on vacation.
   everything were exactly the same as                not intentional, the person is only
   what you are used to, where would                  trying to be helpful.                      • Family that stays together, lives
   the fun be? A few weeks or months                                                               together: It is common for three
   with some inconvenience makes you                • Quiet and Peaceful Households, a             generations of families to be living
   appreciate your own life in a different            rarity: Whether it is dogs barking,          together under the same roof. It is
   way. More important, think of all                  roosters crowing, street noise,              a way to increase the household
   the great stories you’ll have!                     neighbors or relatives visiting or a         income and to help one another.
                                                      señora banging around the kitchen            Can you imagine living with all of
Here is a quick synopsis of some of the               making a meal, much of Latin                 your relatives every day?
most common cultural differences in                   America is just plain noisy. Get
                                                                                                 • Macho, Macho Man....: Most men
                                                                                                   in Latin America are proud of their
                                                                                                   machismo and view whistling at
                  Conference for FL Teachers in Costa Rica                                         women as a compliment. Ladies,
                                                                                                   take it in stride or see above... about
  A chance to share your ideas with your peers from around the world!                              earplugs.
  Instituto de Cultura y Lengua (our partner in Alajuela) will be hosting the
                                                                                                 • Different Schedules & Routines:
  fourth Annual International Conference on Teaching Second Languages.                             In much of Latin America, lunch is
  Each participant will receive a special package of teaching materials                            the big meal of the day which
  (tapes, videos, etc.). The program consists of lectures and workshops while                      causes business to close for an hour
  the final three days of the week are filled with excursions to many exciting                     or two each afternoon. In some
  places in Costa Rica. Lodging is with local Costa Rican families and most                        countries like Argentina, dinner is
                                                                                                   eaten at 10:30 or 11:00 at night.
  meals are included. The 1996 program is from July 2 - 9 and costs $800/                          When in Rome do as the Romans do.
  person (3 or more only $720/person).
    Here is what some of 1995’s participants had to say:                                         • Cash Is King, What’s Plastic?:
                                                                                                   Sure, credit cards are accepted in
                                                                                                   Latin America, but not everywhere
  “The teacher’s conference was                     “Very high quality in all areas.”              and usually with a 5-10% sur-
  excellent: enough material to make                              —Jeanne Cochran, PA              charge. If you want to live off plastic,
  you want to throw away your text                                                                 use your credit card to get cash
  book and just use what they provided;             “It was a wonderful experience all             advances at the bank or at the ATM
  enough ideas to last a year or two.                                                              machines popping up everywhere.
                                                    around. The Costa Ricans were
  The presenters and presentations                  wonderful.”                                  • Certain Topics Are Taboo:
  were varied and interesting, inge-                                    —Leigh Gray, NY            Although nosiness is common,
  niously woven into a detailed pat-                                                               certain subjects are taboo e.g.
  tern.”                                            “It was much, much, much more than             abortion, casual sex, social politics,
           —Nancy Zechiedrich, AR                   I expected.”                                   etc. Listen first to get the norms.
                                                               —Veronica Rodriguez, PA           And don’t forget . . .
  “Director and Co-Director were
  excellent in leading, organizing and              “Phenomenal! No need to improve              • Time Takes Time, Lots of Time:
  setting a comfortable ambiance.”                  anything.”                                     Punctuality may be a concept of
                —Gloria Ryskind, CT                              —Alexandra Hrab, NJ               the future. “Hora Latina” is differ-
                                                                                                   ent, enjoy it, don’t take it personally.

 v v         v    v     v     v     v      v     v     v    v    v     v    v     v       v    v     v      v    v    v     v       v

                                                                                              AmeriSpan programs. Usually, only
 Program Profile                                                                              one student is placed in each home
                                                    Honduras                                  leading to a great deal of family
                                                                                              interaction and a strong immersion
                                                                                              experience. The homestays in
                                                        5                                     Copán tend to be a bit nicer in
                                                                                              terms of creature comforts, while La
                                                                                              Ceiba’s tend to be more cramped
                                                                                              with less privacy. Trujillo offers
                                                                                              more of a range of homestays.

                                                                                              None of our partner schools in
             Copán, La Ceiba and Trujillo, Honduras                                           Honduras offers a formal activity
                                                                                              program. However, it is common for
                                                                                              students to take their classes and
                                                                                              their teachers outside of the class-
Schools:                                          Copán is located only 8 miles from          room, perhaps visiting a museum or
Ixbalanque Escuela de Español                  the Guatemalan border and less than a          a nearby town. These outings
Eco Escuela de Español                         mile from the Mayan ruins of Copán.            permit students to learn a great deal,
Centro de Idiomas Internacional                Although there were larger Mayan cities        unaware that they are studying. In
                                               in México and Guatemala, Copán was             addition, all the schools arrange
Location:                                      the Athens of the Mayan world, where           impromptu outings and activities.
Possibly, the best kept travel secret in       art and astronomy flourished. These
the Americas is Honduras. Despite a            ruins have contributed more about the          Volunteer Projects
stable political situation and low cost        learning of the Mayan civilization than        Our partner school in La Ceiba is
of living, Honduras is largely undis-          any other site in the Americas. Copán          actively involved in various conser-
covered by tourists. The country is            is a small, quiet town with a population       vation efforts within Honduras and
home to the Bay Islands and the                of less than 10,000.                           will happily assist in arranging
second largest reef in the world                                                              volunteer work. Some options
attracting scuba divers from every-            Language Program:                              include:
where. With a seemingly endless                All of our Honduran partner schools            • Volunteers can work on the Bay
stretch of deserted beaches, jungles,          provide a relaxed and intimate setting           Islands on a variety of conservation
mountains, Garífuna villages and               in which to learn Spanish.                       projects such as identifying and
fascinating Mayan ruins, Honduras                 Each program focuses on one-on-one            protecting wild-life. (only basic
has a lot to offer. The magazine,              instruction which allows students to             Spanish skills because most people
International Living, even rated it as         move at their own pace and address               on the Bay Islands are bi-lingual).
one of the Top Five Retirement                 their own special needs. The                   • In a nearby mountain village, the
Destinations in the world.                     Ixbalanque school in Copán has been              Peace Corps assists a women’s
   La Ceiba and Trujillo are located           operating the longest and possesses the          group with economic development
along the tropical Northern Carib-             strongest language program. However,             through the marketing of produce
bean Coast offering beaches and                students should note that teachers in            and traditional crafts (intermediate
close proximity to interesting                 Honduras like Ecuador and Guatemala              Spanish skills).
Garífuna villages. La Ceiba is the             generally receive less education and           • A project with local school youth
largest of the port towns and is               training than their peers in other               to maintain the beaches along a 6
known as the city that has fun - with          countries where AmeriSpan offers                 mile trail to a nearby Garífuna
movies, dancing and restaurants.               language programs. Based upon our                village. (basic Spanish skills).
The Bay Islands are just off the coast         experience, the Honduran teachers
of La Ceiba. For $15 you are able to           tend to make up for this by bringing a         Other Comments
fly round-trip for world-class diving.         high level of enthusiasm to the class          Some programs are geared to certain
The coastal town of Trujillo is                everyday.                                      people. The Honduran options are
surrounded by thick jungle, moun-                                                             more appropriate for the fairly well-
tains, lagoons and rivers. Overlook-           Homestay                                       traveled, open-minded, and easy-
ing a beautiful bay of crystal blue            Generally, homestays are simple when           going individual. Please note that all
water and white sandy beaches, it is           measured by creature comforts. Stu-            of our Honduran schools have small
one of the oldest cities in Central            dents should be prepared for more              capacities and fill-up fast year round.
America and still has a colonial look.         cultural adjustment than in many other

                                                                                 THE TRANSLATOR       •   AMERISPAN UNLIMITED   •   PAGE 7
     v v           v       v      v      v       v   v    v     v    v     v     v     v    v       v     v    v     v      v    v    v     v

                                                                                                        activities per week, a homestay with
               AmeriSpan: Off The Wire                                                                  private room, and no other foreigners
                                                                                                        in the family. In addition, the Univer-
      AmeriSpan Discount Card Arrives                    Executive Intensive Programs to all            sity of Southern Mississippi grants
    We have introduced the AmeriSpan                     private instruction. We have added             academic credit for study here.
    Discount Card in Antigua, Guatemala.                 Executive Intensive Programs in Buenos               v v v v v v
    The card offers discounts at over 50                 Aires, Caracas and Santiago.
    different establishments in Antigua,                       v v v v v v                                    Insure a Space, Register Soon
    Panajachel and Quetzaltenango. All                                                                  The months of June, July and August
    students registering for the Antigua                       New Program In Costa Rica                are the busiest months at our programs.
    program receive the card upon arrival.               If beaches, a laid-back atmosphere and a       It is important to register as soon as
          v v v v v v                                    well-organized program is what you want,       possible to insure a space especially in
                                                         then take a look at our new program in         Honduras - small capacity, Mexico
         AmeriSpan Group Programs                        Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.                    and Costa Rica - very popular pro-
    AmeriSpan has introduced all inclu-                        v v v v v v                              grams.
    sive packages for groups of 10 or more                                                                     v v v v v v
    people. Each package includes                              New Program in Honduras
    language instruction, homestay,                      Located on the Northern Caribbean                   Panajachel Program Dropped
    afternoon activities, airfare and all the            coast of Honduras, our new program in          AmeriSpan is no longer pre-registering
    AmeriSpan extra services. Group                      La Ceiba is reviewed in the School             students for Panajachel. Although we
    leader incentives are available. For                 Profile section of this issue.                 like the schools and the staffs, many
    more information contact: Mariana                          v v v v v v                              homestays were too basic and at times
    Patchen at AmeriSpan.                                                                               the administration was a bit disorga-
                                                               New Program in Venezuela                 nized. Panajachel still makes a great
          v v v v v v
                                                         Located in a beautiful, university town        weekend trip from either
      Executive Intensive Programs                       in the breathtaking Andes, the Mérida          Quetzaltenango or Antigua.
    AmeriSpan has decided to upgrade our                 program offers strong language instruc-
                                                         tion, at least 2 school-organized

                                                                                                                    DELP           BULK RATE

                                                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
AmeriSpan Unlimited                                                                                                                    PAID
T H E B R I D G E B E T W E E N C U LT U R E S                                                                       PA          PERMIT NO. 02641

P.O. Box 40513
Philadelphia, PA 19106-0513

                             Request a Program Catalog 24 hours a day                          1-800-879-6640

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