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									Academic Credit Internships
Academic internships are structured educational work experiences designed to
complement your academic program.

• Work with a faculty member and site supervisor to maximize the learning experience.
• Apply your academic coursework to a real world work situation.
• Explore career options.
• Obtain practical and professional experience in a field of interest.
• Network with professionals.
• Receive a P/N grade and notation as academic internship on your official transcript.

• Complete the Academic Internship Learning Agreement & Plan, available on the CEL website.
• For 1.0 credit, on-site experience plus academic work must total a minimum of 160 hours (120 on-site).
   For 0.5 credit, on-site experience plus academic work must total a minimum of 100 hours (80 on-site).
   Note: 0.5-credit internships cannot be completed during Interim.
• The academic internship counts as an elective credit and does not fulfill GE requirements. It can
   sometimes be counted toward the major or concentration (signature from the dept chair/program director
   is required).

Registration Process
• Come to the Center for Experiential Learning (Modular Village) to learn about internship opportunities
   and for assistance in preparing a resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.
• Secure an internship.
• Designate a faculty supervisor.
• Go to the CEL website to find a Word version of the Academic Internship Learning Agreement & Plan
• Begin filling out the learning plan online in Word. Read all instructions carefully!
• You, your faculty supervisor, and your site supervisor need to complete applicable sections and then sign
   the signatures section. The department chair's signature is required only if the internship is to count
   toward your major or concentration.
• If you are doing an internship abroad, make an appointment with Kathy Tuma in the International and
   Off-Campus Studies Office to receive information about traveling abroad, the required international
   waiver, and obtain her signature on the internship form.
• After you have completed the paperwork and obtained all the required signatures, call x3268 to make an
   appointment with the CEL staff person from the Academic Internships Program to finalize the
• CEL will keep the original Academic Internship Learning Agreement & Plan. Copies will be made for the
   student, faculty supervisor, site supervisor, and Registrar’s Office. The student must take a copy of the
   completed and signed paperwork to the Registrar's Office to officially register for the internship. Deadline
   to register is set in accordance with the Registrar's last day to add a semester-length course for domestic
   internships. There are earlier deadlines and additional paperwork for academic internships outside of the
   United States – consult the CEL website for details.

                                St. Olaf College – Center for Experiential Learning
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Career Experience Internships
A career experience internship is a great way to explore career options, gain
professional work experience, network, and apply the skills you’ve learned
in the classroom to a real work situation.

• All of the traditional benefits of an internship still apply! An internship of any kind is a resume
   builder and an opportunity to gain experience, learn, and network.
• You will have flexibility to work out the specifics of your internship with your employer.
• You are of value to your employer – you get experience, they get your skills.

• There is no formal link with a faculty supervisor, or with St. Olaf College.
• You will not receive academic credit – no retroactive credit can be awarded.

   Note: Career experience interns do not have any formal ties to St. Olaf College, nor will they represent St. Olaf
   College in any official capacity. The Center for Experiential Learning and/or St. Olaf College cannot act as
   mediators should problems arise during the internship (e.g. unrealistic expectations, sexual harassment,
   termination, compensation, work objective misunderstandings, etc.). In addition, interns are not covered by any
   insurance program that may protect St. Olaf students.

What to Do
• If you have not yet secured an internship, come to the CEL for internship search resources, help
  in creating and editing resumes and cover letters, and preparation for the interview process. The
  CEL website has links to internship search resources.
• To enhance your experience, consider how the following themes might play out in the course of
  your internship:
           o Skill Development
              What are the skills and/or areas of expertise you plan to use at the internship?
           o Academic Learning/Application
              How do you intend to apply your academic coursework to your internship?
           o Career Awareness
              How will this internship impact your short- and long-term career goals?
           o Organizational Operation
              What is the organization’s structure and culture? With this in mind, how will you be
              able to contribute to the organization as an intern?
           o Personal/Professional Development
              How can you use the internship to help develop your sense of vocation?
• Reflect on your internship experience by keeping a daily journal. At the end of your internship,
  consider meeting with a CEL staff member for a reflective wrap-up session. Visit the CEL for
  more career exploration and experiential learning opportunities.

                             St. Olaf College – Center for Experiential Learning
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