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									    Mitosis and Meiosis R.A.F.T.                              Name: ________________
    HONORS BIOLOGY                                            Date: _________________
    Due:                                                                     50 points

    Introduction: There are many different ways to show that you have learned the key
                 information about mitosis and meiosis. In a R.A.F.T., you have some
                 choices about how to show what you know. In this R.A.F.T., you can
                 choose the product format that best suits your strengths and talents.

    Role: Two cells- one that has just completed meiosis and the other who has just
    completed mitosis

    Audience: Young cells about to go through these stages

    Format: your choice

    Topic: As cells that have just undergone mitosis or meiosis, you know the experience
          well. The young cells are nervous about dividing. You have a conversation with
          the young cells explaining which of them will go through mitosis, which will go
          through meiosis, and what they could all expect from their journeys.

    Be sure to include the following in your conversation:
        The events of the different phases of mitosis and meiosis
        The major differences between mitosis, meiosis I and meiosis II
        The end product of each process
        How genetic variation is ensured in a species
        The terms diploid, haploid, clone, chromosomes, chromatids, replicated
          chromosomes, daughter chromosomes, homologous chromosomes, tetrad,
          crossing over, synapsis, independent assortment, germ cell, random fertilization,
          oogenesis & spermatogenesis should be included

Check list/Rubric:

    Content: Max: 40 pts
       □   The events (12 pts)
       □   The major differences between mitosis, meiosis I and meiosis II (6 pts)
       □   The end products (3 pts)
       □   How genetic variation is ensured(3 pts)
       □   All vocabulary words are utilized in the appropriate context (16 points)

    Creativity and Pride: Max: 10 pts
           You should be shooting for a very creative format which fits the role, audience, and
           topic extremely well. Obvious effort and pride went into creating a neat, complete,
           colorful and visually appealing project.

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