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					                                                AP Human Geography
                                                   Mrs. Leila Rimmer

This course will study how humans interact and impact the world through geography. The course is organically split
into halves with the first semester covering chapters 1-8 and the second semester covering chapters 9-14. Each
student’s goal for this course is to earn a 3 or higher on the exam in early May 2013. The following topic outline is
meant to be used as a guideline for the course; there are many things that happen within a school year that will
inevitably change this outline. Detailed descriptions can be found at

   I.      Geography: It’s nature and perspectives
   II.     Population
   III.    Cultural patterns and processes
   IV.     Political organization of space
   V.      Agriculture and rural land use
   VI.     Industrialization and economic development
   VII.    Cities and urban land use

Students will be held to a higher standard regarding behavior and attitude within my classroom. All school wide
rules will be enforced. Your grade is indicative of what attitude and effort you put into your work.

Unit(s) Exams
Each unit(s) exam will comprise of a comprehensive multiple choice section in conjunction with Free Response
Question section. The comprehensive portion of the exam will comprise of terms, timelines, outlines, readings, and
lecture notes; the number of questions will be determined by the individual unit(s) being covered. For Free
Response Question, the students are required to recognize maps, scales, graphs from the images being shown and it
will be necessary for the students to construct essay responses to the images.

Class Assignments/Writings/News Articles
Writing assignments and various other activities will be assigned throughout each nine-weeks; the content and value
of these assignments will be given at my discretion. The student will be responsible for obtaining all materials for
assigned projects on their own. Based on global news, students will be asked to find an article and bring it to class.

Periodically throughout a unit, quizzes will be assigned on the readings (text and internet) and/or activities covered.
It is each student’s responsibility to ensure all material assigned is thoroughly read in preparation for a possible
quiz. Material from previous units will also be included in quizzes to ensure the student is able to construct a full
scope of the course as we progress.

Students will be assigned projects based on the unit being studied and the availability of time. Each project will be
explained in detail with adequate time to complete. The goal is to have 2 total projects for the course.

Students will need to purchase the following:
       1 inch 3-ring binder
       Tab dividers (2 packs)                 Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird
       Kleenex or Germ-X (optional)           Cracking the AP exam (Princeton Review)2012 edition
                                                    APHG Quick Info

   This an open grade course (new for 2012-2013). It is open for students grade 9-12

   This course is taught and assessed by College Board standards. Any student, anywhere in the world can take this course.

   The international exam is the same for every APHG student in the world. It sets an international benchmark for education.

   This class is taught at a college level and students are expected to perform as such.

   You earn 2 separate grades: high school credit and college credit (passage of the College Board test in May required).

   Passing the College Board exam in May could earn college credit. Each college has specific exam score requirements to grant

    college credit.

   Students should expect a minimum of an hour of homework every class.

   This class is not for every student. Students need to be self motivators, organized and willing to study often.

   It never fails… This class is normally your student’s first B, C, D, F. Please take this statement seriously.

   Students and Parents must sign a contract to take any AP course. Simply states that you understand the level of academic rigor of

    this course and your student accepts these conditions.

   Class is weighted a whole point higher for GPA calculations… A=5 B=4 versus the normal calculation rates A=4 B=3

   Students are required to take the exam in May in order to receive the high school GPA calculation and credit for this class

   Exams are paid for by the Polk county school board… Currently around 84$$ an exam per student

   This course is the gateway for the rest of the social studies AP courses

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