Stem Cell Therapy: A Breakthrough in Anti Aging by regeneveda


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									Stem Cell Therapy: A Breakthrough in Anti Aging

Modern medicine is on the sharp end of many revolutionary breakthroughs, one of which is the use of
adult stem cells in anti aging therapy. Harvested from fat, this method introduces new cells into areas
where there is damaged tissue; the stem cells then assume the properties or characteristics of the
damaged tissue they have been sent in to repair. Currently stem cells are being used to repair skin as
well as muscle and cartilage.

Until the potential of adult stem cells was recognized, the focus was on the controversial embryonic
stem cell. Research shows that the potential of these cells in curing disease is huge but until the
controversial aspect on the ethics of their use is settled, their potential will not be fully utilized.

It was the realization that stem cells could be harvested from one's own fat and that these cells have the
same possible effects that has driven research further and further. Stem cells derived from a person's
own body fat are easy to gather, abundant and pose no ethical issues.

Stem cell therapy is still considered as being drug therapy and as such the US FDA poses very strict
guidelines on their use. The medical profession is limited to using stem cells only to patients enrolled in
clinical trials. This is not true, however, when the stem cells are used in the restoration of tissues that
are the evidence of aging. This particular stem cell technology does not involve the use of drugs so it
falls outside the FDA guidelines. The procedure is simply a re-injection of your own fat during the session
that the fat is removed via liposuction. The stem cells are only manipulated to a small degree; this
manipulation does not have any biological effect on the cells’ original purpose or mission.

The medical profession has been involved in the extraction of body fat since the early 90s for the use of
re-injecting them. Some of the original techniques did not work well but with continued dedication to
the process, treatments in use today result in long lasting benefits as well as actually repairing aged and
damaged tissue. The current technique is to extract the fat by liposuction and process it to concentrate
the stem cells. Stem cell treatments along with HGH therapy and IV vitamin therapy possess the ability
to turn the tide on the effects of aging, making for a better, more comfortable and active life as a senior.

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