Cool Diy Jewelry-Valentines’ Gifts for Him out of Hex Nuts by clairekate


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									Cool DIY Jewelry-Valentines’ Gifts for Him out of Hex Nuts
 Every girl wonder to own a piece of extremely individual and cool diy jewelry, and so does the
 Boy. Thus, here I’d share some extraordinary valentines’ gifts for him on the memorable occasion .

In the official love day, all of you deserve to celebrate
your love-that is just what Valentine’s Day is all
about. For that day, all girls will tend to be thrilled
and ooh and ah over the sweet chocolate, flowers
and taste foods. What about the ignored men? In
fact, it’s much easier to satisfy a male. There is a
never-failing way: create an entirely handmade cool
diy jewelry. When it is truly handmade, it is definitely
from the heart. Just remain your decision and set out
to the valentines’ gifts for him now:

Materials needed:
                                                           Hex nuts
                                                           Suede cord
                                                           Jump ring
                                                           Wire-cutter Plier

Step1: arrange the hex nuts
As its special structure, the hex nuts can be easily
assembled for any shape you desire. Obviously,
for   the   approaching     Valentine’s    Day,    the
must-have pattern is the heart shape. Arrange the
hex nuts in accord to that in following photo:
 Step2: connect each hex nut                      Step3: attach on the suede cord
 By using your pliers, open the Jump rings        Simply tie the cord around the two top hex
 and combine each adjoining hex nut.              nuts or attach by using the Jump rings and
                                                  crimp beads.

Whatever, besides the suede cord, you can also choose the chain or other handmade things instead.
Either way, for a man, the leather and suede cord are most fitful. Like this cool diy jewelry? Or
already can’t wait to make more pendants and valentines’ gifts for him? Just follow the sudden
ideas occurred in unexpected moments.

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