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weekly-forex-reportBY EPIC RESEARCH 4 FEB 2013


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									                      WEEKLY FOREX REPORT

                       4th FEBRUARY 2013

WWW.EPICRESEARCH.CO                  +919752199966
                                 HEADLINES

                                   Forex reserves rise to $ 295.75 billion
                                    The foreign exchange reserves of the country rose by $
                                    77.6 million to $ 295.75 billion for the week ended
                                    January 25 in the wake of increase in currency assets,
                                    the Reserve Bank said today. The total reserves had
                                    dropped by $ 580 million to $ 295.67 billion in the
                                    previous reporting week. The foreign currency assets, a
                                    major component of the reserves, were up by $ 79.3
                                    million to $ 261.708 billion for the week ended January
                                    25, Reserve Bank's weekly statistical supplement said

                                   Rupee up for fourth straight week; more gains
    RBI REFERENCE RATE             The rupee closed marginally stronger on Friday and
      As on 1STFEBRUARY 2013        strengthened for a fourth straight week with dollar
                                    inflows into the domestic share and debt markets
                                    boosting the local unit with traders now awaiting the

 UNDERLYING           RATE          USnon-farm payrolls for direction.Traders expect
                                    foreign fund inflows into the local sharemarket to
   USDINR             53.3238
                                    continue in the near term especially ahead of the
   EURINR             72.6296       upcoming stake-sale by the government in state-owned
                                    power producer NTPC Ltd
   GBPINR             84.5982
                                   Swiss franc lower vs euro, regional output
    JPYINR            57.8500
                                    data eyed
                                    The euro extended its rally in Asia on Friday as markets
                                    eye US jobs data later in the day, after a surprise GDP
                                    report showed the world's biggest economy contracted
                                    in the last quarter of 2012. The single currency bought
                                    $1.3622, from $1.3576 in New York trade on Thursday
                                    while it fetched 125.59 yen, compared with 124.52 yen
                                    in New York..

                                    The dollar has been under pressure as data showed the                                          +919752199966
                                    US economy contracted 0.1 percent in the last quarter
PRODUCT       EXP DATE        OPEN        HIGH          LOW         CLOSE              LTP       CHG     PERCENTAGE
 NAME                                                                                                      CHANGE

 CHANA        7/19/2012       4556        4573          4525         4560          4532           -28        -0.61

 CHILLI        Series/Expiry 5060Unit
              7/19/2012                   5060 Open5018          High5120     Low 5018 Close
                                                                                           -102          Prev. Close

  EUR-INR     7/19/2012
                26-Feb-2013   1188 EUR 1188 72.6050
                                 1                          1183.572.6050
                                                  1178 72.9950          1178 72.8775
                                                                                  -5.5                       -0.46

  EUR-INR       27-Mar-2013 14955EUR 1496072.9475
              7/19/2012        1                14650 73.2550
                                                          15052.5      14800 73.1375
                                                                 72.9400         -252.5                      -1.68

 KAPAS        7/19/2012       1044        1053          1035         1049          1041           -8         -0.76
  GBP-INR       26-Feb-2013      1 GBP            84.3500       85.0225      84.2500         84.4975       84.2750

 PEPPER       7/19/2012       42300       42555        42250         42390        42435           45         0.11
  GBP-INR       27-Mar-2013      1 GBP            84.9875       85.3125      84.7000         84.7825       84.5800

REF SOYA      7/19/2012       780.5       783.6        777.4        782.85         781.3         -1.55        -0.2
  JPY-INR       26-Feb-2013     100 JPY           58.3850       58.4375      57.9550         58.0825       58.7175

SOY BEAN      7/19/2012       4309        4330         4265.5        4303          4315           12         0.28
  JPY-INR       27-Mar-2013     100 JPY           58.5800       58.7000      58.2150         58.3350       58.9875

TURMERIC      7/19/2012       4600        4676          4518         4664          4540          -124        -2.66
  USD-INR       26-Feb-2013      1 USD            53.4475       53.6125      53.3825         53.4400       53.3925
 WHEAT        7/19/2012       1251        1282          1251         1246          1282           36         2.89

  USD-INR       27-Mar-2013      1 USD            53.7050       53.8775      53.6450         53.7050       53.6575

  USD-INR       26-Apr-2013      1 USD            54.0000       54.1500      53.9300         53.9850       53.9450

                                   WEEKLY USD/INR CHART

OPEN: 53.8300
HIGH: 54.0400
LOW: 53.2600
CLOSE: 53.4400


                         WEEKLY EUR/INR CHART

OPEN: 72.0000
HIGH: 73.0000
LOW: 72.0000
CLOSE: 72.8800

    STRATEGY: BUY ON DIPS                         +919752199966
                                       FOREX FORTHCOMING EVENTS

DAY              TIME          CURRENCY DETAILS                                              ACTUAL       FORECAST           PREVIOUS

 MONDAY           1:30pm            EUR          Spanish Unemployment Change                                  150.0K                -59.1K

 MONDAY           3:00pm            GBP                   Construction PMI                                      49.7                 48.7

 TUESDAY          3:00pm            GBP                      Services PMI                                       49.8                 48.9

 TUESDAY          8:30pm            USD            ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI                                    55.2                 56.1

THURSDAY          3:00pm            GBP          Manufacturing Production m/m                                  0.7%                  -0.3%

THURSDAY         5:30pm             GBP                Asset Purchase Facility                                 375B                  375B

THURSDAY          6:15pm            EUR                  Minimum Bid Rate                                      0.75%                0.75%

THURSDAY          3:00pm            GBP                   Official Bank Rate                                   0.50%                0.50%

THURSDAY          7:00pm            EUR                ECB Press Conference

THURSDAY          7:00pm            USD                Unemployment Claims                                     361K                  368K

  FRIDAY          7:00pm            USD                     Trade Balance                                     -45.8B                -48.7B


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