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									Chandler AZ, Bankruptcy Lawyers, The Moak Law Firm, PLLC, Offers Debt
Negotiation Solutions

Chandler, AZ, 4-FEB-2013 - The Chandler AZ bankruptcy lawyers at The Moak
Law Firm, PLLC provide clients with the debt negotiation solutions that
will allow them to recover from financial crisis and begin rebuilding
their credit more effectively. The knowledgeable and skilled team are
able to give clients the important information and advice they will need
to make decisions about their debt and guide clients through the
complexities of the legal system.

When interviewed recently, a spokesperson for The Moak Law Firm shared
the commitment of the team to help individuals who have found themselves
in financial crisis. "We are committed to helping people who may be
unsure of what steps to take to regain their financial footing after a
crisis. There are many reasons that a person may find themselves in an
untenable financial situation. In the current economy individuals who
have never had a problem with debt may find themselves suddenly faced
with an onset of financial crises after a job loss, major health issues,
or other unexpected and significant costs. We work very closely with our
clients to help them navigate the complexities of debt negotiation and
represent them vigorously with creditors and legal representatives to
ensure that they receive the most successful resolution to their case. We
strive to educate and inform our clients so that they can begin
rebuilding their credit and make the decisions needed to achieve
financial security."

During the initial consultation a representative will discuss the options
for debt negotiation and review your current financial status. A review
of your debts and financial obligations will take place and the
representative will discuss the process for negotiation and what you can
expect when the law firm represents you. The goal of the team is to take
the pressure off you and get you the relief you need to begin getting
back on your feet.

The team at the law firm can help stop creditor harassment, wage
garnishment and repossessions so that you can focus on recovery. In
addition the team is able to help clients to may be facing foreclosure
and provide options for loan modifications and other steps that can be
take to reduce your stress and improve your ability to repay your debts.

To get more information about how the Chandler AZ bankruptcy lawyers at
The Moak Law Firm, PPLC help individuals with effective debt negotiation
solutions visit today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release
will find contact information below.

The Moak Law Firm

1820 E. Ray Road

Chandler, AZ 85225

Telephone: 480-755-8000
Fax: 623-399-4293


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