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									Friendswood, TX Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Denke, D. C., CCSP, Helps Athletes
Recover Faster

Friendswood, TX, 4-FEB-2013: Friendswood Chiropractor, Dr. Joe Denke, DC,
CCSP provides the care, education and support that helps athletes recover
more quickly from injuries and pain. In addition, the doctor creates
wellness plans that will help patients to enjoy greater flexibility and
mobility without pain in their daily activities.

When interviewed recently Dr. Denke stated. "I am committed to helping
athletes recover and resume their active participate in their chosen
sport quickly. For many athletes the injuries incurred can have long and
detrimental results if they are not addressed promptly. This is one of
the reasons that I work very closely with my patients to ensure that they
have a wellness plan that addresses their immediate pain or injury and
offers long-term steps that they can take to maintain a healthy and
active life outside their sport. As a Certified Chiropractic Sports
Practitioner (CCSP), I have focused on the unique needs of athletes and
develop programs that are designed to help them achieve their performance

During the initial consultation with an individual the doctor will review
the person's past medical history as well as any past accidents or
injuries they have been involved in. Dr. Denke also asks in depth
questions about the diet and exercise regimen of the individual as well
as their lifestyle and activities outside of their sport. A physical
examination and x-rays are taken to identify anomalies that may be
causing pain or pinching nerves. Tests are performed to determine the
flexibility and mobility of the person and the damage that has occurred
to other parts of the body.

After evaluating the information collected Dr. Denke creates an
individualized program that addresses the immediate pain and/or injury
and makes recommendations to help the patient achieve their performance
goals without fear of recurring pain. Therapies that are included in the
program may include spinal manipulative therapy to stimulate tissues
regeneration, realign the spine and enhance joint mobility. Myfascal
release that addresses specific movement may also be included in the

Other therapies that may be utilized by Dr. Denke include Physiotherapy,
electrical muscle stimulation, nutritional therapy and instrument
assisted soft tissue mobilization. The doctor may also recommend
exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscle groups
supporting the damaged areas and enhance healing and circulation
throughout the body.

To get more information about the methods used by Friendswood
chiropractor, Dr. Joe Denke, DC, CCSP to help athletes recover more
quickly from injuries visit today.
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