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									Promotions Business Cards  We had two weeks?? - we fail Guerrilla Marketing  A5 fliers  Highly adhesive stickers to be placed in visible, but unexpected places ◦ Interesting art designs with website ◦ Interesting art designs with QR codes  People to get these out on the street are required. ◦ Kirin – ?? ◦ Jules – Caulfield Campus and Queer Lounge ◦ Jaz – Deakin Uni ◦ Dan (?) - Deaking Geelong  Online ◦ Sheezy Art - Kwana ◦ Spamming cosplay and costume groups on LJ and FB - Shea) ◦ Social Bookmarking – Everyone if possible. ▪ Digg ▪ Reddit ▪ StumbleUpon ▪ Del.Icio.Us Community (See social events)  Has become like a private club - people to attempt to bring their friends from outside of OzTAKU to social events, so as to build 3rd tier member base.  More events that require no money & are underage friendly ◦ Landscape & scenery illustration – Gardens ◦ Picnics ◦ Road trips?

Publisher/Publishing House  We've published one thing in two years. We need to get active again and bring in some of the, now defunct, Local Act titles in  Summer workshops and activities to promote ourselves as publishers and our content for 2009/2010 Summer (Under 18 friendlies - See social events)  Winter Workshops for 2009 Merchandise  We need new designs – See Boko redesigns  Suggested new merchandise ◦ Boko and friends plushies ◦ Baby clothes ◦ Dollfie clothes – Probably not doable en masse. ◦ Plushies (Jules had ideas for these)  Boko as the labels mascot ◦ Boko plushie – Shea to locate old pattern ◦ Boko and friend designs – Kwana and Jules ◦ Boko attacking random things to use as prints ie. Boko's got my baby

Classes  Calendar and email access needed to be organised – Done  New Phone numbers handed out at meeting ◦ Avi 0449 998 061 ◦ Shea 0449 998 062 ◦ Trevor 0449 998 063  Artists to be updated by phone call and SMS as they don't check emails  Advertising ◦ Posters for schools – Kirin and Kwana ▪ New boko designs ▪ Age appropriate ▪ Forward Kwana's gmail to Kirin  New business cards for tutors ◦ Shea to find out A&D's supplier – waiting on reply, this gives those interested time to get those business card designs going  Tutors ◦ Current – Trevor, B, CC and Jules (potential loss of B and Trev due to employment) ◦ We need more desperately ▪ Link vs Cloud Guy? ▪ Kirin's brother? ▪ Spam pulp faction and get out DA account active again  Get DA details to B ▪ Advertise on Sheezy and DA  Casual work  ABN required  Working with children clearance required as well ◦ CC's health issues may be a concern regarding her reliability

OzTaku Publications  Trevor's is our online guinea pig when Comic Script goes online (to be completed by Daniel Spain or David Kerr)  Content will be sorted predominantly by artist, with each artist to be given a sub-domain of  David Li to bring comic script inline with current OzTaku site design if possible (predominantly CSS issue)  Paypal donation buttons and room for micro blogs suggested ◦ Artists will be required to setup own PayPal account & donation button.  Upload content before site goes live so that it goes live with content  Content to be author rated for audience ◦ Moderators – should these be the same as forum mods Events  Doujicon – wait a year and rebrand? ◦ Back in 2010 as Concepticon was the generally agreed on preference ▪ citing financial reasons ▪ citing Avi's potential conflict of interest with Manifest (not to mention his sanity and health)  Life drawing will be back February 2010 –


Gallery Display ◦ Do a wall plan and have artists claim, or be alloted, space by February. Work to fall into following sizes: ▪ 6” x 4” ▪ A4 ▪ Oversize (A2 scale or larger – artist to consult with Avi) ◦ Deadlines on ◦ Sculptural pieces and installations welcome

Social Activities  Melbourne ◦ Arrange activities prior to cons and advertise them at cons with flyers ◦ Convention dinners to be arranged 7-14 days in advance of convention itself to allow for booking and for interstate guests to be aware of event. ◦ Some under 18 friendlies are required ◦ Suggestions of possible events in 2009 ▪ Steampunk picnic @ manifest ▪ Picnics and beach meets ▪ Plays at the Botanical Gardens ▪ Moonlight theatre ▪ Wandering drawing/photo meets ▪ Road trips – to the mock Japanese inn etc ▪ BBQ on the river ▪ Tea parties (kirin has suggested she can organise this if someone provides the house) ▪ Tea at the botanical gardens ▪ Karaoke ▪ Games nights (this is something that can be arranged Lan style between states?) Interstate ◦ Organise dinners in advance when going to cons ◦ Perth Waicon and Supanova ▪ Shea's parents may host OzTaku's – I asked, she said yes though it'll be crowded at this point if there's more than 2 of us. That may change.


Additional Notes  Music ◦ Musicians are getting involved with OzTaku ▪ Zak (Kadrik) wants to release own EP under OzTAKU label, use OzTAKU artists for album art and merchandising. ◦ Occasional postings on Melband forums to keep local musicians aware of OzTAKU presence if they require cartoon style artwork. ◦ Links to musicians good for our animators looking to do clip work 

Animation/Animators ◦ Music tie in ◦ Promote this side of the community, it's currently generally ignored ◦ Bring in resources for them the same way we are for the artists

▪ Tutorials ▪ Links to plugins Next GM 22nd February 2009 (this is a Sunday, should it be moved to the 21st? And it is deliberately coinciding with Shea's birthday).

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