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~ New Jammies Organic Clothing Designs and Storybooks Inspire Children to Eat their Fruits and Vegetables ~
NEW YORK-February 5, 2008- Today, as national attention to unhealthy childhood eating habits grows, New Jammies founder Nicole Weinberger is taking a giant leap into the childrenswear industry by introducing the first collection of certified organic clothing, in the country, that also promotes healthy eating. New Jammies is making its debut with infant and children’s pajamas, playtime rompers, and onesie’s decorated in one of six colorful and fresh patterns: tangerines, apples, peas, carrots, blueberries, and bananas. Besides the idea that children will associate the food images with eating, there is a powerful story behind the fabrics too. Each garment comes with a keepsake book, authored and illustrated by Weinberger, introducing babies and children to their fruits and vegetables through beautiful pictures, stories, and fairytales. The book titles: Fruits & Veggies, Counting My Fruits & Veggies, and Tales from New Jammie Land are matched to specific age groups, based on the size of the garment that is purchased. “When I first started designing New Jammies I started thinking about how baby clothing always comes in teeny, tiny prints. I thought, wouldn’t be fun if we had bright, bold prints with big shapes that would be visually exciting for children?” said Weinberger. After coming up with the idea for fruits and veggie prints, Weinberger decided that the Jammies could also become educational for children. What’s better for bedtime than a story book to tell the fruit and veggie tale? If I was going to such lengths to produce a high quality product made of 100% certified natural organic cotton, then why not go farther by teaching children about their fruits and veggies and help parents provide them with a healthy life right from the start,” said Founder Nicole Weinberger. “It just seemed to make sense: healthy, organic Jammies that teach kids about the things that are good for them, Weinberger said.

New Jammies also designs accessory bibs, beanies, and blanket’s to coordinate with each outfit. The products are available in select U.S. boutiques and online, in sizes 12 months to age 6 and are designed in accordance with consumer safety products regulations. More information can be found at

About New Jammies & Founder Nicole Weinberger Where else in the world would fruit and vegetable print pajamas come from but the Garden State? Born and Raised in New Jersey, New Jammies Founder Nicole Weinberger has long hoped that her creative and entrepreneurial spirit would bring to fruition a company reflecting her family values and desire to bring positive change in this world. Weinberger’s ongoing interest in nature

and science led her to a BS in Chemistry from Washington and Lee University. After working for several years as an organic chemist, Weinberger felt that despite the fantastic role that chemistry plays in our everyday lives, there were areas where chemicals and our exposure to them should be reduced. More and more research has concluded that young children in their developmental stages may be even more at risk to chemicals in their environment. Completing her MBA at Rutgers University, she developed organic clothing for children to help reduce these risks. New Jammies is the result of her passion for art, education, and developing a healthy lifestyle for our most precious resource - children. Nicole recently moved from the Garden State to New York City. For more information and/or media interviews, please contact Melanie Frenkel, Signature Green Public Relations & Marketing at 602 476-2547 or ###

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