What Is Windows 7 Loader?

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					                             Windows 7 Loader: Free & Loaded
                  The Windows 7 loader: one of the most popular loader applications.

The Windows 7 loader is a loader application that is used by thousands of people across the world every
month. The loader application is known for passing the Windows Activation Technology by Microsoft
and hence many experts consider the application to be the best exploit for activation.

How Windows 7 Loader Works:

The working of the application is quite innovative considering how well it can fool the Windows
Activation Technologies of Microsoft.

      The applications works by self injection into the System Licensed Internal Code before the
       Windows OS starts to boot.
      The self injection before booting of the OS allows Windows to think that the application is 100%
      This allows the application to run as a standalone application.


The Windows 7 loader provides many benefits to the users including that advantage of using the
application with all system languages. The application also supports silent installs with argument
support. The application can be used by users during the pre-activation period. Moreover the
application provides immediate handling of custom errors along with support for complex setups and
also hidden partitions. The application can be used alongside any boot manager like GRUB by Linux.

New Features of Windows 7 loader:

The application of version 7 comes with several new features including an added GRDLR version that
provides support for Windows Server and several new serials. The other new features of the application
include provided better and advanced handling of the missing ACPI tables in the systems. The loader
application is supported on various versions of the Windows 7 OS.

The main reason why you need the Windows 7 loader is because the application allows you to enjoy the
full version of Windows for free and is helpful if you do not have a genuine version.

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