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USCIS is always keen and strict in identifying and taking legal action against cases of green card fraud due
to the fact that taking part in a green card marriage is one of the fastest ways of obtaining a green card.
Marrying a US citizen or green card holder for the sole purpose of obtaining long-term residency is
considered as a green card fraud. The couple will be summoned to embark on a marriage fraud interview
whenever USCIS has doubts that a couple could have committed a green card fraud. The interview will
included both couple and they might be asked similar however detailed concerns about their marriage and
relationship at large. The questions typically consist of providing information like where the two of you
satisfied? Where both of you chose your first holiday? These simply among various other individual
questions about you and your spouse! Both of you will be put in separate rooms when asked these
questions. The in charge officer will thereafter compare the responses you 2 gave in figuring out whether or
not your marriage is bona fide. During the interview it is essential to have proof of marriage authenticity like
family pictures, papers to show the joint properties you possess and even billing declarations that you have
paid for together. All these in helpful will come in showing that you were not just after green card through

In order for couples to obtain a green card through marriage, they have two alternatives to pick from. This
just applies to those who are not yet in the country and whose wedding was provided abroad. The first
option is for the U.S. citizen or long-lasting resident partner to claim a petition for his/her foreign partner. All
they need to do is make the process set by the immigration services. The foreign spouse will certainly then
should apply for an immigrant visa, attend a meeting at the consular office, get the necessary injection tries
and complete the medical examination. Obtaining K-3 spouse visa overseas is the second choice. This
application is stated to be the quickest means for a foreign spouse to enter the nation. This is because they
may immediately get a green card once they are able entering the country lawfully. In fact, they can travel to
one more place and go back to the country again. As a constraint of the K-3 spouse visa, this choice is only
offered to foreign nationals whose partner is an U.S. citizen and not for the long-term homeowners. K-3
visas are just legitimate till two years; it can be cancelled if the marriage will end. If officials uncover a green
card marriage brewing, this will certainly not only indict the parties entailed but they will certainly be
encountering a big fine, jail time and deportation of the foreign partner.

The green card through marriage application procedure involves a lot of documents that need to be properly
finished basing on immigration laws. Prior a person from a foreign land granted a green card marriage, the
affected person will certainly undergo observation, will certainly fill out great deals of types, government
records, receipts as well as a last meeting. The procedure can be truly prolonged however it's certainly
worth it. A particular will certainly need to file some related sustaining documents and will certainly await
additional statements to check when they has actually been ultimately regarded for the last and last
interview. A few of the appropriate documents required for the application procedure feature passports,
childbirth certificates, tax returns, marital relationship certificates, medical exam, criminal records and a
separation decree if you were hitched before. While the green card is still being processed, you may not be
allowed to take a trip outside unless you obtain a breakthrough parole. An added certification is absolutely a
written legal affirmation of support which should be properly done by the companion residing in the property
of United States of The united state. As soon as the application is considered, you and your partner will be
required to attend a meeting with each other to prove the validity of your marriage. To prove validity, you
should offer photos, shared checking account, shared bank card, joint lease and evidence that you live

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