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									The Beauty of Taiwan
3952 meters high from sea level, the main peak of Yushan
and the highest mountain in Taiwan
Yushan main ridge
A picture of cloud sea of Yushan
A view of the sunrise and cloud sea in Nanhua Mt.
Chilai South Peak
Nanhua Mt. Chilai South Peak
The cloud sea over Mt. Nanhu
Jia-Ming Lake, a meteorite lake, on the Southern Cross-
Island Highway. Situated 3,000 meters Above sea level
A scenery of Tianchih
The ridge of Hehuan Mountain
The highway of Hehuan Mt. Situated in 3,275 meters
above sea level
Chingjing Veterans Farm where is 1,750 meters
above the sea level
Chingjing Veterans Farm
Snowing on Chingjing Veterans Farm
Kuanwu Village in Shei-Pa National Park
DabaJiansan of Shei-pa National Park
Mt. Daguan Natural Reserve
Swallow Grotto -- steep cliffs on the side
of Central Cross-island Highway
A spectacle cliff pathway of Central Cross-island
Highway in Taroko National Park
Buluowan -- A small native village
in the middle of Mountain
Taroko National Park Nature Trail
A creek in Taroko National Park Nature
Chaofeng Bridge of the Wuling Farm
The entrance of Alishan National Scenic Area
Forest Train in Alishan National Scenic Area
View of the sunrise and cloud sea
from Alishan National Scenic Area
A picture of Alishan National Scenic Area
Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake
Sitou Forest Recreation Park
Honeymoon Bay - A place for surfing
A view of sea front in Chieu Fen
Dongshan River Water Park in Yilan County
Luodong Chinshui Water Park
Suao Port, is situated in the northeast coast of Taiwan
Gueishan Island is 10 kilometers East from Yilan County
Su-Hua Highway, Nan-Ao Section
Su-Hua Highway, Dong-ao Bay Section
Chingshuei Cliff of Coastal Mountains
Liyutan (Carp Lake) Located in Hualien County,
Eastern Taiwan
Rafting in Siouguluan River
Zhou-Fun Ranch in Hualien
Sansiantai, Taitung
Para-Gliding in Luye Gaotai, Taitung
Sunrise Hot Spring
Lanyu Dugout
Penghu Spectacular Land Terrains
Siyu Spectacular Land Terrains
A sky view of the Southernmost end of Taiwan
Kenting Lighthouse
Kenting National Park
The Beachscape of Kenting National Park
The beach in Kenting National Park
Dapeng Bay in Pingtung
Wind power generation in Kaohsiung Chijin
Sunset in Kaohsiung Chijin
Kaohsiung Harbor
A night view in Kaohsiung Harbor
A night view in Kaohsiung Love River
Zuoying Spring & Autumn Pagodas
Tainan Zengwun Reservoir
The Salt Pan in Tainan ChingKunshen
A Salt Mound in Tainan Chigu
Taoyuan Shihmen Reservoir
Wulai Scenic Area
The Spectacular Rocks in Yehliu
The Para-Gliding in Yehliu
Volcano activity geology landscape area
in Yangmingsan National Park
Yangmingsan National Park
Danshuei River, Taipei
Danshuei Fisherman's Wharf
Danshuei river , Taipei
Democracy Memorial Hall of Taiwan
Chaing Kai-shek Shihlin Residence
A sky view of Taipei
                  Welcome To Taiwan

Taipei 101 building
508 meter or 1,667 feet high. The world record
Welcome to Taiwan travel
High speed Rail (300 kilometers / hour)

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