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					      Course Project: Petrie's Electronics "No Customer Escapes" Customer
                    Relationship Management (CRM) System

   1) Objectives

Petrie's Electronics needs to improve its marketing and customer retention by increasing customer loyalty.
The marketing department is in need of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Upper
management has selected No Customer Escapes as the top Information Technology project this year.

   1. In Week 6, we have completed planning and selection, analysis, and design and are now ready to
      select an implementation method and prepare for operational use and maintenance of the system
      by completing all of the activities of the final phase of the system development life cycle (SDLC).
   2. In order to implement our CRM system, we will need to document the system, train users, code
      and test the system, plan for operational support, and maintain the system.
   3. We will answer the Petrie's Electronics Case Questions for Chapter 10 on pages 358–359.
   4. In Week 6, we close out our project as described in Chapters 3 and 10 of our book.
   5. Project closedown brings the project to an end. A project can have a natural or unnatural
      termination. When a project terminates, several activities are performed including: (1) closing
      down the project; (2) conducting post-project reviews; and (3) closing the customer contract.
      When closing down the project, the project manager may assess each team member, provide
      career advice to team members, handle negative personnel issues, notify all interested parties that
      the project is completed, finalize documentation and financial records, and celebrate the
      accomplishments of the team. When conducting post-project reviews, the objective is to determine
      the strengths and weaknesses of project deliverables, the processes used to create them, and the
      project management process. Closing the customer contract ensures that all contractual terms
      have been met.

              Petrie’s Electronics Project Closeout Report: Here are some suggested
              topics to cover - you can add more!
              Include an introduction
              Describe Final System Acceptance Criteria
              Resources: Were the right personnel assigned to the project?
              What are some maintenance challenges you see for the CRM system? How
              can we reduce the cost for the six types of maintenance mentioned in Chapter
              What preventive maintenance tasks need to be scheduled? What other types
              of maintenance will be needed? How can we measure the effectiveness of
              Describe the process you recommend for controlling maintenance requests
              and configuration management.
              Describe the most important lessons learned.
              Include a Conclusion and Reference Page following APA formatting.

   2) Objectives

Petrie Electronics implemented its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, No Customer
Escapes last week. But like any system, the Change Management team receives a request for a change to
the system. The Project Manager reviews the change request, and realizes an alternative development
method is needed to analyze and design the changes to the system. An object oriented method must be
selected, but it seems Use Cases were not created when the system was first developed. The Project
Manager knows the benefits of Use Cases and assigns our team to create one using Unified Modeling
Language (UML) notation.

   1. In Week 7, we learn some alternative system development life cycle (SDLC) methods, object-
      oriented analysis and design, and agile methods.
   2. In order to implement our CRM system, we will need to create a Use-Case Diagram illustrating the
      four processes the CRM system identified on page 187 of our book.

Week 7 Project Tasks
Create a Use Case for the CRM system.

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