Hootsuite API Error Solution, How To Resolve A Hootsuite API Error On Facebook

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					February 3rd, 2013                                                                                        Published by: inspiredprogress

Hootsuite API Error
Solution, How To
Resolve an API Error On
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How To Resolve an API Error
On Hootsuite And Begin                                               When an API Error occurs on when attempting to send a
                                                                     message out via Hootsuite, what this effectively means is that
Posting To Facebook Again…                                           connection is lost, and it is necessary to reconnect HootSuite
By inspiredprogress on January 25th, 2013                            to Twitter or Facebook’s API. API stands for “Application
                                                                     Programmable Interface” (or so my research has lead me to
How to solve your Facebook                                           believe!).
Hootsuite API Error and begin                                        Ok so, this is how I managed to resolve this Hootsuite API
successfully posting again.                                          Error issue for myself…
If you are currently experiencing problems with successfully         After several attempts at posting to Facebook and other social
posting to due to a Hootsuite API Error, then I have made this       networks via hootsuite, and them not turning up on my
post for YOU, to explain to you how I was able to resolve this       selected profiles, what I DID what simply attempt to REGAIN
issue quickly and begin posting to my Facebook groups again.         a successful connection to Facebook and other networks in
If your Hootsuite posts are not making it to your Facebook           order to begin successfully posting again.
groups, profiles or like pages OR to any other social                I did this by deleting or removing all of my Hootsuite profiles
networking platform for that matter then it is likely, that when     (Twitter account, Facebook Profile, Groups, Pages etc etc) and
you are adding your social platforms when selecting profiles         re-adding them again! A very quick process and can be done
to send to, you are seeing a message that reads “Twitter/            within a few minutes depending on how many groups you have
Facebook API is busy” or “Facebook API Error” (or something          of course.
to that effect).
                                                                     Once I removed all of the social networks I had assigned
It was important that I resolved this issue quickly as I             myself to on Hootsuite and re-added them again, I found
am currently using Hootsuite to market something truly               that my posts were successfully reaching my selected profiles
REVOLUTIONARY. A once in a life time opportunity that is             again, and I was not seeing that irritating Hootsuite API Error
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February 3rd, 2013                                                                                        Published by: inspiredprogress

WHY this was this Facebook
Hootsuite API Error happening?
I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that it could be due to
Facebook flagging the number of posts I was doing per day
as suspect and suspended my connection (I could be totally
wrong here though!)
Before marketing to Facebook groups via Hootsuite I was
advised to post to no more than twenty groups per time. This
was working for me just fine, although to be safe I have now
reduced that to 15 groups at a time.
I am currently using Hootsuite as a marketing tool to market
something truly amazing, that is helping THOUSANDS of
regular people to make LARGE amounts of residual, passive
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I hope this has helped solved your
Hootsuite API error problem! If you have
any questions or comment to make
regarding this Hootsuite API Error issue
then please leave your comment below!

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