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5300 Ashton Creek Road Chester, Virginia 23831 804.382.6882 www.phillipbowles.com Hipowlstudio@comcast.net

Professional Illustrator/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer/Writer

Professional Experience
Editorial and Cover Illustration 2003 - Present Editorial Illustrations for Arrabon Consulting - May 2009: I created three separate illustrations for an article titled, “Change Agents: Friend or Faux?” for Arrabon Consulting, a small consulting firm located in Richmond, Virginia. Cover Illustration for Glendalough Press. - October 5, 2008: I produced the cover for the book The Silence of the Sea published by Glendalough Press, a Richmond based small book publisher. Cover Illustration for Brick Weekly. - November 8-14 2007: Brick Weekly, a local paper covering everything Richmond, featured a cover illustration depicting the Byrd Theatre. Illustrations produced for the Village News. - November 14, 2007: The article titled “Local Artist Studies The Polls” is a visual essay featuring three illustrations depicting people voting. I wrote a brief paragraph describing my experience including the process of producing the work. - October 17, 2007: In an article titled “The View From Behind A Sketchpad”, I illustrated my experiences at the 69th National Folk Festival. I also wrote a paragraph introducing the idea of graphic journalism as well as my process in producing the work. - January 18, 2007: The issues From the Editor article features a cartoon I drew illustrating a local district’s displeasure concerning the building of a tobacco sludge composting facility. - August 11, 2005: The issue features a front-page photograph incorporating the cover illustration I created for the Chesterfield County Fair magazine that year. The subject of the article is the general manager of the fair. - August 26, 2004: The issue contains an article about the dress code for local public schools. I drew two students not adhering to the dress code. - June 3, 2004: The issue features a cover illustration of a forest for an article concerning a horticulture writer and teacher. Illustrations produced for Wadi. - Spring 2004: An article concerning Richmond fashion trends. - Fall 2003: A cover featuring an abstract street scene illustration. - Spring 2003: A cover illustration depicting an abstract face.

Cover Illustration for Laughing With The Church. - Fall 2006: A cover illustration for a book focusing on humorous events that occur in the church as told by a former pastor. Comics 2003- Present - Skate and Val read the Funnies… (2007): Published December 26th in the Village News, a weekly newspaper located in Chester that covers Chesterfield County, VA. This cartoon was a tribute to Chester resident Mike Melnyk, who passed away in the Fall. I wrote an article about Mr. Melnyk printed in the September 29, 2005 issue of the Village News. - My Corner (2007): A graphic narrative of historical fiction inspired by surviving prints. The prints consist of drawings and letters my great uncle produced while in prison during the Spanish Civil War. The story focuses on his struggle to survive and to record what he witnessed. This comic strip was printed regularly in the Village News. - Cool Kids! (2005-2006): An original storyline based on characters created in high school. The comic strip stars Skate, a high school skateboarder who has to juggle schoolwork, villainous classmates, girls, and a dual identity. This weekly strip was printed in the Village News. - The Random, Hair-Raising Tales of a Woolly Mute (2003-Present): A bimonthly comic strip and cartoon starring a hirsute fellow whose hair is alive, and who responds to the madness of the ordinary world around him. This original character is featured in Wadi, a bi-monthly college magazine focusing on Richmond, VA. - Wally and the Lunatics (January 6, 2006): A wannabe rock band whose misadventures are chronicled in Blacklight Comix, an underground comic book anthology featuring Richmond cartoonists. The second Blacklight issue contains the story, “The Revengeful Phantom: Part 1,” focusing on the Lunatics attempt to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the Rolling Stoners’ organ. - Falling For No Apparent Reason (Spring 2003): The first Blacklight anthology features two pages of a teenager falling into readers’ faces. Graphic Designer 2007 - Present Logo for the Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. - October/November 2008: A logo produced for the orchestra’s 2009 USA tour. Logo for Cesare Ristorante & Pizzeria Italiana. - February/March 2008: A logo for a new Italian restaurant located in Chesterfield County. Promotional flyer for Seroptyx. - January/February 2008: A flyer promoting Seroptyx, a performance enhancement company that helps other organizations. Promotional Material for art6 Gallery. Posters.

Poe As We Can Be (January 2009): A poster promoting a poetry event at art6 Gallery, a members run gallery located in downtown Richmond. I am a member of the Publicity and Marketing Committee, and I produce all of the gallery’s visual promotional material. - Garth Newel Piano Quartet (February 2008): A poster advertising a musical performance hosted by art6 Gallery. - The Fat Lady Sings! (January 2008): A poster advertising a show performed by an art6 Gallery member. - Juried High School Art Exhibition (June 2007): A poster advertising the high school art show. - Intern Show (April 2007): A poster advertising the Intern Show. - Fernand Leger: Contrasts of Forms (February 2007): Two posters produced to advertise a lecture concerning the work of twentieth century painter Fernand Leger held at art6 Gallery. Post Cards: These cards are mailed to members of the gallery advertising the upcoming show of the month (2007 - Present). - October 2008 - September 2008 - June 2008 - May 2008 - April 2008 - February 2008 - January 2008 - November 2007 - October 2007 - July 2007 Exhibited Works. - June 2008: Ten pieces including my portfolio were exhibited in a solo show entitled Richmond Scenes. One of the prints displayed in my portfolio was sold. - August 2007: Four pieces were exhibited for the Members/Intern Show. One piece was sold. - April 2007: Twelve drawings were exhibited for the Intern Show. Four pieces were sold. Graphic Design work for eComEngine. Logos - Petsakes (November 2007): A logo design for a small company that produces pet beds. The work was completed as an Independent Contractor for eComEngine, a Richmond based software engineering firm. - HarleyBaby (November 2007): A logo design for a company selling Harley Davidson themed baby clothes. - Tiny Treasures Baby (October 2007): A logo design for a company selling baby clothes. Amazon Storefront designs. -

The Space Store (November 2007): Using templates provided through Amazon, I designed the storefront for The Space Store, which sells astronaut related kids products. - Skoon (October 2007): A storefront design for a baby clothes company. Graphics work. - eComEngine (November 2007): I provided the graphics for the eComEngine website. Freelance Writer 2004 – 2005 Articles featured in the Village News. - September 29, 2005: The issue features a cover article titled “Chester’s Very Own Plugger” concerning a local resident, Mike Melnyk, whose ideas for Pluggers have been accepted for the strip nine times, the most out of anyone in the country submitting ideas. Pluggers is a syndicated cartoon by Gary Brookins that runs in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. - July 2005: An article titled “A Comic Artist’s Art is Serious, Seriously” discusses a local illustrator who visits libraries in and around Richmond lecturing about the unique art of comics. - June 2005: An article titled “An Immigrant’s Tale” concerns my grandfather, originally from Argentina, who immigrated to America with his wife and eight kids. - June 2, 2005: An article titled “Private Art” discusses the meaning behind a large abstract sculpture a Chester resident commissioned for the front of his house. Graphic Novel Reviews for Wadi. - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2 - Danger Girl - Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 1 - Batman: Year One - JLA: Liberty and Justice

Virginia Commonwealth University Fall 2002 – Fall 2006 Richmond, Virginia Bachelor Degree, Fine Arts Concentration in Communication Arts G.P.A. 3.2 Dean’s List: Fall 2003-Spring 2004, Spring 2006 Honors Studio: Fall 2005 - Fall 2006 Illustration Academy Summer 2006 Sarasota, Florida


An intense seven-week program that allows students to learn one on one with today’s most prominent illustrators including Mark English, Gary Kelley, George Pratt, C.F. Payne, and Anita Kunz. The program includes critiques from these professionals as well as figure drawing sessions twice a week.

The Arts Student’s League of New York Summer 2004 New York, New York - A one-month long figure drawing course that met five days a week.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Holiday Calendar - Placed 3rd out of twenty-five students competing in a student competition. Chesterfield County Fair magazine - Developed original artwork for the magazine for two years (2004 – 2005). The illustrations won for best cover both years.

Traditional and Digital Media - Oil, Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor, Graphite, Photography - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Wacom Tablet

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