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					                                                                                                 February 2013
                 Super School News                                               
                                                                                               New Berlin Elementary
                                                                                                  3613 New Berlin Rd.
                                                                                                 Jacksonville, Fl. 32226

    A Flash from Principal Reese
                                                                                          Soar to These Events
Dear New Berlin Families,                                                                       February 2013
As we begin the second month of the New Year, many exciting things
have taken place at NBE. We are full swing into mid-school year                                Black History Month
activities. Teachers are completing mid-year reading and math                         5        SAC 6pm
assessments and screenings, teachers are taking inventory of                                   PTA Board Mtg. 7pm
curriculum taught thus far and making decisions for covering all that                 6        Early Release
is necessary through the end of the year, and everyone is getting a                   7        Sweet Tart Dance K-2
refresher lesson on our behavior expectations.
                                                                                      8        Sweet Tart Dance 3-5
Our 4th grade students will be taking the FCAT Writing Assessment on                  11-15    Severe Weather Week
February 26. Every Monday the students are participating in Writing                   12-15    Benchmark Testing
Camp with their teachers in preparation for the upcoming test. This                   14       Happy Valentine’s Day
year, the proficiency score for the state is Level 3.5. I am confident                15       Flag Raising Ceremony
that our students will do well. Good luck to all of our fourth graders.
                                                                                      18       No School President’s Day
As you know, this past month, NBE loss one of its angels Kyla Thomas.                 20       Early Release
I would like to thank the NBE family for their outpouring of support to               26       FCAT Writes 4th Grade
our students and the Thomas family during this difficult time. I would                27-28    FCAT Writes Make-up Days
also like to thank the NBE staff who worked together to make sure
that all students were hugged and kept the school day as normal as
possible; they are amazing. As we move forward we will have special
memories to help us remember this beautiful little girl and how she
touched so many lives at New Berlin Elementary

Sincerely,                                                                NBE as part of our school accreditation process
Wanda Reese                                                               we would appreciate your feedback by
Principal                                                                 participating in an online parent survey. Please
                                                                          paste the link below in your web browser to
                Kindergarten Round Up                                     participate. All responses are anonymous.
  Soon NBE will be starting the process of enrolling
                                                                          Paper copies are available by contacting the
  kindergarten students for the 13-14 school year.
  Students must be 5 years old by September 1st to                        school. The survey closes on Feb. 15.
  register. More information to come with times and
  dates for school tours. Registration information may be       
  found on the DCPS website at

                 New Berlin Yearbooks are now on sale for $20.00
                   Pre-sales end March 22, after that, the price
                 increases to $25.00. Contact your child’s teacher
                      for an order form. Order yours today!

                                            2012-2013 Employee of the Year
                 Congratulations to Linda Wharton, the school’s data entry clerk, who was named NBE’s
                 Employee of the Year. Mrs. Wharton is the school’s registrant and assists in the front
                 office. DCPS Employee of the Year is held yearly to recognize non-certificated
                 employees. We appreciate all she does for NBE!
                       FLAG Raising Ceremony                                   Safe Driving at New Berlin
             Please join us for our next Flag Raising Ceremony
             on February 15 in honor or President’s Day.              Please drive cautiously when dropping off or picking up
                                                                      students, as our parking lots have a tendency to get very
                                                                      congested. Please be mindful of the following safety items
                                                                      to ensure that all of our students remain safe:

                                                                      *   Follow the directions of adults on duty.

              Congratulations to                                      *   Use the car loop to drop off or pick-up students.
                                                                          Student drop-off is not permitted in the parking lots.

                Jordan Tucker                                         *
                                                                          Drive slowly and watch carefully for pedestrians.
                                                                          Be mindful of stop signs and adhere to each.
                                                                      *   Please stay off cell phones once you enter the campus.
   NBE is proud to announce that Jordan Tucker won 5th                *   Please merge into one lane on the east end of the car
   place in the district Spelling Bee. We are so proud of                 loop. Student drop off lane must be a single file lane.
   Jordan for her accomplishment and for representing New             *   Please do not park cars in fire lanes and leave them to
   Berlin! Awesome job!                                                   pick-up students.
                                                                      *   No parking in designated and handicap parking spaces.
                                                                          Cars are subject to being towed or fined.

                                                                      Thank you for your assistance with this.

               NBE League of
           Extraordinary Readers                                                      Science Fair a Huge Success
                                                                     New Berlin had its biggest science fair ever Thursday, January
Congratulations to all the students who met their reading goal
for the 2nd nine weeks. However, we have many students               31st. We had around 365 competitive projects from our 4th and
who did not meet this challenge. At the beginning of the             5th grade students. There were a variety of judges who came to
school year, our students pledge to meet their grade level           judge our student’s science projects. We had teachers from local
goal. Please help encourage your child to read nightly and           schools, and other community members. Our judges were excited
record his/her books on their NBE book log. Students who             and overwhelmed with the quality and the quantity of the
meet their grade level goal will be invited to attend the
                                                                     projects. Each project was scored by all the judges and the scores
reading celebration at the end of the school year. So…let’s
use those super reading powers and get busy reading! Every           were averaged to determine the best projects. Here are the
child reading every day to meet their goal…we can do it!             winning students:

                                                                                                  5th Grade
                                                                                              Kelton Bruce- 1st
                 Spring Pictures                                                              Cole Dorough- 2nd
                                                                                            Gregory Sarkesian- 3rd
                                                                                              Jordan Gaye- 4th
   Smile! Friday, February 8 is club and                                                          4th Grade
            patrol picture day.                                                              Joshua Harbert- 1st
                                                                                                Jerry Cox- 2nd
                                                                                             Brooke Guettler- 3rd
      Spring Individual/Group Pictures                                                        Breanna Secor- 4th

             Thursday, March 7                                                                  Best in Show
                                                                                           Molly Breidenstein- 5th

                         PTA News

  PTA is getting ready for their Spring Fund raiser;
  more information to be announced this month.

  Thank you for remembering to send in Box Tops                           Not pictured Jerry Cox. Gregory Sarkesian, and Brook Guettier
  to your child’s teacher.

                  PTA Facebook Page                                  FCAT practice books for the content areas of reading and
For updated PTA and school information please visit PTA’s            math are on sale for $10 in the front office for our 3-5 grade
Facebook page
PTA/170523623018338?bookmark_t=page                                  students. Supplies are limited.

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