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International Chairs - Choate Rosemary Hall by linxiaoqin


									ALUMNI CLUB

•   Executive Chair                    3

•   National Regional Chairs           4
     –   Boston
     –   Connecticut
     –   Los Angeles
     –   New York
     –   Rosemary Hall
     –   San Francisco
     –   Washington, DC

•   International Chairs              15
     –   Beijing
     –   Hong Kong
     –   London
     –   Seoul
     –   Thailand

                               Executive Chair

Seth Hoyt '61
(612) 747-1674

A native of Chillicothe, Ohio and a Choate legacy (dad: Charles N. Hoyt, C '35, uncle: Joseph N. Hoyt, ’42)
Seth came to School in the Fourth Form and graduated with his class in 1961. At Choate Seth played varsity
football, co-captained the track team, appeared in the Dramat, was a member of the Spanish National Honor
Society, lived in Atwater House, Gables and on the Hall. He went on to Yale, majored in Latin American
Studies, graduated in 1965, and got married shortly thereafter.

Seth served in the US Air Force -- Southern Command, Panama Canal Zone (his two older daughters were
born there); lived in Bronxville, N.Y. (daughter # 3 born there); the Upper West Side of Manhattan; Greenwich
and Stamford, Connecticut; and resides currently with his second wife, Nancy Samuels Hoyt, in Long Lake,
Minnesota. Work-wise, Hoyt spent most of his career in consumer magazine publishing, serving on the ad
sales and management side at titles like Money, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Outside,
Financial World (all in New York), and Utne Reader and PGA TOUR Partners (in Minnesota). He's been
formally retired a few times, but keeps his hand in the business with magazine consulting gigs.

Nancy and Seth have six kids (and six grandkids) between them. Seth's kids live in Connecticut and in
Brooklyn, NY; Nancy's are residents of Santa Monica and San Francisco, California, and Steamboat Springs,

After Choate, Seth attended his 5th reunion, dropped out of sight for 45 years, then was "born again" ahead of
the 50th in 2011. Hoyt stays has been in touch with C '61 classmates and considers it a great honor to have
been asked to serve on the Alumni Association Executive Committee.
                                                                                            Submitted by Seth Hoyt.

             National Regional Chairs

Boston                                    "I consider it a great honor to serve as the Chair of the Alumni
                                          Club of Boston and to work with thos on campus and         ,
                                          especially the alumni throughout New England who contribute
Larry Morin '58                            o
                                          s much to the total Choate and pos   t-Choate experience."
(508) 737-4092

Larry came to Choate in the Third Form, played intramural sports, wrote for the News and Brief, and, for two
years managed the varsity basketball team. On to Stanford (S '62), then active duty in the U.S. Navy ('63-67),
where Larry reached the rank of CDR. He married in '66, attended law school at Willamette University in
Salem, Oregon, finishing up at with his JD Degree from the University of Denver. Both of Larry's children were
born in Colorado.

After a successful legal career in Virginia, Larry moved to Cape Cod, where he’s building a new career in
residential and commercial real estate. In addition, he serves as mediator in small claims court, and as a
member of the Barnstable Conservation Commission. Larry is divorced, has been with Nancy Miselis for more
than five years, and between them they have nine grandchildren, all living in Massachusetts.

It was not until the 50th Reunion of C '57 (the year before his graduation) that Larry became re-involved with
Choate. "While classmate friendships are treasured," he adds that, "it has been the ever-widening circle of new
CRH friends from all classes that has been the most rewarding. I'm particularly grateful to those former Glee
Club and Maiyero singers who have come back for various music celebrations, notably honoring the late
Duncan Phyfe and the ever-alive Ralph Valentine."
                                                                                        Submitted by Larry Morin.

             National Regional Chairs

Pat Clendenen '84
(617) 680-4190

Pat Clendenen is a partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP. He represents business and
corporate clients in litigation in Massachusetts, New England, and around the country. Pat graduated from
Choate Rosemary Hall in 1984, Colby College in 1988, and the Catholic University School of Law in 1991. Pat
is married and has three children.

                                                                                   Submitted by Pat Clendenen.

             National Regional Chairs

David Aversa '91
(203) 530-7212

While at Choate, David played on the Varsity Hockey, Varsity Lacrosse (captain) and Varsity Soccer teams.

He completed his residency in General Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. In addition, he completed
fellowships in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center and Forensic Psychiatry at the
Division of Law & Psychiatry at Yale. He specializes in treating all psychiatric disorders of Children and
Adolescents, and adult depression. He also specializes in school consultations, custody evaluations, forensic
evaluations, and disability evaluations.

Dr. Aversa is also an Associate Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center, where he serves as an
inpatient attending physician on the Child Psychiatric Inpatient Services at Yale New Haven's Children
Hospital. He helps supervise and coordinate forensics and school consultation services and is also Medical
Director for in-home services and a supervisor in the outpatient clinic.

                                                                                      Submitted by David Aversa.

             National Regional Chairs

Los Angeles                                 “Choate changed the trajectory of my life. If the Alumni
                                            Club of Los Angeles can help others in this part of the
                                            country realize that our School did the s ame for them,
Tom Nieman '88                              we’re doing our job.”
(310) 586-5555 ext. 14

Tom is a native of Chicago’s northern suburbs. He attended Choate for his Fifth and Sixth Forms and went on
to Dartmouth, Class of 1992. Tom is the founder of Fortis Partners and is responsible for the day-to-day
management of the firm as well as the successful completion of every search assignment.

Prior to Fortis Partners Tom was a Managing Director at Ramsey Beirne Associates in New York where he
worked with companies such as E*Trade (CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO), Healtheon (CEO), Ariba (VP Sales),
Epinions (VP Sales), and other venture-backed Web 1.0 companies.

Before joining Ramsey Beirne, he was a Consultant at DHR International, the nation's 5th largest retained
search firm. At DHR Tom started in the research department and executed a variety of search assignments in
both the industrial and consumer goods sectors.

Tom graduated from Dartmouth College, was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL, and lives in Los
Angeles with his wife and children.

                                                                                    Submitted by Tom Nieman.

             National Regional Chairs

Los Angeles                                   "I enjoy working with Club Co-Chair Tom Nieman and the
                                              wonderful group of Choate Ros  emary Hall alumni who live
                                              and work in the Los Angeles area."
Stan Savage '92
(323) 549-3619

Stan was born and raised in Seattle. While at Choate, he was a prefect, a peer counselor and captain of the
crew team. After graduation, Stan went on to the University of Wisconsin, where he rowed for four years with
two other Choate graduates! He received degrees in Political Science and English.

Stan moved back to Seattle and worked in the music business for a few years before starting a "dot com"
enterprise with some fellow music business acquaintances. They moved the company from Seattle to Los
Angeles and had a successful run until the "dot com" bubble burst in 2001.

At that point, Stan went to work for the family business, A. F. Gilmore Company, which is a holding company
with assets such as banks, shopping centers, self storage facilities, and oil and gas. Stan recently took on a
new position within the company and currently runs the Development and Acquisition Department.

Stan attended the Pacific Coast Banking School and Harvard Business School. His hobbies include fly fishing
and boxing. He and his wife Pippa reside in Los Angeles with their two children, Eddie (4) and Tilly (2).

                                                                                        Submitted by Stan Savage.

             National Regional Chairs

New York
Parisa Jaffer '89
(917) 940-7867

After Choate Rosemary Hall, Parisa graduated from Vassar with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received her
MBA from New York University.

She lives in New York City with her husband Salim Ramji and their two children, Reza and Rohan.

Parisa enjoys traveling, cooking, skiing and Pilates. Her community and civic involvement include Graham
Windham, Touch Foundation and volunteering at her children's schools. She has been involved in the Alumni
Club of New York since its inception in 2010.

                                                                                    Submitted by Parisa Jaffer.

             National Regional Chairs

New York
Carolyn Kim '96
(917) 859-0656

After four years, Carolyn graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall in 1996 and Johns Hopkins University in
2000. After receiving her M.A., J.D. and L.L.M. degrees, Carolyn embarked on her career at Ernst & Young
and is currently Associate Tax Counsel at GoldenTree Asset Management, LP.

Carolyn is active in philanthropic endeavors and serves on several Boards and Committees, including: Hedge
Funds Care Young Professional Committee, Johns Hopkins University Second Decade Society, University
Club - Annual Events Committee, Streetsquash - Young Leadership Committee, and the New York State Bar
and American Bar Associations. In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys skiing, sailing, running, and mingling with
fellow Choaties in NYC. She is currently training for the NYC Marathon and fundraising on behalf of Memorial
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Carolyn has been involved in the Alumni Club of New York since its inception in 2010.

                                                                                        Submitted by Carolyn Kim.

             National Regional Chairs

Rosemary Hall Club
                                               I loved my three years at Ros emary Hall, and made s ome of
                                               my clos friends there. I'd like to let my fellow alumnae
                                               know that while we had to give up our campus we needn't
Alice Chaffee Freeman '63                      give up the spirit of friendship that bound us together in                           Greenwich: it lives on in Wallingford. We want to introduce
                                               CRH to Ros               o             ee
                                                            emarians s they can s how the s         pirit of
(802) 380-0026
                                               Caroline Ruutz-Rees Ros                   till
                                                                          emary Hall is s alive there.

Alice attended Rosemary Hall for her sophomore, junior and senior years and graduated in 1963. She
attended Bennett College and Columbia University and majored in French. She is married to author Castle
Freeman and they have two children, Alexander and Sarah.

Alice is an artist (painting, fiber, drawing) and is the former proprietor of Alice Freeman Designs,
producing painted furniture and accessories. She is also a teacher of painted furniture workshops for Frog
Hollow, The Vermont State Craft Center studios. In addition to chairing the Rosemary Hall Club, Alice
addressed the incoming student body as the 2011 Choate Rosemary Hall Matriculation speaker.

Alice is active in numerous community boards and committees, such as Former President, Board of Trustees
of Sandglass Theater, Putney, VT; Vice President, Historic Brookline (VT) Church Preservation Initiative; Pine
Cobble School Strategic Planning Committee; and President, Newfane Garden Club. Her hobbies are reading,
gardening, cartooning, quilting, language and learning.

                                                                              Submitted by Alice Chaffee Freeman.

             National Regional Chairs

San Francisco
John Smyth '83
(415) 772-3112

While at Choate, John played Varsity Football, Golf and JV Lacrosse. He also garnered the leading role in the
Spring Musicals of 1981 and 1983.

He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Northwestern in 1987 and completed one year
of graduate study in International Economics and St. Andrews University in Scotland.

John's career has been in the financial industry, beginning with the Chicago Board of Trade in 1993 to Vice-
President at J. P. Morgan Securities today. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Jenifer and their two
children Lily (10) and Alex (7).

                                                                                        Submitted by John Smyth.

              National Regional Chairs

Washington, D.C.
Patrick Holley '90
(202) 862-2804

While at Choate, Patrick swam and played water polo for the Wild Boars, both of which he continued in
college. While attending The George Washington University in DC, Patrick was a 4-year letterman in both
swimming and water polo, and served as a co-captain of the polo team his junior and senior years. After
graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration, Patrick went on to begin a career at Morgan Stanley
Smith Barney, where he continues today as a Senior Vice President-Private Wealth Advisor.

Patrick is still involved with GWU, serving on their Athletic National Advisory Council, and also serves on the
Board of Rivers of Recovery, a non-profit organization that assists wounded veterans.

He lives in Northwest DC with his wife Leigh and their two children, Pierce and Palmer. An amateur political
junkie, Patrick thoroughly enjoys the political culture in DC, and when not coaching his kids' soccer teams, still
manages to get in weekly squash games with anyone who will rise to the occasion -- including nearly every
Choate squash alumni in the metropolitan Washington area!

Patrick has been involved in the Alumni Club of DC since 1994, and in the Club's leadership since 2010.
                                                                                         Submitted by Patrick Holley.

             National Regional Chairs

Washington, D.C.                                   "Our goal is to create and maintain a low number of
                                                   very s  olid events that we can replicate and repeat
                                                   easily. We hope we are helping the rapport between
Anna Lindel '03                                    the club and the alumni. We really want make the club                                   on
                                                   the liais between DC alums and Wallingford. We
(203) 241-8245                                            o
                                                   hope s far that we're doing a good job!"

Anna grew up in New York City and then Boston, and started at Choate as a new sophomore in the fall of
2000. She was a rower, a swimmer, and a prefect in McCook senior year, and left Wallingford for sunny Los
Angeles after graduation, attending UCLA, where she was recruited to join the women's varsity rowing team.
As a political science major, Anna took an interest in the University's semester in DC program and was
accepted for the fall of 2006. She was granted an internship at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign
Committee and was especially thrilled to be involved with the committee when the Senate majority flipped back
to the Democrats. By the end of that semester, she officially had "Beltway Fever" and moved to DC the
September after graduation.

After her first four years in DC working with a lobbying team, Anna developed an interest in political
fundraising, specifically Political Action Committees. She completed a year-long graduate level certificate
program at George Washington University in Political Action Committee Management. She is currently
employed with The Home Depot's government relations team doing PAC management and grassroots

Anna became involved with the Alumni Club of DC in 2009 and cites her volunteer experience as "very
rewarding" and enjoying her collaboration with Patrick Holley and the rest of the team on campus.
                                                                                         Submitted by Anna Lindel.

                      International Chairs

Gunther Hamm '98
US: +1 (603) 731-8832
CN: +86 186 1841 6908

Gunther graduated from Choate in 1998 and Dartmouth College in 2002. At Choate, he studied in Spain,
played football, wrestled and was the head of the Young Democrats.

Gunther is currently a private equity professional at the Chinese firm CDH Investments (鼎晖投资). Previously,
he worked as an investment banker in JPMorgan’s Latin American M&A group in New York and Sao Paulo, as
well as in the Consumer Healthcare group. He has also worked in healthcare consulting. He speaks English,
Spanish, Chinese and some Portuguese.

Gunther, along with Colm Rafferty ’94 and David Barrutia ’94, co-founded the Choate Club of Northern China
in 2007 and together they serve as the heads of the club. The Club focuses on building an active and involved
membership to create a long-term connection between Choate and China. Choate now has a long-term
relationship with Beijing #4 High School, one of the premier schools in the country. The Club has an extensive
network of alumni and parents to support the school in admissions, giving and organizing events to promote
Choate and welcome visiting members of the Choate family.

                                                                                     Submitted by Gunther Hamm.

               International Chairs

David Barrutia ’94
CN: +86 158 1064 7876

               International Chairs

Colm Rafferty ’94
CN: +86 138 0121 5235

               International Chairs

Hong Kong
Ronna Chao Heffner '85
HK: + 852 233 74037

               International Chairs

Hong Kong
P. Jaime O’Donnell '80
HK: + 852 2849 5072

              International Chairs

Kate Aquila '92
LN: +44 207 961 5644

                       International Chairs

London                                            “As much as I enjoyed the academic challenges and the
                                                  freedom that Choate provided while I was a student, my
                                                  appreciation for the School has deepened over the years.
Alicia Forry '00                                  Moving overs  eas made me want to reconnect with my                                 ,
                                                  roots and with Choate in particular.”
LN: +44 207 523 8372

Alicia attended the University of Southern California and graduated December 2003 with a B.S. in Biological
Sciences. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Alicia made a career detour into finance and has been in the equity world since 2004, institutional sales in New
York, hedge fund in London and currently a sell side analyst for Canaccord Genuity in London.

Alicia is single and enjoys travelling, especially in Europe, quality time with her miniature dachshund, running,
seeing films and reading books.

                                                                                              Submitted by Alicia Forry.

                    International Chairs

Ryan Hong '89
+ 82 2 722 4100

Mr. Hong is the chairman and majority shareholder of Herald Corporation and related companies, a
leading media and lifestyle group in Korea. He is also the founder and director general of Olje
Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting classics education. Mr. Hong serves on the boards of
the Friends of the National Museum of Korea and the Korea–America Association.

Between 2008 and 2012, Mr. Hong served as a representative of the National Assembly of the Republic
of Korea. He was also the chairman of the ruling Grand National Party’s International Affairs Committee
and the Honorary Ambassador of Grant Aid for the Korean government.

Previously, Mr. Hong passed the New York Bar and worked as an investment banker in New York. He
received his A.B. from Harvard University and J.D. from Stanford University. He also studied at Beijing
University and Seoul National University. He has been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World
Economic Forum and an Asia 21 Fellow by Asia Society.

                                                                                Submitted by Ryan Hong.

                     International Chairs

                                             “Choate is a great ins titution where one really experiences
                                             the true meaning of the words friends        hip, integrity,
                                             responsibility, and excellence.“
Chali Sophonpanich ‘79
+ 622 258 9535

Chali is from Bangkok, Thailand and is a graduate of Choate ’79. He is married to Siriya (Celia) and
has one daughter, Siriporn (Julie) –also a Choate graduate (’08).

After Choate, Chali attended Brown with a Sc.B in Electrical Engineering (’83), and the University of
Chicago with an MBA (’85).

He is president at his family real estate company, City Realty Co., Ltd. The company covers various
fields of developments, including residential for sale, apartments for rent, hotels, shopping, industrial
estates, office buildings for rent, and an international school.

Chali lives in Bangkok. He enjoys travelling and golf.

                                                                              Submitted by Chali Sophonpanich.

                      International Chairs

Thailand                                                                  t
                                            "Choate was one of my mos memorable events in my life.
                                            Getting involved in our Thailand Club helps me give back.”

Sunpitt Sethpornpong '84

A member of the Class of ’84, Sunpitt is married to Anoma Sethpornpong and they have two children, Natapitt
Sethpornpong (age 16), Choate Rosemary Hall (Class of ’14) and Nanicha Sethpornpong (age 13).

He is the Executive Director of Metro Co., Ltd., and Director, Metro Systems Corporation Public Co., Ltd. He
received his MM at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Class ’91), his B.S. at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Class of ’88).

                                                                               Submitted by Sunpitt Sethpornpong.

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