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					Disney Vacation ULTIMATE PACKING LIST
Pack for Suitcase:
Shirts Shorts Pants Underwear Bra Pajamas Belts Hats Panty Hose Razors Tweezers Foot Spray Nail Clippers Toilet Paper Address Book E-Mail Addresses Stationary Stamps Address Labels Cash/Credit Cards Fanny Packs Sewing Kit Safety Pins Baby Wipes Blanket Pillows Bed Toys/Animals Credit Cards Health Ins Card Confirmation #’s Cell Phones Car Cell Charger Wall Cell Charger Walkie Talkies Frisbees Tennis Shoes Dress Shoes Flip Flops Pool Shoes Sandals Socks Sweat Band Makeup Blow Dryer Shaving Cream Foot Powder Nail File Watches _______________ Toothbrush Toothpaste Shampoo Cream Rinse Hair Spray Deodorant Q-Tips Face Wash Body Spray Make-up remover Feminine Items Jewelry Sun block & Face Stick ___________________ Kids Shampoo Kids Bath Wash Kids Toothbrushes Kids Combs Hair Bands/Clips/Bows Hair Brush Hair Gel/Mouse Face Lotion Body Lotion Nail Polish Cornstarch Baby Powder Bar Soap Kleenex ___________________

Pack for Miscellaneous:
Batteries Film (400sp at Night) Cameras Cameras Batteries High Lighter Pens Pen Flash Lights Magic Marker Note Pad/Pens Rubber Bands Umbrella Sunscreen Drivers License/ID’s Sweat Band Sunglasses w/Strap Insect Repellent Chap Stick Earplugs First Aid Kit Guide Books Travel Information Anti-Bac Gel Plug in Night Light Nail File Beach Bag Camera Bag Discount Coupons Orlando Magicard AAA Card Florida Driver’s Lic Discount Coupons Hotel Phone # Water proof Carry Case Music/CD’s Work out Stuff Check Book Bandannas Laptop Computer Hand Held Games Cribbage Board Yatzee Game Car Window Screens Back Pack Dish Soap SOS Pads Stain remover Chips (Pringles) Cheese Its Zip Lock Baggies Pop Tarts Coffee Creamer Corkscrew Paper Towels Scrubber Sponge Toaster Room Intercom Mini Waters Microwave Popcorn Plastic Utensils Fruit Snacks Crackers Trash Bags Collapsible Cooler 4 cup Coffee Maker Wine Stopper Shout Stain Wipes/Stick Disposable Bibs Non-Stick Fry Pan Crackers Emergency/Doctor #’s from home Camcorder/Charger Camcorder Batteries/Tapes Sharpie Markers Plane Tickets (make copies) Travelers Checks (make copies) Kids Sunglasses w/straps Waterproof Watch Envelopes for Maid Tips Maps/Directions Room Key Necklace Disposable Camera for Kids Spill Proof Kids Cups Theme Park Annual Passes Deck of Playing Cards Roll Pennies/Quarters CD/Headphones Kids ID Cards Labels w/Name & Cell # Kids Board Games Disposable Bibs Premeasured Coffee Laundry Soap Tablets Dryer Sheets Small Cereal Boxes Tea Bags Powder Drink Mix Crystal Light Brita Water Filtering Pitcher Dixie Cups Chips in Tube Containers Pop Up Laundry Bag Plastic Pool Cups w/Top & Straw Citronella Candles (For Patio/Balc) Travel Salt & Pepper

Pack for Kitchen:
Seasonings Paper Plates Juice Boxes Granola Bars Peanut Butter Instant Soup Mix Tuna Pouches Straws Sugar/Equal Plastic Grocery Bag Water Sports Bottle Electric Skillet Portable High Chair

Pack for Emergency:
Moleskin Foot Powder Health Ins Cards Doctor Phone #’s Eye Drops Midol _______________ Band-Aids Antacids Tweezers Prescription Meds Vitamins Anti-Itch Gel _______________ Neosporin Aloe Vera Gel Kids Headache Med Dramamine Adult Headache Med Tylenol PM Sinus Medicine Back Pain Medicine Cough Drops Sea Bands (Motion Sickness) Bengay Pepto Bismal ___________________________________________

Pack for Car Ride:
Pillows Blankets Handheld Games Drawing Boards Head Phones AAA Batteries Driver’s License Cell Phones Directions to Hotel Sunglasses Spill Proof Kids CupsPaper Towels Guide Books Itinerary Umbrella Snacks New Surprise Toys _______________ Movies Music - CD’s Books Maps/Directions Flash Light Proof of Auto Insurance Cell Phone Car Charger Playing Cards/Travel Games Headache Medicine Kids Headache Medicine Collapsible Cooler Plastic Grocery Bags for Trash Coupons for Road Meals Baby Wipes Drinks Disposable Bibs _____________________ ______________________

Pack for Theme Parks:
Autograph Book Cash/Credit Cards Orlando Magicard Driver’s License Walkie Talkies Sun block Guide Books Umbrella Water Shoes Hats/Visors Camera Mister Fan Kids ID w/Photo Waterproof Watch Kleenex Tag Kids w/ID Info Autograph T-Shirt Fat Pen - Autographs Back Pack Water bottle w/Strap Waterproof Camera Camcorder Glow Sticks/Necklace AAA Card/Offers Extra Camcorder Battery Stroller w/Storage Basket or Rental Cell Phones (2) Confirmation #’s for PS Pennies/Quarters for Pressers Moleskin Headache Medicine Kids Headache Medicine Sweat Band/Bandana Collapsible Cooler Plastic Trash Bags for Rain Poncho Park Maps Disposable Camera for Kids Chips in Tube Containers Snacks Frozen Juice Boxes Disposable Bibs Fanny Packs Frozen Water Bottles Comfortable Walk Shoes (X- Pair) Room Key Necklace Face Sun block Stick Kids Sunglasses w/Straps Lots of Film (400Sp) Small Flashlight Cheap Sunglasses w/Straps Mister Fan Batteries Chap Stick Theme Park Passes/Tickets Rain Poncho Rubber Bands/Hair Type Dixie Cups for Sharing Drinks Ziploc Baggies Pins for Trading at WDW Insect Repellant Anti-Bac Hand Gel Waterproof Case Pen Flashlight  Extra Dry Clothes Grocery Bag - Wet Clothes Kids Clothing Report (If get Lost) Baby Wipes _____________________ ______________________

Pack for Pool/Water Parks:
Floatation Toys Cash/Credit Cards Orlando Magicard Driver’s License Walkie Talkies Sun block Books/Magazines Spray Water Bottle Water Shoes Hats/Visors Camera Film Kids ID w/Photo Waterproof Watch Baby Wipes Beach Towels Back Pack Waterproof Camera Camcorder AAA Card/Offers Extra Camcorder Battery Cell Phones (2) Beach Bag Playing Cards Headache Medicine Cribbage Board Collapsible Cooler Park Maps Ear Plugs Snacks Frozen Juice Boxes Fanny Packs Frozen Water Bottles Room Key Necklace Face Sun block Stick Goggles Chap Stick Ziploc Baggies Waterproof Carry Case Extra Dry Clothes Rubber Bands/Hair Type Kleenex Grocery Bag – Wet Clothes _______________ _____________________ Bathing Suits Plastic Pool Cups w/Top & Straw Stroller w/Storage Basket or Rental Water Toys Kids Headache Medicine Anti-Bac Hand Gel Chips in Tube Containers Disposable Bibs Tag Kid’s w/Id Info (note in pocket) Kids Sunglasses w/Straps Cheap Sunglasses w/Straps Theme Park Passes/Tickets Dixie Cups for Sharing Drinks Kids Clothing Report (If Get Lost) ______________________

Before You Go To Do List:
Give neighbors your travel Information: Your Name, Address, Telephone Number Vacation Dates Itinerary during trip Vacation Phone Numbers Cell Phone Numbers Local Emergency Call Numbers Information About House: Which lights will be left on Which Cars will be left out Names of anyone checking/entering the house while you’re away Alarm Information (if necessary) Check All Doors and Windows are Locked Reduce Heating and A/C settings Secure all outdoor items Water Plants Unplug Appliances: TV Coffee Maker Toaster Microwave Washer Dryer Set Light Timers Stop Newspaper Delivery Stop Mail Delivery Set Alarm