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Thank you for considering cloth nappies for your baby and welcome to the IW Real Nappy Network. We are a voluntary group who aim to make choosing, using and buying cloth nappies easy and fun. Years ago, cloth nappies used to be hard work, but nowadays modern fabrics, Velcro, poppers and automatic washing machines make cloth nappies easy, quick and convenient to use . There is also a huge range of nappy types and styles to choose from these days, so if you thought it was all about folding terry squares then think again! Choosing cloth for your baby is kinder to the environment and will save you money—even when you account for washing costs and wear and tear on your machine. Using cloth nappies will save you between £200 and £1000 over the cost of disposables—even more if you use them for more than one baby! If you would like to research these issues further then please visit our website or This Guide answers some commonly asked questions and presents a selection of popular nappies that are available to order. The IW Real Nappy Network are stockists and suppliers of virtually all cloth nappy products currently available in the UK so if it’s not listed here then we can usually get it for you! Our advice is independent and free of charge— whether you choose to buy your nappies from us or not. If you choose to take advantage of our ordering service then we deliver free of charge, anywhere on the island. Happy Nappying!

BY POST—Simply complete the order form that accompanies this brochure and send with your cheque payable to “K. Oulds” to: IWRNN, 3 Brockwood Drive, Shanklin, IW PO37 7JN BY PHONE— 01983 864416 BY EMAIL— or complete the enquiry form at PAYPAL ACCEPTED We aim to deliver your order within 7 working days. Delivery is FREE anywhere on the Isle of Wight.

RETURNS POLICY We will refund or exchange any unused unwashed nappy or wrap for up to a year after purchase. If you have ordered a large number of nappies then we suggest you wash and try a small number at first, then if you are not happy you can return the rest.

ADVICE AND AFTER SALES SERVICE We are on hand to answer any cloth nappy queries, whether you choose to buy your nappies from us or not. Just call on 01983 864416 or email




Nappi Nippas—the amazing modern alternative to pins. A three legged stretchy gadget with tiny plastic combs on each end. Grips fabric securely and safely. Vest Extenders— popper on to the bottom of baby’s clothes to extend the fit. Great for bulkier nappies and also means vests will fit for longer! Tea Tree Oil—known for its anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Put 3-5 drops in the bottom of your nappy bucket to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Nappy Mesh— Saves handling individual nappies when transferring to the washing machine. Line your nappy bucket with this drawstring mesh bag then transfer to machine in one go. Nappy Bag—for use when out and about. Lightweight waterproof drawstring bag. Small holds 2-3 nappies. Large holds 6-8 My Wee Friend Potty Training stickers. This clever little black sticker fits into any flat bottomed potty and is reusable for months. When your child wees in the potty the black circle changes like magic into a smiling face! Choose from one of 9 designs or have two or more potties with different stickers, so your child can have fun guessing which face will appear. The smiley face will stay long enough for your child to rise from the potty to see their Wee Friend, then it will fade back to black ready for the next use. Children can't wait to use the potty and make their Wee Friend appear. Only £2.99

How do I choose which nappies to use? There is a huge selection of cloth nappy systems available in the UK so the choice can often be overwhelming at first. Asking yourself these questions may help: “Will I use a tumble dryer?” If not, then you will need to choose nappies that are fairly quick to dry. “Do I want to fold a nappy?” If not, then choose nappies that are shaped and fitted and fasten with Velcro or poppers. You do not have to restrict yourself to just one type of nappy, so feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content If after looking through our catalogue you are still unsure, then we are always on hand at the Nappy Network to help you decide, so just call or email us. How do I assemble a cloth nappy? From baby’s bottom outwards… Liner—goes next to baby’s skin and can be flushable or washable. Nappy—the absorbent part (huge choice of styles: flat, shaped or “one size”) Wrap—the outer cover which is waterproof yet breathable. How many nappies will I need? As a general rule you will need 15-18 nappies, 3 or 4 wraps and a supply of liners. How do I deal with soiled nappies? Take the nappy off, flush the liner (along with any solid waste) down the toilet. Place the nappy in any container with a lid, such as a bucket or waste bin. There is no need to soak. Wash nappies on a 60c cycle and dry them as you would your clothes. Most parents do a nappy wash 2-3 times a week, or you can simply wash a few nappies along with your usual laundry. How much do they cost? Pricing varies, so see our separate price list for detailed information, but you can set up a simple cloth nappy system for as little as £75. Compare that to the “hidden” cost of disposables—around £1200 per baby! I am on a limited budget—what do you recommend? Cloth nappies will save you £100s in the long run, but they do require some initial outlay. To ensure you make the right choice, try one of our Free Trial Kits. We will help you choose a small selection of nappies to wash and use in your own home for up to a month. This will give you a good idea of which nappies suit you and your baby. At the end of the trial period there is no obligation to buy. What about nappy rash? Wetness alone does not cause nappy rash. It is caused by the reaction of faeces with urine on the skin which produces ammonia. Research at Bristol University has shown that the type of nappy used is not a significant factor in nappy rash. The best prevention is to change nappies frequently and to wipe the whole area that the nappy covers. Most babies get nappy rash at some point, often when they are teething. If you would like advice on this subject then call or email us and we will be happy to help.





The traditional old favourite! Cheap to buy, quick to dry but do need some simple folding (instructions supplied). Choose from cotton terry towelling in various sizes and colours, silky bamboo fibre or white cotton “prefolds” from the USA which have a thicker central panel. No need to use pins any more though… nowadays we use the fantastic “Nappi Nippa” instead (various colours available, pictured here in red). Grips fabric securely, takes seconds to use and no danger of stabbing yourself or baby! (More info about Nippas on page 18) Traditionally muslins were used on newborn babies - and are still ideal for those early days. Pad fold or traditionally fold - these days a close fitting wrap will hold them in place without the need for any other fastening. Can also be used later on as boosters, or for general purpose mopping and wiping duties. Choose from plain cream, mint , lemon, pink and blue, or try our attractive animal patterns to make your muslins stand out from the rest!

Kushies swim nappies (pictured above) are made of rip stop nylon with Velcro fastening and ties for added security. Colour choices include red, green, purple mermaids, blue boats and turquoise fish.

Bright Bots swim nappies (pictured below) are a pull up design, similar to a regular swimming costume. They are tested to UPF 50+ so ideal for sunny days. The girls’ designs have a frill detail on the rear.





The nappy that grows with your baby!
Trainer pants are generally designed to look and feel more like “grown up” pants, so they are ideal for potty training. They are not as absorbent as a nappy so whilst they will absorb a little accident, they will not stop a flood! We stock the affordable Bright Bots Trainers in a variety of colours including red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, strawberry, sky blue, sea blue, pistachio, banana and lavender. Sizing for these is approximate and you may find you need a size larger than usual, so that you child can pull these up and down more easily. If you are looking for something more substantial, try the Minky YoYo—the cloth equivalent of a “pull up” but with poppers for added security. This can also be used as a night nappy for older children as you can add extra absorbency into the integral pouch. Sizing is approximate and there is some overlap between sizes.

We stock the very popular Mother Ease brand and Dizzy Diapers. These clever nappies adjust in the width and length by a system of poppers to fit from birth to potty. Drying time is medium. These systems can be very cost effective, especially if you have more than one child in nappies. Some larger “sized” nappies such as Nappy Nation, Tots Bots or Easy Peasy can also be used as a “one size” by folding down for a smaller baby.






BIMBLE QUICK DRY A first size, slim fitting nappy, ideal from birth to around 6-9m months. Benefits from a stay dry layer of polyester fleece. BUMBLE Similar design, but with a pouch which can be filled with extra padding and the option of popper fastening. May be folded down and used from birth to potty. BUMPER Bigger again! Fits from 35lbs, so great for toddlers or as a night nappy for 3-4 year olds. A liner goes next to baby’s skin inside the nappy. Liners can be flushable or washable. Our flushable liners are biodegradable—they catch solid waste, whilst letting wet pass through to be absorbed by the nappy. Our washable liners are made from “stay dry” polyester fleece in a variety of colours and patterns. A booster is added to a nappy to provide extra absorbency, either at night time or for heavy wetters. They can also be used to stuff inside a pocket nappy. We stock three kinds: Terry Booster—3 layers of soft cotton terry Microfibre insert—man-made microfibre terry, very lightweight and maximum absorbency with minimal bulk. Twooster – a liner and booster in one! Two layers of cotton terry topped with a layer of stay dry polyester fleece.
6 15

Nature Babies Stuffables Fuzzibunz



A “pocket” system is a wrap attached to a fleece lining to make a pouch. Into the pouch you stuff absorbent material (e.g. a flat nappy, booster or microfibre insert) The nappy then goes on baby in one piece. Although not the cheapest option, the great advantage of pocket systems are that you have the convenience of an “all in one” but with the benefit of quick drying. As most pocket nappies are lined with polyester fleece then it is not essential to have a liner next to baby’s skin, unless you choose to. We stock the popper fastening FuzziBunz from the US (in 22 different colours—see back cover!) which come complete with a microfibre insert. Nature Babies’ Stuffables are made in the UK with a choice of Velcro or popper fastening and range of fabric choices. From the US we are pleased to introduce Happy Heinys in a range of plain coloured polyester fabrics or fun cotton prints, pictured left. Please note that if your baby is a heavy wetter, it might be wise to choose polyester rather than cotton.

The No Fold Terry.
A shaped fitted nappy in two sizes, with the benefit of very quick drying due to its clever design. Neat fitting with good leg elastication. Use a Nappi Nippa to fasten, or choose the Velcro fastening version. Easy to add extra absorbency and an excellent choice if you do not use a tumble dryer. NEW - Bamboo version now available! Bamboo fibre is soft and silky, has antibacterial properties, is less bulky than cotton and dries more quickly. The larger size can be folded down at the front and used as a “one size” birth to potty nappy.

Happy Heinys





An all in one is a nappy and wrap sewn together as one piece. Quick and easy to use, but slower to dry and more expensive than a two part system. Popular for nursery use. We stock Mother Ease and the (slightly quicker drying) Nappy Nation brands, but can source other makes on request.

Original Tots Bots are shaped, sized nappies made in Scotland from luxury terry cotton. Very good quality and durable, with excellent absorbency and containment at legs and waist. Velcro fastening available. Great choice of colours: white, unbleached, pink, green, lavender, lemon, sky blue and mandarin. Drying time medium/ slow. The “Fluffle” is created from rapid drying microfibre, to help those without a tumble drier. Still as absorbent as a regular Tots Bots with excellent containment and a super soft feel, this nappy is available with poppers and can be used as a birth to potty nappy with some simple folding. The “Bamboozle” is made to the same design as Original Tots Bots, but from Bamboo fibre, which is soft and silky, has antibacterial properties, is less bulky to wear than cotton and dries more quickly.

The clever Hempresto nappy system is made right here on the Isle of Wight! It has the convenience of an All in One but dries much quicker, because the system comprises a luxury, organic cotton fleece nappy which snaps into a breathable wrap by a system of colour coded poppers. For extra absorbency a hemp pad tucks neatly in beneath the nappy, enabling you to customise the absorbency level. All three items are sold individually and the wrap will also fit over most other brands of nappy



A “wrap” is the outer cover that goes on after the nappy. All the wraps we stock are made from breathable fabric. They are waterproof, quick drying and can be washed with your nappies. There is an enormous variety in many different colours and patterns and with a choice of Velcro or popper fastening. Our price list features a selection of the most popular (pictured here) but we can easily source other makes on request. Most wraps work well with all brands of shaped and flat nappies, although if you are using prefolds, we recommend Nature Babies or Prorap. If you are not sure, check with us before you choose! When ordering, remember that you will only need 3 or 4 wraps because you do not need to change the wrap every time you change the nappy.



A shaped, sized nappy from the USA. Popper fastening and very stretchy with an overlap at the waist for extra adjustability. Good absorbency with thick padding in the centre. Slow to dry. The smallest (size 0) is a good choice for tiny or premature babies Choice of fabric: cotton fleece or terry/ cotton fleece combination. Choice of colours: melon, berry, lemon, lime or turquoise with contrasting inner colour. Please note that specific colours may not always be available but we will try to match your colour preference as best we can.

Nature Babies wrap selection Tots Wrap selection Rikki Wrap Vento Wrap








Made in Canada from stretchy, short pile terry with multi-position side poppers. Elasticated waist ensures a snug fit. Choice of colours: white or natural Comes in 4 sizes but most babies only need 23 sizes. XL is a good choice for toddlers as it can be used as a pull on pant for potty training.

A well known brand. Made from cotton flannelette with a hidden waterproof layer inside. A wrap is not always required, but recommended when the nappy is worn for longer periods, or when you are away from the home. Inner flap can be folded to suit boy or girl. Drying time can be slow due to waterproofing. Flannelette is quite slim fitting compared to other fabrics, but may be less absorbent due to the smaller surface area.



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