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					February 2nd, 2013                                                                                           Published by: Hank Klinger

A Life changing Speech
                                                                     Couldn’t ask for a better group of BadAsses ever… Thanks to
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                                                                     Network that is.
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                                                                     So for those of you on the fence. Get off… And Get In. You Can
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                                                                     In the blink of an eye your life can change.
Sometimes All it Takes Is A                                          With that being said, I can’t wait for you to make the same
Speech To Change Your Life…                                          decision I did. The one decision that changed my life.

                                                                     The Decision to Take Massive Action…
I heard a speech less then two
                                                                     It’s your life, and you have the right to live it however you
weeks ago that change my life                                        want…
forever…                                                             Can’t wait to see ya’ in Chicago at our next event… “Get Money“
The speech was by given by Justin Verrengia… Leader of Team          Let’s change the world, because if you can change 1 life, you
love and light                                                       can change 1,000 lives, and if you can change 1,000 lives, you
He’s a BadAss, plain and simple… He’s been a excellent               can change 1,000,000 lives… And if each one of us can change
mentor, and good friend since day one. I truly feel blessed to       1,000,000 lives.
be one of his students. To be Honest I feel blessed to be a part
of the bigger picture…                                               Then we can change the world
                                                                     Click this big sexy yellow button … If your ready to get Ruthless
What is the Bigger Picture?                                          about changing your life…
Empower Networks main focus… Which is to focus our
collective energies on lifting up others. I know that I wasn’t
a leader before Empower Network. I know that I’ve become
Empowered, and become a leader, and will stop at nothing to
help others feel the same belief that I feel right now.

Watch This video, and you can get a better
picture of what I’m talking about.                                   Sometimes All it Takes Is A Speech
                                                                     To Change Your Life…
I want you to feel the same inspiration
                                                                     posted by Hank Klinger – “It’s time to get Ruthless about your
that I did… Because Sometimes All it
takes is a A Speech To Change Your Life.
I want to see you uplifted, and make the decision to take
massive action with your life. Become a part of our team here.
You can’t fully understand the power of an event until you
experience it first hand. It’s a electrifying experience… Justin
tried to explain the power of an event, but I didn’t “Get It”.
I had to attend to understand…
Here’s a amazing Video – By Jin Hua that really give’s the
feeling of the event, start to finish…

Check it out!
And sometimes a video is so powerful…
You can get the picture…
I wan to give a huge shout out to every one on Team Love And
Light/Team Prosperity…

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