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					The trade fair for the entire family that combines education, fun and entertainment

The first ever Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair, in association with Radiowave 96.7FM is taking place at the Wanderers Sport Club on the 18 and 19 September 2009. Opening times are: Friday, 18 September 2009 Saturday, 19 September 2009 12h00 – 21h00 (gates and halls close at 20h00) 09h00 – 21h00 (gates and halls close at 20h00)


Adults: N$ 30 Kids between 10 -18: N$ 15 Kids under 10: Free Family special: N$ 50 for both parents

The first 3000 visitors will receive a free goodie bag at the entrance. The Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair is the one-stop-shop for parents and kids of all ages, with a wide range of exhibitions and activities. Your kids can even look forward to their own entertainment program. Although the trade fair is organized for kids, parents are also catered for with a number of educational talks, exhibitions by schools and other service providers to your kids, as well as delicious food. For the convenience of the visitor there will be a nappy changing and breast feeding facility. The “Montessori Children’s Room” will be an inside play area, hosted by the Montessori Kindergartens, where children from 1 ½ to 7 years will be able to play under parental supervision in a safe environment, and parents that are interested can be introduced to the Montessori concept. In the outside Kidz Fun Zone, children will find various jumping castles on which they can get rid of their excess energy. The jumping castles will be clearly separated for smaller and bigger children to ensure that small toddlers do not get hurt and are not too afraid to jump. There will also be a wide range of other exciting activities like face painting, decorating of cup cakes, pin the tail on the donkey, radio controlled cars, arts competitions and many more. After so much education, fun and entertainment, you and your children will no doubt be hungry and thirsty. The Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair will be offering a wide variety of culinary delights from the popular braai, chicken schnitzel, hot dog and goulash soup to the traditional Weisswurst with Weissbier, delicious steak brötchen and coffee and cake for the sweet tooth.

Exhibitor listing More than 60 exhibitors are participating at the first ever Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair. The exhibits range from clothing and accessories, toys, books, stationary, health, sport, music and education for children. Stands in Hall Stand No 1 and 2 3, 4 and 5 Exhibitor Sam’s Hobbies & Toys Computer4Kids / VCS Computer Rugili Enterprises Woodies Treasures4U La Novita Anin Embroidery Product Description Toys, radio controlled toys Software for schools, integrational IT, skills and electronic whiteboards Gift boxes for all occasions Wooden children’s benches, tables and chairs Ladies’, gent’s, children’s clothing and toys Toys, books, DVD’s, games and puzzles New clothing range - ‘Safari Baby’ Handmade Namibian accessories

6 7 8 and 9 10 11

12 13 14 15 16 17 and 18 19 and 20

Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Education ABC Stationers Cheeky Kidz Windhoek Gymnasium Crazy Chameleon Playground Wecke & Voigts Imported and local stationery Children’s clothing Education Themed children’s parties Toys and educational board games Children’s luggage sets, educational games, toys and accessories Children’s clothing and accessories, toys and children’s room decorations Nutritional counseling Baby and mother healthcare products, toys


Ikhoba Textiles

22 23 and 24

Charlotte Thiele & Partners Maerua Super Spar

25 and 26 27 and 28

Creative Textiles Chakra Health

Children’s clothing Treatments during and after pregnancy, candles for baby massages, wall murals for baby rooms and gips prints of pregnant tummy

29 30 and 31

Windhoek International School Education Cell One Montessori Children’s Room Cellular service provider Child care 1 ½ - 7 years old

Stands in Tent Stand No 1 and 2 3 4 Exhibitor Namibia Dairies Namibian Optical Centre Mothers & Miracles Product Description Beverages and dairy products Eye tests, glasses Educational baby and toddler workshop, baby massages and adult massages, personal training, children’s swimming classes and educational toys Education Nursery furniture, children’s clothing Cell phone bags, music bags, Yogi poofs, children’s hammocks and baby accessories School uniforms, sport tracksuits, children’s tracksuits and embroidery Books, DVD’s, Audio CD’s, greeting cards and calendars Disposable diapers produced in Namibia Washable nappies, accessories and belly mask making kits Education Music classes for children aged after birth – 8 years Books

5 6 7

Waldorf Schule Oh Baby Milega Africa


Aletta’s Sewing Centre

9 10 11

The New Bookcellar Diaper Zone Düki

12 13 14

St Georges Diocesan School Kindermusik Book Den


Michelle McLean Children Trust Promotion of Michelle McLean Children Trust projects and services Tina Cowley Reading Centre Onyati Adventures Promotion of reading centre services Adventure and team building activities

16 17


Speech Therapy & Audiology

Raising awareness about speech disorders and services offered Children’s sleeping kits Organic food Promote LifeLine/ChildLine programme Children’s bedding sets

19 20 21 22 Outside Area

Bag-a-Kid Greenspot Organics LifeLine /ChildLine Namibia Kiddies Comfizone

Sunshine Kids Jungle Gyms Cycle Wholesale OTB Sport Bank Windhoek Balance & Business

Jungle Gyms, swings, slides, wendy and doll houses Parent and children’s bicycles and accessories Sport clothing, sport equipment, toys and games Financial service provider Workshops and individual consulting on Feng Shui for children’s rooms, developing your child’s full potential and expression through movement Processed meat and specialties Cellular service provider Demonstration of radio controlled cars Kidz Fun Zone, children’s entertainment Massages Introduction to French classes, art discovery, storytelling and movies Promotion of CLASH services

Windhoek Schlachterei MTC SKW radio controlled cars Kids Catering Afriserenity Franco Namibian


Cancer Association of Namibia Cancer information, awareness and sun block Stefan Oosthuizen & Partners Photographic Agency Food Stands Exhibitor Snow Nice Chip n Dip Froyo Curl a Chip Farm Georgia West Funky Ice Cream Product Description Snow Nice Chips with a choice of sauces Frozen yoghurt ice cream Curled chips on a stick Steak Brötchen Soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, Soda Floats and chocolates Candy Floss, sweets, popcorn, Slush puppy, chips Sweet and Savoury pancakes, cakes, coffee and tea Weisswurst and Weissbier, selection of German speciality sausages Schnitzel & Chips, Goulash Soup, Hot Dogs, Braai & Salad and more. Family Portrait Photography

Sweet Village

Sentraal Jukskei

Maerua Super Spar

Wanderers Catering

Entertainment Programme Friday, 18 September 2009 08h00 Gates open: Exhibitors 12h00 Gates open: Public 13h00 Welcome by MC Stefan Ludik Bank Windhoek SOLO Banking Buzz Road Show 15h30 Welcome by MC Stefan Ludik Various dances and performances 17h00 Introduction of Little Mr. and Miss Kidz Fun Fair finalists 19h30 Music performance by The Covers 20h00 Gates and halls close

21h00 End of Day Programme Saturday, 19 September 2009 08h00 Gates open: Exhibitors 09h00 Gates open: Public 10h30 Welcome by MC Stefan Ludik Various dances and performances Bank Windhoek SOLO Banking Buzz Road Show 13h30 Welcome by MC Stefan Ludik Various dances and performances Bank Windhoek SOLO Banking Buzz Road Show 15h30 Little Mr. and Miss Kidz Fun Fair fashion show and competition 18h00 Music performance by Bobbies Band 20h00 Prize draw for raffle Exhibitor Award Ceremony 20h00 Gates and halls close 21h00 End of Day Programme Educational talk program Throughout both days of the Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair a comprehensive programme of educational talks has been put together. The talks will be about half an hour and afterwards visitors will have ample time to ask questions to the specialists. Friday, 18 September 2009 14h00 Different educational approaches in Kindergartens: Introduction to the Montessori concept at home and at pre-school. Terrible Two’s: What are the indicators and what can be done to overcome this. 15h00 Life as a mumpreneur How to balance life as a working mom with children. Awarded the Bank Windhoek's Business Communicator of the Year Award - 2008 16h00 Cancer information; prevention and awareness The benefits of sun block 17h00 Financial Educational Talk 18h00 Parenting in the 20th century Micaela Connor Headstart Training Centre

Collette Rieckert Windhoek Gymnasium

Nellie Coetzee Cancer Association of Namibia Bokkie Cloete Bank Windhoek Käthe Burkhardt and Mariette Brand Psychology Association of Namibia Raghilt Redecker and Birgit Nakamhela

19h00 Childbirth education, involving the different

birth options, breathing techniques and breastfeeding. Pilate’s exercises – posture and partner exercises. Saturday, 19 September 2009 10h00 Balanced diet for a balanced child (On behalf of Nestle)

Midwife with over 20 years’ experience

Celia Leibbrandt Charlotte Thiele & Partners

Childhood Obesity: Is Namibia next to follow? When is your child overweight and why does it matter? How do I prevent it from happening to my child? Healthy eating tips for kidz

11h00 Financial Educational Talk

Bokkie Cloete Bank Windhoek Elmari Saayman Kindermusik Maika Eysselein, Talita Vermaak and Hilda Lösch Psychology Association of Namibia

12h00 The importance of music as stimulation for the development of a healthy child 14h00 Divorce and the effects

15h00 Recognition and support of your child’s full potential Christine Zeitler and development. Balance and Business 16h00 How to prepare your child for school readiness The reason behind why school readiness is tested. Abilities versus Skills. 17h00 Proper dental care from day 1 Puppet show on how cavities occur. Tanya Beyer
Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek

Donna Mhlongo Dental Association

18h00 When does your child have a speech abnormality. Wiebke Neuburg and Christine Diehl Normal speech and language development. Speech Therapy and Audiology Language stimulation, common speech and language difficulties. 19h00 Balanced diet for a balanced child (on behalf of Nestle) Celia Leibbrandt Charlotte Thiele & Partners

Childhood Obesity: Is Namibia next to follow? When is your child overweight and why does it matter How do I prevent it from happening to my child? 3 Healthy eating tips for kidz

Please take note that children are not allowed in the educational talk room. The Montessori Children’s Room offers to look after children between 1 ½ and 7 years while their parents listen to the talks.

The only educational talk where children will be allowed in is the talk held by the Dental Association at 17h00 on Saturday, 17 September 2009. The Dental Association will be having a puppet show and will be giving away toothbrushes, toothpaste and colouring in books. Other activities At the Bank Windhoek stand various activities will be happening, like a colour in competition, pop a balloon, puzzle competitions and an autograph signing by Smiley and Stephan Ludik. Have a look at the detailed programme in this supplement or go to the Bank Windhoek stand for further information on when the various activities are taking place. The Franco Namibian Cultural Center is offering a comprehensive programme of story-telling, movies, art competitions and French discovery classes. Please go to the FNCC tent for further information on when the various activities are taking place. The Balance & Business tent is offering a combination of activities and consultations, like expression through movement, recognizing your child’s full potential and Feng Shui for kidz. Please go to the Balance & Business tent for further information on when the various activities are taking place. We would like to thank our main sponsors Bank Windhoek and Radiowave 96.7FM for supporting this event. We furthermore would like to thank the following supporters: Development Bank of Namibia, Innovations Tent Hire, Container World, G4S, Rent a Drum, Transworld Tours and Travel, Raith’s Bake, Snowball Studio and African Marketing.

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