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									                  STUDENT PARKING PROPOSAL

The University of Baltimore has access to fewer than 1,400 campus-owned and leased parking
spaces, which is insufficient to meet the needs of its 5,400 students and 500 faculty/staff
members. In addition, UB’s parking fees are significantly below market rates, requiring an
annual $1 million subsidy of the parking and shuttle operations, diverting resources from
academic priorities.

The University will develop a parking program to:

      Increase the number of available parking spaces
      Provide better customer service in the parking and shuttle operations
      Maintain below-market parking rates that are distinct from other student fees

Current Rates

UB student parking fees are currently subsumed in the overall Auxiliary fee. The following table
compares 2007-2008 UB student rates with area urban campus and commercial rates.

                              Per Hour               Per Day                Per Month
UB                            $0.25                  $ 1.07                 $ 17.00
UMB                           $1.20                  $ 4.80                 $ 76.80
JHU UG/Homewood               $1.50                  $ 6.00                 $ 96.00
JHU Medical                   $1.80                  $ 7.19                 $115.00
Midtown commercial            $7.00                  $15.00                 $150.00

Increasing Parking Capacity

UB must increase available parking capacity to meet current and future demand. Parking in an
urban setting is expensive both to construct - $22,000 per space - and to operate - $650 per space.
A 950-space parking facility would cost the University $21 million. However, state funds are not
available to construct parking facilities, nor does USM debt capacity provide for auxiliary bond
financing for parking projects.

To overcome these challenges, UB has entered into a public/private partnership with a local
developer and parking management company to construct a new garage with 950 spaces
allocated to UB. This will increase overall campus parking by 33 percent (418 additional spaces).
Parking fees will be below market rate, and professional management will improve the customer
experience with such enhancements as GPS tracking and advance notification of space

During construction of the new garage, part of the Fitzgerald at UB Midtown project, community
spaces will be provided on a one-to-one basis for each parking space lost due to construction.
Shuttle bus service will be expanded to expedite travel from surge parking areas to academic
buildings. The locations of the surge parking areas are still be negiotated.

Revised Student Parking Rates

Student parking rates will be charged on a per-park basis, via a declining balance card, based on
hours parked.

       Length of park                 Rate
       0 to 3.5 hours                 $4.32
       3.51 to 8.0 hours              $5.57
       8.01- 23.59 hours              $7.32

This fee structure has been developed to ensure that there will not be a significant impact on an
individual student’s incentive to remain on campus and engage in extracurricular activities, as
the per-hour rate declines the longer a student remains on campus. The plan also recognizes that
part-time students should only pay for actual usage. Students will be able to include the cost of
parking into their financial need package. In addition, the administration is working to develop
a program where students can elect to have parking fee monies applied to their UB student
account. Under this proposal, financial aid dollars will be applied to the student account, leaving
the student with either a surplus or deficit.

Better Services

Partnering with a professional parking operator – PMI Parking, the leading provider of parking
management services in the region – UB can provide better parking and shuttle services. PMI
will establish a parking and transportation management office on campus and will invest
resources to:

      Provide a single point of contact for all parking and shuttle activities
      Implement GPS tracking to inform shuttle riders of exact waiting times
      Employ signage, e-mail and text messaging to direct commuters to available spaces.

Additional Strategies

UB has historically leased out a limited number of parking spaces to offset the $1 million
parking subsidy, producing approximately $200,000 annually. In August 2007, UB discontinued
the rental of 150 spaces to accommodate increased demand. The lone remaining lease agreement,
covering 100 spaces, will not be renewed upon expiration prior to the fall 2008 semester.

UB will continue to rent spaces for local events on a case-by-case basis, provided no negative
impact on UB students, faculty or staff. These rentals, typically on weekends, provide annual
revenues of $60,000 to $130,000 that are applied to the parking subsidy.

UB is developing a strategic plan for campus sustainability. Reduction of carbon emissions is a
primary goal to achieve climate neutrality. To that end, use of public transit systems is
encouraged. UB is served by all forms of mass transportation. The Mass Transit Administration
(MTA) offers a discounted College Pass for $39 per month that provides unlimited travel on
local bus routes, Light Rail, and the Metro. The Student Advantage Card offers significant
discounts on Amtrak and MARC train service. Also, UB is part of the AlertNetRides campus
program, a free membership-based, rideshare program for persons commuting to Baltimore City.

To demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability, UB will create a public
transportation committee with representation from all campus stakeholders. The committee will
make recommendations on distribution and implementation of a mass transit subsidy of up to
exceed $20,000 in FY09.

In addition, the Fitzgerald at UB Midtown development will provide a secure and safe
environment with easy pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation, all of which encourages the
use of mass transit and alternative transportation.

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