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					       During the walk through, the cross section of sub -basin has been
contacted through walking and the farmers demands were studied. Along with
this, the topography of the area, cropping, water availability, transport etc. were
also observed. This background facilitated in understanding the stakeholders
problems and the solution suggested .

4. Stake holders demand
       The stake holders in different parts of the sub -basin requested the
following infrastructure.
a. Storage godown :Farmers are of the opinion that storage godowns and
threshing floors are necessary for the following reasons.

1. At many places the RM”s&other markets are situated 20 -30 Km from the place
of production. For eg. Kundadam is situated more than 20 K.M. away from the
existing RM.

2 .If the produces are transported and sale has not been effected due to price
differences,the produce could not be returned.

3. Pledge loan facility is not available in the villages where godowns are not

4. Without storage, the produces are likely to reduce in quality.

Due to the above reasons, the stake holders denanded storage godowns a nd
threshing floor at interior villages.

       a. storage godown
       b. Threshing floor / drying yards
       c. Dunnages
       d. Plastic tarpaulins
       e. Weighing Machine
       f. Information KIOSK

5. Marketing intervention Proposed
Software components

   Linkages with traders/manufacturers on contract farming /MOU terms to be
    explored along with legal coverage.
   FIG”s at WUA level and commodity Groups.
   Capacity building in pre and post harvest techniques -the trining to be
    conducted among Fas to gain more market access. -Centralised proposal by
  Diversification of crop from paddy to coconut,sugercane since paddy is more
    water required to less water required in order to maximize the water use

Hard Ware Component

          Demand and price forecasting system to be developed at the S ub
          Basin level in liason with TNAU DEMIC and NIC to provide necessary
          market information at the targeted groups to go for controlled planting
          as well as the marketing of the produce.

          Collection cum Storage Godowns are to be constructed at selective
          FA’s field itself to make provision for collection ,cleaning and Grading
          of the Produce as well as Packing and storage .As for as grains are
          concerned besides Godowns ,Tharshing Floors are constructed to
          minimise the during the post harvest losses.

                       3. Marketing interventions proposed with reference to identified

 Crop                                                               Counter measure
                                                        Linkages with traders on contract farming
                                                        and online trading. Off season varieties to
                                                        be developed by TNAU and cultivated,
                               Production – Glut /
                                                        marketed by FA's .Incase of perishables,
                                                        agro-processing opportunities to be
                                                        explored and required facility to be
                                                        No such difficulty. For speeding of
                                Lack of available       marketing, formation of ma rketing sub
                                    practice            groups at farmers association and export
                                                        potential may be tapped.
                                                        Rural godowns and thrashing floors to be
                                                        constructed at selected sub groups and
                                                        tarpaulins to be distributed. On test basis
                                Poor post harvest       ready to cook vegetables may either be
Vegetables & Cereals

                                                        processed by Farmer's Interest Groups be
                                                        branded or allowing (FIG's) and the same
                                                        may be passed to self -help group to enter
                                                        into their venture of value addition. On
                                                        realizing the potentials the same will be
                                                        expanded on large scale through big
                                                        departmental stores or through vegetable
                                                        depots at cities.
                                                        Collective bargaining may be imparted
                               No collective action     through     establishment     of   FA's    /
                                                        organization      empowering     them    to
                                                        establish a retail unit in farmers market
                                                        operated in nearby town.

                                                        Demand and price for casting cell of TNAU
                                                        Will provide information to the target
                                                        groups in liaison with personal of Dept of
                                  Lack of Market        Agrl. Marketing & Agri. Business on
                              Information /Providing    demanding markets, time of sale expected
                                  multiple market       price advantage etc. It could facilitate the
                                   information          farmers to take decisions on crop
                                                        diversifications on either increasing or
                                                        decreasing the area under crops.


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