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					English 11 – Miss Gellott                                       Name:____________________________________
Reflection Essays

This year, you will be doing a lot of writing, in the forms of formal essays and informal journal responses.
Because practice makes perfect, you are to write one reflection essay per week, to be turned in every Friday
(though they may certainly be turned in earlier in the week). These reflections can be miniature persuasive essays,
short stories, research-based, or informative. They may even be poems! But each will reflect on a certain key
word or phrase chosen from the checklist. By the end of the year, you will complete a reflection for every key
word or phrase, but you need not do them in any particular order. Keep this sheet in the front of your weekly
reflection folder and use the checklist to indicate which words you have selected already.

  1. Reflections are to be TYPED and submitted to
  2. Reflections must use good grammar, sentence structure, correct spelling and vocabulary.
  3. Reflections are to be 300 – 500 words (including poems) and should include a word count at the bottom.
  4. Reflections are to be DOUBLE-SPACED in Times New Roman Font.
  5. Reflections must avoid ALL usage of first and second person pronouns – this means no “I” “you” “your”
     or “you’re”. The only exception to this rule is the first person plural forms “we” and “us” should you be
     reflecting on “we” as a society or culture.
  6. Reflections should refrain from using contractions, informal slang or text speak.
  7. Reflections should be turned in INSIDE “Weekly Reflections” folder with the checklist appropriately
     marked each week.
  8. The title of every essay should be the word or phrase selected for that week (you may include a subtitle if
     you wish)
  9. Reflections must have proper MLA formatted headings:

MLA Format Heading: In general, any typed assignment you complete should have the same properly formatting
heading. In the LEFT margin, type your Name, Teacher’s Name, Course Name and Due Date –

       Jane Smith

       Miss Gellott

       English 11

       26 August 2010


               Indent first line of first paragraph and begin writing your reflection. Be sure to avoid usage of

       all informal or inappropriate pronouns and slang…

Also, if your reflection goes on to a second sheet of paper, you should list your last name and page number in the
top RIGHT header –

                                                                                                      Smith 2

       Continue reflection from page one and be sure to include a word count at the end. (307 words)

      Keywords or Phrases (check them off as you complete one each week)

 An Unsolved Mystery                        Prejudice
 Animals (or Pets)                          Racism
 Beauty                                     Social Networking
 College                                    Sports
 Communication                              Stage Fright
 Community Service                          Stereotype
 Dancing or School Dances                   Summer Reading
 Hatred                                     Superheroes
 High School                                Television
 History                                    The Future
 Hollywood Celebrities                      The Internet
 Mathematics                                Underage Drinking or Drinking Age
 Media                                      United States Government
 Parents                                    Violence
 Patriotism                                 Wealth

These reflections will not be shared with anyone, nor will you ever be required to
share them out loud in class. Aside from the technical/formatting requirements,
you are being given very little direction here. I do not care what you write about,
what you believe, or what aspect of these topics you wish to develop. Be creative,
voice your thoughts clearly and with good vocabulary and structure, and think
outside the box.

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