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                        Minutes from Previous Meeting – 4th April, 2012

                                     Meeting 2nd May, 2012
Meeting opened: 7.35pm


Belinda Baxter, Susan Bradley, Vicki Hayes, Julie Armstrong, Karen Latham, Michelle Blay, Sharon
Divall, Katherine Hyland, Michaela Smith, Caroline Begg, Brooke Wilding.


Previous Minutes: accepted.

       Moved: Belinda Baxter Seconded: Caroline Begg

Matters Arising:

    Non-Uniform jackets were offered to School Staff, all jackets were snapped up by
     Wollondilly Staff members.
    At the beginning of Term 2 Susan Bradley, Principal will put a photograph of students in
     correct School Uniform will go into the School Newsletter to clarify what the correct
     Wollondilly School Uniform is.
    Vicki Hayes is still waiting to hear from Jim Hughes of Goulburn Country and Work wear
     about the Girls’ Uniform Shorts and she will chase it up next Term along with the hats.
    Danny Yeadon is still looking into the issue with the footpath on council land outside the
     School in Newton Street.

Treasurers’ Report:

    See attached.


    A Thank you card from Belinda Bell for her Farewell Voucher, she purchased a pair of
     gumboots and a dress.
    Various Fundraising leaflets/Fliers – handed on to the Fundraising Committee.

Canteen report:
     See attached.
     There has been a profit of over $3000 over the past month.
     Canteen Treasurer Position – Tracey Field
       Nominated: Caroline Begg        Seconded: Vicki Hayes
     A motion that there will be 2 signatories on the Commonwealth Bank Account:

           062-545 00904201

       Arrangements will be made with the Commonwealth Bank to reflect these changes.
Principal’s Report:

     The Parent/Teacher Interviews went well with good attendance.
     Harmony Day was great, with a lot of helpers in the Canteen.
     The Young Leaders Day in Sydney was good, with Ahn Do being the Students’ Favourite
     Coming up in Term 2:
      Staff Development Day on Monday 23rd April, with Staff attending a 2hr Motivational
      Speaker at Mulwaree High School, then returning to School to a CPR refresher in service;
      Students return to school on Tuesday 24th April; Wednesday 25th April – ANZAC Day;
      Thursday 26th April – Wollondilly ANZAC Day Assembly; Tuesday Week 2 – Linda Sloane will
      be retiring, she will be replaced through the usual Department of Education process.
     Thank you to Penny Steel for all her hard work as Canteen Treasurer.

Uniform Committee Report:

     Nothing to discuss in Sue Carmichael’s absence, further discussion regarding School Uniform
      will occur at the next Uniform Committee Meeting.
     Principal to put a photo of Winter and Summer Uniform in the School Newsletter and clearly
      explain what the School Uniform is.

Fundraising Report:

     Brooke Wilding is happy to be the Fundraising Coordinator.
     Thank you to Sue Carmichael for handing out Request for Helper leaflets on the Monday
      afternoon before the Easter Fundraising Orders were to be dispatched.
     The packing of Easter Fundraising Orders was very successful, only taking approximately an
      hour to organise, the student helpers were wonderful.
     Cross Country Carnival – Sausage Sizzle, Coffee & Cake Stall Thursday 10th May
     Mothers’ Day Stall – Date to be decided
     Fundraising Meeting to be organised during the School Holidays to discuss Fundraising
      events for Term 2.
     The P & C is happy to continue raising money for Air Conditioning for the School.

SRC Report:

     Karen Latham met with the SRC on Wednesday 28th March, there is currently a nil balance
      in the SRC Account as the previous balance was used to buy board games that have been
      distributed out among each classroom to be used for Wet Weather. The School added in
      the Shortfall.
     This year the SRC is aiming to raise enough money to purchase Lockable Storage Boxes for
      outside. The plan is to put these Lockable boxes outside the Library.
     The Gold Coin Donation, wear Sports Clothing Day today (4th April) went well.

General Business :
    A present for Linda Sloane for her retirement from the P & C. Caroline Begg will organise a
       $100 gift Voucher from Gehl Garden Centre.

        Moved: Vicki Hayes     Seconded: Michelle Blay
    ANZAC Day March – is Summer Uniform appropriate? This year it will have to continue in
     Summer Uniform as the note has already gone out to parents. Next year Winter Uniform
     would be preferred.
    Could Principal please remind the Teachers of the correct uniform and also reinforce the NO
     HAT, NO PLAY policy?
    Is the Playground Equipment in Playground B being used as much as possible? Susan Bradley
     will investigate the Rostered/allocated days for students and the possible Height restrictions
     for Year 2 students and also the Supervision situation.
    Katherine Hyland showed a reusable lunch order bag. They are $6 to purchase and the
     School Canteen can resell for $7. The Company Katherine purchased the Lunch Bag from is
     called Sticky Beaks. Katherine will investigate order quantities/requirements and try and
     register some form of Expressions of Interest by the school community.

The next Meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd May.

Meeting Closed: 8.45pm

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