; Keeping Yourself Safe And The Importance Of Making A Bike Accident Claim
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Keeping Yourself Safe And The Importance Of Making A Bike Accident Claim


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									Keeping Yourself Safe And The Importance Of Making A Bike Accident
A bicycle accident can cause serious injuries to any individual. If you or a family member has a bicycle accident,
the first thing to do is to hire an attorney who is highly experienced in automobile accidents to help you to file
an insurance claim. How important is it to have a legal protection for and against a bike accident claim? What
factors are involved? Read on and find out more.

Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Believe it or not, a fatal bicycle accident reportedly occurs every 6 hours in major urban clusters in the world.
540,000 bicyclists go to emergency rooms each year and more than 90% of cyclists wrongful death occur in an
accident with another car.

•      The bikes are hard to see, more so in the dark so that cyclists are more likely to have accidents at night.

•      A driver can run over a cyclist from behind when turning to the right.

•      A distracted motorist who does not see the cyclist.

•      A driver who did not give way or stop at a stop sign or red light and hit by the cyclist.

•      The cyclist is hit by a drunk driver or someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Why hire accident lawyers after a bicycle accident?

The bicycle accident attorneys have dedicated to help many people who are in the same situation as you.
Lawyers bicycle accidents submitted an insurance claim on your behalf for all damages, including:

•      Medical Expenses

•      Lost Revenue

•      Pain and suffering

The initial consultation is usually free and do not charge fees until you receive fair compensation for their
personal injuries and property damage.
Social Security does not cover the services provided by traffic accidents. These "costs" is the claim to the insurer
of the person responsible for the accident, so the key is crowded to show that the accident was caused by a car

One of the characteristics that have the claim for bicycle accident is that cyclists do not have insurance so it will
require a private expert opinion of the damages suffered in the accident in order to claim them. If the bike
repair is not too expensive, lawyers always advise to their clients (if they can afford it) to pay such
compensation, and claim directly for repair bill, which quite often expedite the claim process. Take pictures of
everything that has to do with the accident, if you can do so safely. Photos can help insurance companies
determine how much to pay as compensation for their injuries.

The compensation claim for a bicycle accident follows the basic lines of any accident compensation. The lawyer
should present a complaint in court, specifying a fatal accident compensation claim or a cycle accident claim.
This should be followed by a request to have the injured evaluated by a medical examiner to fully and
objectively assess the injuries. The bicycle will also have to be checked by a mechanic or expert in a bicycle shop
so as to determine the extent of the damage and if it can be included in the claim. It is highly important that you
work with a professional or an expert in claims like this to make sure that your case is rightly cared for. There is
nothing better than being prepared, especially if you or a loved one is involved in activities such as cycling.

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