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					            Ford Probe ECU Code Reading
You will need:-
• 12v LED
• a straightened paperclip or short piece of solid wire

                   FOLLOWED STEP BY STEP.

Firstly, you need to locate the “Diagnostic box”.

                                                            Pop the bonnet, and look to
                                                             the right hand side of the
                                                                    engine bay.
                                                           The Diagnostic box is shown
                                                               on the diagram in red,
                                                           positioned next to the battery
                                                           and in-front of the fuse box.

Lift the lid of the box, and inside you will find a multiplug, which looks similar to the
diagram below.
    It is very important that you take great care when shorting pins in this
        multiplug, as a wrong connection can cause damage to your car.
For this reason it is recommended that only insulated, solid wire is used and not
                               multi-strand wire.

  1. Ensure the Ignition is switched OFF, the handbrake is on and the car is not in
  2. With a paperclip, (or preferably an insulated piece of solid wire), short the 2
     pins shown below

  3. Now connect the Anode (+) of the 12v LED to the B+ pin, and the Cathode (-)
     of the LED to the FEN pin (SHOWN BELOW). Take great care not to touch
     either leg of the LED to the bridge you have previously connected in Step 2
   4. Turn the ignition ON (DO NOT START THE CAR), and watch the LED.
      After around 4 seconds, the LED will start to flash (if there are any error codes
   5. The error codes are 2 digit codes. These codes are broken down into “tens”
      and “units”. So for instance, code 25 is flashed as a 2 and then a 5. The “tens”
      light the LED for 1.2 seconds and the “units” light for 0.4 seconds. Code 25
      would flash 2 x long flashes (1.2 secs) and 5 x short flashes (0.4 secs). It is not
      quite so easy though, as the codes also include 0 (zero) which is obviously not
      flashed. As long as you know this, it is still possible to read codes involving a
      zero. The codes are flashed in numerical order with the lowest code first.
      There is a 4 second pause between codes. The codes will flash out and once all
      error codes are reported, they will repeat, so don’t worry too much if you miss
      them first time around.
   6. Once you are happy that you have recorded or remembered all of the codes,
      turn the ignition OFF and carefully remove the LED and wire bridge/ short.

It is worth trying to clear codes from the ECU before spending too much time and
money if it is not needed. The ECU can remember codes which can cause the car to
run incorrectly, but a simple reset of the ECU can clear many faults which often will
not come back. Please note that this is not always the case, but it is worth trying first.

To clear codes:-
   1. Ensure the ignition is switched OFF.
   2. Disconnect the Earth (-) connection from the battery.
   3. Depress the brake pedal for 20-30 seconds (to clear any residual charge).
   4. Reconnect the Earth (-) connection on the battery.

Please note that the car may run slightly “rough” as the ECU re-learns for a short
while. Re-check the codes after a day or two.
What the codes mean:-
Further Information of “what the codes mean” and possible fixes can be found in the
following links:-

Neither UKPOC nor myself can not be held responsible for any damage caused by
following these instructions. All work is carried out at your own risk

Write-up by Darren King “Daz V6”

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