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									Westward Expansion – Louisiana
  Purchase, Louis and Clark,
        Oregon Trail

    SWBAT: Analyze the most significant events
   during the era of the westward expansion and
          explain the importance of each.
                 GLE: 2.3aE DOK: 2
Issues with Territory Late 1700’s                   (pages 319-323)

                  Northwest Territory:
                  Battle of Fallen Timbers/French Rebellion

                  Jay’s Treaty-Britain out of NW Territory
                  Pinckney’s Treaty-US could store goods at
                  New Orleans, US citizens could travel the
                  Mississippi, and Spain accepts the 31st parallel
                  as northern border of Florida

                  Appalachians: Whiskey Rebellion
         Jefferson Era 1800      (page 349)

Ideas of Jefferson:
Common way of life (small farmers would
  uphold strong morals and democratic ideas)
Small Government – less power
Government should not incur debt (money
  should come from tax on imports and exports)
     Mississippi very important to economy
France originally settled the New Orleans area. It was given to Spain after the French
And Indian War (The King of France was cousins with the King of Spain, and France was
concerned about the cost of colonizing the territory and made a buffer zone between Britain and
Spanish territories.) Then in 1802 – Spain gives the area back to France. Before this happens,
Spain closes New Orleans to US shipping. Angry Americans call for war against both
Spain and France. Thomas Jefferson wants to avoid conflict. He offers to purchase New Orleans
from France…….To his surprise France asks him if he would like to purchase the Entire Louisiana
Territory. (page 345-346)
  Louisiana Purchase of 1803

$15 Million Dollars - $0.03 per acre – America doubles it’s
   Louisiana Territory Needs Explored
Corps of Discovery – Lewis and Clark Expedition
Captain Meriwether Lewis
Lt. William Clark

1. Find a River Route
  across the continent
2. Establish good relations
   with Native Americans
3. Detailed description of
   the landscape, plants,
   & animals
              Details of Journey
Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804
They began their expedition near St. Louis, Missouri,
  and traveled west along the Missouri River. They
  crossed the Rocky Mountains and then traveled
  along the Columbia River until they reached the
  Pacific Ocean in 1805. They were helped by
  Sacajawea, a member of the Shoshone tribe. They
  returned to St. Louis in 1806. No all water route to
  the end of the continent, but information provided
  knowledge for pioneers to begin their expansion
                 Zebulon Pike
Southern Exploration of the Louisiana Territory
Inaccurate description:
Described treeless plain
  as a desert.
  Americans first
  believed the
  Great Plains was
  no good for farming.
Manifest Destiny - - 1821-1835
Citizens believed that had a “God Given” right to take over the
    Western Territories
Jedediah Smith: Mountain man hunted for furs, lived with
    Natives at time
Jim Beckwourth: Fur trader

Mountain men would hunt for furs and the meet at specific sites
  and specific times of the year – rendezvous system

Mountain men found better routes to the West – Others began
 to follow
             Land Speculators
Bought up huge tracks of land – then divided it
  into smaller plots and sold it off for a profit

Others braved the trail to new territories into
  what is now New Mexico, Oregon, and
  Utah….once there they claimed their land as
  their own.
              Santa Fe Trail
1821 Mexico Gained Independence from Spain and
  opened its boarders to Americans. Fur traders
  thought they could become rich.

                                      Becknell finds
                                      Shortcut to
                                      Santa Fe –
                                      Avoiding the
                                      Wagons can
                                      Take this route
             Oregon Territory
First to the area (besides the mountain men)
  were missionaries.
Missionaries made reports of how wonderful,
  and beautiful the land was. The sun always
  shone and the wheat grew feet tall.
Pioneers became interested…….
Problem: This territory was jointly occupied by
  US and by Britain
1.    Explain (in your own words) the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Be sure to answer
      questions like who was involved, why did it happen, and what was the
      outcome. (3 pts.)
2.    Explain (in your own words) the Whiskey Rebellion. Be sure to answer
      questions like who was involved, why did it happen, and what was the
      outcome (3pts.)
3.    Why did Washington consider it important to put down the Whiskey
      Rebellion? (2 pts.)
4.    How did the French Revolution create problems for the US? (2pts.)
5.    Explain the importance of Pickney’s Treaty? (2 pts.)
6.    Why did the French sell the Louisiana Territory to the US? (3pts.)
7.    What was the controversy around the purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
8.    What 3 things did the Expedition of Louis and Clark hope to accomplish (3pts.)
9.    How did the Zebulon Pike’s trail differ from that of Louis and Clark? (2pts.)
10.   Explain who men like Jeb Smith helped to open the frontier to settlers. (2pts.)
11.   Explain Manifest Destiny. (2pts.)
12.   12. What was the main problem settlers faced when dealing with the Oregon
      country? (2pts.)
               Next Day Lesson
  Assignment: Students will look at and discuss
    the importance of Lewis and Clarks
    expedition. They review samples of L & C’s
    material and then design journals of their
    own. Students will be given a destination to
    explore and design their own journal depicting
    the landscape, route, plants, animals, and
    events that transpire as they map their trip.
    See Scoring Guide..

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