Avoid stress by following these steps

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					Avoid Stress By Following These Steps

Did you know there is a direct link to stress and
health? It can be mental health or even physical h
ealth. There are many common ailments that can be
prevented by living a relatively stress free life
and the following article will give you some solid
 advice on how to start living that life today.

Get up and go outside for some fresh air and sunsh
ine to help relieve stress. If you are inside an o
ffice all day or cooped up inside the house, go ou
tside for a few minutes and see the sun and take i
n some fresh air. Even a small amount of time outs
ide can help improve your mood and will work on he
lping you relax.

Give yourself an affirmation to say when you feel
stressed. By doing this, you calm your negative in
ner thoughts and focus on one positive one. For ex
ample, repeating "I feel calm" to yourself can cal
m jangled nerves enough to look at a situation mor
e calmly. Have a few affirmations for different si

Get a massage. Massage has long been known to decr
ease feelings of stress. A professional massage ca
n relax your body as well as your mind. If you can
't get a professional massage, you can give yourse
lf a mini-massage by massaging each palm with the
thumb of the opposing hand. The pressure will rela
x you.

Walk, bike, run or whatever! Just get out there an
d do it! A variety of stress hormones and neuroche
micals build up in our bodies when we experience c
hronic stress. Exercise is one of the most effecti
ve ways to reduce these chemicals, one of the most
 effective ways to prevent significant stress-rela
ted damage to our health.

Doing the things that you love is going to reduce
the amount of stress that you feel in your life. I
t may seem as if it is going to cost you a day at
work to do the things that you love, but it will b
e worth it. You will better be able to focus on yo
ur job if you are not as stressed when you go back.

Reducing clutter in your life will automatically r
educe some amount of stress! Be it your desk, pant
ry or closet, anything over cluttering your physic
al environment makes it much harder to work and fi
nd things and just isn't pleasing to look at it! B
y cleaning up clutter you can operate more efficie
ntly, enjoy your surroundings more and simply be l
ess stressed.

A great tip that can help you keep stress down is
to turn off the television. Studies have shown tha
t watching television actually increases our stres
s levels. You don't have to stop watching it compl
etely but you should definitely limit how much tel
evision you're going to watch everyday.

While all stress can not be eliminated from life,
remembering these tips during a stressful period o
f time can be the key to reducing the mental or ph
ysical problems stress can manifest. Use these tip
s to help reduce or even see the disappearance of
stress related illnesses, conditions and unhealthy

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