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_CHA_ Application 2012 - Illinois Institute of Technology


									                     Illinois Institute of Technology – Residence and Greek Life
                        Conference Housing Assistant (CHA) Application 2012

                   Applications, cover letter and resume are due to the Residence and Greek Life
           no later than 12:00/Noon on March 23. Materials submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Application materials can be submitted to Ashley Lucas in Residence and Greek Life located in McCormick
Student Village or by emailing If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Lucas at or x75075.

Personal Information

First name:                                          Last Name:

Student ID #:                                        Gender (M/F):

Email Address:                                       Currently Live On Campus (Y/N):__________

Returning CHA (Y/N):

Local Address:

Permanent Address:

Room/home phone #:                                   Cell Phone #:

Current Class:          Freshman              Sophomore              Junior         Senior       Graduate
(Please circle)

Major and Minor(s):

Cumulative GPA:                                      Anticipated Graduation date:

Applying for:     □ Summer 2012

Cover Letter and Resume
Please submit a cover letter and resume in addition to your application. Cover letter should include:

     1. Why you are interested in the CHA position.
     2. Experiences or leadership opportunities and skills you have that will contribute to the CHA position?
     3. What you hope to gain from the CHA position.

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