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Night Before an Examination by samirjack


									Every students is suddenly faced with the striking reality of the examination on the night
before the day of commencement. As he seeks to review his progress, he finds the
preparation imperfect.

Some important things appear to have remainded untouched. He tries to recapitulate in
his mind some of those he has read, prepared or memorized. The memory seems to be
giving way. That makes him all the more nervous. If he is nervous and excitable by
nature, he attempts to read those left unread and take a last moment glance at those that
heve been prepared. If however, he is of a cool temperament, he seldom bothers about
what has been read or what the memory retains. He tries to enjoy a restful sleep at the
night and face the ordeal next day with a composed mind and unruffled brain.

But is it as easy sleeping as resolving, no not for an excitable student. The brain has the
its own way of behaving. Even in bed , when best efforts are made to induce sleep, the
brain, refusing to co-operate, keeps wandering about often stealing into the pages of the
books or again questions and answers important and unimportant questions and such
other anti sleep things occur in the mind.

However the student is by nature unexcitable he can have an undisturbed sleep and rise
from bed next morning with a refreshed mind and renewed energy. He often gets up early
in the small hours of morning and glances over the book with a calm attention. The last
moment review is very useful and he makes the best of it by virtue of his natural

Therefor, overcome the trouble of this night the exmainess should prepare their lessons
much earlier and try to pass this night with a normal state of mind.

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