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									                               SHANNON REGIONAL FISHERIES BOARD
                                 Rules of the Competition for the Position of
                                  Assistant Chief Executive Officer

1.   Applications will be treated in strict confidence.

2.   Applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of information supplied on their CV’s. Any inaccuracy in
     CV’s may result in rejection. You should therefore ensure that the information supplied in your CV
     is accurate and sufficiently comprehensive. Additional information, if necessary, may be furnished
     on a separate sheet.

3.   Final selection will be on the basis of competitive interview.

4.   All candidates having the required qualifications are eligible to apply.

5.   Completed application forms must be addressed to:

             The Chief Executive Officer , Shannon Regional Fisheries Board,
                   Ashbourne Business Park , Dock Road, Limerick.

     to reach him not later than 5.00p.m. on Friday, 27th October 2006.

6.   Receipt of CV’s will not be acknowledged.

7.   Any change of candidate's address should be notified immediately in writing to the Chief Executive
     Officer at the above address.

8.   An Interview Board will be set up to assess the merits of candidates. Where by reason of the
     number of persons seeking admission to a competition and the standard of knowledge, training or
     experience in general of such persons, the Interview Board consider that it would be reasonable
     not to admit all the persons to the competition, the Board will admit to the competition only
     persons who appear to them to be likely to attain in the competition a standard sufficient for
     selection and recommendation.

9.   The onus is on applicants to:-

        a. Make themselves available for interviews on date and at venue specified;
        b. Make whatever arrangements are necessary to ensure that they received communications
           sent to them at the address specified on their CV.

10. Candidates who do not attend for interview when and where required by the CEO will have no
    claim to further consideration.

11. Candidates must produce satisfactory documentary evidence of all educational attainments,
    training and experience claimed by them if required by the CEO.

12. The Shannon Regional Fisheries Board will not be responsible for any expense, including
    travelling expenses which candidates may incur in connection with candidature or for any
    inconvenience caused by postponement of the time for interview.


     Any attempt by a candidate or by a person acting at his or her instigation, directly or indirectly by
     means of written communication or otherwise to canvass or otherwise influence in the candidate's
     favour, any member of the staff of the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board or person nominated by
     the Board to interview the candidate will automatically disqualify the candidate from the position
     he/she is seeking.

14. Candidates will be notified of the result of their application at the earliest possible date.
Background Notes

The main purpose of the Fisheries Act 1980 is to secure the more effective management, conservation,
development aid improvement of all aspects of our important Inland Fisheries. The Act provided for the
dissolution of the former seventeen Boards of Conservators and the Inland Fisheries Trust and for their
replacement by the Central Fisheries Board and seven Regional Fisheries Boards. The Boards were
established by Order on October 29th 1980.


The headquarters of the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board is located at Limerick.


The function of the Regional Fisheries Board is set out in the Fisheries Act, 1980 and includes:-

       The management and development of Fisheries and Fish Farms in the Board’s possession.

       The promotion of the management, conservation, protection, development and improvement of
        Fisheries in its Fisheries Region which are not in the Board’s possession.

       The enforcement of the Fisheries Laws, Bye Laws and Orders covering Salmon, Trout, Eels,
        Coarse Fish, Oysters and other Molluscs.

       The enforcement of the Water Pollution Laws in Fishing Waters.

       The preparation, submissions and implementation of Inland Fisheries Development

       The preparation, submission and monitoring of annual estimates of income and expenditure.

       The promotion and development of angling including sea angling.

       Advising on and monitoring aquaculture installations for salmon and trout.

       The establishment and maintenance of a Register of Sea Fish Anglers.

       The sale of fishing licences.

       The striking and collection of Fishery Rates.

       The issue of licences to deal in Salmon and Trout.

       The involvement in any matter which affects or could affect Inland Fisheries.
                                     JOB SPECIFICATION FOR

Under the Chief Executive Officer, the Assistant Chief Executive Officer (ACEO) will provide
comprehensive administrative and management support on all aspects of the Board’s functions In general,
the ACEO will be required to:-

Assist in the management of the Board’s headquarters offices and in the organisation and
supervision of staff:-
   Provide financial, accounting and IT services.
   Be responsible for matters in relation to the Board’s premises, boats, vehicles and equipment.
   Assist in co-ordination of the Board’s operations in relation to conservation, protection and development
    of fisheries, and control of water pollution.
   Assist in drawing up of fisheries development and management plans, and in their implementation and
   Perform such other duties as the Chief Executive Officer may from time to time determine.
   Assume responsibility, as directed, for delegated management of the full range of Board functions.

Guideline Duties and Responsibilities
The ACEO’s duties and responsibilities will include the following:-

   Financial Accounting and Legal Requirements.
   Preparation of (i) annual estimates of income and expenditure and (ii) budgeted programmes.
   Preparation of periodic and annual statements of actual income and expenditure as compared with
    estimates, monitoring income and expenditure on a continuous basis and making, periodic and annual
    reports and recommendations on variances.
   Assisting in the preparation of the annual report and accounts and in meeting the requirements of the
    Comptroller and Auditor General in relation to preparation of early accounts.
   Monitoring, on a timely basis, the recording of the financial data of the Board whether Manual or
   Preparation and maintenance of a register of the Board’s fixed assets.
   Assisting in preparing and costing development programmes and in monitoring their implementation.
   Carrying out other forms of appropriate internal checking.
   Assisting, in ensuring that all the Boards legal requirements are met
   Personnel Matters.
   Staff supervision.
    -    Examination of staff diary/work sheets and other reports, and making appropriate submissions to
         the Chief Officer.
    -    Dealing with other routine personnel matters, including, application of approved conditions of
         employment, and maintenance of records.
    -    Assisting in recruitment of staff and in competitions for promotion.
    -    Assisting in implementation of Board policy in relation to safety.
    -   Dealing with incoming correspondence including preparation and issue of replies; Preparation of
        draft replies for signature by Chief Officer in more complicated or specified cases.

Board Meetings
    -   Preparation of material for Board meetings; attendance at Board meetings, and recording of
        minutes, as required.

Annual Reports
Assist in the preparation of the Boards Annual Report.

Issue of Licences
Supervision of issue of commercial and angling licences, including collection of licence revenue and
reconciliation of revenue with issue of licences.

Board Premises
Responsibility for maintenance of all Board premises, and obtaining of quotations for more extensive work
on premises and making appropriate recommendations to Chief Officer

Purchase and Maintenance of Boats, Vehicles and Other Equipment
   Liaison with staff in relation to requirements;
   Maintaining appropriate records and making recommendations to Chief Officer in record to purchase of
   Collection of monies due to Board
   Collection of fishing rates and rents in accordance with Fisheries Act; Ensuring that all fines, costs etc.
    as determined by the Courts are paid;
   Ensuring that all other monies due to the Board e g in respect of insurance claims, contract work, sale
    of fish and/or gear etc are paid.

Liaison with organisations/individuals
   With Board Members and staff regarding all matters pertinent to discharge of Board functions.
   With Department of the Marine, Central Fisheries Board, Salmon Research Agency, Local Authorities,
    Regional Tourism Organisations and other bodies whose functions may impact on those of the Board.
   With fishery owners, angling, clubs and other groups.
   Attending meetings with any or all of above including, on occasion, attendance at meetings outside
    office hours.
   Promotion of Angling.
   Dealing with angling enquiries and dissemination of information in relation to angling in the region.
   Compilation of material for angling guides, maps, brochures etc.
   Attendance at tourism seminars, trade fairs etc as directed
Other Duties and Responsibilities
   Other duties and responsibilities as may be defeated to him/her from time to time by the Chief Officer
    The Assistant Manager will be expected to respond flexibly to the administrative needs of the Board,
    and to make recommendations as appropriate in regard to improved systems and methods
   Acting Chief Officer
    In the absence from duty of the Chief Officer; and at his direction, and/or that of the Board the ACEO
    will be delegated with overall responsibility for administration and management of all Board functions.
                                     EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE etc

Each candidate must:-

(a)   Have obtained Grade D, or better; in at least 5 subjects (including Mathematics, and English in the
      Leaving Certificate examination of the Department of Education with Grade C, in Higher or Common
      level papers, in at least 3 subjects in the examination; or an equivalent 2nd level qualification
      Hold a recognised 3rd level qualification
      Be employed in a permanent capacity in a Regional Fisheries Board or in the Central Fisheries
(b)   Have satisfactory administrative experience.

3.    DRIVING LICENCE: Any person holding the office shall be required to hold a driving licence (other
      than a provisional licence) valid in the State, or acquire one within 6 months of taking up duty.
                                        GENERAL CONDITIONS

1.   The successful candidate will be appointed to the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board on a wholetime
     basis and will be based at the headquarters of that Board,

2    DUTIES:
     See enclosed Job Specification.

     €59,750 - €72,973 (+ 2 LSI)

     Annual leave will be 26 working days a year. This annual leave is on the basis of a five-day week,
     and is exclusive of the usual public holidays

     Sick leave may be allowed on full pay up to a maximum of six months in any period of twelve months
     and at half pay thereafter subject to an overriding limit of twelve months sick leave in any period of
     four years or less.

     The office is wholetime and an officer may not be connected with any outside business which would
     interfere with his/her performance of the duties of the office.

     These are as fixed from time to time. Performance of the duties of the office will require attendance
     outside normal working hours.

8.   TRAVEL:
     Some travelling may be involved and the appointee will be expected to provide his/her own car for
     this purpose. Mileage and subsistence allowances are payable The Regional Fisheries Board at its
     discretion may, as an alternative, from time to time provide a vehicle for official duties.

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