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    Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages
      This book is a project within Wikijunior, produced at the Pre-Reading level. This book is intended to be read by a
     parent/guardian or teacher to a child so that they can become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds
                                                        that letters make.

                                                  The Alphabet

                                  A is for Apple

                                      B is for Ball
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                  2

                                C is for Cat
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                   3

                                D is for Duck

                                E is for Egg

                                F is for Fish
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                   4

                                G is for Gate
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    5

                                H is for Horse
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    6

                                I is for Igloo
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                  7

                                J is for Jam
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                8

                         K is for Kangaroo
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                   9

                                L is for Lion
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    10

                                M is for Mouse

                                 N is for Nest
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                  11

                            O is for Octopus
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                  12

                                P is for Pig
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    13

                                Q is for Queen
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                   14

                                R is for Road
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                     15

                                 S is for Sun

                                T is for Turtle
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                  16

                          U is for Umbrella

                            V is for Volcano
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages               17

                          W is for Window

                       X is for Xylophone
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    18

                                Y is for Yo-yo
Wikijunior:Alphabet/All pages                    19

                                Z is for Zebra
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