How to Write a Poem About Someone You've Lost by lfsmj2010


									How to Write a Poem About Someone You've Lost
Everybody loses somebody they love in their lifetime, but most of them
people can never let go of the person they've lost. This is a simple way
to accept your loss.
1Write down everything the person reminds you of. Think of memories,
funny times, and happy times. For example, family time, Christmas
dinners, and positive moments that you never want to forget.<
2Include the things that make you smile. Positive poems make you happier.
3If you cry while reading through the memories, this is also good. It
shows emotion, and may even make the reader cry too.
4Use their name or something that feels right about the poem to title it.
5It doesn't have to rhyme, but try your best to make sure it makes sense.
You can even add a picture or illustration of the person if it makes you
feel better and complements the writing for you.
6Try to use this cathartic experience to start letting go of the sorrow.
This, along with other remembering activities, should eventually help you
to release the sadness you feel when thinking of that person.
7After you've made every adjustment and change, type it up on a computer.
Use a subtle but eye-catching font (12 to 16 point is a good size), and
add some clip art if you have a color printer. You can add color to the
font too, as long as it's still readable.<

If you can't write poems, try just writing a short story about the death
or maybe even draw a picture, or write a song. Whatever your talent is,
use it to the ability of accepting a death.
Try to do it slowly, give yourself plenty of time to think about what you
are writing.
Beside writing a poem, you can write a blog, so whenever you miss him or
her, you can start writing of what you feel. It will help.

Never completely forget a person.
Seek counseling if this depresses you and you don't feel able to pull
through alone. Or speak with a close friend you trust, or phone a
Remember no ever truly "gets over it" but doing something constructive
with your pain will help you and in time the intensity will fade.

Things You'll Need
An open mind
A clear head
An empty room
Paper/a book
Pens or pencils
An imagination
A good memory
A smile or a tear
Let go.

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