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Nomination Form Outstanding Alumni


									1. 所提名的職業訓練局 25 周年獎項 VTC 25th Anniversary Award Being Nominated

Please tick the award being nominated.
     終身成就獎 Lifetime Achievement Award                                     策略伙伴獎 Strategic Partner Award
     榮譽大獎 Outstanding Honorary Award                                      傑出校友獎 Outstanding Alumni Award
     傑出贊助獎 Outstanding Sponsor Award                                      傑出團隊獎 Outstanding Team Award

2. 參選者資料 Candidate’s Particulars

 參選人姓名或                                                                    參選人姓名或
 機構/團隊名稱 (英文)                                                              機構/團隊名稱 (中文)
 Name (English)                                                            Name (Chinese)

                        (Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms/Miss)                                                   (教授/博士/先生/女士/小姐)
 Contact Person (for organization/team)

 電話及傳真                                                                     電郵
 Tel. & Fax                                                                Email Address


3. 提名人資料 Proposer’s Particulars

 英文姓名                                                                      中文姓名
 Name (English)                                                            Name (Chinese)

 電話及傳真                                                                     電郵
 Tel. & Fax                                                                Email Address


 Relationship                                                              與參選人、機構或團隊相識時間
 with the candidate                                                        Duration of acquaintance
 與參選人、機構或團隊之關係                                                             with the candidate

提名人與職業訓練局之關係 Proposer’s affiliation with the VTC(可選多項 can select more than one):
     理事會委員 Council Member
     訓練委員會或一般委員會委員 Training Board or General Committee Member
     榮譽顧問 Honorary Adviser
     職業訓練局畢業生(曾就讀全日制或兼讀制課程超過 22 星期或 300 小時)
      VTC Graduate (who has successfully completed full-time or part-time programmes over 22 weeks or 300 hours)
      畢業年份 Graduation Year ___________; 獲頒學歷資格 Award Title ______________________________________________________
     職業訓練局教職員 Current Staff of the VTC (現職部門 Division ___________________________________________________________________________ )

提名人聲名 Declaration by Proposer
本人聲明參選人/機構/團隊接受以上提名,並完全明白職業訓練局 25 周年獎的評選準則及其他細則。本人並聲明同意遵守職業訓練局 25 周年獎的評選準則和甄選
I declare that the candidate has accepted the nomination and also fully understand the selection criteria and other details of the VTC 25th
Anniversary Awards. I also declare that I agree to abide by the selection criteria for the VTC 25th Anniversary Awards and the decision of the
Panels in selecting the awardees. I certify that the information contained in this nomination form is accurate and complete and I am
prepared to provide any further information or documents as requested by the Panels.

                           簽署 Signature                                                                日期 Date

4. 參選者所作貢獻 Contributions made by the Candidate

請根據第 4 頁的評選準則簡述提名參選者的原因。請夾附有關證明文件/資料(例如參選者簡介),以支持所列舉貢獻。
Please state the candidate’s contributions with reference to the selection criteria set out on P.4 to support your nomination.   Please attach the
relevant materials/information (e.g. a copy of the candidate’s biography) as evidence.

獎項類別及評選準則 AWARD CATEGORIES AND CRITERIA                                                    職業訓練局 25 周年傑出校友獎
                                                                                           VTC 25th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award
職業訓練局 25 周年終身成就獎
VTC 25th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award
                                                                                           Individuals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
                                                                                           (i)   在所屬行業有傑出成就;
頒予個人,評選準則包括:                                                                                     Have made outstanding achievements/accomplishments in his/her
Individuals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:                               profession;
                                                                                           (ii) 對行業及社會作出重要貢獻;及
(i)   曾長時間參與職訓局的策略發展工作,表現卓越;                                                                     Have made significant contributions to the industry and society; and
      Have been involved in the work of the VTC at the strategic level and with a          (iii) 對職訓局及其校友事務發展給予支持。
      track record of contributions made to the VTC for a significant period of time;            Have demonstrated support for the VTC and its alumni development.
(ii) 大力推動本港、內地及海外專業教育培訓發展,並為職訓局向前邁進作出卓越貢獻;
                                                                                           職業訓練局 25 周年傑出團隊獎
      Have made distinguished contributions to the success and continuous
                                                                                           VTC 25th Anniversary Outstanding Team Award
      improvement of the VTC and vocational education and training locally, in the
      Mainland or overseas;                                                                頒予職訓局內的團隊,評選準則包括:
(iii) 具卓越領導能力,帶領職訓局規劃長遠發展;                                                                 VTC teams will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:
      Have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the long-term development of             (i)   致力推廣職訓局的願景和使命;
      the VTC;                                                                                   Have demonstrated evidence in promoting the VTC’s vision and mission;
(iv) 協助提升職訓局的地位;及                                                                          (ii) 對提升職訓局的運作效率、競爭能力和課程及服務質素貢獻良多;及
      Have helped to raise the status of the VTC; and                                            Have made outstanding contributions towards improving the operation,
                                                                                                 competitiveness and quality of the VTC’s courses, curriculums and services;
(v) 在行業及社會取得傑出成就。
      Have made outstanding achievements in the industry and society.
                                                                                           (iii) 對提升凝聚力、員工及學生的滿意程度有特出貢獻。
                                                                                                 Have made outstanding contributions in enhancing cohesiveness and
職業訓練局 25 周年榮譽大獎                                                                                  satisfaction of the staff and students of the VTC.
VTC 25th Anniversary Outstanding Honorary Award
                                                                                           團隊的定義 Definition of a team
Individuals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:                         獲提名團隊只可由職訓局全職教職員組成,例如:委員會、專責小組和項目 小組。
                                                                                           The team nominated must be composed of full-time VTC staff only e.g. a
                                                                                           committee, task force and project team.
(i)   長時間參與職訓局的策略發展工作;
      Currently involved in the work of the VTC at the strategic level for a significant   評選程序 SELECTION PROCEDURES
      period of time;
(ii) 對職訓局的整體發展及專業教育培訓發展貢獻良多;                                                               初選由甄選團進行,成員包括有關部門及質素保證組的主管或管理層、一位獨立評審員,以及
      Have made outstanding contributions to the overall development of the VTC            由相關部門或學科推舉的增選委員。甄選團負責審閱所有提名表,並將推薦名單呈交評選團。
      and vocational education and training in the community;                              評選團就參選者的表現和貢獻作最後評選;評選團所作決定即為最終決定。甄選團及評選團將
(iii) 展現領導才能,協助職訓局達成願景和使命;及                                                                不會公開評選結果的理據。甄選團可要求參選者或有關人士如部門主管、學科負責人及訓練中
                                                                                           心主任等提交額外資料。參選人、機構或團隊或會獲邀參加面試或作陳述。職業訓練局 25 周年
      Have demonstrated leadership in achieving the VTC’s vision and mission; and
(iv) 對行業及社會作出重大貢獻。
                                                                                           Preliminary screening will be conducted by the Screening Panel which comprises
      Have made significant contributions to the industry and society.                     Heads or management of relevant operational units and the Quality Assurance Unit,
                                                                                           an external member and representatives from relevant disciplines and operational
職業訓練局 25 周年傑出贊助獎                                                                           units as co-opted members. The Screening Panel will examine all nominations and
VTC 25th Anniversary Outstanding Sponsor Award                                             make recommendations to the Adjudication Panel. The Adjudication Panel will
                                                                                           make a final assessment of the recommended candidates’ performance and
此獎項分三個類別。頒予個人及機構,評選準則包括:                                                                   contributions. The decision of the Adjudication Panel is final. Reasons for their
There are 3 categories of this award. Individuals and organizations will be                decision will not be released by the Panels. The Screening Panel may request
                                                                                           additional information from candidates or from other parties such as Heads of
evaluated according to the following criteria:
                                                                                           operational units, Discipline Leaders and Centre Managers. Candidates may be
(A) 個人在過去五年捐贈的款額。
                                                                                           invited for a further interview or presentation. Peer evaluation will be involved in
     Donations made by the individual over the last 5 years.                               the selection of the VTC 25th Anniversary Outstanding Team Award.
(B) 機構(包括信託基金)在過去五年捐贈的款額。
     Donations made by the organization (including trust) over the last 5 years.           工作時序 TIMELINE
(C) 個人或機構在過去五年所捐贈設施及建設的等值款額。
     Financial contributions made to the facilities of the VTC over the last 5 years.          接受提名                                           由即日起至 2007 年 6 月 29 日
                                                                                               Nomination period                              From now to 29 June 2007
職業訓練局 25 周年策略伙伴獎                                                                               參選團隊作陳述                                        2007 年 7 月 7 日
VTC 25th Anniversary Strategic Partner Award                                                   Presentation by team being nominated           7 July 2007
                                                                                               甄選團作初選                                         2007 年 7 月中旬
頒予機構,評選準則包括:                                                                                   Preliminary screening by the Screening Panel   Mid July 2007
Organizations will be evaluated according to the following criteria:                           評選團作最後評選                                       2007 年 9 月中旬
                                                                                               Final judgment by the Adjudication Panel       Mid September 2007
(i) 對職訓局的策略發展作出重要貢獻;
      Have made significant contributions to the strategic development of the VTC;             選舉結果公布                                         2007 年 10 月上旬
                                                                                               Result announcement                            Early October 2007
(ii) 對職訓局課程及課程發展給予支持,並協助提升課程質素;
                                                                                               頒獎典禮                                           2007 年 11 月 26 日
      Have demonstrated support for the course and curriculum development of the
                                                                                               Award presentation                             26 November 2007
      VTC and have helped to improve the quality of the courses and curriculums;
(iii) 聘請或提供實習機會予職訓局畢業生或學生,並支持他們的全人發展;及
                                                                                           查詢 ENQUIRIES
      Have provided employment, placement or attachment opportunities to the VTC
      graduates and/or students and supported their whole person development;              總辦事處二科 / 質素保證組
      and                                                                                  Headquarters Division Two / Quality Assurance Unit
(iv) 與職訓局合作提升行業員工的質素。                                                                      電話 Phone     2836-1719 / 2836-1230
      Have worked in collaboration with the VTC to enhance the workforce quality of        傳真 Fax       2893-5879
      the industry.                                                                        電郵 Email


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