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									How to Draw the Star of David
The star of David, also known as the "Hebrew Star", is basically two
triangles on top of each other. This article will show you how to draw
this star.
1Draw an upside down triangle.Draw an upside down triangle.It should be
relatively close to the bottom of your paper.<
2Draw another triangle.Draw another triangle.It should be intersecting
the first one, and should be right side up.
3Draw a border.Draw a border.You can do this by drawing parallel lines
next to all of the original lines. Make sure they're parallel.
4Erase the inner lines.Erase the inner lines.You can either make it
complicated, or just simply erase all the inner lines. But make sure you
erase your lines neatly.
5Color it in.Color it in.Since Israel's national colors are blue and
white, these are recommended.

Alternate Method
1Draw a triangle normal, pointing up.Draw a triangle normal, pointing up.
2Draw another Triangle, this one pointing down.Draw another Triangle,
this one pointing down. The two should overlap so it forms a six-pointed
3Erase the lines inside the star.Erase the lines inside the star.
4Color the star.Color the star.<


You can make this with paper by cutting two triangles out and (one facing
up, one facing down) cut and interlock the two triangles
The border is optional.
One may also start out bydrawing a hexagon. Skip the last step 8. Instead
of connecting the nearest points one connects the one but nearest points.
These lines constitute the star which is then completely symmetrical.
You don'thaveto color or erase the lines
Consider colouring in your drawing.
Experiment with borders, some are cooler than others.
If you prefer, you may draw the right-side-up triangle first.
Another method is toDraw a Hexagonand then connect every other angle to
form a triangle, and then again connecting every other angle that you
skipped before to form an opposing triangle creating, the Star of David.

<Things You'll Need
Ruler...triangular ruler works the best
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