Accounting cover letter sample by lizzy2008


									<Insert company contact’s name>

<Insert full company address>

<Insert company telephone number>

<Insert your full name>

<Insert your full address>

<Insert your phone number>

<Insert date>

Dear <Insert contact name>,

I am writing in response to your advertisement in <Insert where you found
advertisement> for the position of accountant. My qualifications, skills and
experience are right in line with your stated requirements for this position.

For the last <Insert time frame you have been working> I have worked with
<Insert company you have been working with> as an accountant. During this time
I have honed my accounting skills in <Insert what skills you have acquired in

I have vast experience in using MS Office software such as <Insert what software
you are proficient in>. It is through these qualifications and skills that I feel I can
be an asset to your company.

I will call you on <Insert day and date> to arrange an interview with you. Thank
you for your time and consideration.


<Insert your full name>

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