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Marketing cover letter sample


									<Insert your name>

<Insert your full address>

<Insert your telephone number>

<Insert your email address, if you have one>

<Insert date>

<Insert company contact name>

<Insert company name>

<Insert full company address>

<Insert company telephone number>

Dear <Insert title and last name of company contact>,

I am writing in response to your advertisement in <Insert where you saw
advertisement> for someone to fill a marketing position. I feel that as a person who
will make a valuable contribution to the goals of your company, I can add a great
deal to your marketing team. My qualifications, skills and experience are all well
suited to the requirements you set forth in your advertisement.

Currently, I am employed by <Insert the company you are working for> in the
position of marketing <Insert type of marketing you are currently doing>.
Advertisements on television, radio and newspapers are being used to do this. As
the primary person on this campaign, I am required to have top written and verbal
communication skills. These are just part of the assets I would like to bring to your
I can be contacted either through my email or by telephone. I hope to hear from
your soon regarding arrangements for an interview. Thank you for your time and


<Insert your full name, signed>

<Insert your typed full name>

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