CFA Cover Letter Template Sample by write n write by lizzy2008


									                         CFA Cover Letter Template Sample

___________________(your name)
___________________(your address)
___________________(your city, state, zip code)
___________________(your phone number)
___________________(your email id)


___________________(employer name)
___________________(employer title)
___________________(employer company)
___________________(company address)
___________________(company city, state, zip code)

Dear ___________________:
I understand that you are looking for a new candidate to fill in the position as Chartered Financial
Analyst from ___________________ dated ___________________, and I highly believe that I am the
perfect choice for it. I have accomplished all of the requirements that you seek, and I also have
___________________ years of experience working in the area of expertise.
I am a critical individual who possess strong analytical and detail oriented skill. I am able to make a
sound judgment on some important decision regarding financial and economic situation effectively. I
acquire excellent proficiency in communication skill and strong work ethic. For further reference of my
abilities and experience, I explain them more in my resume that I enclose along with this cover letter.
I would love to have a discussion over this job opportunity with you in person. Please call me in my
contact number or email once you have time. Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
___________________(your complete name)

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