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					                                                                             Amelia Pond
                                                                               PO Box 21
                                                                          Riverside, Texas
                                                                         October 29, 2010

Motorcycle Company
PO Box 114
Free-Ride, TX 78664

Dear Sir or Madam:

           While searching for job opportunities, I recently found the position for the
Motor Clothes Manager at your Motorcycle Company. As a rider with a passion for
clothes and several years of experience in sales and management, I understand your
customers and believe I would be a perfect fit for this position.
           In 2004 I managed the Home Decor store with duties that included hiring
employees, ordering product, maintaining inventory, managing the cash drawer, and
creating store displays. As a sales associate at the Shoe Store in Riverside, I assessed
customer’s needs and assisted their purchase decisions, as well as exceeded sales goals.
During my employment at County Museum, I maintained records and bookkeeping,
created inventories and displays for the museum store, greeted customers and managed
the museum store. I also coordinated the training of volunteers and a work-study student,
assisted the museum staff in collections, exhibits, education and special events. In 2002 I
completed an Associate’s Degree in Business Management with a Minor in Marketing,
and I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from University
in August 2010.
           I am excited at the possibility of working with Motorcycle Company
employees and assisting customers in making informed decisions for their Motor Clothes.
I have included a copy of my resume and the application for you to review. I appreciate
your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Amelia Pond

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