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					                      Vista High School Senior Exhibition
                       Sample Cover Letter—Example A

123 Bobolink Dr.                   Your address (street, city, state, zip, not your name)
Vista, CA 92083

April 6, 2004                      date

Mr. Frank Clarke, Manager          Name and title of person to whom you are sending letter
Albertson’s                        Name of company
4567 Oceanside Blvd.               street address
Oceanside, CA 92057                city, state, zip

Dear Mr. Clarke:                   formal greeting followed by colon

During a recent conversation with one your employees, Bob Jacobs, I learned that you
have openings for a courtesy clerk. As someone who is polite and personable, I would be
perfect for this job. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

My activities in high school have included many team sports. While working as part of a
team, I have learned that patience and working together are vital to the team’s success. I
also have learned to manage my time and juggle many tasks simultaneously. I know that
these same qualities will be important in my job as courtesy clerk.

I would like to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications. I will call you next
week to determine if you are interested in arranging a meeting.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely,                     formal closure, followed by comma

                               your signature goes in the space (skip 3 lines)

Jessica Brown                  type your name

                       Vista High School Senior Exhibition
                        Sample Cover Letter—Example B

5621 Suncrest Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92056

March 8, 2004

Mr. Constant de Calonne, Manager
456 Melrose Drive
Vista, CA 92083

Dear Mr. De Calonne:

During recent discussions with an employee of yours, I have discovered that positions are
open for Systems Analyst interns. I am planning to attend college in the fall, where I will
earn my degree in Computer Science. I believe that an experience such as this will open
my eyes to all aspects of the career I am planning to enter, and will help me to gain
extensive knowledge and hands on experience in the computer field.

Throughout my life, I have demonstrated many different leadership abilities. I have
continuously been involved in various athletics, including water polo, cross country, and
track and field. For the past four years, I have taken part in the Class of 2000 Leadership
Committee, where I had a chance to exert my leadership skills and also work on being a
successful part of a team. I am excellent with managing my time, mostly due to taking on
many duties at once, such as rigorous curriculum, athletics, and work.

I have always done excellent academically and have had the honor of receiving many
academic awards. I received both the Quality Writing Award and the Quality Math Award all
four years in high school and have been on the principals honor roll since my freshman
year. For the past two semesters, I have been enrolled in a ROP Printing and Graphics
class where I have been able to deal directly with computer programs. I feel that this will
give me a head start in learning more about this particular line of work.

I urge you to closely review my motives and qualifications for applying as a Systems Analyst
intern, and if you feel it appropriate, to further discuss these plans with me in the near
future. I will plan on calling you within the week to determine if you may be interested in
arranging a meeting to go over this matter.

I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you.


Andrea M. Brown

                      Vista High School Senior Exhibition
                       Sample Cover Letter—Example C

2250 Hollis Avenue
Huntington, CA 95702

June 5, 2004

Mr. Frank Westerman, Fire Chief
Huntington Fire District
680 Temple Avenue
Huntington, CA 95702

Dear Mr. Westerman:

I was excited to see your advertisement for firefighter trainees in yesterday’s Herald-
Dispatch because it has been my lifelong ambition to become a firefighter. Enclosed is
my resume for your review.

My activities and coursework in high school have centered around health, physical
fitness, and sports. I have maintained excellent physical condition, which your
advertisement indicates is a must for potential firefighters. I have also had advanced
training in first aid and CPR.

Once you have had an opportunity to review my resume, I will call to set up an
appointment at your convenience to further discuss my interest and qualifications. I am
eager to pursue a career in fire prevention and protection.

Thank you.


Robert Goldstein


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