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									      VOLUME 46, ISSUE 7               G   MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                 HMCS Victoria
                                                                                                                                                                 torpedo trials
                                                                                                                                                                 on west coast
                                                                                                                                                                 By DND
                                                                                                                                                                 HMCS Victoria conducted a
                                                                                                                                                                 series of successful weapon
                                                                                                                                                                 system trials, including multi-
                                                                                                                                                                 ple firings of the exercise ver-
                                                                                                                                                                 sion of the MK48 Heavy-
                                                                                                                                                                 weight Torpedo at CF Mari-
                                                                                                                                                                 time Experimental and Test
                                                                                                                                                                 Ranges in Nanoose Bay, B.C.
                                                                                                                                                                 during the week of March 12.
                                                                                                                                                                    “As the submarine fleet
                                                                                                                                                                 achieves steady-state it will be
                                                                                                                                                                 ready to act decisively at sea in
                                                                                                                                                                 defence of Canada, when and
                                                                                                                                                                 where needed,” said Capt (N)
                                                                                                                                                                 Luc Cassivi, Director Cana-
                                                                                                                                                                 dian Submarine Force. "These
                                                                                                                                                                 trials represent a major mile-
                                                                                                                                                                 stone for the Victoria-class
The ScanEagle UAV takes off from the flight deck of HMCS Charlottetown during a surface warfare exercise conducted as part of Operation                          submarine program as Victoria
ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.                                                                                                                                                is the first submarine in the
                                                                                                                        OS JASON MCISAAC, HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN     fleet to fire a MK48 Heavy-

RCN takes the lead in NATO surface exercise
                                                                                                                                                                 weight exercise Torpedo."
                                                                                                                                                                    These torpedo firings are
                                                                                                                                                                 part of the technical and oper-
                                       rial vehicle, the SURFEX required       the long-range eyes of the ship,”        mander of Standing NATO Mari-            ational tests of Victoria’s
                                       synergy and cohesion to pull things     said Lt(N) Ian Bilodeau, another of      time Group 1. “Charlottetown did         weapons systems and addition-
By Lt(N) Jessica MacDonald
Op METRIC / TF Charlottetown           together.                               Charlottetown’s Above Water              an excellent job to bring together all   al weapons system trials are
                                          “We conducted a SAG [Surface         Warfare Officers. “Although we           the moving pieces throughout the         scheduled for the spring of
                                                                                                                                                                 2012. In the exercise version of
S   uccess in operations comes
    from skilful control of many
moving pieces, and it takes time
                                       Action Group]. This is when you
                                       take part of a formation and you de-
                                       tach ships to pursue a contact,” said
                                                                               are still conducting test flights, the
                                                                               UAV has the potential to open up
                                                                               the battle-space. My sensors in the
                                                                                                                           “It’s all about building a pic-
                                                                                                                        ture,” said Lt(N) Ciotti. “Being
                                                                                                                                                                 the torpedo, the warhead mod-
                                                                                                                                                                 ule is replaced with electronics
and training to master the skills of   Lt (N) Damien Ciotti, an Above          Ops Room are limited by the line of      able to coordinate the flow of infor-    for gathering test data.
understanding, visualizing, de-        Water Warfare Officer serving in        sight, but with the UAV our range is     mation from multiple assets and in-         Victoria also participated in
scribing and processing complex        Charlottetown.                          greatly increased and we get a true      tegrating it all together.”              training with a naval task group
situations.                               “During warfare training using       bird’s-eye view of the situation.”          Charlottetown is currently de-        while off the west coast of
   These skills were recently ap-      live assets, the Operations Room           Charlottetown embarked a Scan-        ployed on Operation METRIC,              Vancouver Island, focussing
plied in the Mediterranean Sea as      goes into simulation mode, but the      Eagle UAV detachment for trials to       Canada’s participation in interna-       on coordinated anti-submarine
HMCS Charlottetown conducted a         beauty of the system is that all of     assess its intelligence, surveillance    tional efforts to enhance security in    warfare tactics. Equipment and
surface exercise (SURFEX) with         the symbols on our equipment look       and reconnaissance capabilities at       and around the Mediterranean Sea.        crew trials will continue
the ships of Standing NATO Mar-        the same — as if it was actually        sea, and to explore the feasibility of   Since mid-January, the Halifax-          throughout March as part of
itime Group 1 (SNMG1) during           happening — so, to the operator,        equipping Canadian warships with         based frigate has been integrated        Victoria’s program to being de-
Operation ACTIVE ENDEAV-               it’s real.”                             UAVs. Throughout the SURFEX,             into Standing NATO Maritime              clared fully operational later
OUR. With four ships from three           Another key element of the exer-     Charlottetown acted as the Surface       Group 1 and assigned to Operation        this summer.
different countries, one helicopter    cise was the ScanEagle UAV.             Warfare Commander, carrying              ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.                           The submarine fleet will
and one ScanEagle unmanned ae-            “Once launched, the UAV acts as      Commodore Ben Bekkering, com-                                                     achieve steady state in 2013; at
                                                                                                                                                                 which point Canada will have

Reserve soldiers on target in Virginia
                                                                                                                                                                 three of four submarines con-
                                                                                                                                                                 tinuously available for oper-
                                                                                                                                                                 ations. As part of the ongoing
                                                                                                                                                                 submarine operational cycle,
By A/SLt Blake Patterson               Virginia, March 1 to 11 to partici-        The Canadian soldiers who took        ion, The Royal Newfoundland Re-          the fourth submarine will be
LFAA Public Affairs                    pate in Exercise MARITIME               part in the exercise were primarily      giment, was the officer command-         with industry, undergoing nec-
                                       RAIDER 12 (Ex MR 12).                   from Canadian Army Reserve units         ing the battle group for the exercise,   essary deep maintenance. Sub-
Some students go to Daytona for          “An exercise like this allows us      located throughout New Bruns-            37 CBG’s culminating training            marines are an essential com-
their March Break; not these ones.     an opportunity to identify and de-      wick and Newfoundland and La-            event for the 2011 / 2012 training       ponent of a modern, first-class
  More than 600 soldiers from 37       velop future leaders,” said BGen        brador. The exercise incorporated        year. He said MARITIME RAID-             Navy with a balanced set of ca-
Canadian Brigade Group (37             Christopher Thurrott, Commander         all units within 37 CBG, including       ER 12 provided a “combined arms          pabilities that can act in de-
CBG), many of them full-time uni-      Land Force Atlantic Area. “From         light armour reconnaissance, artil-      training environment” that pre-          fence of Canada and Canadian
versity students and part-time         the rank of private all the way up to   lery, light infantry, field engineers,                                            interests above and below the
members of the Canadian Army           colonel, it’s an opportunity to ex-     signals and combat service support.      See RESERVE / Page 5                     sea.
Reserve, travelled to Fort Pickett,    cel.”                                      LCol Alex Brennan, 1st Battal-

             Witness to                                    MFRC                                          Fitness at sea

             history                                       Programs and                                  Flight deck workouts
             Holocaust survivor                            services for military                         for HMCS Charlottetown
             thanks the CF Page 3                          families Pages 8-10                           sailors Page 13


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2                                                                                                                                                                        TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

                                                                                                                       Canada commemorates
    Le Canada se souvient des                                                                                          those affected by
    personnes touchées par des                                                                                         workplace accidents
    accidents du travail                                                                                               Annual average of                       fence and the Canadian Forces take
                                                                                                                                                               workplace safety seriously and are
                                                                                                                       897 deaths per                          honoured to take part in the Nation-
    Une moyenne de                         produits au Canada – une aug-          reconnu officiellement par le                                                al Day of Mourning. It is important
                                           mentation par rapport aux 939          gouvernement canadien en 1991        year nationwide,                        to spread awareness and promote a
    897 décès par                          décès de l’année précédente. La        en tant que journée visant à com-                                            safe working environment to pre-
                                           Nouvelle-Écosse ne fait pas ex-        mémorer toutes les personnes         or 2.78 every day                       vent workplace accidents. The eco-
    année à l’échelle                      ception pour ce qui est de la          touchées par des accidents du tra-                                           nomic costs of workplace injuries
                                           hausse des statistiques; la Com-       vail. Lors d’une cérémonie orga-                                             each year in Canada are estimated
    du pays, soit 2.78                     mission des accidents du travail       nisée par la Nova Scotia Feder-      By Eden Boutilier                       to be more than $12 billion - a cold
                                                                                                                       FSE Public Affairs Co-op Student
    décès par jour                         de la NouvelleÉcosse fait état de
                                           25 pertes de vie en 2011 suite à
                                                                                  ation of Labour, des conféren-
                                                                                  ciers invités prendront la parole,
                                                                                                                                                               number that does nothing to reflect
                                                                                                                                                               the pain and suffering of the vic-
                                           des accidents du travail – une
                                           augmentation par rapport aux 21
                                                                                  des couronnes de fleurs seront
                                                                                  déposées et une minute de silence
                                                                                                                       T    he importance of workplace
                                                                                                                            safety cannot be overlooked.
                                                                                                                       Every year on April 28, Canadians
                                                                                                                                                               tims and their families, which can-
                                                                                                                                                               not be measured in cost.
    By Eden Boutilier                      décès signalés en 2010. Il s’agit      sera observée. Le commandant                                                     The National Day of Mourning
                                                                                                                       take time to remember those who         was officially recognized by the
    Sécurité et environnement de la        là de statistiques alarmantes qui      de la BFC Halifax, le Capv Brian
                                                                                                                       lost their lives or suffered injuries   Canadian government in 1991 as a
                                           mettent en lumière la nécessité        Santarpia, assistera à la cérémo-
                                                                                                                       from a workplace incident. This act     day to commemorate all persons af-
                                           d’une vigilance constante.             nie qui aura lieu à Province         of remembrance is formally known
    O     n ne saurait trop insister sur
          l’importance de la sécurité
    au travail. Chaque année, le 28
                                              Le ministère de la Défense na-
                                           tionale et les Forces canadiennes
                                                                                  House à 11 h, et déposera une
                                                                                  couronne de fleurs au nom du
                                                                                                                       as the National Day of Mourning.
                                                                                                                       Initiated in Canada, the Day of
                                                                                                                                                               fected by workplace incidents.
                                                                                                                                                               There will be a ceremony, organ-
                                           prennent au sérieux la sécurité au     commandant des Forces mari-                                                  ized by the Nova Scotia Federation
    avril, les Canadiens prennent le                                                                                   Mourning is now commemorated
                                           travail, et sont honorés de            times de l’Atlantique afin de                                                of Labour, which includes guest
    temps de se souvenir de ceux et                                                                                    in more than 80 countries world-
                                           prendre part aux cérémonies du         rendre hommage à tous ceux et        wide.                                   speakers, wreath-laying and a mo-
    celles qui ont perdu la vie ou subi    Jour de deuil national. Il est im-     celles touchées par les accidents                                            ment of silence. CFB Halifax Base
    des blessures en raison d’un acci-                                                                                    During the 18 years from 1993 to
                                           portant de travailler constam-         au travail. En l’honneur de toutes   2010, 16,143 people lost their lives    Commander Capt(N) Brian Santar-
    dent du travail. Cet acte de sou-      ment à sensibiliser les gens et à      les personnes qui ont perdu la vie                                           pia will attend the ceremony taking
                                                                                                                       due to work-related causes; an av-
    venir est connu officiellement         promouvoir un milieu de travail        lors de tels accidents, les dra-                                             place at Province House at 11 a.m.
                                                                                                                       erage of 897 deaths per year nation-
    sous le nom de Jour de deuil na-       sécurité pour prévenir les acci-       peaux seront mis en berne sur        wide or 2.78 deaths everyday. In        and lay a wreath on behalf of the
    tional. Lancé tout d’abord au          dents. Les coûts économiques des       tous les bâtiments et à bord de      2010, 1,014 workplace deaths were       Commander Maritime Forces At-
    Canada, ce jour de deuil est main-     blessures au travail qui se produi-    tous les navires de la Formation,    recorded in Canada - an increase        lantic to pay respect to all affected
    tenant souligné dans plus de 80        sent chaque année au Canada            du lever des couleurs à la céré-     from 939 the previous year. Nova        by workplace hazards. In remem-
    pays à travers le monde.               sont estimés à plus de 12 mil-         monie du crépuscule.                 Scotia is no exception to the rising    brance of those who have lost their
       De 1993 à 2010, soit dix-huit       liards de dollars – une simple sta-       Le 28 avril, prenez le temps      statistics; the Workers Compensa-       lives in workplace accidents, flags
    années, 16143 personnes ont per-       tistique qui ne reflète pas toute la   d’honorer le souvenir des per-       tion Board of Nova Scotia reports       will be flown at half-mast on all
    du la vue pour des raisons liées au    douleur et la souffrance que les       sonnes touchées par des acci-        that 25 lives were lost during 2011     formation buildings and ships from
    travail, une moyenne de 897 dé-        victimes et leurs familles doivent     dents du travail, et souvenez-       as a result of workplace accidents –    colours to sunset.
    cès par année à l’échelle du pays,     endurer, lesquelles ne peuvent se      vous que la sécurité n’est pas       an increase from 21 fatalities re-          On April 28, take the time to
    soit 2,78 décès par jour. En 2010,     mesurer en dollars.                    simplement qu’une option, c’est      ported in 2010. These numbers are       commemorate all those affected by
    1014 décès liés au travail se sont        Le Jour de deuil national a été     un droit.                            staggering and highlight the need       workplace accidents and remember
                                                                                                                       for constant vigilance.                 your safety is more than an option,
                                                                                                                          The Department of National De-       it is a right.


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TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                   3

Holocaust survivor gives thanks for life
By Virginia Beaton                      The gas chambers ran day and
Trident Staff                           night, according to Riteman, say-
                                        ing “They killed 23,000 people
“I’m a witness. I was there.”           each day.”
   As he described the terror of           Riteman and the remaining pris-
watching his family and thousands       oners were taken to a facility where
of others as they were persecuted,      their heads were shaved, they were
beaten and murdered by the Nazis        sprayed with freezing cold water,
during the Second World War,            given prison clothes, and had num-
Holocaust survivor Philip Riteman       bers tattooed on their forearms.
reminded his listeners of the impor-       Rolling up his sleeve, Riteman
tance of remembering the past.          displayed his tattoo and read out the
   “If we don’t know history, we        number, 98706.
are doomed to do it all again.”            From 1942 until May 1945, Rite-
   Riteman was the guest speaker        man did forced labour ranging from
during MARLANT’s event to com-          working on a farm, to burying the
memorate the International Day for      bodies of the dead from the gas
the Elimination of Racial Discrimi-     chambers. From Auschwitz he was
nation, held in the Piers Military      sent to concentration camps in
Community Centre on Thursday            Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Da-
March 21.                               chau, and finally Landsberg before
   For more than an hour, Riteman       finally being liberated by the
spoke to an attentive audience that     American Army in May 1945. At
included RAdm Dave Gardam,              that time, he said, “I weighed 75
Commander JTFA and MAR-                 pounds. I was a skeleton.”
                                           While recovering at a base set up
LANT, Capt(N) Darren Garnier,
                                        by the Americans, Riteman learned
MARLANT Chief of Staff, and
                                        that he had several aunts who had
many other military and civilian
                                        emigrated to St. John’s, NL, Mon-
personnel.                                                                      Holocaust survivor Philip Riteman shows the number 98706 that was tattooed on his arm in Auschwitz. He
                                        treal and New York in the early
   Born in Poland, Riteman and his                                              spoke to a large group in the Piers Military Community Centre for MARLANT’s International Day for the
                                        1900s. His aunt in St. John’s ob-       Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
family lived in a town whose pop-       tained permission for him to move                                                                                                                  CPL DAN BARD, FIS
ulation included multiple ethnic        there, where he lived for many
and religious groups. “We were all      years until moving to Halifax.          der of Nova Scotia, as well as hon-      He remains grateful to the Allied       since then, saying, “You are the
friends. Russians, Poles, Catholics,       Among the honours Riteman has        orary degrees from Memorial Uni-       forces that liberated him and             luckiest people, you are our trea-
Jews, Protestants.”                     received are the Nova Scotia Hu-        versity of Newfoundland and St.        thanked the Canadian Forces for           sures,” which his audience reward-
   In 1941, the Nazis forced all        man Rights Award and and the Or-        Thomas University.                     their actions during the war and          ed with a standing ovation.
Jewish families including the Rite-
mans. out of their town. They were
moved to the Pruzhany ghetto,
where they shared three rooms with
two other families. Starvation be-
came the rule, said Riteman, add-
                                                                                                                         Posted to Victoria?
ing, “You people don’t know what                                                                                                            EMAIL OR CALL ME NOW!!
hunger is. I hope you never do.”
                                                                                                                                        •   DETAILS OF HOMES IN YOUR PRICE RANGE
                                            Apr 13:
   After a year in the ghetto, they
were told that they would be taken                                                                                                      •   25 YEARS RELOCATING DND FAMILIES
by train to live on farms and that it                                                                                                   •   FREE VICTORIA HHT RELOCATION KIT
would be an hour long trip. Rite-
man observed that the freight cars              SUPERWEEPER
                                                SUPE                                                                                    •   CALL ME TOLL FREE TO TALK
                                                                                                                                            ABOUT YOUR HOUSING NEEDS
in which they traveled were eight
feet wide and 20 feet long, with 80             @ WARDROOM
to 100 people tightly packed in and
forced to stand. Though it was                    1700                                                                                      Peter Lindsay

                                              BUFFET 1830
crowded, “people said that they                                                                                                             1-800-663-2121
could stand up for an hour for the

                                         MUSIC BY DA’ROCK 2000
   However, the trip would last six                                                                                               RE/MAX CAMOSUN • (250) 744-3301 • 24 hours
days and the crowded conditions                                                                                                        Serving the Needs of Military Families Since 1987
resulted in the deaths of babies,
young children, the elderly, and
anyone unable to withstand the in-
humane treatment. “We traveled
day and night with no food, no wa-
ter, “ said an emotional Riteman.                                                        AN    City Mazda is Proud To Present
                                                                                     INDUSTRY                 ST TIME
“On the second day, a man fell
down dead at my feet.”
   The train’s destination was
Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest
and most notorious of the concen-
tration and extermination camps
                                             • Are you a recent Grad?
                                             • Are you in the Canadian
                                                                                       FIRST!!                PROGRAM
built by the Third Reich. More than
one million would be killed there,
                                               Armed Forces and have no                                                     MAKING IT EASY
and Riteman described emerging
from the freight car and seeing the
                                               prior Auto Credit ???
sign that read ‘Arbeit macht frei’,
or ‘Work makes you free’.
                                             • Are you employed full time
   It was a violent and chaotic                and a 1st Time Auto Buyer
scene, Riteman recalled. Family
members were separated, German                 with no prior credit?
soldiers shot or bayoneted anyone
who resisted, and he could see pris-         • Would you like to own a
oners inside the barbed wire and                                                                                           Mazda 2
hear them calling out that he should           New Mazda?                                                                                                                                  Mazda 3
lie about his age. When a soldier
asked his age and his occupation,
Riteman, then aged 14, lied and
said he was 18 and a locksmith. “I
was a locksmith, like I knew how to
get to the moon,” he observed. It
was a lie that saved his life, how-
ever, as shortly he and the other ar-
                                              You Qualify To Buy or Lease                                              Mazda CX5                                           Mazda CX7
rivals watched as all the doctors,
teachers, lawyers and engineers
                                             a New Vehicle At City Mazda*                                       Zoom-Zoom. Forever.
were lined up and shot, according
to Riteman. “They fell down like
pieces of wood.”
   Later he would learn that his en-
                                                                                     *Some restrictions apply
                                                                                     see dealer for full details.   L O W L O W I N T E R E S T R AT E S
tire family, including grandpar-                                                     2672 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4N8
ents, parents, numerous aunts and
uncles and his seven siblings, were
                                                                                     City Certified Pre-Owned Centre: 902 404-7564
all murdered in the gas chambers.                                                    Fax: 902 455-2770 • Toll Free: 1 800 565-4115
4                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

                                                                                Community Calendar
       Publication                                                                  Reunion and event notices must be submitted by mail, fax or internet.
                                                                                     editor@tridentnews.ca include the sender’s name and phone number.
        Schedule                                        A notice will not be published if the event is to happen more that one year from publication date. Submissions may be edited.
               for 2012
Jan 9 — MFRC
Jan 23
                                            The NSNOA Bursary Trust                               seum of Immigration, Pier 21, 1055                  baskets with the diamond-shaped                            On April 15 from 3 to 4:30
Feb 6 — MFRC                                   The Nova Scotia Naval Officers’                    Marginal Road.                                      weave.                                                  p.m., an interfaith memorial ser-
Feb 20                                      Association is established to finan-                  Events at the public libraries                         On Saturday April 14, learn                          vice will take place at the Fairview
March 5 — MFRC
                                            cially assist deserving students to                                                                       about cattail birds. This wrapped                       Lawn Cemetery in remembrance of
March 19 — Posting Season                                                                            On Tuesday April 10 at 7 p.m.,                   basketry bird uses natural materials                    the lives lost in the Titanic tragedy
April 2 — MFRC
                                            pursue career goals at any recog-                     join the book club, meet new peo-
                                            nized university in Canada. Con-                                                                          found in our ditches and wet areas.                     and of the 121 Titanic victims bur-
April 16                                                                                          ple, explore new authors and share
                                            siderations will be financial need,                                                                       Make your own bird in this tradi-                       ied at the cemetery. The service
April 30 — MFRC/Battle of the                                                                     reading ideas. Featured book this
Atlantic Special                            academic grades, community in-                                                                            tional Western Native Aboriginal                        will include a wreath laying and
May 14
                                                                                                  week is The Best Laid Plans, by                     style. They float.                                      musical performances.
                                            volvement and other activities. The                   Terry Fallis. Tantallon Public Li-
May 28                                                                                                                                                   On Sunday April 22, Earth Day
                                            amount of the bursary will be deter-                  brary                                                                                                       Events at the Maritime
June 11 — MFRC/Family Days                                                                                                                            2012 from 2 to 4p.m., there will be
June 25
                                            mined annually. Canadian citizens                        On Tuesday April 10 at 7 p.m.,                                                                           Museum of the Atlantic
July 9 — MFRC                               resident in Nova Scotia, who have a                                                                       a free public talk titled Baskets of
                                                                                                  learn about meditation. Meditation                  Nova Scotia, with a display of the                         On April 17 at 7:30 p.m., join
July 23                                     naval connection, e.g. dependents                     brings a sense of peace within and                                                                          marine archaeologist Rob Rondeau
Aug 6 — MFRC                                of Regular Force (Navy) or former                                                                         traditional basket styles in the
Aug 20 — Back to School Special
                                                                                                  gives you answers to questions you                  Mi’kmaq, the African Nova Sco-                          for the launch of his book Titanic
                                            naval members; members of the                         didn’t know you had. Woodlawn                                                                               Lives: On Board, Destination Can-
Sept 3 — MFRC                                                                                                                                         tian, the Acadian and the Celtic
                                            Naval Reserve, Sea Cadets, and rel-                   Public Library                                                                                              ada as he explores the fates of those
Sept 17 — Home Improvement                                                                                                                            communities of Nova Scotia. There
                                            atives or dependents of NSNOA                            On Thursday April 12 at 7                                                                                who booked their passages on Ti-
Oct 1 — MFRC                                members are eligible. Applicants                                                                          will be baskets created by artists
                                                                                                  p.m., learn about native medicinal                  from basket cooperatives in devel-                      tanic’s first and only voyage.
Oct 15                                      must be enrolled as, or have applied                  plants, with Savayda Jarone,                                                                                Launch and presentation are free to
Oct 29 — MFRC/Remembrance                   to enroll as full time students in any                                                                    oping countries. Most of these bas-
                                                                                                  MNIMH. This six-part series pre-                    kets are made from found and re-                        the public but donations to Feed
                                            Canadian university.                                  sented by the Ecology Action Cen-                                                                           Nova Scotia are welcome.
Nov 12                                                                                                                                                used man made materials. In addi-
                                               Application should arrive no lat-                  tre will focus on plants native to the
Nov 26 — Holiday Shopping Special
                                            er than April 15. Funding will be                                                                         tion, there will be an information                         On Tuesday May 8 at 7:30
Dec 10 — MFRC/ Year End Review                                                                    Halifax area, for gardening, land-                  session for those seeking basket                        p.m., there will be a public talk ti-
                                            forwarded to the applicable univer-                   scaping, medicinal use and envi-
                                            sity following the successful appli-                                                                      identification and information                          tled One Model: Two Ships - The
                                                                                                  ronmental health. Halifax North                     about basket care and repair. Bring                     Lusitania and Mauretania Ship
                                            cant’s enrollment. Send applica-                      Memorial Public Library
                                            tions to the Chairman, NSNOA                                                                              your baskets.                                           Model.
                                                                                                     On Sunday April 22 at 2:30                                                                                  The Maritime Museum of the
                                            Bursary Trust, PO Box 801, Hali-                      p.m., join author Hugh Brewster                     Titanic Events
                                            fax, NS B3J 2V2.                                                                                                                                                  Atlantic has recently acquired the
                                                                                                  for a reading from his book RMS Ti-                    On April 14 from 7:30 to 9:30                        largest antique ship model in Cana-
                                            SCAN seminar in May                                   tanic: Gilded Lives on a Fatal Voy-                 p.m., gather with family, friends                       da, a magnificent 18-foot model of
Editor: Virginia Beaton                       The next SCAN Seminar will be                       age. Brewster is an award-winning                   and visitors at the waterfront side                     the RMS Lusitania and Maureta-
    editor@tridentnews.ca                   conducted May 16 and 17 with a                        writer and editor and was the edi-                  of the Maritime Museum of the At-                       nia. The 106-year-old model is the
    (902) 427-4235, fax (902) 427-4238      Medical Information Day on May                        torial director and publisher of Ma-                lantic for a walking, candlelight                       original builder’s model of the Cu-
Public Relations Specialist:                18, 2012. Location TBA.                               dison Press Books for 20 years.                     procession. The procession will                         nard Line’s RMS Lusitania, whose
                                                                                                  Spring Garden Road Memorial                         make its way from the museum to                         sinking on May 7, 1915 is, after Ti-
    Benjamin J. DeLong                      Ukrainian Easter Egg                                  Branch.                                             the Grand Parade, passing some of                       tanic, is the most famous wreck in
    ben.delong@tridentnews.ca               Art workshop                                             On Wednesday April 25 at 7                       the city’s Titanic-related land-                        history and helped bring the United
    (902) 427-4231                                                                                p.m., join author Paul Butler for the
                                               On April 7 there will be a Ukrai-                                                                      marks along the way. Admission is                       States into the First World War. Af-
Graphic Designer: Jeremy Cormier            nian Easter Egg Art workshop,                         launch of his novel Titanic Ashes.                  free.                                                   ter Lusitania’s loss, the model was
    graphics@tridentnews.ca                 from 1 to 4p.m. Just in time for                      Cole Harbour Library                                   From 9:30 p.m. to 12:20 a.m.,                        hastily converted to represent its
    (902) 427-4234                          Easter, come design a unique egg in                   Nova Scotia Basketry                                wait in the Grand Parade as we hon-                     sister ship, RMS Mauretania, a
Editorial Advisor: Mike Bonin               traditional Ukrainian style using                     Guild Workshops                                     our Nova Scotia’s connection to the                     long-serving liner with extensive
    mike.bonin@forces.gc.ca                 dyes and beeswax. Adult work-                                                                             Titanic. Musical performers will                        connections to Halifax. The largest
                                            shop.                                                    Free workshops in the Craig Gal-                                                                         and fastest ships in the world, these
    (902) 721-1968                                                                                lery at Alderney Landing, Dart-                     include the Stadacona Band of
                                               Space is limited to 15 partici-                                                                        MARLANT. At 12:20 a.m., when                            two ships changed travel history
www.tridentnews.ca                          pants. First come, first served. This                 mouth.
                                                                                                                                                      the Titanic began to sink, there will                   and their challenge led directly to
                                            event is in partnership with the Uk-                     On Saturday April 7, learn                       be a moment of silence and flares                       White Star Line’s construction of
    Advertising Sales                       rainian Canadian Association Hali-                    about Easter baskets made of paper                  will be set off to symbolize the                        Titanic. The model, on long-term
                                            fax/Dartmouth Region. This work-                      strips and ribbon. These baskets re-                ship’s call for help. Admission is                      loan from the City of Toronto, will
    Dave MacNeil & Wanda Priddle
           (902) 427-4235                   shop is presented in English.                         use materials found in our everyday                 free.                                                   be officially unveiled and Dan
        sales@tridentnews.ca                   Location is the Canadian Mu-                       environment and are woven in the                                                                            Conlin will present an illustrated
                                                                                                  traditional style of Mi’kmaq fancy                                                                          talk on the model and these two leg-
Trident is an authorized military publi-                                                                                                                                                                      endary ship.
cation distributed across Canada and

                                            A true team player remembered
throughout the world every second
Monday, and is published with the per-
mission of Rear Admiral David Gardam,
Commander, Joint Task Force Atlantic.
The Editor reserves the right to edit,      By Sgt Lance Wade                                     waving Canada flag, was revealed,
condense or reject copy, photographs        Army Integrated Communications                        while members from the 36 Cana-
or advertising to achieve the aims of a                                                           dian Brigade Group Band played
service newspaper as defined by the In-
terim Canadian Forces Newspapers
Policy dated April 11, 2005. Deadline
for copy and advertising is noon, ten
                                            T    he cool chill of the rink, the fa-
                                                 miliar smell that only a rink can
                                            give and a community joined to-
                                                                                                  The Maple Leaf Forever.
                                                                                                     “His speed was what I remem-
                                                                                                  bered most about him. He was a fast
business days prior to the publication      gether to commemorate a local                         skater,” recalls, former Peewee and
date. Material should be typed, double-     team player at the annual memorial                    Bantam coach, John Carr, who in-
spaced and must be accompanied by           hockey tournament. Cpl Paul Davis                     stigated the idea to name the annual
the contributor’s name, address and
phone number. Opinions and advertise-
                                            spent much of his childhood play-                     tournament in honour of one of his
ments printed in Trident are those of the   ing hockey in Sackville; his life                     past players.
individual contributor or advertiser and    was cut short while serving in Af-                       “We are honouring Cpl Davis
do not necessarily reflect the opinions     ghanistan on 2 Mar, 2006. The                         and highlighting the significance of
or endorsements of the DND, the Editor      Sackville Minor Hockey Associ-                        his sacrifice, so the young players
or the Publisher.                           ation (SMHA) played host to the                       realize and understand why we
Le Trident est une publication militaire
                                            fourth annual Cpl Paul Davis Me-                      have retired his number and the im-                 AJ Stewart drops the puck next to LFAA Chief of Staff, Col Joseph
autorisée par le contre-amiral David        morial Tournament which ran from                      pact he has made on the communi-                    Shipley, during the opening ceremony at the fourth annual Cpl Paul
Gardam, Commandant la force opéra-          March 9 to 11, 2012.                                  ty,” said Sheridan Curnew, Vice                     Davis Memorial Tournament in Sackville, NS on March 9, 2012. This
tionnelle interarmées de l‘Atlantique,         Players, coaches and community                     President of Recreation for Sack-                   year’s tournament drew approximately 550 players and coaches.
qui est distribuée partout au Canada et                                                                                                                                                             SGT LANCE WADE, ARMY INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS
                                            members took a moment to pay                          ville Minor Hockey Association.
outremer les leundis toutes les quin-       their respects and remember their                        “I find the number nine is a fit-                from the greater Halifax Regional                       tary, I also feel really sorry for his
zaines. Le rédacteur en chef se réserve
le droit de modifier, de condenser ou de
                                            local hero during the opening cere-                   ting number for Cpl Davis as nine                   Municipality including teams as far                     family and I respect what he gave to
rejeter les articles, photographies ou      mony. Cpl Davis born in Bridgewa-                     or niner represents the Command-                    as Cape Breton to play in the tour-                     his country” said AJ Stewart, 12, a
annonces publicitaires jugées con-          ter, N.S., served with the 2nd Bat-                   ing Officer’s call sign who is in-                  nament. This year’s tournament                          Peewee player in the tournament.
traires aux objectifs d’un journal mili-    talion, Princess Patricia’s Cana-                     deed the team leader. How appro-                    drew approximately 550 players                             Cpl Davis is survived by his wife
taire selon la définition donnée à poli-    dian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) died                    priate it is to have Cpl Davis be re-               and coaches. Twenty-eight teams                         Melanie, their two daughters, Julia
tique temporaire des journaux des           as a result of vehicle accident west                  membered as a team leader on and                    ranging from Atom, Peewee and                           and Malia; father James (Sharon)
forces canadiennes. L’heure de tombée
des annonces publicitaires ou des arti-
                                            of Kandahar, Afghanistan.                             off the ice,” said Col Joseph Ship-                 Bantam divisions participated in                        Davis; mother Connie (Avery) Da-
cles est fixée à 12h le vendredi précé-        A retirement banner, fit for a                     ley, Chief of Staff of Land Force                   the tournament.                                         vis; brother Rick Davis; sister Ta-
dant la semaine de publication. Les         star, embroidered with the name                       Atlantic Area.                                         “I show my support because I am                      nya Dampsey; niece Jessica and ne-
textes peuvent être soumis en français      Davis, the number nine and at the                        A strong sense of community                      a hockey player like him, I have                        phew Joshua; grandmother Garne-
ou en anglais; ils doivent être dactylo-    bottom a field of poppies with a                      and support has brought people                      family that was active in the mili-                     ta Ryan and other family members.
graphiés à double interligne et indiquer
                                                                                                                                                    30TH ANNIVERSARY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             30TH ANNIVERSARY

le nom, l’adresse et le numéro de télé-
phone du collaborateur. Les opinions et
les annonces publicitaires imprimées
par le Trident sont celles des collabora-
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                                        ulated improvised explosive devis-            Group, thanked the Americans for
                                        es and the evacuation of simulated            hosting 37 CBG and for their par-
                                        casualties.                                   ticipation and support during the
                                           Fort Pickett, the Virginia Na-             exercise. He also made special
continued from / Page 1                 tional Guard Maneuver Training                mention of the Canadian Manoeu-
                                        Center, is perfectly suited to this           vre Training Centre (CMTC) staff
pares soldiers for deployments in       type of training because it includes          who travelled to Virginia from
Canada and around the world.            live-fire ranges, an urban warfare            Wainwright, Alberta, to help coor-
   “Reservists are only too glad to     complex, simulated forward oper-              dinate the training and mentor the
be able to serve our country, wheth-    ating bases and several training vil-         soldiers.
er it’s domestic operations or          lages.                                           “CMTC added a great dimension
whether it’s on an expeditionary           In addition to the approximately           to the exercise to help us capture the
role,” said LCol Brennan. “This         675 Canadian soldiers who attend-             lessons learned, and help us im-
type of training really gives them      ed MARITIME RAIDER 12, about                  prove as we train,” said Col Bell.
that opportunity to get a sense for     120 soldiers from the U.S. military           “Remember those lessons. Take
what it would really be like on a de-   also participated.                            them back to your unit and tell them
ployment, more so than what they           According to LCol Brennan, the             to the people who weren’t here.
would ever be able to achieve in        chance to work and train side by              Help improve the overall training
their home units.”                      side with the Americans is one of             in the Brigade.”
   During the exercise, the training    the biggest reasons why Fort Pick-               Cpl Alexandra Ramsay of 721
helped the soldiers from 37 CBG         ett was chosen as the location for            (Charlottetown) Communication             Members of 2 R Nfld Regt from Corner Brook, NL, embark a MH60S
meet specific standards for battle      the exercise.                                 Regiment, will gladly tell her unit       Sea Hawk helicopter from HSC-22 Sea Knights in Norfolk Virginia.
tasks such as establishing local de-       “It’s for the experience of work-          about the lessons she learned dur-        The helicopter is being used to transport them to the Military Oper-
fence, reacting to direct and indi-     ing in a multi-national environ-              ing MARITIME RAIDER 12, es-               ations Urban Training site at Fort Pickett, Virginia, USA. Soldiers from
rect fire, establishing roadblocks      ment,” said LCol Brennan. “Any                pecially what it’s like to see the col-   37 Canadian Brigade Group conducted Exercise MARITIME RAIDER
and checkpoints, searching build-       opportunity to have our soldiers              lective elements of a Brigade come        at the Virginia National Guard Maneuver Training Center, Fort Pickett,
                                                                                                                                March 1 to 11, 2012.
ings and coordinating with civil        train with our coalition partners is a        together into a cohesive combat                                                      WO JERRY KEAN/LFAA PUBLIC AFFAIRS
authorities, to name just a few.        definite force multiplier.”                   team.
They also had the opportunity to           Before the troops headed home                 “Overall it was a good experi-         esting to see each of the different   no matter what rank you are, we all
participate in armoured convoys         from Virginia, Col Jake Bell, Com-            ence. It was my first time working        components being put into place,”     played an important role in the ex-
that included the explosion of sim-     mander 37 Canadian Brigade                    with headquarters, so it was inter-       said Cpl Ramsay. “It taught me that   ercise.”

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6                                                                                                                                                               TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

CFNES Divisions honour professional
success and community involvement
By Virginia Beaton
                                       the objectives of CSE Division, in-    HODS/CHODS meeting, a vote
Trident Staff
                                       cluding both his work with CSE         was held to disperse $2900 to the

C    ontributing to the betterment
     of our community is a vital
part of being a CF member, Base
                                       Div Standards and HCM FELEX.
                                          PO2 Connors was named
                                       CFNES Instructor of the year. This
                                                                              nominated organizations.
                                                                                 The MFRC, nominated by per-
                                                                              sonnel at the Feb. 8 HODS/
Commander Capt(N) Brian San-           Command level award is presented       CHODS meeting, received $500.
tarpia told CFNES during divi-         to the instructor “who consistently       The Elizabeth Fry Society of
sions on Thursday, March 22 in the     exemplifies the highest standard of    Mainland Nova Scotia, nominated
Drill Shed.                            instructional technique based on       by Lt(N) Judi Risser, received
   “It’s not just what we do on the    outstanding professionalism, in-       $400. This organization assists
job, it’s what we do in the commu-     novation, devotion and overall im-     disadvantaged women to help
nity each day that matters,” said      provement to the quality of instruc-   themselves, promotes a healthier
Capt(N) Santarpia. During divi-        tion.”                                 socio-economic environment for
sions, organizations ranging from         CPO2 Fred McCrea received the       not only themselves and their fam-
the MFRC to the provincial food        certificate of completion for suc-     ilies but for everyone in the com-
bank received donations raised by      cessfully completed all compo-         munity.
CFNES, and Capt(N) Santarpia           nents of the Naval -Officer Profes-       The Scouts Canada 1st Lantz
congratulated the school for its ge-   sional Military Education.             Group Committee, nominated by
nerosity.                                 Capt(N) Santarpia presented his     PO2 Maurice Pommerville, re-
   As Reviewing Officer for the oc-    personal coin to MS Byron Lang         ceived $400. This organization is
casion, Capt(N) Santarpia also         for his leadership role towards        raising funds to purchase new uni-
complimented CFNES staff and           CFNES donating 184 kg of food to       forms for their youth and help im-
students for their appearance, de-     the FEED NOVA SCOTIA organ-            prove a 30-year-old cabin that they
portment and work ethic and noted,     ization. CFNES School Chief            use.
“We’re the best navy in the world      CPO1 Mario Gagnon noted “This             The ALS Society of Nova Sco-        Cdr Luc Carosielli, Commandant of CFNES, carries out the inspection
because we are so well trained. We     enormous amount of food made it        tia, nominated by Lt(N) Stephen        during divisions on March 22.
need experienced sailors at sea and    possible for a better Xmas for         Dugas, received $400. ALS stands                                                          PTE KRISTEN MCCORD, FIS

you’re responsible for training,       many families across the province      for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis      Margaret’s House in Dartmouth        the cold months of November
and that’s very important work.”       because of donors like CFNES and       and is commonly know as Lou            and they serve approximately         through to the month of April each
   Several promotions and honours      the Navy.”                             Gehrig’s Disease. The ALS Socie-       2,000 meals per month to hungry      year.
took place. PO2 Yvon Nadeau was           CPO1 Gagnon stated that during      ty is a non-profit organization that   adults.                                 The final donation was in the
promoted to PO1, and PO1 Joseph        the 2011 GCWCC, CFNES as-              relies solely on donated funds to         The Out of the Cold Shelter,      amount of $400 to the Provincial
Abando was promoted to CPO2            signed one Friday each month to        assist those in Nova Scotia living     nominated by Bernie Young, re-       Autism Centre, which was nomi-
and also received the Comman-          donate the Dress with a Difference     with this disease.                     ceived $400. This shelter, located   nated by Sean Piercey. This non-
dant’s Certificate of Achievement      funds to a charity of CFNES’              Feeding Others of Dartmouth,        in the basement of St. Matthew’s     profit charity provides support to
in recognition for his outstanding     choice. Seven organizations were       nominated by Kevin Jack, received      Church, provides a warm and safe     people with Autism Spectrum Dis-
and steadfast dedication towards       nominated and during the Feb. 8        $400. This organization operates       place to sleep for 15 people, from   order and to their families.

                                                                                                     L A W Y E R S - AV O C AT S
                                                                                                                      Criminal Law
                                                                                                                       Family Law
                                                                                                                     Civil Litigation
                                                                                                               (902) 492·7000
                                                                                                                          483·3080 (after hours)

                                                                                                   TOM SINGLETON
                                                                                                   6169 Quinpool Rd, Suite 221, Halifax NS B3L 4P8
                                                                                                           Fees reduced 25% for
                                                                                                       CF members & DND personnel

              The Sea King Club: 242 Warrior Ave, Shearwater

                                                                     APRIL 14TH
                                                                     Comedy Night
                                                                     Enjoy pub food 1830 - 2200                                              TICKETS
                                                                     Comedians 2100 - 2330                                                   $10 members
                                                                     DJ Dance 2330 - 0100                                                    $12 non-members
                                                                     Doors open at 1800

                For more information contact the Sea King Club at 720-1091
TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012                                                                                                                                                                        7

4 Engineer Support Regiment on exercise in Goose Bay
By Lt Nick Bouchard                    Squadron were tasked with build-
4 Engineer Support Regiment,           ing an ice road, and in the end, 350
CFB Gagetown                           metres of road was constructed.
                                       Sgt Sheldon Hawe and his team

A     pproximately 200 personnel
      from 4 Engineer Support Re-
giment (4ESR) deployed to Hap-
                                       were able to increase the thickness
                                       of the ice by seven inches, thus
                                       raising the Military Load Class of
py Valley-Goose Bay, NL, Feb.          the ice from 14 to 20 tonnes. The
18 to 29, for winter indoctrination    knowledge in the Regiment of ice
training alongside members of 5        road construction is undoubtedly
Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (5        leaps and bounds ahead of where
CRPG).                                 it was at the start of the exercise.
   Dubbed Ex NORTHERN SAP-                During the exercise, 42 Field
PER, or as many soldiers in 4 ESR      Squadron conducted several
have called it, the best exercise of   snowmobile patrols totalling in
all time, the exercise was conduct-    excess of 500 km. The Squadron
ed to impart valuable survival and     also learned how to ice fish, hunt,     Members of 1 Troop, 4 ESR offload a Twin Otter aircraft at the Permanent Training Area 150 km south of
mobility skills to the soldiers of     snare, and build improvised snow        CFB GOOSE BAY.
                                                                                                                                                            MCPL AMANDA ANDERSON, CFB GAGETOWN
4ESR. The learning curve was           shelters under instruction of the
steep; however, the troops rose        Canadian Rangers. The soldiers of       breaking to arrive on destination.    their exercise, they learned many        “From building survival shel-
above the challenge and fully em-      1 Troop travelled by small fixed        Fowler and his team were invalu-      valuable lessons after spending       ters to driving in six feet of powder
braced the experience of surviv-       wing aircraft 200 km south of           able to 2 Troop’s success and were    half a day getting the Squadron       snow, it was a great experience.”
ing in our Canadian North.             CFB Goose Bay to conduct                key factors in keeping them out of    though one particularly sloppy           The skills and lessons learned
   “The environment in Goose           mounted and dismounted patrols,         the slop (a terrible mix of snow      section of trail. The squadron also   from this experience will un-
Bay presents training opportuni-       small arms ranges, and camp             and ice that seems to attract inex-   conducted demolition and con-         doubtedly serve the members of 4
ties and challenges that aren’t        maintenance in the remote Perma-        perienced drivers).                   ventional munitions disposal and      ESR for many years to come.
available in Gagetown,” said Maj       nent Training Area. The soldiers           The members of 43 Counter-         small arms ranges, and learned        Needless to say, the exercise
Shawn Groves, Acting Com-              of 2 Troop conducted two long-          Improvised Explosive Device           various survival skills.              would have not been possible
manding Officer of 4 ESR. “The         range patrols, one 220 km long up       Squadron also conducted several          The exercise was an all-around     without the gracious support of 5
assistance of the Canadian Rang-       the south shore of Lake Melville.       long-range patrols, but were con-     success and a must-do for next        Wing and the Canadian Rangers,
ers was invaluable to our soldiers,    This patrol, led by Gerry Fowler        fronted by many more challenges       year. “Labrador was an ideal win-     and the members of 4 ESR are
many of whom have never experi-        and his team of Canadian Rangers,       with poor trail conductions and       ter training ground for 4 ESR,”       looking forward to working with
ence these types of conditions."       guided the 25 snowmobile convoy         equipment failures.                   said Lt Shawn Burdett from 42         them again in the future.
   The members of 41 Support           through 12 long hours of trail             Though not the highlight of        Field Squadron.

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                      Monthly payment is $1433                                   Monthly payment is $1992                                   Monthly pmt is $ 1796

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                                                                                                             who are relocating to a new area. Free benefits to assist
                                                                                                                      military men and women in the move.
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                                                                                                             military personnel many advantages, benefits and discounts.

   KRIS                                                                             Michelle
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8                                                                                                                                                                     TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

Halifax & Region Military Family        serves. Board members volunteer         ont la possibilité de participer ac-     belles possibilités, notamment         nauté des FC et adhérer à une
Resource Centre                         with the H&R MFRC because of            tivement à la gouvernance de l’un        l’occasion de donner en retour à la    grande organisation, songez à de-
   www.halifaxmfrc.ca                   their passion and commitment to         des meilleurs organismes de bien-        communauté militaire, mais aussi       venir membre du conseil d’admin-
   Charitable number: 87070 5829        the military community.                 faisance au pays. Au fil des ans, les    de travailler avec d’autres béné-      istration . Pour de plus amples ren-
RR0001                                     “Volunteering on the Board for       membres du conseil d’administra-         voles remarquables et de faire de      seignements, veuillez consulter la
   www.twitter.com/hrmfrc               me is a way of saying thank you to      tion ont joué un rôle déterminant        nouvelles connaissances. Les           trousse d’information en ligne du
   Search Halifax & Region Mili-        the MFRC for everything they’ve         dans l’élaboration et l’amélioration     membres du conseil d’administra-       conseil à www.halifaxmfrc.ca.
tary Family Resource Centre on          done for me and my family over the      des programmes et des services of-       tion reçoivent une formation et        Congratulations to the follow-
facebook.                               years. I enjoy volunteering on the      ferts aux familles des militaires », a   d’autres possibilités de développe-    ing winners for the March
   Locations:                           Board because my opinions or val-       affirmé Colleen Calvert, directrice      ment personnel et perfectionne-        2012 Vacation Lottery Extra-
   Halifax site: Piers Military         ued and appreciated. I am proud to      générale du CRFM d’Halifax et ré-        ment professionnel leur sont of-       vaganza draw:
Community Centre Building 106           be part of such a wonderful group,”     gions. Les membres du conseil            fertes.
                                        said Nathalie Morin, H&R MFRC           d’administration représentent le            « Je suis entrée au conseil d’ad-   Félicitation aux gagnants sui-
Windsor Park Halifax Tel 24/7 427-                                                                                                                              vants du triage du Concours
7788                                    Board member.                           CRFM d’Halifax et régions, élabo-        ministration, d’abord et avant tout,
                                           Being a part of the Board also       rent des politiques de gouvernance,      pour mieux connaître les personnes     Extravaganza vacances au so-
   Shearwater site: Hampton Gray                                                                                                                                leil pour le moi mars 2012:
Memorial Building in Shearwater         provides members with some              établissent des plans, buts et objec-    qui partagent le même mode de vie
Tel 720-1885 (after hours call 427-     really great opportunities. Not only    tifs stratégiques et, surtout, appor-    militaire que j’ai vécu. J’ai trouvé      Winning Ticket / Grand Prix Bil-
7788)                                   will members be giving back to the      tent une contribution positive à la      un réseau de famille auquel je me      let gagnant, Marc St-Hilaire.
   Join the MFRC eNews – email:         military community, they will be        communauté des FC. Ils possèdent         sens très liée. Être membre du con-       Second Prize $1000 Cash, Win-
enews@halifaxmfrc.ca.                   exposed to working with other           des compétences variées et leur ap-      seil d’administration m’a offert       ning Ticket/ Deuxième prix 1000$
   Are you on our mailing list?         great volunteers and connecting         proche à multiples facettes contri-      l’occasion de donner en retour à la    argent liquide gagnant, Linda Nor-
   Sign up to receive the Trident       with new people. Members are also       bue à faire en sorte que le CRFM         communauté des FC et m’a donné         man.
newspaper by mail: call 720-1885,       able to participate in training and     d’Halifax et régions demeure im-         un véritable sentiment de fierté.         Third Prize, $500 Cash Winning
or          email       sonia.law-      other personal and professional de-     portant pour la communauté               Tout le monde devrait songer à         Ticket/ Troisième prix 500$ argent
rence@forces.gc.ca with your            velopment opportunities.                qu’elle sert. Le bénévolat des           faire du bénévolat au CRFM d’Ha-       liquide Billet gagnant, Sean
mailing address. Pour recevoir la          “I originally joined the Board to    membres du conseil d’administra-         lifax et régions. Les amis que vous    McCutcheon.
publication du Trident, s.v.p. con-     get to know people that lived the       tion du CRFM d’Halifax et régions        aurez resteront avec vous toute           $150 Gift Card Winning Ticket/
tactez le 720-1885 ou par courriel :    same military lifestyle that I did. I   tient à leur passion et à leur engage-   votre vie », a indiqué Carolyn         Carte cadeau $150 Billet gagnant,
sonia.lawrence@forces.gc.ca en          found a network of ‘family’ that I      ment à l’égard de la communauté          O’Malley, présidente du conseil        CPO2 Tom Sloan.
nous indiquant votre adresse post-      feel very connected with. Being on      militaire.                               d’administration.                         $150 Superstore Gift Card Win-
ale.                                    the Board has provided me with a           « Faire partie du conseil d’ad-          Si vous souhaitez apporter une      ning Ticket/Carte cadeau $150 Bil-
                                        sense of giving back to the commu-      ministration à                           contribution positive à la commu-      let gagnant, Lt(N) Valerie Allard
Board 101                               nity. Everyone should consider          titre bénévole
   Are you a military family mem-       volunteering with the H&R MFRC.         est pour moi
ber looking to get involved and give    The friends you will make will be       une façon de
back to the community? The Board        with you for a lifetime,” said Car-     dire merci au
of Directors at the Halifax & Re-       olyn O’Malley, Advisor to Chair.        CRFM         pour
gion MFRC is always looking for            If you are looking to make a dif-    tout ce qu’il a
new members to join our dynamic         ference in your community and be        fait pour moi et
team, especially military spouses.      affiliated with a great organization    pour ma famille
Made up of a minimum of 51 per          we encourage you to join the board .    depuis des an-
cent civilian spouses/partners of       Check out our Board Information         nées.      J’aime
CF members, the Board works to          Package online at www.hali-             faire du béné-
meet and determine the needs of the     faxmfrc.ca.                             volat au sein du
military community.                     Conseil d’administration du             conseil d’ad-
   “Becoming a Board member             CRFM d’Halifax et régions               ministration
provides volunteers with a unique       101                                     parce que mes
opportunity to actively participate                                             opinions sont
in the governance of one of the best       Si vous êtes membre des familles     utiles et sont les
charitable organizations in the         des militaires et que vous désirez      bienvenues. Je
country. Over the years, Board          vous impliquer davantage et donner      suis fière de
members have all played an inte-        en retour à la communauté mili-         faire partie de
gral role in building and enhancing     taire, sachez que le conseil d’ad-      ce merveilleux
the programs and services we pro-       ministration du CRFM d’Halifax et       groupe », a fait
vide to military families,” said Col-   régions est à la recherche de nou-      remarquer
leen Calvert, Executive Director,       veaux membres au sein de sa dyna-       Nathalie Morin,
H&R MFRC. Board members rep-            mique équipe . Composé d’au             membre         du
resent the H&R MFRC, develop            moins 51% de membres de familles        conseil d’ad-
governing policies, develop strate-     civils du personnel des Forces can-     ministration du
gic plans, goals and objectives and     adiennes (FC), le conseil d’admin-      CRFM d’Hali-
most importantly, make a differ-        istration du CRFM d’Halifax et ré-      fax et régions.
ence in the CF community. Skills        gions a pour mission de répondre           Le     conseil
of board members are diverse and        aux besoins de la communauté mil-       d’administra-
their multi faceted approach helps      itaire.                                 tion offre égale-
ensure that the H&R MFRC re-               « En devenant membres du con-        ment à ses
mains relevant to the community it      seil d’administration, les bénévoles    membres         de
TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012                                                                                                                                                                              9

(Trinity).                              Activité pour la famille: Zoo               Sunday, April 15, and May 6          dans la région d’Halifax. On se ret-    Soirée Francophone
  www.halifaxmfrc.ca/extrava-           Oaklawn Farm                             4:30 – 6:30p.m.                         rouve pour tisser des liens et             The Muster Station Tap & Grill,
ganza                                     Zoo Oaklawn Farm- Aylesford,              Deadline to register:Wednesday       prendre un café entre nous, dans        590 Portland Street, Dartmouth,
Upcoming Programs/                      NÉ Emmenez toute la famille au           prior to event by 4p.m.                 une ambiance décontractée et le         NS
Registration info                       zoo. Venez voir de près toutes           Café déploiement                        tout se passe en français. Les jeunes      18 ans + pour conjoint(e) de
                                        sortes animaux et régalez vous                                                   enfants sont bien heureux de jouer      membre militaire
   Please pre-register for MFRC                                                     Site d’Halifax                       ensemble, sous la supervision du
programs, including childcare.          d’une crème glacée. Le dimanche 6           Joignez-vous à nous pour soup-                                                  Place limité donc réservé tôt pur
                                        mai de 13 h à 15 h                                                               personnel du Casual Care (service       vous assurez une place. Plaisir et
Registration is not complete until                                               er, rencontrer d’autres familles de     de garde occasionnel).
participants have paid for the pro-       Coût : 3$ 12 ans et moins; 5$ 13       militaires et discuter des joies et                                             rire garanti. vendredi le 27 avril de
                                        ans et plus inscrivez-vous avant 16                                                Les jeudis 9h30 à 11h30               18H30 à 21H30
gram/event. To register for pro-                                                 des difficultés éprouvées lors du         Coût: 2$ par personne famille
grams please call 427-7788 (Hali-       h00 le mercredi 2 mai                    déploiement d’un proche                                                            Coût: Chaque participante dé-
                                                                                                                         militaire / 6$ autres                   fraie le coût de son repas.
fax) or 720-1885 (Shearwater).          Deployment Programs                         15 avril et le 6 mai, 16h30 à 18 h     Date limite d’inscription: réser-
Vous devez vous inscrire et payer                                                30                                                                                 Date limite d’inscription: le mar-
                                        and Events                                  Date limite de réservation : à
                                                                                                                         ver au plus tard le lundi avant         di 24 avril avant 16h00
votre inscription à l’avance, y com-                                                                                     16h00 pour profiter du service de
pris le service de halte-garderie.      Deployment Family Networks               16h00, le mercredi avant l’activité.                                            Children’s Programs
                                                                                                                         garde pour les enfants de 0 à 5 ans,
L’inscription à un programme ou         – HMCS Charlottetown                     CO’s Monthly Family Brief-              au coût de 4$ par enfant/ 7$ par        and Events
un événement n’est pas complète           Halifax site                           ing/VTCs/Potluck       Supper           famille
tant que le paiement n’est pas reçu       Family networks are a wonderful                                                                                          Emergency and Respite Child-
                                                                                 Event for families and friends          Cours de conversation
en totalité. Vous pouvez vous in-       and affordable means for military                                                                                        care. Find out more at:
                                                                                 of HMCS Charlottetown                   en anglais
scrire et payer à l’un ou l’autre des   families with common concerns                                                                                              http://www.halifaxmfrc.ca/e/
sites – CRFM de Shearwater ou                                                       Halifax Site                            Site d’Halifax                       services/family-support/child-
                                        and interests to join in on a variety
d’Halifax.                                                                          Join us for the CO’s Monthly            Age: adulte (18+)                    care.asp
                                        of fun social events every month
                                                                                 Family Briefing.                           Si vous êtes francophone et vous
Don’t forget: Special                   for the duration of the deployment.
                                                                                    (please check with the deploy-
                                                                                                                                                                 Weekday Casual Care
                                        Next meeting: contact: deploy-                                                   avez une certaine compréhension
Events & Family Activities              ment@halifaxmfrc.ca
                                                                                 ment services team as CO’s brief-       de base de l’anglais, pourquoi ne
                                                                                                                                                                    Halifax and Shearwater sites
                                                                                 ings may be impacted by operation-                                                 Ages: 3 months to 5 years
Dad & Me – Maritime Reptile                                                                                              pas joindre nos cours de conversa-
Adventures Show                         Réseaux des familles de mili-            al requirements)                                                                   Monday to Friday mornings
                                                                                                                         tion anglaise et pratiquez vos com-
                                        taires en déploiement –                  Séance d’information men-                                                       (9a.m. - 12p.m.) and afternoons (1-
   Halifax Site                                                                                                          pétences linguistiques . Nous al-
                                        NCSM Charlottetown                       suelle du commandant aux                                                        4p.m.).
   Come and experience an interac-                                                                                       lons discuter de sujets liés à la vie
                                           Les réseaux de soutien aux fam-                                                                                          Shearwater: Monday to Friday
tive reptile show.                                                               familles/ VTC / Souper for-             quotidienne dans une région anglo-
                                        illes sont un excellent moyen abor-                                                                                      9a.m.- 12p.m. and 1 - 4p.m.
   Sunday, April 29, 1-3p.m.                                                     tune du pot pour les familles           phone. Ceci est une excellente oc-
                                        dable pour les familles de militaires                                                                                       Cost: $5/hr for children under 18
   Cost: $5/person                                                               et les amis du NCSM                     casion d’apprendre des tournures
                                        en déploiement de se retrouver           Charlottetown                                                                   months, $4/hr for children over 18
   Deadline to register: Wednes-                                                                                         de phrase, rajoutez à votre vocabu-
                                        chaque mois à l’occasion de divers-                                                                                      months
day, April 25, 4p.m.                                                                Site d’Halifax                       laire et d’apprendre à rire de nous-
                                        es activités sociales agréables pour                                                                                        Registration available one week
                                                                                    Les familles et amis du NCSM         mêmes
Papa et moi – Aventures mar-            discuter de leurs préoccupations et                                                                                      in advance.
                                                                                 Charlottetown, sont invités à nous         Chaque mercredi soir du 11 avril
itimes spectacle de reptiles            de leurs intérêts communs.                                                       au 13 juin de 18h00 à 20h00Coût:        Halte-garderie– semaine
                                                                                 rejoindre pour la séance d’informa-
   Site d’Halifax                          Assurez-vous de laisser vos co-       tion mensuelle du commandant aux        50$ (remboursable) pour famille           Site d’Halifax et Shearwater
   Venez apprécier un spectacle et      ordonnées afin que nous puissions        familles.                               militaire; 115$ (non-remboursa-           Âge: 3mois à 5ans.
une expérience interactive de rep-      vous informer de la première réu-                                                ble) autres                               Lundi de vendredi 09h00 to
tiles.                                  nion prévue. N’hésitez pas à nous        Francophone Programs                       Le remboursement exige que les       12h00 et 13h00 to 16h00.
   Le dimanche 29 avril 13h00 à         contacter pour de plus amples ren-       and Events                              participants aient fait 85% du            Tarif: enfants de moins de
15h00                                   seignements sur la première réu-                                                 cours.                                  18mois– 5$/heure; enfants de plus
                                                                                 Parent/Bambin (Français)
   Coût: 5$ par personne                nion       à:    deployment@hali-                                                   La date limite d’inscription: le 5   de 18mois– 4$/heure. Inscriptions
   Les participants doivent s’in-       faxmfrc.ca                                 Site de Shearwater                    avril 2012.                             offertes une semaine à l’avance.
scrire et payer avant le mercredi 25                                               Âges: de 0 à 5 ans
                                        Deployment Café                            Les mardis matins 9 h30 to 11         Brunch pour les familles                Saturday Casual Care
avril 16h00
                                           Halifax Site                          h30                                     francophones au Centre                    Ages: 3 months to 12 years
Oaklawn Farm Zoo                                                                                                         de la jeunesse
                                           Any military family member              Coût : 2$ par enfants militaire et                                              Experiencing deployment? Let
Trip- Aylesford, NS
                                        experiencing short or long term de-      3$ par enfants non-militaire              Shearwater                            us know as respite hours can be
   Bring the family to the zoo. En-     ployment, IR, training or exercises        Aucune inscription n’est requise                                              used.
                                                                                                                           Le samedi 14 avril de 10H00 à
joy the animals, get up close and       is invited to join us for dinner, con-                                                                                     Shearwater Site: Saturday, April
                                                                                 Café français                           13H00
personal with some animals, have a      nect with other military families                                                                                        14
                                                                                                                           Coût: 3 $ par personne famille
pony ride and an ice cream.             and discuss the joys and challenges         Site de Shearwater                                                             Halifax Site: Saturday, April 21
                                                                                                                         militaire; 5 $ par personne autre
   Sunday, May 6, 1 to 3p.m.            of your loved ones deployment.              Cette activité qui s’adresse aux                                               10a.m. – 3p.m.
                                                                                                                           Aucun frais pour les enfants de
   Cost: $3 for 12 and under, $5 for    Casual Care is available for chil-       familles de militaires francophones                                               Cost: $5/hr for children under 18
                                                                                                                         deux ans et moins
teens and adults. Children 2 and un-    dren under 5. Please register in ad-     est un lieu d’échange où l’on parle                                             months, $4/hr for children over 18
                                                                                                                           Date limite d’inscription: le mer-
der are free.                           vance for casual care.                   de ce qui touche la vie militaire                                               months
                                                                                                                         credi 11 avril
   Registration Deadline: Wednes-                                                                                                                                  Registration deadline: Wednes-
day, May 2                                                                                                                                                       day before the session.

     Realtor thanks military community
     with cash rebate on buying or selling...
              ealtor Bill Crockett and Atlantic       to fulfill my mission to the family           families posted in and out of the                They can get some of the extra things
              Lifestyle Realty have been giving       I’m working for, as people in the CF         Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding               would like to have, over and above just
              cash rebates back to their clients      are very busy with their careers and         areas. During that time he has seen how          the things that they need.”
      for many years, families who have               families.”                                   useful it is to have extra cash in hand             “I encourage families to see every
      used there professional real estate               Atlantic Lifestyle                                               during a move. Bill        property they wish to see, as this allows
      services. ‘I believe by giving back to the      Reality has received                                               says he knows extra        them to make an informed decision.
      community only help strengthen the              email queries from CF                                              money is always            The end result is the family purchases
      community.”                                     Members deployed in                                                helpful, when              the perfect home for their needs.” Bill’s
         During his many years in real                the Persian Gulf and                                               moving to a new            cell phone is on 24/7 or you can email
      estate Bill has acquired an in-depth            Afghanistan.                                                       posting or across          directly to bill@atlanticlifestyle.com.
      knowledge of the market in Halifax                “These people who                                                town to a bigger              As the year 2012 progresses and
      Municipality. Bill is approved IRP              are thinking of moving                                             house a little extra       now that annual posting season has
      supplier and knows first hand about              to a new house or are                                              cash can help.             arrived. Bill look forward to greeting and
      military moves being in Europe,                 being posted when                                                     I‘ve seen the           assisting Canadian military families,
      Quebec and Cold Lake Alberta to name            they return, and want                                              results of the             either selling and moving to a new
      a few place. Four years ago Atlantic            to meet with me to                                                 program,” he says          location, or on their house hunting trip.
      Lifestyle approved the cash rebate              talk about it”                                                     “It’s great when           Please do not hesitate to contact Bill at
      back to CF members who used their                 Over the past years Bill has               the families get a couple of thousand            (902)-401-5552 or by email at
      professional services in buying and             worked with numerous military                dollars they wouldn’t have, otherwise.           bill@atlanticlifestyle.com
      selling houses.
         If you are posted to or from Halifax,
      or even if you are moving to a new
      home within this area, Bill Crockett can
      put extra cash in your pocket. If you
      purchase your home through Bill, he
      will give you part of his commission in
      cash on day after closing. This applies
      to all MLS® in Halifax, Dartmouth
      and surrounding areas. Bill Crockett

                                                         CASH BACK!!!
      is an experienced full-time real estate
      broker offering qualified professional
      service with all his listings on the MLS®
         He offers you all the benefits of
      MLS® with advertising and promotion
      plus the added incentive of his cash                CASH REBATE TO DND MEMBERS ON YOUR RELOCATION, WHETHER BUYING OR
      rebate offer. Should you list your home
      with Bill and he writes an acceptable
                                                          SELLING, IN HALIFAX, DARTMOUTH AND SURROUNDING AREAS...
      offer from a qualified buyer, he will                • COMPLETE MLS® BENEFITS.                                                       • SEE... “TRIDENT’ TO VIEW ADVERTORIAL.
      give you, the Seller on closing up to
                                                          • REAL ESTATE BROKER SINCE 1999                                                 • OVER $200,000.00 GIVEN BACK TO
      two percent of the selling price. For
      example, if Bill helps you sell your                • REFERENCES FROM DND MEMBERS AVAILABLE                                           DND MEMBERS SINCE JANUARY 2008.
      home for $200,000 you will receive                  • IRP APPROVED SUPPLIER
      up to $2000 to $4000 cash rebate. If
      he helps you purchase your home for
      $200,000, you will receive up to $1000
         “The CF members and their families
      have given me the privilege and trust                       Bill Crockett                                                                 Office (902) 452-3456
                                                                                                                                                  Fax (902) 462-7429
      of assisting them with the sale or the
      purchase of a home” says Bill “I want
                                                                   Atlantic Lifestyle Realty                                                      bill@atlanticlifestyle.com
10                                                                                                                                                                       TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

Service de garde occasionnel              Open Drop-in                           Cooking in the Kitchen Ages              Soirée Scientifique Âges 8+              offer programming for seniors in
du samedi                                                                        8+                                                                                the CF family including gentle ex-
                                             Sunday 1-4p.m. and 5-8 p.m.;                                                   Le jeudi 26 avril. de 18h00-           ercise for the body and mind and
   Âges: 3 mois à 12 ans                  Tuesday 3:30-5 p.m.; Wednesday           This month we’ll be making la-         20h00 Coût: 2$                           therapeutic activities.
   Vous vivez un déploiement?             3:30-5p.m. and 6-8p.m.; Thursday       sagna and garlic breadThursday             Date limite d’inscription: le 24         Friday mornings, 9:30a.m. -
Laissez-nous savoir et les heures de      3:30-5p.m.; Friday 3:30-5p.m. and      Apr. 19, 6-8p.m.Cost: $4                 avril                                    12:30p.m.
répit pourront être utilisées.            6-9p.m. and Saturday 1-4p.m. and         Deadline to register: Apr. 17
                                                                                                                          Flag Football Drop-in Ages 8+            Programme Détente
   Site de Shearwater le 14 avril         5-8p.m.                                Cuisiner ensemble Âges 8+
   Site d’Halifax le 21 avril                Special events and programming                                                 Fri, Apr. 27, 6:30-8p.m.               pour les aînés
                                                                                     Ce mois nous allons faire de la        Deadline to register: Drop in
   10h00 à 15h00                          - please see our calendar for more     lasagne et du pain à ailLe jeudi 19                                                 Site de ShearwaterTous les ven-
   Coût: 5$/heure pour les enfants        details                                avril de 18h00 -20h00Coût@: 4$           Jeu de football (drapeau) Âg-            dredis matins
de moins de 18 mois, 4$/heure pour           Indique les évènements et la pro-   Date limite d’inscription: le 17 av-     es: 8+                                     9h30 à 12h30
les enfants de 18 mois et plus            grammation spéciale – veuillez         ril                                        Le vendredi 27 avril de 18h30 à        Out N’About (adults only)
   Date limite d’inscription: le mer-     consulter le calendrier pour plus de                                            20h00Porte ouverte
credi avant la session.                   détails.                               Floor Hockey Drop-in Ages                                                           Wing Night - Big Leagues, 920
                                                                                 8+                                       Gardening Workshop Ages 8-               Cole Harbour Road Cost: Partici-
Parent and Tot                            Movies n’ Munchies Ages 8+               Fri, Apr. 20 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.          14                                       pants are responsible for the cost of
   Ages: Infant to 5 years                  Thursday, Apr. 12, 6-8p.m.           Drop-In                                    Sat, Apr. 28, 1 - 4p.m.Cost: $3        their meal.
   Halifax site (38 Macdougall            Cost: $2 Deadline to register: Apr.                                               Deadline to Register: Apr. 26            Wednesday, April 18, 5:30-
                                          12                                     Hockey en salle- Porte
Street): Tuesdays and Thursdays,                                                 Ouverte Âges 8+                                                                   7:30p.m.
9:30 - 11:30a.m.                                                                                                          Atelier de Jardinage Âges 8-               Deadline to register: Monday,
                                          Soirée ciné Âges 8+                                                             14
   Shearwater site: English - Mon-                                                 Le vendredi 20 avril. 18h30-                                                    April 16.
days, Wednesdays and Thursdays;             Le jeudi 12 avril de 18h00 –         20h00 Porte Ouverte                         le samedi 28 avril de 13h00-
                                          20h00                                                                                                                    Sortez et venez vous amuser
French - Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:30a.m.                                               Bowling and Grilled Cheese               16h00Coût: 3$Date limite pour
                                            Coût: 2$                                                                                                               (programme pour adultes)
Shearwater site: Military families                                               Ages 8+                                  s’inscrire: le 26 avril
only. Limited space.                        Date limite d’inscription: le 12                                                                                          Soirée ailes de poulet – Restau-
   Cost: Military $2/child and civil-     avril                                    Sat, Apr. 21, 1-4p.m.Cost: $6          Adult Programs                           rant BigLeagues, situé au 920, Cole
                                                                                   Deadline to register: Apr. 19          and Events                               Harbour Road
ian (Halifax only) $3/child               Basketball Drop-in Ages 8+
                                                                                 Bowling et sandwich grillé au            Coffee Connections                          Coût: Les participants assument
                                             Fri, Apr. 13, 6:30-8 p.m. Dead-     fromage Âges: 8+
Youth Programs                            line to register: Drop in.                                                         Halifax and Shearwater sites          les frais de leur repas.
and Events                                                                         Le samedi 21 avril de 13h00 à             Friday mornings                          mercredi le 18 avril, de 17h30 à
                                          Basketball Porte Ouverte               16h00Coût: 6$                               Cost: $2/military family mem-         19h30.
Leaders in Training                       Ages 8+                                  Date limite d’inscription: le 19                                                   Date limite d’inscription: Le lun-
                                                                                                                          ber $6/non-military family mem-
   Shearwater Site                           Le vendredi, 13 avril de 18h30-     avril                                    ber                                      di 16 avril à 16h
   Youth ages 12-15 will learn lead-      20h00                                  Drawing Workshop Ages 8+                    Casual Care: $3/child or $6/mil-      Women’s Self Defense
ership skills, teamwork, time man-           Porte OuverteGirls Drop-in Ag-                                               itary family
agement, program planning, re-                                                     Sun, Apr. 22 & 29, 1:30-3p.m.                                                     Halifax Site
                                          es 8+Sat, Apr. 14, 6-9p.m.             Cost: $2                                    Registration deadline: Tuesdays         Saturday, April 21, 9a.m. – 4
sume develop.m.ent, diversity                Deadline to register: Drop-in                                                prior to each session.
training and much, much more .                                                     Deadline to register: Drop in                                                   p.m.
   Mondays: April 23 and 30; May          Porte Ourverte pour les filles         Atelier en dessin                        Coffee Connections                         Cost: $25/military family mem-
7, 14 and 28; June 4 and 11, 6-           Âges 8+                                                                         (Café connexion)                         ber; $40/mother-daughter military
                                                                                   Âges 8+ Dimanche le 22 et 29
8:30p.m.                                    Le samedi 14 avril de 18h00–                                                     Site d’Halifax et Shearwater          family; $40/non-military
                                                                                 avril de 13h30-15h00 Coût: 2$
   Cost: $30/person                       21h00                                                                              Les vendredis de novembre 9h30          Deadline to register and pay:
                                                                                 Porte ouvert
   Deadline to register: Tuesday,           Date limite d’inscription: le 12                                              à 11h30                                  April 17
April 17.                                 avril                                  Friends for Life Ages 8-10                  Participation: 2$ pour les fam-       Autodéfense pour les femmes
                                          Come Try Zumba Ages 8+                    Friends for life is an internation-   illes militaires – 6$/familles non-
Leaders en formation                                                             ally recognised program that helps                                                    Site d’Halifax
                                                                                                                          militairesService de garde d’en-
   Sitede Shearwater                         Guys and gals, get moving with      children to build emotional resil-                                                    Samedi le 21 avril, 09h00-16h00
                                                                                                                          fants: disponible, uniquement pour
   Description: Les jeunes ages 12-       this fun dance workshop . Sun, Apr.    ience, develop skills to reduce anx-                                                  Coût: membres de familles de
                                                                                                                          les familles militaires (3$ 6$) Date
15 ans vont acquérir toutes sortes        15, 1-3p.m.                            iety and build positive mental                                                    militaires– 25$; femmes-filles de
                                                                                                                          limite pour s’inscrire et payer: le
de compétences notamment dans                Cost: $2 Deadline to register:      health. This is a four-week pro-                                                  militaires– 40$; autres– 25$.
                                                                                                                          mardi précédent si vous désirez
les domaines du leadership, de la         Apr. 13                                gram, meeting bi-weekly.Tues,                                                         Date limite d’inscription: 17 av-
                                                                                                                          faire garder votre enfant.
gestion du temps, de la communi-                                                 Apr. 24.                                                                          ril
                                          Venez essayer le Zumba Âges;                                                    Evening Coffee
cation, etc.                              8+                                        Cost: $20                                                                      Brunch Bunch
   Les lundis 23 et 30 avril; 7, 14, et                                             Deadline to register: Apr. 20            Shearwater site                          April 28, Cole’s Neighbourhood
                                            Garçons et filles, venez bouger                                                  Cost: $2 drop-in fee/military
28 mai; 4 et 11 juin de 18 h à 20 h 30    avec cet atelier de dance amusante .   Amis pour la vie Âges 8-10                                                        Restaurant, Cole Harbour Road,
   Coût: 30 $ par personne                                                                                                family members; $6/non-military          Dartmouth
                                          Le dimanche 15 avril de 13h00 à                                                 family members.
   Date limite pour s’inscrire: le        15h00 Coût: 2$                            Amis pour la vie est un pro-                                                      11am-1p.m.
mardi 17 avril                                                                   gramme internationale reconnu qui           Registration deadline: Mondays           Cost: Participants are respon-
                                            Date limite d’inscription: le 13                                              prior to the session by 4p.m.
Henderson Sweetman Youth                  avril                                  aide les enfants à gérer leurs émo-                                               sible for the cost of their meal. Ca-
Centre / Centre de la jeunesse                                                   tions, développer des habilités pour     Café en soirée                           sual Care: $6/child;$9/family
                                          Badminton Skills Ages 8+               réduire l’anxiété et développer une         Site de Shearwater                       Registration deadline: one week
Henderson Sweetman                          Wed, Apr. 18, 6:30-8p.m.Cost:        santé mentale équilibrée. Ce pro-           Coût : 2 $ familles de militaires ;   in advance.
   For details on becoming a mem-         $2                                     gramme est d’une durée de 4 se-          6 $ membres des familles des em-         La Bande du Brunch
ber of the Youth Centre or for in-          Deadline to register: Apr. 17        maines; au deux semaines. Le mar-        ployés civils.
quiries on Youth Services, contact                                                                                                                                    28 Avri Cole’s Neighbourhood
                                          Soirée Badminton Âges 8+               di 24 avrilCoût: 20$                        Date limite pour s’inscrire: à 16     Restaurant, Rue Cole Harbour,
720-3038 or email Kelly.bouti-                                                      Date limite de s’inscrire: le ven-    h, les lundis précédant chaque ren-
lier@forces.gc.ca. All youth pro-           Le mercredi 18 avril de 18h30-                                                                                         Dartmouth.
                                          20h00 Coût: 2$                         dredi 20 avril                           contre.                                     De 11h00 à 13h00Coût: Les par-
gramming is offered at the Hender-                                                                                           le 1 & 29 mars; 18h30 à 20h30
son Sweetman Youth Centre unless            Date limite d’inscription: le 17     Science Night Ages 8+                                                             ticipants doivent assumer leurs
otherwise indicated.                      avril
                                                                                   Thurs, Apr. 26, 6-8p.m. Cost: $2       Breakaway Program                        propres dépensesService de halte-
                                                                                   Deadline to register: Apr. 24          for Seniors                              garderie: $6 / enfant $9 / famille
                                                                                                                            Shearwater site                           Date limite d’inscription: une se-
                                                                                                                            In partnership with the VON, we        maine a l’avance.
TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                11

A sailor volunteers at the Aviation and Space Museum
By CPO1 Pat Devenish

“The first prototype Supermarine
Spitfire flew March 5, 1936…The
museum example is a Mark IX vari-
ant and depicts an aircraft of RCAF
421 Squadron complete with the
Red Indian Head logo of McColl-
Frontenac Oil Company (later Tex-
aco Canada) who were patrons of
421 Squadron…The highest scor-
ing Spitfire ace was a Canadian;
George ‘Buzz’ Beurling who fin-
ished the war with 33 1/3 kills.”
   So what is a sailor doing giving
tours of aircraft and wandering the
floor answering questions of vis-
itors to Canada’s Aviation and
Space Museum in Ottawa? Believe
it or not, on my first Sunday, this
was actually the second most com-
mon question I received. The most
common was “Where are the bath-
   When I got back to my apartment
that afternoon, I wondered if I had
made a good choice in volunteering
here. As luck would have it, I most
certainly did make a good choice.
Not only that, but I wish I had start-   CPO1 Pat Devenish is a regular volunteer at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.
ed doing this when I got here 16
months ago.
   Like most young boys, I was en-          Included is an airworthy replica      ponent, a Messerschmidt 109),            that engine is coming with me to be      is another treasure trove all on its
thralled by airplanes and specifi-       of one of the first aircraft to fly in   there is also a separate display ded-    put in MSE Div at CFNES in Stada-        own.
cally Second World War airplanes,        Canada: the Silver Dart, as well as      icated solely to the British Com-        cona.                                       There are two drawbacks for me
captivated by movies like Battle of      the first purely privately developed     monwealth Air Training Plan                 Last, but far from least is a sec-    as a volunteer. First, I will be post-
Britain and Tora, Tora, Tora. As         Canadian aircraft (though it never       which saw the training of over           tion dealing with Naval Air. Few         ed back to Halifax in all likelihood
any one who knows me can attest,         flew); the McDowall Monoplane.           130,000 Commonwealth aircrew             realize that the RCN was a major         in the coming months and will truly
this passion has never left me. Even     As one proceeds through the histor-      (the largest in the Commonwealth)        player in this area until the decom-     miss my Sunday afternoons being a
as Chief ERA on board HMCS Ha-           ical timeline, several First World       in the relative remote safety of Can-    missioning of Bonaventure in the         child again. Second, I always feel
lifax a few years back, I had a War-     War aircraft are on display; a Brit-     ada.                                     early 70s. In this section are a Fair-   compelled to stop in the gift shop
bird calendar over my desk (as I do      ish Sopwith Snipe, a French Nieu-           Finally, on display also are two      ey Swordfish, Fairey Firefly and a       every time I am at the museum. I
here in Ottawa) which raised the         port 12 and a rare German AEG G5         war prizes: a Messerschmidt 163          McDonnel Banshee. Also in this           now have a tote full of t-shirts and
eyebrows of more than a few vis-         bomber to name but a few, as well        Komet rocket plane and an Heinkel        section, a huge screen continuously      sweatshirts, posters, books, DVDs,
itors.                                   as many interactive displays deal-       162 Volksjager small fighter. The        runs video showing carrier oper-         coffee mugs and mouse pads.
   My usual answer to the Navy-          ing with some of the challenges of       postwar section includes the largest     ations from Canada’s three postwar          If you plan to visit Ottawa in the
airplane question is that there is no    early flight and air combat.             remaining section (nose from the         carriers; HMC Ships Warrior,             coming months, might I suggest a
Naval Museum here in Ottawa but I           A large component of the mu-          cockpit forward) of a CF 105 Avro        Magnificent and Bonaventure.             visit to this, the most interesting of
have to admit that even if there         seum deals with the bush plane era       Arrow. As well, there is the first CF       Finally, there are many interac-      the National Capital Region’s Mu-
were, I would still have ended up        which started following First            18 Hornet delivered to Canada and        tive displays, children’s activities,    seums? (Yes, I am biased.) Just re-
where I did. As I start to feel more     World War and continues to mod-          several other jets from the 50s, 60s     theatres, workshops, flight sims,        member though, the tall, good-
comfortable and confident in my          ern times. This is what truly opened     and 70s both military and civilian.      cockpit mockups (including a             looking sailor wandering the floor
knowledge of these artefacts, I          up Canada’s north. Next is the Sec-      A section on civil aviation is also      Snowbird and MiG 21) and also a          in the Jet-Second World War-Na-
can’t help but realize what a true       ond World War era. Among the             included with one of the best cut-       growing section called Canadians         val Air sections takes his coffee
treasure is enclosed within this         classic aircraft flown by the RCAF;      aways of a gas turbine engine I          in Space. Moreover, a Reserve            with one milk (no cream please)
building.                                Spitfire, Hurricane, Mustang and         have ever seen. I keep telling mu-       hangar is open for guided tours and      and no sugar.
                                         Lancaster (as well as their main op-     seum workers that when I leave,

HMCS Ville de Québec places nutrition on its menu
By Harold White                          and the crew of Ville de Quebec          and garlic flax seeds to those who          The crew in charge of food prep-      McLellan, CPO2 Doucet, Lt(N)
PSP Health Promotion Manager             were onboard to welcome them.            stopped by. As noted by the A/           aration were also happy to share         Robinson and the entire crew of
                                            Health Promotion staff and            Coxn, CPO2 Gerry Doucet, “It was         with us some of the challenges of        Ville de Quebec, we thank you for
                                         Wellbeing Counsellors set up an in-      a little strange to find an informa-     feeding a large crew with a limited      this exciting onboard opportunity.
PSP Health Promotion Services            teractive nutritional display in the     tion booth on nutrition set up in the    ability to keep food fresh. They            For more information about this
and Sobeys’ Wellbeing Counsel-           flats next to the canteen and they       canteen flats onboard our ship. A        also shared some tips and strategies     initiative or to discuss ways to
lors, Rachel Finley and Amanda           were on hand to answer questions         few years back, an old sea dog like      they use to improve healthy eating       bring the PSP Health Promotion
Sibley, were welcomed onboard            about nutritional wellness and           me would certainly have believed         on board. As part of this effort, the    Services team to your unit, ship,
HMCS Ville de Quebec on Mar 19           healthy eating. Focusing on the Na-      that there was a mutiny afoot. How-      Ship’s Coxswain, CPO1 McLellan,          squadron or department, please
to recognize National Nutrition          tional theme of Getting the Real         ever, an attestation to our culture      is currently creating an information     contact our office at 722-4956 or
Month and the importance of              Deal on Your Meal, the display of-       change on the fitness and wellness       display on Canada’s Food Guide to        email:
healthy eating for Navy personnel.       fered a variety of resource materi-      of our sailors, I was not surprised to   Healthy Eating.                             Annette.Huyter@forces.gc.ca.
Fleet Chief, CPO1 Mike Feltham           als and samples of shelled maple         see it.”                                    To CPO1 Feltham, CPO1

                                                                                                                    Relocating military families in
                                                                                                                       HRM for over 15 years.

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12                                                                                                                                                                           TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

                                                                                                                         Overcoming adversity
                                                                                                                                                                      swer is in one’s ability to have bal-
                                                                                                                               Padre’s Corner                         ance in their life – thus gaining per-
                                                                                                                                                                      spective in what is really important,
                                                                                                                                        By Cdr Brian K. Waite
                                                                                                                                                                      as well as what is not. People for the
                                                                                                                                       USN Exchange Chaplain          most part, become overwhelmed
                                                                                                                                                                      by life’s difficulties because they
                                                                                                                                                                      do not have healthy outlets for
                                                                                                                            When I was in seminary and                stress. These difficulties are then
                                                                                                                         called to preach my first sermon be-         allowed to build up until they even-
                                                                                                                         fore a live congregation, I remem-           tually come out in an unhealthy ex-
                                                                                                                         ber being terrified. I asked my pro-         pression – like blowing up at a co-
                                                                                                                         fessor, “What I should speak                 worker, family member, or friend.
                                                                                                                         about?” His answer was clear and             To put it more simply, in regards to
                                                                                                                         to the point: “Speak about adversi-          handling life’s difficulties, we are
                                                                                                                         ty.” This was not the answer I was           either a can of beans or a tea kettle.
                                                                                                                         looking for. I wanted to speak               One holds in the pressure until it
                                                                                                                         about love or caring or about any-           eventually explodes, whereas the
                                                                                                                         thing that seemed to produce good            other has a release mechanism.
                                                                                                                         feelings – not life’s difficulties.             In my first church, one of the old-
                                                                                                                         The reality of this desire was not           er men in the church decided – in
                                                                                                                         because of some innate conviction            the absence of his wife, and better

Healthy, happy and tobacco-free                                                                                          to speak about the topics I liked bet-
                                                                                                                         ter than others, but because I want-
                                                                                                                         ed to speak about something easy.
                                                                                                                                                                      judgement – that he was going to
                                                                                                                                                                      cook a can of beans on the stove. He
                                                                                                                                                                      thought it would cook quicker in-
                                                                                                                         In other words, it seemed a lot eas-         side the can, so he just put the en-
                                                                                                                         ier to me to talk about feel good            closed can on the open flame. You
                                       blood pressure at the time.              quit smoking for good. The phys-
                                                                                                                         items, than it did to delve into hard-       know the ending, it was not good.
                                          Today I am 40 pounds lighter          ical activity has helped me remain       ships. The problem with this ideol-          There was a loud explosion and
                                       due to my far improved eating hab-       smoke-free. I feel better, I think I     ogy is that life is not easy. It is diffi-   beans were embedded in the ceil-
                                       its and a lifestyle that includes        smell better and I am not finding        cult and the one common denom-               ing. Fortunately, the church mem-
                                       some sort of physical activity daily     excuses to be alone away from my         inator we all share is adversity.            ber survived the scenario, but we
                                       that engages at least one large mus-     family so I can smoke in private.        Anyone who has lived for any                 were all left with a wonderful im-
                                       cle group and some cardio 4-5            What has helped me remain smoke-         length of time whatsoever has en-            age of life.

                                       times a week. Lately my cardio is        free is the desire to be healthier but   countered difficulty. It is an undis-           Life lesson: He who stuffeth,
                                       running, which fits my current sit-      there are other factors as well. I       putable fact of life. It is something        puffeth. We all need healthy out-
                                       uation.                                                                           we all share in common.                      lets. Without them we are bound for
health at a high                          Last year I ran the Navy 10K and
                                                                                have a teenage son and a preteen
                                                                                daughter who didn’t know I                  The question then arises, “Why
                                                                                                                         do some handle difficulties differ-
                                                                                                                                                                         With this in mind, we must un-
                                       the COTW 5K. I trained to com-
level will allow                       plete the Men’s Health Urbanath-
                                                                                smoked. I am sure they had their
                                                                                suspicions but I didn’t confirm          ent than others? Why do some
                                                                                                                         overcome adversities, while others
                                                                                                                                                                      derstand we are three-part beings.
                                                                                                                                                                      We must take care of ourselves
                                       lon in New York in October but had
for greater
                                                                                them. I didn’t want to give them the
                                       to deploy instead. This year I plan                                               seemed to be crushed by them?” I             physically, spiritually, and emo-
                                                                                opportunity to look at me and say,
                                       on running the Bluenose Half, the                                                 think the answer is in one’s ability         tionally, finding healthy expres-
                                                                                “You do so why can’t I?”
freedom                                Tele10 mile in St.John’s, NL along
                                       with the same three from last year. I       4. What advice would you give
                                                                                                                         to be resilient, that is, the ability to
                                                                                                                         bounce back from life’s difficul-
                                                                                                                                                                      sions for each. My prayer for you –
                                                                                                                                                                      as well as myself – is that we would
                                                                                the average CF member who is             ties. In fact, some not only bounce          not wait for life’s adversities to
                                       may also go to Ottawa to run the
By Melanie Bower                                                                thinking about becoming health-          back from these hardships, they ac-          overwhelm us, but that we would
                                       Army Half with my sister.                                                         tually become better because of              determine today to put outlets in
Health Promotion Manager                                                        ier but isn’t quite yet motivated
                                         2. What first motivated you to         to take that step?                       them. So, what makes the differ-             our lives that allow us to not only
                                       pursue a healthy lifestyle?                                                       ence between the two? What makes             survive life’s adversities, but to
   CPO2 Shawn Butt has made ben-                                                   I am a goal-focused person and        the difference between whether               thrive in the midst of them. After all
eficial changes to his lifestyle.         My wife was diagnosed with MS         that works for me but others may         you overcome adversity or adversi-           isn’t that what this week is all
Here, he describes how he found        almost six years ago and while she       have different motivations. The          ty overcomes you? I think the an-            about.
and maintains his motivation to        is maintaining her abilities as an       thing is to ask yourself what do you
live a healthy lifestyle.              able-bodied person, the trend of the     want out of life.
  1. Compare and contrast your         disease is to remove those abilities        We are fortunate in the CF to
health practices 10 years ago ver-     little by little. We have accom-
                                                                                have people who work at keeping
sus today.                             plished a few of our dreams but
                                                                                us healthy and offering programs to
                                       have many more to explore and I
   Ten years ago my health prac-                                                help us help ourselves. The Stada-
                                       may need to be in excellent phys-
tices weren’t as much practices as                                              cona Fitness and Sports Centre of-
                                       ical shape in order to allow us to
they were punishments. While I                                                  fers great lunchtime programming
                                       realize those.
regularly played hockey, it was                                                 that is challenging for all levels and
                                          Maintaining my health at a high
sporadic and not at the best of my                                              varies daily on a weekly schedule.
                                       level will allow us greater free-
ability because of my lack of car-                                                 Lucas Hardie and the other PSP
                                       doms in the future. Along with that,
diovascular health. I smoked al-                                                staff are very encouraging and will
                                       I have two wonderful kids that mo-
                                                                                assist you in all sorts of ways to
most a pack of cigarettes a day and
ate continually. My diet was not all
bad. I tried to eat vegetables when-
                                       tivate me, that I want to be here for,
                                       for a long time.                         help you reach your goals. The way
                                                                                I feel right now is fantastic. By
                                                                                                                                  Securing the beach
ever possible but was mainly a            3. How long ago did you quit          following Canada’s Food Guide             Members of the British Royal Marines Commando demonstrate an
                                       smoking? Has physical activity                                                     amphibious landing in Aursfjordbotn, Norway, with two Landing
meat and potatoes person. I ate lots                                            and adopting an active lifestyle I
                                       helped you remain smoke-free?                                                      Craft Vehicles. They storm the beach to secure the area during
of potato chips as well.                                                        have changed from always being            Exercise Cold Response. Approximately 800 soldiers from the 1st
   Chasing after two kids, smoking     What else helps you stay motiva-         dragged out and chasing the pack,         Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battalion Group from
and the physical work I was doing      ted to live a tobacco-free life-         to feeling energetic. I may still be      Petawawa, Ontario, deployed on Exercise Cold Response 2012 in
at the time kept my weight at a man-   style?                                   chasing the pack but it is the lead       northern Norway.
                                                                                                                                                         SGT NORM MCLEAN ,CANADIAN FORCES COMBAT CAMERA
ageable level but I had mildly high      Over two and a half years ago, I       pack in the race.

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Hitting the deck for fitness at sea
By LS Korey Tynes
Op METRIC - HMCS Charlottetown

I   walk up to the flight deck and
   call the bridge to open the hangar
door. It always brings a smile to my
face looking at the picturesque
view of the Mediterranean Sea. The
background of my fitness class is
endless water upon the horizon.
   My role as EXPRES Test Coor-
dinator makes the crew’s fitness a
subject that I hold close to my
heart. Ultimately, I want to see ev-
eryone be successful and to achieve
the benefits that come with leading
a physically active lifestyle – that is
what drives me to want to help ev-
eryone in whatever way I can.
   As the Basic Fitness Training
Assistant (BFTA) on HMCS
                                          LS Matthew Stark ,a Sonar Oper-
Charlottetown , it’s my job to help
                                          ator in HMCS Charlottetown,
people stay fit and active. Staying       participates in fitness training
physically active is challenging at       class on the flight deck.
sea. Sailors don’t have access to a                          CPL RONNIE KINNIE, FIS
conventional gym. Sometimes
you’re working out in confined            ual is aiming for. These classes take
spaces, and the pitch and roll of the     place on Monday, Wednesday and
sea can add an interesting dynamic        Friday from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.,
to any treadmill workout.                 which works well with varying
   There’s a makeshift fitness room       watches on a warship.
with weights and exercise equip-             Charlottetown has a high num-
ment; there’s cardio equipment            ber of physically fit personnel,
scattered throughout the ship; but        which is evident as you walk
my favourite spot for fitness class       through the ship and see the cardio         LS Korey Tynes (front) a Sonar Operator onboard HMCS Charlottetown, conducts a fitness training class
is on the flight deck.                    equipment being used at all times           on the flight deck during Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR with Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 in the
   I teach two types of fitness class-    of the day. The gym onboard is al-          Mediterranean Sea on Feb. 3, 2012.                                   CPL RONNIE KINNIE, HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN.
es: one which is open to the entire       ways crowded with people wanting
ship’s company and one for mem-           to maintain or become more active.          Training classes for NBP in the         more physically demanding than          He’s one example of a crewmem-
bers of the Naval Boarding Party             My training from the BFTA                mornings with PO2 Chris White.          the other depending what PO2            ber who spends a lot of time on his
(NBP).                                    course has given me a tremendous            PO2 White leads an extremely ac-        White and I see in the effort put       physical fitness and works out ev-
   For the ship’s company fitness         foundation for the tools that I use         tive lifestyle and is very know-        forth and it can be reminiscent of      eryday whether it is weights or core
class, I lay out the mats, dumbbells,     for each of the classes I put on. I at-     ledgeable about fitness. We are         Basic Training. Most days we de-        stabilizing exercises.
kettlebells and medicine balls for        tribute this to excellent instruction       able to provide the needed – and        cide to go with the good cop/bad           “I like it [attending both classes]
the circuit class. The class ability      during my BFTA course in Borden,            some mornings, unwanted – rigor-        cop approach.                           because it changes all the time;
ranges from sailors with basic fit-       Ontario, from PSP instructors like          ous workouts. The Boarding Party           “Korey puts together a good pro-     you’re not doing the same thing ev-
ness or exercise experience, to sail-     Duane Farrell.                              class has an increased intensity lev-   gram that has enough variety to be      eryday,” said LS Hemeon. “Exer-
ors who lead very active lifestyles.         As a member of the Naval                 el because we need to be a well pre-    challenging for a beginner or ad-       cises are more dynamic than static
You will find a variety of difficulty     Boarding Party (NBP) and with my            pared team. The ship’s company          vanced fitness level,” said LS Sean     and there is a lot of motivation to
levels within each station based on       fitness trainer background, I apply         fitness class versus the NBP fitness    Hemeon, member of the NBP. He is        push yourself when you see others
what type of a workout the individ-       these skills to instruct Physical           class has major differences. One is     someone who attends both classes.       pushing themselves.”

Sports trivia                                                                         Running across the Gambia for a cause
By PO1 Bill Sheridan                      Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elvin Hayes            By Noel Paine                           nin Gate in Ypres.                      Denis Cloutier is encouraging his
NCSM Ville de Québec                      & Moses Malone                              Communications Officer,                    Moritz has also participated in      runners attending CF Running Na-
                                          7. Wayne Gretzky, Ron Francis,              DRDC Ottawa                             the CF Army Run, which supports         tionals in May to think about add-
List the top five for the following       Mark Messier, Ray Bourque and                                                       Soldier On, a program of the Direc-     ing a good cause to their quest for a
subjects:                                 Paul Coffey                                    Landmines can lie dormant for        tor General Personnel and Family        personal best or a medal. Moritz’s
1. NBA Career Points                      8. Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe            years and maim and kill innocent        Support Services. She is also a         running        expedition       called
2. NHL Career Goals                       Ruth, Willie Mays and Alex Rodri-           victims who were never meant to         three-time finisher of, and the Can-    Love4Gambia will start in the rural
3. Wins in major league ball by a         guez                                        be targets. No one is more aware of     adian Ambassador to South Afri-         community of Koina on the Gam-
pitcher                                   9. Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Peyton          the dangers of IEDs and anti-per-       ca’s famous Comrades Marathon,          bia’s Eastern border with Senegal
4. Touchdowns in the NFL                  Manning, John Elway and Warren              sonnel mines than members of the        an ultra race of 90 kilometers,         and finish in the capital city of Ban-
5. NASCAR wins.                           Moon                                        CF.                                     which was conceived as a dedica-        jul by the Atlantic Ocean. Accom-
6. Career rebounds in the NBA             10. Marg Court, Martina Navratilo-             In July 2012, Andrea Moritz will     tion to the pain, hardships, agonies    panied by a support team, she will
7. Assists in the NHL                     va, Billie Jean King, Marg Osborne          be running 424 kilometres across        and deaths of the soldiers who          take on the challenge of running a
8. Home runs in Major League ball                                                     the West African country of the         fought in the First World War. It       minimum of 30 kilometers each
                                          Dupont and Louise Bragg Clapp
                                                                                      Gambia to raise funds for landmine      was during those trips to Africa that   day in high heat and extreme hu-
9. Quarterback passing yards              11. John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Mi-          injury prevention and health educa-     Moritz developed a passion for the      midity. Her journey will take her to
10. Tennis majors, singles, doubles       chael Jordan, Gary Payton and               tion programs aimed at kids.            continent and its people.               the edge of the Casamance Region,
and mixed doubles                         Maurice Cheeks                                 Moritz is an ultra-marathoner           CF members can support Mo-           an area littered with landmines laid
11. Steals in the NBA                     12. Scotty Bowman, Al Arbour,               who works as a communications           ritz’s quest to keep kids alive and     during a civil war between the Gov-
12. NHL Coaching wins                     Dick Irvin, Pat Quinn and Mike              manager for the Government of           communities strong in West Africa       ernment of Senegal and an inde-
13. Runs Batted In, in MLB                Keenan                                      Canada in Ottawa. Her involve-          by joining her at the Blue Nose         pendence movement. This area,
14. Rushing yards in the NFL              13. Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Barry            ment in running has often intersect-    Marathon Weekend in Halifax,            which borders the Gambia, is fre-
15. Men’s Golf Majors                     Bonds, Lou Gehrig and Stan Mu-              ed with the CF. While living in Ha-     Nova Scotia; the Ottawa Race            quently traversed on foot by civil-
16. Assists in NBA                        sial                                        lifax, she coached CF members to        Weekend or the Chocolate Race in        ians from both sides of the Gambia-
17. Shutouts in hockey                    14. Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton,            run the In Flanders Fields Mara-        Port Dalhousie, Ontario. At each of     Senegalese border.
18. Baseball strikeouts                   Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin and            thon, an event dedicated to the         these events, individuals can run or       All funds raised from Moritz’s
19. NCAA Football coaching wins           Ladainian Tomlinson                         memory of those who fought              walk any distance offered as mem-       run will support the life-saving pro-
20. NCAA Basketball wins                  15. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods,             bravely in the First World War. She     bers of Team Love4Gambia. Otta-         grams of the Nova Scotia – Gambia
Answers                                                                               and her team had the great honour       wa Race Weekend serves as the CF        Association, a registered Canadian
                                          Walter Hagen, Gary Player and Ben
                                                                                      of laying a wreath during the Last      National Running Championships.         charity that has been working with
1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Mal-         Hogan
                                                                                      Post Ceremony at the famous Me-         CF National Running coach Sgt           West Africans for over 25 years.
one, Michael Jordan, Wilt Cham-           16. John Stockton, Jason Kidd,
berlaine and Kobe Bryant                  Mark Jackson, Magic Johnson and

                                                                                      The Fit Zone
                                          Steve Nash                                                                                                                  during all-out muscle contrac-
2. Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe,                                                                                                                                        tion).
Brett Hull, Marcel Dionne and Phil        17. Martin Brodeur, Terry Saw-
                                                                                                                                                                         Once your muscle fibers are
Esposito                                  chuk, George Hainsworth, Glen
                                                                                                                                                                      turned on, your ability to leave
3. Cy Young, Walter Johnson,              Hall & Jacques Plante
Grover Alexander, Christy Mat-
thewson and Warren Spahn
                                          18. Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson,
                                          Roger Clemens, Steve Carlton and
                                                                                      Powerlifting clinic takes CFB                                                   them turned on for a measurable
                                                                                                                                                                      period is referred to as explo-

                                                                                      Halifax by storm
                                                                                                                                                                      siveness. Football linemen push-
4. Richard Petty, David Pearson,          Bert Blyleven                                                                                                               ing his opponent or a shot putter
Jeff Gordon, Bobby Allison & Dar-         19. John Gagliardi, Joe Paterno,                                                                                            putting the shot as far as possible
rell Waltrip                              Eddie Robinson, Bobby Bowden                By Lucas Hardie                            One of the main components to        are examples of explosive
5. Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Ladai-       and Bear Bryant                             Fitness & Sports Instructor             each session was to introduce           strength in action. Olympic-style
nian Tomlinson, Terrell Owens, &          20. Harry Stratham, Dan Miles,              PSP Halifax                             speed-strength to the lifts with        weightlifting is perhaps the best
Randy Moss                                Herb Magee, Mike Krzyzewski and                                                     proper technique. You may have          example of maximum explosive
6. Wilt Chamberlaine, Bill Russell,       Don Meyer                                                                           heard this kind of strength re-         strength in action.
                                                                                         March became the month of            ferred to as power.                        The ultimate form in which ex-
                                                                                      powerlifting at CFB Halifax.               Speed-strength is how well           plosive strength is displayed is

Sports updates                                                                        What was initially was one clinic
                                                                                      intended for six members, be-
                                                                                      came four clinics for 22 mem-
                                                                                                                              you apply force with speed. Its
                                                                                                                              importance in powerlifting can-
                                                                                                                              not be overemphasized, as this
                                                                                                                                                                      called acceleration. This is the
                                                                                                                                                                      type of explosiveness that’ll en-
                                                                                                                                                                      sure successful passage through
By Trident Staff                          and has been running for more than          bers. The clinic was held in the        kind of movement is what it takes       the sticking point of each of the
                                          15 years. For more information              newly renovated Functional              to stimulate your fast-twitch           three powerlifts. It’ll also ensure
   COTW floor hockey takes                please contact Louis DeSouza at             Gym at STADPLEX. The newly              muscle fibers to respond. Slow          that the lift is completed before
place in STADPLEX from April 2            427-3985         or        desou-           renovated space made it more ac-        movements just won’t do it, and         too many of your muscle cells
to 5.                                     za.lsm@forces.gc.ca, or Kirk                cessible to have multiple stations      actually make you weaker.               become so fatigued that you
                                          Durning at 427-0959 or durn-                for lifting at one time and still          There are two components of          can’t complete it.
   The CFB Halifax summer ball
                                          ing.kae@forces.gc.ca                        maintain quality instruction.           speed-strength:                            The success of this powerlift-
hockey league starts play on May
                                                                                         Each clinic introduced mem-          I Starting strength                     ing clinic proves that there is a
22, 2012. This league is open only           The Formation Halifax wom-
                                                                                      bers to the three lifts: squat,         I Explosive strength                    need for this sport, whether to get
to CF members and registration            en’s slo-pitch team is looking for
                                                                                      bench press, and deadlift. Some                                                 involved competitively or to
deadline is May 4. All games take         members. Anyone interested in                                                          Starting strength means your
                                                                                      members attended the clinic with                                                learn the proper techniques. Also
place on Tuesdays and Thursdays           playing for the team is invited to at-                                              ability to instantaneously turn on
                                                                                      a background in training, looking                                               keep in mind that the CF will be
at the Shannon Arena. Sign up as an       tend a meeting at 1p.m. on Monday                                                   as many muscle fibers (muscle
                                                                                      to learn new techniques and vari-                                               hosting another Atlantic Region-
individual or register a complete         April 16 at the fleet gym. The coach                                                cells) as possible. For powerlif-
                                                                                      ations to apply to training, while                                              al Powerlifting Event this fall.
team. Cost per tem is approximate-        is MS Sean Boutillier, 721-5764.                                                    ters, it’s critical in breaking the
                                                                                      others attended with little to no                                                  If you have any questions re-
ly $800, depending on the number          For more information please con-                                                    inertia of the ponderous weight
                                                                                      background in training with                                                     garding powerlifting or your own
of teams that register. This league       tact Louis DeSouza or Kirk Durn-                                                    being hoisted before ATP is de-
                                                                                      hopes of learning proper tech-                                                  fitness regime please email lu-
is one of the best in the province        ing.                                                                                pleted (well within two seconds
                                                                                      nique.                                                                          cas.hardie@forces.gc.ca
14                                                                                                                                                                TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

Heaving their way to victory
Sports day held to build morale and
team spirit among the sailors of SNMG1
By Lt(N) Jessica MacDonald            Carter, Commanding Officer of           thew Huffman anchored the
Op METRIC / TF Charlottetown          Charlottetown, who played in the        Charlottetown team to victory.
                                      ball hockey tourney.                    “Luckily, my teammates gave me a
“Two, six — HEAVE,” rang out             “There is a true universal lan-      great lead going into the final leg,”
across the Naval Academy athletic     guage of sport that enables you to      said OS Huffman. “The hardest
fields in Piraeus, Greece as HMCS     appreciate other people and other       part was leaning over the barrel,
Charlottetown’s tug-o’-war team       countries.”                             spinning around 10 times, and then
led us to victory in the Standing        Offsetting our less-than-stellar     trying to run straight.”
NATO       Maritime      Group    1   performance in soccer and basket-          “Being in Greece – the country
(SNMG1) Olympics on March 16,         ball, the Charlottetown crew led        where the first modern-day Olym-
2012.                                 the field in hockey, tug-o’-war and     pics were held – was the perfect set-
   Ships’ companies from the Neth-    the relay to bring home the SNMG1       ting for the competition,” said
erlands (HNLMS De Ruyter), Ger-       Olympic cup.                            Commodore Ben Bekkering, com-
many (FGS Rheinland-Pfalz) and           “The best part of the day was        mander of SNMG1, who also par-
Canada (HMCS Charlottetown)           beating the Germans at tug-o’-war,      ticipated in ball hockey. “Oper-
competed in soccer, basketball,       because they were the most chal-        ation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR has
ball hockey, tug-o’-war and a relay   lenging,” said LS Gerald Warner.        built on experience gained over the
race in a sports day held to build    “I was thinking I just want to get      years. and is becoming network-
morale and team spirit among the      this over with so we can win the tro-   based and no longer relies on per-
sailors of SNMG1.                     phy.”                                   manently assigned units; therefore,
   “The team sports really brought       The day finished with an exhil-      events such as this where we get to
the ships together,” said Cdr Wade    arating relay race in which OS Mat-     know our NATO allies are key to

                                                                                                                      LS Chris Warner (front) and his team-mates from HMCS Charlotte-
                                                                                                                      town heave their German opponents over the line to win the tug-o’-
                                                                                                                      war event in the SNMG1 Olympics.
                                                                                                                                                                              CPL RONNIE KINNIE, FIS

                                                                                                                      our interoperability.”                tional efforts to enhance security in
                                                                                                                         So you see, we weren’t just hav-   and around the Mediterranean Sea.
                                                                                                                      ing a good time playing with our      Since mid-January, the Halifax-
                                                                                                                      friends.                              based frigate has been integrated
Cdr Wade Carter (right) of HMCS Charlottetown takes control of the ball during a ball hockey match                       Charlottetown is currently de-     into Standing NATO Maritime
against a German team during the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 Olympics held in Piraeus, Greece on
                                                                                                                      ployed on Operation METRIC,           Group 1 and assigned to Operation
March 16, 2012.
                                                                              CPL RONNIE KINNIE, HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN   Canada’s participation in interna-    ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.

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copperware, objects both large and small.
Prices on polishing depends on size,
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Phone: 477-1966, cell 222-9406

                                                                                                                                                                                                        41. English prelate Wm. Ralph                                 17. The 7th Greek letter
                                                                                                                                                                                                        42. Small storage structure                                   19. Strives to equal
                                                                                                                                                                                                        43. A jelly-like substance                                    20. Toff
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      23. Coleoptera insects
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      24. The color of blood
                                                                                                                                                                                                        1. A brief comment                                            25. Slipped by
                                                                                                                                                                                                        2. Sultanate of NW Borneo                                     26. Of she
                                                                                                                                                                                                        3. Importune                                                  27. A short musical passage
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4. Forelimb 5. Models of ethical                              28. CNN’s founder Turner
                                                                                                                                                                                                        behavior 6. Harangues                                         29. Radioactivity unit
                                                                                                                                                                                                        7. This (Spanish)                                             30. Exculpation defense
ACROSS                                                           16. Residual oil                                                   26. Adult female bird
                                                                                                                                                                                                        9. Springfield Area Mobile In-                                31. Walking back and forth
1. Baseball stat                                                 17. Signs up for school                                            27. Formal window coverings
                                                                                                                                                                                                        tensive Care                                                  32. Come forth from
4. Blaze                                                         18. Furniture for daily meals                                      34. Break into small pieces
                                                                                                                                                                                                        10. Sang at Christmas door to                                 33. Oxalis
8. Sea eagles                                                    21. Extinct flightless bird of                                     35. "l836 siege" of U.S.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        door 12. Partly or nearly blind                               34. A soft twilled fabric of silk
10. Tails in Italian                                             New Zealand                                                        36. Made violet-red
                                                                                                                                                                                                        14. Posterior pituitary gland                                 36. The two large chest muscles
11. Monocot genus                                                22. Lower limb                                                     37. Food chopper
12. Mother or father                                             23. Guy (slang)                                                    38. Removes writing
                                                                                                                                                                                                        15. American Nurses Associ-
13. The Jungian inner self                                       24. Get free of                                                    39. Ethiopian monetary unit
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ation (abbr.)
15. Covered with gold                                            25. Snakelike fish                                                 40. Wine bottle containers

                           HEALTH PROMOTION SERVICES (PSP) – SPRING 2012 PROGRAMS                                                                                                  SERVICES DE PROMOTION DE LA SANTÉ (PSP) – PRINTEMPS 2012 PROGRAMMES

  SUPERVISORS' TRAINING                                                                                                                                               DES SUPERVISEURS DE FORMATION
  Family Violence Awareness for Supervisors                                    Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports                                                 Sensibilisation à la violence familiale pour                            Stratégies pour réduire les blessures causées par
  Apr 13       Shearwater                                                      and Physical Activity                                                                  les superviseurs                                                        le sport et l’activité physique
  Jun 1        Stadacona                                                       Apr 19      Stadacona                                                                  13 avril      Shearwater
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              19 avril     Stadacona
  0800-1200 hrs                                                                May 15      Shearwater                                                                 1 juin        Stadacona
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              15 mai       Shearwater
                                                                               Jun 11      Stadacona                                                                  8 h - 12 h
  Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness:                                                                                                                                                                                                         11 juin      Stadacona
                                                                               0800-1200 hrs
  Supervisors' Training                                                                                                                                               Force mentale et sensibilisattion au                                    8 h - 12 h
  Apr 19 & 20 Stadacona                                                        Managing Angry Moments                                                                 suicide (superviseurs)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Gérer les moments de colère
  0800-1200 hrs                                                                Apr 20 - May 18 (Fridays) Stadacona                                                    19 & 20 avril Stadacona
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              20 avril - 18 mai (vendredi) Stadacona
  Jun 21       Shearwater                                                      0800 - 1200 hrs                                                                        8 h - 12 h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              8 h - 12 h
  0800-1600 hrs                                                                                                                                                       21 juin       Shearwater
                                                                               Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness: General
                                                                                                                                                                      8 h - 16 h                                                              Force mentale et sensibilisation au suicide (générale)
  Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness:                                 May 17 Windsor Park
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              17 mai Windsor Park
  Supervisors' Training                                                        0800-1600 hrs                                                                          Éducation à la toxicomanie pour les superviseur
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              8 h - 16 h
  Apr 25 & 26 Shearwater                                                       stress.calm (2-day Workshop)                                                           25 & 26 avril Shearwater
  Jun 19 & 20 Stadacona                                                        May 24 & 31 Shearwater                                                                 19 & 20 juin Stadacona                                                  Le stress: Ça se combat
  0800-1600 hrs                                                                0800-1500 hrs                                                                          8 h - 16 h                                                              24 & 31 mai Shearwater
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              8 h - 15 h
  GENERAL TRAINING                                                             Butt Out Self-Help Program                                                             FORMATION GÉNÉRALE
  Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program (Evening Program)                          Tuesdays 1045-1200 hrs     Stadacona                                                   Programme « Poids-santé »                                               Écrasez-la, programme d’auto-assistance (séance d’inscription)
  Apr 23 - May 14 (Mondays) Windsor Park                                       Wednesdays 1100-1200 hrs Shearwater                                                    23 avril - 14 mai (lundi) Windsor Park                                  Mardis 10 h 45 - 12 h Stadacona
  1800-2000 hrs                                                                                                                                                       18 h - 20 h                                                             Mercredis 11 h - 12 h Shearwater
                                                                               For more information or to register for any of the
  Top Fuel for Top Performance                                                                                                                                        Bouffe-santé pour un rendement assuré                                   Vous pouvez obtenir plus de renseignements, ou vous inscrire à l’un ou
                                                                               Strengthening the Forces programs and workshops, please
  Apr 11 & 18 Stadacona                                                                                                                                               11 & 18 avril Stadacona                                                 l’autre des ateliers du programme Énergiser les Forces, en contactant
                                                                               contact: Health Promotion Services at 722-4956 or visit
  May 10 & 17 Shearwater                                                                                                                                              10 & 17 mai Shearwater                                                  votre bureau local des Services de promotion de la santé, au numéro de
                                                                               the Health Promotion webpage at www.psphalifax.ca.
  Jun 14 & 21 Dockyard                                                                                                                                                14 & 21 juin Dockyard                                                   telephone 722-4956 ou vous pouvez également visiter a page Web des Ser-
  0830-1530 hrs                                                                                                                                                       8 h 30 - 15 h 30                                                        vices de promotion de la santé à l’adresse suivante: www.psphalifax.ca.

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    you return.

                                                                  Military Personnel
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16   TRIDENT, APRIL 2, 2012

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