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					                          Byron Scott DeLaBarre, M.Sc., Ph.D.
                                 650 468 5677 (cell) / 781 646 2814 (home)

I am a research scientist with strong skills in applying x-ray crystallography and other biophysical
techniques to elucidating protein structure. I have successfully used these skills to understand protein
conformational changes, protein:ligand interactions and to drive structure-based drug design. I am
primarily a structural biologist, but my skills in molecular biology, protein chemistry, biochemistry,
enzymology and organic chemistry enable effective interdisciplinary interactions and/or management of
groups undertaking these activities. I have multiple years of experience with the drug design process in an
industrial setting, most recently in the field of oncology. My postdoctoral work involved the study of large
multi-protein membrane associated complexes and my graduate studies centered on solving the de novo
structure of an antibiotic drug target. I am seeking a position that will allow me to apply these skills and
grow into a management role supervising a group focused on making biomedical advances.

Molecular biology                     Biophysics / Biochemistry             Computational
  DNA construct design                X-ray diffraction                    Unix/Linux administration
  PCR                                 enzyme kinetics                      python and shell scripting
  cloning                             CD                                   bioinformatics
  protein expression                  SEC-MALLS                            x-ray crystallography data
  fermentor growth                    fluorimetry                           processing
  protein purification                                                      protein structure refinement
                                       UV/visible spectroscopy
  protein chemistry                                                         protein structure analysis
                                       mass spectroscopy
  protein crystallization                                                   homology modeling
                                       ITC/DSC


Harvard Medical School, Dept of Cell Biology                                                     2008-
     Structural studies of membrane channels involved in protein translocation
     Structural studies of activated and inhibited protein chaperones

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Structural Biology Group in Department of Chemistry                2006-2008
Scientist I
     Provided structural information to oncology chemistry for multiple protein targets complexed with
       small molecule inhibitors from medicinal chemistry group
     Performed primary literature research on new protein targets, designed expression constructs, purified
       and crystallized protein, solved structures with novel small molecule compounds and communicated
       results to project groups
     Consulted with biochemistry and cellular biology groups on protein homeostasis research in academia
       through active participation in working and literature review groups
     Hosted external speakers from academic research institutions as part of novel therapeutic target
       identification efforts
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Experience (continued)
Stanford University/HHMI, Depts. Mol. & Cell Phys., Neurobiology & Neuroscience            2001-2006
Yale University/HHMI, Dept. Molecular Biology & Biophysics                                 2000-2001
Postdoctoral Research Associate with Dr. Axel T. Brunger
     Cloned, expressed and purified full length mammalian p97/VCP, a 540 kDa membrane associated
      ATPase that interacts with misfolded proteins in the secretory pathway
     Determined first complete structure of p97/VCP by X-ray crystallography and three-dimensional
      reconstruction from cryo-electron microscopy images in multiple nucleotide states.
     Implemented steady state kinetics assay for ATP hydrolysis by p97/VCP and then successfully used
      the enzymatic conditions to identify protein substrates of p97/VCP
     Designed and oversaw implementation of a cell based assay for examining protein misfolding to
      study p97/VCP mutants based upon the structural findings.
     Created new methods and refined existing approaches for working with low resolution X-ray
      diffraction data and the molecular dynamics of models resulting from these studies.
     Published work in upper tier journals and presented at scientific meetings

Bio-Mega Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Chemistry Department                                    1990-1991
Student Researcher
     Examined new methods of chiral selectivity in organic synthetic chemistry
     Synthesized a small fragment of a complex natural product, ionomycin

Notre Dame Radiation Research Lab (DOE)                                                     1990
Student Researcher
     Employed picosecond laser spectroscopy to characterize novel dye molecules

Ph.D. Biochemistry McMaster University                                                        1996-2000
       Advisor: Dr. A. M. Berghuis
       Thesis title: The Structure of Homoserine Dehydrogenase from S. cerevisae
M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry McMaster University                                                 1993-1996
       Advisor: Dr. C. J. L. Lock (deceased)
       Thesis title: Chemical Modeling of Zinc Enzymes
B.Sc. Honors Applied Chemistry University of Waterloo                                         1988-1993
       Advisor: Dr. L. F. Nazar
       Senior thesis topic: Characterization of Battery Materials by Powder X-ray Diffraction

2000: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (Research Associate)
2000: Best Senior Graduate Student Seminar – McMaster Dept. of Biochemistry
1999: Ludo Frevel Award – International Centre for Diffraction Data Graduate Scholarship
1998: Pauling Award, 1998 American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting
1994: Tuition Scholarship for American Crystallographic Association Summer School
1993: Centennial Scholarship, McMaster University
1990: National Science and Engineering Research Council Industrial Research Award
1988-93: Dean’s List, University of Waterloo
1988: Finished in top 1.5 Percentile for Canadian High School Chemistry Contest (Chem13 News).
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Peer Reviewed Publications
Anderson M.J., DeLaBarre B., Raghunathan A., Palsson B.O., Brunger A.T., Quake S.R. (2007). Crystal
structure of a hyperactive Escherichia coli glycerol kinase mutant Gly230 --> Asp obtained using
microfluidic crystallization devices. Biochemistry. 46(19), 5722-31.

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2006). Considerations for the refinement of low-resolution crystal structures.
Acta(D) Biol. Cryst. 62(8), 923-32.

DeLaBarre, B., Christianson, J.C., Kopito, R.R., Brunger, A.T. (2006). Central Pore Residues Mediate the
p97/VCP Activity Required for ERAD. Mol. Cell 22(44), 451-62.

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2005). Nucleotide dependent motion and mechanism of action of p97/VCP. J.
Mol. Bio. 347(2), 437-452.

Brill, L.M., Dechongkit, S., DeLaBarre, B., Stroebel, J., Beachy, R.N., Yeager, M., (2004) Dimerization of
Recombinant TMV Movement Protein. J. Virol 78(7), 3372-7.

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2003). Complete Structure of p97/VCP Reveals Communication between
Nucleotide Domains. Nature Structural Biology, 10(10), 856-63.

Rouiller, I., DeLaBarre, B., May, A.P., Weiss, W., Brunger, A.T., Milligan, R., Wilson-Kubalek, E (2002)
Conformational Changes of the Multifunction p97 AAA ATPase during its ATPase Cycle. Nature Structural
Biology, 9(12), 950-7.

DeLaBarre, B., Thompson, P.R., Wright, G.D., Berghuis, A.M. (2000) The Structure of Homoserine
Dehydrogenase Suggests a Novel Mechanism for Oxidoreductases. Nature Structural Biology, 7(3), 238-44.

DeLaBarre, B., Jacques, S.L., Pratt, C.E., Ruth, D. Wight, G.D., Berghuis, A.M. (1998) Crystallization and
Preliminary X-ray Diffraction Studies of Homoserine Dehydrogenase from S. cerevisae. Acta Cryst. D., 54,

Das, S., Kamat, P.V., DeLaBarre, B., Thomas, K.G., Ajayaghosh, A., George, M.V. (1992) Photophysics and
Photochemistry of Squaraine Dyes. J. Phys. Chem., 96, 10327-30.

Other Publications and Presentations
DeLaBarre, B., Christianson, J.C., Kopito, R.R., Brunger, A.T. (2007). Central Pore Residues Mediate the
p97/VCP Activity Required for ERAD. 7th International Meeting on AAA Proteins. (Cirencester, UK).
[Invited Talk]

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2005). The AAA Protein VCP/p97. 6th International Meeting on AAA
Proteins. (Styria, Austria). [Invited Talk]

DeLaBarre, B., Christianson, J. C., Kopito, R.R., Brunger, A.T. (2005). ATP Dependant Motions in
VCP/p97 and its Relation to the 19S Regulatory Component of the Proteosome. Keystone Symposium on
Ubiquitin and Signaling. (Taos, NM). [Poster]

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2004). Structure and Function of VCP/p97. FASEB Conference on
Ubiquitination & Cellular Regulation. (Saxtons River, VT). [Poster]
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Other Publications and Presentations (continued)
DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2004). The Structure of Full Length VCP/p97: A Success Story with Low
Resolution Crystal Data. 29th Lorne Conference on Protein Structure & Function. (Lorne, Australia) [Talk]

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2003). The X-Ray Structure of Full Length VCP/p97. Conformational
Diseases of the Secretory Pathway Keystone Symposium. (Taos, NM). [Invited Talk]

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2003). The Crystal Structure of VCP: How Much Information is There in a
Structure of Moderate Resolution? 16th West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop. (Monterey, CA).

Brunger, A.T., DeLaBarre, B. (2003). NSF and p97/VCP: Similar at First, Different at Last. FEBS Letters,
555(1), 126-33. [Invited review for 2003 Nobel Committee Membrane Protein Meeting]

DeLaBarre, B., Brunger, A.T. (2003). The Crystal Structure of Full Length VCP/p97: Two AAA Domains
are Better than One. 5th International Meeting on AAA Proteins. (Warrenton, VA) [Invited Talk]

Rouiller I, DeLaBarre B, May AP, Weiss WI, Brunger AT, Milligan RA, Wilson-Kubalek EM (2002).
Conformational changes of the multifunction VCP/p97 AAA ATPase during the ATPase cycle. Mol. Bio.
Cell 13: 263A-263A,1480 ASCB Meeting [Poster]

DeLaBarre, B., Thompson, P.R., Wright, G.D., Berghuis, A.M. (1999). The Structure of Homoserine
Dehydrogenase from S. cerevisae Reveals a Novel Catalytic Fold. Protein Science, vol. 8, Suppl. 1 (Boston,
MA) [Poster].

DeLaBarre, B., Berghuis, A.M. (1999). The Structure of Homoserine Dehydrogenase: A Story of
Economical Phasing. Abstracts of the American Crystallographic Society, 26 ed. (Buffalo, NY) [Poster]

DeLaBarre, B., Berghuis, A.M. (1998). Facing the Phasing Problems of Homoserine Dehydrogenase.
Abstracts of the American Crystallographic Society, 25 ed. (Washington, DC) [Poster – winner best graduate
student poster].

DeLaBarre, B., Wright, G.D. Berghuis, A.M. (1996). Crystallographic Studies of Homoserine
Dehydrogenase for the Design of Novel Antifungal Agents. Abstracts of the 17th IUCR Congress (Seattle,
WA) [Poster].

DeLaBarre, B., Lock, C. J. L. (1995). A Small Molecule Model of a Zinc Enyzme Active Site. Abstracts of
the 78th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference and Exhibition. (Guelph, Canada) [Poster].

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