Peyton Manning by P-BearportPublishin


Many people consider Peyton Manning to be the NFL's greatest active quarterback. He led the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory in 2007, and has earned more MVP awards than any other player in NFL history. Peyton's success comes from his hard work and dedication to the game, but he also gives credit to his family, coaches, and the fans for their support. Because they played a big role in helping him, Peyton wanted to give others the chance to have the same opportunities that he did. So he started the Peyback Foundation to give back to others through athletic and leadership programs for young people. In Peyton Manning, readers will follow Peyton's amazing football career and also discover how he's made a difference in kids' lives through his foundation. Engaging text and large, full-color photos of Peyton in action will keep readers turning the pages for more.

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